Class Act (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

- What about our jobs?
- We've had enough!
- Where is Tapie? Where's the boss?
- Excuse me.
- We wanna see Bernard!
- Look, I'm the one here, okay?
- Talk to me!
- We wanna see Tapie. Where is Tapie?
- I hear you.
- Where's the boss?
- Calm down.
- We wanna see him!
- Where is Tapie?
- Where's the crook?
Please, just Well, Mrs. Leduc?
What do we do now?
I've spoken to Mr. Tapie over the phone.
Can we discuss this in my office?
No, we wanna talk to him.
We want to see him!
He's given me full authority
to discuss this calmly with you.
- Calmly, you say?
- Get him out here!
He's run Wonder
for eight years and done nothing.
Hundreds of jobs are at stake here,
and you expect me to be calm?
Fuck no!
We don't want to see you.
We want to see him,
the man who promised
there wouldn't be a single layoff.
Zero! That's what he said!
Well, unfortunately,
he's not available today.
- You know that as well as me.
- Bullshit!
What a surprise!
He'd much rather strut around on TV!
I'm sure his ass looks great on TF1!
We wanna see him here.
We want Tapie, not you!
This plan was designed
by Mr. Tapie to keep Wonder going!
- Why wouldn't you trust him to do that?
- Why do you think?
Mrs. Leduc,
he's not coming.
He's never coming.
I'm the one you have to deal with now,
for everyone's sake.
Is that so?
Let's go.
Where are you going?
- Ah, it's Stéphanie, hey!
- Morning, Dad.
I just had an awesome idea in the shower
for the show.
- Guess.
- Another?
What could you have missed
after three months of preparation?
Take a guess.
- Well?
- A new panelist?
No, that's all set.
Hmm, a cartoon?
Not a cartoon. You watch too many as is.
- Hey!
- You won't get on TV just by watching it.
No, honey, he's only ten!
- Nothing? No clue?
- Mm-mmm.
Think about it. What would be
the best opener for a show like this?
- Hmm.
- Success.
Of course!
- Success.
- Sir, your delivery's downstairs.
Ah! Come with me. Come on. Hurry.
Let's go. Let's go!
- We're coming!
- Okay, Mr. Tapie.
It's for
No, wait! Hold on. It's a surprise.
Let's open it in the living room.
Is that a real Picasso?
Of course it's a real Picasso.
Are you kidding?
Well, what do you think, honey?
Uh, my drawings are better than that.
You're right,
but they're not as expensive.
- I don't wanna know what it cost.
- Art's exempt from the wealth tax, so
This morning, in the shower,
I had this fantastic idea for the show.
- Oh, yeah?
- We start with a tracking shot on me.
I step into the light, mic in hand,
everybody thinks I'm gonna speak, right?
But then, instead of beginning the show
with a speech, I start singing, huh?
- Et cetera, et cetera.
- That's your great idea?
Wait, I'm not done. So, while I'm singing,
we'll have the showgirls from the Lido
twirl behind me.
Call them, please.
We throw in a little smoke
to add some mystery.
"Hey, what's this? Something's happening!"
At the end of the song,
we need a big finish.
I'm thinking fireworks or pyrotechnics!
We need to amaze them.
Applause, applause,
applause, applause, applause.
Then, Sylvestre, we have you come in,
during the applause, riding in your chair.
- In it?
- Well, yeah.
This is the big reveal
of your amazing invention,
a next-generation electric wheelchair
that will revolutionize society.
And to prove it,
you'll stand up and fucking walk!
- Voilà.
- Okay.
I mean, are they gonna be amazed or what?
I won't tell you to stand and walk.
That's a bit
I'm not a megalomaniac, right?
So, no, I won't say that.
And you The idea is that it's a miracle-
And you walk towards me up here.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
Great. Remember
to watch your step with the chair.
Stand here with me and introduce yourself.
My name is Sylvestre.
I'm the inventor
of a new electric wheelchair
or, you know, a next-generation
- And, uh, I hope that by doing this show
- With Mr. Tapie.
With Mr. Tapie, sure.
You can just say, you know,
"I hope to raise the funds to produce
and sell my chairs around the world."
Around the world.
Great. Then you go back over there.
Applause, applause,
applause, applause, applause.
And then the show starts.
We bring in the panel.
Then the first round.
Then for the talk back with Sylvestre,
he'll answer some random questions
from members of the audience.
