Clean Break (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 - Any note? - No, nothing.
He didn't seem like the sort to do that kind of thing.
On the contrary, in fact.
No, it was off.
Who is it? Ed Banner.
Good morning, one and all.
Very brave of you to decide - to come on and share a bit - Jenny.
It's very lovely to meet you.
You have a huge following in the UK.
But in case people in Ireland aren't overly familiar with you What are you watching? Nothing.
Sounds interesting.
How does it feel to be back in your room? Nice.
That's good to hear.
Is there something on your mind? Hmm? No? You can tell me, you know, whatever it is.
I Won't breathe a word of it to no one.
Of course, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.
Sometimes it's good to hold your whist.
It's a pity more people didn't follow suit, huh? We're gonna need to put this thing behind us.
All of us.
You know that, don't you? Just like that? Yes, just like that.
Well, no.
You know.
You know in time.
Sooner or later.
Are you writing another story? “The Long and the Short of It" by Jenny Rene.
There's pictures, too.
Very good.
Who's that fella? "Captain Galaxy her stern father.
" Is it a fantasy? No.
Just don't make her father too stern, huh? Shoes off the bed.
overcome their fear as they join us this morning to help one of them to overcome her fear of I spoke to the coroner.
There's nothing conclusive on Ed Banner yet.
What do you think -- money worries, a broken heart, or something else? The Rane thing you mean? Maybe.
Better start asking around.
Are you ready? Yeah.
No, no, I'm not.
I'm not sleeping very Well.
Um I just keep thinking, like, about what happened.
More about what could have happened to -- to Jenny.
Well, the way I look at it is, you either deal with it or go under.
I mean, the nervous system is a very complex thing.
Annette, for instance, is constantly on edge, day and night.
I mean, her nerves were always a jangle long before this even happened.
Jenny, of course, is another matter.
I mean, I don't even want to go there.
She's not mine, you know? She's adopted, so that, of course, is its own set of problems, as I'm sure you can imagine.
What are you worried about? My mum.
She's not the same.
You have to help her.
And what about your dad? Oh, yeah.
I don't envy you your job there.
You have your Work out out for you dealing with them two, I can tell you.
No customer service here, no? Depends on what you're buying.
I won't know that until you sell it to me.
Oh, now, now, now.
Well, boy.
The old GGs, huh? - Yep.
- Any luck? Ah, you know -- You lose some, you lose some.
11 letters.
The fruit of the dead.
No? What's up with you anyway? This Rane affair.
The kidnapping, yeah? What about it? It's bothering me.
Oh, I can imagine.
To tell you the truth, I don't know who in their right mind would bother their hole abducting that fella in the first place.
Geez, you Wouldn't be long bringing him back, I can tell you that.
How well do you know him? Grew up on the same street -- Buffer's Lane, you know.
What was he like then? Snotty-nosed little brat.
50-yard stare.
An Antichrist, me mother would say.
Oh, yeah.
Proper little banker.
Still? I haven't heard nothing in the grapevine, if that's what you're after.
Fair enough.
Had to ask.
- What? - Fruit of the dead.
Ah, spell it yourself.
But, look, I can meet you there in half an hour.
Great stuff.
- Hello? - Hey, Frank.
- It's Nick.
- Nick.
Yeah, Des thinks he's found a buyer for Malabar.
They're on their way there now.
Now? I just thought you'd like to know.
And, of course, the site stretches right back beyond those dunes there.
Right up to the Woodlands at the rear, in fact.
Can we have a look around? Oh, yeah.
Go on ahead.
Desi! What are you doing? This is still my land.
I think you'll find the bank paid for this land.
Who are they? They're the big boys, Frank.
And they've got the money.
This is my land, my project.
Was your project, Frank.
Are you punishing me for something, Desi? I mean, do you get joy out of doing this or what? Joy? Now, there's a word.
Maureen and I dreamt this whole thing up together -- private beach, old-fashioned hotel, salty spas, and what have you.
It's gonna be classy.
But I don't suppose you know what it's like to have a dream, do you, Desi? No.
