Clean Break (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 - Hello? - Frank.
Frank, it's me.
- Danny.
What's going on? - What's going on? Those two jokers you hired, Teeth and Noel, tried to fucking kill me, Frank.
- They shot at me! - Danny, listen to me.
- Calm down now.
- Don't tell me to calm down.
You just make sure that little girl and her mother are all right.
Do you hear me? Why Wouldn't they be all right? Because I had to leave them there, Frank, tied to a tree.
I swear to God, if anything has happened to them two, right, I'm coming after you.
Danny! Fuck! Fuck.
Sounds like the boys in the gang had a bit of a falling-out.
One of them took off.
Badly injured, more than likely, if he's not already dead.
We'll have a look.
Get the child to do it.
I have a job for you now in a second.
What about the family? Take them to the Majestic.
I'll interview them there.
Fair enough.
Listen, go get May, will you? Go up through the woods there towards the town.
What's going on? Huh? What is going on? Jesus Christ, man.
At least put your arms around me first.
Please, don't.
What happened with Danny? And where's the money? The money's stashed somewhere safe.
Don't worry about it.
- Have you heard from him yet? - Yeah.
He told me you tried to kill him.
Too right we did.
He Wouldn't stop yapping, and that young one recognized his voice.
I told him several times to button it.
I told you both to button it.
Now, you want my opinion? We find him now.
- We bury him 6 feet under.
- Shut up and wait in the car.
What? Aah! I said, "Wait in the car.
" Do you know Where he is? He didn't say.
We need to find him to make our peace.
How are we gonna do that when he thinks you're trying to kill him? I'm not trying to kill him.
It was an impulse, right? Look, you make the call, set up a meeting.
How much is he supposed to get? $10,000.
Well, he fucked up, so offer him $5,000.
Enough to get him on his way.
What about the Woman and the child? What about them? Just, they're grand, for Christ's sake.
Better be.
In case you get blood on that seat.
- Frank.
- Danny.
Frank, are they okay? Are they safe? Everyone's fine, Danny.
Just calm down.
Just tell me Where you are, and I'll come and get you.
I'm at the old Barrage Farm.
All right.
I'm on my way.
All right, lads.
- YOUNG MAN; All right.
- All right.
You'll be getting back to Carlow soon, though, yeah? - Yeah, probably will.
- I’ll wager.
Any joy? No, nothing.
Oh, the long arm of the law, huh? What's going on? We're on the hop, Sammy.
Any chance of a cigarette? Anything strange been going on, Sammy? No, nothing strange.
Yeah? Danny.
No, it's me.
- Noel? - Yes.
Where is he? How would I know? Probably off giving your young one the old one-two.
He's what? Oh, get your head out of your ass, man.
He's seeing your daughter.
Which means he's probably gonna call her.
Yeah? - Yeah, and then what? - And then we'll take care of him.
- Take care of him? - Yeah.
You mean give him his money and get him out of here, right? That's it, Frank, yeah.
Maybe give him a little bonus, too, for good measure While we're at it.
Why can't we just stick to the plan? I'll take care of Danny.
Are you for real or what? He's gonna sell us all down the river.
Now you just find out where he is and let me know about it -- pronto.
Anything else'? Voices? Accents? No.
Not really.
Nothing? It's important you try and remember anything that might be helpful to us, Jenny.
Well, they were old.
They looked old.
What makes you say that? I-I don't know.
I just I don't know.
But they wore masks, right? Yeah.
I mean, I meant they sounded old.
The two of them were old.
So, is that it? Yeah.
Enjoy your ice cream.
I was calling you.
Why didn't you answer? Give him a cheer, folks.
Give him a cheer.
Come on.
Where were you?! - Nowhere.
- Nowhere.
What? Is it true you're seeing Danny Dempsey? He's trouble, Corrina.
Corrina lookit I want you to be happy.
I want you to be happy and contented and And normal.
Go on and say it.
You want me to be normal.
I just want you to be safe.
You're a stamp collector.
I am.
De Valera, Collins, Pearse, and Connolly.
That's it.
Rare? - Oh.
The Holy Grail, boy.
For what died the sons of Erin, huh? Jesus Christ, Tom.
They'd turn in their graves.
Yeah, my father was the gardener here.
We used to live in this little gate lodge at the time my father, my mother, my little sister, and me until Daddy died and we were forced to get out.
Evicted, you could say.
So, yeah, I suppose I'm like a salmon swimming home.
- You sure you don't want any? - No, thanks.
You Weren't in there long.
