Clean Break (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

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1 [Slow music plays] WOMAN: He don't know anything about this.
It's Snowy White you should be talking to, not our Keith.
Keith, look at me.
Why did Snowy White burn down that hut'? I don't know.
Well, it wasn't Andy he was after.
And it wasn't you either.
Do you recognize that trinket? He don't know anything about that.
- All right.
- That's Danny Dempsey's, right? Keith, I know he was hiding out here.
WOMAN: You better not be mixed up in anything.
His dad will go mad.
Kill him, he will.
All right, all right.
Don't worry.
Is Andy gonna be all right? Let's hope so.
[suspenseful music plays] DONOGHUE: Connolly, you say? DESI: Yes, the James Connolly stamp.
- That's the one.
- I have that stamp, all right.
- You've got it? - Yes, as it happens.
Well, good.
And how much would you be asking for it? DONOGHUE: It's hard to say.
I mean, what's it fetching for? DONOGHUE: Just pay us the overreach.
Well, I'll tell you now, Mr.
Donoghue, I would be very interested in that now.
- DONOGHUE: Yeah? In theory? - Yeah.
No, not just in theory.
In reality, yeah.
DONOGHUE: The four just need a good home.
No, I have the other three.
- DONOGHUE: You have them? - That's right, yeah.
- Pearse, Collins, and de Valera.
I see.
Right, so, you know Where I am if you want to do business.
- DONOGHUE: I do, indeed.
- Thank you.
[Sighs] Jesus.
- Where are you gonna go? - [Smooches] Uh, I've an offer of a job on a trawler.
I think I'll take it.
Jump ship somewhere.
- Like a pirate? - Argh.
Yeah, well You're gonna be all right, yeah? Yeah, I'll live as a matter of fact.
What's that supposed to be? I'm Waving the white flag.
I'm giving up on you.
Don't forget to name your first child after me.
[Smooches] All right, Andy? - It's Keith.
- [Whimpers] How are you feeling? How do I look? Like you have the mumps.
Very funny, Keith.
MAN: This is ridiculous! I think We'd better find Snowy White before they do.
- MAN: Talk to the boy.
DOCTOR: He's not ready.
[indistinct arguing] [Footsteps] Drop it! I said, "Drop it.
" [Laughs] - What are you like? - What's going on? What is it with you two fuckers? Is she here or not? Corrine? No, she's not home.
Anyway, I thought I told you to stay away from her.
- TEETH: Told us? - What? - I want my money.
- So you keep saying, Frank.
But you still haven't delivered Danny Dempsey, now, have you? I mean, how can someone just disappear into thin air? Now, you're gonna make us do something we don't want to do, Frank.
Yeah? Like what? Just you find me Danny Dempsey.
So you can do what to him, exactly? - [Laughs] - [Laughs] He hasn't the stomach for it.
Yeah, there's certain things I draw the line at, yeah.
NOEL: That's the trouble with you fellas.
You all want to eat the omelet, but none of you want to break the eggs.
You'll be doing that once too often, boy.
Just remember what I said -- Don't make me wander down another path.
And you remember what I said, and you leave Corrina out of this.
Last night? I just stayed in a mate's house.
Why? MRS.
RANE: What mate's house? My mate.
I do have mates, you know.
RANE: I'm not saying you don't.
Well, What, then? You look like something the cat dragged in, that's all.
I always look like this.
It's the law, is it? Yeah, of the land I live in.
Stick that on you.
Do you want to stay here tonight? I better not, Nan.
What have you done? Nothing.
- So, what is it, then? - [Sighs] I don't know.
People let you down, you know? You can't trust no one.
I mean, they're all sweetness and light to your face, but look the other way, and they'll gamble for your clothes.
People are just people, Phillip doing their best.
Yeah, well better go, Nan, eh? MRS.
RANE: Hang on.
[Dog barking] [Door slams] Come on! Fuck it! Fuck you! Fuck you and fuck that piece of shit you knock around with.
And you hear me now loud and clear -- I'll bury you if you renege on the deal we done.
I'll bury the two of you, so I will because this was my idea in the first place! And if you think you're gonna do me out of my share of the money, you have another think coming.
So bring it to me by the end of the day, or you'll have a fucking problem, right? [Dog barking] [Barking continues] [Dog snarls, barks] [Grunts] What are you doing here? DANNY: I need some money.
Whatever you've got.
What's up, Frank? I've just waged war on Noel Blake.
- Oh, yeah? - FRANK: Yeah.
Which means now he'll either come to us or we go after him -- - one or the other.
- We? What? You losing your bottle, Danny? I want to go back.
