Clink (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 SHE GROANS SHE SCREAMS SHE SCREAMS HE GROANS It's not that I want to be alone, necessarily.
It's just that I rarely get to BE alone.
Home is a madhouse.
Here is a madhouse.
So sometimes, I just like to take myself off and have a little quiet time, you know? Peace.
Half an hour that's just for me.
Lunchtimes, I can just about cope with.
But if it's going to be all the time Not another tea cosy? Blanket? Hey, are you listening to me? Nope.
Look, Joyce, I know you need to keep your mind busy, but maybe you could find another hobby? There's more wool in here than one of your Welsh frigging sheep farms.
I'm sure she's fine.
The governor seems decent enough.
She wouldn't have let her go anywhere awful.
It's been a month Joyce, babe.
You've got to let go.
For Idara's sake.
LIQUID SLOSHES SHE SIGHS This'll never be ready for tomorrow.
If it's not ready for tomorrow, it ain't never going to be ready.
You get that delivery today? Er Oh! Yeah, I forgot.
Hang on.
Not in here, you skank! Jesus! All right.
Hey, do you want to try some? Oh, hey.
It's good, that.
Easier to get an audience with the Pope than it is to get an audience with you.
HE SIGHS Little Miss Popular.
HE CHUCKLES It must feel nice.
Well HE SIGHS It would feel nice if you were awake to see them all.
Guv need you back.
What happened to you? Oh, are you on a late? I thought officer Trent left already? I'm on with Dolan, Governor.
I've done my probationary month, so you're allowed to let me loose with the standard officer for night work.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
On a double.
Might even be a triple, at this rate with .
two down at the moment.
I don't mind.
I can deal with the overtime.
That's not really the point, is it? Oh, it's OK.
There's not much I can do, anyway.
Just don't overdo it.
Us newbies have got to stick together, eh? I don't want to go in there, Chad.
Listen to her, Chad.
If he goes in there, then he's thicker than he looks.
Of course he's going to go in there! If he didn't, the frigging film would've finished an hour ago.
Let me just climb inside.
You can climb inside me, Chad.
I can't watch this.
Boo! SHE WINCES The ghosts in here are well more scary than this crap.
No way is there ghosts in here.
The number of people who've died in this place? Of course there are.
We've all seen them, haven't we? Ask your girlfriend.
Or is she still hiding under the bed? Hey, leave her alone.
If I can just get my hand inside, I might be able to You can get your hand inside me, Chad.
Shireen! LAUGHTER Can we all just be quiet, yeah? All right, Joyce! Chad, I'm scared.
Here, take my hand! I'm going to bed.
I wish YOU would go to bed.
Sweet dreams, Bambi! MICROPHONE FEEDBACK ALARM STARTS ALARM STOPS Laura? Laura, please! SHE YELPS What's up with you, you wuss? You know they say this place is haunted? Er yeah, the only person haunting this place is Brian, clanking his chains about and moaning.
"Ooh, I'll take away your privileges!" "Ooh, who ate all my cake?" THEY CHUCKLE So, why did you lock the door? I wanted some peace.
Were you .
you know? Erm, just give it a rest, Chloe, yeah? I hate horror films.
Well, you're a wuss, so Come here.
Promise me you'll stop.
SHE SIGHS I promise I'll try.
Always you and me - first ones in, Brian.
Well, you live round the corner, I live even closer, so obviously Is that a permanent thing? For Shelley.
Well, Governor Hayes didn't want it left empty.
/fo I was looking for somewhere.
She's very generous.
If you mean she looks after her staff, then yes, she is.
Yeah? All in the same direction.
Well done.
Give us a go.
I don't think Laura's finished yet.
Yeah, she is.
No, I'm not.
Oh Julie, come back! Chop chop.
You enjoying it? What? Working in here? Yeah.
Got you off the lemon? I need to concentrate, Shelley.
Carrot and stick, isn't it? Sorry? They're using this like a carrot and stick.
You pack in the gear, they'll teach you to be a nail .
They use carrot and sticks on donkeys.
I prefer just using sticks on my donkeys.
Am I going to have to use a stick on you? Or maybe on Bombay? Lay off her.
Sherri, I'm sorry that me mum and Luke let you down, but it's really got nothing to do with me.
