Clink (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

Get her out! Dominque had something to do with what happened.
/fon Do you trust me, Sinead? I don't know you.
What are you in for? Hiding a gun.
I saw you, with Laura's mam.
What happened earlier is unacceptable.
What if I'm not guilty? The fort's about to become a lot more vulnerable.
Visiting order for me sins.
But if I love him, why am I so afraid of him? Welcome, everyone, to Bridewell's tag tournament.
We've had another OD.
You heard? Some dodgy bundle's doing the rounds.
I want the place swept.
You won't find anything.
If you wanna do summat for this family, just start doin' as you're bleedin' well told.
Sherri? When you're ready, we can talk properly.
Sherri? Why do you make me do this? No, Maggie, please, Maggie! How many times? Sherri? It's the sedation, we just have to be patient.
No-one'd blame you if you did hit her.
God knows, if anyone deserves a slap, it's Sherri.
Honest, I didn't touch her.
She just kinda melted, like an ice cream.
You must've done something.
You seen her, didn't you? Dolan dragged her to medical with a gash on her face.
Sure it wasn't Joyce? She's always got a gash on her face.
LAUGHTER Oh, yes, funny, Becks.
Well, it was good you came across her.
Anything could have happened.
It was Dolan, really.
And, er, I owe you an apology.
For the other day.
I should have stopped the fight earlier.
You should never have been put in that position with Sherri.
Say again? Bitch! You are.
He's gonna get off, isn't he? The fact they granted bail so quickly suggests they think he's Now there's a question over the evidence against him.
Leaving me to take all the blame? What we need to do is make sure they don't go for a possession charge against you.
It was his stuff! You had the bag.
And the CPS know possession is the easier charge.
I didn't know! I didn't know.
It's your word against his.
That's why a calm, confident testimony is so important.
I've asked for an intermediary to attend your trial, someone to help you understand what's happening in the courtroom.
It's a good thing.
I'm still not comfortable with this.
Hospital was happy to discharge her.
That's not the sort of hospital she should be in right now.
This is thank you.
Thank you.
It's good night.
Good night.
Make sure you move your hands like that.
font co Kiss.
Chloe .
we've had a call from Laura's key worker.
Is she all right?/f What's happened? Everything's fine.
You can see her.
On the family day, they're bringing her here.
I wanted to tell you straightaway.
So, how are you feeling now, Sherri? Any better? It's just a few questions to help us understand where you're at.
So we can figure out the best way to support you.
So, at the other prisons and since you've been at Bridewell, you've had a number of different diagnoses? Is that right? You got a problem with your reading? The sooner we do this, the sooner we're gone.
OK, so, at the other place, they said I had anxiety.
Then it was depression.
When I got here, they turned it into what's it? Bipolar.
Which was a pile of crap cos I never get the up bit.
The mania.
/fon Whatever.
But that was when they had a proper shrink in here, not a jobshare.
So, it also says here there was a query about borderline personality disorder.
And they started you on medication for that? Sent me proper mental.
It was like, what, this is for anxiety? Never been so anxious.
And I vom'd everything I ate.
I mean, cornflakes, apple, pasta I'm not sure we need that level of detail.
Yes we do.
So, then you started on the antidepressants.
And how were they? Better.
They're supposed to dry you out, you know, down there.
But it's been the opposite for me.
I'm desperate for a buck, 24/7, which is a real pisser if you're not into minge.
So does this mean I'm still mental? What are you doing with that? You could feed half the wing with the stuff you're chucking.
Can't stop thinking about Paul.
My baby's coming and he's the one I'm thinking about.
Yeah, well, you need to put him out of your mind.
Lily Laura needs you.
And babies, well they're super-sensitive, aren't they? You can't be anxious and stressed with her lying in your arms.
I'm just scared I'm gonna get nervous and mess it all up.
Well, you won't.
There's no way a jury will believe him over you.
Why not? Paul can make people believe anything.
It's what he does.
