Clannad (2007) s01e23 Episode Script

The Events Of Summer Holidays

1 Great weather, isn't it? Yes.
How about we ditch the supplementary classes and go to the beach? Okazaki-san, you say things like that every day.
Think about it.
I don't have any intention of going to college.
All this exam preparation is meaningless to me.
Even so, you have to follow the rules.
It will affect the recommendation the school writes.
You're really worried about me, eh? Of course! Since you're uh a very important person to me.
Hey! Yes, how may I help you? Can we hold hands? Come on.
But, um someone might see us.
There isn't anyone around, so don't worry.
We're dating, so what's wrong with us holding hands? Y-Yes, I guess.
Let's give it a try.
Good morning! You two! You two look really hot early in the morning.
What? Were you two about to kiss? We wouldn't do that, you idiot! Yes, we were just going to hold han- You idiot! After the School Festival and exams ended, summer break started.
I'm still staying at Nagisa's place.
Even though it's summer break, we seniors have supplementary class every day.
With Nagisa around, I can't skip out.
Did you get that? These daily supplementary classes are making me sick.
We only get one summer break as a senior, and it's totally stained gray.
I enjoy studying with everyone in class.
And we can all eat our bentos together like this, too.
If I may ask, why are you here? I had to come to take care of Student Council related work.
That's not what I meant! I'm asking why you are here in this room when you're not in the Theater Club! What happened to Okazaki today? I heard Okazaki-san will be going over to Sunohara-san's today.
I-Is there something wrong? You still call him "Okazaki-san", eh? Yes, is there something strange? Tomoya-kun is calling you "Nagisa".
If you're dating, it wouldn't hurt to call each other by name, would it? It feels like someone said the same thing here in this room before.
Also, how far have you two gone? Well, um Huh?! Still haven't even held hands?! Are you an idiot? What have you been doing all these days? Shut up.
You get nervous when the opportunity comes.
Nagisa-chan should forget about someone who's got no balls and notice my platonic love for her.
Sunohara, you have a guest.
For me? A really cute girl.
She said she wants to meet you.
Seriously?! Sorry to make you wait! Onii-chan.
Mei-chan! Long time no see, Okazaki-san.
I told you over the phone that I'd come visit.
I totally forgot about it.
You're so hopeless.
Once we finish cleaning here, let's go see the old man and Sanae-san, too.
Yes! Itadakimasu.
You're a well-behaved girl as always, Mei-chan.
It's seriously hard to believe that you're Sunohara's sister.
You shouldn't say that.
Sunohara-san is a very kind person.
So, you'll be staying with us this time, too, won't you? I can? Damn right.
Stay here forever.
Go get in the bath with her.
This family loves guests as always.
I'll join in, too.
It's a little cramped, but please bear with it.
Looks like fun It's all right.
The more cramped it is, the closer I get to be to you.
I wonder if I could join in.
Good morning, Okazaki-san.
Good morning Morning.
You didn't get enough sleep last night? Since we were talking until late last night.
Mostly about Okazaki-san, too.
What exactly did they say about me? Nagisa-san, how about getting some more sleep? No, I'm fine.
Besides, I don't have supplementary classes to worry about today.
So you help out with the store, eh? Yes.
Since I want Dad and Mom to have some time off, too.
I'm happy to be able to be of help, too.
Though, it's a bit of a shame that I can't go out with you despite the break.
Work hard for my sake, okay? What are you going to do? It's free time my daughter made for me.
Of course I'll play! See ya.
It's nice to not forget the heart of a child.
I'm sorry I took so much time.
Did you bake that bread, Sanae-san? Yes.
Will you try one for me? Yes! How was it? Yes, they looked very delicious! Thank you very much.
I wonder if they'll get sold out today.
Never thought of getting out of that one like that.
Yes, I'm sure they will.
It was very educational.
I have a gathering to go to as well, so I'll leave the place to you all.
Have a good day.
I'm sorry to bother you.
This is the junk collector.
If there are any televisions, refrigerators, computers, motor bikes, and other machines no longer in use sitting in your house, please feel free to stop me.