We're done!
This is gonna be great.
I'll have the sound engineer
set up for lip-sync.
What lip-sync? I don't need any backup.
Oh no, this is a logistical nightmare
already as it is.
You ever heard
Belmondo ask for a stuntman?
He's right, Bernard.
You've never sung live before.
Never sung live before? That's not true.
Mr. Tapie?
You have a call in your dressing room.
Okay. We rehearse in 30 minutes.
Get everything ready.
Get everything ready? Is he serious?
Dad, can I be on stage with you
when you sing your song?
Well, we'll have to see, buddy, huh?
Maybe you could sing it instead of me.
Are you really sure about the song?
Well, yeah. Why?
It sort of blurs the message.
The idea is to encourage
people to be entrepreneurs, no?
The song is about a life of success.
Who wouldn't be inspired by that?
I think it's a risk.
Since when are we afraid to take risks?
Come on, Victor.
- Yes?
- Hello, Bernard.
Ah, Nicole. How's it going?
I'm still at Wonder.
They're really worked up here.
Then calm them down.
The last thing I need today is a scandal.
They've been on strike
for ten days
I've been working on this show
for three months,
so you need to go out there
and calm them down.
Time to act like a real boss.
What's this?
This redundancy plan is
for their own good. Explain that.
No, no, no, don't touch that honey.
- A group of them have left.
- That's for Dad.
I don't know where they're going,
but I'll find out.
- You can trust me.
- Thanks. Bye.
And good luck today.
Counting on you.
I hope she's got it,
because we've got
a hell of a day with these changes.
Why are they already here?
I told them they could come early.
Why would you do that?
Your mom wanted to watch the rehearsal.
Fine, but you know my dad. He hates this.
He's gonna criticize everything.
I'll get three more lectures
about Diguet-Denys.
Oh God. They look so much bigger on TV!
I hope that's not genetic.
Do I look fat in white?
The sweater makes me look fat, for sure.
- You look fine.
- You could've said something.
- Now it's my fault?
- Come on. I look like a whale.
Hey, Dad! Mom!
- Ah!
- How are you?
- Grandma!
- Ah, Victor!
I'm so glad you were able to make it.
We wouldn't have missed it
for the world.
- I believe you. How are you, Dad?
- How are you, Raymonde?
Why aren't you wearing
the suit I got you?
Ah, I feel better in this. It's more me.
- Okay.
- You look great.
Well, you're right on time.
We're about to start rehearsals.
I'll introduce you to Sylvestre.
You're gonna love him.
- Bernard?
- Yeah?
I finally made a deal with the Lido.
The dancers are on their way.
Oh, okay. Great.
Dad, did Mom explain
the concept of the show to you?
Well, a little.
Fifteen million people will be
watching tonight. And it's all live.
No room for mistakes.
Our guest is Sylvestre.
He invented an electric wheelchair
and needs funding to start his business.
So we have a panel.
They'll analyze the financial
and industrial viability of the project.
Then we call the banks.
They crunch the numbers on their end.
And ideally, he leaves with a business
that's ready for action.
And what does that
have to do with the Lido dancers?
If it were up to my dad, they'd play
Stalin's funeral on TV every night.
I mean, it is a little
It's a little what?
- Well, are you sure about the dancers?
- Are you jealous or what?
Dominique used to dance, you know.
She used to be an Opera rat.
And then they made her quit
because her breasts were too big.
Dance is a cruel world.
It's absolutely ruthless.
All good, Sylvestre?
How's it rolling? Pun intended.
I'd like you to meet my parents.
My mom and dad.
- Hello.
- Hello there.
Hello, sir, ma'am.
I've got a little problem,
but it should be fine.
- We can't have any problems today.
- Can we go see the stage?
- This is electric?
- Oh yeah, and it's not just electric.
It's a revolution,
because it'll cost three times less
than its competitor
when it's produced at scale. Right?
- I hope so.
- Can you give us a demo?
Just wait. This thing's super fluid.
There's a guidance system
for direction and speed control.
Can you see how fluid it is?
That's amazing.
Yeah, it almost makes you
want to be handicapped.
- Look at that.
- Well done.
- What do you call that? A joystick?
- Exactly, a joystick.
- Like for a video game.
- Oh no!
Look out!
You good? Oh God.
Be careful.
There's no time to mess around.
- Just a fuse.
- Yeah.
- Are you okay?
