Class Act (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[birds chirping]
[vehicle approaching]
[engine revving]
[tires screeching]
["Star ou rien" playing]
Look, we were in deep shit.
The factory was shutting down.
We were losing our jobs.
[song continues in French]
The last ten years or more, uh,
all we've had are empty promises.
[Tapie] Hello.
- You okay?
- Yes, thank you, my love.
You're getting all three of us.
Mr. Tapie, we need to talk
- Hello.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- My pleasure.
- This is Dominique, the real boss here.
- Hello, ma'am.
- Nice to meet you.
Shall we start at the workshop?
We all said,
"Of all the crazies to show up,
these two are the craziest."
A shot in front of the workshop?
What do you think? That could be nice.
It's nice right?
- [man] Ready?
- Good here?
[man] Yeah.
- All good.
- [Tapie] Let's go.
[François] Mr. Bernard came
and spoke to each of us.
He said, "I won't take a salary until
we've straightened out the business."
"We might have to tighten our belts
for six months,
but I guarantee by Christmas,
you'll get your first bonus in years."
- Did you believe him?
- [chuckles]
Well, yeah, we
we worked our asses off all year
and got that fucking bonus
just like he said.
We we were able
to buy presents for our kids.
W Was that okay, Mr. Bernard?
[Tapie] Come on, François.
- What did I say about "mister"?
- I know. I can't help it.
- [Tapie] There you go.
- [man] Can I get a picture?
- Great.
- I'd like a copy.
- Let's move on. Thank you.
- Thank you, sir. Thank you.
Thank you, François.
You know, it really moves me to hear that.
Because of guys like him,
over the last two trimesters,
we've been able to grow 25%.
Miss Damianos,
I can't get a word with Mr. Tapie.
It's Mr. Couteanceau?
- What does he want now?
- Well, he's had very bad feedback.
The books aren't solid enough
for the students to use.
- If we lose Couteanceau
- I'll talk to Bernard to find a solution.
Not only is Diguet-Deny in the black,
Diguet-Deny is creating jobs.
Fourteen hires in the last four months.
And we're on track to double our growth
by the end of the year.
Not only that, we're diversifying.
We're transforming
the face of this region,
which was completely decimated
by the economic crisis.
It's a working-class region.
You know better than me.
Now, this is interesting.
Now this is a TX 340.
This machine is extraordinary.
There's only five in Europe.
This is all great. Thank you, Mr. Tapie.
There's plenty of things I wanna show you.
Oh, no, no, I I think
we've got everything we need here.
Why don't we grab some lunch?
I can explain our plans.
Oh, no. I'm very sorry,
but we have another story waiting for us.
Right, the cheerleaders from Antouillet.
We should've been there at 11:00.
- All right.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Mr. Tapir.
- I'll send you a copy of the newspaper.
- Okay, great.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
You sure this was a good idea?
Sure it is. To keep growing,
we gotta put ourselves out there.
We're saving France.
Everyone should know about it.
[pigs squealing]
And this is where the hogs end up.
Hard for them to go further.
The process is quick, Mr. Tapie.
Twenty minutes per animal
from arrival to slaughter.
- That's excellent.
- [man] Mm-hmm.
[pigs screeching]
As you know, gentlemen,
the previous owner
misused company assets.
Hence, the liquidation, but this business
is fundamentally profitable.
- Do you mind if I speak to my lawyer?
- No, go ahead, sir.
So what's the catch?
Do you want it in old francs or new?
Just try being straight with me,
for a start.
The financial situation looks bad,
but won't be hard to overcome, really.
It'll be fine.
Is this death factory profitable?
Well, in one year,
you could make 120% profit.
I'm talking a 30-million turnover.
[pigs squealing]
[pigs squealing]
[pigs screeching]
This might sound strange,
but hearing that noise makes me happy.
Yeah, I understand.
Look, the previous owner ruined us.
But we know what you did for Diguet-Deny.
So, let me tell you this, Mr. Tapie.
Give us your trust,
and we'll repay it five times over.
Oh, I'm sure. No doubt.
[pigs squealing]
Your husband sends his heavily
pregnant wife to try and soften me up.
I have to say it's an unusual tactic.
Not at all, Mr. Couteanceau.
As I'm sure you know,
we run the business together,
and I'm here to convince you
to keep trusting us with yours.
Well, the problem isn't you.
It's the books.
They're just not sturdy enough
for today's students.
I'm very sorry about that.
I'm sorry for the state of our education
system too, if I'm being honest.
But let's keep that between us
since the Ministry of Education
is my main client.
We've taken your critique to heart.
This book has been bound
using a state-of-the-art machine
that we just received from the US.
Look, I'm sorry, but I've already agreed
to a deal with the Brocheurs de Sologne.
They've promised us books
that will last several years
with no protection.
Would you mind?
- What are you doing?
- See that?
Not even a scratch.
That's nothing.
That's enough. Please.
I promise you, I could do this all day.
