Clink (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

COMMOTION What the hell?! Get dressed.
You're being transferred.
Idara! Joyce! Whoa Joyce, don't be stupid, woman.
Listen to her, Edevan, and get out of the way.
No What are you doing? Where are you taking her? I said get out the way.
Where are you taking her? font col Last chance, Edevan.
Right, that's it.
Loss of privileges.
There's no need for that.
There's no need for that.
Fuck off! Something really bad's gone off in there.
Pack up, you're moving.
Where to? Barbados? That place straight in front of us.
I can't give you a time so just make sure you're ready.
Well, everything's set, as agreed.
thanks for sorting that out.
Keep me abreast of any new developments.
Shall I pass on the message? No, no, everything goes through me and me alone.
Oh, but what about the governor? I am the governor.
Trouble? No.
How's Alison? Stable.
Oh, that's good.
I should go and visit her.
Well, doctors are keen to keep visits to the minimum.
They practically threw me out just now.
I hate hospitals anyway.
Cheers, mate.
You're moving.
A few little extras.
You're not getting picked for the netball team.
Plastic dinner plate, soup bowl, two forks, two spoons, two knives.
They are assigned to you.
Can do a lot of damage, these little things.
Ask your mate here.
But .
you lose them, tough.
Hey, hey.
You said you'd lay off her.
You want something from me, remember? Don't play the superhero with me, Rattler.
You're not hard enough.
Or clever enough.
Good morning.
Is it? I've been thinking about our conversation.
I haven't.
How long have you worked at the First Night Centre? You'll have to ask my secretary.
See, it might be time to reassign you.
Might be good for everybody, keep things fresh.
You're the boss.
Do what you like.
Don't give a toss.
Is that it? For now.
You need to get to work.
You'll be on basic.
Yeah, like I care.
I'm only trying to help.
Tell her two newbies have just come in.
/f It might take her mind off Idara.
What did she just say? Hey, Joyce Get off me.
Is that what do you think, is it? Hey? Get off.
Her girlfriend's gone, better find her someone else to bang.
That isn't what I meant, you crazy genda.
Oi! McDermott, you're allocated number two.
That's me.
I'm Sami.
Anderson, you're down the far end.
With Sherri? What? Her who works in the First Night Centre? There's only one Sherri.
Is there not anywhere else I could go? Yeah, could we stay togethe You've got to go where you're allocated.
Look, I will go in with Sherri.
These two, they can have my dorm.
Are you mad? Sherri would eat her alive, you know that.
I don't mind.
Thank you.
I'm too soft is my problem.
You can get yourselves sorted at lockdown, but right now you need to go downstairs and check the notice board.
Work allocation sheets will tell you where to go.
She's got the bloody sugar again.
My sugar.
Oi, give me back the sugar! Hey, that's mine, you thieving smackhead! How did it go this morning? OK.
No drama? It's a women's prison.
Anyway, if you'd been there, you'd know.
Sherri Simms - what do you make of her? She's put in 31 visitation requests to her sister in the past year and yet the sister's never been in, not once.
Plenty of phone calls, never a visit.
Well, I wouldn't visit her if she was my sister.
Well, I like a good project.
You've met Sherri, right? God help us.
If we cut the admin budget, then that will free up money for stuff we actually need.
Joyce, you need to make an appointment.
Um Open door policy, she said.
Use our voices, you said.
I did and it is.
Come in.
Why've they taken Idara? Miss Adoti's been moved.
Yeah, I know that.
Where? You know we can't tell you.
Deported? She came here to escape abuse.
You know that she hasn't even committed a crime, right? I know this is upsetting.
Oh Do you think? You need to focus on your parole hearing tomorrow.
Like I can even think about that.
You've waited a long time for this.
Don't let what's happened distract you.
Yeah, maybe go and see Amira, do a class.
Trent's taken away all my privileges.
So .
I got nothing.
Have I? Nothing.
Oh, we're still looking for our work allocations.
Yeah, got no time, sorry.
Oh I recognise you.
I've got one of them faces.
