Clickbait (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

The Mistress

1 How long were you and Mr.
Brewer involved? Six months.
- Were you and he together when-- - When he died? Killed.
What was the precise nature of your relationship with Mr.
Brewer? We were in love.
We were lovers.
He was my soulmate.
Beesly… Those signs that Nick was holding in the video, do you have any idea what they might mean? I don't know why people keep saying these terrible things about Nick, because he was the most kind, most loving person that I have-- Someone believed Mr.
Brewer committed a serious crime.
They believed it enough to kidnap and murder him.
Emma, do you know who that someone was? Coffee's ready.
Hope it's OK.
It's perfect.
Do you have to go home, Danny? I do.
But you know where I'd rather be.
My wife has had to learn to use the whole left side of her body again.
We're finally a-at the end of the treatment, but now your company denies her claim, and I don't know that she's going to have a home to come back to.
I'm so sorry, Mr.
We're gonna figure this out, OK? Oh, this is tricky.
Your wife's GP treated her for headaches before the oncologist discovered her tumor.
CMP Insurance deem this a pre-existing condition.
Headaches are a pre-existing condition? Mr.
Alvarez, tell me you've retained a lawyer.
-I haven't.
Alvarez… Tell me you've retained a lawyer.
I've, um, uh… I've retained a lawyer.
CMP Insurance clearly wants to avoid the exorbitant cost of litigation, so I am repealing the original decision.
You can do that? I think I just… did.
Thank you.
Thank you… so much.
Bring your wife home.
DANNY HAPPY BIRTHDAY XX Delivery! Oh, my goodness! For me? Who's a lucky girl? It's from my boyfriend.
CMP Insurance.
This is Emma Beesly.
How can I help you? No, I can't.
Because I'm not the kind of person that just asks for a raise.
I think you're biased.
Yes, I love it.
I love you, too, Danny.
You are worthy.
You deserve to be loved.
Many of the stones used to build Machu Picchu weighed more than 50 pounds.
It is believed that hundreds of men positioned the rocks by pushing them.
It must have been back-breaking work.
Originally constructed… EMMA // HEY, I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM YOU TODAY - U OK? You free this weekend? I might have plans.
I'm just waiting to hear.
Say no more.
Love conquers all.
I'm really happy for you, Em.
Finally met a man who treats you right, unlike that Jared guy.
Which is not to say I don't want to meet your Danny tout de suite.
I've told him all about you.
He's happy to meet you, too.
Well, bring him to brunch, woman.
Oh, my God.
-What? -Headph… Headphones.
-What? -Headphones.
…feature an unidentified man holding signs supposedly confessing to abuse and murder.
Police have cordoned off a large section of Sausal Creek after the discovery of a body.
I'm back.
The body is believed to be that of Oakland physical therapist Nick Brewer.
Nick Brewer was reported missing earlier this week… Chicken soup, organic pastrami, dairy-free brownies, which are-- I'm not hungry.
The video also contained a warning, that Nick Brewer would be killed if the video reached five million views… -I don't think you need that.
-No, don't.
-Emma, Emma… -I want to watch.
This is an outcome the city of Oakland has been dreading, and none more than Nick Brewer's widow, Sophie Brewer… -He was married? -…and the couple's two children.
The family have asked for privacy… Jesus, Emma.
Nick, if you're listening… I love you.
-Is that the wife? -Yes.
She's beautiful.
…identified, but many are saying we all played a part in his death.
I have to go to Oakland.
Why? I might be able to help.
How can you help? You sell health insurance, for God's sake.
Many are asking for tougher penalties and stronger regulations… I need to talk to the police.
For Danny.
For Nick's sake.
It's a bad idea, Em.
When we were little, your dad was totally obsessed with Prince.
We would wait for hours for one of his songs to come on the radio, and then it would, and then he would completely ruin it with his terrible falsetto singing.
You remember that time that spider came into my room, and then it jumped on the wall and Dad completely freaked? Yeah, and then he jumped on the bunk bed.
- He was so scared of spiders.
- He was terrified.
You should have been there the first time your father met me.
I actually asked him what were your intentions.
What did he say? All the right things.
Yes, he did.
He always knew what to say.
-Good morning, ma'am.
How can I help you? -Hi, Allie.
I'm trying to get to Oakland on your next available flight.
Is that first class or coach? Coach.
I read somewhere that you do bereavement discounts.
Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
It's been terrible.
I feel like I'm being suspended over just this giant black hole, and… I could just fall in… at any minute.
Uh… I'll just need to ask you a few questions to see if you qualify.