- Did you hurt your knees?
- I'm fine.
- You sure?
- Need to check everything.
- Excuse me.
- Mr. Tapie, can I have your autograph?
- Yeah, of course.
- Oh, thank you!
- Who's it for?
Uh, my mom.
She loves you. She's a big fan.
- Bernard? What are you doing?
- Yeah?
- We're live in six hours.
- I'm coming.
You screwed up the schedule
with this song.
- What song?
- You'll see.
- Are you coming for the rehearsal?
- You go ahead. I'll catch up.
You know, I didn't really want to come,
if I'm being honest.
But Raymonde insisted, so
Yes, I know.
I'm glad she did.
See you later?
I'll take care of this.
Let's tighten the bolts.
Seriously, these lyrics are awful.
Hey, I need a wide shot of the dancers.
- Cut! Cut!
- What is it now?
Sorry, Bernard, just a second. Eva!
Eva! Hey, are you listening to me?
I asked for a wide shot of the dancers,
you're giving me a close-up of Bernard.
We don't have all day to redo this
15 more times!
Sorry. Uh, I'm sorry.
If you can't concentrate, then get out!
- I can find a replacement anywhere.
- She gets it.
- Okay, one more time.
- My entrance?
Dancers, let's take it from the top.
All right, from the top. Start the smoke.
Sorry, Gérard. Cut! Wait. Cut.
Hey, Dad! Listen. Ugh.
- Huh?
- I can't do it. You're throwing me off.
- Sorry.
- No, I'm listening, Bernard.
I know it's taking a while, but I can see
you're there counting the projectors.
I can't concentrate.
Honestly, I'd rather you just left.
I'm sorry.
- Oh
- Okay then.
- I'll go.
- Okay.
All right, let's start from
from the chorus. Skip the entrance.
That'd be nice.
- What is it now?
- What the hell was that?
- Bernard!
- Stay calm.
The Wonder employees are here.
I tried to call, but there was no answer.
Mom, can you take Victor
to my dressing room?
Yes. Yes. Come quick! Come on, honey.
just stay in position for now.
I hope nobody's hurt.
That would be a disaster.
What happened?
The Wonder employees are here,
and they've blown something up.
Sorry. Thank you.
Wonder is angry!
- Let us in!
- Come out here, Tapie!
She's just what I need today.
That was a serious bomb.
Dad, you shouldn't be here.
Wait in my dressing room with Mom.
- You need to talk with them, or they'll
- Dad.
What if they throw another bomb
or something? What then?
They're not terrorists.
They want you to hear them out.
I've been trying to listen,
but they're very tough.
If you do nothing, it'll only get worse.
What can I do? I've been working
all morning. I've got too much shit to do.
- Well?
- The police are sending a riot unit.
Okay, great.
The police will sort this out in no time.
- You're siccing the cops on them?
- Dad, like it or not, I'm the boss, okay?
No one calls me out.
Especially not with a bomb.
I see.
When your people want to talk to you,
you go clown around with your dancers?
Come on out!
Good luck.
- Did you just call me a clown?
- Yes, I did.
And what would you do?
Go out and talk to them?
Yeah, and what would you
tell them, Dad? Huh?
Hmm? You have no idea.
You don't
because you've never managed a business!
But you never shut the hell up, huh?
I might be a clown,
but at least I help people dream.
Who do you help, huh?
- At least I know who I am.
- Oh, are you sure?
Are you sure about that?
I'll tell you who you are, huh?
You're a
My voice is gone! My voice is gone!
- What do you mean?
- We'll call a doctor right away.
We'll fix this.
My voice is gone.
What do we do? Asshole!
And all done.
You'll be all right.
I've seen a lot worse.
By tonight, you'll have your voice.
The cortisone will kick in,
but you should try not to speak
until at least eight o'clock.
- I can't speak until eight o'clock.
- Mr. Tapie!
You have to sing and you lost your voice.
It's called stage fright.
This guy. Stage fright? Are you doctor?
I've seen a lot worse.
Couple of years ago,
I treated Polnareff in Bercy.
I gave him a shot five
minutes before his show and bam!
"Goodbye Marylou."
Yeah, well, he doesn't need a shot
in his ass to sound like a fairy.
Mr. Tapie, you really shouldn't talk.
But Dad, how are you gonna sing
if you've lost your voice?
We'll do what we should've done
and use the lip sync.