Where do we go? Oh, she knows the drill.
Look at the sheets, remember your days, it's all on there.
You on meth? Got a bit of a cold.
SHE SNIFFS Could you help us look? No.
No time, sorry.
Some girls think that working here is a soft option - it isn't.
It's not like proper work, though, is it? Yes, it is.
It is a skill that has to be learned and then you are assessed.
What? Exams in nails? You can work towards a Level 2 in Beauty.
Here you are, this is Julie's file.
It's a lot of work.
Hey, it's nearly as big as Kelso's record.
I don't like the smell in here.
You'll get used to it.
Oh, I love the smell.
Love, love, love it.
Here, let me have a go.
Here, rub this Q-Tip and softener into Becky's fingers.
How come you're so good at this? A friend, she taught me into Tehran.
I feel a bit sick.
So this was your job? No, it was the job of the women I was defending.
I'm a lawyer.
Was a lawyer.
In Iran.
Shut the front door.
Well, you can't have been any good if you're banged up in here with us.
I'm obviously not so great on UK law.
CHLOE COUGHS AND RETCHES We've got to stop meeting like this, Brian.
People will talk.
The wings went up the wall this morning - any request met by belligerent hostility.
Some filthy cow just spat on me.
I just need to grab 15 minutes peace and shove this chocolate bar into my face.
I know what you mean about the peace.
The woman's causing problems.
I'm not going to join you in a bitch fest about Dominique.
No, I'm not bitching, I'm just stating facts.
Do you ever think you may sometimes bring these things upon yourself? Oh, yeah, yeah.
I asked that druggie to gob all over me.
Joyce Edevan.
You restricted her privileges, knowing that she's up in front of the parole board tomorrow.
Are you asking me to justify my actions? She's been a model prisoner.
Yeah, well she wasn't a model prisoner this morning.
I'm a bloody good PO, Sinead, it's not a popularity contest.
I wasn't saying you weren't.
I just think Joyce deserves a chance to get out.
Don't we all.
SHE CHUCKLES Anyway, listen.
About earlier Disturbance, classroom.
Inmate smashing face with a keyboard.
Medical and officer assist required.
No, no, what the fuck?! Sami! So, when can we start? As soon as the governor gives the OK, we're good to go.
Ah, yes, something I meant to tell you.
Move your stuff out me gaff.
That's no way to speak to your new roomie.
I don't share.
You do now.
Some newbies have just landed.
I don't care if aliens just landed, move your shit.
Fuck sake! BANGS ON DOOR Joyce! BANGING CONTINUES Joyce, I don't care if you're fucking shitting or knitting, can you hurry the fuck up, please! Fuck! Are you OK? Oh, she'll find someone else, another gay for the stay.
Fuck you! Leave it! Get off me! All right.
CLATTERING Jesus! Are you OK? Do I look OK? It's the rattle.
I've got no pain threshold.
Every trip, every bang, every scrape against the table, it's like pulling a fingernail out every time.
I'm such a fucking mug.
Why? Cos I keep doing it.
The rattle, the pain, the grief.
The rattle, more pain, more grief.
Do you know what? I reckon you're dead strong.
If I stop using .
my life will get better.
That's all they keep telling me.
Thing is .
when I'm clean .
I realise how fucking rubbish my life is.
I can only seem to handle it when I'm off my face.
Here, look, I found this down the side of the bed.
It's proper silky.
I reckon it's hers from the nail bar.
You can do it this time, Laura.
I know you can.
What time do you call this, Caleb? I like my men to come on time, hey? Why do you need to get out anyway? There's no-one visiting you.
Talking of getting out, I wouldn't bother packing just yet.
A lot can happen in 24 hours.
Is that a threat? Do you want it to be? CALEB CLEARS THROA Are you still here? Laura McDermott.
Visitor request granted for 2.
THEY CHA So you've got to visitor, then? Yeah.
Is it your boyfriend?/font No, I'm single.
Hey, we're all single banged up.
The second I'm out, mine's round.
He's like a bad fart, he follows me everywhere.
