Clickbait (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

The Reporter

1 He told me how unhappy he was, that he was gonna leave her… and he was only staying for his sons.
And I trusted him.
I thought to myself, "Nick and I are soulmates.
" Just take your time, OK? -OK.
-Let it all out.
And then I learned that he had told the exact same thing to… all of these other women.
So, he played me.
What do you make of the signs that he was holding? "I abuse women.
" "I killed a woman.
" Wow.
Huge, right? Everyone is chasing a Nick Brewer story and you've landed a fucking whale.
Why didn't you tell me about this? Because you would have given the interview to Jeannine.
Is she talking to anyone else? No.
It's an exclusive.
She hasn't even talked to the police.
So, what's your angle? "The truth behind those signs.
We already know that Nick Brewer was a serial cheater, but was he also a murderer?" Emma Beesly said there were other women, right? One of them is Mandy Harrison, an artist from LA.
I've reached out to her, but so far she's said no.
The other one, unidentified, but I'll keep looking for her.
-Get an interview with Sophie Brewer.
-Sophie Brewer's not talking.
Then do your job.
Change her mind.
Three, six, nine Girls wanna drink wine Tell the man not to waste your time If the man broke, the man, he a joke Gotta get loose With the Henny and the Coke Three, two, one, girls wanna have fun If the man don't dance, he's done Tell him move on, get the man gone Now can I get a Coke with my rum? Three, six, nine, girls wanna drink wine Tell the man not to waste your time If the man broke, the man, he a joke So you gotta get loose With the Henny and the Coke Roar! I got you! Hey, how did it go with Dakota? If I land this story, it's prime time, baby.
She said those words? Well, no, but there was definitely subtext.
I ordered takeout.
You hungry? Is that my order? Oh, sorry, Jess.
Award-winning reporter at work.
Uh, yeah, in your dreams.
Uh, delivery? Hey, Pia? Did you order takeout? - What the hell are you doing in here? - I-I come in peace.
You, stay right where you are! Stay where you are! You have 30 seconds until I call the cops.
Stay where you are! He was taking pictures.
What the hell do you think you're doing? Get out.
Get the fuck out of my house! I thought you should know that Emma Beesly is talking to the press.
She's saying that she was Nick's mistress and he abused her.
Look, Nick is not around to defend himself, but you could be his voice.
You need to leave my house, right now.
- My card's in the bag.
- I'll call the police.
I'm dialing.
-I'm sorry.
-Go! Get out! Go! Emma, seriously, you have to call me back.
Um… It's Pia.
Maybe that reporter has a point.
I'm not doing it.
I will not dignify that woman with a response.
- But, Sophie-- - No, I'm done.
Mom, you need to stay out of this.
You know, it would help if you had my back just once in a while.
This is Detective Roshan Amiri.
Leave a message after the beep.
I need to see you.
It's urgent.
Should I be jealous? Nick Brewer used at least two different dating sites.
Both profiles have been deleted, but maybe there are more.
If I find his other profiles, I can find who he connected with, right? -Theoretically.
The only problem is, I can't look at any profiles unless I am a registered user.
So you're signing up to straight dating sites? - And there are over 2,000 in the US alone.
- Good luck with that.
If I crack this, I am looking at a permanent on-air role.
And if Nick Brewer really committed a crime, then maybe I can help solve it and find out who killed him.
You know, make an actual difference.
Do you want some help? -Are you sure? -But if I turn… -I'm just saying.
-There is no chance of that.
-There is a slight chance.
-Zero-percent probability.
What are you doing? Excuse me? - Come on in.
- Hey.
-Watch your step.
- Oh, hi.
- Uh… Pia, this is Arya, my son.
-Arya, meet Pia.
-Sorry, are you off duty? It's fine.
I'm taking him back to his mom.
-So, you're…? -Separated.
Come in.
- When does it air? - We don't know.
- Can't you do something? - What? Isn't she impeding the investigation? Emma isn't breaking any laws by speaking to a reporter.
Yeah, but everyone already thinks that Nick was some kind of douchebag.
This would be, like, proof that he was.
Do you have any new leads? Our best lead is a stolen van.
We're running number plates against freeway cameras to get a match.
That's it? That's it.
You can't help us stop Emma's story, and you're no closer to finding my husband's killer? Well, thank you for coming by at such short notice, Detective.
If you'll excuse me, I have to call the insurance company back, and then I'm calling my lawyer.
- I wish I could do more.
- So do I.
-How you doing? -What aren't you telling us? There's got to be more.
You know, if it weren't for me, you wouldn't even be on this investigation.
We're looking for the vehicle that swiped Emma's car.
We're checking security footage around the hotel.
Why? Someone doesn't want Emma to tell her story.
So that's why you're not trying to stop the interview.
You think it might flush out the killer.