No, darling.
It's too soon.
Remember what they said at counseling? That you should take your time.
Take another week at least.
- A week? - Yeah.
It won't kill you to take a few more days off.
What do you think, Desmond? About what? ANNETTE: About her going back to school.
Sure, if she wants to go back, let her.
Do you not think it's too soon, no? I'm sure she wants to tell all her friends and classmates about her ordeal, Annette.
Don't you? I was supposed to go to the pictures with Corrina, as Well.
ANNETTE: I can call her and see what she wants to do about it.
What do you think? Get her out of the house and cheer her up a bit.
You're asking me? - Come on.
- [Door opens] [Dialing] Hi, Corrina.
It's Annette Rane here.
Oh, hang on.
- Where you going? - I'm going to see my mother.
Um, yeah.
Sorry, Corrina.
Do you remember you said you would like to take Jenny to the cinema? All right, don't move into the gate lodge if you don't want to.
But at least think about taking one of the other rooms.
I'm not moving out of here.
I'm staying put.
Why? - This is my home, Desmond.
- What? Okay.
All right.
Sorry I spoke.
- What's wrong now? - Nothing.
- What? - [Scoffs, stammers] Do you see how it looks, you living here and me in that big house? I mean, I just don't see why you can't be happy for me, that's all.
Celebrate and appreciate what I've achieved instead of always But, look, if you're happy here I am happy here.
Anyway, I do appreciate what you've achieved.
You're the one who questions it.
- What do you mean? - Ah, you're always worried about what other people think.
You can't control what other people think, Desmond.
It was the same after your daddy died -- forever wondering what everyone made of us.
Well, it was hard on me.
It was hard on all of us.
I know that.
I'm not saying that.
- Well, What, then? - I don't know! I mean, Watching you on all fours, backing your way out of some building or other, and I'd have to cross the street to get away from you in case you'd blow my cover, the Belvedere boy.
And then later on in the fucking Fountainhead Club when I'd see you there in the kitchen like Mrs.
Well, I was ashamed of you, all right? Ashamed of what you were, of what you did, of what you had to do.
[Sighs] So, you go on ahead, and you stay here if you want.
I'm not gonna stop you.
I mean, I can't force you.
I'm not a tyrant.
[Door opens] [Door closes] What's the matter? ANNETTE: Jenny -- I'm worried about her.
Oh, yeah? She hasn't cried, you know.
I'm crying all the time at the drop of a hat, and she hasn't shed a tear.
Haven't you noticed that? I just wish she'd cry, that's all.
You're not worried about her, then, no? - No.
- I don't understand that.
We need to learn to put this thing behind us, Annette.
Put it behind us? We were tied up and dragged off to the middle of nowhere.
I know all that.
We know all that! The truth of the matter is, I'm worried about you, not her.
She'll be all right, whereas you How can you say that, that she'll be all right? Because it's true.
True? What is that, even? You know, sometimes I think you don't even -- What? Nothing.
Forget it.
Look, we never really talk to each other, Annette, her and me.
I mean, you know that.
You and her, yeah.
Her and me, no.
That's just the way it was -- or is, I should say.
It's not the Worst thing that could happen.
I mean, the truth of the matter is that we're probably too alike to care.
But I took her into my home, didn't I? I gave her a roof over her head and food and clothes and anything else I thought she needed.
I even gave her my name, for Christ's sake! Those are all the things you gave to me.
What are you getting at? Is it asking too much to be liked? Or loved? I mean, even the way you say my name -- Annette -- like you're talking to a stranger, like you're explaining something to a stranger.
Where is all this coming from all of the sudden? From here, all right? From here! I mean, even your own nephew, Phillip or Snowy, whatever they call him -- He nearly burns a child to death, and you haven't even talked about it.
I don't want his name mentioned in this house! Oh, of course you don't.
Why would you? Well, whatever about me and you or anyone else for that matter, I want you to show her some affection now after all she's been through because she's a good girl! [Chuckling] A good girl? What's that when it's at home? What? She needs to be loved! That's all I'm saying! Yeah.
Well, it's a tall order, that, huh? Stay in the car.
- What's going on? - Sorry, Frank.
Just took the big stuff.
There'll be somebody here to change the locks tomorrow - or the next day.
- [Engine starts] Did you know about this? No.
[Sighs] Yeah, sort of.
CORRINA: Can they even do this?! You should call someone.
Shouldn't we call somebody? Dad.
What's going on? I don't know.
I mean, you try your best.
You do your best.
You get up early, and you come home late, and you rob Peter to pay Paul, and you tell yourself that it'll all balance out in the end, but it doesn't.