I've waited a month.
I think I've been very generous considering.
But I want me gear or I want me money back.
So you'd better sort it, and quick.
Because you're the one my sticks can reach.
SHE WINCES Cuts on cuts? Oh, Laura.
Blood red.
Everything OK with the baby? Yeah.
Dr Wendell says my weight's up.
That's good isn't it? That's very good.
When I was pregnant with my son, you'd think I was having triplets.
SHE CHUCKLES How many have you got? Just the one.
He's 15 now.
I bet you were a great mum.
Oh, I don't know about that.
But it is wonderful being a mum.
Well, I should probably be getting back.
Me, too.
Take care.
INDISTINCT CHATTER Is Caleb around? Who? Mr Williams? Better - why? The new governor told me that if I had a problem, anything at all, I just had to speak to one of the officers and let them know.
What am I, then? Do you really want me to tell you, Mr Trent? HE CHORTLES HE WINCES Your girlfriend wants you.
Yeah? You know that manicure you were asking about.
I reckon I can fit you in later.
I've just had a cancellation - clashed with her release.
Do I get the full hand soak, too? All part of the service.
And you know that eucalyptus oil I was telling you about? Just arrived.
HE CHUCKLES Thanks Gilani.
It's Sami.
OK, Sami.
I'll see you later.
Are you awake? No.
I need to speak to someone.
SHE SNIFFLES You go and do that, then.
I need some advice.
What? It's Sherri, she's on my case.
What's she? Sherri's on everyone's case.
Go on, then, what have you done? No, it's not me.
Not this time.
Money? Sort of.
Gear? I thought you were clean.
No, I am.
Honest, I am.
Hey what's this? Is that a hat? No, it's a tea cosy.
Looks like a hat with a hole in it.
No, it's It doesn't matter what it is.
It's just - I knit, it's what I do.
It takes my mind off stuff.
A daughter.
Right, what is it that you want? I'm getting I'm getting shit for something that's happened outside.
Great, then you need someone on the outside to help you with it, then.
What was your - I know, your brother, Horse.
Is that what you call him? I don't want to ask him.
I thought he'd do anything for you? Can't you just speak to Sherri for me? No! You know I've got problems of my own.
Please, Joyce.
Some things, I can sort, right? And some things, I can't.
Guess which one this is.
You either got to reach outside .
or you pay the price inside.
And you know that's the way it works.
That's it? I think so.
Oh well, it looks like we've got away with it for another week.
You're doing a great job.
Well, I'm not getting everything right.
Brian Trent, for one.
I think he has a problem with me.
Brian has a problem with everything.
He's like the Ghost of Christmas Past.
Pining for the days before chronic crowding, staff shortages, lack of resources I get it.
It's not you letting him down, it's the job.
Experienced officers like Brian are gold dust.
I won't let them slip through me fingers without a fight.
I need to get his juices flowing again.
Not the image I want in my head.
THEY CHUCKLE How do we re-motivate someone like Brian? Early retirement and a big fat pension.
One day at a time, I suppose.
Don't count your chickens.
It's Full Moon Friday.
SHE GROANS I'm writing you up.
No! No, no, no! Please don't write me up, Mr Trent, they'll take me out of the nail bar! So, why are you there now? Cos I had to talk to Joyce.
Joyce? No, I was just with her! You do know the penalty for lying to a prison officer, don't you? I'm not lying! Please don't write me up, Mr Trent.
Only if you tell me what was so important? Nothing I can do about it, then.
SHE GROANS PHONE RINGS PHONE RINGS Can I help you? Yeah, Allison Hayes? MACHINE BEEPS MACHINE CONTINUES I don't want to! Shh! What kind of criminal are you? I'm only on remand.
What if we get caught? We're not going to get caught if YOU just shut up! They'll setting up for tea in a minute.
It's dinner? It's tea.
No, it's freaking dinner.
What are you talking about?/fo Of course it's tea You two! Be quiet.
They won't start on dinner for another ten minutes, but we have got to be quick.
Told you it was dinner.
You know what - you don't need me.
Not really.
I think I'll just go Hey, hey! Do you want to make friends here, or not? I don't see how breaking into a kitchen will help me make friends.
