Clean Break (2015) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 [Slow music plays] CORRINA: Oozy Man.
SNOWY: Oozy Man.
What's that? CORRINA: [Chuckles] Someone who oozes.
SNOWY: Oozes what? CORRINA: I don't know.
Like, sweat.
Something squelching around, like Yeah.
[Laughs] It's like One Toe -- Stephen Ludlovv.
Why do they call him that? [Laughs] 'Cause he only has one toe.
[Both laugh] Did you ever see him going 'round? Ooh! [Laughs] [Both laugh] [Vehicle approaches] [Both laugh] What is that? I don't know.
No way.
[Vehicle doors close] Corrina, come on.
Corrina! CORRINA: Were they dumping a body? SNOWY: No, just a bit of old carpet or something, I'd say.
- Or a dead dog maybe.
- It looked like a body.
SNOWY: Look, let's get our story straight here, Corrina, right? It wasn't a dead body.
It was a dead dog or a cat or a bit of old carpet or something.
[suspenseful music plays] CORRINA: [Laughs] Whoo-ooh! Whoo-ooh! [Laughs] Whoo-ooh! [Shouting indistinctly] DANNY: What's going on here? CORRINA: [Laughs] Hey, there! CORRINA: Whoo-ooh! Whoo-ooh! - Corrina! - CORRINA: Whoo-ooh! DANNY: Lads, come on! Lads, here! - Pick that thing up.
- [Laughs] DANNY: Corrina, go home, will you? [Telephone rings] Hello? Who's this? Who? George.
How are you, George? What's up? Corrine? She what? Hang on.
I'm on the way.
[Police radio chatter] - I know.
- It's absolutely I know.
I know, George.
And under normal circumstances, I would say fire ahead, but, look, look Sophie, I'll take care of all this.
- I’ll take care of everything.
- Okay, Desi.
- Right so.
Right? Look, let's just clean this up and get on with it, I say.
- All right? - [Laughs] - What are you laughing at? - [Chuckles] - Nothing, you know.
I'm just - What? What?! Keep your mouth shut about this.
SNOWY: Yeah, I know that, Uncle Desmond.
You don't have to tell me that.
I do have to tell you that.
Don't go bragging about this.
Do you hear me? You're always bragging about something or other.
What's all this supposed to be, anyway? I mean, what are you getting at exactly? - It's Kirwan's Cross.
- Yeah, I know.
What about it? Nothing.
We just go there sometimes.
That's all.
- You go there? - Yeah.
Go wait in my oar.
Go on.
See ya, Corrina.
Don't tell me.
You're misunderstood, right? It's a statement.
FRANK: A statement? I'll pay for it, Desi.
Whatever it is, I'll hold up my end.
Oh, yeah? With what? - What do you mean? - Irresponsible.
I mean she shouldn't be allowed out at this time of night.
What age are you -- 15? 16? She's 17.
Yeah, well, do you know a security guard lost his job over this? Danny Dempsey.
Get you on.
Come on.
Frank when you get a chance, you might drop into the bank for a chat, yeah? Yeah, right, Desi.
The end of the week, all right? A little sooner, I think.
SAMMY: Hello, Frank.
Still selling those rickshaws, yeah? All right, Mr.
What are you doing out at this hour of the night? Doing what you should be doing -- minding my own business.
CORRINA: Danny, wait! DANNY: [Sighs] I'm sorry.
Listen, don't worry about it, all right? There you go.
It was a shit job anyway.
Now Come.
Eat some of this.
Not that you deserve it now.
CORRINA: Are you broke? The bank manager wants to talk to you.
FRANK: Nah, no.
It's a bit of a dip.
A dip? Yeah.
These things go in cycles, you know? One minute you're down, and the next you're up.
I mean, if Desi Rane was still loaning out money, I might have a chance of selling a few oars, but he's not, so So it's all his fault, is it? No, it's not all his fault.
But most of it is.
- He's just jealous, that's all.
- Yeah.
Yeah, he is, 'cause I used to dance with his missus.
When? Every chance I got.
[Chuckles] You should hire a celebrity.
Yeah? Like who? I don't know.
Danny Dempsey? [Laughs] Yeah, right.
CORRINA: He's famous.
What, in the Mountjoy Gazette? He was never inside.
[Sighs] I think he's cool.
- Everyone does.
- Mm.
Come on.
Get some sleep, like the bold girl you are.
Celebrity sells.
Everyone knows it.