It didn't.
And I Wouldn't mind, but I was full sure I could make it work, too.
I really thought I had it licked, you know? Another month or two, and We'd be turning the corner, and this time next year, We'd be up and running again.
My competitor's gone and an open road ahead of us.
But he just Wouldn't out me the slack! He really had to have his pound of flesh! Whiskey.
NOEL: We have a problem, Desi.
Oh? Your young one she recognized Danny Dempsey's voice on the day.
Knew who he was.
DESI: Danny Dempsey? I didn't want to say anything until I fixed the problem, you know, but well - Anything else? - [Chuckles] You're some cool customer.
I'll give you that, Desi.
But I'm not so sure you're grasping the gravity - of the situation here.
- Oh, yeah? If she blabs on Danny, he'll lead them to me, and that's not good news for any of us.
Now, I know you don't want to hear this, Desi, but sooner or later, this could all land on your door.
- On my door? - Yeah.
And who's gonna buy that, Noel? I mean, think about it.
I agreed to kidnap my own family, my wife and daughter, for a bag full of money I neither wanted or needed.
I mean, what kind of man would do something like that? This could ruin you.
Ruin your life, your reputation, everything.
So don't you give me that shite.
You know what? You're right, Noel.
Maybe I should just call in this one myself.
- What do you think? - What? Tell them I recognized your voice.
Let him look into your affairs for a change.
All your dirty little deeds, all the work you did for Kirwan's Cross all brought out into the open.
Oh, yeah.
You see, Noel, I'm the one holding the royal flush here.
You and Frank Mallon are the ones with a hand like a foot.
I'm not going down for this.
I can tell you that now for nothing.
Now I'm gonna do whatever it is that I have to do.
That's the spirit.
As long as you're not expecting me to wipe your ass while you're doing it! Ha! [Bell tolling] - [Beep] - Thanks, Ernie.
Oh, Nancy give me everything you've got on Kirwan's Cross.
These fellas have their finger in every pie, Nick.
I'm afraid they're in for a rude awakening.
- You reckon? - Yeah.
Sure, the proof is here in the figures.
Here, look.
See? Impossible.
Well, I'll wipe the smile off their faces, so I will.
I'll soften their cough.
Photocopy all this stuff because if I know Torn Burke, the fraud squad will be down upon us any minute now.
In the meantime you keep all of this under your hat, yeah? Oh, by the way, have we moved on Frank Mallon yet? Yeah.
I'm going home for me lunch.
[Woman singing operatically] [Tap] [Woman singing operatically] [Singing continues] [Engine shuts off] BEN: Yeah? DESI: Clear this place out, Ben.
- The lot.
- BEN: Everything? Yeah.
Supposing Danny comes back? DESI: He Won't be coming back.
He's let you down for the last time.
- I'm not having it.
- Ah, now to be fair, Danny brought us a lot of kudos in his time, titles and that.
Kudos? [Scoffs] He shamed us, Ben.
I mean, the Olympics that time, and now he gets to bed down here for half nothing.
No, no, no, no.
Do you believe in all that stuff, Ben? The hereafter and all the rest of it? Yeah.
- You know.
- DESI: [Scoffs] Well, I think it's a whole load of old chicken shit meself.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
When you're dead, you're dead.
There's nothing out there.
No punishment, no reward, no time off for good behavior -- nothing.
Only the void.
We'll use this as a meeting room from now on.
Hire it out to anyone who wants it.
It'll bring in some welcome revenue.
Burn all his stuff.
Burn everything.
Over to you, Corrina.
- You'll look after her for me? - I will.
All right.
What are you going to see, anyway? Okay, don't tell me.
Don't need to know.
Okay, have fun.
I'll see you after.
I'll be right here.
All right.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Mummy thinks we're gonna go see a cartoon or something.
- Do you want to see a cartoon? - No.
- With zombies? - Yeah! [Rock music plays] Wasting my life [indistinct conversations] Can I have a popcorn and a Sprite? Okay.
WOMAN: Hey, was that a small popcorn? Here you go.
Dad, it's me.
FRANK: Corrina, what's going on? You and Jenny? Where is he exactly? Right.
Just go back in the cinema.
I'm on the way.
Just do as I told you, okay?! For fuck's sake.
I'll fucking kill him! Danny.
Meet me at the cinema.
It's Teeth.
He's after Corrina.
We'll go after if you'd like.
All right? [Rock music plays, screams] How are you? - All right.
- What are you doing here? Uh, all right, lads, just here to Watch a movie.
Don't move a muscle, or I swear to God -- - I’ll out you like a rabbit.
