Class Act (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

One franc?
You're kidding me. What the hell is this?
Are you taking me for a ride?
One franc? Who do you think I am?
My name is Tapie, not Tati!
There's at least a million
in inventory alone!
What about the subscribers, the clients?
That entire place is a gold mine!
It's in the contract, Bernard.
There's nothing we can do.
- I don't care. She's wrong
- There's nothing we can do.
Lower your voice, Mr. Tapie,
before I have you removed.
All right, fine. Fine.
Now, as for
the criminal aspect of this case,
the court finds Mr. Bernard Tapie
guilty of serious mismanagement,
in particular, by employing, without pay,
one of your store employees
to cut the hedges in your yard,
as well as allowing a Mr
- Farid Ben
- Tarek.
Tarek, thank you.
to purchase a discounted
Faure refrigerator from the Grand Depot,
following the acquisition
of an automobile,
a Ferrari Dino 246 GT, 196
Yes, sir, thank you. 1969.
Purchased in the company's name.
In light of these facts,
it is this court's decision
that Mr. Bernard Tapie
is hereby condemned
to a forfeiture of his civil rights
and now is prohibited
from owning a business.
- Asshole.
- Bernard, stop!
- Let him go!
- Return to your seat now, Mr. Tapie.
- Calm down, Bernard!
- Piece of shit!
Race car driver, pop singer, liar.
It's a shame you never tried
your hand at boxing.
Come outside. We'll try it.
You'll leave this room, Mr. Tapie.
Otherwise, I'll have you arrested.
- I can get to the top without you.
- The top?
Maybe with your head on a pike.
- Big-shot lawyer, my ass.
- Well?
- I told you Mr. Loiseau was extremely
- Was what? Very good?
- That makes you hopeless, then.
- What happened in there?
They're taking the store
for a token franc. That's what.
And now I can't do what I do best,
create businesses.
What do you want now?
You goddamn vultures.
The keys to the Ferrari.
Since it was purchased
in the store's name,
you are required to relinquish it.
There you go.
I hope your fat ass can fit.
I'm sorry I, uh, can't cut this in half,
but I feel it's rightfully yours.
Let's go.
Hi, Mom.
- Daddy!
- Hey!
Hey, honey!
- Doing good?
- Yeah.
Hmm? Hello, Dad.
How was the trial?
Oh, you know how judges are.
Hey, how would you like
to go visit a film set?
With the camera?
Yeah, with a camera,
mics, a makeup artist.
Like Hollywood.
Look, Bernard.
- What?
- Well
Look, I know you're gonna say
I can't take her.
- Well
- What if I bring her back tonight?
It's not like you're the police.
If you don't tell her,
she doesn't have to know. Hmm?
You won't tell, will you?
- Pinkie swear.
- Pinkie swear?
Yeah, but Michelle said
she'd come pick up her up this afternoon.
Michelle, Michelle.
Are you on her side now?
You could always spend the day
here with us if you want to.
I mean, come on.
Things don't have to get ugly every time.
Aren't you sick of it?
- And what's this crap about a film set?
- Hey, can you watch your tone, please?
You broke up your family.
It's not our job to pick up the pieces.
I'm gonna call Mom, huh?
I'll figure it out.
Wanna help Grandma with dinner? Go on.
- Yes, hello?
- Hi, it's me. I'm at my parents'.
I'm filming something for a project,
and I'd like to take Stéphanie with me.
I thought it might be
a nice experience for her.
It's out of the question.
You can see her with me or with them.
- I know you don't wanna hear it.
- No, I don't wanna hear it.
- Can you make an exception?
- I'm not making any exceptions.
Don't you think
it's complicated enough?
It's all very complicated.
You're just gonna repeat what I'm saying?
I'm not going to budge here, Bernard.
It's plain and simple.
You should've thought of that before.
Honey, uh,
it's not gonna work out this time.
But I promise we'll do
something extra fun really soon.
