Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e08 Episode Script

Valiant Fight

1 Not getting enough sleep? Pardon me.
I wasn't able to sleep very well last night.
Is there no charm for sleeping well? There is, but Charm for getting good sleep.
Have someone give you a lap pillow.
With this, a peaceful slumber is all yours.
This is not a charm.
But it does sound like you could get a good sleep.
I had my brother do it for me often when I was little, but now that I'm older I have an idea! How about having Tomoya-kun give you the lap pillow in place of your brother? I shouldn't.
I would feel bad for you.
Please don't worry.
Go ahead.
I'm sorry.
Then I'll accept your offer and borrow him for a bit.
Excuse me.
Y-Yeah It feels good She fell asleep in no time.
You don't feel anything looking at this? To be honest, I am a little jealous.
But when I see that look on her She must have been tired.
She must always be stressed over the fights Sudou-san and her friends get in.
Yo ho! Is Yukine-chan here?! Let me have your delicious pilaf again! Making yourselves at home! Oww Hush please.
What? Oh! Kazuto Nii-san I'm sorry.
I completely fell asleep.
No, I didn't mind.
I'll let you use my lap next time.
Why are you here? I want to meet Yukine Onee-chan, too.
Yuki-nee! Sudou-san! They all think Sunohara-san is my brother? Yeah.
They think Kazuto-san got out of the hospital.
They're all scared.
They're afraid they have no chance of winning now that Miyazawa Kazuto's back on the streets.
That's why they've panicked and have snuck over to our side.
This was never supposed to happen.
But that's all a misunderstanding.
Yeah! It was Tomoyo who beat them up them yesterday and- Miyazawa.
Regarding what happened yesterday Crap! I'll see you again, Yuki-nee! Sudou-san! Looks like I came at the perfect time.
So you guys got caught in another mess? We didn't choose to be in it.
It's all because you pretended to be Miyazawa Kazuto-san.
I am familiar with the name Miyazawa Kazuto.
I heard a rumor back when I was still fighting gangs.
It said Miyazawa Kazuto would be the only person who could fight me face to face.
Face to face against you?! I've heard many of your great stories, too, Sakagami-san.
I won't bring this matter up in school this time.
But But? The other day, I had a chance to talk to a member of another school's Student Council.
There have been many fights in this city recently.
At this rate, we will see the police become involved, sooner or later.
Here's my advice.
Stop being fools and be friends.
Otherwise you'll all suffer.
Those bastards! I'll kill them all! Let's go raid their place right now! Yeah! Let's do it! We'll show them what we've got! Let's do it! Miyazawa.
When will your brother be discharged? Kazuto-san can stop the fight, right? Where are you going, Onee-chan? I'll go talk to them! Miyazawa-san! You guys stay here.
Hold up, Miyazawa! Think about it.
It's not like you can solve anything even if you go.
I'm familiar to them, and I know where they hang out often, too.
Your brother doesn't know what's going on? Even if he's in the hospital, can't he convince Sudou and the others over the phone? I understand the situation.
So at this rate, both sides will be broken up, eh? Yes.
If the fight escalates, the police may become involved.
How do you expect us to back out now?! Since Miyazawa Kazuto's back on the streets, we have to take you guys down before we're done for! Like I said, that was a misunderstanding.
How so?! Last night, we got our asses kicked by your brother.
That was Sakagami Tomo- Yukine-san.
We've got nothing against you, but we can't listen to you on this one.
We've got injured people on our side, too! We can't stop now! Stop it you guys.
This is war! We have to continue until one of us is crushed! Yeah! This is a fight to the death! Yeah! Yeah! I said shut the hell up! You're all being rude to our guests.
You've treated my wounds before, too.
I haven't forgotten the care and the taste of the pilaf from that day.
It's been a month, and he hasn't taken off the bandage yet.
Yeah, Sasaki-san likes girls who are good cooks.
Did you say something? No, nothing! But as you see, we can't let things end like this.
So, how does a one-on-one between the leaders sound? One-on-one? Your brother and I will fight one-on-one.
Whoever loses will submit to the winner.
That's the limit to the compromise we can make.
And you agreed to that?! Yuki-nee, how could you do that without talking to us?! I'm sorry.
That was the only choice I had in the situation.
The time is tomorrow evening, at the river bank.
But Kazuto-san can't fight.
We have to send a substitute.
But will they agree to that? Hey.
They think Sunohara-san's Miyazawa Kazuto-san, right? That's right!!! You're joking! Please wait! Sunohara-san has nothing to do with us You were bragging yesterday that it was you who busted up four guys at once.
Four at once?! That's amazing.
You'll totally do as Kazuto-san's substitute.
They often say "Don't judge a book by its cover", but wow, you're amazing.
I-It's nothing.
Sunohara Aniki! Please lend us your strength! Can I get another glass of this first? Sunohara-san.
