Clickbait (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

The Sister

1 As cold as an old ice cream sandwich As focused as Mr.
Miyagi You poke at your phone… Happy Birthday to you - Happy Birthday, Grandma.
- Oh, it's gorgeous.
I'll blow them out.
- Nice! - Happy Birthday, Mom.
- Thank you, darling.
- Kai.
Presents first.
- Coming through, Aunt Pi! - Thank you.
-Grandma, this is from Ethan and me.
-Oh, wow! - It's mostly me, though.
- Hilarious.
-Not true.
-Not true? Well, let's have a look.
What is it? Oh, it's absolutely beautiful! - Thank you.
- They did a great job.
The glitter bomb! - That was amazing.
- This is going in a frame.
Thanks, darling.
- How much time did you spend on this? - It took forever.
Well, this is from the three of us.
-What? Mom, it was Sophie's idea to do a group present.
- So that's from all of us.
- OK.
Well, thank you.
- Right, Soph? - All right.
- Mm-hmm.
- OK.
Well… Ooh! Huh.
A planter! - Wow! - Mm.
-I thought we were getting a bread maker.
-We got her the planter.
"We"? Well, I love it.
Mom, I'm glad you love it.
I just think you would have enjoyed a bread maker just as much.
Pia, let it go.
Was this her idea? I mean… Actually, don't answer that, because I'm sure it was.
- Pia, now is not the time.
- Yeah.
Have another drink.
Have two.
You know, big brother, I would love to have another one.
Give you two something to talk about after I leave.
Pia, please.
It's Andrea's birthday.
I know whose birthday it is.
She's my mother.
I'm not doing this.
You are doing it, actually.
You like to act like you're not doing it because you like to-- Enough! - Oh, get out! - Hella good! Bro! CHARLIE WHERE R U??!! PIA OMW! GOTTA GET DRUUUUNKK!!!! An early morning No clouds up in the sky She's paranoid But still she don't know why, yeah… Wasted! Pia? Hey, babe, are you OK? Pia? Oh! -Pia? -She's OK.
She's OK.
I know it burns inside It's your decision But still you make it mine Take your shit and get out.
YOU? - Are you gonna be much longer? - Go away! WOODY LETS GET A DRINK AFTER YOU FLUSH Man, come on! PIA JUST ABOUT TO You can't scream louder, no, no, no No one's around you, no, no, no Heart filled with malice, oh, oh, oh And that's how you'll have it Oh, oh, oh Pia! Keep it down! I am trying to sleep! I'm fucking around Oh, yeah Pia, can you come here for a minute? I can't seem to get it in.
His veins look easy, but they wriggle around like worms.
Pia always gets me first time.
That's because Pia loves to stick you with needles and make you squirm.
- Hey.
- Thank you, Pia.
Thank you, Prisha.
-How's it going? -Vincent… What do you have to show me today? Uh… Ooh, you got a few options here.
Creepy fast-food commercial? No.
Uh… Bigfoot spotted on trail cam.
-You showed me this last week.
-Did I? -It's like I mean nothing to you.
-Oh, come on.
That's not true.
Ghost dog caught on camera.
Go on.
Jen Da Vlogger posted something.
Hello, my little babies.
Thank you so much for watching.
It's your girl, Jen, here.
OK, so, a bunch of you guys have sent me this video, asking me about my opinion.
And it is creepy AF.
It just shows this random white dude confessing to rape or something.
Apparently, if this video reaches five million views, the guy is going to die! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and please don't forget to subscribe.
Thank you.
She's linked to the video.
-Should we watch it? -Um… Yeah.
Play… Play it again.
- What? - Play it again.
Why? It's obviously fake.
Probably, like, an ad for a horror movie or something.
You see the one for Halloween? - You OK? - What the fuck? -You OK? -What the fuck? Pia? Hey.
It's Nick Brewer.
Leave a message.
If you want to get me quicker, text me.
It's me.
I'm, um… I just, um… I don't have my phone with me, but I need you to call me at work.
The number here is 510-555-0137, extension 10-611.
-The Balfour School.
Melissa speaking.
I need to speak with Sophie Brewer.
-She's a teacher there.
Brewer's in class all morning.
-Would you like me to pass on a message? -Can you just get her? It's urgent.
Can I ask what this is regarding? -You just need to get her.
-I've explained to you why I can't… Nice! OK, good hustle, good hustle.
Keep being aggressive.
Good, good.
Matt! - Hey, stranger.
