Clipped (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

The Best Words

[SOCIAL WORKER] Tell me about getting
the boys to school in the morning.
Daniel, it's no problem. Uh, one
time, he was placed with a Marine.
He packs for school the night before.
David likes to stay up on his phone.
So sometimes I have
to drag him out of bed.
- Oh, okay.
- He's 13.
I read the teenage
brain needs more sleep.
Is there anything you wanna note
about your shoplifting arrests?
That was 10 years ago.
I turned my life around.
I'm a role model for what
these kids have been through.
And the DUI two years ago?
That was a reckless.
I'm having it reclassified.
Uh, the cop The police
officer found biotin in my purse.
- Biotin?
- Biotin, the vitamin for hair and nail health.
The cop thought it was, um
Well, I don't know what he
thought. I don't do drugs or party.
Your reference from Donald
Sterling says as much.
He wrote how important you are
to the success of his foundation.
I don't work for him now.
I don't know if you saw about the tape.
Mr. Sterling is an
incredibly accomplished man.
He mentored me.
But he does have unhealthy views
which he expressed on the tape.
The tape of which you
may or may not be aware.
And so I don't work for him anymore.
And you should note for the judge,
the NBA found I didn't
do anything illegal.
I know that the NBA is not
the police or anything, but
they did have lawyers find
that I didn't do anything wrong.
What are your plans for the future?
I'm going to change the world.
I-I meant, um, do you
have employment lined up?
Now that you're not
working for the foundation,
how do you keep up with
utilities and, um, car payments?
I'm building a brand.
So now you recommend me to the judge?
I just report what I see.
The judge makes the
determination at your court date.
[EMPLOYEE 1] Let's walk
the fuck out right now.
[EMPLOYEE 2] Can't do that.
[EMPLOYEE 1] I don't care.
I just got a death threat.
[EMPLOYEE 3 CRYING] Oh, my God. What?
First up you have a
10:00 with Alvin, and
[DOC] Move it. The 11:00, the
12:00 and the 1:00, move 'em all.
- [ANNEMARIE] Did you meditate today?
- [PROTESTORS] Sterling out!
[SIGHS] No, I did not
meditate today, Annemarie.
Let's do an email to
the guys. Guys, comma,
practice is canceled, period.
[ANNEMARIE] The guys just
love an e grouped
- [DOC] Can you hear me? Annemarie?
- Over here.
- Can you comment on the backlash
- Just Just cancel practice!
- Doc. Doc.
- Excuse me. Excuse me.
Just another day at the office,
please. There's nothing to see here
that you cannot learn from the
comfort of your own newsroom.
- [DOC] Seth.
- [REPORTER 1] Doc.
- You've got a little [CLEARS THROAT]
- Oh.
- [REPORTER 2] Can we get a comment?
- Thank you.
Fifteen people ready to just walk out.
Season ticket holders are calling,
threatening to cancel
if we play tomorrow.
Sandy's son called him a racist.
We are hemorrhaging sponsors.
CarMax, Kia, State Farm gone.
I I don't think we're gonna
hold on to the P. Diddy water.
Breathe, Seth. Breathe.
How you doing?
AP posted a picture of me
talking to Chris in Oakland.
So now people are like,
"Hey, look at the white PR guy
telling the Black players
how to talk to the press."
I-I have been in
basketball for so long.
And only now have I even thought
about the fact that I'm white.
So does that mean that all this
time, I've just been, like, complicit?
Y-You don't [SIGHS] You don't
have to say anything. Just
[DOC] I know you wanna
walk the fuck out of here.
But this isn't Donald's team
for long. He will be gone.
Meanwhile, the players,
they aren't quitting
and they're getting so much judgment.
So, how would it feel to
have you all walk out on them?
Abandoned, lacking infrastructure
Shitty, right.
Meanwhile, the guys are trying
to bring home a championship
that gives people something
to come together on.
To win it in spite of Donald.
So please, please, I know it's hard
but please, I need you to
stay here and endure the abuse.
Folks are gonna keep
telling you to fuck yourself
because they can't get to Donald.
But you staying here and taking it,
that's how you support the guys.
[GARY] All right. [SIGHS]
[DOC] Thank you.
[GARY] Thanks, Coach.
[SETH] Thanks, Gary.
Two minutes. Okay, Janis.
- Just two minutes.
Okay [SIGHS] I got one.
Listening Steps Crisis Counseling.
Four and a half stars on Yelp.
"We provide service for
traumatic events in the workplace.
Examples are chemical
fire, hostage situation,
incidents that attract
derogatory media coverage"
Can they be here today, and can
they stay until things are
teetering less on the
verge of catastrophe?
- Calling.