Will you really be doing a one-on-one fight? I don't think fighting is good.
I'm sorry.
They aren't that bad of people, either.
But when there are two groups in a small city, they can't help but clash.
Unless everyone in the city is happy, no one is truly happy.
They're all nice people individually, yet, why does this happen? Man, this is pretty nerve-wracking.
Hey! Are you still going to make us wait?! Wait until Sasaki-san comes! God, it feels like my heart's going to burst.
How about filling your stomach while you have the chance? This is a little something from my mom.
From Sanae-san?! I said Sunohara-san would be having a very important fight, and so she made me bring this.
Her newest creation.
Hyper Rainbow Bread.
Wow! And a message from Dad, too.
He said, "Rainbow to you".
And here's an ultimate jam made by her friend.
If you put this ultimate jam on Mom's bread, you've got yourself the ultimate combination.
Would you all like to try some? We can? Thanks.
Itadakimasu! What's wrong, everyone? Please get a hold of yourself.
Sorry for the wait.
Crap! What do we do? Everyone's out cold.
I'll go.
Tomoya-kun! Are you serious? We don't have time to argue.
Take care of everyone.
Okazaki-san! What's the meaning of this? There's been a little misunderstanding.
He's actually not Miyazawa Kazuto.
Sorry, but you'll have to do with me.
It's no good.
We need the real Miyazawa Kazuto-san.
Your brother won't come no matter what? To either fight Sasaki-san or stop the fight, we need Miyazawa-san's brother.
I'll play with you a bit.
Thanks a bunch! Go, Aniki! Get him! Tomoya-kun! Onii-chan, go! Do you have a bad right shoulder? A little.
But I don't need you to hold back! You don't have to tell me! You're one tough guy.
Stay down.
Looks like your boys are up.
Are you all okay? Okazaki! Okazaki, what happened?! Sunohara-san! What did you do to Yuki-nee's bud?! Everyone, follow them! Stop it, Sunohara! Sasaki-san's in danger! Don't fall behind! Stop! Don't come! Wait! Stop! Stop! K-Kazuto-san! It's him.
What's going on? So that's the real Miyazawa Kazuto? He snuck out of the hospital, eh? As the rumors say, you've got balls, Miyazawa Kazuto! But I can't go easy on you.
Sorry, but I've got to beat you up! Miyazawa?! I'm not done yet! Stop it.
What are you thinking? I'm I'm Miyazawa Kazuto! Stop it, Miyazawa! Let go! Let go! When did she She went running, saying she'd go get her brother.
I thought she went to the hospital There's no way she can go get him There's no way she can go get Kazuto-san!!! Let go!!! Don't get in my way! Yuki-nee, it's enough! Yuki-nee! Why is she doing this? You dumbass! To stop you guys, of course! The only way to stop the fight is for Miyazawa Kazuto to come out! That's why she pretended to be her brother! Don't you get it?! Why Why do we have to fight? What does it take to not fight?! What does it What does it take Please.
Please stop fighting.
I'm sure my brother wishes for that, too.
So that was the reason.
For the longest time, I was afraid of my brother and his friends.
But seeing Sudou-san and Tajima-san cry at his funeral, I wondered "Why didn't I try to understand his way of life more?" That's why I mustered up some courage to get to know everyone.
At first, it was scary, but little by little, you all let me into the group.
And being with you all made me feel like I was laughing with Kazuto Nii-san.
My brother wished there were no fights until the very end.
But if the truth of him missing were to be revealed, we thought Sasaki-san's group would come against us.
That's why we talked matters over and decided to keep my brother's death a secret.
It was my brother's wish to be rid of fights from this city.
I wanted to realize that no matter what! I'm sure Kazuto Nii-san's happy right now.
Is something wrong, Tomoya-kun? I feel at peace now.
It could be that I've finally accepted what happened to my brother.
I owe it to all of you.
Thank you very much.
Are you all familiar with this city's legend? Legend? The moment something good happens or a moment of happiness is experienced, an orb of light appears.
No one knows what they are.
What is for certain is those lights are taken as symbols of happiness.
And if you obtain one, any one wish can be granted.
Isn't this Misae-san's story? Yeah.
But it looks like less and less people see them now.
So the light Okazaki says he saw is that? Maybe Okazaki-san is special.
Me? What do you mean? I'm sorry.
I'm not sure of anything more.
But Okazaki-san, you're still you.
My important friend.
You're all my important friends.
I'm really a blessed person.
I'm supported by so many people.
Kazuto Nii-san Thank you.
What will you do once you graduate? You've got a really gloomy face so early in the morning.
Did you have a fight with Nagisa-chan? Something similar happened before, too, didn't it? I mean, at crucial times, you're I hope it took his mind off things a little.
Puhi? Puhi Tomoya-kun isn't happy.