Can you describe your relationship with the deceased? Uh, he… We were… He was my partner.
I am so sorry for your loss.
Unfortunately, the discount only applies to parents and spouses.
He was my fiancé.
We were going to get married.
You know what? On this occasion, I think we can bend the rules a little bit.
Thank you.
- Hi.
-Your name? -Beesly.
OK, I've got you confirmed for one standard king room, Ms.
-Are you here for work or pleasure? -Personal.
My fiancé died.
I'm Emma.
There's something you need to know.
Could you frame up this shot? I want to get right at the door.
Yeah, that one's good.
Uh… Who are you here with? I'm with, uh… no one.
You know, I-I was the first person to break this story.
I'm sorry? Uh, the Nick Brewer story, I broke it.
If you need people to talk to you, then I can help.
Ben Park.
And of course, anything you find out, you know, share and share alike.
-I am always listening.
-I'm not a reporter.
- A statement? - Look this way.
I'm sorry.
Could you hold on? Paula, can you get a shot of… -Get in on Ethan.
-Please get out of my… - Get out of my way! - How are you? - Get out of my… - Ethan! Please! Fuck off! - Make a statement! - OK.
It's her! Mrs.
Brewer! Mrs.
Brewer! Mrs.
Brewer! Mrs.
Brewer! This way! Thoughts on your ex-colleague Curtis Hamilton? Did your husband know about your affair? Any thoughts on Curtis Hamilton? Get out of here.
This is private property.
Out! - Out! I said leave! - Jesus! My God! Mrs.
Brewer! Now! Everyone leave! Please! Go! Go! Mrs.
Brewer, please.
Get her.
Get a good shot.
I just wanted to let you know that, um… Mrs.
Brewer… OK.
Yeah, he knows the password and everything.
Let me call you right back.
-I have to call you back.
-What am I doing? -Hey.
Hey! Are you following me? -What am I doing? Hey, I'm talking to you! Stop the car! Stop the fucking car! Roll down this window! -Are you a journalist? -No.
-You were at my house.
-I wanted to talk.
Why? What do you want? Hi.
Um… Hi.
My name is Emma Beesly.
I was in a relationship with your husband.
We were in love.
I don't know who you think you are, but my husband would never-- I know this is awful to hear, but I'm telling you the truth.
I didn't want to be the one to tell you, but I-I just had to come here and do the right thing.
I'm going to the police to tell them what I know.
If you want to contact me, I'm at the Ryerton Hotel.
Why would I ever want to see you again? I didn't mean to upset you.
I-I just thought that you should hear it from me and not the police.
No, you tracked me down to absolve yourself of your own fucking guilt.
Well, I hope you fucking choke on it! That's where the conflict lies, isn't it? How should we be interpreting the Nick Brewer video? How can you say it's a confession? It is a hostage-take.
That doesn't mean those signs he held up are untrue.
Sydney, if there were evidence to support this, where are the women? In other cases it takes decades… Hi, Audrey.
When are you coming home? I'm fine, thank you.
How are you? I'm serious, Em.
You said you would go to the police and come straight back.
I'm worried about you.
Why are you still there? I wanted to see where he lived.
I wanted to say goodbye.
He loved me, Audrey.
I loved him.
I'm sorry, Em, but you were his mistress.
It wasn't like that.
Then what was it like? Em? I'll call you tomorrow.
Very slowly.
Very slowly.
The reason we don't feel supported is because we're up against attitudes like yours.
- Attitudes like mine? - That's why we don't speak up.
I'm telling you, in this era, I have defended… - Innocent men? OK.
- Innocent men, yes.
What about those men who aren't innocent? Different story.
This could be a set-up.
We don't have facts.
This is exactly why we don't speak up, because we don't feel believed.
Emma Beesly? I'm Detective Amiri.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
You have information about the Nick Brewer case? Are you the detective in charge? Working closely with the family, yes.
Did you know the deceased? Yes.
I-I was his girlfriend.
Why don't we go somewhere more private? Those signs that Nick was holding in the video, do you have any idea what they might mean? I don't know why people keep saying these terrible things about Nick.
He was the most loving, most patient, most kind-- Someone believed Mr.
Brewer committed a serious crime.
They believed it enough to kidnap and murder him.
Emma… do you know who that someone was? No, I don't.
He never lost his temper, threatened you? No.
What about anyone else? What do you mean? As far as you're aware, was he on any other dating sites? Seeing other women? We were… We were just with each other.
We were exclusive.
One more question.
Where were you the morning Nick Brewer went missing? Hi.
It's me, Emma.
I have caller ID.
I just went to the police.