Yeah - we're not breaking into the kitchen.
We're breaking into the storeroom.
And we're not stealing stuff we're liberating it.
Good, good.
Ooh, it's cold! It's all right.
I got some tea in my hoodie.
Now tuck your hoodie in.
Lentils? Got to pack them with lentils, or they'll make a curry out of you.
Dora liked lentils.
No time for a trip down memory lane, Joyce, eh? Concentrate.
Crisps, sweets, cake, OK? Got enough of those, you'll be the most popular girl.
Make your own house.
THEY LAUGH Not allowed in hospitals these days are they? Oh, they weren't for Allison.
Thanks for holding the fort.
How was she? No change.
What did the doctor say? Did anything happen here? Was it Dr Robinson you spoke to? Or the new guy - Lumberg, was it? Look, there was no-one about.
Look, by the time I got there I didn't have time to stay, so I didn't.
I was going to pop by later.
Thank you.
You never did say what happened.
Nothing to tell.
She collapsed - end of.
What would you arguing about? Who said we were arguing? Something must've triggered it.
What is this, the Spanish Inquisition? Sorry, sorry.
Hospitals They creep me out, that's all.
Oh, me jacket! What you having? Gallon of rice pudding, and 12 packets of crisps! I didn't know Brian was Dutch.
THEY LAUGH Shh! What are you lot doing here? THEY STAMMER She got pain, so we're just walking them off.
The baby might be coming.
It's a bit early, isn't it? SHE WINCES No way.
Well, I've got work schedules I've got to get done.
Er it's the call of nature.
SHE YELPS Don't clock off, were fine.
All right, stay here, and I'll get someone else to deal with it.
Just stay there.
SHE WHIMPERS THEY GIGGLE Hold on! THEY SCREAM SCREAMING CONTINUES Get off! Get out of that! Get out of there! THEY LAUGH Get out, get out! THEY CHEER What?! THEY LAUGH What are you doing?! Positions required now! Let's stop them.
Stop, stop! Stop it! Please! THEY CHEER Just stop, stop - slow down! CHEERING CONTINUES Slow down, stop it! CHEERING CONTINUES CHEERING FADES AWAY Where the bleeding hell have you been?! Was that a taxi? What - inside the prison?! I just thought Well, come on! DISTANT LAUGHTER Oh, my God! THEY LAUGH THEY CHEER INDISTINCT CHATTER Hey.
I got you a present.
SHE GIGGLES Thought you could do with cheering up.
SHE GIGGLES You could've got into trouble.
Well, I'm already in enough of that.
Did you literally get these for me? Well, with family now, aren't we? Families do stuff for each other.
How would either of us know? Yours have disowned you cos you shacked up with some fuckwit Paul loves me.
The only one of mine that gives a shit about me is too soft to know any better.
I'm in here cos of me own fault.
You're in here cos of someone else - someone you reckon loves you? He does.
Now, if you got your act together, you could be out of here tomorrow.
All you gotta do is confirm that Mr Fuckwit gave you that bag, and you're home free.
I can't.
Why not? Treats you like shit, and he's still doing it? He doesn't.
He isn't.
Was that gun yours? Was it? Well, why hasn't he told them that, then? Why is he letting you take the rap for something he knows you haven't done? And in your condition, as well? That's his kid in there.
I can't.
I I love him.
And Paul says I'd be letting him down if I said anything.
He'd kill me.
Letting HIM down? I wish you could hear yourself sometimes.
You sound like a fucking mug.
No, you don't understand.
Paul says I don't give a toss what Paul says.
He's controlling you, do you understand that? A baby deserves better than to be brought into the world in a place like this.
That's the level he's dragged you to.
It isn't like that.
/fon It's exactly like that.
Why are you so angry with me? Look, Chloe .
you need to get short of him.
And get your life together while you still can.
Because if that baby needs one thing in this world, it's a mum who isn't a mug.
What do you think of this? What's that? What? The mum of the girl I killed in the crash.
She wants to see me.
What, all of a sudden? Not all of a sudden, she's been asking for months.
My solicitor says she wants closure.
Don't we all? Right, OK, well why don't you give it to her? What could I possibly say that she'd want to hear? That it was a mistake, yeah? That you didn't set out to do what you did.
