Claymore (Kureimoa) (2007) s01e13 Episode Script

The Endless Gravestones (Part 2)

You're slow.
You're too slow.
You have too many useless motions.
The same could be said about your fighting style; you do have quite some strength.
You need to use that more efficiently.
I'm quite excited right now since I just fought a pretty strong adversary.
Awakened Beings I'll rip each and every one of you apart What are you doing? Reducing your Yoki voluntarily Does that mean you gave up? You are so boring What's this? What's this? Could it be that you're reading the flow of my Yoki? You're pretty good! Say so already! Sorry for calling you "boring" just now.
My, you do have good senses.
I was just about to use "that".
What was the weird feeling I had just now? I beg you Don't die on the first attack, okay? It's coming.
A strike from the foot to my right shoulder.
A strike from above to my left shoulder.
Why? I can tell the direction of the swing! But why can't I guard against it?! Impossible! Her sword is like a snake So close, yet so far away.
If you weren't facing me, I'd think you'd have done pretty good.
You know, I don't have a nickname like everyone else.
Like "Phantom Miria", or "Windcutter Flora", a nickname like that.
So I spent a lot of effort devising a decisive special attack and gave it a name.
It's called the "Rippling Sword".
Her sword No, it's just an illusion.
She's creating that snake-like movement in her sword from the undulation of her arm.
Pretty impressive, isn't it? "Ophelia of the Ripples"; don't you think that name is just marvelous? But the name just doesn't spread as I want it to.
Most of the people that see this die right away It's no use.
My movement reading can't deal with her sword.
My, still have some spirit in you, eh? You think you have any chance of winning? Chance of winning? Such a thing never existed to begin with! Eh? A head-on suicide attack? What? Such a let down.
You are boring, after all.
Just die.
You didn't pick the right way to end it, and that ruined everything.
Damn it.
I got cut a bit too deep, maybe.
No, but had it been any more shallow, it wouldn't have felt like a slash to her.
I should be thankful that I'm still alive.
I don't have time to rest.
I need to You had me right there.
I almost got tricked The fact that you let your right arm get cut off was especially impressive.
It felt like with that act, the battle was over.
You chose that location for this strategy, too, right? Basically, I fell completely for your plan from the very beginning, eh? But, you should've given up on that right arm then.
It puzzled me that you never gave up on the arm until the end.
Hey, did you know? Among us, there are warriors that excel in offense and those that excel in defense.
You are an offensive type warrior.
Offensive types aren't really good at regenerating their bodies.
They may be able to rejoin limbs that are cut off from the body, but they can't regenerate limbs that are destroyed.
When we became half-human, half-Yoma, whether we thought about protecting our own bodies or about slashing our adversaries, that's what decided what type of warrior we became.
And, as for what I'm trying to say You think I'm going to wait here and let you rejoin that right arm of yours? Too bad.
It was your mistake to have your dominant arm get cut.
Resistance is futile.
You should have realized it by now.
Wow, you're trying so hard.
Is it a promise you made with that boy? Or are you telling me you have a vengeance that you have to carry out? You There.
Now you can't even hold a sword.
Because there's something you have to protect Because there's a reason you can't die that enables you live on Those are foolish fantasies of the weak.
It was rather fun.
I came after sensing a nostalgic presence, but I know neither of the faces here.
Who the hell are you? I don't sense any Yoki from you, but I despise people that barge in when I'm having the most fun! Run! She's dangerous! Hurry and run! Oh.
It's you Huh? What the hell did you just do now? Warriors these days even direct their swords at civilians? What the What's going on? Careful! That's- A rather peculiar sword swing you have there.
You should have a rather high number rank.
But it is meaningless before this sword Wh-What's going on?! Invisible sword swings?! It can't be She's alive? One of the members of the team that hunted Teresa a former number two warrior "Flash Sword Irene" Because there's something you have to protect Because there's a reason you can't die that enables you live on Those are foolish fantasies of the weak.
This is My left hand You lost consciousness after you had rejoined your left hand.
Quite an impressive feat after being wounded that much.
Where am I? How many days have passed since then? Why are you- Shove those down your throat first.
After one week without eating or drinking, your body should be getting to you.
One week Where's my sword? Hey.
If I don't hurry and return- If you want to throw away your life that much, I could end it right here, too.
Listen, the woman who was chasing you is still alive.
I dealt her more damage than you had suffered, but she didn't die.
What's more, you lost your dominant arm and will have to fight with just one arm from now on.
You can't even defeat a weakling right now.
You need to learn your place a bit.
Damn it Damn it Damn it! That little girl has Have you finished your meal? Yeah.
I realized how depleted I was after having just one bite.
I give you my thanks.
You knew my name.
Did you look it up? That event Everything about Teresa, I researched And obviously, Priscilla, as well.
Back then, Priscilla was slated to be the future Number Two.
However, she awakened during the mission and killed Teresa and every member of the hunting squad.
I didn't think you were still alive.
I'm the one who's surprised that the child from back then has now turned into a warrior Is the one inside you Teresa? With a life you managed to keep, you should've forgotten about everything and lived on.
Are you even going after Priscilla's head? Thanks for your care.
Where's my sword? Give it up.
Priscilla's power is much too overwhelming.
None of the warriors now can stop her.
Plus, because you succeeded Teresa's blood, you're not even half-human, half-Yoma.
You're one-fourth.
You are inferior on all levels.
Give me my sword.
After just one fight, I lost my left arm.
We didn't even stand a chance no matter what we did back there.
So, I faked my death, went to a land where the organization was nowhere to be found, and continued suppressing my Yoki and lived until now.
Yoki that has been suppressed for many years can't even be detected by our comrades.
You gave up fighting? Even though you only have one arm, the sword you wield is still very powerful.
I am scared of death.
The fear I experienced then is stuck to my mind.
You saw it, too.
The more the reason that I Wait! Why are you so stubborn? To me, Teresa was everything.
The life and words that I had once lost, and even the joy of living, Teresa brought them all back to me.
I received everything from Teresa.
And therefore, I had no other choice but to move forward.
For me to forget everything that happened then and live on as a human, I wasn't strong enough to do that.
I see So that's how it is Having seen the same thing back then, one either chooses to move forward or retreat that's probably the crossroads which decides who's qualified to fight I still haven't asked for your name.
It's Clare.
Very well, Clare.
I shall teach you the flash sword.
Ow Oww It hurts Brother Help me Brother You've always protected me, no? Why? Why did you die so easily? Weren't you going to protect me? That fucking bitch I won't let her go easily! Brother? Who the hell is that? I don't know some loser who looked so happy when his guts were being eaten by that one-horned monster! Screw you, you fucker! Screw you Screw you Screw you SCREW YOU!!! That's enough! Stop it! What the flash sword basically is is the complete release of Yoma powers in just one arm In other words, it's like letting one arm awaken.
What's asked of this technique is a very strong mental will.
A strong mental toughness that can keep your berserk arm in check.
And you accomplished that without even breaking a sweat? What will you do now? Give up? No way.
That's exactly what I have.
Very well, come.
Familiarize yourself with the limit when you've completely released Yoma powers into one arm.
What's this? I feel wonderful right now.
It's like the pain in my body from last night never existed.
I wonder why.
It feels so good.
But, I'm kind of hungry.
I'm pretty hungry, actually.
That's so weird.
I'm dying for some guts The proof of living.
The proof that I lived.
The proof of existence.
Next episode, "Qualified to Fight".