Clannad (2007) s01e22 Episode Script

Two Shadows

1 You don't need to let the old man and Sanae-san know we're leaving? Those pictures Yeah.
My dad used to be an actor.
He was famous from his high school days in Student Theater.
Apparently, he won competitions, too.
I never knew any of this.
Though, I was told that Mom used to teach at a middle school.
The two people in the pictures looked like they were enjoying their lives.
Of course, since they were living out their dreams.
And it was supposed to last forever if only I weren't here.
You've got that wrong! Besides, they have to be enjoying their lives right now, too! But they gave up on their dreams.
Am I wrong? And right now, I'm trying to live my own dream when I sacrificed theirs.
I'm a terrible child.
What an ungrateful child.
Same with you.
I've asked so much of everyone's time to grant my dream.
We're doing it because we want to.
If you quit now, all that we've done will go to waste.
We've worked hard together this far, so let's finish strong.
I'm really sleepy.
You don't have any sense of nervousness, do you? Nagisa-chan, what's the matter? Nagisa's getting nervous about the performance.
Right? Y-Yes.
Isn't something strange about Nagisa-chan? Some stuff happened.
Act like you always do.
Nagisa-chan, I'll teach you a good charm.
Write a character on your hand three times and swallow it.
You're writing "enter" instead of "person".
Note: Person = 人 Enter = 入 Kanji with different stroke order and orientation.
It's the thought that counts! The thought! Youhei, if you can't write kanji, then you don't have to try.
Of course I can write at this level! Yeah? You're making fun of me too much! The performance is in the afternoon, so why don't you go out for a stroll? Oh right.
I have to go meet my sister.
Then it'll be free time until we have to meet.
So, where do you want to go? Nagisa.
I'm sorry.
What did you say? I'm sorry.
I know I have to get my act straight, but I can't help but think about other things You're right, Okazaki-san.
It's a stage performance that we've made together, so I can't go ruining it.
Let's give it our best.
Okazaki-san? Where did she go? Sanae-san! Oh, Okazaki-san.
The old man's not with you? No, he told me to go on ahead.
Will he come There's nothing to worry about! We wouldn't miss Nagisa's performance.
She found out everything? It was too late by the time I found her.
Where is Nagisa? Actually, we got separated.
Furukawa-san? Isogai-san.
Well then, excuse me.
Please take care of Nagisa.
Excuse me.
Oh, Furukawa-san.
What brings you here? Um, well I heard from Okazaki-san before that this place has recordings of high school theatrical plays! Are you going to use it as a reference for your play? Yes.
I'm looking forward to seeing your performance.
Good luck.
I'll be out for a bit.
Feel free to look at any references or videos.
Thank you very much.
Miyazawa! Oh, Okazaki-san.
Have you seen Nagisa anywhere? Furukawa-san is in the Resource Room, looking at recordings of old high school theater.
If my life had ended then, I wouldn't have had to answer the Sphinx's riddle.
Nagisa! Nor would I have had to hurl my father and mother to the abyss of calamity and make them face a fatal destiny! People of Thebes! Look well! Is this the old man? Witness how much of an ungrateful being I am towards those who have been grateful to me! It's a video of when Dad was in high school.
It's when we won the Theater Competition.
Apollo has forsaken me, now a symbol of stigma that brings misfortune to myself and all citizens! Witness! Your very own king was the source of all the calamity that leads this world to evil.
To Hades! He's really good.
He's a senior just like me, but he's incomparably better.
Let's now hear a word from the club president, Furukawa-kun.
A word from you please.
I love theater! I will continue to stand on the stage! I will take this moment to swear that I will become a professional actor! Um, could you leave your personal ambition at that and give a word as the president of the club? Theater is the best! You are who you are.
You have to do what you can.
Right? That concludes the Choir Club's performance.
Next is a solo play by the Theater Club.
"Fantasia Story".
Written and performed by Furukawa Nagisa.
Please stand by until the stage is set.
Nagisa! The time's come.
Don't worry.
You'll definitely do well out there.
Everything will go well as long as you do as you practiced.
Don't stress over it too much and enjoy yourself.
Puhi puhi! Thank you for waiting.
"Fantasia Story" by the Theater Club.
Nagisa Let's go.
I want to find out what it is.
I want to know about it and apologize.
Leave it to me.
Nagisa-chan? I rented a good thing for you.
Something's wrong.
Welcome back, the fruit of our love.
What happened? Maybe she's nervous? What's wrong? Get your act together.
Something's wrong with Nagisa-chan.
Maybe she's become too nervous? Okazaki, what should we do? Should we drop the curtain once? No, it's fine.
She will do it.
I love theater! I love theater! I will continue to stand on the stage! I will continue to stand on the stage! I will take this moment to swear that I will beco- I will take this moment to swear that I will beco- I will take this moment to swear that I will beco- Theater is the best! Theater is the best! Theater is the best! Theater is the best! Did the play start? No way.
Is she crying for real? This isn't good! Let's drop the curtain.