Do you believe me?
Don't be sad. I'll make it up to you.
I'm heading out.
Huh? It's not Hollywood,
but it still needs to look good.
Don't you see the shadow there?
What? Are you tired? Arms up. There.
Okay, it's simple. I enter the shot
when you say, "His heart rate's strong."
Hold on. I thought you were saying,
"His heart rate's strong."
No, I say, "The scan is normal.
There's no extra systrole."
Systrole. Ole, O.
Hey, I have the hardest line.
Stop laughing.
All right, let's do this.
Heart Assistance, take one.
Doctor, is my husband going to live?
Help me.
Cut. "Help me"?
Farid, what are you doing?
You're not dying, here.
You said I'm having
a heart attack, Bernard.
But I say, "The heart rate is strong."
Wait. So it is you who says,
"The heart rate is strong"?
What am I supposed to do?
Where does it hurt
when you have a heart attack?
You're the doctor.
- Heart attack hurts the heart.
- Exactly. So you have pain in your
- Okay, got it.
- Your heart. If you're not precise, it
We'll do it again.
Okay, we'll do it again.
Dominique, you were great.
Heart Assistance, take two.
- Are you rolling?
- Yes! Action, go.
Doctor, is my husband going to live?
- Oh, help me.
- He's going to live.
Cut. Come on, Serge.
- No, Serge, I can see you laughing.
- I'm not laughing.
I can see you
even with your back to me.
You're laughing too!
You're both morons.
Your client is dying, and you're laughing.
My patient, so
All right,
just say the lines. Please.
- You know how much film costs?
- Sure, I'm the one paying for it.
Exactly, so sometime today.
All right, guys, here we go. This is it.
All right, let's go.
Heart Assistance, take three.
Heart Assistance
operates like a cardiac hotline.
My husband started
having serious chest pains.
He was watching TV. Now he's in bed.
For a heart attack patient,
every minute counts.
So for a super quick response,
the team gets around on motorcycles.
Their resuscitation equipment
stored in a trailer attached to the back.
The pain you had earlier
when you called, how is it now?
It's not as strong as before,
but there's still a deep pain.
A deep pain?
Yeah, I feel it.
Has it spread at all?
Or has the pain stayed in the same place?
No, it hasn't spread.
Tell me if the pain is worse
when I press down right here
or if there's no change.
Does that hurt?
This is absurd. The entire thing.
The scan is normal.
There's no extrasystole.
The patient's electrocardiogram
is then relayed over the phone
to the emergency response team in Paris
in order to determine the next steps.
The men in white on motorcycles represent
the new symbol of emergency assistance
for heart attack patients.
All right.
Thank you for listening.
So, as you just saw in that presentation,
which was broadcast yesterday
on the one o'clock news,
Heart Assistance is a dedicated team
and an entire fleet of five motorcycles
and three ambulances,
all specially equipped.
Heart Assistance
already has 10,000 subscribers
and a partnership with major hospitals,
Cochin, Lariboisière, uh uh
Percy, along with others.
I forget which ones.
All this means for you,
whether you're a cardiologist,
general physician, anesthesiologist,
this is a chance,
not only to participate in the biggest
medical revolution of our time,
but more importantly,
a chance to save lives, so
So, Dr. Nahon Serge, come here.
I first met Doctor Nahon thanks to
well, I should say because of
my father's heart attack.
Dr. Nahon was the one who responded,
and if he had arrived
just a few minutes later,
who knows what could've happened?
This is why the two of us
decided to create Heart Assistance.
Yes, doctor?
When you talk about our mission, I suppose
you're referring to the Hippocratic oath?
Of course.
Well, then, I'm sure you know
his opinion of pecuniary medicine.
Now, hold on.
If I may respond to my esteemed colleague.
Our approach here is not venal.
We absolutely don't mean
pecuniary medicine.
It's important that's clear.
Yes, besides the subscription
will only cover
the operational costs of the service.
