Clink (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 The people in that building are under my care.
I am trying to decide whether that was an act of courage or stupidity.
I'm going to get that baby and take her back to where she should be - home with me.
Onion isn't the same.
Come on, you were there.
Excuse me? Whatever the fallout from this, from all of it, it's on her.
From what I hear, it's your head that needs sorting.
She's put in 31 visitation requests to her sister in the past year and yet the sister's never been in, not once.
You don't get to go through your life without knowing who she was.
We're under investigation.
It may be uncomfortable, but we need a show of unity.
I expect you to be there.
Because I intend to find out exactly what happened the night my child died.
We're getting off.
OK, we'll walk you out.
Whoa, where do you think you're going? I need to speak to the governor.
I don't think so.
Look, it's important.
So, put in a request.
She's only there! Who is she? The cat's mother? Don't be a dick all your life, yeah? Have a day off.
That's it, you nasty cow.
Shift it! Is there a problem? Nothing my staff can't handle.
Come on, girls! Back to the house, please.
You need to get to the hospital, it's the governor.
What happened? No! Alison.
Get her out! Get her out! It's OK.
No! What the hell was that? Why is she afraid of you? I don't know.
Don't lie to me.
Look, she's confused.
She's pumped full of God knows what, she doesn't know what she's saying.
She didn't want you anywhere near her.
I want to know why.
What should we do? She was proper raging, man.
Just leave her.
Girl needs her space.
What about you, hen? What am I supposed to say? Something to make her laugh.
Laughter's the best medicine.
No, it isn't.
Smack is.
I'm right here, you know?! You really are the legal eagle, aren't you? The governor isn't going to listen to me though, is she? But you Me? You're joking.
Please, Miss.
She could help get Amira's case reopened.
Know your stuff, don't you? Binary law, Miss.
So what do you think? I didn't mean to frighten you.
It wasn't me who was frightened, Alison.
What do you remember? It's all bits .
flashes, I don't know.
I just When I saw Dominique, it was like I felt Threatened? No, no .
You need to rest.
I'll come back.
At least the Bridewell is in safe hands.
A few years earlier than planned, maybe, but it was always going to be you.
What happened earlier, it's unacceptable! But what if I'm not guilty? Look, no-one's doubting your integrity.
Can I get you some advice? I don't need advice! Hey.
Look, you have no idea what it's like to think that someone is dead because of something you did! Whatever the truth, I deserve to know, don't I? I will support you if you want to look into this.
But listen to me, if you want to do this, you have to learn to control your anger.
And maybe I can help you with that, at least.
Have you seen Dominique? She's been holed up in that office since she got back.
What's going on, Sinead? How's the governor? Nobody's telling me anything.
She's awake.
She's talking.
But there's a long road ahead.
I'll swing by, cheer her up.
Best leave it a few days.
She'd want to see me.
I think Dominique had something to do with what happened.
I knew it.
I told you she was dodgy, didn't I? Didn't I say that, eh? Accident, my foot! But even if it's true, we've got to prove it.
Prove what? Prove that we can hold the fort until governor Hayes recovers.
Well, the fort's about to become a lot more vulnerable.
It's more tag than boxing.
The guv says she thinks it'll help focus our aggression.
Well, mine.
Oh, there's someone else who could do with a bit of that.
The street was my ring.
I know everything I need to know, thanks.
Any time, bitch.
And you're in charge? Well, I was hoping you'd help me.
It's only small, but see how it goes, she said.
I'll tell you where it's going - all the way to nutsville.
Oi! Oi! You two! What the bloody hell do you think you're? Oh, you have got to be kidding me.
Come on, Rocky.
Get a wiggle on.
Three more sleeps and I get to lie in.
Sorry, I slept in.
For the fifth time.
A week's not a long time to get you trained, you know? Every second counts.
The fact is you shouldn't be in here.
Is there a problem, Officer Trent? Yes, yes.
Now, I used to catch these two trying to break out of here and now they're breaking in.
It turns out, you're expecting them? Sorry, ladies, you're a little early.
Someone forgot to change the clocks.
Stand down, Brian.
In fact, while you're here, maybe you could make us all a nice cup of tea.
Sorry - not.
Sod off, Sherri.
Listen to you, all cell block A.
Can you just stop the bitch button for five bleeding seconds? Well, where is everyone? Down the gym, most of them.
Which is where you should be, innit? It's tag, not gladiator.
Everyone to the classroom.