'Which word is more likely - complications or conversations?' Must be conversations.
'And that was the right answer.
' Yes.
Yes! Ha-ha-ha! Now Simply Red? Yeah, yeah, Simply Red.
Ah damn it! Mr Williams? Tell him.
We've been talking to Sami about deaf inmates in prison.
She's being discriminated against.
Sami says you have to provide sign classes.
And loads of other stu That's right.
So, aren't you? Well, I'm trying to arrange it.
I'm trying to get a B-S-L volunteer in to do a session with inmates and staff.
Look, I care very much about equal opportunities.
What's that? A diamond.
I'm just doing my job, Heather.
Why are you arse-licking him? That is not the sign for diamond.
What's it the sign for? Down below.
You can wear it up, down, sweep it up your face, anything, really.
Chloe .
I'm really sorry.
What? Laura's key worker, she's got to go to court on another ca So? No.
We're trying to rearrange something.
Well, try harder! I need to see my baby.
I'll do everything I can, but we have to be realistic.
I thought you were on MY side.
I am.
I just don't want to keep anything from you, or make promises I can't keep.
But I will promise you this, mother to mother, I'll never lie to you.
You deserve that, at least.
Maybe I'm getting exactly what I des Chloe, wait! I've had the board on my back.
We've got to find this secret filmer, and soon.
Thank you, Officer Williams.
But whatever she or he is called, it's only a matter of time before the press get wind of it.
If they haven't already.
Here's the cavalry to tell us the mystery's solved.
What? We're on the secret filmer.
Which is more important than telling Chloe Anderson/fon she can't see her baby tomorrow? No, no, of course not.
So, I've been doing some preliminary investigations.
And what have these investigations thrown up, exactly? That it must be someone with the technical know-how and the ability to move about the prison unnoticed.
Listen the fatal investigations inquiry is imminent.
And for the sake of Laura McDermott's family, we have to be transparent, sensitive, aware.
Serious questions are going to be asked, as they should be.
But just make sure the only talking you do is to the right people.
In fact, try not to talk at all.
You never know who's listening, or who's watching.
Or who's recording.
You need to toughen up.
This isn't the first knock-back you've had and it is definitely not going to be the last.
So, as the staff that deal most frequently with her, Sherri Simms.
Is she still playing silly beggars? Actually, I think she's been misdiagnosed.
Here we go.
The original assessment suggested borderline personality disorder.
But I think the more serious symptoms have been latent, and probably for years.
Based on the latest evidence, I'd say this is more a case of complex PTSD.
Course it is.
Sorry? Well, come on! It's different names for the same old nonsense, isn't it? Oh, she might be bipolar.
Oh, hang on a minute, she could be suffering from depression.
Oh, wait, it could be bloody personality disorder.
It's just excuses for them to behave how they want.
Many inmates have complex mental health needs.
Nothing that a week in seg couldn't sort out.
We need to change her treatment.
Try something therapeutic instead of pharmaceutical.
The MOJ are funding lots of new programmes.
Funny what they find down the back of the sofa when it suits 'em.
Yet we're the only prison still using keys.
What? Canine therapy.
Oh, God help us! I'm glad we're embracing a more progressive attitude to treatment.
Similar programmes in other prisons have been very successful.
Eight hours a week, paid and accredited.
It's an experiment, of course, but We should give any alternative to drug-based treatment a serious go.
Let's throw in a spa weekend while we're at it.
It's not necessarily the easy option, Brian.
Sherri will have to commit to one-to-one sessions with Dr Wendell.
Progress has to be quantifiable.
Are we done here? I just want to see her.
It's like, every time something goes right and I get my hopes up, it all falls apart again.
I know I've got to be strong for her, but it's so hard when she's not here, when I can't see her face.
What if I forget what she looks like? Oh, come here.
That is not gonna happen.
I promise.
What are you doing? Oh, don't.
Chloe, seriously.
Thanks a lot.
You're sad and pissed off and angry and you're feeling a lot of things, but you're not feeling that.