- Right, that's an important point.
- Yeah.
And what's more,
the subscription will be free
to the unemployed.
Do you have any unemployed
in the 10,000 subscribers?
Well, no, not yet.
It's a new initiative, uh,
that we only just discussed, uh,
the other day at the board meeting.
But as soon as we release
more information, it'll take off.
- I can guarantee it.
- Yeah.
All right, I can answer more questions,
but in the meantime,
Miss Damianos will be coming around
with registration forms.
Ten thousand subscribers, Bernard?
Are you crazy?
Three of them filled out the form
out of 25. That's a 30% success rate.
- Imagine when we fill the room
- Hold on. Wait. I don't understand.
You talked about
three ambulances, five scooters,
I don't know how many hospitals.
We don't have any of that.
We have 700 subscribers.
Would you ever ask me to listen
to someone's heart and make a diagnosis?
- What do you think?
- Right, exactly.
You're a doctor.
I'm a businessman. That's what I do.
I'm gonna turn this idea
that you came up with into a success.
Great service. Hmm?
A great business.
Okay, Bernard.
You're the businessman.
You were also convicted,
so the company's in my name.
Ugh. Can you stop worrying?
You know what they're saying?
They've found
a golden goose that saves lives.
- Really?
- Of course. Now they'll spread the word.
- In six months, we'll be up to our ears.
- Sure.
- Do you know how forest fires start?
- I'm sure you'll tell me.
With a single match.
- Ah.
- Not with a gas can. Hmm?
It just takes a little wind.
Hey, can I get the motorcycle back?
Sure. We'll let you know
when we need to rent it again.
Okay, but, uh, you still owe me 800.
- You got it?
- Huh? No.
Right, thanks.
Thank God we split it 50-50.
Will you stop being like this?
Come on.
Thanks again.
Hey, you know, Serge,
we should make badges.
- Little badges.
- Yeah
They'd say "Heart Assistance"
with people's blood type.
That way, you'd know
what they need right away.
- Yeah. Why the hell not?
- Ah, come on!
At this point, uh
You wanna come out for a drink?
- What am I saying? You have to go.
- Yeah, I do.
Hey. Thanks, my friend. You were great.
Goodbye, Serge.
- See you.
- Well done.
This badge thing's not a bad idea.
So, what does one wear to go
hunting with a future investor?
Maybe brown?
- It's not a great cut though.
- I haven't even put it on yet.
No? No?
I can't find the others.
You could unpack your stuff.
- I feel like you're still between lives.
- Oh yeah?
That's not the way it feels to me.
There. What?
Something wrong?
There are you feeling it now?
Actually, I'm not sure
I want you to move in anymore.
Oh yeah? Why? I'm too messy?
I don't understand.
It seems messy from the outside,
but there's a whole system in my head.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Oh, okay.
- Really! I know where everything is.
Wow, your friend's husband
isn't messing around.
He's got something to invest.
It's his family's money, not his.
Oh, it's not his? Poor thing.
Hi there.
- Hi, Caroline. How are you?
- Good. How are you?
- So you're the lucky guy.
- That's me.
I thought I'd have to kiss your hand.
Come on in.
How was the drive?
- Great place you've got.
- Ah.
- You think so?
- Oh, yeah.
I think it's too big, it's always cold.
- Alexis Cléret de Grandval.
- Bernard Tapie.
It's a pleasure.
- How are you Dominique?
- Well, and you?
I'm great.
- Well, shall we, darling?
- Yes.
- See you later.
- Yeah.
No boots, I see.
We'll find you something.
Now I see why you're totally in love.
- Do you two ever get out of bed?
- Stop it.
So, I have to tell you
something incredible.
There's an audition for a musical
coming up in Paris.
It's about the hippies.
What's your shoe size, 42?
What's this?
Woodcocks and pheasants.
Look at that.
That's my grandfather, Charles.
He was the first
to display his game in this way.
