Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e06 Episode Script

Forever By Your Side

1 Shima-kun.
If you're waiting for Misae, she'll be absent today.
She called Saki this morning.
She said she caught a cold and so she'll be absent from school.
I see So something did happen.
It's unreal that Misae would skip school.
Could it be that Igarashi-kun told her this? I see.
So she got rejected.
Poor Misae.
But hey, Shima-kun.
I think a boy like you is a better match for Misae than Igarashi-kun.
Comfort Misae for us.
I'll call her out to the park later.
Why are you here? Um, Sagara-sa I mean Misae-san.
What? Love is like a firework from the past.
What does that mean? It's more beautiful for it to go to pieces and scatter far off.
Are you picking a fight with me?! I'm sorry! Use this.
I'm not crying.
Then in case you don't find paper in the bathroom Are you being considerate or inconsiderate?! You're speaking complete nonsense.
I bet Yuki and Saki told you to say all that.
You can tell? You would never say stuff like that.
Why don't you say something original? Well I'm sorry.
Why are you apologizing? Probably because I feel I'm responsible for the situation.
What are you talking about? You have nothing to Thinking back, I think there's a ton of stuff I'm really sorry! But really, the reason I'm depressed is because of something else.
It's not your fault.
Really? Are you thinking this is your chance to have me fall for you? Like I said it would be, yesterday? I wasn't thinking of something like that.
Of course.
You only came to return a favor; it's not like you love me.
That's not true! Really? So, you do like me.
I see So hey.
What do you like about me? Things like you yelling at me and worrying about me.
Also, whenever you put me in a wrestling hold, I can smell your good scent and I like that.
I don't think that last one was necessary.
I'm sorry! Forget about apologizing.
Um Thank you.
Um You're welcome.
Misae! Do you have time today? There's a new ice cream shop on the other side of the station! Sorry.
Today's See? He's waiting and all, so I'd feel bad if I didn't go with him.
I guess things are going well for them.
She looks so happy.
Student Council President? Yup.
Believe it or not, I'm the school's first female Student Council President.
Wow, you're amazing.
The Autumn Festival is coming up soon, right? Our school's helping out with it, too, so things are a little busy.
Autumn Festival? So if you don't have any plans on that day would you want to go with me? To the Autumn Festival.
I'll be discovered I'm sure of it.
Don't worry.
You look good.
I see.
So Misae-san's busy.
She's attending a Student Council meeting.
She wanted us to tell you that she'll be out late.
I want to see her working.
Actually, he looks so cute it's starting to make me angry.
I'll deliver this love quietly to you.
That's Yoshino-senpai.
He's as popular as ever.
Hey you.
Which class are you in? I haven't seen you around.
Are you a transfer student? Want me to give you a tour of the school? That's fine.
We're taking her around.
Please don't worry.
No need to be modest.
I'm not trying to flirt with her or anything.
We're really fine, thank you.
Go on, Shima-kun.
Then at least tell me her name.
No, it's really all right Hey, wait you! I said wait! Moving on to the next topic.
Regarding the student who brings in guitars and has live concerts in class.
There's no problem with singing, but it shouldn't be done in class.
She's so cool.
Do you need something in the Student Council room? If you need something inside, go on in.
It's not as though it is off limits.
No, I'm And so Sagara-san.
Sorry to bother you in the middle of your meeting.
It seems she has something to say.
What's the matter? Wow, she's really cute.
I didn't know we had a girl like this at our school.
Th-Thank you very much.
You have something you want to tell me? Say what's on your mind.
It's the Student Council's job to listen to the students' opinions.
Um! I I want you to be with me forever.
Um What relationship do the two of you have? I'm sorry! That was hilarious! It's not a laughing matter.
Maybe she figured out that it was me.
Don't worry.
Misae might like you more in that outfit.
How could that be true? Right I had forgotten.
Hey, Shima-kun.
Are you busy after this? We were just saying that we should go visit your place after this.
Oh, so Misae hasn't been to your place yet? This sense of superiority from visiting the home before the girlfriend Let's brag to Misae later.
What's wrong? You don't feel like it after all? No, it's not like that.
I can't remember where my home is.
Hey, it's right here.
Don't scare us with a joke like that.
May I help you? Hello! What's wrong? Say, "I'm home.
