Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e18 Episode Script

The Ends of the Earth

1 Do you want to walk to a place where it's warm and there are lots of fun things? That's what you want, right? Okay.
Then, let's go.
Hey Mom, look.
Hey, Mom.
What? Play with me.
What do you play with Sanae-san? Read books.
Did you bring one? How about with the old man? Baseball.
Baseball? Yup.
Imitations? Not funny? No, it's not.
Too bad.
What is that old man teaching? Mom! Mom, listen! Come on, sit down.
No! Mom! Mom! Be quiet.
You're embarrassing yourself.
It's because you're not listening to me! Keep it down! Think about those around you a little! Mom Yes.
We're sorry.
Damn it.
Ushio? Where did she go? God Hey.
If you're going to the bathroom, say something.
What's wrong? Were you crying? Don't lie.
She said no crying.
Who did? Sanae-san.
She did? She's unexpectedly strict.
But she said there are places I can cry.
Where are they? Bathroom.
Yeah, I guess you can cry without anyone noticing in the bathroom.
I think you can cry when you want to cry.
It's better to cry now.
There are many times when you can't cry even when you want to after you grow up.
Do you want a toy? Choose something.
I'll buy it for you.
How's this? Okay.
Don't force yourself.
You would have preferred a girlier toy, right? Nuh-uh.
I wanted this.
I like this.
You have a strange taste, you know? Nothing.
Keep playing with it.
I wonder if it's a fun summer vacation for her.
Of course not; not when she's with me.
What's wrong? Bathroom.
It's dark, so be careful.
I did it myself.
Now what? What's that? It's a firefly.
You know about those, right? First time seeing one.
I guess those from here come out later than others.
What? Nothing.
Is there something on my face? No.
Then don't stare at other people's faces like that.
What is it? You have something you want to say, don't you? What? Are you still scared of me? All right.
Say it.
I won't yell any more.
Tell me about Mommy.
Ask Sanae-san.
She won't tell me even if I ask her.
She wants me to tell you, eh? Ask Sanae-san.
Tell her that I didn't tell you.
Don't fall asleep.
Wear your hat properly.
We have a lot of walking today.
Let's go.
Wow Want to have a better look? I do! All right.
There, spread your legs.
Wow, you're light.
There! How is it? Wow! Don't run off too far! I guess it was good to come.
Hey! What's wrong? I lost it.
Lost what? Robot.
It's nowhere.
You didn't go any further, right? Ya.
You didn't cover much ground.
Ushio, let's give up.
Just buy the same one on the way back.
Okay? I want that one.
We can't find it, so there's nothing we can do.
You're so stubborn.
Ushio! I'm going to take a walk that way.
Don't move from here, okay? Okay.
What is this? I know this place? You're Okazaki Tomoya-san, right? Ah yes.
You know me? Yes.
I know of you.
My name is Okazaki Shino.
Okazaki? I'm your father's, Okazaki Naoyuki's, mother.
I received a call from Furukawa-san.
They said you'd come if I waited here.
Was it Sanae-san? You've really grown.
We've met before? Right here, when you were still little.
It was after your mother, Atsuko-san, passed away.
Is Naoyuki still atoning for his sin? No.
He should've been released and be living at home by now.
I'm sure you experienced many emotions.
Not much.
He was not always that foolish.
Both Atsuko-san and Naoyuki were still students, so people were opposed to their marriage, but Naoyuki quit high school and started living in a small apartment with her.
Regardless, it seemed he was having a great life.
To live protecting the one he loved.
That's all it took to make him happy.
Soon, Atsuko-san was pregnant with you, and you were born, treasured by everyone.
But the happy life didn't last long.
Atsuko-san passed away in an accident.
To him, it was an event too sad to recover from.
But he couldn't let himself fall into the depths of despair.
He still had you to care for.
He said he would raise you to be a man.
That day, you walked away from here holding hands.
Do you remember? The days after that were the days he worked the hardest in his life.
He was fired from many jobs and went from one place to another.
Even then, he worked with you in his care.
He would buy you toys with the little money he had and give you snacks.
He sacrificed all his luck and chances for success.
At times, he might have been strict or violent, but it was all to raise you well.
However, for Naoyuki, it was a very hard life.
To relieve the pain from work, he indulged in alcohol.
I heard there were times he was drunk and out of control.
Even so, he chose to live with you.
And, by the time you had grown and could choose your own path, Naoyuki had lost everything.
Work, faith, luck, friends.
I heard you're in a situation similar to his right now.
It is a painful situation.
But that's why I wanted let you hear this story.
I wanted you to know what kind of father Naoyuki was.
He often bought me snacks.
Also, going on walks, holding hands.
Why did I forget all this? Tomoya-san.
Do you think Naoyuki was a bad father? No.
I'm an even worse man than him.
I'm standing at the same place Pops stood that day.
Yet I'm weak I'm pathetic.
So is he.
He's weak, pathetic, and clumsy.
Still, he did his best for you.
I want to hold him as my pride and joy.
He had many failures as a person, but I believe that he was a fine father.
Me, too.
I agree.
I think so, too.
Thank you very much.
I feel relieved.
He tried too hard.
It's about time he can rest.
Can you tell Naoyuki to come home? I will be waiting for him here.
Did you find it? That's your child? Yes.
She's Ushio.
You've been searching all this time? Yup.
I see.
We might not be able to find that robot.
We can't do anything about it.
So let's buy another one.
Okay? There's only one.
There were lots of them at the store.
It's the one you chose and bought for me.
First thing from Daddy.
Were you lonely? Yup.
Was it fun to come on a trip with me? Yup.
I see.
Ushio would it be all right if I stayed with you? I've been a bad daddy for many years, but I'll do my best for you from now on.
So, would it be all right if I stayed with you? Yup.
Really? I want you to be with me.
I see.
But today, I lost an important thing, so I'm sad.
You know Is it all right not to hold it in anymore? Sanae-san told me.
Places I can cry are in the bathroom and in Daddy's arms.
Yeah Yeah! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Hey, Ushio.
Do you want to hear about Mommy? Yup.
All right.
Then come here.
Let's see Mommy was a crybaby.
Even the first time we met.
She wasn't sure of herself and was weak.
She stood still at the foot of the hill to school.
Guess what she said at the foot of the hill? She closed her eyes and said, "Sweet bean bread.
" That was Mommy's habit.
Saying out loud something she wanted to eat to gather her courage.
Sanae-san was really busy at that time and didn't have the time to make Mommy's bento.
Maybe she could have if she'd tried, but Mommy said not to.
That's what Mommy was like.
Then Ah then And then Mommy was Nagisa Nagisa Nagisa Daddy Why are you crying, too? Sorry.
I was remembering Mommy.
All right, let's keep going.
Mommy wanted to do theater at that time.
I found it.
Do you know what theater is? I finally found it.
Something only I can protect.
The precious thing only I can protect.
It was right here.
We're back.
Welcome back.
A guy that used to have eyes of a dead fish is up and about.
You like the Big Dango Family, too? Sanae-san said this is how Mommy smelled.
I'm home.