[suspenseful music plays] [Sea gulls squawking] [Man speaking indistinctly on TV] [Door opens] Keith.
The very man.
Do us a favor, will you? Go and get me an evening paper.
What do you think of Danny Dempsey? The boxer? Oh, brilliant boy.
- The Olympics and all.
- Yeah? Go on.
- Keep the change.
- KEITH: Thanks.
[Door opens, closes] FRANK: So, what do you think, Ben? Would he be interested in something like that? BEN: Danny? Oh, yeah.
He said he'd be interested, all right, when I said it to him.
Well, he didn't say no.
Let me put it that way.
Hey, lads, out out the messing there! I Won't tell you again! Stop the noise, Ben.
I'm in training here.
Yeah, for what -- "Swan Lake"? Put him down.
Get back to the bag before you hurt yourself.
Go ahead.
Danny will be no use with folks or figures, now.
- You know that, don't you? - Oh, yeah, yeah.
I know all that, yeah, yeah.
But he is good with cars, though, right? BEN: Oh, yeah.
He's very good around cars.
He loves cars, sure.
WOMAN: He's got a great local following, and he'll be playing in the arts center very soon.
You're listening to the sound of the South.
And here's the latest news in sport with Peter Maloney.
- [Dramatic music plays] - MAN: Good evening.
Fears are mounting for a missing local man who has not been seen now for several days.
Long John Callan, who owns a casino in Wexford town, was seen on Wednesday evening getting out of his car -- [Radio clicks off] [Door closes] Ah.
Here he is now.
MAN: Come on, come on.
Let's go.
MAN #2: Right, that's 10 seconds to speed.
Yeah? Do I need a suit for this? Why? Do you have a suit? - No.
- [Laughs] Come on, Danny.
Come 'round here.
Look here, look here.
I should be in this by right.
Take the photo, will you? Come on.
[Girls giggling] Hey, hey WOMAN: At the First Irish Bank, we simply take care of your needs.
The First Irish -- taking care of you always.
- [Rock music plays] - DANNY: I'm Danny Dempsey.
If you're looking for some knockout prices - [Punch lands] - come see me at Mallon Motors any day, any time.
MAN: Mellon Motors, just off of Wexford Road.
MAN #2: Looks like another murky one out there, folks.
The cays are awash.
The main streets are windswept.
The backstreets hold no shelter from the storm.
So wrap and keep warm.
Or else stay indoors and listen to moi and the sound of the South.
But, look, don't take my word for it.
I am right in saying you were never inside, right? Inside what? All right, forget I asked.
It was a setup.
I thought as much.
FRANK: We're just here to keep the peace and no more.
[Dog barking] [Barking continues, door closes] [Vehicle door closes] [Dog growls, barks] You know why I'm here, Noel.
Not the repossession, Frank, is it? Come on, Noel.
I've rung you.
I've called you.
I've Wrote to you.
I warned you.
Warned me? Did you hear that, Teeth? TEETH: [Laughs] NOEL: Who's that with you, Frank? It's Danny.
Danny, the ducker and diver, huh? Last time I saw you, you cost me an arm and a leg.
- Do you know that? - FRANK: Any time you're ready.
As much as I like listening to you, I have other things to do.
The keys to the Jeep, please.
Jingle, jingle.
Now, why don't you fuck off out of here before I get the dog on you? Danny, get the keys, will you? - The Olympics? - [Dog growls] I heard you're chicken, mate.
Danny, just get the keys off him, will you? - Danny.
Jesus Christ.
- [Dog barking] - Danny! [Barking continues, vehicle door closes] [Engine starts] Come on! Me car! No? You let him have it? Yeah, right Where the sun don't shine.
First sale.
Old banger out the back.
- How much did you get for it? - $850, cash in hand.
Give me that.
And you said he Wouldn't earn his keep.
- [Chuckles] - Do us a favor.
Wash that old Jeep While I'm gone.
Good girl.
[Door opens, closes] Corrina.
How are you? Here, listen, um give that to your dad.
No hard feelings, tell him.
It's parked outside.
How are you, Danny? A man with a great future, huh? Behind him.
What was that about? Never mind.
CORRINA: My turn.
DANNY: Body? In the river? But you were stoned, right? Yeah, but that doesn't change what I saw, does it? What you thought you saw, you mean.
Yeah? I mean, look at that crack in the ceiling.
Reminds you of a Roman soldier.
You see the helmet and lance? But it's not a Roman soldier.
