Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e07 Episode Script

Her Whereabouts

1 Two lights shimmered.
In this world where cold winds blow, they shimmered brightly and warmly for just an instant.
Something was starting to change along with the approaching winter.
As the temperature dropped, she slept more often.
Those clouds that appeared several days ago are slowly spreading out.
The clouds will eventually cover the world, and snow will settle on the ground.
It'll be too late if we don't hurry.
I knew the time to decide was now.
You stayed by me all this time? Thank you.
What is it about that place? You want to go there? But the winter's coming.
If it gets any colder, I won't be able to move.
Plus, if we leave this house, we probably won't be able to come back here.
You still want to go? What is there? Many things that keep every day fun and a warm place? Why is there a gas stove in the resource room? All sorts of things that are no longer used, even those that are not books, are stored here.
A good cook and gets good grades.
Good-looking and kind to everyone.
Watching Yukine-chan relaxes my heart.
Thank you very much.
You're always lively company.
It's so much fun every day.
How about you? Doesn't it get boring for you to be here alone every day? Not at all, since I frequently have visitors.
Visitors What's that guy's story? So what brings you here today? Of course, I'm here to tell you how much I love you.
I have finally realized my true feelings recently.
This love for you is real! Thank you very much.
But I think someone better for you will show up.
I got dumped instantaneously! Plus they're the exact same words as Nagisa-chan's! Yu-Yuki-nee Sudou-san! Are you all right, Sudou-san? That was stupid of me Because of me, our gang totally lost the fight.
I can't go back to them.
I'm going off on a journey now.
I'll be a lone wolf starting today.
So I wanted to say goodbye to you before I go.
Laugh at me for being such a sissy.
Hey, this is the school's resource room, right? I think so.
Should I go get the school nurse? You mustn't say something like that.
If you leave, I think everyone will miss you.
I would.
I'll teach you a charm.
You do this.
And this.
Then say, "I'm always looking at you from the side.
" three times.
If you do, you'll be able to make up with your friends.
I'm always looking at you from the side.
I'm always looking at you from the side.
I'm always looking at you from the side.
I feel like I see a ray of light.
What a fast recovery.
I should take note of that charm.
All you have to do now is properly apologize to them.
Running away won't solve anything.
You're right.
I totally lost sight of myself.
I always say you shouldn't fight.
But there are times when men have to fight.
Hey, could you explain what's going on? Well Yuki-nee's like the big-sis of our gang.
Big-sis? We're all under the care of Yuki-nee.
Like taking care of us after fights.
Not just us- I knew I'd find you here, Sudou! You followed me all the way here? This is the only place you would hide.
Prepare yourself! Please wait! Yukine-san.
I don't have any intention of bothering you.
You've taken care of our guys many times, too.
Sorry, Yuki-nee.
If it's come to this, no one can stop us.
Step outside! We'll bother Yuki-nee if we fight here! You got it! Sorry to bother you, Yukine-san.
Yuki-nee, if another idiot like me wanders in, please take care of that guy.
See ya! Sudou-san! My brother is the leader of the gang Sudou-san is in.
Oh yeah, you did say how you have a scary brother.
Currently in this city, two gangs are fighting over territory.
My brother's group and the group the person who came later belongs to.
They're separated by a river.
After my brother became the leader, they couldn't cross the border easily, but little scuffles happen every day.
Your brother is that scary of a person? Apparently, he's never lost a single fight.
He tries to keep his identity and home hidden to avoid getting attacked from behind.
The invisible leader! So cool! What's your brother's name? It's Kazuto.
Miyazawa Kazuto.
Don't move! Miyazawa? You're Miyazawa Yukine, right? Give me back my sister! What is this? Are you with the guy from before? Please calm down, Okazaki-san.
There we go.
What are you doing? Let me go! Let me go! Let's talk properly.
Do I know your sister? D-Don't play dumb with me! I know you're the boss of the gang! Stop acting tough, kid.
What are you? I get it.
You must be Miyazawa Kazuto.
I heard that Miyazawa Kazuto has blond hair.
You're the one that rules this side of the city, right? That's right.
I am Miyazawa Kazuto.
But It's fine.
Leave it to me, my beloved sister.
I'll play with you then.
Me, the invisible leader.
Sunohara-san Why? He just wants to act bossy.
He'll be as snotty as possible to anyone who's weaker than him.
Um, how about we go somewhere we can sit and talk? Why do we have to come to my place? Leaders don't care about details.
Yu-kun, right? Please let me introduce everyone for you first.
I'm Miyazawa Yukine.
They are Okazaki Tomoya-san and Furukawa Nagisa-san.
You have good manners, Yu-kun.
D-Don't try to flatter me.
I was hoping for something more savage.
If I'm not mistaken, your sister went missing? She ran away from our house and joined your gang.
I asked my friend's brother, and he said that the boss of the group is the Miyazawa kid, and that the younger sister of the two is a student at Hikarizaka High School.
So you've come to claim your sister back, eh? You're very brave, Yu-kun.
Miyazawa Kazuto is the invisible boss, and I'm told that only those in his group know his face.
That's why I came to talk with the sister.
How old is your sister? I think she was twenty-one.
We got a call from her the other day saying she wouldn't be back for a while.
That she'll lease an apartment and live alone for a while.
Is that something to worry about? Look.
You're just a sis-con.
Sis-con? When a twenty-one year old leaves home, it's called going independent.
There's no need for a kid to worry.
But she's dating a guy in a gang.
Um, I don't know what exactly you were told, but my friends aren't bad people.
They are a little short-tempered and quick to fight, but they're all very manly.
How about us? Do we look like that bad of people? You do.
But she looks like a nice person.
Thank you very much.
Not cute at all Yu.
You're a seed from a flower.