What, the bank? Oh, no.
In and out in 10 minutes.
I mean, the money was already there waiting for me.
All I had to do was pick it up.
How come it wasn't in the lockdown safe? Ed Banner arrived with it late on Friday evening, as usual.
By that stage, the main vault was already in lockdown.
We had no other choice but to put it in the little outer one.
That little casino was taking in that kind of money? 850 grand? Sometimes more.
Do you think they deliberately targeted that money? Whether they did or not is beside the point.
All I know is that I had no other option but to take it.
How did they know it was there, I wonder? - There's the question, isn't it? - Mm.
I know Long John's name is still over the door, but that casino never actually belonged to him, did it? Oh, no.
A local consortium is behind it.
Kirwan's Cross, you mean.
Them are they.
I could tell you some stories about them lads, how they ruled the roost in the Fountainhead Club drinking, and dancing, and all the rest of it -- and my missus amongst them, I hasten to add -- while I stood down the back of the room like the unseen.
And, sure, I was a source of great amusement to them all when I emerged from the shadows and asked Annette to dance one night.
- Yeah? - Oh, yeah.
Every day's a party to them lads.
Then you went to work in the bank.
DESI; I did.
- Worked your way up.
- Uh-huh.
Things were different then, Tom.
A safe pair of hands was a good thing to be before that "to hell with the consequences" brigade arrived.
Of course, they all used to laugh at me.
Told me my business practices were old-fashioned.
One of them called me antiquated one time.
Says I, "Maybe I am, but at least my books balance at the end of every day.
" Do you want to sleep in my bed with me? No, I'm all right.
You sure? Mm-hmm.
Don't cry, Mummy.
Everything's gonna be all right.
You know, there's someone out there looking after us.
Do you have some secret hero? Well, there he is -- Rigor Mortis Jr.
What's going on in his young one's head? She's definitely holding out on you.
Want me to drag her back in, give her the old third degree? Yeah.
Tie her to a chair.
Those were the days.
I love that smell.
Got ya.
What's going on? Danny.
What about him? We're looking for him.
What do you think? He's not here.
Any idea Where he is, Ben? No.
If, and when, he does come back, tell him we're looking for him, will you? I'd leave you a card, but, uh No.
Annette, I'll see you down there.
Yeah, okay.
You look like you're staking the place out there.
Yeah, sure, don't tempt me.
How's business? All right? Ah, you know yourself, Torn -- It's not great.
They're hard at it anyway.
You know, shocking.
In this little town, like, a man and his family terrorized, kidnapped, dragged out to the woods.
A child, like.
Whatever about the adults.
And how are they doing? The Ranes, I mean.
They're all right.
They're in the Majestic until we're finished in the house.
And have you any ideas? It's early days yet, but we're making headway.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Are you all bearing up all right? Ah, you know.
I know.
And what about you? - You all right? - Yeah.
He says he's going back to work today.
I have to, Annette.
They're going to need me there now.
I don't know Where I got him.
Oh! Sorry.
I just wanted to see you to say how sorry I am to hear about everything.
Thank you.
It's a terrible thing to happen to anyone.
Annette, sorry.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Thanks, Frank.
Now, if you need anything or -- anything at all, you know, I'm there for youse.
- How are you, princess? - Frank Mallon.
- There you are.
- Mrs.
Rane, sit down.
Sit down there.
I was just saying to Desi how sorry I am to hear about everything, you know.
I mean to say, no one deserves that, you know? I know none of youse deserve that, now.
How are you, Jenny? - You all right? - Yeah, thanks.
Do yourself a favor and put that out of your head if you can.
- Am I right, Desi? - That's it.
Good girl.
Anyway, I'll leave youse in peace.
Enjoy your breakfast.
Reporting for duty.
Sorry I'm late.
There was no need to come in, Desmond.
- I know.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, of course.
- I can handle things here.
No, I'm fine.
We've got to keep the flag flying, don't we, Ernie? Absolutely, Mr.
We sure do.
We sure do.
- Thank you, Ernie.
- You're welcome, Mr.
- Is everybody in? - Yeah.
How's the family, Mr.
Rane? Ah, as well as can be expected.
Thank you for asking, Ernie.
What's this? We just got something for your little girl to cheer her up.
She likes trains, eh? Oh, yeah.
She does.
And We'll get them a card.
No worries at all.
Oh, Nancy, dig me out Frank Mallon's file again there, - will you? - Yeah.
Right now? Yeah.
Desmond, are you all right? I'm fine.
Should you not be home with your family now? I'm needed here, Nick.