Now! Thank you.
Emotions have been running high recently, so I thought we'd do something a little different.
Break the routine.
We're in a bloody prison.
Quiet, Simms.
These ladies have been sat where you are .
and today they're going to talk to you about the choices they made - both bad and good.
And I'm hoping that what you hear today will help you make different choices when you leave here.
Some of us won't be leaving.
I'm Romi, this is Kesha.
Hard, violent bitches, we were.
We spent 18 years in Bridewell .
between us, like.
Now, I bet I know what you're thinking.
I bet you don't.
You're thinking, "Why the truff should we listen to these two font color="yellow But there's one huge difference between you and us right now - we get to walk out of here.
Rub it in, why don't you? And we get to do that because we found something really important.
What? God? Allah? The Dalai frigging Lama? No.
We found ourselves.
She's nuts.
Fruit loop.
I mean, you saw that farce in the gym.
Well, maybe she's onto something.
It focuses the girls, teaches them discipline.
You've changed your tune.
I never had a tune, Brian.
The only tune that gets played around here is yours.
Can I have a word? Jesus, what is it with you two lately? I was going anyway.
Alison wants to see us - tonight.
We thought we knew everything, like you.
Actually, we knew fuck all - like you.
That's why we revolve through those doors every five seconds.
Make a mistake, get banged up, make the same mistakes, get banged up, over and over.
Sound familiar? We were afraid of taking chances, afraid of failing, so we stuck to what we knew.
And this this is what we knew.
Then we realised we needed to embrace those fears, embrace our bogeyman, all the things that scared us, because the moment you do that, the bogeyman disappears.
Everyone into pairs.
Why? What are we going to do? You're going to kill your bogeymen.
Come on, girls.
Five minutes with your partner and then move along to the next.
Think of it like speed dating.
Don't be getting any ideas, hen.
Look, this is your chance to really talk about everything that you're afraid of.
Use it.
Fuck this! It's not serious, but it's bad enough.
Are you sure it's spice? It's the drug du jour.
But where did she get it? We've upped security, the searches.
You can't sneeze in here without us knowing about it.
Maybe it was already here and they just waited to distribute.
Which means it could be everywhere by now.
We really need to talk to the governor about this.
Leave it with me.
She's got a lot on her plate.
So, I'm Akhmed? No, you're Joyce, you're just pretending to be Akhmed.
Akhmed, we can't get documents for everybody.
We have to be sure that whoever we help really deserves it.
There's a lot of liars out there.
And you, you take too many risks.
If you're not careful, then we'll both be arrested and then won't be able to help anybody.
And so here I am.
And now you're helping Amira.
He'll be proud.
I just, I don't know what I'm supposed to say.
Just say anything about the way you feel.
To her? I did this all the time in rehab.
Oh, great.
Maybe you can show Chloe how it's done.
Oh, I don't mean I did it.
No, I refused.
Load of bollocks, isn't it? Oi.
You two, get yourselves over there, now.
Over to the McEwan.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Mum, I'm telling you, you need to stop with all the bawbags.
Derek? Well, he was OK.
Better than Rab and Les.
But way worse than Billy! Stewart, he was all right.
But Foggy? He was a wee bastard, that one.
I kept telling you that, didn't I? Only one that didn't have a wee fiddle though, so that was all right.
But see when our Jamie's telling you, "Oh, Mum, you know how to pick them"? Well, you don't, you really don't know! In fact, your judgment's pretty fucking atrocious, to be honest with you, Mum.
You know, I loved you, Helen.
I'm not actually speaking to you, Sherri.
Thank God.
You know it was good sometimes, you know it was.
You, me and Jake, I thought we had it all.
But you changed.
It was like you didn't want us any more.
Didn't want him, our son.
Living with two dykes, no wonder.
All right, shut the fuck up! And change.
When you're not on the gear, or drunk .
you're the nicest person I know, Paul.
No-one else sees that side of you, just me.
You say that I bring out the best in you .
and the worst, too.
And that I know what buttons to press, and that I keep on pressing them.
Just trying to look after you, Chloe.
You know you'd be lost without me.
You can't cope on your own.
Shall I go first? Well, I'm not going at all.
You are a cold, heartless, selfish bastard who only ever thinks about themselves.
You fucking what now? I hope you die a horrible death, full of pain and regret, because it's the least that you deserve, making my life such a huge fucking misery.
So, fuck you .
