Clickbait (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

The Detective

1 Clear! Check the front out.
Check it all the way down.
Let them know on the radio.
Check around the cab.
This is where the videos were shot.
Let's set up a perimeter.
Lock it down.
There's another entrance.
Get a mirror to check underneath.
This section's secure.
- What's happening? Where is he? - Your brother's not in there.
We'll conduct a full search of the area.
Go home, Ms.
Get some rest.
That's not happening.
What's in there? What's in there? KC3W NEWS HAS NICK BREWER BEEN FOUND? They found something of his, but I don't really know.
Make sure they stay behind the perimeter.
This is a crime scene.
Ben Park.
GBZ Online.
Is this where Nick Brewer was held? -I can't comment, Ben.
-I heard a Temport subgroup beat you here? I'm sorry, Ben.
I can't.
OK, there will be a formal statement by the PIO in the morning at 9:00 a.
They can't say if they've got anything else.
Yes, I will let you know as soon as I know.
That's why I'm calling you, Mom! Due to the unusual circumstances of this case, we're moving this from Missing Persons to Homicide.
Let's close this as fast as we can.
The longer it takes to find Nick Brewer, the more likely it is his kidnapper will follow through on his or her threat.
Detective? Adams and Feldman, I want you tracing the van.
Josephson, you and Keel lead the grid search in the industrial park.
Majano, gather background on Nick Brewer.
Bank accounts, socials, all of it.
Let's make the next 24 hours count.
- Sir.
- Detective Amiri.
I'm Missing Persons, but I'd like to help.
-The wife's here.
-Bring her in.
Give the wife a ride home when we're done.
Wait, that's it? -I know this case, sir.
-That's all we need right now, Detective.
We're doing everything we can to find your husband, ma'am.
Look, who-whoever dumped the step-van is still in the vicinity.
We will find them.
And when we do, we'll find your husband.
People are saying horrible things about Nick online.
What are you doing about that? Have you been directly threatened, Mrs.
Brewer? No.
Please let us know if you are.
All right.
Get in tight! Get in tight! Get in tight! Mrs.
Brewer! Mrs.
Brewer! -Is that the wife? Is she in there? -Mrs.
Brewer, please! Do you have any leads? -I'll see what I can do.
-Detective Amiri! -Can you tell us anything? -Sir, is there any more development? Keep them back.
Keep them back.
Step aside, please.
Step aside, please.
Brewer! Mrs.
Brewer! Mrs.
Brewer, can you tell us what's happened? Please tell us what happened! - What are the police not telling us? - They need to get through.
Is there any news at all? Any idea? - All the press, stay back! - Mrs.
Brewer, did Nick ever abuse you? All right, stay in this area.
It doesn't matter.
Any news? - Have they found him? - Not yet, baby.
Mom, they're calling the step-van a "kill van" on Temport.
They're saying they're going to kill him and stream it.
Stay off the Internet, the both of you.
I told them they shouldn't be looking.
Police are doing everything they can to find him.
They have 100 officers looking for him.
Even the FBI is involved.
-He'll come bouncing through that door.
-Why are you still here? Do you mind if we borrow your cell phones? Why? There might be something on there that will help us find your dad.
We can't compel you.
We need a warrant.
We'll have them back in a few hours, buddy.
What if Nick calls? Don't worry, Mrs.
We'll answer.
Brewer, your phone? Mine's at home, drying out.
Dropped it in the toilet.
- Does Nick have a passport? - Of course.
Why? We'd just like to sight it.
I'll get it.
Thank you.
- Sure he just put it somewhere.
- When did he use it last? He went to Canada for a volleyball tournament last month.
- Look in the suitcase.
- It's not in the suitcase! - There's loose soil out here.
- Oh, Jesus.
Now what are they doing? Are we suspects? Because this is all… It's insulting and a waste of time.
While you're digging in our garden, my husband is out there somewhere.
I understand your feelings, ma'am.
-Do you want? -I'm trying to give up.
I don't really smoke.
I read that if you don't find a missing person in the first 48 hours, the chances of finding them alive drops by 50%.
Is that true? Yeah, it's true.
Just keep me in the loop, OK? Bad or good.
I just need to know what's happening or I'll lose my mind.
De Luca's leading the investigation now.
He's Homicide.
I'm Missing Persons.
So my-my involvement is being downsized.
But I still want to help you.
Look, things could change if there was a request from the family.
And if that happened… you'd help me? I'd do what I can.
I really did lose my phone.
That's why I never answered.
I assumed you'd changed your mind.
Not yet.
I heard an alert.
I already handed over my phone.
It's my dad's old tablet.
Nobody uses it anymore.
Do you mind? Might be useful.
I need it to track the search.
What search? They're calling it Geonicking.
Just came online.