Please. In your condition,
I wouldn't want
Listen, the decision is yours to make.
But this machine is incredible.
It cost a fortune, and we're the only ones
in the European market who have one.
Shall I leave you a copy?
[Nicole] So, let's look at
next year's accounts.
- [Tapie] Sure.
- [Nicole] Okay.
It all depends on Couteanceau,
but either way, we're going to have
to limit spending in several branches.
- Okay.
- In particular, transportation contracts.
Frankly, Vincedon
is no longer competitive.
You know, in today's freight sector
there are lots of new players
ready to negotiate with us.
- Well, that's a good thing.
- [Nicole] It is.
And another difficulty, the cost
you will be paying for training employees
for this TX 340 machine
Buying this machine was necessary for us
to remain competitive in the world market,
but the two trainers
who came last September were pretty bad,
to say the least.
Yeah, really?
- [pigs squealing]
- [bang]
Are you hot? It's hot in here. Right?
- Not really, no.
- Yeah, it's hot.
I've got an idea.
Let's install air conditioning.
I'm not sure we can afford it, Mr. Tapie.
I can add an air-conditioning system
to our future operating costs.
- Hopefully, in the next fiscal year, we
- What'd you dream of doing as a child?
If I tell you that, you'll make fun of me.
No, hang on. I don't make fun of anyone.
Especially not dreams.
I wanted to write novels.
Keep that to yourself.
I've never told anyone that before.
A novelist.
Wow, that's amazing.
- And, well, hey, never too late.
- In my case, I think it might be.
[adventurous music playing]
[Dominique] You should've seen his face.
I thought he would write a check
just to get me out of there.
The important thing is
he agreed to the price
and put in a five-year order.
Aren't you happy about it?
No, it's great.
I save Diguet-Deny,
and that's the reaction I get?
Sorry, it's the visit to the
slaughterhouse this morning. I [scoffs]
What? Is it a bad idea?
Well [scoffs]I mean, it's disgusting.
It's a good business if you want to be
the sausage baron of Normandy.
I can picture it. "The Tapies,
kings of books and brochette."
- [chuckles]
- No, thank you. Not very sexy, is it?
- What are these for?
- [Dominique] The oysters?
- [Tapie] Yeah.
- For an appetizer.
- There's charcuterie. There's pâté.
- [chuckles] What? Pâté?
You're giving pâté to Alexis and Caroline?
Why not? Nicole said it's the best around.
No, baby, we can't.
We're already serving paella.
Okay. Well, next time I'll make
pigeon stuffed with foie gras,
on a bed of citrus fruits.
- [Dominique] Mmm.
- A little caviar as well. How's that, hmm?
[Dominique] Mm-hmm.
[doorbell rings]
- [church bell rings]
- [car doors close]
- [dog barking]
- Hello.
[Caroline] Hello.
[Dominique] Hi.
- How are you?
- Ah, look. Amazing. Thank you.
- I'm good, you?
- You shouldn't have.
Oh, well, I'll enjoy it as much as you.
Wow! This is a nice place.
- Thanks.
- It was a wreck before we redid it.
Ah. You did it yourselves?
Well, no. We hired somebody.
- [chuckles]
- Hey, are they any good?
- [Tapie] Yeah.
- Put me in touch. The château needs work.
[Tapie] Sure, yeah.
- Cigarette?
- Ah, no, I quit.
Now I can't stop stress-eating.
It's terrible.
[Alexis] Mmm.
So, tell me, Alexis.
What are you doing these days?
It's top secret.
- [sizzling]
- Come on. Tell me.
All right, but it stays between us.
Who do you think I'd tell, huh?
I'm buying Wonder.
Wonder batteries?
Yeah, batteries sold around the world.
Still, three rounds of layoffs
in five years They're rolling in debt.
That said, they have broad reach.
- [Tapie] Really?
- [Alexis] Yeah.
So you're in acquisitions now too?
It's very trendy, man.
Right now, it's easier to buy than create.
You're preaching to the choir.
[pensive music playing]
How's it going with the casting?
Amazing. [chuckles]
I'm shooting a commercial tomorrow
for shampoo.
Isn't that funny? I hate my hair.
What are you doing with yours?
- Uh, nothing.
- [Caroline] It looks so dry.
Do you think it's the pregnancy?
And you? How's the novel printing going?
I print school books.
- Same thing, right?
- Uh, no, it's not the same.
But it's good.
The company's solid. We're all good.
That's great.
That's my spices.
Oh shit, I'm sorry.
- [Caroline] Is your pool heated?
- Yeah.
But it's never hot enough for Bernard.
Can I borrow a swimsuit?
I'd love to swim.
- [suspenseful music playing]
- [grunts]
- How is it, baby? Not too cold?
- No.
Cold water is great
for your health, honey.
It firms up the skin.
She loves to show off the tits, huh?
Oh! It's better to go
right in without thinking.
[gasps] What's that?