Just throw some spaghetti at the wall, see what sticks? Who cares about the collateral damage? -Emma's under police protection.
-That's not who I'm talking about.
Jenny? -Yes? -Hi.
My name is Ben Park.
I'm an associate producer with GBZ Online.
Uh… You knew Nick Brewer, didn't you? We're not supposed to talk to reporters.
"Y'all can defend him all you want, but you weren't there so you don't know.
" You wrote that on your college newspaper website.
Listen, if Nick Brewer hurt you-- You're talking to the wrong person.
It's not me.
Who should I be speaking to? Look, for the record, I've already interviewed one woman Nick Brewer abused, and there is a pattern of behavior emerging here.
Tara Wilson.
She's the best wing spiker in the league.
I don't know exactly what happened, and I don't have evidence or whatever.
-A few weeks ago, I heard them arguing.
Arguing? About what? I don't know, but it sounded… intense.
Then, a week later, she quit the team.
Is everything all right, Jenny? - I have to go.
- OK.
Can I help you? Oh, I was just asking her about the facilities.
I was thinking about maybe joining a team.
Yeah, I don't think women's volleyball is for you.
Well, they're all very tall.
Thank you.
-Do you need me to call security? -I think we're OK.
-Yeah? -Leeches.
Excuse me.
-Right there, right there, right there.
Tara Wilson? My name is Ben Park.
I'm a journalist.
I was hoping I could ask you a few questions about, uh… Nick Brewer.
What about him? I understand that you had an argument a few weeks back.
Do you remember? Right before you quit the team? Jenny Henson was worried about you and she asked me to contact you.
Look, Tara… Tara, please, please, please.
When bad things happen to good people, someone has to speak up.
She doesn't know shit and neither do you.
OK, Tara, please… Jeannine, uh, what's going on? Sophie Brewer's here.
-You're kidding? -And she brought an attorney.
Kill the Emma Beesly story or we'll sue.
Sue for what? Are you aware that one of your reporters posed as a food-delivery person to gain access to Mrs.
Brewer's home yesterday? I was not aware of that, and that is not something I would condone.
-Oh, please.
-Oh, really? This man broke into my house.
He harassed my family.
We'll make a police report and sue the station for damages and mental anguish.
Unless I kill the Emma Beesly story, right? How's it gonna look, one of your producers trespassing in the home of the victim's family? Honestly, I don't think anyone will notice.
They'll all be talking about Emma Beesly.
You got to remember that this show has 90 million subscribers.
-A lot of people are gonna see this.
Well, then we're done here.
OK, Mrs.
Brewer, you can't stop this story from getting out, but you can get ahead of it.
Grant us an interview.
I've been authorized by my boss to offer you financial incentive-- -OK.
Let's go, Sophie.
-Absolutely not.
OK, if you tell your side of the story, it will stop the media frenzy.
You want peace for your family? This is the way to get it.
It's your story or hers.
Grant us an interview and we'll bury the Emma Beesly story.
…the questions are.
I just want to say thanks again for putting your trust in us, OK? See you soon.
-So? -We got her.
-No way.
-Yes, yes! OK, we need to be prepping questions and gathering background.
We'll meet in an hour for mock interviews.
Be ready.
- I will be.
- Wait.
You're giving the interview to Jeannine? I broke this.
You also broke into the Brewer house.
You know how stupid that was? -The kid left the door open-- -I should fire you.
I gave you Emma Beesly.
-The Beesly interview is cut.
-What? Why? And you're off this story.
Police have no new leads on who kidnapped and murdered Brewer, so the question remains: Was Nick Brewer's death a revenge killing? And if so, reven-- There are hundreds of unsolved crimes in the Oakland area.
Could Nick Brewer's video be a confession to one, or even more of them? You owe me.
The profile was deactivated but it has to exist somewhere.
-Right? -Right.
What if we found a hacker on the Dark Web, or figure out where the servers are kept? Or we just buy the data.
I just wrote a paper on this.
Say you want to create a new dating app.
No one will use it until there's loads of other active profiles, right? OK.
So, there are companies who sell data batches from pre-existing sites.
They'll give you people's usernames, profile pics, age, gender, sexual orientation, all for a couple of hundred bucks.
Wait, wait, wait.
How is that possible? When was the last time you read terms and conditions? Pia, did you know about your brother's criminal record? Did you know about your brother's criminal record? Pia, did you know about your brother's criminal record? I'm fine, Mom.
Yes, really.
You don't have to call me every hour.
Oh, yeah? Well, good.
I'm glad.
Hey, you know what? Let me call you back, OK? Yes.
I love you, too.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I brought you supplies, since you're under siege.
God bless you.
God, when do they even sleep? Mom called me.
Are you really doing that interview? It's the only way to kill Emma's story.
This is going to be a hatchet job, you have to know that.
