Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e05 Episode Script

The Season You Were In

1 What are these lights? What could these lights that shine brightly at times be? It seems like you can touch them and yet cannot.
So could these lights be shadows of something? If they are shadows, their bodies must exist somewhere else.
Could things that exist somewhere else in some other world be creating these lights? It's done.
Let's give it a try.
See, this is how you play with this.
It's fun, isn't it? Toys meant to be played by two people.
Before I came here, she couldn't do this even if she wanted to.
I wonder what she always did when she was alone when she was alone in this sad world If only I could shed tears.
I guess winter exists even in a world like this.
Does this sky lead to another world? Would that world, perhaps, be where I came from? The warm and lively world? It's Misae-san's kitty.
What's wrong? Isn't your master getting better with her moves? You'll never do something like that again, got it?! I won't I swear Oh.
If it isn't Furukawa-san and her boyfriend.
You were here? Good evening, Misae-san.
Be gentler with me.
You're overreacting; it's just a little bruise.
Um, we brought some leftover dishes for Sunohara-san.
Mom packed them thinking you were lonely with Mei-chan gone.
Seriously? Thank you! I told you.
No one gets lonely at this dorm.
You're right.
It's too lively if you ask me.
I'll bring some tea out, so sit tight.
My appreciation for protecting him.
Protecting? That jerk tried to sell the cat off.
I thought I could make a quick buck if I took it to a pet shop.
Of course not.
What's the name of this kitty? Nanashi.
Nanashi-chan, is it? Can I call you Nana-chan? No, not Nanashi-chan.
I just haven't named him.
Note: Nanashi means "Nameless" And that's a boy.
He's nameless? But isn't he your cat? I never wanted it, but starting some time ago, it began to stay around me, so I'm just taking care of it because of how things turned out.
Then what's the big deal if I sell him? Or maybe stew him up? Stew what up? Joking! Just joking.
He's been attached to you for a while, hasn't he? Why? Do your clothes smell like catnip? No way.
Come in.
Excuse me.
What is everyone doing here? This is rare.
Tomoyo, what are you doing here? It's not that rare.
Sakagami-san comes to visit often.
I come to get advice as the Student Council President.
This is a perfect opportunity since this involves both Okazaki and Sunohara.
Eliminate all tardiness and absence from school? Yes.
Misae-san was the first female Student Council President in our school's history.
And she accomplished the legendary Week of No Tardiness and Absence.
That sure brings back memories.
I want to know how you united the entire school.
I want to make it happen, too.
It'd be really difficult, since there are two who are the biggest obstacles.
Who could she be talking about? Don't know.
Tomoya-kun's up early and going to school on time with me now.
Then that leaves Sunohara as the problem.
Should I come to your room to wake you again? I wish you wouldn't.
How did you do it? I really didn't do anything special.
I simply said at the morning assembly to try not to be late or absent for a week.
Then everyone went along with it for fun.
That's all you did? If I could say one thing, I guess not trying too hard only helped.
I don't really understand.
If you get all worked up yourself, you'll always get someone who'll rebel.
Being too eager brings negative results.
I see.
That's a great point.
I'm getting quite a few guests today.
Come on in.
Good evening.
Don't worry about them.
Do you need something? Um, about what I asked the other day Ah, that.
Sign: Hikarizaka Shrine Autumn Festival - 9/23 10pm Here.
An Autumn Fest? Tomorrow? It's a festival that's been around for a while that wishes for peace and happiness.
I think it's a good choice for your first date.
I-I see! You're amazing, Misae-san! You're a lifesaver.
He was asking for advice for where to go on his date.
Stop it already.
You shouldn't be eavesdropping like that.
She's right.
Everyone needs privacy.
Don't be such killjoys.
Thank you very much.
You're very welcome.
What were you doing? Sunohara-san was eavesdropping on the date plans.
Divine retribution! Misae-san, you're being relied on by many students.
How admirable.
I would like to become like you.
I've been that kind of person for a long time now.
It means you're charismatic.
There are a lot of guys who are fans of yours in my class, too.
It's great that I'm liked, but I don't know what they see in a woman who only yells.
You don't just yell.
You worry about others, which is the good part.
And, this is something someone on the rugby club said, you have a good smell of soap.
In this dirty boy's dorm, you've become an idol-like figure.
Like a jewel in a dunghill.
Yell and worry And a good smell.
What's wrong? It's nothing.
It's just that someone said a similar thing to me in the past.
I was just remembering that.
Thank you for your advice.
Sorry I bothered you at night.
It's fine.
Come anytime you like.
I will visit again.
Sunohara, you go back to your room, too.
Why? There's still time before lights-out.
I've got something to talk about with these two.
You're unwanted.
Can you be more direct than that? Sign: Hikarizaka Shrine Autumn Festival - 9/23 10pm Go to this? Yup.
Sunohara was saying that you rarely take Furukawa-san out on dates.
That's our problem! If you're saying something like that, some other guy will snatch Furukawa-san away.
Th-That won't happen! I won't be snatched away by anyone else.
You won't find another girl who would say something like that to you.
Why are you bringing up something like this now? Looking at you two reminded me of my wonderful youthful days.
You're still young, Misae-san.
Thank you.
But I'm all right.
Right now, my role is to take care of you younglings.
All right.
Hang around a bit more, will you? I'll make another pot of tea.
What was this school like when you were the president? Nothing special.
It was an ordinary school.
I'm sure you had lots of friends.
It was lively every day, keeping me entertained.
Getting hurt Getting worried But I'm still Listen well.