No, I can't say that I do.
What is it between me and you anyway? We're like two drunks dancing in the snow.
I go left, and you go right.
Maybe we're the yin and yang of each other, Frank.
The yin and yang, boy.
No, I don't think so, Desi.
'Cause you're not the other side of anything, as far as I can see, and you're definitely not the other side of me.
Desmond, can we have a word? Well, here we go.
I'd say We'll close this deal within the month.
See ya.
Danny? What's going on? I'm in trouble, Ben.
What kind of trouble? The Worst kind.
What do you mean? What is it? The Rane thing.
What? How did you get dragged into that? Frank Mallon.
One minute, I'm selling oars.
Now I'm on the run.
Noel Blake and Teeth were here looking for you.
Oh, shit.
Hang on.
Come on.
You can stay at my place if you want.
They'll look for me there.
Hold on.
You'll need to get away.
Where? I don't know.
Frank Mallon owes me 10 grand.
I'm not going anywhere Without it.
Frank Mallon.
10 years more like it.
Here, take it.
I'm sorry for letting you down.
Letting yourself down, ruining your own little life.
Here, take it! Just, we had some good times together, didn't we? Danny.
On behalf of Annette, Jenny, and meself, I just wanted to express our gratitude and how touched we are that we have so many great colleagues and friends to rally 'round us in our hour of need.
Uh, it was a terrible thing that happened three days ago, but here we are, back in the bosom of our community, in our own home, completely unscathed.
We're here.
We're strong.
And we're moving on.
Thanks again.
All right, Jenny? Hey, Phillip.
Yeah, what do they call you these days -- Pixie? What are you drinking? - Lemonade.
- All right.
You take this.
Give me that.
What is it? Vodka.
Come on, have a taste.
This could get you in real trouble.
Me in trouble? You're the one drinking it.
- It's Water.
- That's a miracle.
You know, you should tell me if you're in trouble, Jen.
I'll come to your rescue.
How are you? I need to talk to you.
Can I come in? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on.
Is the young one in? No, no, she's out as per usual.
Cup of tea or coffee? I'll stick on the kettle anyway.
What's up? Huh? What's going on? Oh! I vouched for you.
I advised Danny to take the job, convinced him.
What do you do? You stab me in the back.
You dream up this plan, and you get Danny to do your dirty work for you, and then you sell him down the river, and you're nowhere to be seen.
I'm trying to look out for him.
I'm trying -- I'm trying to help him.
I'm gonna help him.
Too right, you'll help him.
You'll give him whatever he wants, whatever he needs -- money, tickets out of here, Whatever, right? I'll fix this.
Ben, I swear to God, I'll fix it.
You better.
'Cause the next time I put you down, you Won't be getting back up again.
- Get out.
- No, no, wait.
Wait! Just hold on a second, right? I had nothing to do with it.
- Eh? - I had nothing to do with it.
Where's my money? I don't know Where the money is, Danny.
Noel has it stashed somewhere.
That a part of your master plan, too, was it? What, do you think you need the money more than I do, is it? - I want to help you.
- Yeah? That's very nice of you, considering.
Any food? Huh?! - How are you sleeping? - How am I sleeping? How are you sleeping, more to the point? Or who are you sleeping with?! Yeah, I want to help you.
I will help you.
But you have to promise me you'll stay away from Corrina.
Do we have a deal? You think you can do a deal.
Are you fucking blind? I mean, they're gonna kill me, Frank.
And trust me, Frank -- You Won't be too far behind.
That's what I'm saying.
We have to stick together, Danny.
We have to.
I mean, the two of these lads, they're not messing.
Trust me.
Who told you to stay away from them? Hmm? Yeah, well, we're on the far side of the river for that now, - aren't we? - Oh, yeah.
Thanks to you.
Come on.
What do you say? Hell of a sniff of déjà vu off this, Frank.
I'm gonna have to go.
Give me me keys.
How will I find you? Ask your daughter.
Right, that's the background checks on the bank staff.
- Happy days.
- Yeah.
Six months.