- [shudders]
- Uh, it's just a hedgehog. It's fine.
- That's horrible.
- It's fine. I'll get it out. Let me just
- [Caroline] Ah!
- It happens.
- [Caroline] Oh. I can't look.
- Let's have dinner.
See? It's gone.
[Caroline] Oh!
Come on.
Her boyfriend slaughters
woodcocks every weekend,
but she can't handle a hedgehog?
[suspenseful music playing]
[Dominique] Bernard, the paella!
Love to stay, but I've got a meeting
first thing tomorrow.
But we'll come again soon.
[Tapie] Anytime.
Have a safe drive home.
- [Caroline] Don't worry.
- [car doors open]
[whirring, beeping]
My hair look okay to you?
[car engine starts]
You're breathtaking, my love.
Never looked better.
Did you know he's buying Wonder?
[Dominique] No. Caroline said
he was working on a big project
that she couldn't talk about.
Big project? It has 10,000 employees.
It's a multinational.
I start doing acquisitions,
and that idiot does the same thing,
except he's got a banker
in his back pocket.
[mysterious music playing]
I'll clear the table.
[gate whirring]
You know what?
[both] We're buying Wonder.
Wonder, the battery maker?
Yeah, Fabien, batteries. Not bras.
You were worried about a slaughterhouse.
Now you wanna go for multinational?
You really think I look like a butcher?
It was never my dream
to exterminate animals.
I'm full of energy, Fabien.
Batteries and I are a perfect match.
Yes, okay,
but it's a completely different world.
Is it possible or not?
Well, it's certainly bold.
Good, that's what we like.
So, Wonder is in liquidation
and who steps up?
Alexis Cléret de Pain-in-my-ass.
Bird shooting champ of Rambouillet.
Up against him,
Bernard Tapie, the savior of Diguet-Deny.
Someone loyal, fair, hmm?
A working-class kid like them,
who promises to put all his energy
into saving every last job.
Method, rigor, and ambition.
That's not all.
Look, I know these companies.
The unions make the decisions, huh?
I just need to figure out
how to get a meeting with them
and then convince them to trust me.
How much will you offer to invest?
Well, my heart and soul.
Plus one franc. A symbol.
Come on, seriously, Fabien.
This is our shot.
It's the heist of the century. Admit it.
Maximum return, maximum exposure.
We're gonna be
the Saint Bernard of French industry.
No pun intended.
Alexis didn't promise just one franc.
So if you want to make a move on Wonder,
then you'll need some capital.
Can we get a loan from the bank?
No, they usually never go
for these big projects.
And, uh, we can't do
yet another admin trick.
However, uh,
there is a solution.
But you're not gonna like it.
Let's see. Tell us.
You sell Diguet-Deny.
We can realize a big profit,
which we could then invest in Wonder.
That's a stupid idea. You're stupid.
It's a family company.
Your nuts.
But, Bernard,
your work there is all finished,
so it's time for us to cash out.
Anyway, for now,
we're just looking at the options.
Okay, listen. Let me look for a buyer.
We don't have to commit to anything.
And that will give you enough time
to approach the union.
[doorbell rings]
- Oh, what on earth are you doing here?
- What?
I can't have dinner with my parents?
Of course you can,
but I haven't prepared a thing.
- We took care of it.
- [Raymonde chuckles] Hi, honey.
[Tapie] Hey, Mom.
- [Raymonde] Hello, Dominique.
- [Dominique] Hi, Raymonde.
- [Raymonde] Do you want these?
- [Dominique] Yes, please.
[Raymonde] I'll grab a plate.
- It makes me happy to read this, son.
- Yeah?
- Thank you, Dad.
- [Jean] I mean it.
[Dominique] I've been busy.
[Raymonde] I can't believe
you're still working.
Are you sure it's good for the baby?
[chuckles] As long as I can get up,
I can't stay at home doing nothing.
[Raymonde] Taking care of your home
and preparing for the arrival of a child
isn't doing nothing, you know.
Oh, of course not.
That's not what I meant, Raymonde.
But, you know,
we have someone to help clean.
You can see the photo's not
- Well
- [Jean chuckles]
Come on. You look handsome.
[Tapie] Keep it. I have a bunch.
- [Jean] Really?
- [Tapie] Yeah.
Oh, well, I'll keep it then. Yes.
- [Tapie] You don't have to frame it.
- No, I won't. [chuckles]
[Tapie] A souvenir.
Do you know the union rep
for the 93rd district?
Why do you ask?
Mmm. I thought you had friends
in the management department.
Girard, yeah. What do you need?
I need a meeting with the union rep
for the workers at Wonder.
Ideally, I would do it with you.
What for?
Well, Dad, we're going to buy Wonder.
[chuckles] That's
We're serious.
You, um
you guys are made for each other.
We just need a meeting
with the union rep for the workers
at Wonder with the right introduction.
But, Bernard,
- It's
- [Tapie] What?
- [Jean] Well, it's huge. It's
- Yes, it's huge. So what?