How does it work? -Uh, it's geocaching tech.
-Yeah? Users search an area and then they mark it off on the map.
They're looking for my dad.
People are really fucked.
Why? They're trying to help.
Read the comments.
DUDE'S PROBABLY CHOPPED UP BY NOW 50 IF YOU FIND HIS BALLS 20 BUCKS FOR THE HEAD! Do you think he could have gone away? Because his passport's missing? Wherever he is… your father is fighting to get home.
He wants to be with his family.
Can you leave me alone, please? Yeah.
Ben Park, GBZ News.
Do you want to provide any updates regarding the case since we last spoke? Are the Oakland Police equipped to handle a crime like this? Detective Amiri, we've been here for hours.
Please throw me a bone or a detail.
It's called Geonicking.
You see the red spots? That's the public, right? In the app, that's where they've searched.
Impressive if you think about it.
Citizen vigilantes contaminating crime scenes? No, thanks.
Anything else? Yeah.
This was found on the older son's phone.
"Mom spent the weekend in bed, while Dad pretended everything is fine.
I don't know which I hate more.
" The Brewers were having marital problems.
You think Sophie Brewer had something to do with her husband's kidnapping? Or maybe they were fighting over something Brewer did, related to the cards he was holding? There's something she's not saying.
I don't know if you remember, but I applied to join Homicide last year.
I remember.
The year before as well.
-I was wondering-- -A lot of people want in to Homicide.
Must have impressed someone, though.
Family have requested you act as their liaison.
So you're staying on the case.
Really? Really.
Canine unit picked up Brewer's scent in the van, but so far, nowhere else in the industrial park.
Brewer wasn't in the van when it was dumped? - Doesn't look like it.
- Prints? No.
Let's talk to Matt Aldin.
He's a coach at the college sports center.
I know Aldin.
-I can come with you.
-How long you been working, Amiri? - Twenty hours.
- Go home.
Can't afford the overtime.
Yes, sir.
This was at the house, Detective.
Your team missed it.
In a bizarre twist in the case of missing physical therapist Nick Brewer, an app has been released called Geonicking, encouraging the public to search for his body.
- Police! Who's there? - Oh, shit! - What are you doing here? - We were just looking for that guy.
We were just having some fun.
Get out of here.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
Look who decided to join us! - Oh, Roshan, you're late.
- Mama, English.
-Did you eat something? -I already ate.
-Hey, squirt.
-Oh, you're famous.
-Huh? -We saw you on the news.
How? The police have no idea of how to handle the situation.
-Meanwhile… -Great.
We can watch it later on the big screen.
I bookmarked it.
- Have you caught who did it yet? - Working on it.
Are you on Homicide yet? I'm working on it.
You deserve that promotion.
Why haven't they given you Homicide yet? I've told you a hundred times, it's all politics.
What can I do about it? Because you're a Muslim-- Your mother and I are very proud of you.
The whole community is.
Everyone's talking about Nick Brewer at school.
It's cool, like… like a feminist revenge movie or something.
You and your feminism! Banu wants you to call about her parking fines.
Oh, Mom, forget Banu.
Tell her to go to the DMV like everyone else.
I can't get her a discount.
You tell her that.
- Work, work, always work.
Darling, don't harass your own son.
Do you still have that map of Oakland? I think so.
Why haven't the kidnappers sent a ransom demand or anything? We're still trying to make sense of their motive.
-I've adjusted it to sound more like me.
-Don't be afraid to show emotion.
People respond to real feelings.
You want me to perform? Do what comes naturally.
Just don't censor yourself.
We're making an appeal directly to the perpetrator.
Great, now I'm even more nervous.
You'll do great, Mom.
Ready? Mrs.
Brewer! Have you been watching the geotracking app? She's making a statement.
This is a message for Nick's kidnapper.
You've made a terrible mistake.
Nick is not the man you think he is.
He's kind, loving and gentle.
He is a husband, a father, a son… a brother.
Please don't hurt my husband.
We beg you.
Let him come home.
Nick, if you're listening… I love you.
Brewer, do you believe your husband is still alive? I know he is.
Did they tell you anything? I can't stay long.
My phone wasn't broken.
I mean, it sort of was, but I fixed it.
Nick left this Sunday night.
Pia… Um… Listen, I'm sorry about tonight, all right? Uh, th-there's some stuff… uh, going on, something we should talk about, so call me back, OK? Why didn't you play this to us earlier? Because you people seem determined to think the worst of my brother.
You should have told me about this right away, Pia.
It's against the law to withhold evidence.
I'm showing you now.
What's he talking about? What stuff's been going on? I don't know.
I'm not saying Nick's perfect.
He's not an angel.
But the signs he's holding in those videos, that's not him.
It's just not.
