Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e10 Episode Script

Season of Beginnings

1 I collect junk and she builds.
The sky gets cloudier and cloudier.
I hope we'll be able to fly with those wings before winter comes.
When winter comes, she won't be able to move.
She said so herself.
I'm not sure what that means, but I think it's something she can't do anything about.
Bye bye.
Take care.
Take care.
I'd like to see everyone again.
I'll hang out with you even if I become famous.
See you again.
Congratulations, Tomoya-kun.
Oh, yeah.
Once again, congratulation for graduating.
You are a part of society now, Okazaki-san.
More like I'm a professional bum starting today.
What are your plans from here? Nothing in particular.
You're unbelievable.
Do you want to work for us for a while? That'd be great.
If you would, I'd be able to make a bento for Nagisa from now on.
I've always wanted to, but I just couldn't find the time to in the mornings.
Your pay will be really small.
You'd better be prepared.
Thank you very much.
I look forward to working with you, Tomoya-san.
"Tomoya-san"? Please let me call you by name.
Since we're like family now.
Really? If you would work here, I'm sure it will be a big help to both Dad and Mom.
Yeah, but I can't be under their care forever.
The weather's getting warmer, and I'm starting to get better.
I think I'll be able to go to school.
It'd be nice if you can be in the same class as Tomoyo and Miyazawa.
Yup! Work began at 5 am.
The old man would already be working on baking bread.
Sanae-san showed me the ropes as she set the bread.
Today's the opening ceremony, isn't it? Yes.
I'll be going.
Yeah, take care.
I will.
Good luck, Nagisa.
The peak hours continue until 9 am.
The day's sales are concentrated during this period of time.
Once afternoon hits, few customers come.
Sanae-san teaches class to the kids in the neighborhood.
It's important income for the Furukawas.
I'm back.
Where did you go? Just a little.
The old man occasionally wandered off.
No one knew to where and what he was doing.
It's boring, isn't it? Yeah.
I wonder if Nagisa's doing all right at school.
There's nothing we can do even if we worry.
How about we play a little catch using Sanae's bread? You shouldn't play with food.
Don't be so strict.
You should have fun when you work.
Excuse me.
Welc- Oh, it's my daughter.
I wanted to see Tomoya-kun working.
What class did you end up in? I'm with people I don't know.
But it looks like there are a lot of nice people, so I'm looking forward to getting to know them.
I see.
All right.
Now that we have more people, let's have a snowball fight using Sanae's bread.
Um Mom's right behind you.
My bread was My bread was meant to hit others with?! I luf fem! Fanae! I was slowly beginning to understand.
The old man and Sanae-san always made sure Nagisa was laughing like this.
I'm off, Tomoya-kun.
Today's the clubs' open house, right? Yes.
I made a script and memorized it.
I see.
Good luck.
Nagisa? Hey.
Did you eat your breakfast? I polished it already.
Nagisa! Tomoya-kun.
I'm home.
How did the open house go? Did it go well? Yes.
I got a good reaction to it.
Tell me the truth.
I couldn't speak well during the open house.
But Tomoyo-san, Miyazawa-san, and Nishina-san clapped for me.
Have you found an advisor? Minoshima Sensei from the track team will be advising us, too.
Ah, that guy.
But if I can't get two more people to sign up by Wednesday next week, the Theater Club will be automatically closed.
I've got to work hard so that doesn't happen.
What's it like in your class? Do you think you can make friends? Do people know that you're repeating twice? Everyone does.
That's why it looks like it's hard for everyone to talk with me.
You're good with people, so I don't think anyone would be annoyed even if you approached them.
I hope so.
I want to continue the Theater Club.
I want to talk about fun things with you.
I want to talk about what happened at school with a smile.
Tomoya-kun? Yeah! Let's talk a lot about fun stuff.
Yes! I never heard any fun stories about what happened at school from Nagisa.
Saying "Good luck" to her may have just put pressure on her.
It crossed my mind that I might have been pushing her.
But Nagisa was never tardy to school nor did she ever skip.
She continued to work hard.
In the end, not a single person joined the club.
It's been a while.
Looks like you're really busy.
We're short on people.
Since it's a tough job, after all.
Oh yeah.
Congratulation on graduating.
Oh right.
What are you doing now? Something like helping with chores.
Come visit us once in a while.
Though, I'm working and Kouko's at the hospital during the day.
Kouko-san's sister's been in hospital for a long time, right? Yeah.
But she believes she'll get better.
So I won't lose hope either.
Sorry, but I still have work to do.
Sorry to stop you.
I'll see you around.
It's pretty expensive even if it's far from the station.
Are you serious? I want to wear my hair long, too.
Tomoya! Long time no see, Okazaki-kun.
Long time no see.
Are you on your way home from school? Yes.
It's been since our graduation.
Is Nagisa better? Yeah.
