Clannad: After Story (2008) s01e20 Episode Script

The Tidal Breeze's Mischief

1 Your teacher comes back today, right? Ya.
I see.
Then I'd better say hello.
Should we leave a little earlier than usual? Okay.
It's good.
All right.
Let's get a move on, shall we? Ya! Ushio, say "I'm going" to Mommy.
I'm going.
We're going.
Hey, Ushio! It's dangerous, so wait! Ushio! Stew! Stew! Gof! Gof! What is that? The kindergarten pet.
Why a boar? No, it can't be You must be Okazaki Ushio-chan's father.
Y-You! I'm Ushio-chan's teacher, Fujibayashi Kyou.
Pleased to meet you.
Yes, the pleasure is mine.
This is the first time I've ever seen a face like that on you.
Why you! You should have known the moment you saw Botan.
Or have you forgotten about me already? So that is Botan.
Gof! Ushio-chan, to tell you the truth, your daddy and I went to school together.
She was violent back then.
She always bullied me.
Hey! Don't make stories up! She was also a good friend of Mommy's.
Did you know that? Sanae-san came and said that you'd eventually come so not to tell the whole story until then.
I see Sanae-san did.
Fate is pretty strange.
Whoever thought I'd be Ushio-chan's teacher? I must have made you worry a lot.
It must have been hard.
Ryou, Kotomi, and Youhei are all worried about you.
We were thinking maybe we should visit you when we got together over New Years, but We ended up saying it'd be best to leave you alone for now.
But this means that everything's settled, right? All the loose ends? Yeah.
How's Ushio doing? Is she getting along with everyone? She's a really good girl.
She's not cynical like you.
I bet she got it from her mother.
But I'd say she's more active than her mother was.
She runs off on her own when I take my eyes off her, so I'm extra careful.
Really? Good morning.
Good morning! Good morning, Sensei! Good morning, Takuya-kun.
I'll get going now.
I'll leave Ushio with you.
If anything happens, call me.
I'll help you out.
Yeah, I'll be relying on you, Fujibayashi-sensei.
Ushio-chan! Your daddy's heading to work! Have a good day, Daddy.
Yeah, off I go.
Aren't you glad that you can live with your daddy? Yup! All right, shall we go inside? Yup.
Fuko-chan is? Yeah.
She wants to visit your place.
Do you have any plans this coming Sunday? No, nothing really.
But why? Apparently she wants to become friends with Ushio-chan.
It'd help if you would let her.
Fuko-chan just got out of hospital and needs to practice walking on her own.
Oh, I see.
She's going through rehab.
She's also shy around people.
It's rare that she actively wants to meet someone.
I want to create such opportunities for her.
What causes my tears to fall? æ™ãŒã“ぼれ落ちるのは何のせい Namida ga kobore ochiru noha nan no sei It looks like Ushio likes Fuko-chan, as well.
We'll be expecting her.
Sorry about this.
And thank you.
It's nothing.
重ねすぎた歳のせい It's from living for too long.
Kasane sugita toshi no sei 椅子に揺られて夢を見ていたんだ Isu ni yurarete yume wo mite itanda I was having a dream, sitting in a rocking chair, あなたが小さな祝福の中で生まれてきた日の Anata ga chiisana shukufuku no nakade umarete kita hi no Of sunlight peaking past branches and of the happy day When you were born surrounded by blessings.
木漏れ日を 幸せな日を Komorebi wo shiawase na hi wo Oh yeah, Ushio.
You're going to have a guest tomorrow.
Guest? Ibuki Fuko-chan.
You remember her, right? I do.
She said she wants to play with you.
Is that all right? Yup.
I'm happy.
You're happy about it? Yup.
I'm happy.
Can you sing Mommy's song? Again? You really like it, don't you? Yup.
It's my favorite.
All right.
But it's nighttime, so quietly, okay? Dango, dango, dango, dango A great big dango family! ヤンチャな焼きだんご 優しいあんだんご A mischievous roasted dango, a kind sweet bean dango A mischievous roasted dango, a kind, sweet bean dango PLACEHOLDER Yancha na yaki dango yasashii an dango Minna, minna, awasete hyakunin kazoku みんな、みんな、合わせて100人å®æ— Gather them all up and it’s a family of a hundred.
Akachan dango ha itsumo shiawase no naka de 赤ちゃんだんごはいつも幸せの中で A baby dango is always cradled in happiness.
Toshiyori dango ha me wo hosometeru An old dango gazes with squinty eyes.
年寄りだんごは目を細めてる Nakayoshi dango te wo tsunagi ookina marui wa ni naruyo The dango friends will all hold hands and form a big circle.
仲良しだんご手を繋ぎ 大きな丸い輪になるよ They’ll found a village on a dango planet and all smile together.
Machi wo tsukuri dango boshi no ue minna de warai auyo 町を作りだんご星の上 みんなで笑いあうよ Usagi mo sora de te wo futte miteru dekkai otsuki-sama The rabbits are waving their hands from the big moon.
ウサギも空で手を振って見てる でっかいお月さま Ureshii koto kanashii koto mo zenbu marumete Roll up all the happy and sad things うれしいこと かなしいことも全部丸めて Fuko's here for a visit.
Thank you for having Fuko over.
Yeah, welcome.
Now, right off the bat, Ushio-chan.
Be Fuko's little sister! No, she won't! Fuko isn't talking to you.
Fuko's talking with Ushio-chan.
Don't you like Fuko? I do.
How's that? But I'm staying with Daddy.
Hear that? Then Fuko will spend today to win you over.
First, this is the gift for us getting to know each other! It's a made-to-order bread by Furukawa-san.
