Clannad (2007) s01e24 Episode Script

Another World: Tomoyo Chapter

1 It's been a month since Tomoyo and I started dating.
It's not like we had a distinct moment we began seeing each other.
Being late to school Skipping classes Wandering around the city I met Tomoyo spending days like that, became close starting who knows when, and before we knew it, we were in love.
Tomoya, will you continue to stay by my side? Yeah, I agree.
Do you understand what kind of person you're dating? Wake up, Tomoya! I have a stomachache, so I'll skip school today.
How many stomachaches do you get a week? I'm telling you, you don't have to come every morning.
I can't leave you alone.
After all, I'm your girlfriend.
Let's break up.
Don't say that even if it's a joke.
It seriously saddens me.
Hey, don't frown like that.
I'm sorry.
Hey, today's the student council election, right? Let's cheer up and get a move on.
Let's go with a smile.
They're announcing it soon, right? You don't have to be in your classroom? It's more comfortable being with you.
It's been a month since Tomoyo and I started dating.
It's not like we had a distinct moment we began seeing each other.
Being late to school Skipping classes Wandering around the city I met Tomoyo spending days like that, became close starting who knows when, and before we knew it, we were in love.
The student council election ballots have been tallied.
The student council president is Sakagami Tomoyo-san.
533 votes.
You did it, Tomoyo! It's thanks to your support! But this isn't the end, is it? Your goal is to preserve those sakura trees.
I know.
Tomoya, will you continue to stay by my side? Of course.
Congratulations on winning the campaign! Sakagami-senpai! Congratulations on the successful campaign! Yeah, thank you.
We believed you would win! We'll continue to cheer you on! If you think about it, it's an unbelievable combination.
Two lazy seniors and the student council president.
We should be living in totally different worlds.
They're famous delinquents, right? Why are they with Sakagami-san? You don't know? Tomoyo-san's close to them.
You think the student council prez will come today, too? I'm sure she will, since she's never failed to this day.
You're so carefree.
What? Think for a moment.
Now that she's the prez, she'll be pickier about things than before.
Like, don't run in the hallways and have rice, side dishes, and tea in balance.
I don't want to grow up to be an adult like that! What is he yelling over for? Tomoyo, listen! I'll eat all the veggies first in your face! What is he talking about? Ignore the idiot.
Oh, right.
Don't agree like that! I just came to drop these off.
There's a council meeting.
See you.
She's already busy.
She made my portion, too.
But if she packages them like this, no can tell which one's It's so obvious! What? What's their relationship with Sakagami-san? I don't know, but they look really close.
Could they be dating? What? That's gross.
Keep it down! What are you guys looking at? Sign: Hikarizaka High School She's late.
She looked busy during lunch, too.
I'll wait a little longer.
Ah, Tomoya.
Sorry but go on home without me.
Tomoyo? I forgot there was a meeting for the School Festival.
I think it'll last until nighttime.
So- President! You can't use the PA system for personal use! Turn it off! Your girlfriend's really bold.
We're hearing rumors of people voting for her as a joke.
I saw her recommendation from her previous school.
I hate to say this, but it seems she has caused a lot of trouble.
It's in the past.
But she has been in the center of commotion several times at this school, too.
That can't be denied, right? I'm not trying to force anything on you two.
However I want you to be aware of who you are and what you do.
You are our student council president.
Yes It's only natural that sensei's worried.
I know that there are many people talking about us behind our backs.
But that all depends on what we do.
Don't you agree, Tomoya? Yeah Yeah, I agree.
School Festival, eh? I totally forgot about it.
She said she'll be busy for a while, too.
Let's hang out then.
Huh? A little breather.
Let's go somewhere after school.
You've got time anyway, don't you? Sign: Hikarizaka High School Festival Sign: Hikarizaka High School Festival Quit making that face.
Once the School Festival's over, I bet Tomoyo-chan will have more free time.
The three of us can hang out again.
I sure hope so.
Personally, it saves me from having to see her face.
Rather than that, let's go try those two girls.
See, that ponytail girl and Hey, are you listening to me?! Huh? That looks really hot.
Yeah, but if they find me, they'll drag me back to the student council room.
You're that busy? Yeah.
I'm in the middle of patrolling right now, too.
Don't overwork yourself.
I'm not overworking myself at all.
I came here because I wanted to be with you.
Besides, I've been busy lately and couldn't make the time to spend with you.
Once the School Festival's over, I'll be completely focused on working to preserve the sakura trees.
I might become busier than now.
So Sakagami.
I've been looking for you.
The chairmen who oversee the reunions are here to say hello.
Please come back right now.
Could it wait until I finish eating this? I have already had them waiting for thirty minutes.
We're asking them to support the campaign to preserve the sakura trees.
We shouldn't upset them.
I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Good luck.
I'll be going.
You're Okazaki Tomoya, right? You speak frankly for a junior.
Do you realize that you're famous? For being a good-for-nothing delinquent, right? For being Sakagami Tomoyo's boyfriend.
I've always wanted to say this to you.
Stop lingering around her.
Oh, so you're jealous.
I'm interested in her because she's someone who can aim for a higher place.
She's diligent and works hard.
She can go to a better place.