Didn't we go big in Normandy?
You know?
Why not do the same here?
Even bigger, even better.
There are more jobs to be saved.
[solemn music playing]
- I'll call Girard, but no promises.
- Okay, great.
This is fantastic.
Thank you, Jean.
But aren't you scared of losing it all?
That you're both being too greedy?
In this business, you have to be greedy.
Otherwise, you're the one gets eaten.
The TX 340 is the only one in Europe.
- Ah, did you bring it in from the US?
- Yeah.
All right. [chuckles]
Well, I never thought this sector
could be modernized like this.
It hasn't changed much since Gutenberg.
- Really?
- Uh, well, yeah.
- It can.
- Ah.
- Truth is anything can be modernized.
- Mmm.
It's more about the vision than the means.
Our teams traveled across France
for a whole year,
Now, even the smallest publisher
who wants to bring out a cookbook
or an almanac
knows that they can find
high-quality binding with us
- Hi, François.
- Hi, boss.
at a good price.
- You see?
- Uh-huh.
Up there,
you'll get a good view of everything.
[phone ringing]
[clears throat]
- Yes?
- [Dominique] Hi, Nicole.
Could you meet me in my office?
Of course.
I'll be right there, Miss Damianos.
- [Dominique] Thank you.
- Coming.
Right, well, let's get to the point.
As you know,
I'm simply the intermediary here.
Too bad your clients
couldn't come themselves.
They're very busy at the moment.
The American market is starting
to open up to Asian products.
So they spend their time
in Bombay, New York, and Shanghai.
Well, with that said,
they think that 150 million
is a little overvalued.
I think we could make a deal
at one 120 million.
You should tell your Chinese clients
to invest in rain boots and raincoats.
No, don't worry.
They don't plan on settling here.
It's just the machines
they're interested in.
Well, they want to outsource the factory.
It's becoming more and more common,
which is a shame for us, but
it's good for our bank accounts, hmm?
You know, well,
that is definitely something
that we will need
to discuss amongst ourselves.
- And time to think about it.
- Think about what?
No, it's not happening. No.
I won't abandon my workers like that.
You could offer me 200 million,
and it's still no.
Well, then, uh,
it's a credit to your loyalty, Mr. Tapie.
You're faster now because you don't
take time to wash your hands.
That's okay. We're leaving. Don't worry.
[indistinct chatter]
[Dominique] Mr. Picandet called. He's
agreed to let us draft a new contract.
We need to send him a new quote.
Can you take care of it?
That was Charles Coupant
visiting us, right?
Do you know him?
By reputation, yes.
He's a major businessman in the region.
And he's a politician.
You're going to sell us.
Now that Diguet-Deny is profitable,
you could probably get a good price.
It's only natural.
It's just that it will be
a little hard for us here.
- [groans]
- Oh, Miss Damianos!
What's wrong?
- Is it happening?
- [grunts]
Oh my God, is is it is it
Okay, you just okay, don't move!
I'll go and find Mr
Mr Mr. Tapie! I'll be right back.
Don't go anywhere.
Why would she go anywhere?
Miss Damianos, she
well, she's she's in labor! Mr. Tapie!
Look, Fabien, I buy companies.
I don't destroy them.
I swear, I didn't know
that's what they intended.
- [man] Hey, boss.
- What's up?
I'll find another buyer,
but it might take a while.
No, don't bother. We're not selling.
- Does that mean we forget Wonder?
- Forget nothing. We go back to plan A.
This franc has a few miracles left.
[Nicole] Ah, Mr. Tapie!
I think Miss Damianos is going into labor.
[suspenseful music playing]
- There you go. Watch your step.
- Watch out. Be careful.
- Everything will be fine.
- Wait.
You'll be fine.
- Are you okay?
- [Dominique groaning]
- Should we cover the seat?
- No, no.
- Are you okay, Miss Damianos?
- I think so, yes.
You good?
Boss, you sure you don't
want us to call an ambulance?
Have you seen my car?
You think it's slower than an ambulance?
You got this.
[engine revving]
- [Dominique] He looks like his Dad.
- [boy] I scored, but he moved the post!
[Jean] Shoot! Go, go, go! Yeah!
- My goal! Don't take the credit!
- [Dominique] What do you think?
[Tapie] Come on!
[woman laughs]
Oh, be careful. You're not supporting
his head very well, dear.
- [Nicole] Oh, Raymonde.
- It's true.
- At that age, his neck is very fragile.
- You're right.
[Nicole] Personally, I don't think
I'll ever have children.
You need to have that maternal instinct,
which I really don't think I have at all,
and you have to listen patiently
to everyone's comments all the time.
[gasps] Sorry, Raymonde.
- I don't mean you personally.
- Oh no. Oh, dear, I'm so sorry.
- Can I hold the baby?
- Of course, honey.
[Raymonde] Yes,
but you'll be very careful, won't you?
We crushed them.
[women laugh]
It's true. It's true.