This charm has a light in it.
It's a light that grants any one wish.
You will take this and go to her.
And you will grant her wish.
Do you understand? Sign: Hikarizaka Private High School Igarashi-kun! Are you on your way home now, too? Yeah.
You, too, Sagara? Yeah, what a coincidence.
You know, if you don't mind- Who's he? Looks like he's from a different school.
Is he your boyfriend? I guess I shouldn't intrude.
See you tomorrow.
Ah, wait! Um, you're Sagara Misae-san, right? Who are you? I'm Shima Katsuki.
Don't I look familiar? Wait.
I will not.
I don't know you, nor do I see a reason for you to pay me back at all.
Maybe you don't, but I do.
Maybe you do, but I don't! Besides, because of you, he misunderstood! I've had enough.
I'm going home! W-Wait! Tell me your wish! Wish? I came to grant your wish.
So I can't go home until then.
Then stop standing in front of me right this moment.
Got a problem with that? If If that really is what you wish for, then I will.
But that won't really satisfy me.
Since you took such good care of me.
It was back when I was in elementary school.
I think you were going to the hospital to visit your mother.
When you went, you cheered me up when you found me in the hospital's courtyard.
You don't remember this? I was in a wheelchair with a cat on my lap.
I remember now.
You do?! But I didn't do anything.
We only spoke for a bit.
That's not true.
You really cheered me up.
What exactly did I say? Ah I forgot.
But I really am grateful to you.
That's why I want to return the favor.
Then treat me to a can of juice.
That's more than enough.
Since I really didn't do anything so meaningful.
I can grant any wish.
I have something that allows that to happen.
So don't hesitate and say something you really wish for.
What is that? Something like a genie's lamp? Not a lamp, but that's what I was told.
By who? Ah I don't know.
You're a real strange one.
You think so? And a romantic, too.
I'm sorry, but I don't believe in those things.
H-Hey! Thank you for coming all the way to say thanks.
It's great to see that you've recovered.
Take care.
Good morning! Misae, who is he? He's so cute.
Did you switch from Igarashi-kun to him? Do Don't wait in front of the school gate! You're You're hurting me! You made Saki and Yuki misunderstand! What are you going to do if a rumor starts? Misunderstand what? Look.
You're a boy and I'm a girl.
Don't you have any imagination? Ah, I got it.
You like Igarashi-kun, right? Aren't you really direct? You're really beautiful, so I'm sure it'll work out.
Oh yeah! Let's ask him out! I'll come with you.
Why Why must I ask him out with you?! Th-That hurt Hey! You came to grant my wish, didn't you?! So why are you getting in my way?! Then can the wish be to get married to Igarashi-kun? Is that all right? You can't.
Why not? You can't manipulate other people's feelings.
Welcome back.
You didn't have to do that all of a sudden.
I told you not to wait at the gate.
You're really being bothered by him, aren't you? Shima-kun, was it? You see, Misae has someone she likes.
If Igarashi-kun sees this Did you call me? Hey, it's Sagara's boyfriend.
Introduce me, will ya? N-No! He isn't! He's nothing like that! I hope he really got it.
It's fine.
I'm sure Igarashi-kun will come to like you, too.
You're really strange.
What? You don't get jealous or annoyed even if I like another boy? No I think I'm just slow at those kinds of things.
I don't dislike those kinds of things about you.
It's nice how pure you are.
Do you want to catch a cold? Why don't you at least have an umbrella with you? I didn't think it would start raining.
Why am I taking care of someone like you? I'm sorry.
If you're going to apologize, then don't make me take care of you.
I borrowed a jersey for you, so change into these.
Seriously If you can grant anything, couldn't you have stopped the rain? I can't do that! I can only grant one wish, and it's for you.
I don't understand why you're so grateful to me.
You don't even remember what I said to you.
It's probably the more fact that you talked to me than what you said to me.
Since you're very optimistic.
I hear that a lot.
I think I was able to try because I met someone like you.
So it is all thanks to you.
It's time for class, so I've got to go now.
Sneak out later.
Hey, it's Sagara's boyfriend.
Waiting for her again? Um, I'm not Sagara-san's boyfriend.
You aren't? No.
Apparently she already has someone she likes.
Hey, can you do a favor for me? What's wrong? You look so gloomy.
Did you really catch a cold? Then what's wrong? Is something troubling you? I know how Sagara feels about me.
But as you see, I already have a girlfriend.
So can you drop a hint to her about this? You're too nice to everyone, Igarashi-kun.
What can I do? It's how I am.
So please.
While hurting her as little as possible.
Hey, what happened? Talk to your big sis.
Could you possibly be in love? Maybe.
Seriously? I pulled that one out of thin air.
Then why do you look so depressed? That's because I have sad news for her.
What do you mean? She has another boy she likes but that other boy already has a girlfriend.
I was asked by him to pass that on to her.
Sounds like a drama.
But that's a chance for you! If you comfort her when she's depressed from the shock of a broken heart, she might come to like you.
Come on, Shima-kun.
Stop being depressed and think positively.
Yeah? This is a great chance for you.
I can't possibly think like that! If you were in my shoes could you do that? Could you think like that? When you like that person so much! Could you think of it as an opportunity when the person is broken-hearted? Sorry.
I'm sorry.
Girls around me all think positively like that, so Shima-kun What you said just now I see I'm such an idiot.
Why are you the one crying? I don't know.
That was the name of the person dearest to me.
We spent much time together, and he left me with his last wish.
I came to grant that wish.