Do you mind if I take this with me? -What's the passcode? -I don't have one.
I know, I know.
Are you sure this is OK? I don't have anything to hide.
Just leave me the fuck alone.
There's some stuff… going on, something we should talk about, so call me back.
This was from the morning he disappeared.
-What do you think? -He wanted to get something off his chest.
Perhaps it's related to the cards he was holding.
Good work, Amiri.
-Sergeant? -Yeah? Before Nick Brewer went missing, his sister and I… w-we connected.
As in fucked? No, no.
We messaged each other on a dating app, but we never actually met.
Those messages will still be on her phone.
I should have told you sooner.
I see.
Will this affect my involvement in the case? Are you capable of being objective with the sister? -Could you consider her a suspect? -Yes, I could, absolutely.
Then get back to work.
Any plans tonight, Woody? Swipe right, Josephson.
You did this? Just sharing information, Amiri, like a good cop should.
What is your fucking problem with me, man? Why don't you want me here? Is there something about me you don't like? Say it! I want to hear it.
Or don't you have the fucking guts? Big man like you, you can't say out loud how you feel about people like me.
Fucking say it.
Say it! You're not a team player.
You keep information to yourself, and you're arrogant.
You don't give a shit about your fellow officers, who've all been working 24/7 since this began.
This case is just about climbing the ladder for you.
And I'm a senior detective… your superior, so never talk to me like that again.
Are we clear? OK, you heard him.
Back to work.
Brewer has been missing for 48 hours now.
- On our way.
- What's going on? - Josephson found the crime scene.
- Hallelujah! Yeah, exactly.
- Amiri.
- Yeah.
-Brewer's bike? -Yeah.
Your shadow's here.
This trail is on his way to work.
Whoever did this must have known his routine.
Tire marks.
I'm guessing they'll match the van.
- This is where Nick Brewer was taken.
- We got something else! What you got? We'll have to wait for the lab results to come back, but we can assume this is how he was kidnapped.
- Who's that? - Step back.
It's Roshan.
Roshan Amiri.
All right.
Has there been any movement on the case since we last talked, Roshan Amiri? - Step back! - Any new leads on the case, Detective? Catch him opening the door.
- Stay on him.
- We want the truth! Hello.
I'm Detective Amiri, Oakland PD.
-May I come in? -Can I see a badge? I'm Ruby, Sophie's mother.
-We know where Nick was kidnapped.
-Will that help find him? It will help us construct a timeline of what happened to your husband.
Don't slam my door, asshole! The boys are going stir-crazy.
I'm scared to let them leave the house.
Can you do something about those news people? I live next door.
This morning, I found one of them urinating in my azaleas.
I'll talk to them.
Do you mind if we have a word in private, Mrs.
Brewer? Yes, of course.
There's some stuff going on, something we should talk about, so call me back, OK? They got into a fight the night before.
I assume he wanted to talk about that.
- What was it about? - You've met Pia, haven't you? Yeah.
Do you know what he meant by "stuff going on," "things we should talk about"? I don't know.
Have you and your husband been experiencing marital issues? Are you married, Detective? Yes.
So you know that every marriage has its issues.
Nick and I are no different.
Has your husband ever had an affair? One that could have gone wrong? How is any of this helping to find Nick, Detective? You should be out there looking for him.
Isn't that your job? Every minute counts.
Do you know where Nick is right now? Just be honest.
Do you know where he is? We're done, OK? You can see yourself out.
- Are you OK? - Yeah, I'm OK.
- Who is it? - Pia, it's Roshan.
Do you have a minute? - Hey.
- Hey.
Are you tracking this Geonicking app? It's really blowing up.
So, Sophie told me that you and Nick got into an argument the night before he disappeared.
She told you that? What was it about? -Nothing.
It was bullshit.
-Pia, mind if I have my cell back? I'm expecting a call from my mom.
I'm kind of using it to track this Geonicking thing because the cops still have my phone.
By the way, have you heard my brother's a verb now? Let me know when you're done? Yeah.
Why didn't you mention this before? You said you told me everything.
Are you gonna arrest me? I'm trying to work out what happened to your brother so I can find him.
It's a waste of time.
What do you want to know? The fight was stupid.
It was just a stupid brother-sister dumb fight.
Look, Nick and I have always been close.
Closer than most siblings.
And recently, he's been acting weird with me, so I called him on it.
-That's what the fight was about.
I've no reason to hide anything from you.
Can you think of anything out of the ordinary? Anything at all? He came to me at work with bruising around his ribs.
He thought he might have broke something.
He said he got elbowed by a basketball player at work, but… he didn't want me to tell Sophie.
You think he got into a fight? When we were younger… Nick went through… some stuff.
He was really angry.
But then he got his shit together and met Sophie.
That was all a long time ago.