Last time, bitch, stay out of my face or I will annihilate you, you get me? That's what I said, Bex, annihilate.
I can't even spell the fucker.
So did you? No-one else will love you like I do and you love me, don't you? Yeah.
But if I love you, then Then what, Chloe? Then why am I so afraid of you? Well done, girls.
There's been some interesting and valuable communication going on here.
I'm proud of you.
Kesha and Romi will be back at the end of the week to hear how you've put your new-found skills into practise.
Make it count.
Amira seems to be distracted, which I guess is the point.
I think it's a good thing you're doing, guv.
You're the only one who thinks so.
My sister Roberta, she thought I was bossy.
Never letting her find her own place in the world.
But, as soon as I let her make her own mistakes, she made the biggest one of all and I wasn't there to help her.
Is that why you joined up? Maybe.
I can't help my sister any more, but I can help them.
Talk about rubbing salt in the wound! The only thing I learned is that I'm glad I'm not Akhmed the shit forger! Yeah, well at least you didn't have Jeremy frigging Kyle over here.
Well, my interpreter has got a few more signs to learn.
Laura should've been there today.
Then maybe she wouldn't have done what she did.
Oi, ever heard of knocking? What are you doing? Nosy fucker, aren't you? How many left? What? I reckon, what? 50? 60, it's a card.
I saw you with Laura's mam.
It's OK.
I won't tell anyone.
I know you won't cos there's nothing to tell.
Now do one - unless you want to be blind as well as deaf.
And then she hit you? I remember the anger on her face because I'd never seen Dominique like that! None of us really know her, do we? I mean, she came out of nowhere, five minutes later, she's the bloody governor! Brian, calm down.
That's what she was after.
She couldn't be arsed hanging about, she wanted your job, guv.
End of.
There are easier ways to get it.
So, are you on her side now? I'm not on anyone's side.
I just want to know what happened.
She asked to see me, but she didn't want to do it in my office.
In case anybody walked in.
She planned it! That's premeditation, that is.
We were talking Arguing.
And I remember she came straight up to me .
and she Oh, I'm sorry, it's just black! I know something's not right! I know it, but why can't I remember?! You'll remember, you will, then we can do something about it.
Rest for now.
We'll come back another time.
We're going? Brian.
Don't you worry, guv.
She won't get away with this.
You've got to be careful not to wear her out.
Push her too hard and she might not remember anything at all.
But leave it any longer and there won't be any evidence left to gather.
I'm telling you, Sinead, whatever Alison has found out about her, she Brian, Brian, have you taken something? Love? Oh, no.
We're not done here.
It's a mistake.
So you keep telling me.
It'll end in tears or worse.
Amira Kahn should be punished, not rewarded.
Amira needs to keep busy.
So, get her a sudoku.
How's Alison? You and Sinead visit often, I gather.
Yeah, she's getting stronger every day.
Tough old bird, the governor.
It's an essential part of the job.
Now, get these to Amira, please.
Do you think she still looks like me? Of course she does.
She might look like Paul.
All babies look like their mum.
Hard-boiled, I said.
Where's my wholemeal? Oh, sorry.
Just get it down your neck before I wring it.
And you.
Visiting order for you, Simms.
You too, Anderson.
Thank you.
It's Laura's brother.
He's coming in tomorrow.
Well, that's great.
Do you think he's coming to see the baby? I haven't told him now she's been taken away.
I think he's coming to see you, his sister's friend, because maybe he thinks that it would help you both to talk about her - and it would.
I've got to look forward, not back.
Get out of here, get your baby back Ben and Paul, best decision you ever made.
You haven't told him, have you? Sorry, Trish, did we have an appointment? We've had another OD, this time in the yard.
What do you mean, "another"? So, where is she? I'm not her mother.
I'm not a secretary either.
Did you know about this? Look, there's probably a dozen of these a year in here and it's hardly front page news.
Well, I want the whole place swept.
Lockdown until it's done.
You won't find anything.
Just do it, Brian.
And if you see Sinead before I do, you tell her Tell her what? That I don't like being kept out of the loop.
I'm not keeping you out of anything.
Inquiries are ongoing.
Oh, is that what you've been doing all day? Inquiring? Something came up last night, it's personal.
Something happened to Craig? Who's Craig? My son.
He went missing.
He does that.
He's 15 years old and terrified of the world.
We have to lock him in his room sometimes.
Yeah, I get that a lot.