Will you eat it, Ushio-chan? I will.
It's a pretty cute design coming from you.
It's good.
Cute Ushio-chan is eating cute bread, and her cuteness just doubled! Don't hug her for every reason you make up! We're having lunch now.
Do you want to eat with us? Are you trying to win Fuko over? No way! Fuko heard that you lost your wife, Okazaki-san.
So? It's no surprise that you see a sliver of her in Fuko.
Let me tell you something.
Nagisa doesn't resemble you at all; almost like a separate species.
You had an alien as your wife?! I'm saying you are! Fuko's not an alien! I can't follow your thought process.
Fuko has an average Earthling's thought process.
Neighbors often say that Fuko is a very average Earthling.
What kind of neighbors do you have?! Therefore, let's go home together! That doesn't follow at all! Besides, if you represent the average Earthling's thought process, the world would be gone in three days.
Fuko cannot understand your statement at all.
What would you do if there's a button in front of you that says "don't press"? Fuko will hide and press it secretly.
That was the launch button of a nuke.
That was not fair! You tricked Fuko! The Earth would be gone in less than three days.
Then here's a question for you, too.
What would you do if tights that say "don't wear" were lying on the ground? I'd leave them alone.
You're lying! Fuko's sure that, not being able to control yourself, you'd put them on! Okazaki's the best! The world would end because of you.
It's late now, but you didn't add any sleeping pills, did you? Even if you were sleeping your butt off, I wouldn't touch you with a six-foot pole, so don't worry.
D-Does that mean you care about Fuko that much? Heck no.
You don't have to hide it.
Who says?! You.
Damn you Enough! I won't talk with you anymore! Are you embarrassed? And so, let's play cards.
Ushio-chan, do you know how to play blackjack or gin rummy? Hey.
You're talking to a five-year old.
Fuko's an adult, so Fuko suggested advanced games.
Do you know any games, Ushio? Sevens! Ushio-chan, best choice! That is an addictive game! You're such a kid.
You're holding on to the ten of hearts, aren't you? Well, since I still have lots of card I can play.
You're up, Ushio.
Here! That was great, Ushio-chan! Now Fuko's back in the game.
Dang, when I had her cornered in well.
Just from that one move, we can tell that Ushio-chan loves Fuko more than you.
Of course not! In your face.
If you were alive Okazaki-san.
It was my turn, right? So you do see a sliver of your wife in Fuko after all.
I said that wouldn't happen.
Perhaps our personalities are different? Maybe your wife was a childish person? I can't name a person more childish than you.
You've never met your mother, right? Right.
She only knows her face from pictures.
But I heard stories from Daddy.
What kind of person was your Mommy? Ah A big crybaby.
But a person who did her best to give birth to me.
And, the person Daddy really loved! Um Sorry.
She just comes back to me at times.
Fuko has free time, so call whenever you want.
Fuko will come whenever you do.
Fuko will do whatever Fuko can.
Are you trying to be nice? It's not like that; Fuko just wants to play with Ushio-chan.
Oh, I see.
Fuko will be heading home now! Just say bye.
Let's go, Ushio-chan.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Oh well.
There will be plenty of opportunities in the future.
Be careful when you go to bed.
Fuko will say hi when Fuko sees you on the street.
Fuko has memorized Ushio-chan's scent, so Fuko can tell when she's nearby.
Are you an animal? When it happens, let's play together.
Good bye.
Bye bye.
I'm tired.
She was funny.
Yeah, that's very true.
Let's clean up and take a bath, yeah? Yup.
Botan doesn't get angry over that? I think she takes it as a back rub and likes it.
Gof, gof.
Ushio-chan! Good-for-nothing's here for you! Welcome back! Sorry I made you wait.
Wow, you totally have the doting parent look on your face.
Ushio-chan, what should we do with your pathetic daddy? Daddy's cool.
She has good eyes for spotting men.
I gave Ushio-chan a handout for the sports day, so read it, all right? Sports day? Yeah.
There are family events, too, so you'd better practice.
I knew about the sports day.
The head of the neighborhood committee told me about it.
Then will you come cheer for her? Yes.
But rather than cheering Akki! Hey Ushio.
Didn't know you were here.
What's with that outfit? Jogging in preparation for the sports day, of course.
I can't stay still.
That's not in the program.
Akio-san is a fast runner, so he was asked to run anchor for the teachers in place of the principal, who has a bad waist.
You'll be on the parent team, right? It's a showdown between us.
That's a very exciting situation! Hold on one minute please! I haven't decided to be in the relay yet.
Sanae, tell the principal he'll run anchor for the parent team.
I will.
They're so forceful.
Good luck.
All right! Daddy's gonna do his best! Do his best! What are you doing? I can't look pathetic when my daughter's watching.
Ushio-chan! Fuko Onee-chan.
So you like to go on strolls? Yup.
You're not scared of getting lost? Lost? It's like you don't know which way to go, and you feel unsure, are in trouble, and can't move.
You're not scared of that? Nope.
You're amazing.
Fuko should learn that from you.
But Fuko thinks it's dangerous for little girls to walk outside alone.
Ushio-chan, where are you going? It's the new hospital.
Do you like it here? Yup.
Why? Just because.
Just because, is it? Tomorrow's finally the day.
Yeah! The day I show you who's boss! Ushio.
We can hardly wait for tomorrow to come, can we? What's wrong, Ushio? I couldn't pee alone.
What's wrong, Ushio?! She's burning up.
I'm My family might just be getting toyed with by this city.
Given happiness, then having it snatched away.
I can't even grant one wish my only daughter has? Nagisa What should I do?