- Frank.
- What are you doing here? - I'm here for the young one.
- What young one? - Not yours.
- And then what? - I don't know.
Just following orders, man.
You know -- keeping tabs on her.
- FRANK: Where's Noel now? - I don't know.
- Is he here? - Not that I know of.
- Stand.
- What? Get up, I said.
All right! You take it easy.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna throw you a party.
What do you think? Aah! I could be good to you, Frank.
- I mean, I could be useful.
- What?! What? - Tell me Where the money is.
- I can transfer you the -- - Aah! - Frank! Frank, take it easy.
You come to my house, and you make smart remarks, and you threaten my daughter and look down your nose at me, and now you're trying to hoodwink me.
- I don't fucking think so! - I'm sorry, Frank! - You fucking well will be! - Someone's coming.
TEETH: You should never have went to that yard, Frank.
You shouldn't have Wrecked it like that! Are you threatening me? I'll out your fucking head off! - Frank, take it easy, will you? - What is it with you?! If it wasn't for you opening your big trap in the first place, we Wouldn't be in this predicament, would We? I Wondered how long it would take you to get to that.
- You're a fucking liability! - Well, I didn't want to do it.
Remember? You talked me into it.
But I did my job, and I made sure no one got hurt.
I mean, if it wasn't for you, I'd still be living my life now.
Come here, yeah? You -- You listen to me, yeah? Get out of here.
Do you hear me? Go back to wherever it is you fucking came from, because if I ever come face-to-face with you again, I'll break you up.
Now go ahead.
[Coughs] - Go on.
- [Coughing] For the book.
For making pictures.
Liquid color.
You put it on pages.
Well, like leaves.
It's hard to explain.
I suppose you'd have to see it.
AISLING: I don't know what you're talking about.
BRENDAN: But Brother Aidan -- AISLING: I will help you find the things you want on one condition.
Um, I need to - Go? Mm.
- [Ringtone plays] I'm coming with you.
Jenny, wait.
Dad? - Where are you? - Wait.
My name's Brendan.
- What? - What's yours? No, screen six.
I can't hear you.
- Corrina.
- [Aisling laughs] JENNY: Oh! Jenny? Jenny? [Man speaks indistinctly on radio] OFFICER; Got that.
Will do.
What's going on here? That's your man -- Snowy White.
Come on.
[indistinct shouting] OFFICER #2: Stay back! Stop! - Just stay back! Stand back! - MAN: Get him! [indistinct shouting] OFFICER #2: Stay back! SERGEANT: That little boy could have been burned to a cinder in there.
As it is, his face and hands will be scarred for life.
I didn't know he was in there.
I swear -- I didn't know he was there.
So, who did you think was in there, hmm? Danny Dempsey? Huh? Yeah, well, you'll be going away for a nice little vacation after this, then.
Pat's maybe.
Or Arbour Hill.
How would that suit you? I could tell you things.
What kind of things? Things you might like to know.
Go on, then.
- I saw something in the river.
- What? Corrina says it was a body.
A dead body in the river.
SERGEANT: Where? Kirwan's Cross.
[Sea gulls crying] [Cellphone rings] Desmond Rane.
What do you mean, you've got her? Okay.
I'm on my way.
Always like to put yourself into harm's way, Desi.
You always did.
Always leaning towards lads like me, huh? Searching us out, trawling the shadow, hmm? Always something about you, you know.
Do you remember the time I caught you crucifying the frog? Do you remember that, huh? "It was an experiment," he said.
Yeah? And I asked you, "What did you learn from your experiment?" What did you tell me? Hmm? You said, "Pain is universal.
" That's what you said, Desi.
Pain is universal.
Yeah, well, you were right, Desi.
Pain is universal, and sometimes sometimes it's permanent.
Now, the thing is, your young one here seems to believe that she heard a voice that she recognized, and I'm trying to convince her otherwise.
The truth is, she heard nothing! Isn't that right? What did you hear? - Nothing.
- You didn't hear a thing.
- Have you got that? - [Softly] Yes.
- I can't hear you.
- [Loudly] Yes.
NOEL: That's good because, you see, I could find her or her family any time I feel like it.
She knows that.
Don't you, Jenny? - Yes.
- There.
See? I could just put a bullet in her now.
Kill the two of you here and now.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't do that, Desi, huh?! One good reason! I can't think of one right now, no.
NOEL: [Laughs] You're a queer hawk, Desi.
He's a queer hawk, your dad.
loan tell you that much.
I mean, I go to him with a plan to carry you and your mother off into the night.
