Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e13 Episode Script


1 I'm sorry.
Akio-san went out when I took my eyes off of him for a second.
Oh, and I had something important to say today.
I heard about your father.
I'm sorry for worrying you.
Please! No one was bothered by it.
Neither Nagisa, me, nor Akio-san was.
But society is.
As proof, I lost a position due to this.
But there's more than one path to take.
I'm sure she's ready to take any path with you.
She did say that.
Please have faith in her.
Thank you very much.
Sorry to make you wait.
Let's have some tea, shall we? Yes.
Also, if you don't mind, would you try the latest bread? I'll bring some out right now.
Hey, my beloved daughter's here.
Yes, I'm home.
Were you out playing baseball again? No, I wasn't.
Speaking of, what are you doing here? I called in and said I had something to say, so I'd be stopping by! You're just here to buy bread, so don't make it so formal.
I'm not here to buy bread.
Just so you know, you're not getting any discount even if you are my daughter's boyfriend.
I'll charge you double instead! But Sanae's bread is a different story.
You can buy those at the listed price.
Mom's standing behind you.
So my my bread is meant to be bought at the listed price?! Wait! What's the problem with selling it at the listed price?! Mom! I love them- Old man! I have something important to tell you.
Please listen.
Oh, something to tell me? Yes.
A serious talk.
All right.
In that case It's time we settle this seriously.
I haven't been this excited in a while.
Why does it turn out this way? I'm called the baker Cy Young around the neighborhood.
Try to hit my 170 kph fastball! You do know I have a bad shoulder.
It was you who ended a game sometime ago.
I'm not gonna ask for a home run out of you.
Hit something that looks like it'll be a hit.
We'll say you win if it's not a grounder or a pop-up.
Are you really fine with that? Yeah.
If you win, I'll listen to what you have to say.
Not just listen.
Promise to accept whatever I say.
Tomoy- Fine.
If you win, I'll accept anything you say.
But if I win, I'm not gonna bother.
Is that all right? Yeah.
This is interesting.
Ready, brat? Come again whenever you want to challenge me.
To miss the chance because of something stupid like this.
You might achieve it if you keep working for it.
How about another try for Nagisa's sake? What are you doing? I have a battle that'll determine my life waiting! This brat doesn't know when to give up.
Good luck to both of you! Try to hit my forkball that drops a whole meter! Go be a pro.
Come again.
Why do we have to battle in this weather?! Weather means nothing in serious matches! The bath's ready for you! It's not going to make any difference no matter how many times you try.
This is your last chance.
You won't win.
That's how big the gap in strength is between us.
I think he knows.
Knows what? I feel like he hinted it to me.
"You're still just a kid.
" "You're a fool to try to protect someone else.
" You're thinking too much.
Akio-san is always like that.
Come, let's go back.
No, I'm going to stay here.
If there's a gap in strength, then all I have left is passion.
I'll keep practicing.
But- That is right.
Mom! I won't stop you this time.
Since, after all, it's a very important thing.
Thank you very much.
I'll return to where Akio-san is.
You should come, too.
But Nagisa.
You mustn't get in their way when men battle.
Nagisa? Dad.
Old man.
It sure rains a lot.
Is it one of those rainy autumns? This really is the last pitch.
Got that? Tomoya-kun! It's a home run! Please give Nagisa to me! He really is like me.
I knew that since long ago.
He's really like you.
I was frantic to become an adult.
And I was still just a kid back then, too.
Lift your head up.
If Nagisa goes through anything sad, I'm gonna snatch her away from you.
Then Dad! Tomoya-san.
Nagisa is our dream.
And starting today, you are our dream, as well.
The happiness between you two is our dream.
So please seize your happiness.
Winter came.
This Christmas, I spent alone with Nagisa.
I've been waiting for this year to come! The day I can drink with my daughter! You've never had alcohol before, right? No.
This is my first time.
You don't have to force yourself, Nagisa.
No, I will at least drink one cup for Dad's sake.
Nagisa I have never been gladder to have given birth to you than this day.
Don't feel that over something like this.
Here I go.
Yay! Look at her go! Hey, are you really all right? You're sitting so far away Now you're closer You're completely drunk.
No, I'm not! That's what everyone says when they're drunk.
Tomoya-kun What a lovey-dovey couple.
Does this count as lovey-dovey, too? Tomoya-kun! Yes! Is Mom that interesting to you?! What are you saying all of a sudden?! I'd like to know the truth to that, too.
Why are you drinking, too?! Are you interested in me, Tomoya-san? Are you, Tomoya-kun?! A hell of a battle this is.
One of them is your wife, you know?! Answer me, Tomoya-kun! This is very exciting.
Listen, I'm- Sanae has huge boobs, you know? Tomoya-kun! Why are you panicking like that? It's proof he's interested in Sanae.