Well, let me know when you want me.
Nick! Who are these jokers? It's the auditors, Frank.
It's just routine stuff, really.
We need to see what you have in stock so we can more or less evaluate everything.
Oh, right.
Evaluate, liquidate, and vacate -- Is that the drill? Desi Rane, huh? Jesus, he's like a rock around me neck.
I just need your signature, Frank, to allow us to This is ridiculous, Nick.
A couple of months, and I'll be back on my feet again.
I mean, you know me.
I'm not one to lie down on the job.
I built this business from scratch, for Christ's sake, and I'll do it again.
I just need your signature, Frank.
How's that for a signature? Double up, Chris.
That's it.
Nice one.
Lovely, Chris! Go on again now! That's it! Punch it, Pete.
You have reached the voicemail of Danny Dempsey.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Come on, you spanner.
Your ma's a spanner.
What good are they, Keith? Medals.
Just 'cause you're not good at it.
I don't want to be good at hitting people.
Better than your moonwalking.
- Moonwalking's class.
- Sure.
Aah! Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down! I'm not gonna hurt you! I'm not gonna hurt you! Danny? - What are you doing here? - We're going to the hut.
What hut? - We've a hut.
Don't we, Andy? - Yeah.
Who else knows about this place? No one.
Only me and Andy.
So, what's going on? I'm hiding from someone, Keith.
It has to be our secret, though, right? Okay, Danny.
We Won't tell no one nothing.
- Sure, we Won't, Andy? - No.
We can help you, Danny.
Get you whatever you want.
- Bring you food and that.
- Okay.
Listen, go to the club, get me some clothes.
Yeah, and get me something for this.
- Okay? - Okay, Danny.
Keep your mouth shut, but keep your eyes open.
Remember -- You haven't seen me, okay? - All right, Corrine? - Yeah.
There's no sign of Danny, though? - No.
- Where do you think he is, Ben? I don't know.
Out and about somewhere.
That's what I worry about because he's easily led, you know? Too easily led.
Like that time at the Olympics, you mean? Yeah.
Yeah, something like that.
That's what I mean.
'Cause he's easily gulled that way.
And as for you, you need to know that Danny is like the sun.
He comes, and he goes, and there's nothing else in between.
You need to know that and remember it.
All right, lads! Wrap it up now! Shut the door! Hi, Corrina.
What are you doing here? Nothing.
What's going on? Come on, Keith.
You all right? Andy, you better tell me what you're up to.
Danny asked us to get him some clothes.
We're not supposed to tell anyone.
Aren't we, Keith? No.
Well, you're not going anywhere Without me.
All right, ladies.
Where are youse off to? Good lad.
Good man.
What's going on? What are you doing here? What are you doing here? Before I tell you, the two of you get out.
She -- She made us bring her, Danny.
Get out! Go on! What's wrong with you? I've been worried sick.
Where have you been? I've been calling you.
What happened to your leg? You need to get out, all right? I don't want you caught here.
Caught by who? The less you know, the better.
Trust me.
I don't want you involved.
But I'm here.
I'm already involved.
Corrina, go home, will you?! over to the gang.
The three men broke into the family home of Desmond Rene, manager of Wexford town's First Irish Bank, around 7:00 am.
on Sunday morning, threatened the family with a gun before taking his wife and daughter hostage and forcing Mr.
Rane to remove a large sum of cash from the bank.
Gardai said the three men were dressed in blue overalls and balaclavas and drove a white van, which was subsequently burned out.
- Danny Dempsey here now? - No.
Must be on the ran-tan, huh? - Frank about? - He's on his way.
I'll wait for him.
Ed Banner's in there waiting for you.
There you are, Ed.
What can I do for you? - Like a glove, boy.
- Mm.
Oh, I could see meself in this, now, so I could.
Oh, yeah? Win the lotto, did you? Maybe.
Well, 100 grand, and she's yours.
No sign of Danny now? Danny? No.
I don't know Where he is.
Must be on the job somewhere.
Must be.
If this is about the money he owes you, Ed, I'll take care of that for him.
You? Why would you do that, Frank? The lad works for me, you know.
He'll pay it back.
He must be exhausted after all his running around on Sunday.
How do you mean? This Rane kidnapping thing -- Danny's involved in that.
Danny? Sure, Danny Wouldn't have the brains for that, now.
Yeah, you're right, you're right.
But you would.
I don't know what you're talking about, Ed.
My sources say different, Frank.
Oh, yeah? What sources? I think you know.
And, to be honest, I was feeling a little bit left out.