It was an accident, right? So, maybe if she could hear your side of it What side? That I was pissed? That I blacked out, killed her daughter?! Hey.
You're a good person Amira.
And it might help her to see that.
Come on.
Saying goodbye to someone you love - that's hard.
So, if you can do .
anything .
to make it a bit easier for her? You've got to do it.
Hey? Haven't you? We'd better keep the hooch away from you, then, Amira.
You what? Well, you might do one of us in next.
Hey, OK - come on.
Its OK.
Ignore her.
Ta-da! It's hooch.
It's booze, vodka! At least, I think it's vodka.
Do you want some? Oh, no, don't worry about that! My mum smacked off her tits when she was pregnant with me, it didn't do me ANY harm.
There, I'm only joking.
OK, you finish the wafers, and I'll have a beverage for the three of us, OK? Definitely OK.
SHE CHUCKLES Him, I can understand running around like a headless chicken, but YOU? You're meant to be an experienced officer who knows how to handle himself.
And you? You left a prison vehicle unattended.
I went to get help for a pregnant inmate.
Well, why couldn't you just radio for help? Better still, get her on the buggy, ship her off to medical.
I must have panicked.
I don't know, I'm not very good around that kind of stuff.
What kind of stuff? You're a prison officer! I want a full incident report on my desk first thing Monday morning.
Yes, governor.
Yes governor.
Still here? Yeah, yeah, yeah - that's right! Run away! You started all this, darling! I genuinely didn't realise what was going down.
I suppose it's all part of the learning experience, though, eh? Type of stuff they talked about during training? Is there something wrong with you? No.
So, you're just an idiot? Huh? Because only a freaking idiot would swat around like they own the place, when they've only been here two freaking minutes! Sir This lot? they're laughing AT you, Williams, not WITH you.
Freaking eucalyptus oil?! HE SIGHS Rule number one - always look out for your colleagues.
Rule number two - don't get close to the prisoners.
Rule number three - never, ever forget rules one and two.
You should know that by now! INDISTICT CHATTER Imagine if I really drank - no way.
CHATTER CONTINUES Here's to Joyce! Our very own Robin Hood! THEY CHEER All right, all right, all right! No, it's Chloe who had the biggest knickers.
Yeah, couldn't fit a lot in Joyce's.
I wouldn't want one? THEY SNICKER Yeah, just hold that.
You sort out your problem? Er no.
No, I didn't.
They actually look disgusting.
INDISTINCT CHATTER It's not just going to go away, Laura, love, you need to speak to your brother.
Yeah, but what if he won't help me? Then, we know.
Then, I'll have nobody left.
Get over yourself.
OK, I'm sorry.
Sorry, that's me putting my shit up on you, I'm sorry.
Come here, I'm sorry.
OK? Sorry.
We're talking.
Special talking? A word, Lau? If you're not too busy converting? Don't worry, Joyce, we'll look after her.
Come here.
How you been? Here we should hide the leftovers.
Yeah, we definitely should.
You should put in your room.
CHATTERING The shit's with Sherri.
What are you doing? Don't.
SHE CHUCKLES I'm sick of this.
You're giving me the same old excuses here, Laura.
Look, there's no answer - what do you want me to do? You'll have to wait until tomorrow.
No, I won't.
Give her it, Kelso.
But Becky Just give her it.
Fuck, where have you had this? Where do you think? Don't matter where she's had it, just get it sorted, yeah? My money, my gear- or her head, yeah? I'm sick of waiting.
Look, I can't.
You fucking can.
Last chance.
SHE SIGHS PHONE RINGS Hello? Hey, all right, bro.
Yeah? You only call me that when you're drunk.
Shut up, dad.
It's Full Moon Friday isn't it? I've gotta let me hair down.
Oh, yeah, what? Dancing around the handbags? SHE CHUCKLES Before they get naked, yeah.
Nearly didn't answer then.
Unknown number? Yeah, I borrowed it.
I've got a problem.
Well? I need money.
Did you hear me, Lee? I've paid for your canteen.
SHE GULPS Yeah, it's not canteen, Lee.
It's more than that.
It's not for me.