- Do you know something?
- Do I know what?
Well, you said Donald's gonna be
gone. Adam Silver tell you that?
Oh, I just made that up.
comment on the possibility
that Clippers fans will boycott
until Sterling is removed?
Hope they got other sports to watch
'cause they're gonna be
waiting a long fucking time.
Say, "I would understand." [SNIFFS]
I hope they don't. I mean, we
play for them not Donald Sterling.
And we're gonna need them
in our corner bad tomorrow.
Hold on, Annemarie, somebody's here.
- Hey.
- Hey, there you go. What's up, Doc?
You on your minimalist thing?
[SIGHS] My designer is waiting on
some microfiber from, uh, Milan.
Jada does all our decorating.
She could change your life
with the right throw pillow.
The whole city is down there.
But you don't got no yard, no grill
There's a pool on the roof.
Somebody will swim in it someday.
I guess I just realized
you up here all alone.
Heard you went down to Flower
Street for the front-office workers.
- That's dope of you.
- Uh.
Just, uh, hired a crisis counselor.
Had to keep everybody at their
desks to support you guys.
You see there's gonna be a
protest at city hall tomorrow?
Kareem's gonna be there.
Al Sharpton.
And tomorrow is the
anniversary of the LA riots.
I remember.
[CHRIS] The Clippers,
we just threw our shirts on the floor.
They was gonna blast us whatever we did.
Maybe it is outside voices,
but some of the guys don't feel
good that we decided to play.
And like you said, if we would
have won in spite of everything,
it would have meant
something. But we lost.
- What if we just keep losing?
- We are not gonna lose.
It seems like we're gonna lose.
Listen, when I was in your shoes,
wondering if there was someplace more
important to be than on the court,
only thing I could think was
how much I wanted to play ball.
- How long you want to play ball?
My pops put his 401(K) into
basketball camps for me.
I wouldn't have let him unless I
knew for sure I'd be a champion.
But did that shit ever have
anything to do with Donald Sterling?
All your successes,
he he doesn't own that.
Technically, he does.
We win a trophy, they
hand it to the owner first.
Steph called me.
The Warriors are gonna walk off the
court tomorrow after the tip-off.
Other teams are boycotting too.
So now, even if we
do boycott, it's weak.
We ain't had the guts to do it first.
No, only assholes believe that.
I'm just talking about
how it feels, Coach.
Anyway [EXHALES]
we're not playing.
[PEOPLE] Sterling out!
- [DOC] Adam.
- [ADAM] Hey, Doc,
I was just about to call you.
Give you an update on where
we are in the investigation.
I I need a little help right now.
- Hi.
- Hi.
[ONCOLOGIST] Hiring a new secretary?
- Excuse me?
- The
Succubi. Do not speak to them.
Talk shows, Larry King, the
old birds on in the morning.
They send girls to book people
too stupid to see them coming.
[ONCOLOGIST] You don't
wanna be interviewed?
You know, like, tell
your side of the story.
Not everyone who wants to look inside
my ass has your good intentions.
[LAUGHS] Okay.
Why don't you find a way
to contribute to society,
you bloodsuckers-in-training?
Learn a trade!
If you must know, I
have a media strategy.
For you to go on a reality show
and get people to fall in
love with you for being you.
So there is definitely
a lot more pressure,
I think, to be famous
for being ourselves.
first came to public attention
in 2007 with a sex tape.
And you became famous.
So, was it a good thing
to have done, looking back?
[KIM] I really believe,
with anything in life,
whatever you do, you might think
- What do you want?
- [DONALD] I need to know what meds I'm on.
I don't work for you anymore.
[DONALD] Excuse me, Miss
Heart of Ice. I could overdose.
Maybe that's what you want.
I can't go through it right now,
I have a car service waiting.
[DONALD] Oh, she's got a car service
Out of nowhere, I'm just sitting way
up in the seat they asked me to sit.
This awful woman calls me a
racist in front of a child.
That a child should hear such things.
- We're not talking.
[CLICKS TONGUE] You don't know
me, but ask any of the players.
Nobody who knows me
thinks I'm a racist
Shelly, the hyenas in the press are
about to pick this carcass clean.
But you have me, I have Glenn.
He is the crisis man in town.
We can control the narrative.
Who else have you worked with?
Just think of the biggest
stars you can imagine.
Mike Tyson. Mel Gibson.
[PIERCE] Glenn is my ace.
Without Glenn, I'd be steaming
shirts at Tommy Bahama.
Adam Silver is about to
hold a press conference.
I don't see why I should
have to do an interview.
I've never done one before.
What about a listening
tour or a charity luncheon
with an inspiring
keynote like Gayle King?