You'll be blown away by the wind and start your journey.
You're on your way to meet new people in new places.
Meet new people in new places? You can't be spoiled by your sister anymore.
Even if you're apart, you're still connected by a bond.
That's what family is! Sunohara is giving a proper lecture.
I'm sure he thought things through after what happened with Mei-chan.
But I'm sure you'd be worried to not know where your sister is, so I'll ask my friends.
Is that all right? Okay.
Please look for my sister.
Thank you for your help.
I'll do my best.
Things were settled peacefully.
I think it's Miyazawa-san's charisma.
She's wonderful.
How did this happen? He wants to follow me and learn about being a man.
He's got real guts to skip school for it.
Thank you for taking me in! If you watch me, you'll learn how a man should be.
Don't fall behind.
Yes! Hey, the bell rang.
Yeah, it did.
Didn't class start? As long as you're doing what you're supposed to, you don't have to attend classes.
That's the law of the society.
Does he do what he's supposed to do? Not at all.
You don't either! I have been attending class regularly these days.
I'm here only because of you guys.
Could you two be bums? He is, but I'm not.
Stop spilling the beans! You're ruining the dignity of the teacher! You intended this to be a lesson for him? You've heard of teachers who are abominable role models, right? I'm trying to be one.
Do you even know what that means? No, but the word sounds cool, doesn't it? Hey, someone's coming.
Is someone in here? That idiot.
Way to be found so easily.
The class has already started, you know? Sorry.
I lost track of time playing hide and seek.
Hide and seek? So there are others hiding? Hey, Okazaki.
Come out.
This sucks.
What happened after that? We got taken away with him and got lectured.
It's unfair for only me to be caught.
Hey, is this part of being manly? As an abominable role model, he's doing a great job.
You could say that.
We got ahold of her.
We know where your sister is.
Your sister wants to see you, too.
She said she'll be waiting at the store where everyone gathers.
Thank you, Yukine Onee-chan.
Why do we need to come along? I wouldn't want to get dragged into another fight.
When that happens, you'll take care of things, right, Kazuto Bro? When bad guys show up, beat them up for us please, Kazuto-san.
I wouldn't want you to rely on me so much.
It's my first time coming to a place like this.
It's fine.
They're all friendly people.
Come to think of it, coming here will expose that I'm not Yukine-chan's brother, won't it? You just realized that now? I'm going home! We've come this far.
Come with us.
Yuki-nee! Long time no see, Yuki-nee.
We've been waiting for you, Yuki-nee.
I'm glad to see that you're all well.
Onee-chan! Yu! I was worried about you, Onee-chan! I'm sorry.
But I'm doing fine.
That's your little brother? He's so cute.
He's got a good strong face.
How about it? Want a drink to go with the reunion? No alcohol.
I was just kidding.
Looks like Sudou-san was able to make up with everyone else.
Miyazawa's really popular, isn't she? Yuki-nee treats anyone who's wounded, regardless of being friend or foe.
There are many who have been cared for by her after a fight.
You're the guy from that day.
Sorry I couldn't give much of an introduction that day.
No, same here.
You got another guy there? I'm not worthy of introducing myself.
What are you doing, Kazuto-san? What? You're still bothering Yuki-nee?! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm just her friend! He isn't Miyazawa Kazuto-san? What? You were lying to me? L-Look, I'm in the theater club, so I wanted to practice my acting.
To pretend to be Kazuto-san of all people.
You piece of shit.
If you weren't Yuki-nee's friend, you would be dead now.
Calm down.
He did take care of my brother, so could you let him off the hook? You won't do it again, right? Bro! Sis! I'll follow you forever! I heard from Yu-kun yesterday.
His family is having a problem between parent and child.
The other day, his sister left home as a result of a fight with their mother.
Many of those who are here aren't on good terms with their parents.
They don't have a place for them at home, so they come to a place like this.
So to them, this is like their home.
It was the same with my brother.
He didn't get along with my parents very well.
I was once told that when there's a family-like group, people don't stray from the path too much.
Apparently her family had a bad parent-child relationship and the house was cold.
What happened to her? A lot has happened, but apparently they're doing fine now.
I see.
That's good to hear.
You're a pretty interesting guy.
A-Am I? Enjoy.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Do not mention it.
Um, won't Kazuto-san be coming here today? My brother? Kazuto-san's in the hospital right now.
He saved a buddy and got in a car accident.
Car accident? Kazuto-san was an employee here, but now a group of us take care of the place.
I'm helping in the kitchen from time to time, too.
Kazuto-san's a wonderful person the more I hear about him.
That's right.
We can live without going astray thanks to him.
Is there a picture of him or anything? I'd like to see what he looks like.
I don't have a picture of him, but everyone says that I look like him.
You do? Yes.
That was fun.
My life just got shortened a bit.
You should be happier since you got to act like the boss.
You're Miyazawa Kazuto, right?! What? Me?! We finally meet! I didn't know you were out of the hospital! We'll settle this today once and for all! You're making a mistake! Please wait! He's- Yukine-san, sorry but you can't stop us.
Don't hurt Yukine-san and the other girl.
Get them! Crap.
Lets get out of here.
Wait! Wha What just happened? That's the power of Miyazawa Kazuto? It's frightening.
That wasn't human You're the ones who came running at me, and what a rude thing to say! Tomoyo-san! You saved us.
What are you doing in a place like this? I heard many fights have happened here recently.
I was on a patrol since I don't want students from our school to get involved.
You guys, too.
Why are you involved with people like them? It's a long story I think they totally have the wrong idea.
Looks that way.
Your brother doesn't know what's going on? Even if he's in the hospital, can't he convince Sudou and the others over the phone? Here's my advice.
Stop being a fool and be friends.
Kazuto-san can stop the fight, right?