Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e19 Episode Script

The Road Home

1 The place changes and goes.
Like a wind, like clouds, We're back.
Welcome back.
Was the trip fun? Yup.
Please go on a date with me next time.
Like the traces of the heart, no halt at the places.
What? Well, you broke your promise.
I was so looking forward to going on a trip with you.
Hey! Stop hitting on someone else's wife.
Akki! Ushio, of course you'll be coming with us on the date.
The place is so far away be far apart.
Right? Yup.
Then let me come, too.
Let's have a good time with just the three of us, Tomoya-san, Ushio.
Don't leave me out! People's hand does not reach, so merely has the worship.
The place is a lofty lord, can't meet nobody put on.
We will lose the place, so lofty which changes.
Nagisa Tomoya-san.
It hasn't changed, has it? I've left it just the way it was on the day she married you.
Not all were desired.
However, we're never sad.
Yes, it hasn't changed at all.
Would you like to take those with you? Those dolls.
Ushio loves them, too.
Still, there is still the place.
Far away.
Far away.
I'm sorry for all these years.
What? I forced Ushio on you for all these years.
It's thanks to you I was able to realize that I'm a father.
I haven't done anything.
She's a really good girl.
I don't know how to thank you.
All right, next up is the imitation of Mikawa! Mikawa! But starting today, I will raise her myself.
I will raise her to be a strong and caring person like Nagisa.
When we changed our occupations for Nagisa, she was also five years old.
The place buried in deep snow.
Like the collapsing castle.
Good luck.
I will spend the rest of my life to repay my gratitude.
Then please have a wonderful life.
Like the head of the shade, figure will be thrown away.
I will! Together with Ushio.
Daddy! What's up, Ushio? Akki said let's play baseball.
The hut buried in deep snow.
It sinks in to the flood.
Huh? Go! Good luck.
A guy that used to have eyes of a dead fish is up and about.
And the 'not dyeing' is dyed out, and waits for a oppose one.
Shut up and throw it already! Ushio! Observe your father's pathetic look! Hey, hey, hey! Who do you think will win, Ushio? Akki.
Seriously?! The place is a lofty lord, can't meet nobody put on.
She grew up seeing my great arm.
Then I'll just hit it! Bull crap.
Still, there is still the place.
Far away.
Far away.
No way! See that, Ushio? Ya! Looks like we have to go apologize again.
Sanae, you're not one to talk about others.
You haven't cried since that day.
I'm surprised you noticed.
Of course.
Who do you think I am? Well, I had something to do.
I had to raise Ushio.
So it was good; I didn't have the chance to lose myself.
Five years, eh? We were saved by Ushio a lot.
Yes, really.
But even that has come to an end.
Good work for many years.
It was nothing; we're a family.
It's all right, you know? You've done well.
Now it's your turn to cry.
Akio-san Even with all hope gone, I'll still help you.
I'll be here until you stop crying.
So it's all right now.
We'll be going now.
Off you go.
Yeah, go and score! Ya! You understand what he means? You'll get to live with your father starting today.
Be sure to be a good girl.
On days I'm busy with work, can I still ask you to take her to or pick her up from kindergarten? Sure, leave it to me.
Tomoya-san, how about your I know.
I intend to visit him soon.
I heard the particulars from Furukawa-san.
It's nice meeting you.
Same here.
Nice to meet you.
All right then, Ushio.
Daddy's off to work, all right? Yup.
Have a good day, Daddy.
See you.
That's Okazaki-san.
I wonder what he was doing all this time? Did something happen with the Furukawas? Family dispute, perhaps? I bet I would have snapped if this had happened a few years ago.
Hi, I'm Okazaki.
I'm Okazaki Ushio's father.
I've been leaving her at my wife's home due to circumstances beyond my control, but we'll be living together starting today.
I hope we'll get along.
Oh, same here.
My child's a good friend of Ushio-chan.
I hope we'll get along.
Really? So you'll be living with her from now on? Yes.
Sorry for worrying you for all these years.
But won't it be hard to raise a small child alone? Sanae-san and the old man took care of the most critical days.
No matter what I may face, it won't be anything compared to what those two faced.
Come to me if you ever need anything.
The company will try to accommodate you as much as possible.
Oh, in that case, something right off the bat.
Daddy! I'm here to get you, Ushio.
Right now, it's the summer session, so Ushio-chan's teacher's on holiday.
Holiday? Sick perhaps? She's off to a child-care seminar.