- Have you seen Nick? - What's going on? - Have you seen Nick? Uh, no.
Why? Holy shit.
-Is this real? -I don't know, but it's fucking weird.
-Did he come in this morning? -I'm not sure.
Come on.
- Hey, Dawny, you know where Nick is? - Hey.
Not at training? No.
I'll check the schedule.
He's supposed to be meeting with Bill at 8:00 a.
Did he show up? I'm not paid to be here before nine o'clock.
Can you call Bill to check? Of course.
Linda, you seen Nick this morning? Not yet.
Is everything OK? Hi, Bill.
Nick Brewer show up this morning? I'm sure there's some obvious explanation.
OK, thanks.
Bill hasn't seen him.
I got to talk to Sophie.
She'll know where he is.
I'll look around.
Maybe he's with students.
Call me if you find anything.
- No! Call Sophie.
- OK.
Can we help you? Oh, no.
N-No, you can't go back there.
Come on, stop… Call 302.
Act I.
Juicy stuff, right? You have Orsino madly in love with Lady Olivia, and Lady Olivia madly in love with Cesario, who's in a somewhat convincing disguise.
But what do we think about the nature of attraction here? - Stop now or I'm calling 911.
- Go ahead.
- Call the police.
I don't fucking care.
- This is your official warning.
Let's just fast-forward to Act II, OK? I'll be right back.
Get your phone out.
Call them on your freaking phone! -Step away from the door! -What are you doing here? Tell her you know me.
- You know this lady? - She's family.
-What are you doing here? -Do you have your phone on you? -Yeah.
Why? -OK.
Now, get your phone out.
Is this a joke? -Did Nick put you up to this? -In what way is this funny? It can't be him.
I saw him leave for work this morning.
No one at work has seen him.
I was just at the sports center.
He didn't show up for his 8:00 a.
This is a mistake.
This… -What the hell is this? -I don't know.
What's going on? I'm telling you, I called him, Matt called him.
He's not picking up.
It's Nick Brewer.
Leave a message.
If you want to get me quicker, text me.
What do you want to do? Sophie! Nine thousand views? That jumped a thousand in, what, 20 minutes? You add to that count every time you watch it, right? Oh, Jesus.
-I'm contacting the website.
That's a good idea.
OFFENSIVE / SPAM / OTHER? SEND FEEDBACK? -They'll review within 48 hours.
-Can't you call them? There's no number.
OK, fine.
-How are you so calm? -I'm not calm, believe me.
OK, fine.
I love the planter.
I think it was a great idea.
- Enough! Get out.
- I think it's an amazing idea.
-Grow your own basil? -No, you need to go.
- Get the fuck out, Pia! - Dad! Dad, chill.
- Calm down, please! - Now.
Let's go.
So, the last time you saw your husband was when? This morning.
He left for work around 6:00 a.
It's now… 11:33, so your husband's been missing for five and a half hours.
-We just showed you the fucking video! -Pia… Yeah, that's unusual.
Just give me a minute.
-He thinks we're hysterical women.
-Then don't act like one.
…possible missing person.
Can you send someone down? Great.
Thank you.
Ma'am, you can take a seat over there.
He'll be right down.
Brewer? Yes.
I'm Detective Amiri, with the Felony Assaults Unit.
- I'm Nick's sister.
- My sister-in-law.
This way, please.
Your husband drove to work this morning? He rode his bike for the exercise.
He always does.
What sort of work does he do? He's a physical therapist at the university.
He works at the Merritt Sports Center.
When your husband left the house this morning, did he have his phone with him? -Laptop? -Yeah, his phone.
We tried calling it.
- You can trace it, right? - Yeah.
And we will.
What was his, uh, mental state when you last saw him? I don't know.
Uh… Normal, I guess.
Your husband is holding a sign that says "I abuse women.
" Any idea what that might be referring to? Why don't you focus on, "At five million hits I die"? Nick is the gentlest person you could ever meet.
He would never hurt anyone, man or woman.
Do you recognize the handwriting? Is it Nick's? -Yes.
-That doesn't mean it's true.
He was obviously forced to write that.
Is it Nick? Uh, no.
It's Ethan.
Excuse me.
I have to get back to my kids.
Of course.
We have everything we need for the moment.
-So, you'll be in touch? -Of course, yeah.
You need to get that video taken down.
We're taking this very seriously, Ms.
IT'S MY DAD!!! - Mom! It's all over the Internet.
- And the school.