Make your dream come true, Nagisa!!!! What? Old man? Nagisa! Are you an idiot or what?! A child's dream is their parents' dream! So you grant it for us! We've been dreaming of the day you would make your dream come true! We didn't give up our dreams! We changed our dreams to your dream! That's what parents are! That's what family is!!! So ever since that day Every day, while baking bread we've been living, waiting for this day! If you fail here, we'll be depressed! Do you hear me?! You've got a huge responsibility on your back, you hear me?! Sanae! You're here, too, aren't you?! You say something, too! Nagisa! You can do it! What? What is going on? Tomoya! Same goes for us, Nagisa! You're about to make what Sunohara and I couldn't do happen! Right now, you're even carrying the sense of failure we went through! Shall I Shall I take you? To the place in this city where wishes come true? Take us there, Nagisa.
Take us away.
This is a world that has ended.
A world where no one but I exist.
In the room are a small wooden table and a chair.
Outside the window is a vast plain with nothing.
The building is old, and there is no clue of when it was built.
I live here alone.
I sometimes go out to pick necessities.
There is no one outside, either.
Within the faint illumination are many small lights flying.
I picked up branches, nails, and many other things.
It's to make a friend.
But, will the one being born be happy? With some doubt in mind This world indeed had ended.
No more lives will be born.
She's the only being with life.
Either in the distant past or the distant future, I was in a different place.
It was a very lively place.
But I can no longer return there.
I have this body she made for me.
What's wrong? Are you going to make another one? But it won't move.
You can't make any friends.
You're going to make something else? What will you make? I don't know that, myself.
But she has the ability to collect junk and make something new.
It's something special that I can't do.
You're right.
With time, we might be able to make something nice.
What should we make? Something that's exciting like this.
She will make it, and I will help.
It will be a most wonderful thing.
I will stay by her side.
I'll continue to be with her.
And one day, we'll leave this world.
We'll go to the warm, lively world where I used to be.
I remembered the rest of the story! How the rest of the story goes.
The girl and the doll decide to leave that world, because the doll knows there's a warmer, livelier world far away.
What happens then? They go on a long, long journey, and at the end At the end? they sing! Are you serious? Yes, I am.
So I was right to sing at the end of the play.
But I'm sure that girl wouldn't have sung "Big Dango Family".
That's because I wanted to.
Everyone was clapping, but there was a strange air in the auditorium in the end.
It like ruined all the emotional things that built up.
I wanted to sing no matter what, so Oh well.
Your play was great.
Do you mean it? I never flatter.
You know that.
Yes, I do.
So I'm happy.
You came.
Yes, since I got the invitation.
I'm sorry for doing it without telling you, but I thought I should let him know.
I watched your play.
It was a good story.
Thank you very much.
It reminded of me a lot of my past.
I'll be going now.
Don't drink too much.
Tomorrow, let's go somewhere, shall we? Tomorrow's the make-up vacation day, right? Once in a while, let's go out somewhere, just the two of us.
I have something I need to talk with you about, too.
Talk about? So this is where you two were! Everyone's waiting in the club room! If we don't have the actor and Effects there, we can't start the party.
Sorry about that! Let's go.
Yes! あの始まりの日強がってた That day it all began, I was acting tough, Ano hajimari no hi tsuyogatteta Is it all right for us to come in without permission? It's fine.
We're students at this school.
Straining to stand taller for our childlike meeting.
Osanai deai ni senobi wo shiteita 幼い出会いに背伸びをしていた I guess so.
Recently Onaji kaze wo uke warai atta We shared the same wind and smiled.
同じ風をうけ笑いあった Recently, I haven't hated this school anymore.
Really? That's great.
Aa furikaereba natsukashii hibi あぁ振り返れば懐かしい日々 Ah, whenever I look back on them, what nostalgic days! I'm the Person on Duty?! Oh.
I wrote that when you were absent.
I forgot about it.
Those footsteps still linger in my ears.
そのè³éŸ³ãŒè€³ã«æ®‹ã‚‹ Sono ashioto ga mimi ni nokoru I never noticed it.
No matter where you are, your words will reach me.
See? 君の声はどこにいても届く ほら Kimi no koe ha doko ni itemo todoku hora I'm not alone anymore.
There are two shadows.
もう一人じゃない 影二つ Mou hitorijyanai kage futatsu Payback.
I'll hold dearly this tune 高く遠く響く調べ Takaku tooku hibiku shirabe I told you I had to talk with you yesterday, right? Yes.
What is it? Daiji ni daite 大事に抱いて That echoes far and wide.
Um How should I put it Let's change the feelings you've raised into words 育んだ想いを言葉に変えよう Hagunda omoi wo kotoba ni kaeyou Would Wouldn't it be interesting to say that we're dating when we wake up tomorrow? Doko mademo atatakana te wo tsunaide どこまでも暖かな手を繋いで And always hold each other's warm hands.
Please date me, Nagisa.
Kimi to no mirai I'll keep telling the tale 君との未来 I love you.
So I want you to always be with me.
語りçšã‘ã‚‹ Of my future with you.
Katari tsuzukeru I heard Okazaki-san will be going over to Sunohara-san's today.
What's wrong, Okazaki? I'm starting to think about you a lot these days.
Looks like fun I wonder if I could join in.
There isn't anyone around, so don't worry.
Hey, brat.
Enlighten her.
Are you an idiot? You leave me no choice.
I'll spell everything out for you, then.
Holy shit! I'm getting turned on!