Ladies, this story has a girl,
a tape, sports, racism, money.
I mean, there is something
in it for everyone.
People are going to think of the
R word when they think of you.
What do you want me to say?
Condemn Donald. That would be ideal.
What will that mean for him?
Donald is not my client.
I wouldn't take him as a client.
And we don't do wife
beaters or drunk drivers,
terrorists, rapists, racists.
But Donald is not a racist.
Honey, I think that's the complete
opposite of what he wants you to say.
[GLENN] Shelly, you are either a
racist landlord or a nice little lady
who has half a melatonin
and goes to bed at 9:00 p.m.,
who has no idea what kind of crazy
shit her husband is up to after dark.
You're not taking his calls.
Seems like maybe he doesn't
even live here with you.
Meanwhile, you are very marketable.
Your voice, your face.
Kind of like a fairy godmother thing.
It will be very easy
for an audience to see
that you are a good person.
If you let them.
[DOC] Thought we wasn't playing today.
We're gonna play sometime.
Adam Silver is about to
issue his decision on Donald.
Might be empty rhetoric,
but you mind if
No, not at all.
After the release of
an audio-audio recording
of a conversation that allegedly
included Clippers owner,
Donald Sterling,
the NBA commenced an investigation.
That investigation is now complete.
- You gotta eat. Come on.
- [ADAM] The man whose voice
is heard on the
recording is Mr. Sterling
and that the hateful
opinions voiced by that man
are those of Mr. Sterling.
[SIGHS] You think?
That they came from an NBA owner
only heightens the damage
and my personal outrage.
Accordingly, effective immediately,
I am banning Mr. Sterling
- for life
- [PIERCE] No.
[ADAM] from any association with
the Clippers organization or the NBA.
[DONALD] What's he saying?
Mr. Sterling may not attend
any NBA games or practices.
I am also fining
- Mr. Sterling $2.5 million.
- [DOC SCOFFS] You wanna play now?
The maximum amount allowed
under the NBA constitution.
[LAUGHS] Get your shorts
on, bubs, we playing.
This man really out here
on some zero tolerance shit.
As for Mr. Sterling's ownership
interest in the Clippers,
I will urge the Board of
Governors to force a sale.
What? Wait, wait, wait. What did he say?
He's gonna make Donald sell?
Go back. Go back.
I can't I can't go
back. It's It's live.
How can this be legal?
You can't make someone
sell something they own.
Whatever they can do to Don,
you're 50% owner of the team,
and you did nothing wrong.
Mandy. Mandy. Hey, it's Pierce.
Could you download me whatever
is in the NBA constitution
- about, uh, removal of ownership?
- [GLENN] Shelly.
Coming out against Donald isn't
just about your reputation.
You have to protect your assets.
[PIERCE] Yeah, yeah. Call me back.
[DOC] So what am I looking at?
It's our home page,
redesigned for tonight's game.
- All black, uh, symbolic, you know, like
- Got it.
And, uh, we have T-shirts and signs
ready to print with this slogan.
"We are one."
And the "we" is
[STAMMERS] The team, or the
fans, or the whole world.
Th-They're your words, actually.
You wrote it on the
dry-erase board in Oakland.
- "We are one." After the tape.
I mean, you-you meant "we" the team,
but, uh, it's a flexible concept.
- "We."
- Okay.
So, what do you think?
I mean, maybe we don't
need it written four times.
Um, that-that's just
so you can pick a font.
Me? [CHUCKLES] I don't
know anything about fonts.
Well, graphic design is,
uh, instinctual, I think.
- You know, like which style says, uh
- "Black?"
Twenty-four hours ago,
they were all ready to quit.
Now, look. They're all,
like, munchkin-happy.
[SIGHS] I am so fucking happy it's over.
- All right. This one.
- Oh.
Mmm. Sans serif. Strong choice.
[EMPLOYEE 1] Look who's here.
[EMPLOYEE 2] Poor lady.
[EMPLOYEE 3] She's
walking in like a boss.
Andy, you have to do something.
There's nothing to do.
You're a son to him.
Look at the life you
have because of Donald.
Look at the size of your office.
It's not the corner office,
but it's in a corner.
And don't say there's nothing to do.
You fight.
Fight? The commissioner of the NBA?
You could have stopped this.
She sent you a tape and you did nothing.
- Nothing.
- No, I didn't do nothing. I
- It's a double negative.
- You
- I did something.
- You did nothing.
I took it to Donald and
he told me to do nothing.
Well, I'm asking you
to do something. Now.
- This team is his lifeblood.
What will he live for?
He'll die.
Hey, we need to use your communications
savvy for an hour, más o menos.
Seth, honey, we need some quick ideas
to help Mr. Sterling's reputation,
like we always do when there's bad news.