- I'm trying the Find My Fam app.
- Oh, that's a good idea.
-Uh, w-what's the password? -Orlando1985.
Come here.
- Come here, Kai.
Are you OK? - Mm.
You didn't tell anyone that's your dad at school, did you? -My friends know what Dad looks like, Mom.
-We don't want to draw attention to it.
Anything? - His phone is off.
- Why would it be off? It's… It's over 300,000 views.
What? That can't be right.
That must be a mistake.
Maybe it's deepfake or something? Like… Like that Obama video? BURN IN HELL / MONSTER / RAPIST! HE DID IT! / ASSHOLE / HE FUCKING DID I 309,881 VIEWS So, where is he, then? -I don't know.
-I have to, um… go get my phone, OK? Yeah.
Don't watch that again.
Under no circumstances should you click on it, OK? Yeah.
- I love you.
I love you guys.
- Love you, too.
You saw it? No, we haven't been able to find him.
Please, please, please, please, please.
PIA PHONE IS WORKING AGAIN ANY NEWS? SOPHIE NO NEWS Message received today at 1:25 a.
Pia… Um… Listen, I'm sorry about tonight, all right? There's some stuff… uh, going on, something we should talk about, so call me back, OK? Pia… Um… Listen, I'm sorry about tonight, all right? There's some stuff… uh, going on, something we should talk about, so call me back, OK? Something wrong? No, nothing.
You've been all quiet and broody for months.
You obviously have something on your mind.
You should just tell me.
You always tell me.
-You're gonna tell me.
-Pia, stop it.
What is it, work? Is it Sophie? Are you fighting? Sophie.
What did you do, forget to put a coaster down? -Left shoes on when you entered the house? -Cut it out! Fuck! I thought you'd be at work.
Uh, I have the night shift.
You let them walk all over you.
Yeah, that's a real problem of mine.
-Mom? -Hmm? Have you talked to Nick today? Did he call you? Since last night? No.
Why? So you haven't heard from him at all? Has something happened? No.
What's going on, Pia? I was just wondering if he was still mad at me.
Well, I wouldn't be surprised.
You ruined the dinner.
Jesus, Mom.
I told you, I had to go to my boss's engagement party before your birthday.
-You were two hours late.
I'm sorry.
I fucked up, like I always do.
Satisfied? Your apologies are never satisfying, Pia.
Everything's OK, right? Mom, everything's fine.
Sophie, what is it? What happ-- The police called.
They want me to come in for a second interview.
-Meet me there? -Did they find something? Did they find Nick? Sophie, just tell me.
There's a new video on the website, and, uh… it's worse.
This is Detective De Luca from the Homicide Department.
He'll be joining me on your brother's case.
Homicide? Did they find…? No, it's the new card.
Please, take a seat.
The second video has raised some questions.
I'm assuming you've already seen it? This isn't Nick's handwriting.
Are you sure? The other signs are in Nick's handwriting.
This one isn't.
She's right.
What does this mean? Could have been written by the perpetrator.
Why is there even a second video? Why haven't you gotten this website taken down? -We've reached out to the hosting website.
-And? LEAKD/ is based in Macedonia.
Officially, they don't have to listen to us.
Yes, but we've also contacted the Department of Justice, who put in a formal request.
But again, the problem is extradition.
There must be something you can do.
Can't you call up a politician? Or the FBI? Don't they look into cybercrimes? -They're aware.
-So what are you doing to find him? Everything.
Everything we possibly can.
Do either of you have any idea what this new sign might be referring to? My husband hasn't killed anyone, if that's what you're asking.
That's just ridiculous! Look, I'm sorry I have to ask you this… but, to your knowledge, has Nick ever been violent? - What? - Of course not.
I can't believe you are so blatantly treating my brother like some sort of predator.
He is the victim here.
He's not… This video is not a confession.
It is a death threat.
Do you understand? A death threat.
It could be both.
Listen to me.
You need to do your job, OK? Find my brother, take this goddamn website down before something terrible happens, and don't bother us again until you have something! We're leaving.
-Pia, I, uh-- -I know! I'm sorry.
I was actually going to say that I felt exactly the same.
Thank you for saying those things.
What? I need to play you something.
Pia… Um… Listen, I'm sorry about tonight, all right? Th-There's some stuff… uh, going on, something we should talk about, so call me back, OK? When did he leave that? Did you talk to him? No.
He left it last night.
I just caught it.
Do you have any idea what he's talking about? No.