You know it's his fault I'm in here? You got caught with 200 quid's worth of gear.
Hey, you love them so you steal for them, you get into bastard debt for them Aye, they're shit.
you sell the shit, you sell yourself.
No, it's my brother visiting.
Horse? SNIGGERING Your mum must have been in a bad way if she named him after a bag of smack.
THEY LAUGH Don't be so stupid.
Mine called my sister Mercedes cos he always wanted one.
His name's Lee.
So where does the Horse come from, then?/font Bonanza.
You what? It's Hoss.
What was what? It's Hoss not Horse.
I knew a guy called Donkey once.
THEY LAUGH Have you never heard? Hung like a donkey! THEY LAUGH They just took her and you don't know where? He wouldn't say.
Sending her back, well, that's cheaper than keeping her in here, isn't it? It's all about the money.
Can you Can you get your parole hearing put back? I just think you're too upset.
No, I need to get out, love.
That's the only way I'm going to help her.
They're beautiful.
Like, I've got one that's It's got, like, a hint of pink.
I've named it Laura.
You've named a bloody pigeon after me? Hint of pink - who the fuck talks like that? You need to get out more, Horse.
You don't have to swear after every word.
Really? font colo Or steel or take drugs.
Or hurt yourself .
the way that you do.
What are you doing talking to me, then? You're my sister.
It's taken us six months to get here.
Yeah, I know.
And I couldn't have done this without you.
Hey I couldn't.
All that paperwork and flowery language, I didn't know my arse from my elbow with half of it.
Well, all of it really.
Well, I wouldn't be alive but for you.
I know we don't really talk about it but it's true.
I had to do what I did.
You know that, don't you? I do.
I don't blame you.
I never have.
I wouldn't drive all this way every week if I did.
She's a Cuban Thief Pouter.
Oh, typical! My pigeon's a thief.
No! I named her Laura because she's beautiful and clever.
Are you trying to make me cry? And she flies.
That's what pigeons do.
No, no, no.
She's got some speed for a little bird.
Really? I'm going to try this time, Lee.
Every course, every programme, whatever they want me to do, I'm up for it.
If I could just get a job, earn enough to be independent, things might get easier.
Laura .
whatever you want to do, I'm in your corner.
I told you not to make me cry.
Hint of pink? Fucking hell! I've managed to get the day off work tomorrow to be there.
No, no.
It's all sorted.
Jake, listen, lovie I know I'm not the sharpest tool Don't say that.
I'm not.
/f I know I'm not, I'm not clever like you, but .
I can represent myself.
I need to represent myself, it's important to me.
You need someone with you.
Let me do this.
OK? I need to do this, I need to get out.
You will.
And then we can help Idara.
How did you turn out so well? I had a great mother.
SHE LAUGHS And a lot of counselling.
You cheeky fuck! THEY LAUGH I've asked several times to sit in with her.
It just doesn't feel right.
It's Joyce's call.
I know, but it's probably the most important decision of her life.
No, that was when she picked up the chip pan.
Did you see Alison? Ugh.
I got the times wrong.
Times don't matter.
Not when you're the governor.
I'll go tomorrow.
That's a clever idea.
It's really not.
Hey, have you got, um, tea and stuff? I prefer fizzy drinks.
You not got enough gas in there? May I? Or Yeah.
THEY LAUGH You know, I thought everyone was going to be stabbing and killing each other in here.
Sorry to disappoint.
Oh, no This yours, is it? Yeah.
It's colourful! It was for, er .
for Idara.
She likes bright colours.
Who's Idara? I'm really sorry about the delay.
You shouldn't still be here.
When I agreed to do this, I didn't realise it would be this way.
Can you not tell Joyce I have moved? Gone to another prison, maybe.
There are 12 women's prisons, and Joyce has been in four of them.
She knows people in the others, and she would try and find you - once she realises that you're not in any of them We can't afford to have your name thrown about.
Not in any context.
I understand.
The woman that was charged, she came to us yesterday.
They got her on fraud in the end, but they know she's a cutter.