Honest to God, it's not, and SHE SNIFFLES I've tried to sort it, I have.
Look, I really, really hate asking, but .
I've got no choice.
You said you were clean.
I am.
So, what do you need the money for, then? What, you think you can ask me for money, but you can't tell me what it's for? What am I supposed to think? It's mum.
She fucked up.
Fuck's sake, Laura! Listen to me for a minute.
If it's not one of you, it's the other! I work my ass off week in and week out to try to have something at least close to fucking normal with this family! It's not my fa It IS.
It IS your fault! It's the same-old, same-old with you.
You've done it 1,000 times before, and you're doing it again! Enough! PHONE BEEPS LINE DEAD Horse? Lee? SHE SIGHS SHE SNIFFLES SHE SIGHS SHE SNIFFLES Get it! THEY EXCLAIM SHE LAUGHS I got it, I got it.
Come on, Joyce.
THEY LAUGH I got it, I got it! THEY SHOU Oh! THEY EXCLAIM It was so close.
Sherri? Do you want? Sherri, do you want my go? Do I look 12? Sherri, here, have a drink.
I've got better things to do than get pissed with the lot of you dickheads.
Surprised you're encouraging them.
What would Allah say? LAUGHTER Who was it?! LAUGHTER CONTINUES Was it you?! The only one not laughing! Got a bit of confidence now, you got a maze around you? LAUGHTER CONTINUES Oh, here's our guest.
THEY PROTES You got a fucking death wish, or what?! Hey! You think I won't deliver on me promises? BIG mistake, lady! Big mistake! You are done, you hear me? Done! Get off me! Calm down, Sherri! Get off me! All right! It was Sudocream, not bloody strychnine!/fon You're off your edge, you! Yeah? Oh? Come on, then.
Come on.
Mess with my stuff there are consequences yeah? HE SIGHS INDISTINCT CHATTERING LAUGHTER CHATTER CONTINUES THEY CHEER CHATTER Hey, hey, hey come on.
Leave her - I told you she'll be fine.
You lot are drunk anyway.
I've had enough.
You sure? Yeah.
CHEERING FAINT BREATHING SHE SNIFFLES DOOR JIGGLES Laura? Laura? Laura open the door! RAPID KNOCKING Laura! Help! Help! KOCKING CONTINUES Laura, help! KOCKING CONTINUES Laura! SHE HYPERVENTILATES Laura! Help! KNOCKING DISTORTS SHE PANTS KNOCKING CONTINUES PANTING CONTINUES CHEERING CHEERING CHEERING DISTORTS SHE YELLS Laura, open the door! MUFFLED SCREAMING SCREAMING CONTINUES Laura! SCREAMING CONTINUES They're coming! Laura! YELLING CONTINUES Let him in! YELLING CONTINUES Open the door! SCREAMING Help her! Help us, do something! I don't know what to do! Get down there! Oh move! Fucking pulse! Laura? OVERLAPPING YELLING Is she breathing? Anyone?! YELLING CONTINUES Assistance required! Code red! Code red! Higher! Lift it higher! YELLING CONTINUES I can't stop it! Tell me they're coming! YELLING CONTINUES ALARM WAILS MUFFLED YELLING ALARM CONTINUES ALARM CONTINUES Keep it tight! Stay with me, Laura, stay with me.
HE PANTS Out! All right come on - come on, girls.
Come on, ladies.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
Come on.
Come on! Good girls.
I did my best.
Honestly, I really tried.
All right.
The alarm was raised too late.
If it had been earlier How the fuck did this happen? Three of us.
That's it.
Covering all of these houses three.
That's what you left on duty on Full Moon freaking Friday.
And not only that .
you tied me up with paperwork.
So that's her on the wing.
And him on everything else.
A rookie.
Five minutes into the job.
But I guess he'd be the perfect can carrier, won't he, eh? Right? No, this isn't good enough.
I'll organise a full investigation.
I mean, for Laura.
This is not good enough for Laura.
Woes by Charlotte Carpenter I just don't know where to hang my horse Loving you used to be easy, so When I was guarded, when I was afraid Now I've let you in It's all changed I've never met him before Now the green-eyed man is standing at my door He says, now this is love This is how it goes You will doubt and you'll worry Oh, oh, no