It's a crack in the ceiling.
Snowy insists it was a cat or a dog or an old carpet or something.
But it wasn't, and I know it wasn't, and I still hear the splash.
Well, listen, I'd stay away from that fella altogether if I was you.
Surely he's [Whistles] No need to be jealous of him.
I'm not.
Wrong answer.
And that looks more like a mermaid to me.
[Door opens, closes] Snowy.
What are you doing here? You going with him now, yeah? Danny? Yeah, I am going with him.
[Chuckles] Well, thanks for telling me.
CORRINA: I'm telling you now, aren't I? Yeah.
Last to know, as usual.
I mean, what's going on here anyway? I mean, Danny fucking Dempsey? What's that supposed to mean? SNOWY: I really believed in you, you know.
All the things you said and all.
And I thought you believed in me, too, but obviously not.
Obviously, I was -- what do you call it -- deluded.
Believed in you? What do you mean, believed in you? - [Scoffs] - Look, Snowy - [Whispering indistinctly] - No! - Let go! - [Whispering continues] CORRINA: [Crying] [Breathing shakily] [Knock on door] - Ernie! - You're late again.
Before 4:00 you were told.
ED: Uh, yeah, sorry, Ernie, but some of us make money for a living, you know, and some of us open doors.
What's your point exactly? Me point is, I'm standing outside here with a lot of fucking money, so open the fucking door and let me in.
I'm not supposed to let anyone in here after 4:00.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
NICK: Hello, Frank.
How are you? Good.
Let's get you sorted.
FRANK: Thanks.
[Knocking] - How are things? - Ach, you know.
I know.
It's the same everywhere.
- DESI: Come in.
- After you, Frank.
I'm not sure I like the sound of that.
DESI: Malabar.
So Frank Desi.
Your wife, Maureen.
She lives in the Isle of Man.
- Gone.
- But not forgotten.
Her name is still on the deeds, Frank.
Yeah, I know.
I need to do something about that.
Oh, yeah? Like what? I don't know.
Shoot her? [Chuckles] And your daughter, Corrina, lives with you these days, I see.
Yeah, although she'd say herself who lives.
How much do you think you're worth, Frank? Mallon Motors.
A showroom that's overstocked and overextended with oars you don't even own, I see.
Now, you're an agent, right? A house you can't afford to live in, a wife who lives somewhere else, and a daughter -- Whoa! Hang on, there.
I can afford to live there.
Of course I can.
I mean, who said I couldn't afford to live there? According to this, you've run out of rope here.
I haven't even mentioned Malabar yet.
Yeah, well, we're in limbo with that at the moment.
- Limbo? - Stalled.
Yeah, I know what "limbo" means, Frank.
Look, let's get down to brass tacks here.
Malabar is gone.
We'll take that off your hands right away.
You can forget about that, but not the debt.
Oh, yes.
The debt's all yours, so good luck with that.
The showroom and the house, however, are another matter.
That will take, What, Nick -- 10 days? Yeah.
That'll take 10 days to process and activate, so you have the bones of two Weeks to get your house in order.
Yeah, but there's other options available, right? No, Frank.
You're out of options.
Don't say you haven't been warned.
You have been warned.
I mean, you haven't made a decent payment in the last three years.
I have made payments from time to time.
DESI: Yeah, yeah, harmless, sporadic ones, but, look, you're out of time now, Frank.
In 10 days' time, the bank will take control of the stock in your showroom.
The same goes for your house.
The furniture will be removed, and the locks on the doors changed.
Remind me, Nick, is that showroom leased or what? NICK: It's leased.
I-I thought we turned a corner in this country.
If I had a penny for every time I heard that one.
What? Look I know it can be a bitter pill to swallow and all, Frank, - but sometimes -- - Come on, now.
- Do me a favor.
- No, no, no.
Sometimes -- You were the one who loaned me money for Malabar.
And you're the one who took it, Frank.
And I don't recall anyone twisting your arm either.
Do you, Nick? What's that? Remember anyone twisting his arm? His arm? Or maybe it was a headlock, was it? I take no pleasure in telling you all of this, Frank, but if I were you, I would go home and sort out that daughter of yours.
And then I suggest you call your wife in the Isle of Man.
Frank? What? NICK: You all right? How's Annette, Desi? Annette? Annette's fine, Frank.
That's good.
You tell her I was asking after her, Won't you? [Chuckles] You'll tell him that I want it by today.