-Should I should show it to the police? -No.
They already believe what's written on those cards.
This makes Nick sound even more guilty, so… It's a private number.
Hello? - Hello? - Am I speaking to Sophie Brewer? Yes, this is she.
Who is this? Mrs.
Brewer, would you like to comment on the viral video of your husband? -No.
No, I'm not interested.
-If now's not a good time… Who was it? Uh, a journalist.
A journalist? How do they know who you are? Why are they calling you? I-I don't know.
I guess they must have f-figured out that Nick was the man in the video, so… What? Um, it's over a… over a million and a half hits.
If this video reaches five million views, the guy is going to die! Let me know… Prisha.
Is Vince still here? Yeah, he's got another hour to go.
It's fake, right? Most people are saying it's fake.
…reaches five million views… …Nick Brewer… Merritt Sports Center in Oakland.
…Brewer is believed missing… -You shouldn't be watching that.
-Hmm? You shouldn't be watching that.
You shouldn't be watching that.
You shouldn't be watching that, any of you! -Sorry.
If I knew it was your brother, I-- -Vince, I need your help.
I need to find where my brother is and who's doing this.
Can you… I don't know, hack into Google or something? -Google? -Yes.
Don't they have all kinds of metadata on-on everybody? I heard it on a podcast.
They collect metadata, right? Pia, that is way out of my league.
I'm still in high school.
But I have been working on something.
Um… I started a subport.
It's being upvoted.
See here? -I don't know what that means.
-It means people want to help find Nick.
They analyze the videos for clues.
Crimes have been solved like this.
Vince… Help me find Nick, please.
Just do whatever you can.
I'm counting on you.
Whatever you need.
Is it Ms.
Brewer? Hi.
-Could I have a quick word? -Go away.
- Any news from your brother? - I said go away! -Did he do what he said in the video? -This is private property! Go away! They've been out there for an hour.
I want to go look for Dad, but Mom says it's too dangerous.
-She's right.
-Will you come with me? -He's going to come home, Kai.
-How do you know? Because he knows how mad I'll be if he doesn't.
You're supposed to take your shoes off.
It's a dumb rule.
Tell me about it.
If you knew what it was like to have kids, you would never have kept this from me.
I didn't want to worry you.
I'm his mother.
I have a right to be worried.
Can't believe this is happening.
Me neither.
So, we agree on something.
Are you hungry? No.
I think I'd throw up.
What? Are you OK? Right.
Right, it's a stupid question.
-I'll be downstairs.
Hey, Aunt Pi? Why is this happening? It will be all right.
We'll find him.
You know, you can call me anytime, right? You don't need a reason.
I know.
Um… I asked my friend to help find Nick.
He's, like, a computer genius.
Yeah? Well, I could use him here as well.
Do other wives know their husbands' passwords? No.
I have two more tries before I'm locked out.
So, I've tried his names, anniversaries, birthdays… It will be something dumb and simple.
It's Nick.
Try "Butch.
" Our hamster when we were kids.
Nick used to sleep with him.
Try "Butch Brewer.
" That was his full name.
Oh, OK.
Uh… I don't know where to start.
Uh… I don't know.
Check his browser history? OK, news sites, physical therapy forms, Amazon… "HottiePornClub.
com…" "Doggy Style Daydream.
" OK, well… What's in there? You know he didn't mean what he said last night.
Yes, he did.
If I smoke any more, I'm gonna spin off.
No, I'm twisted.
- You barely touched it.
- No, I got to work.
Make me smoke this entire joint myself.
What does Sophie think about you smoking weed? She's cooler than you think.
She's so cool that you have to sneak out of the house to smoke weed? No.
It's fine.
It's kind of bullshit.
It's fine.
You know who could really use a smoke? It's Sophie.
I'm concerned for her health.
-It is not healthy to be tightly wound.
-I really wish you would be nicer to her.
What do you mean? I'm like Mother Teresa with her.
What if something happens to me? I mean, you're family.
You're gonna have to take care of her, and Ethan and Kai.
OK? Come on.
You're my favorite people.
I just want you to be happy.
I am.
I am happy.
And Sophie can be-- Are you happy? Yes.
I'm happy right now.
I'm an incredibly happy person.
I'm happy, you're happy.
…sparked debate as to whether they're part of a legitimate kidnapping or just an elaborate hoax.
Police are encouraging people not to watch the video in case the threat is real… - It's on the fucking news? - Pia… …already well into the millions.