Don't tell me how I feel.
I'm sorry.
OK? You are off your head, you.
I know.
It's a pretty head, though.
Isn't it? You think, if I go and stroke some scabby hamsters, I'll calm down? It's a rescue dog.
I hate dogs.
And they hate me.
Well, it's up to you, of course, but we need to know by the end of the day.
Eight hours? In the rain? With a stinking mutt? It'll make you look good to the parole board.
You've got a review coming up.
But if you're not interested I didn't say that.
Is it like church? Is what like church? Temple or whatever you call it.
Temple, here? It's a scabby old room next to the septic tank.
And it's a mosque, not a temple.
Why are you so interested? Tell me about when your sister Maggie moved back in.
Are you allowed to talk to me about Wendell? I'm the governor, I can do what I like.
It was just after I got back from the unit.
Hated it there, anyway.
Full of freaks.
Glad to get out.
So, Maggie? She moved her fella in.
She always did that.
You said she was better around you when the boyfriends were there.
Better in what way? In the sense that she didn't beat the crap out of me.
Sweet as sugar, she was.
Thought she was Mother fucking Teresa.
Did you feel safer? Didn't feel anything.
I know what you're trying to do, you know.
And that picture.
I know what that is.
You're trying to gain my trust.
Build a rapport.
Cos you've both got sister issues.
We're not the same, you and me.
Your sister's dead.
They said they were reducing the dose.
I was tempted to ask them to up it, to be honest.
What you said .
about Dominique.
I was in her office, we were talking, it got heated.
The next thing I know, I'm in here.
What does Dominique say? Absolutely nothing.
When you saw her, you were afraid, terrified.
Something happened in that room, Alison.
Oh, I know.
I just I just can't remember what it was.
It's just a few exercises, to assess your communication skills, powers of recall, that kind of thing.
Courts can be intimidating places.
The prosecution's job is to undermine you, make you doubt yourself.
My job, as your intermediary, is to make sure that doesn't happen.
Do YOU believe me? It doesn't matter if I believe you or not.
I'm there to ensure you understand what's going on, what's being asked of you.
I'm on your side, Chloe.
Now, pick up the red dice with your right hand and place it on top of a bag, after putting the rubber band in the small box.
Red dice, right hand.
Um Say it again? Pick up the red dice with your right hand and place it on top of a bag, after putting the rubber band in the small box.
Dogs like Zeb have had a rough life.
Haven't we all? Exactly.
/f That's why you're gonna help each other.
I could tell you some stuff that's been done to this poor fella by people I'd love to bump into on a dark night.
Animals! And I'm not talking about the dogs.
Now, if you're raised a bully, you're gonna act like a bully.
Zeb's had his problems, he's untrained, unloved, sometimes he's uncontrollable.
And he's bitten people.
Normally, a dog like Zeb would be put down.
But if you ask me, it's the owners that should be put down, not the dog.
But that's above my pay grade.
That's why it's very important that he's retrained.
It might not be his fault that he's like this, but if this rascal was to bite another person, it'd be straight to the pentobarbital.
No pressure then.
We need to find him a new home.
A new home where he's looked after, where he's loved.
You give a dog love and it'll give you back, double.
It's all about trust.
At the moment, Zeb trusts no-one, not even me.
So what chance have I got? It's like you said, you know how he feels.
Work on that, help each other.
It's a fucking dog.
And cos it were hot, the pink icing were running all over the place, but everyone were too drunk to notice cos we'd been on the vodka cokes all afternoon.
It were just Yeah, it was just a good day, really.
We were all dead happy.
So, you went to your mate's party, it was summer, the rum and cokes were flying and you remember dancing.
Someone had made a cake, but because of the heat, the purple icing was running all over the table.
Are you sure about that, Chloe? Yeah.
Dogs are very perceptive.
It's all about smell.
He'll fit right in here, then.
They're big on eye contact, too.
Yeah, I'm getting that.