Not tomorrow, tell him.
All right, Frank.
No, fuck that.
He's already overdue.
Yeah, maybe we call and pay him a little visit.
[Car alarm chirps] [Engine starts] Mam! No.
You should stay with us anyway.
I'll get the Gate Lodge renovated.
You'll be as right as rain there.
I don't think so, Desmond.
Why not? You know you loved the Gate Lodge.
You know you did.
We all did.
- They kicked us out.
- I know.
That's the point.
They've gone, and now I'm the lord and master.
[Laughs] You know what I mean.
[indistinct conversation] I just hate to see you living here all on your own.
That's all.
- Anyway - Thanks, Desmond.
You're very good.
[indistinct conversations] CORRINA: Mm.
I forgot.
He parked it outside the casino.
- Who did -- Noel? - Mm.
And what were you doing outside the casino, anyway? Walking past.
- You were? - Mm-hmm.
FRANK: With him? Back in a minute.
FRANK: Annette.
- ANNETTE: Hi, Frank.
- Annette.
Hi, Corrina.
Oh, God, she's the spit of her mother.
"Oh, thank God for that," says you.
Oh, God, you're the image of her.
Myself and your dad were good old pals once upon a time, Weren't we, Frank? - Well, still are, I hope.
- Mm.
He's a good mover.
I should never have let you go.
- Oh, would you go away? - Huh? He only ever had eyes for Maureen.
That's all we ever heard out him -- "Maureen, Maureen, Maureen.
" And look Where that got me.
He's awful, ain't he? I could tell you stories about him.
- Oh, the Fountainhead Club.
- Oh, yeah.
Every Saturday and Sunday Without fail, We'd all traipse out to Kirwan's Cross, to the Fountainhead Club.
What was that song again? BOTH: All I get from you is love All I get from you is love [Laughs] [Laughter] Whoa! Whoa! - [Chuckles] - Ah, why, Lord? Why? Oh, stop.
[Laughs] FRANK: Just the bill when you get a chance.
It's done, Frank.
Rane got that.
- Well.
- Danny.
Would you give these to my daddy? It's just a box of trophies for tonight.
All right, sweetheart.
I'll do that now for you, no bother.
[Chuckles] Bye.
See ya, darlin'.
Make yourself useful.
Got it? [indistinct conversation] - REFEREE: Derek.
- [Indistinct shouting] [Bell dings] Stop fight.
[Cheers and applause] All right, own the center of the ring, okay? Make him come to you.
Jab, jab, ooph, yeah? NOEL: A finger in every till, huh? I knew things were bad in the country, but come on.
10 Euros, please.
10 Euros? Bank manager by day, boxing club treasurer by night.
By the way, you lads are in the cheap seats.
For a change, huh? All the bankers are wankers.
- [Indistinct shouting] - Fight! [Bell dings] - MAN: Come on! - Come on, Keith! - Come on, Keith! - Come on! MAN #2: That's it, that's it! - Get off the ropes! - Come on! FRANK: That's it, that's it! Come on! Come on! Off the ropes, Keith! - Keith, off the ropes! - Keith! Turn him! Turn him! Watch his back! That's it! Go on! Come on, Keith! Come on, Keith! DANNY: That's it, that's it! Jab, jab, jab! Yes! [suspenseful music plays] NOEL: I got your text.
What are you on about, Frank? Well, I have this plan to make a bit of money, - if you're interested.
- Have you, now? I'm all ears.
DANNY: Hurt him! Hurt him, Keith! Get off the ropes! Off the ropes! - Go on! - [Bell dings] REFEREE: Stop boxing.
- [Cheers and applause] - Oh! Well done, well done, well done.
Good man, good man, good man.
Great fight, great fight.
REFEREE: Okay, let's get them up.
DANNY: In the ring.
Both arms.
- Red corner! - [Cheers and applause] DANNY: Bad luck, Keith.
Come here.
Come here.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
DANNY: What's going on? What do you mean? You and Noel Blake.
What's all the powwowing about? [Chuckles] Powwow.
Yeah, don't mess with them fellas, Frank.
Thanks for all your help with this, Mr.
Much appreciated.
It's what I do, Ben -- keeping things in order.
My long life, I'm afraid.
Everything in order.
Everything in its right place.
For all the good it done anyone in the end.
- How's that, then? - They sucked us dry, Ben.
They sucked us dry and then hung us out in the open for the whole world to see.
The banks, is it? You kept your hands clean.