He was quite the artist.
Yeah, "artist," that's the word.
He even made a bird out of birds.
We're not going to kill
that many today, are we?
Bernard, we don't kill the game.
We collect it.
Ah, like taxable income.
- Let's not get too controversial.
- Yeah, you're right.
Looks like we have a 42,
but they're rubber. They should fit.
Thank you.
- Mmm, nice.
- Beautiful. Beautiful piece of work.
Hi. I'm Tom. Nice to meet you.
Do you shoot Dorleac or Verney-Carron?
Surely you know
Alexis' thoughts on the subject.
I like them all very much.
Is everyone ready?
- Yes.
- The woodcocks won't wait.
This is a musical that was
practically written for us, really.
I don't think I'm up to it.
I haven't danced in two years.
Oh, stop.
Look at you. You were born to do this.
Say yes.
Honestly, I don't know.
I'll think about it.
Say yes.
Besides, with Heart Assistance,
I don't have much time.
Heart what?
Heart Assistance, it's a service
we created six months ago,
and it's a subscription service
that guarantees intervention
in half an hour
in the event of a heart attack.
Oh. Do you want me to subscribe?
No, look at you.
Your heart's obviously working perfectly.
You'll live to 150.
I'm offering you a chance to invest.
You have subscribers?
Ten thousand already.
And the hospit
- Two thousand?
- Ten thousand.
And all the hospitals are interested.
We're having to turn doctors away.
It's admirable to try and save lives.
Yeah. And it's a great business.
With a minimum investment,
we're on track to grow at least 200%
in the first three years.
Look, Bernard.
I'm afraid I'm not as adventurous as you.
Oh, that doesn't matter.
All you do is invest.
We're the adventurers.
You put your money in.
We take care of the rest.
Okay, I'll think about it.
May I perhaps ask you a favor in return?
Yes, of course.
- Caroline told me your dad is in heating?
- Yeah.
Is he any good?
Uh, yeah, he's good.
The central heating
at the château's no good,
and it seems there's no one in the area
who can fix it.
- Could he come and take a look?
- Yeah, of course he could.
Nice catch!
Balltus, get it!
Good boy, Balltus.
"The central heating
at the château is no good."
What a dick. I swear to God. I mean
He didn't say no.
I know guys like him.
If they don't say yes, it means no.
How much did you ask him to invest?
Never got there.
He just changed the subject.
There are plenty of other Alexis in Paris.
If not him, there'll be someone else.
We'll find a way. We don't have a choice.
It's always the same with aristocrats.
They always think
you're trying to rob them.
Then again,
selling a medical assistance project
to someone
who slaughters woodcocks every Sunday,
maybe wasn't the best idea.
What'd you guys talk about?
Your sexual abilities.
She actually told me
about an audition for a musical.
- Apparently, they want dancers.
- Really? Well, that's great news.
- You think?
- You always wanted to dance.
Well, yeah, but that's all in the past.
Well, clearly it's not.
I'd love to see you dancing. I'd be proud.
- Really?
- Oh yeah.
Then, at least,
we didn't kill those birds for nothing.
What's he doing here?
Something wrong?
Dupraz and Antonetti are pulling out.
They got a warning
from the Medical Council.
Shit, that's annoying.
And, uh, the guys from the screening?
They didn't follow up.
None of them?
Right. Well, come on.
Let's have a drink inside.
We need to call the subscribers, Bernard.
We need to warn them
that we're not operational.
No, we stick to the plan, and we do
the double-page spread in France Soir.
And lose my medical license?
Is that what you want?
No, seriously, great idea.
That film already cost me a fortune.
I have no money left.
- I went into debt for this idea.
- I know. You think I forgot?
I was just meeting
an investor with Dominique.
He's giving us 200,000.
Trust us, we'll sort this thing out.
- That much?
- Yeah.
What about in the meantime?
One doctor for 700 subscribers?
It's irresponsible.