Oh, thank goodness.
Well, do they have any idea who did it? No.
They want to talk to you to corroborate my alibi.
-Your alibi? You're a suspect? -I gave the detective your number.
Of course.
Uh, are you OK? What did they ask? They took a statement from me and they told me to go home.
That's a good thing, isn't it? I guess so.
You did what you went to Oakland to do, Em.
Do what the police say and come home.
I can't.
Not yet.
Oh, no, I did it again I let my mind leak out Into all my friends And now I'm lonely Sitting and sink in the blue -Can I get these gift-wrapped, please? -Sure.
I hope you call me Slipping and thinking of you Slipping and thinking of you DANNY I WISH I COULD BE WITH YOU EMMA / WHAT DO YOU THINK OUR KIDS WILL LOOK LIKE? DANNY YOU I HOPE And I just sit back While I watch me drown So I'm safe and sound… Ma'am? Ma'am? -Oh.
Thank you.
Oh, thanks.
It's horrible somebody would write something like that.
Hey… You're Matt, right? I-I'm sorry, have we met? No, but Nick mentioned you.
I'm Emma.
Oh, you knew Nick? We were f-friends.
-How was the memorial? I-I really wanted to be there, but I had a late flight from LA and… Sure.
Did Ethan and Kai do OK? Uh, you know, it's been tough on them.
Of course.
It's so awful.
He adored those boys.
Yeah, he did.
He was a great dad.
I still can't believe this happened.
I'm just still trying to make sense of it.
Can't get my head around it, either.
Nick was one of the good guys.
He really was.
Uh, excuse me.
Hey… -Hello? Hang on a sec.
-It was so nice to meet you.
-Can I help you with something? -Oh, I… I'm sorry.
This is a private office.
I was just going.
Do you need directions? OK, OK.
I understand.
Uh, yeah, I-I'll call you back, all right? In ten? -Yes, I will.
-I texted you.
It's been crazy here.
Everyone's falling apart.
I need to ask you something.
Yeah? Did you know Nick was cheating on Sophie? -Fuck.
-Yeah, fuck.
With a woman in LA, apparently.
You were on those trips with him.
You must have seen something.
And don't give me any bro-code bullshit.
I s-swear, I-I had no idea.
Wait, w-was her name Emma? -Yes.
-She was just here.
-Here? Now? -Yeah.
-What did she want? -Uh, to… to talk about him, I think.
Pia, slow down.
Hey, hey, hey.
Do you want me to come with you? The choices can feel overwhelming.
Is there a particular religious affiliation we should accommodate? I don't… No, we didn't go to church.
We were both raised Episcopalian.
Nick's family stopped going to church after his father… became… became ill.
May I? Our brushed-bronze caskets are among the very finest.
Exquisitely crafted.
Velvet or crepe interior.
Intricate detailing.
And very reasonably… It was a mistake.
A mistake is forgetting someone's birthday.
You don't fuck someone by mistake! …also stock 20-gauge steel caskets in a variety of colors, and… Ethan.
Do you have a budget in mind? Not exactly.
Of course, we do have a number of more… understated options.
More affordable, but no less beautiful, of course.
UNKNOWN BITCH!!! UNKNOWN YOU DON'T DESERVE OUR SYMPATHY You should also consider your own future needs.
Ben Park, GBZ Online.
Could you describe your relationship with Sophie Brewer? -No comment.
-Is it true she was your lover? I have no comment.
- Oh, my God.
- What happened, Mom? Oh, my goodness.
Everything's going to be OK.
Everyone knows.
Everyone knows.
Everyone knows.
It's all right, Mom.
It's OK.
Mom, it's OK.
I'll be gone in ten minutes.
Can you come back and clean then? It's Pia Brewer.
Nick's sister.
How did you find me here? You gave Sophie the name of your hotel.
You obviously wanted to be found.
-What do you want from us? -Nothing.
Then why are you here? I-I just wanted to help.
Help how? Do you know who killed Nick? Look, either you're some kind of tragedy tourist getting off on what's happening to us, or you had a fling.
-That is not-- -Doesn't entitle you to our grief.
We loved each other.
That can't possibly be true.
God, we talked every single day.
We were each other's best friends.
You can look at my phone.
I have all his messages.
He was unhappy in his marriage.
He was so lonely, Pia.
H-He told me he was gonna leave her when Ethan graduated high school.
And he talked a lot about you… and how much you meant to him.
He told me that you guys went through something as kids and it bonded you… forever.
He didn't tell me what, but it must have been terrible.
I'm sorry.
Look, I-I honestly don't know why I came here.
I just wanted to be part of his world.