But it's either that or wait for the call to tell us he's lying on a train track somewhere.
He wasn't, by the way.
He's safe, as safe as Tony and I can keep him.
Mainly Tony because I'm here most of the time and that makes me feel like the shittiest mother in the world.
Shouldn't he be in hospital? Of course he bloody should.
He's on a list.
A list he'll never get to the top of because there's always someone more needy.
I'm so sorry.
What for? You know what? I spend every day making sure the inmates are safe and secure in Bridewell, prisoners' rights.
But what about the rights of my son? Sorry, guv.
You've got a visitor.
I'm not expecting anyone.
That's what she said, too.
If I had have known you were coming, I'd have cleared my schedule.
I was in the area.
So, how's it coming along? The tag tournament? I saw the poster downstairs.
I have to say, it's a bold move, Dominique.
But the board are concerned.
It's a way to expend energy.
And anyway, it's just a trial.
I'm taking a leaf out of your book, Stella.
Or didn't you try real boxing in Annapolis? The American prison system is different.
Yeah, it's stricter.
Anything else I should know about? Fencing? Archery? Maybe a nice little gun range down by the gate? Just trust me, that's all I ask.
There's no time .
on the poster .
if I'm going to secure my ringside seat.
Here we go.
How long are they going to keep us in here? Hey, Joyce, maybe it's another shipping out.
They're saying it's drugs, so they'll be doing a search.
You heard? Some dodgy bundle's doing the rounds.
So place your bets, next one to fall off the wave.
It's obvious, isn't it? It's going to be one of you two.
Spit it out.
Came earlier.
Your bakery woman, she's not for turning.
Threatened Vinnie with the police if we didn't stop harassing her.
Good, we want the police! Not good.
If we pressure too much, she might disappear - for good - and then where will you be? We need another way.
Like what? We need to go through your case file.
There must be something your legal team missed! How do I do that? Put a request in.
The governor said she'd help you, right? How long is that going to take? I don't know.
I've never done this before.
If you wanted to see me knickers, all you had to do was ask.
Hey, careful with those.
They mean a lot to me .
to all of us.
This is, "I don't understand.
" You flick it like that - off of me head.
And this is "Shut up now, you're talking too much.
" How much longer? I want Sami to do my hair for tomorrow - look nice.
It's not a date.
Is it? This is "romantic".
Romantic, oh.
What's so hilarious in here? It's just a bit of bonding.
A bit of grooming and all, probably.
What? What did she just do? What does that mean? I've had enough of you, you know?! Hey! You want her, you've got to come through me.
I'm not coming anywhere near you, you fucking dyke.
What did you say to her? You know, "Fuck off.
" Jesus.
Are you sure? They mixed it with pure ethanol, which makes it even more unpredictable.
It's like Russian roulette, but with worse odds, in the wrong hands.
This place is full of wrong hands.
The search has turned up nothing.
We've got no idea how this is getting in.
You've got to cancel the tournament or risk the stuff spreading further.
We're not cancelling.
Any punters? Yeah, tonnes.
Everyone wants Heather to win, so we've given her the best odds.
Ten to one, do you even know what that means? Of course, they give us ten, we give them one back.
What? We need this done before visiting's over.
We start at 2pm prompt.
Perhaps this is not the best use of our time.
Well, many hands make light work, no? Don't stretch yourself.
Thanks for coming.
Yeah, no, it's all right.
How are you? My sister's still dead.
No, I'm sorry, that .
came out all wrong.
No, it's OK.
You know, I think about her all the time - even when I'm asleep.
Not that I sleep much.
Yeah, me neither.
I I talk to her as well, you know? Sometimes, I swear, she talks back as well.
That sounds a bit mad though, doesn't it? No.
No, it doesn't.
I'll tell you what she'd be saying to us right now though Yeah? Stop saying sorry.
How's? How's baby Laura? Any pictures? Yeah.
There she is.
Oh! She's beautiful! Just like her mum.
So where is she? Been ages.
I'm not stopping.
Yeah, I know, of course.
Any problems? Same old, same old.
Screws always on my case, as per.
I mean, with the business.
A few ODs yesterday - strong stuff.
They did a search.
But, no, no, no problems.
Cos there's plenty more where that came from.
Elaine McDermott's got a job lot from Card frigging Warehouse just waiting to be soaked in that stuff.
Could do with someone else dying, if you catch my drift.
Hey, maybe Elaine could send me a card next.
Happy parole day.