I was destroying everyone out there.
I score, and he thinks he's the king!
- [Raymonde] Oh, such energy!
- [Jean] Thanks.
You know, when your dad was little, we had
to tie him up to keep him at the table.
What are you talking about, Mom?
It's true. So you would do your homework.
It's true, I swear.
No, it's true, yeah.
[Tapie] It's not true!
- The whole neighborhood knew about it.
- You're all nuts.
Well, that explains a lot.
- Don't you start.
- [chuckles]
All right, rematch!
No, Bernard.
Hey, come on, two minutes! Wait!
I'm exhausted. I'm too old for this shit.
- [Dominique] You're so good with the baby.
- Mmm.
- [Raymonde] Careful, honey.
- I saw Girard.
- He's agreed to take us to Wonder.
- You're only telling me now?
Well, you sure it's a good idea?
Dad, this is the idea of the century.
[mysterious music playing]
[man] This way. Follow me.
[Tapie] My project is simple,
It's just one word, safeguard.
Safeguard every last employee at Wonder.
Nobody gets left behind.
My experience speaks for itself.
Look at Diguet-Deny.
We've completely turned it around.
We've modernized all the infrastructure
without losing a single employee.
And now we're a year in and hiring. Voilà.
Okay, so I won't say too much.
My son is old enough to defend himself.
Here's the thing.
I've been in the union now for 34 years,
so the fact
that I've asked you to meet him
shows how much I trust him. I mean it.
I talked to his employees.
It seems he's an honest boss.
That's all very nice, but Wonder isn't
some printing factory in Normandy.
I'm still interested, of course,
but how much are you putting on the table
in terms of investment?
So we'll proceed
in the same way as Diguet-Deny.
We'll start slowly,
and then invest more over time.
How slowly you mean?
So I'll buy you for one symbolic franc.
- [laughter]
- [indistinct chatter]
[Tapie] And then
[overlapping chatter]
- [Tapie] And then
- [woman] One franc?!
- [laughs]
- [man] What?!
- Okay, wait. Hang on.
- [indistinct chatter]
- I expected this. I was expecting this.
- [man] I knew this would happen.
- Just hold on.
- [man] I knew it. No, no, no, no.
I was expecting this reaction.
But in return, I can guarantee,
in writing, to safeguard all of the jobs.
- Oh, you don't say?
- Thank you very much for nothing.
I will then carefully audit Wonder.
[overlapping chatter]
Then we will finally
Let me finish. Let me finish.
After I've been able
to carefully audit the company
and straighten out the finances,
we can start innovating.
I'm sorry, Girard. Do you hear this?
I mean, we respect you a lot,
but who is this idiot?
Cléret is offering 350 million, and we're
supposed to choose this guy for one franc?
Are you hearing this?
- Have you seen the 350 million?
- I mean, come on, not 10,000.
One franc for 4,000 employees.
You know what?
Maybe I should buy Wonder myself.
- [man] Or me!
- And why not? It's a good idea.
- Listen
- [Tapie] It's a very good idea.
Why not? We could all get in, guys.
Let's start a cooperative.
[Tapie] That's a very good idea, ma'am!
Do it.
Wonder's accounts
have been made public.
If you can do that, you'll be fine.
If you can manage it.
You have six months,
maybe 12 of financial stability
to restructure the company
while guaranteeing the jobs.
After after this period ends,
all that matters is
the competence of the manager,
Bernard Tapie. That's the difference.
Mr. Tapie, you could be the most competent
manager in the entire world,
but to guarantee jobs,
you need money to pay wages.
And your competitor has more than you.
Much more than you. I'm sorry.
[woman] What a load of crap.
[man] He's not serious.
- [woman 2] Thank you, sir.
- [overlapping chatter]
- [man] Time to go. Bye.
- [man 2] God!
- [baby crying]
- [Tapie] Sh. You're all clean now.
Sh, sh, sh.
It's all right.
Here. Look. Look.
Look who's here.
A pretty red car.
A Ferrari.
There you go.
- See? It's okay.
- [footsteps approaching]
I don't get where Alexis found
350 million to buy Wonder.
Maybe you're right.
We're punching above our weight.
Yeah, I was wrong.
We're not giving up.
There must be a solution.
Yeah, the solution is the slaughterhouses.
- It's not glamorous, but
- [baby crying]
[Tapie] Oh
Sh, sh, sh.
[mysterious music playing]
Doing the dishes is a man's job now.
- [woman on TV] Marcel!
- Yes, dear?
[woman] Dishes, it's a man's job.
[woman 2] At only 32, Michel Polnareff,
the French pop star,
has joined the American hit parade.
[man] It's quite impressive being
a Frenchman on the American hit parade.
[Polnareff] Yeah, it's great,
especially 'cause because it's America.
I'm pretty happy about it.
I like announcing things
and then making those things happen.
So sad when things don't work out.