We would've saved time, and your Dad
would still have his voice now.
No, no, I'm not lip-syncing.
I'm not a fraud.
Happy now?
You want me to talk to them now?
Okay, Bernard, that's enough.
Come on. Let's go.
Go talk to him.
- It's useless. He's angry.
- Well, I'm angry too.
So go to him and find a solution.
If things go badly tonight,
you'll have to fix it with me.
Why are you mad at Daddy, Grandpa?
Oh, it's nothing, kiddo. It's just
your daddy can be dramatic sometimes.
But it's really nothing serious.
Hey, hey, oh, oh, oh!
My ears are working fine!
- Bernard.
- I'm dramatic, huh? I'm dramatic?
Bernard, your voice! Please!
What does that make him? Huh?
- You need to gag him.
- Give me a break!
Okay, I'll do it!
I can't wait
for this day to be over.
I'm never gonna get him in shot.
I keep laughing too hard.
Hey, I just thought of something.
- Yes, oh!
- What a loser!
I know man, seriously.
We want Tapie!
We want Tapie! We want Tapie!
We want Tapie! We want Tapie!
We want Tapie! We want Tapie!
That looks great, guys.
I'm putting you over here.
Did Mom
Did Mom send you here?
How did you guess?
You're right though. I am a clown.
No, you're not.
What do you mean?
You said it yourself.
I was angry.
Look at what you've built in your life.
I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about what people think.
I'm not an idiot.
I know what they say.
That I'm vulgar, a social climber,
new money, that I've got no class,
all that shit.
I've always been proud of our family.
Proud to have grown up in it.
I've always been proud of you,
of where I'm from.
And I've never forgotten you.
I've never pretended to be someone else.
- I'm not an asshole, Dad.
- I know that.
Bernard. Bernard, can you
come to the stage please? Thank you.
Can I remind everyone
that we're going live in five hours.
This guy's a dick.
You guys look relaxed
considering there'll be millions of people
watching tonight.
Let's look alive, people!
- Well, then
- Don't worry, Gérard. I'm on it.
- I'll let you work, hmm?
- Sure.
Wait. No, no, no, no, no.
- You good?
- Yeah.
I know you don't wanna hear
what I'm gonna say.
You know I love the song,
but maybe we should do to the old intro.
A bit more classic.
Don't worry.
You'll still have your lasers.
Where's Dominique?
People, come on!
I need your help, Dom.
Are you kidding me?
You realize
how you've been acting all day?
I do. You're right. I'm so sorry.
I'm under pressure.
There's so much on my mind. I just
I just need you.
I go wrong without you.
Uh, sorry. Excuse me.
Uh, have you seen the wheelchair guy?
We really need him on stage right now.
I'll find him.
Thank you.
I'll meet you there.
Thank you.
- Let's go.
- Okay. Thanks.
Grandpa, are they going to hurt Daddy?
Oh, no. They just wanna talk,
and they're very angry.
When I worked, I did the same thing,
so I understand.
Why don't you talk to them?
- Well?
- No change.
It's disgusting, what they're doing.
Your son may have his faults,
but this show could do a lot of good.
Tapie! Asshole!
Why did he choose you?
I don't know. He never told me.
He and I got along right away.
- My dad did heating, like you.
- Sylvestre?
- Yeah?
- We need to go. Everyone's waiting.
Let's go. Come on, dear.
You know, that Gérard scares me,
shouting at everyone with his microphone.
It'll all be fine. You'll see.
Jean? You coming?
Bernard really needs you.
No one here's against humanity!
Come on, Leduc.
- You can't keep this up.
- We can!
Be reasonable.
You know this won't end well.
No, I expect it won't.
If he doesn't come out,
we're going to fuck up his show!
He's going to come out!
He is!
He just has some things to approve first.
- Well, we'll wait then.
- It doesn't have to be
- Oh, look. It's Dad!
- Hey, where's your son, huh?
Mr. "My son is an honest manager."
I bet he sleeps like a baby in silk sheets
now that his son has made it big.
Very funny.
I've had the same cotton sheets
since the day I got married, okay?
Okay, Mr. Tapie, I think
it's best you stay inside.
No, no, no, no!
We'd rather he stay and chat with us.
- My son can't come out.
- Why not?
Okay, okay. All right!
If you have a message for him, I'm here.
I'm listening.
Excellent idea.
Let's discuss it in the camper.