I'm not! I'm not! I'm not! I'm not! You're not? I mean, I do like you.
As a person, that is.
So you do like her?! What the heck did I do to deserve this?! Stop playing with him now.
What's so great about being liked by him? I'm not playing with him.
I'm serious.
What?! Sanae! What are you thinking?! Make up your mind! She's sound asleep.
Nagisa's very blessed.
How about you, Tomoya-san? Of course I am.
I'll be happy as long as I can be with her forever.
When third semester came around, Nagisa became sick again.
Maybe I took you around too much over the break.
I'm always like this during this season.
Will you be able to graduate? Apparently that's fine.
I have enough attendance even if I skip the rest of school.
I see.
Then that's great.
The day of graduation.
Nagisa sat looking out toward the school.
Yes, this is Sunohara.
Is that Mei-chan? This is Okazaki.
Okazaki-san?! It's been so long! How have you been? Great! Are you and Nagisa-san doing well, too? So-so, I guess.
Is Sunohara there? Onii-chan's living at the dorm, so he's not here.
Dorm? The company dorm.
Would you like his number? Thank you for waiting.
Hey, Sunohara.
It's me, Okazaki.
Okazaki? Seriously? Yeah.
How have you been? Good, but This company's pretty unreasonable.
Here, listen I'll listen to you next time.
Right now, listen to what I say.
You see Yeah, whenever is best for you.
I'll have to make it work with everyone else's schedule, but I'll find a way.
I'm right in the middle of the training period, so I'll get fired if I leave the dorm without permission.
Thanks for doing this.
You're telling me to get fired?! A day wouldn't kill you, would it? Don't make it sound so easy.
This company's really inflexible.
Please! Think of it as a favor for me! You mean for Nagisa-chan, right? Well, if it's just one day, I think I can make it happen.
Thanks a bunch.
I'm such a good guy to go through all this for someone else's girlfriend.
That's why I'm asking you.
You can catch me at this hour, so call again.
Yeah, I will.
It's really beautiful.
Glad you came, right? Walking like this reminds me of the days we walked to school together.
Me, too.
Can we enter without permission? Don't worry.
I already got permission.
Nagisa! Hey! Nagisa-chan.
Long time no see.
Who are you? How can you say that after seeing me for the first time in ages? Anyone would laugh.
I thought it was someone else at first, too.
Puhi puhi! Until you two came, we were playing with Sunohara.
I was surprised at first, too.
It's not him without the blond hair.
Then how about we all dye it for him? I'll get fired from work! How are you, Furukawa-san? Yes, I'm doing well now.
It's really great that we were all able to gather like this.
It was a shame you couldn't come to graduation.
Both Rie-chan and I managed to work out our schedules.
Don't you think it's a small miracle we were all able to get together? If I were to add a word, it's a miracle of love.
That's exactly right, Yoshino-san! Um, I'm still having trouble understanding what's going on.
It's graduation.
Your graduation.
Koumura-sensei asked the school for permission to use the campus for today's event.
I can't deny a favor asked by my last students.
Thank you very much.
We will now start the graduation ceremony.
Furukawa Nagisa.
Certificate of graduation.
We certify that you have met all criteria set forth by this school.
Thank you very much.
I experienced lots of hardship at this school.
I'm shy, withdrawn, and bad at making friends.
After becoming a senior, I couldn't attend enough classes and had to repeat the year.
The spring of my second senior year, I was alone in my new class.
When I learned that there's nothing that doesn't change with the flow of time, I couldn't move.
So I stood helplessly at the bottom of the hill.
And, it was Tomoya-kun who gave me a push to my back.
Since then, I've met many people.
With the support of everyone here, I formed the Theater Club.
At the School Festival, I was even able to stand on the stage.
But soon after that, I became ill again and had to repeat my senior year again.
Even so, I thought I'd give it my best.
I wanted to be stronger.
I have a weak body, but I wanted to live strong.
The ones who gave me the strength to do that are all of you here.
I was in a different class from Tomoyo-san, Miyazawa-san, and Nishina-san, so I spent most of this year by myself.
Even Even so I think of the school days here as very valuable ones! It took me five years to graduate, but I love this school.
That's because this is the place I worked so hard at.
Thank you very much.
Congratulations for graduating.
Nagisa's long long school days just ended.
I'm going to be married to her.
I see.
Thank you very much.
Ah Nagisa-san, was it? Yes.
I'm Nagisa.
Please take care of Tomoya-kun.
I'll be in your care, too.
I wish you a happy life.
We dropped off our marriage registration.
Okazaki Nagisa.
That's Nagisa's name starting today.
Calm down.
I've heard the sound of Nagisa showering in that house many times.
What's wrong?! I'm sorry.
Cold water came out This is how Nagisa and my new life started.