I'm at work now, I have patients staring at me all day long.
I feel like a freak show.
It's gonna be a lot worse for you.
It's going to come out, one way or another.
At least this way we have some control over it.
The boys are with me on this.
Let's just have a drink, OK? I'll get you a glass.
- Cam, it's here.
- I'm coming.
They just sent me all this private data.
Is that even legal? OK.
Uh… Jeremy Wilkerson.
Found him.
I mean, this is crazy.
I've got his entire user history.
It feels wrong almost.
-Check his connections.
The number of messages they exchanged.
The more messages, the more likely they hooked up.
- Yes.
- Wow.
- My God.
- Hello, Maggie from Sacramento.
There are no Maggie Oxleys in Sacramento.
I ran her name in every social I could think of, and still nothing.
She probably used a fake name.
I mean, Nick Brewer had three.
What if she's the one that killed Nick Brewer? OK, we could solve this entire case.
This picture… It looks like a bookstore.
See the bookshelves? Huh.
There are 26 bookstores in Sacramento.
Exclude the sex shops, comic book shops and children stores… Voila.
Same bookshelves.
Same books.
Road trip? Hello.
What a beautiful store.
I love the smell of old books.
Can I help you find something? Someone, actually.
I'm looking for an old friend of ours, Maggie Oxley.
You know her? I'll go find her.
-She's here now? -Yeah.
She's our mascot.
Here she is.
This the friend you're looking for? Say hello, Maggie.
Actually, I am looking for… this woman.
Sarah? -Sarah who? -Who did you say you were? It's important I get in contact with her.
I think she could be in danger.
Sarah Burton died four months ago.
"Burton, Sarah.
A loving soul, a troubled heart.
No cause of death.
" Murdered? "Pre-deceased by her parents, Olive and Brendan Burton.
Survived by her brother, Simon Burton.
" That's so sad.
Should we call the cops? -Are you kidding? -This could be, like, a lead.
Her brother.
Looks kind of creepy.
And… I found his address.
I don't know, Ben.
We can't show up on the guy's doorstep.
His sister just died.
Cameron, this is my job.
Please let me do it.
Better keep the car running, just in case.
I'm kidding.
I think it's better I do this alone, OK? Be careful.
-Love you.
-Love you.
Hello? Hello? Cameron, what? He's coming up the stairs! I thought you were talking to him! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck! Hey! You fucker.
Come on.
Come on! Come on, come on, come on! We need to go right now! Get back to the car! Ben, Ben, Ben! No, I'll explain, but just get back in the car! Please, get back in the car! - Hey! - Get back! Hey! What were you doing in my apartment? Hey! -Go! Cameron, keep driving! Go! -Did you just break in to his apartment? Hey! Wow, that was close.
Wow, that was… that was… That was fucking close! Did you see that guy? I mean, he looked insane.
H-He would have chewed me up and… -Cam? -Don't.
Oh, come on-- I said don't! What have you found? Nothing yet.
I-I just, uh… I wanted to apologize, uh, if I was insensitive yesterday.
You were just doing your job.
Uh… I can't imagine how, uh, difficult all of this must be for you and the family, so… It's just all this media bullshit, you know? Like… How are we supposed to deal with our actual feelings? My brother is… dead, and… I don't even know… who he was anymore.
Just find the person who killed him, OK? Amiri? I've got something.
I ran the plates.
- And? - They're fake.
This could be the guy that swiped Emma Beesly.
-I'm gonna crash at my parents' tonight.
-Come on, Cam.
-Look, I know you got scared, but-- -It was your reaction that scared me, Ben.
You broke the law.
-Come here.
I'm sorry, OK? Please come inside.
There are human beings on the other side of your stories.
You know that, don't you? Just before our love got lost You said I am as constant as a northern star And I said Constantly in the darkness Where's that at? If you want me, I'll be in the bar BEN GOODNIGHT, I LOVE YOU MAGGIE WHY ARE YOU MAD AT ME? JEREMY I DIDN'T SIGN UP TO BE YOUR CRISIS HOTLINE MAGGIE DON'T SAY THA JEREMY ARE YOU THREATENING ME? MAGGIE YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME JEREMY I'VE HAD ENOUGH.
IT'S OVER Oh, by all means, Ben, come right in.
I'm interviewing Sophie Brewer.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
Is this real? -Sarah Burton was a third woman.
-How did you get these messages? I can't reveal my sources, Dakota, but I can tell you that they're real.
-And if I don't give you the interview? -I'll take it to KC3W.
-Well, that would be a breach of contract.
-So fire me.
Come in.
I like your dress.
-Yeah? -You look nice.
Thank you.
Um, and thank you for watching the boys.
Do you think Nick having those affairs somehow got him killed? I just keep thinking it must be connected.
I don't know.