I can't do it on my own! You
We know that.
We won't leave you on your own.
It's just for a few days. Be patient.
- This isn't a game, Bernard.
- I'm not playing any game.
Do you think Dominique is playing a game?
We've bet our lives on this, you know.
This is how you build a success.
Ah, shit.
Fucking thing rings 12 times a day.
- See? This proves it's working.
- Serge?
- Serge, do you copy?
- You got this, Serge.
- An emergency in Vanves.
- I'm coming. Vanves, on my way.
Come quick, please.
"You got this."
I don't need you to tell me that.
Yeah? Hello?
Bernard, it's Nadine. There's an emergency
and I can't reach Serge.
- What?
- I can't reach him.
How's that possible?
Have you tried the radio?
Yes, I've been trying. There's no reply.
Fuck. What's the address?
2 square Emmanuel Chabrier in the 17th.
What should I do about Serge?
Keep trying him
and tell him to meet me there.
- Are you Heart Assistance?
- Yeah. Where is he?
He's there to the left.
But where's your equipment?
It's it's, uh My associate will
He's on his way with it.
So what happened?
We were watching TV,
and then he felt unwell
and he couldn't breathe.
And then he collapsed.
Did you call an ambulance?
No, was I supposed to?
Sir! Wake up, sir!
- Please no,
- Stay with us, Sir. Come on!
- You're gonna be okay.
- This can't be happening.
- Please, help him. Please.
- Come on. Sir, wake up! Wake up!
- Please. You're going to save him, right?
- I'm doing that, ma'am. Sir!
Hold on. Don't give up, huh?
Come on! Fuck!
Open the door. Go on. Hurry.
- Where is he?
- To the left, in the living room.
Move back. Move back.
You're gonna be fine, sir.
- Thank you, guys.
- You're welcome.
He's going to the hospital.
It's okay. He's gonna be fine.
Do you
Do you realize what just happened?
Five more minutes, he'd be dead.
Dead, Bernard.
Fuck, you're insane.
You're fucking crazy, Bernard.
How could I have been stupid enough
to trust you?
You almost ruined my reputation.
Fuck this.
So what happened?
Oh, my love.
I fucked up. It's my fault.
He almost fucking died.
He didn't die.
You couldn't have done anything more.
It's okay, honey. It'll be fine.
It's all over. You understand?
Heart Assistance, it's finished.
Bernard Tapie is finished.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- Nineteen millimeter, please?
- Yeah, here.
Ah! Fuck. Shit!
- Bernard, close the valve first!
- Right.
- Here, take that.
- Thanks. Thanks.
I told you.
Excuse me, gentlemen. Thank you.
Can you drop me at rue Barbusse, please?
Bernard, that's not a good idea.
I know, but it'll do me good. I need it.
Coming in?
I'd rather stay here.
- I'll listen to my show.
- Okay.
I'm done now.
It sounds like your mom's back.
- How are you?
- Yay!
- Doing okay, sweetheart?
- Excuse me. Are you her father?
What do you think?
It's just I'm supposed
to wait until Michelle gets back.
Wanna play Monopoly?
I need your permission
to see my own daughter?
Come on. Let's find Monopoly and play.
Bonus question
for Mr. Gilles Burnelle,
3 Châteaufort Road, Anthony.
One thousand francs at stake here.
In this family of British astronomers,
William is the most famous.
- One, two, three.
- Wait. You can't do that.
- That's cheating.
- Cheating?
- Me, cheating?
- You always cheat.
I'm utilizing the parameters of the game.
It's different.
- No, you're cheating.
- No, I'm not cheating.
Now, hang on.
What What are you playing for?
- To win the game!
- Exactly, to win.
Now, when you wanna win the game,
there are rules,
but there's also a little wiggle room.
You see?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
You better not defend him.
I know you don't approve of his behavior,
destroying everything for that floozy.
Michelle, I don't approve at all.
But Bernard can't live without his girl.