I wanted to be around people that knew him.
I just didn't want to do this alone.
I have to go.
Please don't hate me.
In another life, I had imagined that we would… be sisters.
That's so sad.
Put your number in.
I might have some questions.
You know, you're making everything much harder on everyone, just being here.
I'm sorry.
- Pia! - Ms.
Brewer! Do you think that Curtis killed your brother? Sweet Jesus.
How did they get your cell? Someone put my number online.
-It's called doxxing, apparently.
-You have to change it.
They also put all my credit cards online, so I had to cancel all of those.
- Who's "they"? - Trolls.
I'll talk to Roshan about this.
Let's leave the police to do their real job.
Bringing Nick's killer to justice.
Sophie has every right to protect herself and her children.
My son is dead.
The victim here isn't Sophie.
So you're saying we just sit back and take it? Is that right? Mom, please.
No, I won't "please.
" I'm sorry, Andrea, but this is outrageous.
What's outrageous is that your daughter betrayed my son and her marriage! -OK, I think we could all use a drink.
-So you're saying you reap what you sow? Mom, stop.
I didn't say that.
Well, that's what you meant.
How dare you judge my daughter? -Oh, go to hell! -You're acting holier-than-thou! I miss my boy.
I miss him so much.
Ben Park, GBZ Online.
Could you describe your relationship with Sophie Brewer? - No comment.
- Is it true she-- Hello? Hello? Is anybody there? Emma Beesly? This is Emma.
Who is this? Emma Beesly, I've been watching you.
I know you're in room 910.
You need to leave town now, or this won't end well for you.
What's your emergency? I think a threat has just been made on my life.
Is the perpetrator still present? No, it was a phone call.
Are you safe right now? I don't feel very safe, no.
- Is there anywhere you can go? - He knows where I am.
He said he's watching me.
Pia? It's Emma.
I need your help.
I need you to call me.
Someone called my hotel room.
A man.
-He told me to run.
-Someone you knew? I didn't recognize the voice.
- Pia.
- Hey.
-You OK? -I think so.
What happened next? I panicked… and I got in my car, and they started to follow me.
This green truck.
Get a look at the driver? They pulled up next to me, but I was so scared.
And then they spooked me, and I guess I ran off the road.
Can you think of anything else? You know, the smallest detail, it can be helpful.
I wish I could.
I'm sorry, it's just such a blur.
B-But if you need me to, I'll go to the police station and-- No.
No, no, no.
Just get some rest.
I've posted an officer outside your room.
Thank you.
Thank you both.
Pia, what are you doing here? Do you believe her? Why wouldn't I? I don't know.
A mysterious phone call, a car running her off the road.
It's like a Hitchcock movie.
-She doesn't add up.
-She didn't invent her concussion.
Someone's threatened by the idea of Emma Beesly.
You know something? You were supposed to keep me in the loop.
We had a deal, and you are not holding up your end of the bargain.
There were others.
What's wrong? You weren't the only one.
What? The police have found three other profiles on three other dating sites for Nick.
Under three different names.
They think there were more.
People use different dating sites all the time.
It seems like what Nick did was… set up a profile… meet a woman… a different woman on every site… pursue a relationship… and then, when it ended, deactivate the profile.
The police say they are tracking a pattern.
Who else was he seeing? A woman named Mandy Harrison… in LA.
Another woman who used a pseudonym.
They're still trying to identify her.
They think there were a lot of women.
Thank you for telling me.
I'm really sorry.
Emma? When I saw the painting online, I just fell in love.
He promised her the same things, exactly.
Word for word.
The marriage, the house, the honeymoon.
Except she saw through it right away.
So, it didn't end well? No, it didn't end well.
I-I mean, something was off with him the whole time.
I just wish it didn't take me so long to dump his ass.
I'm so stupid.
I trusted him.
I believed him.
But you want to know the worst thing? Part of me doubted him.
Deep down, part of me thought, "This can't be true.
I don't deserve this.
" You did the right thing.
You really did.
You exposed that man for who he is.
A scumbag.
A liar.
An abuser.
Now the police have something to go on.
That's because of you, Em.
Let's burn the fucker.
Ben Park.
So, when did you sense that something was wrong? I could tell that he was hiding something.
So I said, "Come clean, or we've got to stop this.
" And, um, that's when he admitted to me that he was married.
And that didn't end things? I guess it should have, but by then, I'd bought into the whole fantasy.
And… I trusted him.
What do you make of the signs that he was holding? "I abuse women.
" "I killed a woman.
" At first, I couldn't believe them.
But now? I just don't know.

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