They just need to prove it.
Her husband's a GP over here.
His surgery has been used as a safe place to do it.
To mutilate other girls like me.
It's likely she knows others.
This is why your testimony is so important.
You've been through that horror.
We blame the men because they control it.
They take the money from the other men who request it.
But it isn't the men I blame.
It is the women who cut.
The same women who could know the same pain.
It is the women I can never forgive.
Idara, what you're doing is very brave.
As a 12-year-old girl, I had no voice.
I do now.
Get off me.
Get off me! Good news? Don't get too comfortable.
You've got plenty of arses to lick after your spectacular first day.
Well, I suppose it can't get any worse.
HE LAUGHS DERISIVELY Please take a seat, Miss Edevan.
I'm Tony Watson, head of the parole board.
This is my colleague, Miss Potts.
Do you have anyone representing you? Er, no.
I'm not eligible for for legal aid.
No-one to speak on your behalf? A past employer, a friend? Er I want to represent myself.
I just want to be honest and tell you how it is.
Well, that's always a good policy! Miss Edevan, in your words, then, could you tell us why you think you're a good candidate for parole? So, er With the courses, and the new skills I've learned, and the anger management stuff, I have been helping the girls.
I A bit like a support worker, I suppose.
That's very admirable.
I'm aware I haven't got a get-out date .
but I think I've been locked up long enough.
I-I do consider myself duly punished.
Your crime was very serious.
What I did .
was terrible .
and I've never denied that - but I don't think that I deserve to be in here forever.
The IPP was applied not because you killed someone, but because of the manner in which they were killed.
I was provoked.
Helen, when she drank .
she could get violent.
She was, lots of times - to me and to Jake.
I couldn't let that happen again .
cos he was just a boy.
So, what I did .
it was self-defence.
Self-defence to save me, and to protect my son.
It sounds like excuses.
The boy was Miss Morton's biological child.
Is that right? I mean, he had her name.
There's no blood tie to you.
We were equal parents.
Just like anybody else.
I loved Helen.
I still do.
If she was here now, we'd probably be married.
You just couldn't do that back then.
But she's not here, is she, Miss Edevan? Simms.
Can I have a word? I, er I notice you don't get any visitors.
And that's your business how? Your sister, Maggie - she's the only one you ever ask for, and, every time, she denies your request.
She's a busy lady.
Any other family? Don't give a shit about them.
We all need family.
You a social worker now? What is it with you? I'm just trying to understand you.
You're trying to get to me.
All that psychological bollocks.
Well, it's not going to work.
What? You want someone to mindfuck? Find someone who gives a shit.
We have a duty of care to the public, to protect them.
I I'm not a danger to anyone.
Both you and Miss Morton had been drinking? Yeah.
Do you still drink? There's no alcohol in prison - and on the outside, I wouldn't drink.
What are your employment plans? Do you still have problems with your literacy? I've been working in the kitchen, so I'd hope to get a job in catering.
You know, maybe in a hotel or a care home or something.
That would be difficult.
Yeah, everything's gonna be difficult, love.
Where would you live? What support do you have? I'd stay with Jake.
You're still in contact?! He's my son.
Well? Is the gear smuggling itself in, or what? It takes time to arrange.
No, it doesn't.
Your man gets the stuff, sends a mate in, job done.
Not using a mate.
Using me mam.
What the fuck? There's no-one else.
So, if you want me to do this, that's how I'm doing it.
I didn't mean to push past Officer Trent.
But your anger is clearly still an issue.
It was never an issue - it was one time.
Are you remorseful? I regret it every day.
Regret and remorse are not the same thing.
You're twisting it, see, now.
You're twisting what I'm saying! Look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that Helen died and that I killed her.
I'm sorry SHE SIGHS I'm sorry for the hurt that have caused and the hearts I've broken.
I'm sorry for leaving my son with no-one to look after him, and I'm sorry for not knowing the right things to say .
and the right time to say them.
Do you want to know the truth? Because the truth is that .
I don't know if what I feel, what I really feel, is remorse or regret, but either way, it keeps me awake at night, every night.