He doesn't deserve this.
It's gone too far.
He's lost everything.
She's all that's left.
He wants to see her.
That's all.
Six, chance.
It says, "Get out of jail free."
Oh, wow.
"This card can be kept until it is used"
- Hi, mom.
- Hello, honey.
- Hi. I'm sorry.
- No, it's fine.
- 4:30 tomorrow?
- Thanks. Bye, Stéphanie.
Stéphanie, go to your room, please.
I need to talk to Dad.
I don't want you guys to shout.
We're not gonna shout, honey. I promise.
Listen to your mom and go to your room.
Go on.
Know what I did today?
I fixed a water heater.
Avenue Foch.
Look where I've gotten myself.
I'm not mad about the judgement,
the rules, or anything. You were angry.
I just want to see her more, please.
She shouldn't pay for my mistakes.
I'll always be here for you too,
if you need me.
If you want.
If you need me.
[somber music playing
Promise me we won't fight anymore.
I promise.
My dad's waiting.
We still have work to do.
Can I tell her goodbye?
- Let's do it one more time.
- Perfect.
- Ready?
- Yes.
- Hi.
- Hey, Bernard. How are you?
I'm fine.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi.
I'll go make dinner.
I should go anyway.
So, I'll leave you guys to it.
I can't wait for tomorrow.
It's gonna be great.
This was a great practice.
Should we get
a drink at Castel's after?
Sounds great.
- Bernard? Caroline's leaving.
- See you, Bernard.
You could at least make an effort.
Do they make an effort with me?
You're the one who said
I should do this audition.
Yeah? What's your point?
You're smoking a lot.
Am I?
Why are you so late?
I stopped at my place.
Well, Michelle's place.
- Oh, yeah? How was it?
- Fine. Fine.
I think soon you can meet Stéphanie.
- That's great news.
- Yeah, yeah.
I was thinking
we could go away for the weekend.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- The beach?
- The beach?
I don't know. The water will be freezing.
We don't have to swim.
What would we do then?
Snuggle in front of the fireplace
we don't have
in the house we don't have?
That we'll never have, actually.
Oh yeah, sounds nice.
Dom, I'm sorry.
- We were great, right?
- Yes.
Wow, I'm still out of breath.
You were great, girls. The team loved it.
Let's run the next scene.
Let's get changed.
Uh, actually, girls,
the Apaches dance topless.
- All right.
- Okay.
Come on, Dom. Who cares?
I care, actually. I'm not dancing topless.
You can be such a prude, honestly.
Let's go. Come on.
Let's go.
You were great. I'd hire you right now.
You look great.
You done already?
- I'm not doing it anymore.
- But why not?
I'm just not, okay?
Wait, but what happened?
- Get back in there. You were enjoying it.
- Stop treating me like an idiot.
I saw the way you looked at me.
How was I looking at you?
What's wrong? Come on. Go back in.
- Dominique, you have to believe
- In my dreams right?
You still believe in yours? Really?
Are you trying to start a fight?
Come on. Tell me what's bothering you.
What's wrong?
- Leave me alone.
- What's your fucking problem?
My problem is
I don't like who you've become.
Well, sorry, honey.
I'm working-class. What can I say?
In the real world, poor people stay poor.
You're not poor. You just gave up.
- Ah, so I gave up? Okay.
- Yeah.
You know what?
Go see your aristocrat friends
who never had to try in the first place.
- Born with silver spoons up their ass.
- You're right.
I will go see them.
I don't want to see you ever again.
Get your fucking boxes.
They'll be outside.
Hey, you two.
What would you do
if you suddenly had ten million
in your bank account tomorrow morning?
- Ten Million?
- Yeah.
We'll never have that much.
Keep dreaming, baby.
Well, if you don't dream,
then you definitely never will.
I know what. I'd put it in the bank.
My dad always told me
you have to make your money grow.
Well, let me just say your dad's a moron.
