Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e17 Episode Script


1 I lived only because I was alive.
Wake up, go to work, eat, sleep.
Just repeating the routines drilled into my body.
That was my "life".
I worked like I was punishing my body.
I worked without thinking, wanting to forget everything.
Okazaki-kun, why don't you call it a day? I'm almost done with this.
It's great you're working hard, but you'll break down if you keep this up.
You haven't even taken a break this summer yet, have you? It's no problem.
I'm doing this because I enjoy doing it.
If you don't take some time off, I'll get yelled at by the government, you know? After work and days off were torture.
I used money to waste time.
Taking a look at reality, and it felt like things would break down from the ground up.
I hate this city.
But there isn't anything I can do to leave this city.
I lived so I didn't have to think about anything.
I didn't want to think about anything.
I wanted to remain oblivious to everything.
I thought of everything as a mistake.
The fact that I met her.
The fact that I dated and married her.
And the fact that I had a child with her.
All of those were mistakes.
If junk only takes shape by wishing from one's heart, then I couldn't do it alone.
I already knew that.
Because Because I'm not human.
Are you crying? Did you remember something sad? It's this world that's sad, isn't it? This place will soon be completely white.
If I can't move, then you'll become alone, won't you? Yes? Hello, Tomoya-san.
Sanae-san! I'm sorry.
Were you still asleep? No, it's all right.
Are you alone? Yes.
I came alone.
Will you give me a moment? It's really messy, so I'll clean up.
It's a very hot day, isn't it? Yes.
You have to step outside once in a while to refresh yourself.
Yoshino-san says that often.
But, going out alone on a hot day like this Then come on a date with me.
Huh? What brought this on all of a sudden? Nothing in particular.
I just want to go on a date with young people once in a while.
Then why don't you find someone besides me? I won't do that.
You're very handsome and kind; you fit my likings.
That's not true.
I'm always spoiled by you.
This place has changed a lot.
You don't come to the train station often? No, not this side of the station.
Can you take an extended vacation this summer? I'm being hassled to take one by the company.
Then how about we go somewhere? Just us two? That'd be pretty exciting.
That would be good, too.
But this time, let's all go together.
"All"? Yes.
All together.
Mom! Hurry! Let's get some drinks! Stop that.
You'll trouble the other customers.
Let's go.
Akio-san's been wanting to have a drink with you, too.
But I'm Let's go.
Yeah? I'll think about it.
This is Sanae.
Have you decided about going on a trip? Ah, no.
I haven't thought about it yet.
Then I'll call back later.
Why is she so forceful? Hello? Have you given it some thought? You win.
Then you'll go? Yes.
I'll ask for a break towards the end of the week so I'll get four days off including Sunday.
Thank you very much.
To be honest, I was at a loss.
But it felt like saying "no" to her now would be betraying her.
After all, I've forced everything onto her.
Sanae-san? Old man! To Tomoya-san.
Something came up, so I must leave with Akio-san.
I'll leave the rest to you.
You're kidding me.
Nagisa Ushio! Hey now, you don't have to be so nervous.
Come out.
Sanae-san and the old man went out, eh? What do you want to do? Sanae-san.
No, listen.
Sanae-san's not here.
The old man's not here, either.
They both left without a word to you? What do you want to do? I wanna go on the trip.
That's impossible.
Neither Sanae-san nor the old man are here.
Or what? Do you want to go alone? I wanna go with Sanae-san and Akki.
I told you, that's impossible.
What's with this situation? For these last five years, I've left Ushio with Sanae-san and the old man.
I ignored her entry into kindergarten and the Seven-Five-Three Festival, and worked.
Note: The Seven-Five-Three Festival celebrate children's growth when they reached the ages seven, five, and three.
Sanae-san brought Ushio to my place from time to time, but I hardly looked at her face.
You think you're hiding? I can totally see you.
Stop standing there and come here.
Sit down.
Let's see.
I think both Sanae-san and the old man will come back by tonight.
So be a good girl and wait.
Okay? Trip.
We can go once the old man and Sanae-san come back.
Play around yourself for today.
She's like a boy.
Ushio! Are you all right? It because you run like that.
Does it hurt anywhere? Looks like you're fine.
Watch out from now on.
You were playing with that? And he broke when you dropped him, eh? Poor turtle.
Maybe some superglue will fix him.
Give me a minute.
I'll put him back together.
You can still see the crack a little, but it shouldn't be too obvious.
Don't play with him until he dries.
Or else the wheels will stick.
Did she understand what I said? Oh well.
What? He won't move.
Hey, now.
I told you not to move him until he dried, didn't I? The wheel's not going to move anymore.
Can't fix him anymore? Not anymore.
Give up.
Do you want to throw him away? I'm just joking.
Do you still need something? Sanae-san.
So they're back? Not back yet.
I'm hungry.
I guess I'll go buy something.
Do you have anything you want to eat? If not, I'll go buy stuff randomly.
Why, Okazaki-san.
Long time no see.
Ah, hello.
How nice, Ushio-chan.
Shopping with your dad today? Since when You're living separately from her, right? I can imagine.
Raising a small child alone as a man is difficult.
Oh, but you do see her from time to time, right? Yes, once in a while.
I'm sure it must be lonely for her not to be able to see you.
After all, you're family.
Y-You're right.
Bye bye, Ushio-chan.
There, eat up.
What's wrong? You can eat by yourself, can't you? Itadakimasu.
It's bitter.
Bitter? Oh, the pepper.
Sorry, but it's not a fried rice without it.
Suck it up and eat.
I don't want it.
Sanae-san told you not to be picky, didn't she? I want to eat Sanae-san's food.
Then don't eat.
Will it be all right if there's no pepper in it? Yup.
But it'll taste bad without it.
Rice? You'll eat just rice? Yup.
Sure, that's easy for me, but There.
Rice with fried rice as a side, eh? Bye.
Hey, what's that for? Just this.
It looks like I'm abusing you if there's no side dish.
Rice seasoning, eh? Itadakimasu.
Maybe they're not coming home today.
You're up.
Go ahead.
I did it myself.
Of course you did.
Let's swim a lot, okay? Yeah! Um What? Poop.
Go ahead.
I did it myself.
Don't brag about it.
I can do it myself, too.
Do you want to go on a trip? I do.
Then how about just the two of us? Yup.
You sure? It'll just be me.
Neither Sanae-san nor the old man will be with us.
But they're not coming.
They aren't coming, are they? Yup.
Then let's go.
Yup! You got everything? Yup.
Locked everything up? Yup.
Let's go! Go! Before today, either Sanae-san or the old man were always there whenever I saw Ushio.
This is the first time for us to be alone since she was born.
Where are we headed to? Keep it down! Think about those around you a little! Mom Yes.
If you're going to the bathroom, say something.
What's wrong?