When did he come to you with the bruising? Day after my birthday.
So, March 16th.
March 16th.
Thank you.
This is helpful.
GEONICKING ALER FOUND HIM! Can you drive? Yeah, yeah.
They don't say if he's alive.
Control from Alpha 16.
I'm heading to Port of Oakland.
There's been a sighting of Nick Brewer.
What if he's hurt? Can you call an ambulance? Oh, God.
God, it can't be him.
- It can't be him.
- Pia, wait! - I see something! - Me too! - I think it's a body.
- Where? Hey, move! Whoa! That's sick.
- It's not him.
- Man, that's sick! I want a picture.
Oh, God.
-That's the sister! -Oh, God.
-Pia, let's go.
- Can I get a selfie? - Let's go.
Pia, yo! - Can I get a photo? Just a selfie! - Pia? Pia? No, wait.
I'm just trying to help.
Pia! I hope they find him.
Pia! Come on, Pia.
Let's go.
Hey, it's OK.
Come on.
That's crazy, man.
You know what the last thing Nick said to me was? He said, "Get out of my life.
" What if that's my last memory of him? We're gonna find him alive.
I'm sure.
We're done with your phone, so I'll arrange for it to come right back.
You can call me anytime, day or night.
Pia, hey.
You weren't answering your phone.
I was worried about you.
- Want to come up? - Sure.
What happened? Man, it's just been a fucked-up night.
- You OK? - Yeah.
Heard about this stupid Geonicking app? Uh… No.
-There's Daddy.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Come here.
- Daddy! You little monkey! What are you… Give me a kiss.
-Have you grown taller? -Yeah.
-Yeah? -Yeah.
-What are you doing here? -Just waiting for Baki.
How are you? Your mother told me about the big case you're working on.
Yeah, it's… it's complicated.
It's all over the news.
Arya saw you.
He was very excited.
I'm sure it will all work out for you.
And I'm sure that you'll finally have what it is you truly want.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Um, this is Baki.
Baki, this is Roshan.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, do you mind if we switch weekends next month? Because Baki's taking us on a trip to Yellowstone.
Yeah, fine.
You know I love you, right? Always and forever.
You know that, right? Give me a kiss.
So, we'll see you Saturday morning, OK? -OK? Yeah? -Yeah.
And don't be late, please.
For Arya.
Shivering stars drift around In the sky I lie calm under their watchful eyes In my heart I can feel it and why That wherever I go I'll find my way home That wherever I go I'll find my way home Where the fair winds And following seas Slowly rush in and put me at ease I will set sails and follow the breeze And wherever I go I'll find my way home Wherever I go I'll find my way home Cop? How far back does that record? That's him.
That's Brewer.
I remember those guys.
-Had to kick both of them out.
-Why? Watch.
I need a copy of this.
Do you have a backup I can take? Backup? What's happening? Would you mind coming by the station? -Did you find something? -No, nothing certain.
I'd like to get your opinion on something.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
ANY NEWS? EVERYBODY CLUELESS LET ME KNOW Who are you texting? Uh… A friend.
You OK? Not really.
You? Not really.
Come on.
You think this guy kidnapped Nick? He's a person of interest.
So, you find him, you find my brother? As soon as we make a positive ID, we'll bring him in for questioning.
So, there's hope? I think so.
Thank you.
I'll see you out.
Come on.
That's all of Temescal.
How are we going with Piedmont? Chances are we're looking for a corpse, anyway.
Yeah, thanks.
You too.
Amiri, you got an opinion about everything.
Brewer still alive? The kidnapper could just be unsure of his next move, sir.
You know how much manpower it will take to search all of those unverified areas? You and your fucking app.
- What is that? - These are places checked by the app.
When you take out all the residential areas and anywhere with heavy foot traffic, you significantly reduce the remaining search area.
Is there a reason you can't follow protocol? Were you dropped on your head as a baby? This is where we should search.
It's remote, hard to get to.
This turns out to be a waste of time, it's on you.
And if it works? You can't help yourself, can you, Amiri? We need an ambulance on standby.
GEONICKING ALER FOUND HIM! - Whoa! That's definitely something.
- Hey! Police! - Five-O! - Get out of here! - Go, go, go! Shit! Run! - Get out of here! Run! I'm coming down.
Coming to you.
Amiri! - Yeah? - It's Detective Amiri.
We found your brother.
I'm sorry.
There he is.
Rosh! Congratulations.
- Well done.
- Way to go, Amiri.
Good job.
-Welcome to Homicide, Amiri.
-Thanks, Sergeant.
-Thanks, sir.
OK, people.
Let's get to work.
We got a killer to find.
Armando, finished that report? That case was closed.
You have a last known address? The wife's socials.
-Crossing our Ts.
-Here, I can do it.
Be my guest.

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