Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e14 Episode Script

A New Family

1 So, when are you guys going to have the wedding? When I have enough money.
Why did you marry a poor guy like him? Because I love him.
Don't be so frank about it; you'll make me depressed.
I'll be calling you "Father" from now, all right? No way! You'll creep me out.
But you are my father-in-law, right, Father? Then I'll call you "Son" from now on! All right, Son? Stop that, Father! Son! Father! Son! PLACEHOLDER Father! Um Wh-What? What am I supposed to say at a time like this? Say what about what? Today's the start of our new life.
Should I be saying, "Ready, set, go?" That'd be strange, since there's no finish line.
You're right about that.
Since we're going to be living together by supporting each other, it's probably, "Please take good care of me.
" I want to make an oath between us.
An oath? Yes.
I, Okazaki Nagisa, will not cry anymore.
No matter the hardship, I will overcome it.
But I may cry in happy situations.
This is who I am but I hope you will take good care of me.
Same here.
I hope you'll take good care of me.
W-What?! Is it really all right for me to get in the bath first? Y-Yeah.
I'll get in first tomorrow.
Then I'll take a dip first.
Calm down.
I've heard the sound of Nagisa showering in that house many times.
What's wrong?! I'm sorry.
Cold water came out Yeah, it takes a while before hot water comes out.
Start it slow.
Um, I'll try to get out fast.
D-Don't worry; take your time.
I can't do that.
You have work tomorrow, so you have to go to bed soon.
Eh? Ah, right Of course.
I'll start looking for a job tomorrow, too.
What? A job.
I can't be doing nothing.
Nagisa, are you awake? Yes, I'm awake.
Are you serious about working? Yes.
Of course, I won't neglect the household chores.
After all, this is my house.
I'll do chores around the house, too.
But, is your body holding up? I am physically weak, but I don't want to be a weak person.
I'm sorry; I'm being selfish again.
No, you're not.
You've never wished for anything grand in your life, have you? I'm always asking a lot from you.
All you ever ask for are things like playing baseball with the old man and holding hands.
I want to hold hands.
We're married, aren't we? I bet lots of things will happen to us from here on; amazing things and painful things.
But I'll be able to face them as long as I'm with you.
Same here.
As long as you're with me, I think I can handle anything.
So make sure you always stay by me.
I'll always be with you.
This is how Nagisa and my new life started.
I needed to support the lives of two people starting that day.
But rather than a burden, to me, it was joy.
When I got off from work, I headed straight for home.
To the home where Nagisa waited.
To our home.
I called Nishina-san today.
She gave me her phone number at the graduation.
She wasn't admitted to a college, right? No.
She's studying now to enter a music school.
She said she's working since she didn't want to be a burden on her parents.
Wow, good for her.
I heard she's going to work at a family restaurant that opens next month.
She asked me if I would like to work with her.
With her? Yes.
As a waitress.
I'm also looking for a job, so I thought it would be perfect.
Well, I guess it's better than going to a place full of strangers.
But let the old man and Sanae-san know, all right? I will.
What's on your mind, Tomoya-kun? What Miyazawa said some time ago.
There's a legend from the early days of this city.
When there are blessed people around, a light appears near them.
I was thinking that a light could be around us right now.
If we get a hold of a light, we can have a wish granted, right? What would you ask for? I don't need anything.
You've got to have something.
Really, I don't need anything.
Actually, there is one thing.
Really? What is it? If you say it, I'll get it for you.
A baby.
Can I? Hello.
Welco- Oh.
It's you brat.
I got out early, so I had some free time.
I thought I'd show my face.
Really? This is perfect.
I've been waiting for this opportunity the last couple of days.
What are you talking about? We're going to go see Nagisa work.
Why me, too? What kind of guy goes into a family restaurant alone and orders a chocolate parfait? Why should I care? And why a chocolate parfait? You haven't gone to the restaurant Nagisa works at, yet, have you? You don't want to see her in her waitress uniform? I do! See? But if I get caught taking pictures as her father, I'd be a laughingstock of the neighborhood.
So I'm going as your friend #1.
You'll be found out right away.
I'll only look like a strange rapper to those who don't know me.
YO! YO! I'm the MC Akio! I'm holding the mike and am the invincible baker.
Yeah! You're totally giving yourself away.
Seriously? You mean that? Crap, Yo.
Let's get going.
Bro, wait, Yo! This place used to be a grove; it was full of trees.
Man, things can really change.
Hey, what's wrong? No, ah Let's go in.
Welcom- Hey.
Hey, long time no see.
Okazaki-san, long time no see.
Who is he? An anonymous rapper, yo! I see Rie-chan, the manager's looking this way.
Two customers.
This way please.
Glad to see this place so lively.
I bet this area will change a lot, too.
What's with that crappy face of yours? Oh, nah.
It's nothing.
Welcome, Tomoya-kun.