She goes to school every day.
Thank goodness.
We're in the same city, so we want to come visit once in a while, but we can't seem to find the time to.
We're always saying that we'd like to meet up.
School's that busy? How about you? Still a freeloading bum? Onee-chan.
"Bum" is a little- You're exactly right.
I know I shouldn't be like this.
Don't act so mature.
You're throwing me off.
Get your act straight.
Do something and a result will follow.
I was just seeing if there were any cheap rooms, but I can't find one that easily.
My friend's older brother will be moving out of his room soon.
It's an old place, but he said the rent is very cheap.
I'm sorry.
That was uncalled for, wasn't it? No! Tell me more about it! Yoshino-san! Um! Yoshino-san.
Would you let me work with you?! Please! I see.
So you're going to leave here.
I'm happy with the choice you made.
Thank you.
After all, I have been pampered.
Do you have money? Yeah.
The pay you've given me has hardly been touched.
All right, then I won't say any more.
Do as you like.
Thank you for taking care of me for so long.
Don't you have to look after the shop? No one's gonna come at this hour.
You looked like you wanted to play with me, so with no choice, I'm out here.
You'd better thank me.
I'm the one playing with you.
What? Come to me when you have any trouble.
Lots of things happen once you step into society.
Ask for help whenever you need it.
Thank you.
Those words are enough for me.
You talk like a real man.
One day Can I take Nagisa with me one day? She's the one who has to decide.
She's not a little kid anymore.
All right.
Give me your best pitch.
I'm called the Babe Ruth of bread around here.
Nice pitch! You did it again.
Go apologize! I'm going back to work! You jerk! It's really tiny isn't it? And it's a really old place, too.
It looks like mice live here.
No, it's a very nice room.
The breeze flows nicely when the window's open.
It looks like someone's living here now.
I'll return the car and go straight home.
Sorry to even take furniture and dishes.
It's fine.
We weren't using them anyway.
Don't come home too late all right, Nagisa? Okay.
See ya.
Great work.
Um- I'll make some tea.
You sit and wait, please.
Dango, dango, dango, dango.
Big dango family.
I wonder if the day we live together like this will come.
Dango- What was that, Tomoya-kun? Nothing! See you tomorrow.
Um Have you told your father that you've moved? You should let him know where you are, in the case anything happens.
You're right.
I'll let him know.
Yes, and good night, Tomoya-kun.
Yeah, good night.
My independent life began like that.
I wouldn't be able to rely on anyone any longer.
Sleep didn't come easily to me that night.
Please wake up.
Your work starts today.
You'll be late.
It's good.
I'll come cook dinner, too, if you like.
I don't know when I'll be back.
It's fine.
I'll be waiting.
"It's fine.
" I'll be waiting.
Good morning! Good morning.
Um, ah So you're here.
Change into this.
Good morning.
Yoshino-kun, is he the one you said will be coming starting today? Yes.
This is the manager.
Introduce yourself.
I'm Okazaki Tomoya.
Nice to meet you.
The first few days might be tough, but you'll get used to it if you keep at it.
Just be mindful of injuries.
I'll do my best.
You look different.
What? You look like a different person from the one I first met last year.
Back then, you literally were a kid.
Do I look like an adult now? No.
You look like a kid who's struggling to become an adult.
So I'm a kid after all.
They're two different things.
Are they? There's a difference in how serious you are.
Anyway, don't quit on us in one day.
You'll depress me if you do that.
Please don't worry.
My life is at stake.
Put the ladder up against the electrical pole.
Yes! And wear the helmet properly.
Yes! Don't try to support your body with your arms.
Sit back on the rope.
It's safer that way.
E-Even if say that Lean into it.
You won't last the day if you waste energy.
You tighten the bolts in diagonal order.
It's a rule of thumb.
You check everything at the end.
Remember that.
All right.
Try tightening this bolt.
You idiot! Sorry! Failure isn't allowed in this job.
What would have happened if a person had been walking down there? What if someone important was down there? That's why you do everything carefully.
Neatly and compassionately.
Ow Is it rough? My entire body's aching.
I had confidence in stamina, but Everything comes with experience.
We're going to the next place.
How many more do we have? Four more like the one we just did.
Good bye, see you tomorrow.
Good work.
Ow I'm back.
Tomoya-kun! You surprised me.
Ah, sorry.
Are you all right, Tomoya-kun? Yeah.
Something really good happened today.
Music class was with the class Nishina-san is in.
Ah Nishina-san was worried about me.
I see.
That's great.
You look really tired.
Should you go to bed? No.
Rather than that, let me hear more of your day.
But Good morning.
You're not holding the spanner right.
I showed you how it's done many times.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry! Have you checked the junctions? I'm sorry.
Why are you apologizing? Ah, I'm sorry.
There's a mock exam on Sunday.
Sorry, when we're already losing our time together.