It's really boring.
I remember seeing more customers last time I was here.
This time of the year is when students are away from school, so sales always go down.
Yes, welcome! Please take this.
What a fast reaction.
Thank you.
We have very cute girls watching the store today, eh? I know.
Nagisa-san is very cute.
She's talking about Mei-chan.
No, I'm talking about both of you.
Thank you very much.
Thank you for your patronage.
Okazaki-san wasn't being of any use.
Three people here is more than necessary.
No matter how you look at it, I'm not needed here.
Please don't say that! I'm very happy to be with Okazaki-san.
Okazaki-san, how about you try working the cash register.
I'll go out to call in customers.
"Call in"? Hey! Mei- Welcome.
Oh, no Sanae-san or Akio-san today? Yes.
We're watching the store today.
Oh, this is a bakery? Yes, it is.
I knew it was strange.
Like, the outside is totally a normal shop's.
The bread here is very good.
Then, I guess I'll buy something.
Hey, this is a bakery! I told you.
But look, the girl in here is cute.
Wh-What is this about? Take care of the register! Hey, Mei! Yes? What are you saying to call customers in? Saying, "We've got cute girls".
You're making it sound like we're some shady shop! I can fish customers like a game.
Okazaki-san! Could you help inside? Y-Yeah, coming! We've got cute girls.
Would you like to stop by? What? This place was a bakery? So what if it is? The girls outside and inside are cute.
Wow I don't think we've sold this much since this store's opening day.
Try working a little bit more seriously.
We had people coming back, sometimes three times.
Even all of Sanae-san's bread got sold.
That's the biggest surprise.
You speak as if it's a given to not see my bread sell.
Sanae, I love you! Thank you very much.
I love you very much, too, Akio-san.
Why don't you say it, too, Okazaki-san? Say what? Nagisa, I love you.
I-I can't say that, you idiot.
I-I'll go prepare the dinner.
I'm going to go sweep outside.
So she's out playing with Nagisa-chan today? What could she be doing, deserting her brother? Don't be depressed like that.
I'm sure she'll stop by here at some point.
You think so? Hello.
See, she did come.
Ah fine.
I guess I'll deal with her.
He's so easy to read.
I knew I'd find you here.
You need me? Yes.
Onii-chan, I want to have a private conversation with Okazaki-san, so can you go outside? Come on! You're in the way! What's wrong with him? Oh well.
I know this is sudden, but I decided to become the cupid of love.
Cupid of love? Yes! I see, so you were worried, after all.
Yes, of course.
But I don't see a suitable partner.
What are you talking about? There's one right here.
What? Sunohara and Mei-chan? An incestuous relationship? You know, Onii-chan What's wrong, Mei? After you went far away, I started to think of you a lot.
Really? How so? Like things I never even thought about when you were around.
Do you look up to me a little now? No, not exactly like that.
In a more naughty way.
Mei You're such a naughty girl.
Onii-chan Holy shit! I'm getting turned on! Could you not start letting your imagination run wild? But you and Sunohara, right? How could I not get turned on? Please don't imagine such a terrifying thing! Besides, I said I'm the cupid.
Wait, then you're here for me? Yes.
You know, Sunohara What's wrong, Okazaki? I'm starting to think about you a lot these days.
Really? How so? Like things I never even thought about when I'm around other people.
Have I become your best friend who you can be proud of a little? No, not exactly like that.
More like More like, I want to wear matching boxers with you as you run down the road to school Tomoya Over here, Mei! Come on, catch me! Hey, don't play with me like that.
I said over here.
Come on.
Holy shit That turns me off You're not letting me make any progress.
I'm sorry.
The old man's character could be infecting me.
What I'm talking about is Okazaki-san and Nagisa-san.
What? Frankly, you two aren't being honest with each other yet.
It's been weeks since you started dating, so this is a problem.
Why must I hear this from a junior high girl? I have a question.
How would you like Nagisa-san to be? "How" you ask? Let's see She has the tendency to think negatively of herself, so I want her to have more confidence.