Now, when you feel comfortable, get down to his level and let him approach you.
And remember, maintain eye contact.
I told you, they hate me.
Feeling's mutual, mate.
Fuck this.
The other thing we can do is request you give evidence by live link instead of being in the dock with him.
What? Are me and Paul being done together? Your solicitor didn't explain? It's a joint trial.
But if the judge agrees, you can be in a different room.
I'll be in there with you, you speak to a camera, and they play it in the court.
And you'll be there all the time sitting with me? Yes.
So if there's anything you don't understand, or if the barristers ask you questions in a way that I know will be difficult for you, I can stop them and ask them to repeat it.
I don't have to see him.
Try not to worry.
You're not on your own.
Hey, Sherri? I can't breathe.
I can't breathe.
OK, I'll find Dolan.
font color="whit Is it your new med? I'm not on any.
Jeez, I can feel my heart proper pounding in my chest.
Maybe I'm having a heart attack.
It's a panic attack, calm down.
How can I fucking calm down? Proper plus, I can't see anything.
I'm going blind.
Sherri, look at me.
You're fine, I promise.
Let's do the exercises, OK? Come on, follow me.
Breathe in .
two, three, four.
And hold .
two, three, four.
And out .
two Slowly.
three, four 'This is my crib.
'The master bedroom.
'No expense spared.
'I'm particularly fond of the distressed urban chic vibe.
'And the memory foam mattress.
' Today's all about dominance.
You're the master, Zeb's the servant.
Go on, he won't bite.
I thought you said he did bite.
My little joke.
Once around the yard at your own pace, he'll fall in with you.
And remember, maintain eye contact.
Eye contact, yeah.
Go on.
BARKS Stupid animal.
Yeah? And how is he stupid? He won't do what he's told.
Imagine that.
So what are we trying to build here? Trust.
Offering? Encouragement.
If an officer asked you to do something you didn't wanna do, would you feel more motivated if he shouted at you to do it? That dog's never gonna learn.
End of.
Lost cause, is he? Maybe you and me are gonna be mates after all.
You're not a teacher.
There aren't enough BSL volunteers to go round, I'm afraid.
I'm just here to assist Heather.
Not the assistant she was looking for, I bet.
All right, we've only got 30 minutes, let's not waste it.
Let's go round the room and sign our names.
Heather's taught you that.
All right, A-M-I-R-A.
Great, great.
Sami? Kels? Can anyone do that trick when you pretend to pull the top of Can we stick to names, please? Maybe you can show yours, Caleb? OK, right.
OK, um C And what's your sign name? You're an angel.
Zoe, can you come with me, please? How did it go with the intermediary yesterday? Good, I think.
Where are we going? I'm glad you're getting the support you need.
Hopefully, your days in here are numbered.
Laura! You said no lies.
I thought I'd gamble on a little white one.
That's Lisa, the foster mother.
I thought you'd want to see who's looking after your baby.
Well, go on, then.
Hello! Hello, little one.
Oh! Mummy's here.
How many rules did you have to break to make this happen.
I must be going soft in my old age.
I, er I thought she might want some pictures taking.
I'm not the only one breaking rules.
Mummy's here.
Are you praying today? Thought I'd give it a miss.
Course she's praying today.
A room to have a skive and a kip.
Actually, it's one of the only places Sami and I can talk about my case in private.
So, can I come? Don't see why not.
I mean, it's fair enough, cos Anna works full time, so we agreed that I would do the lion's share.
It's just the night-time.
You'd think I'd get a bit of a break, at least.
Isn't she sleeping? We only wake up three or four times a night now.
Well, I do.
I'm so tired.
Do you think she looks like me? Spitting image, love.
You can have a hold if you like, miss.
I mean, you were there with me in the hospital, after all.
Practically a godmother.
I think she's got enough of those.
Oh, go on.
No, no, no, I'm fine.
It's you she wants to be with.
You enjoy every minute of her.
Must have been the swimming.