When I think of all the sacrifices people made, all the hardships they endured And for what? So these fellas at the top could wine and dine till dawn.
I don't know.
But you did all right out of it, though, right? I'm not talking about me, Ben.
I'm talking about the ordinary hardworking people who got hammered along the way.
All the ones who had nothing and gave everything.
I'm sure your father -- God be good to him -- worked himself into an early grave, so he did.
- Then your poor mother.
- On her hands and knees, boy.
Her hands and knees! Anyway, Ben, you go ahead and go home.
I'll finish up here.
- You sure? - DESI: Yeah, go ahead.
You'll bank that money in the morning, yeah? Oh, yeah.
Right so.
DESI: Good night, Ben.
- [Door opens, closes] - CORRINA: Good night.
Go home.
Are you all right, Corrine? Yeah, thanks.
Did you enjoy yourself tonight, yeah? Yeah, it was all right.
DESI: That's good.
And does your daddy know Where you are now.
No? No.
DESI: Ah, sure.
We'll make him none the Wiser, huh? This time, anyway.
Good night, Corrina.
[Door opens, closes] Right.
You finish up there now, right? [Engine starts] NOEL: What's the young one like? FRANK: Oh, she's fairly obedient.
NOEL: She's adopted, right? FRANK: Yeah.
Why? Yeah, not the same thing, you know.
They say it's Nah, it don't matter.
I recognize the mother.
From the Fountainhead Club.
Oh, yeah.
Shakin' that thing.
Excitable enough, as far as I recall.
Who's that? FRANK: That's the home help.
I checked it out.
She don't work Sundays.
Oh, you have it all worked out, haven't you? - Well here.
- What's that? I Wrote it all down for you.
The master plan, huh? [Chuckles] All you need now is a couple of gringos.
[Vehicle door opens, closes] FRANK: [Sighs] What? Are you nuts? It's 10 grand, Danny.
In your hand.
It's a lot of money.
No, something like this Jesus.
Someone could get hurt.
No one's gonna get hurt.
What, you think I'm gonna let someone get hurt? That's why I need you on the inside to make sure no one gets hurt.
What did Ben make of all this? Ben?! Ben's not gonna make anything of this 'cause Ben's not gonna know 'cause you're not gonna tell him.
I know all that.
I'm just sayin', that's all.
Yeah, well [Sighs] I mean, Where else are you gonna get your hands on this kind of cash? And you don't even have to break a sweat.
- I'm trying to help you here.
- Yeah, I know, but all the same.
All right.
All right, lookit.
This is what We'll do.
You just think about it, all right? And if at the end of the day you still don't want to do it, then we just Won't do it.
Okay? Good lad.
You've been told not to leave it so late in the day.
Now, all loan say to you now is, the next time you do this, we Won't be accommodating you.
- All right? - What? I mean, the inner vault's already locked down for the weekend and everything now, so what am I supposed to do with this lot? ED: What is it with ye fuckers? I mean, I'm trying to do business here, bringing in big money to you every second.
And all I'm getting from ye is hassle.
I mean, there are plenty of other places for me to take this - if you don't want it.
- Now, that's true.
- There is.
- Huh? All right, all right.
I got the message.
You want to go home for your tea.
[Door opens] DESI: Casino money.
[Sighs] NICK: I know.
That's what I was just saying to him there.
How much is there? 850 grand.
I think this place is banking more than it's taking in.
What'll I do with them, Mr.
Rane? We may stick them in the little outer vault at this stage.
We'll write it all up on Monday.
Right so.
[Door closes, keys jingle] [Lock engages] - [Bell dings] - [indistinct shouting] A couple of good scraps in there.
Yeah, not bad, yeah.
They say he's the right one coming up.
ED: Yeah.
What's the story with Long John? He's gone fishing.
[Chuckles] You taking over the reins yeah? That's it.
I didn't hear from you, Danny.
No, you know, I need a little bit more time, Ed.
Uh - What do I owe you, anyway? - A couple of big ones.
I suppose I could probably always try and sell a few things.
You know -- trophies and that.
Should be Worth something.
[Chuckles] Trophies.
Yeah, you know, you never know.
ED: Danny, Danny, Danny.
The pipes.
The pipes are calling, boy.
Now, what's that supposed to mean? I'll give you another week, Danny.
[Alarm clock beeps] - [Beeping stops] - [Sighs] - What? - "What?" he says.
Fuckin' "What.
" He's a fucking prick, Noel.