Who gave him a job in a bank? Huh? We need a few more hands on deck.
Want me to give the lads in Rosslare a shout? Are you joking? Made a hames of the station the last time.
You should take something for that.
Gilroy Nancy how long have you been working at the bank? Two years.
Long enough to get to know the day-to-day procedures.
And is it normal procedure to take nearly a million Euro and put it in the outer vault, which doesn't even have a time lock? Whatever Mr.
Rane says is normal procedure.
Whatever Mr.
Rane asks you to do Did you discuss the events at the bank with anyone on Friday evening? Now Ernie Jones.
That's me, yeah.
- You all right? - Yeah, I'm all right.
Have a seat, Ernie.
Tell me again how did you get this job, Ernie? I met Mr.
Rane up at the boxing club.
Oh, that's right.
You do a bit of refereeing up there, don't you? - Yeah.
- Huh.
Break, box, stop, huh? Pardon? "Break," "box, stop" -- the only three words that the referees are allowed to say.
Well, in the amateur game only now.
Does he know that your real name isn't Jones? No.
All right.
You're gonna tell me that he doesn't know you have a criminal conviction? What have you got here, Ernie? That's right -- a charge of embezzlement in Reading.
That was a misunderstanding.
What did you get -- six months? Suspended.
Eddie had been bringing in late lodgments for a while, you know.
A couple of Weeks.
I told him -- This will be the last time We'll take them off his hands.
So you had to get Mr.
Rane's permission? Well, I asked Mr.
Rane what he thought we should do with it.
He said stick them in the outer vault until Monday.
What's your position at the bank again? I'm assistant branch manager.
Do you like your job? Yeah.
As much as anyone, yeah.
Do you have any debts? No.
No, same as anyone else -- mortgage, car loan.
- Yeah? - What are we getting at here? I suppose you better come in with me.
Oh, Mr.
Thanks for coming down.
I'll just be a sec.
Uh, I was wondering if we could have a word in the office maybe.
Hello, Jenny.
Oh, uh, you wait here.
Head up, shoulders up.
Yeah, that's it, that's it.
That's it, right there.
Keep going.
Yeah, cross with your right.
Cross with your right.
Yeah, from the hip.
Use the hip.
Use the hip.
That's it.
From the hip.
That's it.
Up through the feet.
That's it.
Cross with your right.
Well? I just want you to know that I think what happened to you and your family was a disgrace.
I mean nothing gives anyone the right to do a thing like that.
And I'm not siding with him now or anything, but I have a feeling one of the lads in the club had something to do with it.
And, as I say, I'm not condoning what he done, but sometimes lads are talked into things, you know.
They're led astray 'cause they're easily led, these lads, you know? Well, you know, they're there for the taking, like.
That might very well be the case, Ben, but this lad you're talking about is gonna have to learn the meaning - of the word "repercussion.
" - Yeah, I know.
And you're right -- There should be repercussions.
But supposing this lad agreed to help in some Way to talk to someone.
To grass you mean? To cooperate.
That's between him and the law, Ben.
As far as I'm concerned, he's already banished from the garden whoever he is and wherever he is.
This is Danny's room.
I know.
So what are you doing up here? Nothing.
Are you allowed up here? Yeah, sometimes.
Yeah? Are they all his trophies? Some of them.
There's a rake in the cabinet downstairs.
Yeah? I love his face.
In the poster, I mean.
Hey, that's Danny's.
I know.
He, um, gave it to me.
Yeah, when? - One time.
- Jenny! - Jenny, Where are you? Daddy? What are you doing up here? Go wait in the car for me.
Go ahead.
I wish we could run away somewhere.
Somewhere Warm with blue skies and mountains.
Far away from here.
You mean like a holiday? You want to go on a holiday.
Your life already is a holiday, Corrina.
What are you running away from? Your big house? Your comfy bed? Yeah? This is my town.
I don't belong anywhere else but here.
You want to head somewhere? Be my guest.
Yeah, head for the hills.
Without you? Corrina I've never ended up on the right side of anything in my life, and I have no reason to believe that this time is gonna be any different.