- Left out? - Yeah.
And now with the cops sniffing 'round the casino, it makes me bosses very edgy, very touchy, do you know? Yeah, I think it would be best for everyone if we all sat down and had a little chat, Frank.
Yeah, I could really see myself in this, now.
Do you mind if I take it out for the day? I can't, Ed.
It's not mine.
None of them are mine.
I'm gonna need some security, Frank.
Sure, call over to the casino this evening, 10:00.
I'll give you the key back.
Or not.
Noel, we have a problem.
Ed Banner knows about everything.
And he wants a out.
What do you mean, he knows about it? He wants to meet me tonight at the casino at 10:00.
Oh, Jesus.
How did he find out? How do I know how he found out? He said he had sources.
You're a jinx, Frank.
Do you know that? Oh! Eddie Banner a pal of yours, right? Yeah, well, I know him.
What did you say to him? Nothing.
- What did you say to him?! - Nothing! All right? Did you tell anyone about Danny? No.
I promised I Wouldn't, sure.
I know.
Come on.
Something to eat? Yeah.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Keith and Andy, out.
- This is our hut.
- I don't care.
Get out.
Come on, Andy.
Let's go.
This is our hut.
I know what you did! It's all over the news.
What were you thinking? How could you get me and the boys involved in something like this?! I tried to warn you.
I don't even know what to say! After all my dad did for you.
He set you up with a job and everything.
Oh, yeah.
No, he set me up all right.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Listen, don't worry about it.
I'll be out of everyone's hair soon enough.
Don't worry.
I don't want you out of my hair! That's the point! Well, I don't have much choice, do I? I need to go somewhere.
Go Where? I don't know.
Somewhere else.
I'm Danny Dempsey.
If you're looking for some knockout prices come see me at Mellon Motors any day, any time.
Mellon Motors, just off of Wexford Road.
You're listening to the sound of the South.
And here's the latest news in sport with Peter Maloney.
You know where Danny is, don't you? - Tell me Where he is.
- Why? Because he's in trouble and I can help him.
What is it you think he's done exactly? I know what he's done.
How do you know? Are you in on this? - Corrina.
- You're in on this.
That's what he meant when he said you set him up.
Corrina, just listen to me now.
Sit down for a minute.
How could you do something like that?! Just calm down! But you know Annette.
- You know Jenny.
- I know.
But Desi Rane was gonna take everything I've worked for, everything I have, everything we own! I just needed to -- I just needed to buy some time.
- Oh, stop talking! - Corrina.
- Stop! - Just listen to me.
Look, I know I messed up.
I do.
I know I messed up.
But I did this for you.
I did this for our family, and I can fix it.
I just have to know Where Danny is.
I'm not telling you Where he is.
Okay, fine.
Don't tell me.
But just get him to meet me, okay? Please.
All right, me aul' segotia.
Where you goin'? To the ball, is it? Huh? On your own? Fair play to you.
I hear your boyfriend's gone missing.
Left you high and dry, I heard.
You're acting like I betrayed you or something.
I didn't betray you.
You're hurting me! I'm hurting you? I could set fire to you, you know? Burn your house down in the middle of the night some night While you're all asleep.
Ay, you, your da, your runaway ma.
Yeah, I might just do that sometime.
Let's be sure I understand this, Eddie.
What you're saying is that this pile of money here that's my money.
Yeah? Don't forget about Teeth.
And this pile here, that's going to the Kirwan's Cross lads.
- That right? - Keep 'em sweet.
Keep 'em sweet.
What about Frank? Oh.
I see.
So who's money is this, then? Oh, this must be your share.
Is that right? - That's right.
- Ah.
Eddie what are you gonna do with all that money? Hmm? I have plans, Noel.
Have you, now? I've got plans, too, Eddie.
And unfortunately, they don't include you.
You felt a little bit left out, didn't you, Eddie? A little bit left Out.
Hmm? You had to go and stick your stupid, ugly nose into Where it don't belong! Yeah? Going 'round committing conversational nuisance all over the place.
What's that? Huh? What's that, Eddie? You're sorry? He says he's sorry.
It's a bit late now, Eddie.
He's gone.
Bye-bye, Eddie.
Geez, it's all go.
Make that good and tight now.
Don't want him getting away.
Looks rather peaceful there, doesn't he? Should we leave a note? No.
A spur-of-the-moment kind of a thing.
There you are, Frank.
Problem solved.
Are you all right? You were moaning in your sleep.
When can we go home? Soon.
Go back to sleep.