[man on TV yells out]
[man 2] Everybody's waiting
for Sheik Issa ben Salmane Al Khalifa
to hold his weekly meeting.
The party's over.
The emir has a long journey ahead of him.
He's inaugurating a French pre-fab
construction plant later today.
Sheik Issa enjoys visiting
the construction sites
and overseeing
the factory's development himself.
He takes decisions
without reading any files or reports.
As the heir of a civilization
based on oral exchanges,
the emir wants
everything explained to him orally.
Thank you very much.
Thank you very much. It's very kind.
[upbeat music playing]
- Hi, Jean-Luc.
- Morning, sir.
- Great work lately.
- [Jean-Luc] Thanks.
[triumphant music playing]
[woman] Hi, Mr. Tapie.
[Tapie] Hello, everyone.
Hi, boss.
- How are you, René?
- Good.
[indistinct chatter]
- Hi, Nicole.
- [Nicole] Hello.
- Got a sec?
- Sure, come in.
Listen. Uh
I heard you think I'm selling to Coupant.
Uh, no, no, I well
[Tapie] Don't worry, Nicole.
I appreciate what you do.
And Dominique does too.
[chuckles] You are abandoning us, then.
Absolutely not.
But, you know, to expand,
I have to look at every option, hmm?
But no, don't you worry.
Don't worry. We won't let anyone down.
I promise.
My dear, Nicole.
If we do expand, that's an if,
would you come with us?
- Yes.
- Good.
Then I have to ask a favor.
I need you to call
Alexis Cléret de Grandval.
- [Tapie] Cléret de Grandval.
- [Nicole] Cléret de Grandval.
We're gonna set an ambush
to steal Wonder from him.
You're gonna tell him
that you're the intermediary
for Rachid ben Saïd Al Maktoum.
He's the emir of Dubai.
Explain you have lots of money to invest
and that you're interested in Wonder.
No need to tell him why.
Tell him you want a meeting.
[sighs] Why can't you do it?
Will you help me or not?
Give me his name again.
Rachid ben Saïd Al Maktoum.
You can just say
"Emir of Dubai" or "Emir Al Maktoum."
Rachid ben Saïd Al Maktoum.
[phone rings]
- Yes?
- Go on.
[Alexis] Hello?
Good day, sir.
I'd like to speak with
Alexis Cléret de Grandval, if possible.
This is he.
Hello, sir.
This is, uh, Nicole Le Carré.
I am the French intermediary
for Emir Al Maktoum, the Emir of Dubai.
My client has heard that
that you've made an offer
for the Wonder factory, and he would like
[clears throat] How shall I say it?
to make you a proposition.
What kind of proposition?
The kind of proposition you can't refuse.
Why don't we arrange
a meeting to discuss it?
You said your client was
The Emir of Dubai.
- [whispers] Rachid
- Rachid ben Saïd Al Maktoum.
The Raphael, tomorrow at 4:00.
- [whispers] Great.
- The Raphael at 4:00.
Perfect, sir.
Thank you for your time. Goodbye.
[horn honks]
[tools whirring]
[horn honks]
[tool clatters on floor]
[Farid] What is it this time?
- Do you know Dubai?
- In the desert?
- Yeah, in Arabia.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? You speak Arabic?
- Yeah, yeah, a little.
Is it the same language in Dubai as in
- Yeah, yeah. Pretty much.
- The same in all of Arabia?
- What's different? The accent?
- There's accents, different dialects.
- The accent is "Dubain"?
- Dubaian.
You think you could do it?
Uh, yeah, with a little practice.
- No time, it's for tomorrow.
- Come again?
[suspenseful music playing]
I'll be right back, okay?
[Nicole] Okay, let's see.
So if he's a Sheik, then
No, that's Oman.
Muscat is in Oman.
Test, test, one, two, one, two, test.
- Are you ready, Nicole?
- [Nicole] Mm-hmm.
- Does it work?
- It works.
Great. Go get ready.
- You good?
- I'm okay.
Don't be intimidated.
You're a business partner of an emir.
- Nothing intimidates you.
- And if he asks me to speak Arabic?
He's not gonna ask that.
Even if he does,
tell him you don't speak Arabic.
How do I explain
how I ended up working for him?
Am I married? Do I have children?
Nicole don't overthink.
You'll be fine. Besides,
Alexis's only interested in himself.
Don't you think
it's going too far, Bernard?
No way. It's foolproof.
Remember the shoot we did
for Heart Assistance? You were great.
- Come on.
- I had fewer lines.
- I need a drink or something.
- [Nicole] Oh God.
Uh, it's probably not the best idea
for a Muslim to smell like alcohol.
It's fine. Emirs drink like fish.
We just need to hear one thing.
Alexis Pain-in-my-ass
wants to sell Wonder to you
despite the fact that you will liquidate
the company and fire everyone. Okay?
We can do this.
- [phone rings]
- [Nicole exhales]
- Yes?
- [man] Mrs. Nicole Le Carré?
- This is she.
