Claymore (Kureimoa) (2007) s01e12 Episode Script

The Endless Gravestones (Part 1)

CLAYMORE Episode 12 title sign: The Endless Gravestones - I sign: Next episode The Endless Gravestones - II I'm going to become strong, too.
In order to live on and Oh, so you've dispatched three Yoma effortlessly? Quite impressive.
It's nothing.
You've become quite commendable.
You haven't gone wild lately either, and you even appear more sincere lately.
Has something happened to you? I've learned quite well the limits of my abilities after the recent hunt for Awakened Beings.
Unfortunately, I have another job for you right away.
You are to head North to the village of Gonahl and hunt an Awakened Being there.
Awakened Being Unfortunately, it's not Priscilla, but this one was a former single-digit warrior.
She is far stronger than the male Awakened Being you fought last time.
Give it all you've got if you don't want to die.
I will not die.
That much is certain.
Such encouraging words.
I look forward to your work.
Seems like we'll reach the village of Gonahl by tomorrow.
Raki, you will wait here.
I'm going with you! It's dangerous.
I can't bring you with me.
But Clare, I- You will wait here until I return.
Do I make myself clear? I sense my comrade.
What's this It's like all the cells in my body are trying to warn me about something Oh, hello.
I thought everyone would've gathered by now.
We have, no? You and me.
It's just the two of us hunting an Awakened Being? Yes, indeed.
Truth is, I could've done it alone.
You're like an extra.
She's a single-digit One of the top five? Her symbol I'll know if I see her symbol.
You have the smell of an Awakened Being Oh, come on.
Let me taste it a bit more.
I love this smell.
You can't move, right? Too bad.
Like I said, it's useless to try to move.
What a weird taste.
But hmm, I remember this taste from somewhere.
Are you really one of us? Get your hands off Clare!! Raki.
If you're going to put your hands on Clare like that again, then I won't forgive you! What's with that kid? Your friend? Hey, don't you think it's beautiful? The red color, like that of a rose, that adorns all that surrounds it, but only when your body is slashed and torn into pieces? Shall I tear that boy apart nicely? She's Number Four - Ophelia.
My, your face has changed after seeing my symbol.
So, you know about me or something? I'm quite interested of your source But before that My, you're quicker than I expected.
What's the meaning of this? The rule dictates that killing humans will only lead to our own death.
Do you want to die? You two are so stupid.
It's all good if I don't say anything about it, right? Why would anyone report it when their neck is on the line? What Even if someone were to witness it, the matter would be over with if I kill that witness altogether.
Ah, I know.
Let's play a game.
Listen, I'll explain the rules now.
I'll fight with this boy.
Of course, I won't fight seriously.
I'll fight according to the boy's strength.
But after every minute, I'll increase my power and speed a level.
Right I think his head will fly in ten minutes.
In that time period, you'll have to glue your two legs back together and come save him.
Take too much time, and the boy will die.
Do it too fast, and your legs will be so badly joined, you won't be able to save anything.
So? Doesn't it sound fun? Why you Well, then.
Ready? Start! I should be able to do this by repeating the process of releasing my Yoma powers and regenerating.
My, my.
You're better than I thought.
I'm slightly impressed.
It's earlier than the time, but I'm going up one level.
Come now, you need to hold your sword properly.
The sword is double-edged, after all.
Damn it! Oh, that's not going to work.
I told you, if you rush, your legs won't even hold together.
It won't even connect.
The more time goes by, the deeper the wound will get.
At that point, you'll never be able to join your legs together.
Calm down.
You are such a straight and nice girl.
That was the reaction I wanted.
This is so fun.
This boy is so much fun.
Hey, look! This boy is not making a single noise when he's cut so that he doesn't make you lose any concentration.
He's all bloody and seems like he'll cry any second, but the boy's keeping his mouth shut.
Shut up!!! Stop talking trash already.
Your worthless attacks don't even make me itch! I can't keep this feeling in.
You're wonderful.
You're so wonderful.
Both of you! Which one of you shall I kill? Which one of you would be more fun to watch screaming in agony? What are you people doing here? Don't come here! Run! Why? Ahh you're here I thought I'd have more time to play.
Two Claymores.
One human boy.
I'm not sure what's going on, but that boy has such a delicious smell, and I can't hold back any more.
The Awakened Being? My, my.
She seriously seems pretty strong.
For now, I want nothing but the boy.
That is you're in my way.
Oh? I meant to tear down everything except the boy, but both of you are unharmed.
Are you two rather strong? It's incomplete.
Leave this kid to me.
You hurry up and join your legs together! We need every second we have right now! You saw that Awakened Being's power, right? This isn't the time for us to be fighting each other.
Hurry! not! Ra- Why you I'm sorry.
My hands slipped.
Let go of me! Let go of me, you bastard! Damn it! Let go of me, you monster! A weakling like you can't even push my hand away, let alone the fact that we're dealing with a pretty tough Awakened Being.
There's no way you can fight and guard the boy like this.
Looks like you've been abandoned.
I won't Give it up.
Even if you release your powers to your limit, you won't even come close to my powers right now.
let you have me so easily!!! You just won't give up, eh? Give up on that kid.
No matter how much you release your powers, at your level, you will never be able to save even one small life.
I will become strong to live on and to protect her I can't do anything Raki! She did it! What's the point in saving the kid if you've awakened yourself? What a hopeless fool.
What the You definitely just went over your limit! Don't be cheating! Both of your legs are fully reattached, too.
Once you go over the limit, you shouldn't be able to revert back, no? Wait- You just awakened, right? Awesome This is just awesome! For me to be able to slaughter two Awakened Beings in one day! Raki, hold on to me.
I will use my powers to escape.
Hold me tight so that you don't fall off.
Hurry up! Hold on tighter! Now, don't fall off.
My, you think you can get away from me? I'll save the boy for later.
First, I'll take care of you and your conceited ass.
Conceited? You said something quite intriguing earlier Something about slaughtering me I wonder who's the one that'll be slaughtered? A monster like you Don't get too cocky.
I need to get as far as I can! As many steps as I can! Too bad Looks like you were the conceited one after all.
Well? Try begging for your life.
I may just listen and have mercy.
Don't talk so much! Your mouth stinks What a pity.
I despise people who have no class.
Now then.
Where are those children? My, they've only gotten that far? So weak and foolish, I can't even bear watching them.
What's this How is this possible I twisted your neck Like I'm going to die just because my neck was twisted.
If you really wanted to kill me, you should've torn my head off.
You were the monster Clare The battle is already over Clare We will split up here.
Don't worry.
She'll be coming for me.
Hurry and go.
Raki! I don't want to! I want to be with you, Clare! Listen to what I say! She'll sense my Yoki and come after me.
So No! That's not it! I want to be of help to you, Clare! I know I'm no help.
But, even so, I want to be by your side! I don't care if I die! I want to be with you no matter what, Clare! Don't say things like "I don't care if I die".
Clare I promise you.
I will not die.
I will survive this day and meet you again.
So, you can't die either, Raki.
I will find you.
You need to survive until then.
Clare I promise you.
Clare, I promise you.
I will become strong and live on.
And someday, I'll I will be the one to protect you, Clare.
I will.
God of Rabona, listen to my prayer.
Spare me some power and mercy and give it to that boy until the day we meet each other again Well then, the kink in my neck is gone now.
Let's get on with hunting the other Awakened Being.
The ripples disturb the heart.
The ripples destroy tomorrow.
A warrior from the past.
Next episode, "The Endless Gravestones - II".