She'll be back next week, so you will meet her when she returns.
What's your teacher like? Long hair, beautiful, and kind.
Really? All right, Daddy's going to go back to work now.
Even if a stranger comes, don't open the door, okay? Okay.
If anything happens, call Sanae-san.
You know how to make calls, right? I do.
I'll be back before dark.
I'm off.
Bye-bye, Daddy.
Yes! It's Daddy.
My hands are full with stuff; open the door for me.
I brought them from the Furukawas.
The Big Dango Family, your toys, and changes of clothes.
Let's put this somewhere first.
Where do you think is best? Here.
All right.
There it'll be.
Can you cook, Daddy? I'll learn little by little.
We'll learn together.
Yup! Okazaki-san! Kouko-san.
Long time no see.
I wonder how many years it has been.
So she's My daughter, Ushio.
Ushio, say hi.
Yes, hello.
I'm Yoshino Kouko.
So she's Nagisa-chan's She does resemble her.
I'm sure she'll grow up to be a strong and cute girl like Nagisa-chan.
I hope so, too.
She used to be Mommy's teacher.
Oh, right.
Yoshino-san told me.
I heard your sister got discharged.
The doctors said it's a miracle, but we always believed she'd be back.
I'm actually with her today.
Fu-chan! Say hi.
They're my friends.
This is your sister? What an interesting sister.
Don't worry, Fu-chan; he's my friend.
This is my younger sister, Fuko.
This is Okazaki-san and Ushio-chan.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
What? She's cute! Can I give her a hug?! You didn't even wait for an answer! Stop it, Fu-chan.
You're being rude.
I'm sorry.
She's like that.
How old is she? The same age as you.
But since she's been sleeping all these years, she still thinks she's a freshman.
Why does she look no different from Ushio? You're both very rude.
Fuko's mad, so Fuko's going to make her Fuko's sister.
Stop saying nonsense.
It's not going to fly? No! What a shame.
She was a little strange, but it was nice that you made a new friend.
Ushio, I don't have to go to work tomorrow.
Will you come with me? Another trip? Not a trip.
You like the Big Dango Family, too? Sanae-san said this is how Mommy smelled.
I see.
Smells good.
Note: The radio is broadcasting the results of a horserace.
I'm home.
Ah, Tomoya-kun.
I'm home.
You've gotten old, Pops.
She's your granddaughter.
Have you been here all this time? Yeah.
I met your mother.
I went on a trip with her.
Way up north.
The place you took me once before.
I heard a lot of stories.
It made me think that you must have been through many hardships.
I remembered a lot of things from the past, too.
Hey, Pops.
You must be tired.
I think it's all right for you to rest now.
How about going home? Your mother's waiting.
Right where you took my hand and promised to raise me with your own hands.
You've done enough.
So relax now.
Go home and live with your mother for her, too.
Yeah? Is it over now? What is? Have I accomplished it? You sacrificed everything and raised me.
You spent your entire life on a worthless son like me.
You've done enough.
I see So I managed to do it without even knowing.
How great.
It's great.
I'll put a change of clothes and some money in, all right? Yeah.
Thank you.
I'll give her a call.
Don't lose your bags on the way, all right? Yeah.
I'll be careful.
I'll handle the house.
I'll take care of the debts, too.
I'm sorry.
Ushio, say bye-bye to your granddad.
Bye-bye, Granddad.
I'll be going now.
Take care of yourself.
Don't drink too much.
Tomoya! There, have a snack.
Don't smoke too much, too.
Dad's got to go again, but don't eat too much, all right? Live long.
Sorry I have to leave you alone all the time.
I'll definitely go to show my gratitude.
I'll make our dinner when I come back, all right? I will go, all right? We'll eat it together, okay? All right, Tomoya? What's wrong, Tomoya? Why are you crying? Sorry, Ushio.
You don't have to worry.
Thank you for all these years.
I'll go now.
Take care.
You, too, Tomoya.
I wonder if he had a good life or not.
He lost his dearest person at the happiest time in his life, and he's been alone with me ever since.
He kept working for an ungrateful son like me.
I wonder if he had a good life like that or not.
Father What is it, Ushio? Light Oh, is it bright there? Come here.
Oh yeah, Ushio.
You're going to have a visitor tomorrow.
Do you know any games, Ushio? Ushio, say "I'm going" to Mommy.
Hey, Ushio! It's dangerous, so wait! Daddy.
Good luck.