- Mr. Cléret de Grandval is in the lobby.
Perfect. I'll be right down.
He's in the lobby.
It's gonna be fine.
Hey, thanks again, man.
[elevator dings]
[Nicole] Mr. Cléret de Grandval?
Yes, that's me. A pleasure.
- Mrs. Le Carré, I assume?
- Absolutely.
- Please, sir, follow me.
- [Alexis] I'd be happy to.
[suspenseful music continues]
Salaam alaikum.
Alaikum salaam.
Here we are. Please have a seat.
[whispering indistinctly]
Something wrong?
Oh, not at all.
My client just told me
he thought you'd be older.
[Alexis chuckles] I'm flattered.
[Farid] Please excuse my accent.
I haven't yet mastered
your beautiful language, I'm afraid.
[speaks Arabic]
You speak it marvelously.
- Lucky I'm here.
- [speaks Arabic]
- [chuckles]
- [Farid speaking Arabic]
This is a custom.
[Farid] There.
The hotter it is,
the higher I go.
It really brings out the mint flavor.
[speaking Arabic]
- Cheers.
- [clears throat]
Shall we start discussing business then?
- Mr. Maktoum?
- Of course!
My client, Emir Al Maktoum,
would very much like to acquire Wonder.
[chuckles] I'm afraid I don't own it yet.
Our sources tell us that soon you will.
His objective is simple.
Relocate the Wonder factories
to the Persian Gulf.
- The Wonder factories?
- [Farid] Yes.
- To Dubai?
- Exactly.
[Alexis] You mean that you want
to set up a battery factory
in the middle of the desert? In the heat?
Better dig mass graves for the workers.
They'll be dropping like flies.
The unions will love that, I'm sure.
Don't play dumb with me.
What's your real plan?
[speaking Arabic]
My client is willing to share
his plan with you.
But you must promise us
that the details of the plan
will remain strictly confidential.
All right, you have my word.
I'm afraid that won't be enough.
We will need you to sign an affidavit.
Very well.
How's that?
- What are they doing?
- Sh!
[Nicole] Great.
As you know,
my client is immensely wealthy.
[speaks Arabic]
From oil.
Yet Dubai is merely a dot
on the international scene.
What my client truly needs
are allies and protectors
in the jungle of the Persian Gulf.
What does that have to do with Wonder?
It has to do
with China, Mr. Cléret d'Grandval.
China?! I beg your pardon?
- Yes.
- [Alexis] China?
- Yes.
- Yes.
[Nicole] Dubai gets its coal from China.
Without this raw material,
all work would grind to a halt.
So in order to keep Peking happy,
my client, the Emir of Dubai,
has decided to offer
the Wonder factory to China.
This would allow them to become
a global leader in energy, mind you.
And even compete with the Americans.
Okay, then why don't they
just buy it themselves?
Well, uh, China has to keep up appearances
in front of the other Communists.
Offering the Wonder factories
as a gift from the Emir is
an excellent diplomatic gesture.
We're offering you 400 million
in three installments.
We know you were planning on buying
the factory at 350.
Our proposal is as follows:
you trick the union by buying the company.
Then you hand it over to us discreetly
in a few months.
Take some time to think about it,
of course, but
with a few signatures you could earn
as much as 50 million francs.
[baby crying]
What's wrong with him? Go check.
That is my small son.
He's in there with my third wife.
I have several.
[in Arabic] Everything okay, Yasmine?
- [in English] I'll check.
- Yes, check. You hear him cry?
Well, that's boys for you.
Inshallah, prince or soccer player.
- [chuckles] All right then.
- [Farid] Inshallah.
Future prince of Dubai. Yasmine, hey!
I think he's fallen back asleep.
- Yes, he's fine. He's fine.
- He's excited for the deal.
[speaking Arabic]
So, Mr. Cléret de Grandval,
do we have your agreement here?
It's very tempting,
but I need to think about it.
Would you mind if I spoke to my lawyer?
- Your lawyer? What do you
- [speaking Arabic]
His lawyer.
Always there's a lawyer somewhere.
[speaking Arabic]
No, Mr. Grandpré. We are done.
[speaking Arabic]
In my country, lack of respect.
[speaking Arabic]
I have a private jet leaving tonight.
I'm going to see Mr. Borugiba,
the president of Tunisia.
- Uh
- [speaking Arabic]
Nicole [speaking Arabic]
- Thank you. Goodbye. I have to go.
- No, wait. Hold on, please. Sit down.
Please, sir, sit down.
No need to get upset like that.
Since you were honest with me,
let me do the same for you.
You have been well-informed.
I have proposed an investment plan
of 350 million to the Wonder union.
But I don't have the money.
I made a deal with Landrin,
the former shareholder.
We came up with the plan together.
The idea was to buy Wonder
by making the unions think
we had big investments coming.
That way the bank
would provide guarantees.
We planned to close the Lisieux factory
and sell off the equipment.