Hold on. Hold on. Jean
- It's fine. I'll be fine.
- No, just stay here.
Jean, you should stay here!
You can tell your boss if he wants
his father to watch his little TV show,
he can come talk to us.
Or else, we'll keep him all night.
- What?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah, that's right.
- You won't get anywhere by kidnapping him.
We received hundreds,
even thousands of projects.
And I, Bernard Tapie, chose one.
You're probably wondering, "Why him?"
I already know how great
this idea is, because I chose it.
Now, Sylvestre, it's up to you
to convince the viewers
- I won't say it like that.
- Right. Of course.
esteemed panel of experts
that your idea can sell,
that you deserve to receive
the financing to develop it.
Sylvestre, I invite you now
to approach the panel.
- Perfect.
- Take the mic.
On the left,
we have our panel of experts in marketing.
And on the right, we have finance.
Sylvestre, your presentation should
be no longer than three minutes, okay?
- Yeah.
- Make it upbeat and confident.
- Hello
- And look at the camera.
The camera. Camera two? In front.
So, uh, first of all,
thank you for choosing my idea.
- We know you were. I just said that.
- Gérard, stop with the condescending tone.
Make him feel at ease.
It's part of your job.
Shit, this jerk's
gonna wreck his voice after all.
All right, once again. Action!
Hello. My name is Sylvestre,
and I'm here to present to you
my elec my electric wheelchair,
which is entirely next-generation
- Hurry. They took your Dad. Come with me.
- What are you talking about?
Wait. Is he really leaving set?
- What's going on? Should I keep going?
- No, we're taking a break.
- What are you doing?
- They've taken my dad hostage.
And where are you going now?
He's going to get him.
Bernard, the doctor told you not to speak.
He can't just leave him.
What's going on? Is this a joke?
- I told him not to go, Bernard.
- It's not safe to go out, sir.
There he is!
Wish me luck.
Calm down! Everyone, calm down!
Honey, can you go
to the dressing room with Grandma?
- Mm-hmm.
- We'll see you later, okay?
It's over. Shit!
After a fuckup like this,
I'll never work again.
I'm finished.
You gonna cry?
You've been acting
like Bernard's lapdog all day,
but the moment things get tough,
you give up on him?
No, you're a professional.
You find a solution
so we can keep rehearsing.
Without Bernard?
Yes, that's right.
- Give us our jobs back!
- You liar!
These are our jobs! These are our lives!
Hey, Bernard! What happened to my job?
I can't hear you.
Quiet down! Hey! Oh!
Quite down! Whoa!
You're proud now, aren't you?
He with you?
You wanted to talk, so let's talk.
- Let me in.
- We can't hear you!
- Otherwise, I'll go.
- Oh, don't start.
- You okay, Dad?
- Mm-hmm.
- Go back to Mom. She's worried.
- I'm staying with you.
Stuck here with us, Nicole.
Are you kidding me?
Okay, Gérard. Just calm down.
As it is, he can barely talk anyway.
- What's left to rehearse?
- Everything. Everything without Bernard.
- What if he doesn't come back?
- Of course he's going to.
In the meantime, we keep rehearsing.
I'm not a magician here.
What do I film? A ghost?
Now you're all starting to piss me off.
- Mom?
- Yes, honey.
When's Dad coming back?
He he's still working.
He'll be back very soon.
Will he be back in time?
Guy Lux wouldn't have acted like this!
So what now?
- Shall we start?
- Start what?
We've been rehearsing all week.
I know his lines by heart.
I'll stand in for Bernard. Let's go.
- It'll be great!
- Yeah.
This is quite a pickle, Mr. Tapie.
I admit these aren't our normal methods,
but I'm glad
we finally have a chance to talk.
Yeah, we can talk.
We can talk about your Soviet methods.
Oh, please.
What about your American management style?
Go on. Have a seat.
I'll be honest with you, Mr. Tapie.
You've really screwed me here.
On one hand,
I'm here to defend our workers.
But on the other, if I mess up your show,
my dad will never forgive me.
He adores you.
Oh yeah?
He says you're the only one
who tells it like it is.
Well, what are we fighting for then, huh?
I'll tell you what.
I'll send a car for him. That way
he can come and watch the show.
Yeah, I'll do him one better.
I'll send him my own car.
Huh? He'll be here in no time.
What's his address, if I may?
Acacias Cemetery, Saint-Ouen.