Now, I'm not clever, like you.
Never have been.
But I'm smart enough to know what it is that you want me to say.
You want me to say .
that if I could go back .
I wouldn't do what I did.
I would.
I would.
To save my son, I would.
She's what?! It was strictly need-to-know.
I'm number two! Exactly.
When's the trial? Even I don't know that much.
Look, there's a lot of money involved.
Criminal gangs who would kill Idara if they found out where she was.
Female genital mutilation's a big business .
and one of the cutters is Idara's grandmother.
That bit, she doesn't know.
Bloody hell.
Dr Wendell's cleared her to testify, so now we're just waiting - but everyone else has to think she's been deported.
Even Joyce?/fo Especially Joyce.
Oh, God.
Excuse me.
Lost again, Williams? The rota said you were on this spot today.
So, I'm supposed to be with you.
On day shifts.
Governor's orders.
I remember what she said, smartarse, I was there.
I also remember her saying something about not putting your hands on the inmates.
Not even in there.
As an independent body, our main duty is to protect the public.
Therefore, our risk assessment has to be thorough and we have had to decide whether you have been sufficiently rehabilitated to be released safely into the community.
Based on our session today .
we've not been convinced that your release is in the best interest of either yourself or the community at large.
We'll therefore be recommending that your parole is denied on this occasion.
They've got to be done with her by now.
She should have had someone with her.
What, like you? Obviously not me - but someone with knowledge of the system, yes.
What did she do, Joyce? Never ask that! Shit, sorry She's coming! Guys! I've let you down again.
He wants what?! 400? Fucking cheeky bastard! I just couldn't lie to them, Jake.
Look, Mum, I'm going to need you to visit me to bring it in.
What do you mean, you don't have it?! As long as I know you're OK.
I'm fine, Mum.
And that you're there for me.
I told you! I told you it weren't for me.
You weren't to touch it.
Well, it will be a different parole board.
Different Different people .
when I appeal.
Why couldn't you keep your thieving hands to yourself? But you can't appeal, Mum.
What do you mean, love? LINE BEEPS Mum, are you OK? No, Jake, my money's going.
What do you mean, I can't appeal? Didn't you know? Mum? Jake? Fuck! Mum, don't - don't hang up.
LINE GOES DEAD Hey, is this yours? We found it down the side of the bed.
It's Idara's.
I might be able to get it to her.
She's on the wing.
Sorry, Joyce, didn't you know? Joyce.
Ah! Open door policy when it suits you.
Well, me door can't be open when I'm not here.
Is Idara on the wing? You lied to me.
Who told you that she was on the wing? Is it true? Look, whatever your thinking, it's not happening.
Just tell me!/ I don't have to tell you anything.
Remember where you are.
Listen, Joyce, you've got to trust me.
Give me one good reason why I should.
She is here, but she is leaving at any moment.
Where is she going? Mm-mm.
Come on, I need to see her.
I can't allow that.
I will scream this whole place down until you let me see her, you know I will.
Two minutes.
That's the deal.
SHE LAUGHS I had a million things to say .
and now I can't think of one.
You're here.
That is enough.
THEY SOB Yesterday I was so selfish.
Thinking about myself.
How I'd cope without you.
Your parole? Yeah.
Yeah?! I got it! Yes! I said prayers! Lots of them.
I made this for you.
I know you feel the cold and the damp.
I love it.
Is it warm where you're going? Or? You know I cannot say .
but please don't worry about me.
But I don't understand Stop.
Keep it for me, for when we are together again.
It sounds like I shall need it.
That cold sea you always talk about.
I love you.
I love you.
I've brought you something to eat.
It doesn't matter where you go.
Shit finds you.
It might help if you eat something.
Will it make me feel better? Jam sponge could change my life? I don't think so.
Laura Just leave me alone, will you? No No, no, no! If you tell anyone, they'll put me on the wing.
You'll be on your own in here.
Joyce! Joyce, can I come in with you for a bit? Joyce KNOCK AT DOOR