She's one of those people.
You're being a drag to her.
That's what everyone thinks.
Screw you! Are you picking a fight?! You know! You know it yourself, don't you? "I can't do anything for her.
" I'll leave now.
I must help Sakagami.
Sakagami-kun is an excellent individual.
She is popular, too.
On the other hand, she is close to a repeat offender of skipping school and classes.
She has used the PA system for personal business to get in contact with that individual and leaves her position during School Festival to go meet him.
You understand what I'm saying, right? The only problems she has caused are related to you.
Tomoya! Hey.
What's wrong? I'm sorry, I have an emergency.
Go on home without me.
It's going to take some time? I'm not sure, but probably.
That's fine.
Don't let it bother you.
Yeah, thank you.
You're the cause.
You know she's trying to preserve the sakura trees, right? What about it? The alumni supporting us heard a bad rumor.
How Sakagami Tomoyo came out of her boyfriend's house in the morning.
Huh? She only comes to wake me up.
Even if that is true, the problem is that it's you.
It easily causes a bad rumor.
Sakagami's the student council president.
She should be the role model of all other students.
If such an individual causes problems, the campaign will begin to lag.
Do you understand what kind of person you're dating? What kind of person you are? It wasn't anything major.
The misunderstanding has been cleared, so there's no problem.
It's over.
Okay? Look, it's because you're spacing out.
Let's break up.
It's best we break up.
I told you not to joke like that.
You have a goal.
But if you're with me, you probably won't make it there.
Okay? So- No.
I don't want to! Tomo- I don't want to! What's going on? Don't stare.
If I'm gone, you'll have trouble.
Without me, who will wake you every morning? Who'll pack your bento? What about studying for your tests? Plus Plus Don't worry.
I'll manage even without you.
But But If I'm with you, I'll end up relying on you for everything.
That just won't work.
I love you.
I want to be with you.
The feeling I had wasn't love.
I'm a really selfish guy.
Tomoyo, answer your many expectations.
And one day, let me reflect, "Wow, I was dating an amazing person.
" Please, Tomoyo.
I promise you.
Than Thank you for dating a girl like me.
Take care of yourself.
I totally thought you two would make it all the way to getting married.
It's not that easy.
Nah, if she was forced to make a choice, I imagined her picking you over the student council.
I'm not sure about that.
But, with Tomoyo-chan gone, wouldn't you turn back to a good-for-nothing again? Therefore, this problem 2 is an application of example 1.
Did you hear?! Tomoyo-san ranked fourth on the National Exam! She was awarded for being active in volunteering the other day, too.
I heard she even has an offer to go study abroad through an exchange program.
I'm really watching it, okay? Do whatever you like.
I was thinking you might not want to.
Are you sure I can? Just do it.
What language is this? Sounds like she's talking about the sakura trees.
This is the one we saw on video the other day.
We were close to someone really amazing, weren't we? Hey.
Looks like she's busy.
What's with that hair?! Don't laugh! It's weird enough looking into the mirror! But I've got no choice.
I can't have interviews with my dyed blond hair.
Maybe it wasn't a good match.
But don't give up.
You'll eventually find a job you'll be happy with.
The place I finally got accepted to turned out to be within the city.
I was hoping to be at least a train station away.
Most of you will move on to higher education and eventually go out into the world to take important roles.
Our school has What? You're seriously going back? We've got another party after this.
I don't see any point in staying.
I'll go to your place later.
Have you been well? Yeah.
What's up? I was waiting for you.
I wanted to let you know.
Tell me what? The sakura trees here won't be cut down.
It's finally been decided.
I see.
It was long.
It was a goal I couldn't give up on.
Now, it's finally come true.
So you made your dream come true.
But I lost much for it.
The months of time that I would have been able to spend with the person I love.
I love you.
Even now.
I've come to love you more than before.
We haven't talked all this time.
You're right.
But I've watched you.
I've been watching all this time.
Even without me, you were doing well.
You went to classes without coming to school late.
You were working hard, little by little, every day.
Although, making lunch was out of my reach.
I put a good amount of effort into finding a job, too.
The recommendation from school was bad, so I got rejected from many places.
But I finally found a place recently.
It's a small agency.
A recycling shop.
The office is pretty close.
It's within this city.
Commuting will be easy.
That's all I've got to say.
Hey, what did I use to talk with you about? How did I talk to you, and how did I laugh? You and I can't walk the same path.
You'll graduate next year, too.
I'm sure you'll leave this place and go far away.
You can go much further than me! But I can't I'm stuck here.
I'll be here forever.
That's the kind of person I am.
Then I'll go to you.
I'll go to you.
Why? You can go to a better place, don't you see? You can go to a good college, meet a lot of people, get a lot of expectations and meet them! You've got higher places waiting for you! Somewhere much higher than next to me! Don't belittle yourself so much.
Don't belittle yourself so much.
It's my choice.
Rather than a high place crafted by test scores or teacher recommendations, it's dearer to me.
So I'm coming to be with you! I'll come to you with everything I've got! Can't tell who's the senpai here.
I'll go.
It's a little late, but I'll go to where you are, too.
Tomoya Tomoya! What? What?! What? Don't cry.
Don't cry