- I'm sorry.
- Oh!
God, what the hell's your problem?
If you have ten million, you call the bank
and borrow a 100 million.
The more you borrow, the less the bank
can afford for you to fail.
- Ah! That's the technique.
- Yes, exactly.
Just think about it.
The poor are always
too scared of borrowing.
- It's because we're poor, baby.
- I get it now.
I love this song!
"La poupée qui fait non."
- Wanna dance?
- Yeah, let's dance.
What's this version? German?
- I love it!
- Awesome!
- It's weird in German.
- Asshole! Watch out!
- Come over here!
- Did you put this shit on?
No one wants to hear this shitty song.
- Fuck, stop playing!
- What did the jukebox do to you?
- Hey, are you fucking stupid?
- All right!
- Do you have some change?
- What's your problem?
- Give me a franc so I can change it.
- Don't touch me, man. Jackass.
What's wrong with you? Asshole!
You're ruining everyone's night! Go home!
- What's wrong with you?
- Don't touch me.
One franc? Who do you think I am?
There's at least a million
in inventory alone!
What about the subscribers, the clients?
That entire place is a gold mine!
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'd like to see to Mr. Bogaert, please.
- There's someone here to see you.
- Who?
- Your name?
- Bernard Tapie.
- Bernard Tapie.
- Bernard Tapie? Oh no.
I'm sorry.
He won't be able to see you today.
Mr. Tapie, no!
Please! Please! Please!
Sorry, sir. I couldn't stop him.
What is it?
Explain to me
how I can buy a company with this.
- I'll bill you, to be clear.
- Go ahead.
If you're working for Loiseau,
you must be worth it.
I know your reputation.
You find a bankrupt company
willing to sell
their assets and liabilities
for a symbolic franc.
Then, there's a diagnostic phase,
evaluating what doesn't work,
productivity, employee management,
done by the old employer.
It only works, of course,
if they draw an accurate picture
of the company's balance sheet.
You evaluate the activity,
its strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities, risks.
You check the accounts,
stocks, balance sheets, customers,
everything you can about the company.
And after all that,
if you think you can get something,
and haven't been
completely discouraged,
you make a takeover plan
that includes a short, medium,
and long-term financial strategy,
legal expertise,
and a projected balance sheet.
Then you submit that plan to the court,
hoping your reputation is
enough to convince them it's viable.
So I just trawl through the shit
until I find a business that's viable
and a guy who can make a solid file.
- Hmm, that's one way of putting it.
- Why don't you just say that then?
Because I like subtlety. Are we done?
- Tell me what you have.
- Meaning?
You must have
a few companies to take over.
But of course.
I have three shelves full of them.
All total crap.
Can I take a look?
Mr. Tapie, what's your game?
I don't have a game here. I have nothing.
Except this,
which is all I need to conquer France.
Mr. Tapie, I'm sorry. I have work to do.
France will have to wait.
You knew
this guy wasn't right for you.
Bernard is a nice guy.
He has something going for him, for sure.
But let's be honest.
He didn't invest in the relationship.
What did you have planned together?
Oh, I don't know.
We had Heart Assistance.
I'm not talking about business.
I'm talking about life.
Did he ask to marry you?
He could be living some double life.
There are guys that do that, you know.
They tell you what you want to hear.
"You're the love of my life.
I only have eyes for you."
Um, good morning.
Is it a bad time?
No, not at all.
Bernard and I agreed
that he would take Stéphanie
for the first three days of vacation,
so, uh
Uh, yes. Yes, of course.
He should be here soon.
He's out buying things for you, Stéphanie.
everything she needs is in her bag,
and if you could give her
one of her pills before bed
- She's had a cough for a couple of days.
- I will.
Mom, I could've told her myself, you know.
Okay, honey.
I'll come get you on Wednesday, okay?
Come in, sweetie.
Well, uh
Where's Daddy?
Am I disturbing you?
