Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e11 Episode Script

The Promised Founder's Festival

1 Tomoya-kun.
It's morning, Tomoya-kun.
Breakfast is ready, Tomoya-kun.
Oh, good morning.
Ow Sorry about this every morning.
I don't mind at all.
How about you? Is your body all right? No, it's starting to get better, but it still screams everywhere.
Please don't overwork yourself.
Good morning! Yo.
So you're here.
Hurry and get changed.
You're not holding the spanner right.
I showed you how it's done many times.
I'm sorry.
You're using too much adhesive.
And screw them in diagonal order.
Have you forgotten? I'm sorry! Concentrate.
You'll get hurt if you don't.
I'm home.
Welcome back.
I bought pork so you'll get your energy back.
Really? Thanks.
It'll be ready soon, so please sit and rest.
The bath is ready, too.
I said that's mine.
No~ If you want it, go buy your own! All right~ Are you sleepy, Tomoya-kun? No, I'm fine.
I'm being supported by Nagisa right now.
Nagisa worries and comes to see me every day.
That's all it takes me to keep working hard without giving up.
Why do you do everything the hard way? What are you talking about? It's easier to use both hands.
Why don't you use your right hand more? No, the way I do it is easier for me.
It's not like you're doing things out of order.
Let's see, I would prefer Tomoya-kun.
Oh, what is it, Nagisa? I've been calling you for a while and you never answered.
I was thinking about work.
I'm sorry.
Why are you apologizing? You're having tough days at work, yet I'm bombarding you with conversation.
I'm sorry.
What are you talking about?! Because you talk about lots of stuff, you're giving me a breather.
Isn't it better for you to tell Yoshino-san that you have a bad right shoulder? I can't.
They might not let me work.
You think so? Even if Yoshino-san is all right with it, the manager might not be.
That place pays pretty well for its size.
I'll be out on the street the moment I lose my job.
But please be careful of injuries.
Yeah, I know.
Then I'll see you tomorrow.
Good night.
What's wrong? Tomoya-kun, aren't you lonely? After I leave, you're alone in that room.
When I think of that, I'm sometimes on the verge of crying.
What's there to cry about? You might be right, but I go to bed as soon as I'm alone, so there's nothing to worry about.
Don't worry about a thing and go home.
Good night.
What are we doing? We need picture proof at the end of construction.
Hold this.
Good work, Yoshino-san.
Kinoshita-san! Kinoshita-san, you know him? I used to work in the same office as Tomoya-kun's father.
I visited his home several times, too.
You've grown so much.
I'm surprised to see you in a place like this, too.
Since the last office closed, I transferred to the one I'm working in now.
Is your father doing well? Actually, I'm living alone now, so I haven't seen him recently.
We work in various locations, so chance encounters like this happen once in a while.
It's moments like these that you feel how small the world is.
To me, it feels like the world just got bigger.
You're looking at that pretty intently.
Looking at this makes me think how buildings grow without me knowing.
Things will change more.
When a new road opens, new office buildings and shops will stand alongside it.
A big hospital will be built soon, too.
Really? Though, I might not want to see too many changes too quickly.
Do you want to go somewhere next Sunday? Ah, I'm sorry.
There's a mock exam on Sunday.
Mock exam? I thought you weren't going to college.
Even so, I want to take the exam like everyone else.
So, I'm sorry, but I see.
We're kind of missing each other a lot these days.
Don't worry about it.
Do your best and get a good score.
I will.
So why do I have to come with you? Don't hate me like that.
I just happen to have time today, too.
Let's have some adult entertainment today, shall we? Adult entertainment? This is the toy store I visit regularly.
You're a regular? 'ello! Stop moving! Oh, he's got slow reflexes for someone you bring.
He's an amateur, so give him a break.
There are pros at this thing?! We'll call it draw for today.
So that makes it 123 wins, 171 losses, and 32 draws for me.
This is your idea of adult entertainment? The real thing starts here.
Is it ready? You bet.
Open it.
What is this? A Bengal Giant Lizard, Mr.
How very literal.
We'll slip this down Sanae's back and surprise her! Just thinking about it makes my heart sing.
No way.
Don't you feel bad for Sanae-san? You should stop it.
Don't worry.
It's stimulus that keeps the relationship between husband and wife fresh.
You should remember it.
Is it really something like that? It's been a while, Tomoya-san.
Yes, hello.
By the way, Sanae, what was your least favorite animal again? The Bengal Giant Lizard.
So specific! Yeah, right? Look! There's a Bengal Giant Lizard! Wh-Where? Look, it's gone over there! I'm sorry, Sanae-san.
Oh no! It went down your back! No!!! Someone get it out please! Crap.
That's more than a little stimulus.
What are you going to do about it?! Sanae! I didn't do it! You cheap bastard! Wow, they're running faster than usual.
I'm sorry about the noise.
It's all right.
Everyone around here says every day is entertaining thanks to those two.
Really? Someone please get it out! Wait, Sanae! Sorry, I need to get going.
Don't worry, I'll mind the store for you.
I'm sorry about this.
I was really surprised today.
When I got home, Dad, Mom, and you were all running.
Sanae-san probably hates me now.
I'm sure not.
You get along very well with both Dad and Mom.