Are you taking this seriously, Sherri? Cos I am grafting my arse off for this family, while you're in here, swanning about like queen bee.
I'm not swanning about.
I need you focused because if you're not focused I am focused.
But I've only got another few months.
After that, we'll have to find someone else.
A lot can happen in a few months.
How can they do that? Have you not lost enough? I'm scared.
Of course you are! Look, I'm I'm sure that should be fine, yeah? No matter where she is, she I mean, I'm scared of Paul getting a hold of her.
He got bail.
What? And you didn't? We better make the most of this little run before they cotton on, right? So, get Elaine McDermott on the visiting list.
You're leaving? You just got here.
And it's already fucked up my day.
Do you know what? Do you know when mum died, and we said we'd stick together, remember? Yeah.
Well, all you've done is be a right royal pain in the arse.
Mum should've kept her legs shut after she had me.
I'll be more useful outside working with you.
Here is where you're useful.
If you want to do something for this family, then just start doing as you're bleeding well told cos God knows you are no fucking use to me out there.
It's driving me mad not knowing what's happening.
Oh, God, what if he's got her already? What if they've already given her to him? Not with his record.
GBH? They're never going to give a baby to him.
Do you know that for sure? Will you help me find out? Won't the social worker know? I don't trust anyone else! I need someone who's going to tell me the truth.
This is the lions' den and we might be the first course.
Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy afternoon.
Welcome, everyone, to Bridewell's first, maybe only, tag tournament! A tag is about thinking on your feet, literally, how to touch your opponent before she touches you.
Well, good job you're not in there, Joyce! All right! All right! But using your head is just as important.
So we'll start off with a professional demonstration.
Over to you, girls.
It's a game of chess.
I thought it was tag.
You've got to plan your move three steps ahead.
Anticipate your opponent's every move.
You're lucky.
So, remember, it's just a game, yeah? So, let's get this show on the road! Hardly The Rumble in the Jungle, is it? Come on, you're up.
Come on.
Remember what we talked about, yeah? Balance, breath.
You're scared of that shit house? Williams! Williams! On your side.
What's happened? Put them on the side! Get a medic! Sherri! Sherri! Code red.
Code red.
Prison hall now, please.
Thank you.
How long before this one goes viral, I wonder? Your secret filmer.
I get the Internet, you know, even in my ivory tower.
I'm already on it.
Maybe I was a little naive in hindsight.
Naivety we can work with, recklessness I'm not so sure.
I've got to stop feeling sorry for myself.
It's time to focus on getting out and being a mother.
Oh, God.
I'm sorry, Joyce.
I wasn't even thinking.
No, it's OK.
I don't want folk feeling sorry for me.
Just promise me one thing - you don't let Paul take any more pieces of you, do you hear me? Biology doesn't mean anything.
And when it comes to protecting the people you love, and I know that more than anyone, she's your baby - not his.
Yeah, family.
And can you talk to me? All of you.
Include me in your conversations.
I'm deaf, not blind or mute.
I know I can be hard work, but so are you lot.
Let me think on that.
"Fuck you.
" See? It's not difficult.
And I'm a really good listener.
OK, that's not bad.
That's not bad.
That's pretty good.
Looks like somebody took role play to the next level.
But bruises can be good.
A little reminder of the road you're on and the road left to travel.
But bruises fade.
Don't let the lessons fade with them.
Sometimes we look for love in all the wrong places, but, usually, it's right there in front of us.
The mirror - start there.
Everything else will follow.
Stella wants a report for the board about yesterday.
That's to be expected.
Aren't you going to say, "I told you so"? I'm not your enemy, Dominique.
How's your son? You don't need to do that - feign interest.
Do you trust me, Sinead? I don't know you.
That's not an answer.
You want to ask me about Alison.
I just want the truth.
There's nothing to say.
Look, I get it.
Alison, you, Brian - you're the team.
But you're looking for something that isn't there.
So Alison's lying? Well, I don't know what she said, she won't see me.
And why is that? Just tell me what happened! I can't! Can't or won't? Well, I suppose that answers one question, at least.
No, Dominique, I don't trust you.
Then we have a problem.
We're having a rematch.
Here, now.
Hey! Too afraid to fight without your gang of mates around you? I'm talking to you.
Don't do that! Come on! For the last time, Sherri! Write your cheque and blank it out Roll your first cigarette of the day Sit on my car Clock strikes time And the sky Is missing something