And now it's time for local weather with Tim Speth.
Tim? Are you OK? Right now, San Francisco is 52 degrees.
In Berkeley it's cooled down to 49.
Things clearing up.
Temperatures will come down a bit tonight… - Can I have one of those? - Sure.
We will get fog, already have, and low cloud… …as things remain on the cool side.
…range between 58 and 60 degrees.
- Yeah? - Pia, it's me.
Who? Vince.
-Vince, hi.
How did you find me? -I've got something to show you.
We've analyzed both of the videos, looking at the lighting, audio, camera quality, anything that might be a clue.
Vince, slow down.
Who is "we"? Uh… Everyone on the subport.
There's dozens of contributors.
Contributors? Mainly weirdos with too much time on their hands, but… there are some real detectives helping us, like, actual retired cops.
There's one from Norway who noticed something.
Now, both videos were shot in front of a drop sheet, right? This is video one and this is video two.
If you look at the second video transposed on top of the first, and if you toggle back and forth between them, the second one is different, right? You'll see that the camera's moved, just a little.
Now you can see behind the sheet.
See? Looks like some sort of metal surface, right? Uh, yeah.
And see that? It's pretty faded, and there isn't much to go off, but a delivery guy from Scranton recognized it.
What is it? Check this out.
A sticker.
So, the videos were shot in a delivery van? Not just any van.
Those stickers are only found in one kind of van.
This is an MP55 step-van, early-2000s model.
XPN Freight have thousands.
Thank you.
Thank you.
-Oh! -Oh, shit! -Sorry.
I'm… -Vince! - Hey.
- This is… - Hi, Matt.
- Sorry.
Your roommate let me in.
- Yeah.
- Uh, hi.
I'm Vince.
- I'll email you everything.
- You have my email address? Yeah.
Better get going.
Everyone at work's freaked.
It was on the fucking news, Pia.
I saw.
The, um… numbers are spiking.
How many hits now? Three-point-six million.
-What can I do to help? -Just come with me.
So, the two stickers match, which means that the videos had to have been shot in an XPN delivery van.
This is good.
It could be helpful.
-Thank you.
-"Could be"? This is definitive.
Look again, OK? Is that… That's Nick.
There he is.
-Where? -There.
When was this taken? That footage is from last week.
We're looking at traffic camera footage of your brother's routine.
We're looking for patterns, someone who might have been tailing Nick.
How much footage do you have to look through? Twelve cameras along his route, right? Yeah.
Each recording 24/7, going back three weeks.
But now we're on the lookout for a vehicle.
- You two should go home now.
- No.
Set us up a computer.
We can do this.
-We can look through footage.
-That's not how this works, I'm afraid.
- We want to help.
- Yeah, I understand that.
But you're doing the opposite of that right now, Ms.
We can't have civilians, let alone family members-- You're welcome to wait outside.
Follow me.
Hey, come on.
You can wait here.
There's a, uh, vending machine downstairs.
I'll let you know the moment we find anything.
Thank you, Detective.
- You should go home.
- I'm not going anywhere, Pia.
Tomorrow, when it gets light, we should follow the bike path that Nick takes to work.
I'm sure the police will do that.
They might miss something.
They don't know him like we do.
You know, we had a fight about you once, Nick and me.
-When was this? -Years ago.
I, uh… I wanted to ask you out, and he said I should think twice.
Why? Because I'd eat you alive? Because if I mistreated you, he'd hit me upside the head with a two-by-four.
He was pretty specific about it, actually.
Lucky escape.
He's fierce when it comes to you, you know that? You are actually doing it.
You like to pretend you're not doing it-- Enough! I'm sorry.
I'm sick of this.
Sick of what? Come on, Nicky.
- Sick of what? - Letting you get away with things.
I'm sick of forgiving you afterwards.
I'm sick of the whole goddamn Pia Show.
-What else? -You hurt people.
You push everyone away because you prefer to feel sorry for yourself, and you don't care how you damage everyone else.
Nick… - It is honestly an amazing idea.
- Get out.
- Grow your own basil? - You need to go.
- Get the fuck out, Pia! Now! - Dad! Dad, chill.
Nicholas, calm down.
- You're being childish.
- Get your shit and get out.
Leave her, Mom.
Take your shit and get out.
Get out of my house! Get out of my life! It's at five million views.
- TAC-42.
We're on our way.
- Copy that.
That information you gave us, we got a lead.
A patrol car spotted a step-van that matches your description.

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