Sorry? That tires me out.
We take her to aqua babies.
We were terrified the first time.
You have to pull baby right under.
They have this natural reflex to hold their breath underwater.
And you, you took to it like a duck to water, didn't you? Oh, and that's where we saw Paul.
What? At the pool.
You You saw Paul? Paul Cheam? He was just coming in as we came out of the dressing room Introduced himself.
He's not supposed to do that, really, but I mean, I felt a bit sorry for him, actually.
I mean, he's a nice lad, you know.
You can see he loves her.
And he's really good with her, isn't he? You know who your daddy is, don't you? Yeah.
Any more panic attacks? Wish I'd never told you.
It's important that you do.
Still can't sleep, though.
The trainer says you're doing well.
Two hours down, six to go, right.
Just give me the certificate already.
Well, I hope you'll get more out of it than that.
Your sleep should improve over the coming days and weeks.
It takes time for stuff to leave your system.
Are you saying I'm withdrawing? Yeah.
Kind of.
Well, that wasn't how I wanted things to go.
You heard, then? The solicitor's on it.
Poor kid's going to be all over the place in that courtroom.
Have you spoken to Brian recently? Well, not since the staff meeting.
Why? Did he seem OK to you? It's Brian.
Define OK.
Doesn't matter.
Thanks for doing that.
Partners in crime, yeah? On its way to contraband.
Come here.
Deaf, mixed-race Muslim, huh? You don't like blending in, do you? I read some of the Koran once.
It was just the same as the Bible.
It's not the same, but .
maybe you saw similarities.
Some might even say we worship the same God.
Do you have a god, Heather? I don't have anything.
We have no idea how he found the foster parents.
But he did.
You've got to try and put it from your mind.
Concentrate on the trial.
Now you've got the intermediary, it should be so much easier.
Actually .
Louise will be unavailable.
She's been called to assist in another case.
But she's been assigned to Chloe's.
It doesn't work like that.
If another client comes along whose need is greater How can anyone's needs be greater right now than Chloe's? There's nothing I can do.
So I'll have to sit with Paul.
I've read Louise's report.
Even though she can't be there, I will do everything I can to help you through the trial.
Will you get this to Laura? She fell asleep with it straightaway in the hospital and she's not sleeping now, so she'll be wanting it.
I'm not sure if that's possible, Chloe.
Make it possible.
He really responds to you.
He's responding to the treats in my pocket, more like.
It doesn't matter.
The point is, he's behaving.
Oi! Now what? Well, he's your dog.
Come here, you big, furry rat! Stop making a show of me.
Ow! You bastard! Sorry, I didn't mean that.
I thought we was mates.
Typical bloke.
Bark's always worse than your bite.
Come on.
I'd definitely go for the sleeveless one.
Show off me tats.
I'd go for something more .
you know Weddingy? Aye, weddingy.
Not a meringue, though.
More a Pavlova.
I'm more worried about the groom than I am about the dress.
Got a bit of spray tan on that.
He's obviously batting for the other team.
You'd know, hen.
I need to talk to Lee.
I want him there at the trial.
Well, have you done a visiting order? Isn't it too late? I've already used my minutes on the bloody solicitor.
Hey, come on, no, no, no.
Stop that.
We'll sort it.
How? I know a person .
who knows a person.
We'll get you that order, all right? And Paul .
you can make a decision about that.
About how much you let him get to you.
OK? And you'll be OK.
You're doing well.
Really good.
Cleaner's month off? How long have you known me? Not once have you been to my house.
You've only been in this one a year.
You know what I mean.
That stuff'll kill you.
No, that stuff'll kill you.
I've never known you to have such a sweet tooth.
Yeah, well, I need all my energy, don't I? All the lates I'm doing.
Is that all you need, Brian? Now, you know I love me quizzes, Sinead, but you're gonna have to spell that one out for me.
You've not been yourself.
You're under a lot of pressure.
With work, your mother, what happened to Laura.
I think you need to go.