Under "Michelet," plot 6A.
Years in a factory takes a toll.
Add on an unfair dismissal, hmm?
Everything will be fine.
- I feel better with you.
- Good. Okay, here we go.
Gérard? Hi. Can you hear me?
I can hear you. Let's go.
Good. Here we go.
- Let's start.
- Okay.
We received hundreds,
even thousands of projects.
And I, Bernard Tapie, selected one.
You may be asking why I chose this one.
Simple, because it's great.
And I should know, because I chose it.
So, Sylvestre, now it's up to you
to convince the viewers,
as well as our esteemed panel of experts,
that this project can sell,
that you deserve the funds to develop it.
So please make your way over to the panel.
On the left, we have the marketing
Eva, zoom in on Sylvestre.
Zoom in close. That's it.
I want to see his cheap tie.
Uh, first of all, I'd like to thank you
for giving me
the opportunity to speak, uh
Louder. Louder, Sylvestre!
- And get to the point.
- Right. Of course.
In 1978,
after seeing my mother lying in bed
following a serious car accident
No, no. Sorry, Sylvestre.
No car accidents. It makes people nervous.
- Gérard?
- Yes?
Do you want to be ready by 8:00 or not?
Well, yes, obviously.
Then would you mind shutting the fuck up?
Press your buttons and stop interfering.
Yeah, Mom!
Let's carry on.
You know exactly how much effort
I've put into Wonder over the years.
That company is my crown jewel.
I took an enormous risk acquiring it.
You're so in love with it, you made
a redundancy plan without our input.
You refuse to understand that
without profitability, there are no jobs.
You think we don't know that?
Do you think we're so stubborn
we'd just sink the boat we've been rowing?
of course that's your only goal.
Aren't you ashamed? Tell me, Jean. No?
Watching your son try to get us arrested
after working for a living
your whole life?
Well, how do you think I feel?
Of course I feel bad.
So there, I said it. Now what? Huh?
Do we keep shouting
and insulting each other?
There's a man back inside,
and he's a worker's son.
He's invented an electric wheelchair.
You can say what you want about my son,
but tonight he's giving that man a chance.
I'm not taking sides.
My son, here,
he already knows exactly what I think.
But I'd like it if, this once,
we put it all on the table
so that this guy in there
gets his chance at a future too.
So come on! Get to work!
For fuck's sake! Is it really that hard?
Can you get the investor panel in frame?
Can someone get the flip chart?
Put it there, in the middle.
Bob? Bob.
We need to shoot
the marketing from that side.
- Okay, what's left?
- Just the finale.
The final sequence?
Okay, perfect. Thanks.
No, no, Sylvestre,
you need to get out of the chair.
- Sure.
- Yes, there we go.
Stand over there.
That's not the right place.
It should be more like
There. That's perfect.
Okay. Are we done?
Gérard? It's not working. Gérard?
Ah. Is that okay? You good?
Okay. Let's go.
I am delighted to welcome
Sylvestre Dufour.
Sylvestre, can you tell us a little more
about you and your project?
My pleasure, Bernard.
Thank you for having me.
Uh, my name is Sylvestre Dufour,
and I have designed
a next-generation electric wheelchair.
Okay, I agree to the 39 early retirements,
so they're off the list.
How many people
do you think would be willing
to go work for another Tapie company
outside Paris?
Well, we can ask on Monday,
but I doubt more than 50 of them will.
Okay, we'll say 60.
I know, but at least then we'll have
a solution for 100 of them.
Still not enough I need more
to keep the Saint-Ouen factory open.
Sounds like your problem!
I'm not just giving you workers for free!
Look, Sandrine, I don't have the strength
to explain the whole situation.
- Do you mind if I call you Sandrine?
- You can if you like.
I know what you think of me.
I know you think I'm unscrupulous.
But, you know,
when I make a show like this
or when I buy a company like Wonder,
there's an element
of personal satisfaction.
I mean, if you make a good deal with me,
there's personal satisfaction
in it for you too.
It's not wrong.
And the satisfying part
is being able to save these jobs,
being able to help people.
You're talking like a politician.
I don't trust you
any more than I trust them.
But why? Because I have a nice car,
a nice house, is that it?
Mr. Tapie, be honest with me.
This show,
are you doing it to satisfy your ego
or is it really just to help a good guy
get his business off the ground?
I've never seen those things
as mutually exclusive.