We can watch your interview together, if you want.
I can call my mom, have her come over.
I'll keep her in check.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Good luck.
What's your response to the allegations about Nick? "We're just human beings.
We all make mistakes.
" That's good.
Supercomputer status Walking along streets Everyone is an addict Stumbling, concrete… How are you feeling? -Ready.
-My little intern's all grown up.
Go get her.
How do we know the cost? How do we know the truth Without feeling what could be false? Freedom of being wrong Freedom of being lost Wait a minute, wait a minute Feeling like the devil did it Lord willing, I'ma step to it You gon' fall behind If you can't do it Ooh, we eating good over here now Is you eating good over there now?… -Don't fuck this up, Ben.
-Don't intend to, Jeannine.
Everybody, move your body Now do it Here is something That's gonna make you move and groove Please don't lose that tempo Algorhythm… - Mrs.
- All right, thank you.
-Uh, where's Jeannine? -Dakota felt that it might be a better-- It doesn't matter.
Let's just get this over with.
Look, there's no need to be nervous.
Just think of this as a… as a chat… between friends.
I'm not nervous.
And we're not friends.
I thought it was a prank, maybe even a student film, but when we realized Nick was missing it became… very real.
What did you think of the signs he was holding in the videos? Those signs are a lie, and the people in Nick's life know that.
Did Nick have a temper? No.
He didn't ever get angry? Everyone gets angry.
Not everyone gets arrested for assault.
He was a teenager when that happened, and we all do stupid things when we're young.
We do.
I want to ask you a few questions about Curtis Hamilton.
You had an affair with him.
And did you know that your husband was seeing other women when you started this relationship with Mr.
Hamilton? No.
-But you know now.
-I know there are claims being made.
Claims that your husband was seeking out other women online.
Look… …we're all human.
We all make mistakes, and-- One of those women, Emma Beesly, has accused your husband of being emotionally abusive towards her.
If she really believes that, then she didn't know Nick.
My husband was the victim here.
The victim of a brutal, unjust crime.
Are you aware that one of the other women that your husband was seeing, Sarah Burton… took her own life? Sarah Burton was just 29 years old when she died.
We've obtained a transcript… of the final conversation between your husband and her.
Would you mind reading this for me, Mrs.
Brewer? As you can see, those messages are damning.
Brewer… is this why your husband was murdered? Mrs.
Brewer? Where did you even get this? You sick son of a… -We're done.
Brewer? How dare you? Are you OK? -Hi.
Welcome home.
-How did the interview go? -I wish you could have been there, babe.
Um… Have you thought about what I said? Look, doing what I do, there's a certain amount of, uh, collateral damage.
You're talking about people.
Cam, you were having fun when you were helping me track down Sarah Burton.
Yeah, that's because it felt like a game… until it didn't.
- You were never like this in college.
- Like what? So ruthless.
Well… …Cameron, I had to graduate into the real world.
And this is how the real world works.
And I have just cracked this case wide open.
What do you want from me, huh? You want me to quit my job? To hold yourself to a higher standard.
-Did you really just say that? -Yes.
I don't like who you are at work.
Hey, well, who I am at work is who I am, and I am not ashamed of that.
Come on, Cam.
Where are you going? I thought we agreed.
I don't want them to see it.
It's much worse than-- How are you gonna stop us, Mom? Yeah, I'll just go upstairs and watch it on my phone.
You know, they're right.
You can't protect them from this.
It's about to start.
I'm Ben Park, and welcome to a special edition of The Hard Word.
Tonight, we will reveal the shocking answers to the questions that have gripped this nation.
Who did Nick Brewer abuse? Who did he kill? And finally, who had the motive to kill him? Earlier today, we sat down with his widow, Sophie Brewer, in a Hard Word exclusive.
What did you think of the signs he was holding in those videos? Those signs were a lie.
But were they? The Hard Word has obtained explosive new evidence that suggests Nick Brewer was an online predator, a serial cheater, and an abuser of women.
Meet Sarah Burton.
Orphaned at an early age, Sarah and her brother Simon were moved from foster home to foster home.
She battled depression and crippling pain caused by an automobile accident.
So when she met Nick Brewer, she thought she'd finally found someone who would look after her.
She was wrong.
Are you aware that one of the other women that your husband was seeing, Sarah Burton, took her own life? That is not true.
What you're about to hear is a reenactment of Nick Brewer's last exchange with Sarah Burton.
Why are you mad at me? Because I didn't sign up to be your personal crisis hotline.
This is bullshit.
Why the fuck didn't we know about this? You said you loved me.
I've had enough.
It's over.
- Don't contact me anymore.
- Don't say that.
- I told you what I would do.
- Are you threatening me? It's more than a threat.
Do you want me to do it? Do you? Go ahead.
Do it.
I don't care.

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