But I dropped the Bengal Giant Lizard down her back.
No one has ever run with Dad and Mom before.
So I think you really bonded with them today.
You think so? By the way, Tomoya-kun.
Do you know what happens two Sundays from today? Two Sundays from today? Your birthday is December, so It's the Founders Festival.
The Theater Club is gone, but I want to have lots of fun.
So if it's all right Sure.
Let's go together.
Yes! Today was a rough day.
But I like since we get overtime.
Hey, good work.
Organizing the stubs? I'm having him help me a little.
I can't make much progress alone.
I'm only organizing them by date.
Even so.
I'd snap in five minutes.
You want me to help you with this pile? No, that's the finished pile.
Forget it.
You'll ruin it if you touch it.
Hey, I was working as an accountant before I got laid off from my old job.
No good to take rookie's job, Mister.
I'll be done soon, so please head home.
If you say so.
See you.
I'll see you tomorrow.
See you.
See you.
See you, Manager.
See you.
It's a great help to have you come.
We were short on people despite expectations of getting a big job soon.
I can't do anything yet.
That's not true.
I hear he makes you do many tasks alone.
You'll probably end up coming on weekends more frequently, but keep it up.
Next weekend is the~ ~Founders Festival~ Nagisa.
Yes, what is it? Apparently things will get busy from now on.
I might not be able to go to the Founders Festival.
Sorry, when we're already losing our time together.
Please don't worry.
I think it's great for work to be busy.
It's a bit of a shame, but I'm happy that you're working so hard.
I'm sorry.
Give me the cutters.
Also, give me 210 mm of Sanshin's VVF cable.
Have the two ends stripped.
How much do you want it stripped? I'll strip 2cm if it's thick.
Strip 4cm and it'll be multipurpose.
Make a note of that.
Oh, that's true.
Roger that.
Have a 38 wrapper ready.
Protective tubing, right? Standard or extra? Let's go with extra just in case.
We don't want to see it catch fire later.
Finish this up.
I'll go check the next one.
Don't rush, and do it neatly.
I'll come back when I'm done.
So I'd like a day off tomorrow if possible.
I see.
Don't worry.
We don't have to give up our weekend tomorrow.
Really?! How's your right shoulder doing? You can't lift your arm, right? I can tell just by looking.
So you noticed.
Then why didn't you say anything? What will happen if I say something? You're not doing any procedures wrong.
You were trying to overcome your handicap.
Trying very hard to.
But difficult work will be coming in from now on.
If you think it's too much, then don't do it.
I'll cover you in those situations.
Is that all right? Won't that only trouble you? What can't be done will be covered by others.
That's what work is about.
I'll have you do things I can't do.
That's the way it goes.
Basically, make sure you don't screw anything up and worry your girl.
Thank you very much.
Man, everyone went home.
What's the matter? A job got slipped out of the pile by mistake.
It's this.
Do you think you can do it? If it's this, I can.
It's the same thing I always do.
Really? Then sorry, but can you go do it now? By myself? I've got other things to do and can't go.
I'll give you a ride to the place, so please.
I'll come pick you up later, too.
Manager gave me a call, so I ran back to the office.
Did you manage it alone? Yes, I think.
Have you checked the junctions? Yes.
At each circuit and the entire thing at the end.
Did you strip the insulation? Yes.
And I measured them, too.
Good work.
It's late already, so let's go back.
Yes! I'll be at school.
We'll meet at the gate later.
Do you know what happened on-site yesterday? Yoshino just called in and said he noticed a mistake, so he'd go fix it.
He won't tell me even when I asked him to explain.
So I thought you might know something.
Yoshino-san! Okazaki! What are you doing here?! "What"? I'm sorry! If I had done it properly It's not your fault.
It is! I noticed it after you went home.
But it was already nighttime, so I rolled the work over to today.
It was my mistake for not noticing your mistake on-site.
You have a promise with Nagisa-san, don't you? Hurry and go.
Please let me take responsibility! No! Please! Bring up 6m of 25 low-pressure extension cable.
What? Get a move on! Yes! Sign: Founders Festival Tomoya-kun.
Nagisa So you were at work.
I had a feeling that you were.
You're drenched in sweat.
I'm sorry.
You've done nothing to apologize for.
Will you eat these with me? Let's eat as we go.
Good morning.
I heard you had big job yesterday.
We heard from Yoshino-san.
You skipped a date with your girl and came to work, right? You should have said so, and I would have gone for you.
Sorry about that.
I'll make sure to give you overtime for the weekend work.
Um, I came thinking I'd get yelled at.
Everyone makes mistakes.
What's important is how to make up for it.
You did your best and we didn't cause any trouble to the client.
Don't make the same mistake, and that's all.
If you're feeling sorry, then handle the mistakes the juniors you'll eventually have will make.
That's your job.
And! Love! Understood! I'll remember that! I think last one word not needed.
All right, enough talking.
Let's get to work.
All right.
Ah, Okazaki-kun.
It's finally done.
Hurry up, Okazaki.
Y-Yes! I think you look kinder now, too.
I always thought things like that were annoying.
And I say this when at school, I stuck my nose into other people's business so much.
I think you should choose the path you think is best.
Don't lose track of what's important to you.