Is something wrong? Well, I got some free time, so I came to see you.
So I heard from Nishina-san and Sugisaka-san.
Is he your friend? You don't recognize him?! No, this is my first time meeting him.
Here's the menu.
Please take your time.
See? She couldn't tell it was me.
Like father, like daughter.
Leave the compliment at that.
Are you ready to order? I'll have a hot coffee.
He'll have a parfait.
The biggest one you have.
One order of hot coffee and one chocolate and strawberry mix parfait diamond special.
I'll be back with them shortly.
Sorry for the wait.
Why do I have to eat something as fancy as this?! Didn't you want to have a parfait? Did I ever utter a single word of wanting to eat one? You said out loud that you wanted one.
Hey, look.
Furukawa-san is very popular.
There seem to be customers who come here wanting to see her, too.
Rie-chan, she's no longer Furukawa-san.
Oh right.
She's Okazaki Nagisa-san now.
I'd call it uniform magic.
She does look extra cute.
Hey, what time do you get off? I'll treat you to dinner, so let's go eat out.
I'm sorry.
I'll have to go straight home after this.
Excuse me.
I need to get back to work.
Wait! Let's go.
"Go"? Wait Don't worry.
We won't start any trouble.
Come on.
Yeah? Hey, long time no see.
It's been years; I never expected to see you in a place like this.
You're disturbing the other customers.
Step outside, punk! I'm never coming back here! Screw you! Damn, they got away.
Um The manager wants to see you two Manager? I'll leave the problems to you.
Bye bye boo! Hey! Sorry for the trouble.
No, I was happy that you saved me.
But when I think about you getting yelled at by the manager Don't worry.
I won't tell him that you're my wife.
No, I don't want you to do that! Your wife is a very hard worker.
He knows already.
Nishina-kun and Sugisaka-kun told me about it.
I wanted to greet you since it was a good opportunity.
I'm sorry about the commotion.
Oh no.
After all, your precious wife was being accosted.
I can imagine what you must have felt.
To tell the truth, something similar happened before.
That time, she handled the situation well.
Handled the situation? Really? Apparently she's physically weak and has no work experience, but she's smart and has a strong mind.
People like her are crucial to us.
But she is too serious; she is easily depressed when she makes a mistake, so at times like that, please take care of her at home.
I will.
Thank you for all your kindness.
Please keep watching over Nagi- I mean, my wife.
It's a pleasure to have her.
Looks like you found yourself a new place, too.
It reminds me of the days I was working hard with the Theater Club.
You looked good in the uniform.
My friend #1 said you looked cute, too.
I-I'm not cute.
Nishina-san and Sugisaka-san are much cuter.
I just remembered something Nishina-san told me.
Apparently a new building's going to be built at the school.
They're going to tear down the old building.
New students two years from now will get to study in brand new classrooms.
It's a great thing.
No, it's not.
It's not good at all! S-Sorry Is something wrong, Tomoya-kun? No, it's nothing.
It didn't sound like that at all.
I want to apologize if I said something wrong.
What made you so angry? I'm not angry.
It just made me upset.
Think about it.
That old building has the Theater Club's room.
It's the place where we worked hard together.
Yes, you're right.
I'll miss that building when it goes away.
Yeah, that's why Sorry, I think I'm being touchy.
No, it was thoughtless of me.
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
It's all right.
I was really out of line.
Why? Why do I feel so uneasy? The city's changing.
Both Nagisa and I and everything around us.
And, when everything completely changes Even so, can you keep on loving this place? Look, they're finally printed.
When did you take all of these? I went back many times after that and took these! I put much work into these.
At times, I'd be belly down on the floor.
On other times, I'd be hidden in the kitchen and aim for an acrobatic angle.
I'm surprised they didn't kick you out.
What are the girls up to? I want to show off my work.
I don't know.
But Nagisa said she wanted to ask Sanae-san something.
Hey wait, you're going to show them the pictures? What's wrong, Nagisa?! Are you all right? I'm sorry.
I just felt sick for a moment.
What? Are you pregnant? Have some tact! Actually, if you were a man, she should be by now.
Looks like she is pregnant.
Eh? A baby.
Whose? Mine? It's Nagisa and Tomoya-san's.
Hold on a minute, Sanae! A baby, so what? Did a bird drop one off for her? Or did she pick one up in a cabbage patch? N-No, Dad.
Tomoya-kun and I are married, so Wait, she isn't going to say it, is she? we are having sex.
To say this so frankly to her parents She must be a rare animal on this Earth.
Nagisa, you're amazing.
She hasn't had her period, so I'm pretty sure.
Brat! Why you What a great day! Th-Thanks This is Yagi-san.
She is my friend and works as a midwife.
I'm Yagi.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Okazaki Nagisa.
Thank you for coming.
I'm her husband, Tomoya.
You will have the baby, right? When I had Nagisa in my stomach, you said that you'd protect her.