- Shut that door! - NOEL: Now, now, girls.
Put them on.
[Clock ticking] NOEL: Teeth.
Keep your big trap shut.
You hear me? [Gate opens] [Door slams open] ANNETTE: Desmond! TEETH; Shh! ANNETTE: [Whimpering] Shh! - Shh! '[Crying] Shh.
Desmond! Shhhhhh! [Breathes deeply] On! [Crying] - [Whimpers] - Shh.
- DESI: Annette.
- [Whimpers] NOEL: Move your car.
[Door opens] [Engine starts] [Vehicle door opens, closes] [Engine starts] Sit down.
[Screaming] Right?! - [Muffled grunt] [Crying] - [Screams] - [Muffled] No! [Muffled screaming] [Screaming continues] [Both crying] - JENNY: [Muffled] No! - TEETH: Shh! - [Muffled screaming] - Shh.
[Screaming continues] Shh, shh, shh.
[Muffled screaming, pounding] [Man singing operatically] - [Music stops] - Drive! [Crying, pounding] [Telephone rings] WOMAN: Please leave a message after the tone.
[Beep] MAUREEN: Hello? Maureen here.
Anybody home? No? Just wondering how you're all doing there.
Um, I'll try and call later tonight.
Yeah? Corrina, we need to natter.
Nobody there? Obviously.
All right.
Talk later.
[Train horn blows] We're splitting them up.
What? All right, you take her.
I'm taking the young one.
I'll take the girl.
TEETH: You'll take what I tell you to take, - and you'll like it.
- I'm taking the girl.
Who do you think you are -- Walt Disney? [Laughs] Right, take her down to that tree there.
And keep your mouth shut.
All right? - Hey! - Jenny: [Screaming] TEETH: Get out.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh! - JENNY: [Shouts indistinctly] Hey! Shh! Shh! Shh! Mummy! Mummy! - All right! - ANNETTE: [Screaming] - [Crying] - Shh, shh.
- [Screams] Right?! All right, here we go.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Shh, Shh, Shh, Shh, Shh, Shh, Shh.
- [Screaming] - Right?! Jenny! - Right?! - [Crying] Jenny.
DANNY: Sweetheart.
Have some water now.
There we go, there we go.
There we go.
More? Sure? Hello? [Crying] Desmond.
No, I-I can't hear you.
All -- All right.
Don't cry now.
Just try and stay calm, and everything will be all right.
No, no, I just need to know that you're both safe before I No, I'm all right.
Don't worry about me.
I'm fine.
Just promise me you'll stay calm.
I know it's hard, but you have to try.
Look, I have to go now.
Remember -- Stay calm, all right? Okay, bye.
[Cellphone beeps] [Cellphone rings] [Cellphone beeps] Hello? Yeah, everything's fine here.
How's everything your end? Good.
And the others? [Sighs] According to plan.
Yeah, leave them off so.
And come here.
Just tell everyone to take it easy, all right? [Cellphone beeps] [Beep] [Lock disengages] [suspenseful music plays] [Vehicle door opens] [Vehicle departing] Hello? Yeah.
It's me.
It's done.
- TEETH: Yes! Yes! - JENNY: Mummy! Mummy! [Screams] Jenny! Jenny! DANNY: Shh.
Look at me.
It's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be fine.
TEETH: [Laughs] Yes! [Breathing heavily] DANNY: Don't cry, mate.
Don't cry, mate.
It's okay.
Can I take my hand away? Just stay calm.
Hey, they're not too tight for you, are they? Are you sure? Yeah.
They're good.
Thanks, Danny.
TEETH: What did she just say? - What did she just call you? - Nothing.
I thought I told you to keep your mouth shut.
Hello? We've got a problem.
It's fairly major.
This is Desmond Rane here.
Is Torn around? Where is he? Yeah.
I'd like to report a kidnapping.
My wife and daughter.
Yes, that's right -- a tiger kidnapping.
Yeah, I'll -- I'll be at home.
I'll meet you at my house.
[Cellphone beeps] - I recognized your voice.
- You're all right now.
- Come on.
Don't worry.
- I know.
But I've landed you right in it now, haven't I? - [Vehicle door opens, closes] - Huh? - NOEL Hey! - Jenny! Mummy! Aah! [Rifle cocks] Noel, call me back, will you? Let me know how it all Went.
I'm at home now.
- Just call me for fuck's sake.
- [Cellphone beeps] [Fire crackling]