And what does he do? Does he turn me down? Does he? Fuck! Welcomes me with open arms.
"Let's do it," he says.
"Bring it on.
" She knows all that already.
Don't you, Jenny? What? I don't know what's going on between the pair of you two, but it sure is a fucked-up world you live in.
Get out.
Get in the car, Jenny.
Go on! Pow! By the way-- - it's eternal.
- What? Not universal.
What? DESI: What I said before about the frog.
I said that pain is eternal.
Aah! Oh! [Screaming] [Breathing heavily] [Police radio chatter] SERGEANT: It's Long John.
Noel Blake's head looks a right mess.
I mean, talk about making sure.
He made sure, all right.
Mind you, he was only doing what he had to do I suppose.
I suppose.
[Camera shutter clicking] I need to take you down to the station, Desmond, Where I need to take a statement from you.
I mean, we need to, you know? I understand.
But you do know he'd threatened to shoot her if I had called you.
Oh, I-I -- I couldn't take that chance, Tom.
I mean, that's why I came already armed.
There was no telling what he was gonna do.
- I know.
- A mad man.
[Dog barking] [Barking] What's that? The master plan.
FRANK: Fuck you, Noel.
Fuck you and fuck that piece of shit you knock around with.
And I'll tell you now -- I'll bury you if you renege on the deal we done.
I'll bury the two of you, so I will because this was my idea in the first place! And if you think you're gonna do me out of my share of the money, you have another think coming.
Maureen, if you're there, pick up, please.
Maureen, are you there? No? Listen, I'm going to send Corrina over to you.
I need to get her out of here for a while.
Yeah, things Things have gone a bit awry here, Maureen.
Everything is upside down.
You know, Without you, every-- [Vehicle doors open] TEETH: The brains behind it all? Frank Mallon.
Himself and Noel.
- Anyone else involved? - Yeah.
Danny Dempsey.
He was the driver.
What about Long John? Noel did that.
That was only supposed to be a warning.
Things got out of hand.
I only helped dump the body.
That's all.
You mentioned a warning.
From who? I don't know.
I mean, come on.
Give it a shot.
Kirwan's Cross? Long John had his hand in the till.
That's all I'm saying about them boys.
What about Ed Banner? That was suicide.
Wasn't it? And don't ask about that money.
I don't know Where it is.
Mammy called.
- When? - Early this morning.
- Did you tell her? - I had to.
Yeah, well, I hope you told her that they can't prove anything.
Anyway I'm not saying anything until I have to.
CORRINA: I told her all that.
And what did she say? [Chuckles] She said, "Where have I heard this all before?" She wants me to go over there.
Yeah, you know, you should.
Get out of here.
CORRINA: Everyone's telling me that.
I Wonder -- Is it something I said? No.
It's [Sighs] I still harbor notions of the three of us together.
In the Isle of Man or somewhere.
It's a mad idea, I know, but CORRINA: For what it's worth, she said she'll come and visit you sometime.
She said that? Yeah.
When they hang you, she said.
[Chuckles] [Sniffles] [Breathes deeply] Well how's he doing in there? Holding up? I suppose so.
MAN: Superintendent McCauley.
Kirwan's Cross, I take it.
Gentlemen, shall we? [Sighs] Tell Danny we're still looking for him.
- How you getting on? - MAN: All right, all right.
Ben had a word, did he? Yeah? - Might I come up? - MAN: Yes, come.
Come up.
Come on board.
Oh, very good.
All right.
[Bagpipes play] [Horn honking] [Whistle blows, indistinct shouting] Go on! Go on! [Desi announcing indistinctly on P.
] Oh, and a ladies' Watch has been found outside the main entrance.
A ladies' watch.
Would the owner please check in at the Clonard end turnstile? A ladies' watch.
There'll be at least three minutes' extra time.
- Three minutes.
- [Applause] [Door closes] May I? To see the four of them together like that is It's a dream come true.
You know you'll be the only one, sure, in the world? Oh, well I have to admit it is very satisfying.
How did you come by it, if you don't mind? Anyway one last look, and I'll leave you in peace.
[Sighs, chuckles] Thank you again, Mr.
You're welcome.
We're all delighted it stayed in the country.
It's Where it belongs.
[Door opens, closes] [Breathes deeply] There was an old Woman from Wexford And in Wexford town did dwell She loved her husband dearly, but another man twice as well With me right fol diddy fol dearo And me right fol torra lee One day she went to the doctor, some medicine to find Said, "Doctor give me something For to make my old man blind With me right fol diddy fol dearo And me right fol torra lee With me right fol diddy fol dearo And me right fol torra lee [Laughs]