You think the same as me! This is great.
It'll probably work well if this is the case.
Work well? What will? Um, Okazaki-san? Oh my, speak of the devil.
What a coincidence! Are you sure this is a coincidence? Looks like I'm a bother.
So excuse me.
Weren't you playing with her until a bit ago? Y-Yes, I was.
I forgot about it.
Um Tomoya-kun.
Huh? "Tomoya-kun"? Tomoya-kun, do you have time right now? Yeah, I'm totally free That's good.
Then let's go for a little walk.
What is this all of a sudden? No, it's just that I felt like walking with you.
Was it too much to ask? No, I'm fine.
Um T Tomoya-kun, you're super lucky! How so? Since you're walking with a slightly cute girl like me.
Um Even though I say "cute", it's only "slightly".
Okay So where are we going? Yes Anyway Let's go home.
Why are we heading home right off the bat? If I don't, the plan won't work.
Plan? Nothing.
That was just me.
What? It's my daughter.
Why are you saying "hello" when you came back to your own house? Because I'm here as a customer.
I'll buy some bread.
Don't bother.
Just take them.
Since we're bound to have leftovers.
I can't do that! That'd be cheating.
I will pay.
Fine, fine.
I know how stubborn you can be.
Do whatever you like.
But Don't step on the landmine, okay? What do you mean by "landmine"? Hey, brat.
Enlighten her.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Stop fooling around! I know you understand! Well You cheater! You leave me no choice.
I'll spell everything out for you, then.
When I say landmine, it's Sanae's bread! So my bread was Furukawa Bread's landmine?! I love them! So what are we doing? Anyway, I will pay properly.
Um, can I ask you to pay for this, Tomoya-kun? You don't have cash on you? I do, but I want you to pay for it.
Um, you can't? I don't mind.
How much? ¥120.
There you go.
Thank you very much.
I'm making Tomoya-kun pay for me! What are you saying after asking me to pay? But I'm sure you're not upset about it or anything.
Why do you say that? Because you paid for me.
Huh?! Can you say that one more time? No, I don't want to if I can help it.
But I didn't hear you well.
Really? Then I'll have to say it again.
Please listen carefully.
You paid for me, so I'm sure you're not upset about it or anything! Did you hear me clearly this time? Yeah, I guess Really? Then I'm glad.
Is it good? I'm so nervous, I can't taste anything.
Why are you nervous? N-No! I didn't mean to say that! It's Oka- It's Tomoya-kun's treat, so it's better than usual.
Well, I'm glad.
I'm sure you want a bite, too.
I don't want you speaking for me.
Then I'll change it to a question.
Would you like a bite? Not really.
That's a problem.
You need me to say, "Yes, I want a bite"? You want a bite? Yeah, I'd really like a bite! You do? But I won't let you.
Are you all right, Tomoya-kun? What is this all about? Because there's only one.
Then I don't need it.
No, you have to have some.
I'll have you enjoy it in a different manner.
Just do whatever you want.
Then, please look this way.
Like this? Yes.
Um, how was that? I'm sure you smelled the cinnamon roll.
Um If you don't say something, I'll feel like crying.
Hey! Mei! I knew you set all this up.
So you had it figured out.
Of course! This is too unnatural no matter what! The date ends here.
Excuse me, Sir! You're not getting away! Okazaki-san! That brat Does Mei-chan have something on you or something? No, it's not like that.
Um Did she say something to you? She said, "Because Okazaki-san is a delinquent, he can't force himself to be proactive.
" She also said that I should take the lead since I'm the older one.
I figured it was something like that.
So I acted as Mei-chan planned.
I'm sorry.
I had become a strange girl, hadn't I? Really strange.
Do you not like me anymore? How would I not like you because of something like this? Plus, what Mei-chan said probably isn't wrong.
Do you still have some time, Nagisa? Th-There's still some time until dinner.
Then I guess we can still go for a walk.
Where do you want to go? A Anywhere! Um As long as I'm with Tomoya-kun.
I'm glad to hear that.
I'll always be with you.