You can talk to me, you know that.
I'm gonna be late for work.
You're not on till one.
Well, I've got a few of the lads coming round for a quick spliff and a shoot-up.
Brian, I had to ask.
You hate dogs.
I know.
But .
it looks good.
Shows I'm engaging with my rehabilitation.
Did I not make myself clear? I'm in no hurry for you to get out of here.
So be careful how much you're impressing 'em.
It was that or mor Didn't have to be either if you hadn't made a tit of yourself.
It didn't happen that way.
I don't care how it happened.
The point is you're on their radar.
They're gonna be watching you like a fucking hawk.
That is bad for business.
I, er I went to the address you gave me, but .
it looks like he don't live there any more.
Sorry, Chlo, I really am.
It's like he's disappeared.
I pray he doesn't turn up to court, but I know he will.
So will I.
Really? Yeah, course.
Look, I'm sorry I let you down, it's just .
habit of mine.
You didn't.
And I shouldn't have asked you anyway.
I'm glad you did.
When I say bite, it was more of a nip, really.
I made him jump with the ball.
He gets scared really easy.
So report it, get some compo.
I just wanna finish this stupid course, get everyone off me case.
Can't do that with a dead dog.
I've told you, they always want kids to stay with their mums.
Not if I'm in here.
But you won't be! You've just got to stay positive.
I'm sick of people telling me that.
Eh! We don't use that word, remember.
Look, I'll be there.
I promise.
At the start, in the middle, when they're saying not guilty at the end.
You said how Laura always had your back.
Well, now it's my turn, yeah? At least it's a reason to get up in the morning.
They say I'm withdrawing too.
Right barrel of laughs that is, shaking all day, shivering all night.
I said, I'm getting off the crack, yeah? Will this take long? I need to be home on time tonight.
How's your boy? I am interested.
Hasn't left his room for three days.
But that's better than the alternative.
About that.
That list that you can't get to the top of.
They said it would be a year at least.
I pulled a few strings.
It's just a consultation, but they're supposed to be the best.
Why would you do this? Because I can.
And what would I need to do in return? There are no conditions, Sinead.
I just wanna show you that I'm not the bitch you seem to think I am.
I don't think you're a bitch.
I just think you're dangerous.
Nice, quiet shift, just as we like.
I'm sick of clearing all their shite, Janine.
Glorified shit cleaners, that's all we are.
You don't really think that.
'Control to Officer Trent.
Message from your mother's place, Brian.
' Yeah, I'll pick it up on my way back, OK? 'Sounded pretty urgent, mate.
' Always is.
I'll, er, catch you up, yeah? That was from the tag day.
The gov was wearing that top.
What, you keep a record of what the governor's wearing? 'That's the bigwigs congratulating themselves on a job well done.
'You know, they've got combat sports in Bridewell now.
'No point housing all these psychos 'if there's nowhere for them to play, right?' 3,500 views in half an hour? I got more.
A wee more interesting to watch, Becks.
Oh! Hello, Alison.
Look, why don't you sit down, you're making me nervous.
It's me who should be nervous.
I don't know what you're gonna say next.
Half of Bridewell thinks I tried to kill you.
I don't remember anything.
It's not what I've heard.
I was trying to help you.
Help me with what? OK, this stops now, Alison.
I mean it.
You know exactly what happened in that room that day.
Now, you either tell everyone the truth, and quickly, or I will.
Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? You should have told me.
Said anything, even the slightest thing, you HAVE to tell us.
What have you done to him? What have you done to him? We didn't have a choice.
You can finish your course, we've got you another dog.
What, so you can kill that one too? Fuck your course! What's so funny? Stop it, Joyce.
I asked you what the fuck is so funny? Well, it's definitely not you.
Fucking bitch! I'll smash your fucking face in! Get off me! Fucking bitch! I'm sick of your shit, Simms.
The only therapy you'll be getting now is the solitary kind.
Fuck yo Fuck you too! Fuck all of ya!