" Are you Katsuki's friends? Yes.
Well, thank you for coming.
Please come in and offer incense for him.
That's right I remember now The real Shima Katsuki is no longer here.
I'm I'm not actually Shima Katsuki.
Hey! Wait! Hey, what's the meaning of this? There's a story behind this, right? Is there anything we can do for you? Then at least remember this.
We believe in you.
Because to us, you are Shima-kun.
No matter what happens, we are your friends.
Thank you.
We'll keep this from Misae.
If there's something you have to tell her, make sure you let her know.
I finally remembered.
I'm not Shima Katsuki.
That was the name of the person dearest to me.
We spent much time together, and he left me with his last wish.
I came to grant that wish.
You're finally here.
I'm sorry I'm late.
It's fine, since I'm always the one making you wait.
The girl from yesterday was you, wasn't it? So you knew? Of course.
We see each other every day.
I'm sorry.
Was I a bother? It's fine.
I bet it was Yuki and Saki who made you do it, right? Wish? Yes.
Since that's why I came here.
See? There's a light that grants a wish in here.
What? It's not here.
Maybe there was nothing there to begin with.
If not, it means that it's not necessary for me right now.
What's important is for us to be happy right now.
But this is important, too.
Even if you say that I know.
You have a wish in mind? Yup.
So here's the wish you so wanted to hear.
Please love me forever and ever.
Please continue to love me forever and ever.
That's what I wish for.
Did I surprise you? Looks like I really did love her.
Though it was only for a short period of time, the time we spent together was precious.
I liked Yuki-san and Saki-san, too.
I loved the time we spent together.
It was supposed to be a copy of what you said to me yesterday.
Gosh, why are you crying? I'm sorry.
You're really one of those people who can't be left alone.
Thank you Thank you so much.
I-I'll go buy something to drink.
Wait right here.
Shima-kun? Shima-kun! Shima-ku- What? What did you say? Shima-kun! Farewell, Misae-san.
I will continue to love you forever.
Forever and ever.
Yep, I'm back here.
Yeah, the boy's dormitory.
No plans for anything like that at the moment.
It's not that I can't forget him.
I guess that's how my life works.
Yeah, let's all meet up soon.
With Yuki, too.
You decided to make this your home, eh? You like being with me that much? I don't particularly like cats, you know? That was stupid.
Why am I thinking of a fairytale-like thing? You're a really strange cat.
You had a good nap there? You looked like my cat.
It's getting late, so let's make our way back.
Sorry we stayed for so long.
It's fine.
Make sure you have him take you to the Autumn Festival.
Did you show me that dream? So you do have a name after all.
So there are things you want me to tell her, eh? What's the matter, Tomoya-kun? You've had something on your mind since yesterday.
Yeah, I've been thinking about how to let Misae-san know about something.
It's Misae-san's kitty.
What's wrong? Is there something you still want to tell me? Furukawa-san! And her boyfriend! Misae-san.
Good evening.
Thank goodness you caught him.
Man, I'm out of breath.
Could you fix the way you call me? Did you come to the festival with your cat? No.
He suddenly dashed out and I came chasing.
I have no idea what he's thinking.
I really have to keep my eyes on him.
Hey, come out.
I think he's wanted to come to this festival with you for years.
We're going home.
Last night, I think I heard his voice in a dream.
He said, "I'm sorry I couldn't be with you until the end of the festival.
" Anything else? Did he say anything else? And, "As you wished, I'll always be with you.
" I don't remember saying I would go on a date with a cat.
But I guess I'll play with you a lot today.
There's one more thing to tell you, Misae-san.
He wishes for you to find your happiness.
After all, he's like that, right? He's worried about you.
Yeah, you're right.
He is like that.
He was.
Maybe I'll try and enjoy another youth.
Don't worry.
I'll tell you about the dream I had last night.
A wondrous love story from the past.
My current master is not the same as you, but she's a very kind person.
But she makes me worry at times.
Was I able to meet the goal? Was I able to fulfill the promise we made? Now, it's been too long, and I can't remember.
But right now, I want to remain like this.
Please allow me to Please allow me to be with her forever.
This sucks.
Miyazawa! Sunohara-san Why? He just wants to act bossy.
He'll be as snotty as possible to anyone who's weaker than him.
We've come this far.
Come with us.