But we planned to keep Saint-Ouen
and then gradually fire the highest paid.
But if you're proposing
a simple relocation to China,
it's hard for me to turn it down,
especially for the amount you're offering.
If you put your faith in us,
there won't be a single layoff at Wonder.
[Tapie] Who's going to buy Wonder, huh?
Who's the best? Your Daddy!
Ah, stop it.
You're gonna scare him. Don't.
No, my son's not scared of heights.
Well, I have to say, I'm amazed.
I mean, I don't condone the approach,
but I'm very satisfied with the result.
Didn't you want to liquidate Diguet-Deny?
And lay off thousands of French workers?
This is win-win.
[optimistic music playing]
- We never could've done it without you.
- Oh.
- No wonder you wanted to write novels.
- I told you not to tell.
Uh, Nicole, start packing your things.
You're coming to Wonder.
It would be my pleasure.
[man on TV]
A new twist in the Wonder saga.
A young entrepreneur, Bernard Tapie,
has surprised everyone
by taking on the troubled battery giant
at just 35 years old.
Today, he received approval
from Wonder's board of directors
and should begin his position next Monday.
Gilbert Géhin reports.
[man 2] "Wonder batteries can be trusted.
They remain charged until needed."
That's the famous slogan that brought
so much success to the well-known brand.
But that success is in the past now,
as today the company is struggling.
The situation is so dire
that the company owners
called on Bernard Tapie,
who, as of yesterday,
is Wonder's new president.
["Bernard's Song (il est de nulle part)"
[baby cooing]
[funky music playing]
[song continues in French]
What are you doing here?
[baby babbles]
[baby crying]
[baby continues crying]
How could you do that to Alexis?
And don't act innocent.
I can understand Bernard being jealous.
I can understand him, not you.
We're in the same game as you.
And you lost. That's all.
You shouldn't take it personally.
[pensive music playing]
[baby babbles]
[overlapping chatter]
[microphone feedback]
[Tapie] So? How's it look?
[Jean] Of course, it's packed.
Bernard Tapie is speaking.
My son, the boss of Wonder.
- Uh, I just can't believe it.
- Well, neither can I.
- [Fabien] Bernard.
- Yeah?
- We gotta talk.
- What? I can't enjoy myself a little?
- No, there's a problem.
- What?
We need to push the press conference.
Nicole just checked the accounts.
There's an enormous hole in the finances.
Landrin fudged the numbers.
Wonder is in debt.
How much?
Hundred fifty million.
[Tapie] Oh, fuck.
- Old francs?
- New francs, Dad. New.
We're not pushing anything.
We'll take them to court.
Of course,
but that won't get us 150 million.
What? You want me to get on stage
and tell people we're cutting jobs?
I made a commitment.
I'll look like a liar.
I'll never live it down.
Bernard, you know what you have to do.
Wait. What is he talking about?
This guy wants to buy Diguet-Deny
and relocate the whole thing to Asia.
- But you can't do that.
- I know, Dad.
I said that from the beginning.
Well, Bernard, I gotta say this.
You're at a crossroads.
What do you want, hmm?
Do you wanna be a captain of industry
or a little boss in a little office?
You can't be both.
That's the choice. This is the game.
This is what happens.
It's just business. It's cruel.
So either you open this door
and take on all of France,
or go back to Normandy
and stick to projects your size,
like slaughterhouses.
[Jean] He's right, son.
It's better to be honest
and say you're pulling out.
Maybe this was too big for you.
[door opens]
[overlapping chatter]
I'm sorry, Dad.
["Star ou rien" playing]
[man singing rock music in French]
[indistinct chatter]
I'll answer all the questions.
Bernard Tapie, how did you
pull off the coup of the century?
[Tapie] I will answer all of you.
Hello, everyone.
[audience] Hello.
That was a welcome
worthy of Frank Sinatra.
[audience laughs]
[Tapie] Don't worry.
I won't try to do what he does.
I'll tell you a little secret though.
I'm not quite sure he could do what I do.
[audience laughs]
All right, then.
By buying Wonder,
I'm realizing my childhood dream.
Me and my team are gonna work hard
to not only make this company
a benefit for society,
but also a global leader
in the battery market.
Mr. Tapie, do you have
a solution for this crisis?
I have a solution to Wonder's crisis.
We'll have to see about the rest.
[reporter] Mr. Tapie,
are you planning to eliminate jobs?
No, sir, be reasonable and do not insult
the employees at Wonder, please.
Bernard Tapie, buying Wonder
is the coup of the century.
No, sir, this is not a coup.
This is simply a takeover,
one that shows my determination to save
one of the pillars of French industry.
People are saying
you have a future in politics.
- Who said that?
- [reporter 2] A lot of people.
Really? Well, send them my love.
[audience laughs]
[dramatic music playing]
What do you wear when you go to bed?
What do I wear when I go to bed?
Uh, my courage across my chest.
[audience laughs]
[dramatic music continues]
[upbeat music playing]
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