And what if they are?
Real people
have real problems, Mr. Tapie.
- I know.
- People are starving.
Some people lose their jobs
and put a bullet in their head.
Behind every one of these numbers,
there's a story.
And you mustn't take any of them lightly.
You have a responsibility,
not just as a businessman,
but as a human being.
Here's what I propose.
Make me a list
of every worker
that's in a difficult situation,
and I will commit to giving
one million francs from my own pocket
to cover the transfer
benefits for each one of them.
Okay? I'll give you
my personal phone number.
You see, you can do it when you want.
I'll take care of it. I guarantee
I'll have a solution for them all.
- I can put it in writing if you want.
- Okay, perfect. Go right ahead.
- I'll put it here in black and white.
- Perfect.
Here you go.
Thank you, everyone. We'll see you
after the holidays in Grenoble
for the next episode of Success.
Whoo! Well done!
Well done.
Well done, everyone.
Gérard, need anything else?
Honestly, well done. Perfect.
Thanks. That was great.
Thank you.
Mom, why don't you just host the show?
No, definitely not.
- You were fantastic.
- You were.
All we need is the man himself.
- So?
- Well?
What happened?
It's all right. We've made a deal.
We won.
But we need to go now.
Are we keeping our jobs?
- We need to let the audience members in.
- What does this actually mean?
Okay, we'll give you
all the details in time.
Nicole will finalize everything with you.
In the meantime, if any of you
would like to watch the show,
you are more than welcome, okay?
- We're not here for a show.
- Over to you, Nicole.
- No way!
- Say something.
Sandrine, what's the deal?
Thank you, Dad.
- Hold on.
- Thanks for what?
I did it for them.
And for you.
Okay, where are we?
- You got your voice back!
- So I have!
Everything's ready.
We can try the song
at the start if you want.
The rest of the show is all set.
Dominique is one hell of a boss.
You were right again.
Where's Gérard?
Don't know.
- Gérard!
- Careful, your voice.
Gérard. Gérard!
Let's change the intro. Lose the song,
the dancers, the whole thing.
I'll talk to the audience instead.
- And say what?
- I don't know. I'll improvise.
It might be five, ten, 30 minutes.
All I know is you won't shout "cut."
We'll start over there.
I'll come in frame.
You get in front and you better be quick.
I'm not walking in slow motion.
That makes no sense. We have a set!
Backstage is a mess,
the walls are disgusting
Exactly, it makes perfect sense.
This is where I come from, the shadows.
I'm sorry, man,
but you've completely lost it.
Why? Because it's something
you've never seen?
No, technically, it's impossible.
- Oh, technically impossible.
- I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about heart.
You know what that is? It's
If you were in charge of France, we'd
still be using rocks to break nuts open.
Well, are you in?
Uh, me?
Yeah. Are you with me?
Uh, yeah, of course.
- Okay.
- Bernard, what's the matter?
I'm going to speak to France, that's what.
I believe that France is
the greatest country in the world.
Yep, it's the greatest.
Not because we invented
fashion or gastronomy,
but because all those things
that make our lives so wonderful to live,
it turns out that
France invented them all.
Look around.
The steam engine, the railways.
That was France.
The combustion engine,
the automobile, that was France.
Television in black and white
or Television in color, that was France!
Photography? That was France.
The Cinema? All France.
How can we invent all these things
and not be
the greatest economic power in the world?
It's because there's not one France.
There are two.
One France is generous and enthusiastic
It's creative.
It's imaginative, and it's united.
And then there's another France.
That's right. There's another,
and it's sad.
A France that's given up,
believes in nothing,
and sometimes can be a bit mean.
So we all have our dreams.
As for me, mine, you're about to see.
Hello there! Good evening.
I'm so happy to be here
with you all tonight, live on TF1.
Thank you.
I can't wait to spend
this incredible evening with you.
Many of you are here tonight,
at the Zenith in Paris.
We have thousands here in the studio,
and millions more of you
are watching at home,
all across France.
And maybe even elsewhere.
Uh, Mr. President?
Yes, just leave it there on my desk.
Thank you.
We're gonna do something amazing,
because in a moment,
we're gonna help someone succeed.
And by doing this, we'll also be
helping France succeed as well.
We need to stop believing
that the people of France
have a problem with success.
So then tonight, together,
we'll witness the grand premiere
of our new show, Success.
Roll the title!
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