So, yeah, Without me.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hi, Corrina.
I just wanted to come and see how you and Jenny are doing.
Oh, that's lovely.
Come on in.
I've got a better picture of him.
Oh, here.
So, that's Captain Galaxy and his kind of background story.
I think I have another one somewhere.
Jenny how was it? It must have been horrible.
Well I'm okay.
I just want to say that Danny was nice to me um, that day.
He's your boyfriend, isn't he? He looked out for me.
Danny? But you can't be sure it was him, though.
I mean, you didn't see his face, did you? No.
But I'm sure it was him.
Don't worry.
I'm not gonna say anything.
I really hope he gets away with it.
All right, Corrine? How's it going? Pull over.
Pull over.
I need you to give Danny Dempsey a message for me.
Wh-- Corrina! Hey! Corrina! Fuck! I was talking to your mammy earlier.
She wants you to go over to her.
When? As soon as possible.
She's concerned about you.
I was followed today.
- By who? - Some guy He knew my name, and he asked about Danny.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I gave him the slip.
Where were you? I was coming back from the Ranes' house.
Oh, Corrina, what were you doing there? - I was seeing if they're okay.
- Why? Because someone should be concerned about them.
Well, okay, that's it.
You're definitely going over to your mother now.
I'm not going anywhere Without Danny.
Danny Dempsey.
What is it? Do you think you can save him or something? You can't save Danny Dempsey, Corrina.
He's a lost cause.
You can talk.
There you are.
In the market for a new squad car, are you? What's going on? Ed Banner.
What about him? You didn't hear? I heard.
No love lost? I've known Ed Banner since he was that high, Tom.
He was a prick then, and dead or alive, he's still a prick now.
What were you doing down the casino that night? You were seen leaving.
Yeah, well, I was picking up the keys of a car he was never gonna buy.
Oh, yeah? What was his form like? He was all right.
He didn't seem down to you, no? No.
Trouble is why would a man who was gonna do something like that go to the trouble of taking a car for a test drive? I don't know.
We're all under pressure, I suppose.
I suppose you don't really know what's going on in a man's head, do you? What's going on, Frank? What do you mean? With the world, I mean.
I'll tell you what's going on.
Them that have it gets to keep it.
That's what's going on.
Might be right there.
I am right.
I'll send someone down later to take a statement.
About Ed Banner, I mean.
Then Hogan passes it to O'Keefe, who passes it to Liam Og.
From Liam Og back to the goalkeeper from over 40 yards away.
He turns, passes it out to Joe Kelly.
From Joe Kelly to Andy Monaghan -- Andy.
How about this? We get a poster of Danny and offer it to her as a straight swap -- the poster for the brooch.
By right, we shouldn't be giving her anything.
She swiped that brooch from Danny.
I know, but it's better we do it this way.
If we get those gloves back to Danny, he'll know we're on his side.
And what good is that gonna do us? From Joe Kelly to Andy Monaghan, who's running so fast -- Shit.
Mam? Uncle Desmond.
What the hell are you doing here? Nothing.
Just visiting.
Ah, Desmond.
Phillip, would you go out and get some more coal for me before you go? Of course, Nan.
I'll do that for you, no bother.
How long has he been here? He came for his lunch.
Why? 'Cause that fella is not right in the head.
He is my grandchild, Desmond.
Jenny is your grandchild.
But you know we all love Jenny.
Oh, do we? There you are, Nan.
Keep you going for a while, huh? Oh, good boy.
Hang on now While I I don't want you annoying her anymore.
Do you hear me? - I'm not.
- You are annoying her.
I don't want you hanging 'round here anymore.
You're not welcome here, so stay away from here altogether in the future.
What happened to that young one you were knocking around with? Oh, I heard she's going with Danny Dempsey these days.
Is that right? Oh, yeah, you can't even hang on to a whore, can you? I mean, what does that tell you? Don't know.
What? That you're a loser.
Now Cheers, Nan.
Are you wanting a cup of tea? Why not? What are you up to, boy?! "Full Metal Jacket," Sammy.