I think I have a way
to pay your consulting fee.
- You stole my check book?
- Better.
- Do want the long or short version?
- Short.
I found two pearls
in this mountain of papers.
- Mm-hmm.
- Diguet-Deny.
A brochure business in turmoil,
crippled with debt, worth one franc.
And Duverger,
a small family printing business.
The boss just died.
Worth nine million francs.
Here's my proposal. I wanna buy the big
business using funds from the small one
and create a paper empire
with one franc and nothing else.
Give me the long version.
So if I understood
your little spiel yesterday,
if I want to buy Diguet-Deny for a franc,
you said the court
needs to trust me first.
- Mm-hmm.
- So why would they trust me?
I have no guarantees, no bank, nothing.
Well, the broke Bernard Tapie sitting here
is not the Bernard Tapie
that will be at court on Monday.
That version of Bernard Tapie
will own the Duverger printing company.
Hmm? A profitable business
supported by a big-city banker.
So how am I going to pull off
this metamorphosis? Hmm?
Duverger is worth nine million francs.
Do I have nine million?
I have nothing. I'm broke.
So here's the great part.
I'm gonna buy Duverger
with money from Duverger.
Their nine million is divided
between a building worth six million
and three million in cash flow.
I go to the widow and tell her that I
don't want the building. She can keep it.
So now I only need three million.
Do I have it? No.
Now this is where the bank comes in.
I go to the bank and borrow 2.5 million.
I go back to the widow, and I negotiate
to get her from three down to 2.5.
She'll accept it, because I didn't take
the six million building, okay?
I take the three million in cash,
I go back to the banker
and give him a check for three million.
He's earned half a mil in one day.
Now, I have a business and a banker
who will follow me anywhere.
I see, and then you go to court and buy
Diguet-Deny for just one franc?
Exactly, except we'll be going
to court together, the two of us.
In one year fine, maybe two,
we're the kings of French printing.
- On paper, that idea is brilliant.
- Yeah.
But there's still a massive problem.
You are prohibited
from running a business.
What if I told you I'd found a solution?
Are you with me?
Oh, really?
Uh-huh, it's true.
And the nanny I had before
was named Élodie.
- Daddy!
- Hey.
- Hey, honey.
- Mmm.
You got a boo-boo.
Uh, I walked into a door. Yeah.
- Want some macaroni?
- Oh yeah, I'm starving. I'd love some.
- Wanna go on a trip?
- A trip where?
- Let's go to the beach.
- Yippee!
I hope you at least managed
to open the door, the way your face looks.
Wide open.
You shouldn't smoke
with Stéphanie in the car.
Just a little one.
I wanna show you something.
Close your eyes.
Are we there yet?
- Keep them closed.
- Okay.
Don't wake her up.
- No peeking.
- No!
Stop it!
Give me your hand.
Now I'm scared.
Come on.
Don't let me fall.
- No peeking.
- I'm not!
Okay, now look.
I was expecting
something a bit more romantic.
Well, that could be ours, if you want.
What? That?
So that is a brochure factory.
It was the pride of the region.
Now it's going under.
And if you want, we can buy it
and turn it around.
We're gonna transform it
into a world-class company.
In a year, we'll buy a house.
In two, a vacation home.
In three, a boat to sail around Greece.
But I can't do it without you.
Because you're not allowed to buy it
and you need my signature?
That's true, but there's more.
It's also our only choice.
What do you want?
Do you want to find a job
in an office with some new Loiseau?
Me to go work with my dad on boilers,
hoping, in 20 years,
I'll have my own shop?
This is your opportunity to become
the boss of a huge business.
- This factory?
- No.
It's me. I'm the huge business.
The two of us, together,
we'll be unstoppable. Unstoppable.
And you know what?
If you say yes, I'll quit smoking.
This very night.
But if I sign, we can't get married.
Will you agree
to take me as your husband
with the blessing
of the great holiness himself,
the commercial court of France?
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