Ever see that film? Boulders, craters, bodies all over the place and all, you know.
Lads crawling through the mud, slithering like snakes on their bellies.
Are you fucking nuts or What?! Come on, then.
Hang on now.
Hold on.
Come on, Shep.
Come on.
Shep likes what he sees.
Don't you, Shep? Come on.
Ah, he likes the smell of it and all, you know? A straight swap -- poster for the gloves.
- We'll see.
- No, we won't see, Keith.
We have to get them gloves back to Danny because you said it yourself -- He didn't give it to her.
She stole them, and that's a felony.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh, is Jenny in? Is she expecting you? No.
Okay, come in.
- What's going on? - We got you this.
Like it? Brilliant.
So, have you got something for us, then? Sorry? Uh, what do you mean? Just like I thought.
The gloves.
The boxing gloves.
We'd just like to see them again.
What's going on here? Well, they just came to visit me, that's all.
What for? The poster.
Show it to me.
Danny Dempsey, huh? I suppose you think he's a big hero, don't you? - He is.
- He's not.
A hero does what's right and stands his ground.
You don't run away at the first sign of trouble.
You don't just bail out on everybody.
James Connolly -- hero.
Patrick Pearse -- hero.
Michael Collins -- hero.
Eamon de Valera -- hero.
See that fella there? Do you know what he is? He's a quitter.
Do you want to know what I think of quitters? That's what I think of quitters.
Now you boys ought to be making your way home.
Go on.
We can get you another one if you want.
No, better not.
Um, no.
It'll just make him angry.
- Oh, anyway - Okay, then.
I thought we were gonna swap the poster for the gloves.
Yeah, I know, but Not to worry.
Oh, you stole it.
But she stole it first! You shouldn't have taken it.
What are you worried about it for? She's not worried about you.
- I never said she Was.
- You are.
You're going on about her all the time.
I'll tell you, you're gonna have to Watch yourself.
She stole those gloves from Danny, and don't forget it.
Yeah, well What do you think, Keith? Suit me? No.
Take it off.
- Why? - In case someone sees it.
No one's gonna see it.
Danny will be delighted we got these back for him.
See him? Over there.
Don't look.
How am I supposed to see him if I don't look? - All right, Danny.
- Hey.
You Won't believe what we got you.
- What? - Give a guess.
Just give it to him, Andy, will you? All right, Keith.
Keep your shirt on.
Just because you're sweet on her.
- I'm not sweet on her.
- Lads.
What do you think? Where did you get that? Your own.
The young one.
What young one? The young one that was kidnapped.
- Jenny Rane.
- I got it for you.
Come here.
What are you going near her for? Huh? Who told you to go near her?! Jesus! - No -- No one.
She -- She stole your gloves! You've no business going near her, Andy! - Danny.
- What? Right, now all I asked you two to do was to keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.
That's all I asked you to do! Jesus! - I'm sorry, Danny! - Dempsey! Dempsey! Dempsey, come out here! - Aah! Dempsey, come out here! You have to bring in Snowy White now here, as well.
Keep your mouths shut, the two of you, and stay here.
Dempsey! Well? I told you you shouldn't have taken it.
Now, what is up with you? Just came to pay homage to your little love nest.
Oh, yeah? Yeah, it's nice.
Is she in there, no? Who? Corrine? No.
I'm looking for her.
Go home, Snowy.
Yeah, go home, Snowy, before you get a good slap for yourself.
Oh, that's right, yeah.
You're a bit of a what-do-you-call-it.
Yeah, I forgot all about that.
Unfortunately, for you, I don't abide by those rules.
You what? Put that down now.
Twinkle, twinkle.
"Put it down," I said! Fuck! Keith! You took her! You took her! Aah! Keith! Danny! Andy! - Andy! Jesus! Andy.
You're all right, Andy.
You're all right.
I got you.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's okay.
Shh, shh.
I've got you.
Get an ambulance -- now! - I haven't got a phone! - Jesus Christ! You're all right.
You're all right, Andy.
- You're all right.
- Danny! Shh.