- Show the public his big heart.
- [SETH] Mmm.
Like rescuing puppies?
[CHUCKLES] Uh, how about
You didn't like the apology
we issued last weekend.
Right. Because it wasn't an apology.
[ANDY] So, how about
draft one yourself?
[SETH] Okay.
Is Mr. Sterling prepared to
apologize for decades of racism?
Of course not.
- Then there is nothing I can do.
- [SHELLY] Seth, honey.
I know it's hard to know where you
stand with Donald because of the ban.
It's not hard.
I have a contact at the Post.
He is in remission. Thank God. But
Has he had his prostate removed?
Uh, the-the the point is, um,
as you can imagine, the, uh
With the stress and the, um
[STAMMERS] uncertainty
and the, uh, medication
and all that a that a
cancer diagnosis entails,
uh, Mr. Sterling really hasn't been
himself over the last two years.
- [MOUTHING] Vulnerable.
- He's been very vulnerable.
Uh, send me a link when it's live.
[SIGHS] Andy, you're a dear soul.
Well, people need to remember
that he's a human being.
Ah, Andy Roeser.
Adam. Hi. How are you?
I I did see about the the ban, um.
Uh, pretty decisive,
decision. Uh.
But, uh, it-it was, uh, powerful.
[CLICKS TONGUE] It-It was the right
No, I I haven't spoken with him,
but I can.
Okay. Yeah, I I understand.
Sounds good.
- What is it, Andy?
- Um.
Some concern about
Mr. Sterling trying
to run the organization
in absentia [CLEARS
THROAT] as it were.
Um, because of-of our close
relationship, they have put me on leave.
Which is more like
Times are hard ♪
You're afraid to pay the fee ♪
So you find yourself somebody ♪
Who can do the job for free ♪
- [PAPARAZZO 2] Miss Stiviano.
I'm a fool to do your
dirty work, oh yeah ♪
I'm gonna be no fool ♪
I don't wanna do your dirty work ♪
[ELGIN ON TV] That's the
Donald Sterling I know.
- Do you want to rehearse?
- [V] No.
I brought my own
foundation for touch-ups.
Oh, don't worry, honey. Everybody
looks good in Barbara's light.
[ANDERSON COOPER] He's racist?
Of course he is.
There's no doubt in my mind.
At the time, I thought then
Can we discuss what you will not say
not to compromise our case
against Mrs. Sterling's lawsuit?
I don't want you to say
anything bad about Shelly.
No "witch," "bitch," "hag."
And your finances.
Did you pay taxes? How much?
I'm not going to talk about any of that.
We're going to talk about racism.
Ugh. My grandma's racist.
She says Mexicans moving into her
complex are destroying
her condo's value.
I'm like, "Nani, worry
about ovarian cancer.
Worry about sea level rise."
Some people are afraid that when
others get more, they'll have less.
[ANDERSON COOPER] What would he say?
You have amazing eyebrows.
- I know.
[DONALD SHOUTING] V, where are you?
guys are naked or half naked?
You're watching Elgin, that loser?
What is Mr. Sterling doing here?
He set it up. I'm going
on with him and Magic.
Donald set it up?
Where's Barbara? You
didn't talk to her yet?
I was waiting for you and Magic.
Magic's not coming,
that fair-weather phony.
Get in trouble. You'll see no loyalty.
Ninety-nine percent of the
people you call friends.
We'll go on, just the two of us,
then. I'll help you apologize.
Are you insane? I'm
not going on with you.
- How would that look?
- How would it look?
You, me? It's [STAMMERS]
something un untoward.
But rather rather
than that, as planned,
you're one of the many
African Americans
[PANTS] in my life [CHUCKLES]
who I love and call a friend.
But honey, honey, you have
to go on by yourself, okay?
And you have to say that
you doctored the tape.
- She cannot do that.
- Wh-What are you? You work with the hotel?
- What's your name?
- Mac Nehoray. I'm her attorney.
Good for you. Fuck off.
[MAC] There is no reason for
you to speak to me this way.
You were trying to make a point.
- You used some special software.
- But I didn't.
[DONALD] It doesn't matter.
I know you didn't want
to make it go this far.
You You didn't wanna ruin my
life, did you, honey? Get me banned?
No, I just want you to realize
that the way you grew up is wrong.
- That people of all colors
- Don't start with that.
I'm trying to do
something for you, okay?
If you say you made it up,
when Shelly gets her
settlement from her court case,
I'll take care of it.
I'll take care of you
for the rest of your life.
Mr. Sterling, V has given
a statement to the NBA
I'm talking to somebody here.
- Ouch!
- It's a salad.
The croutons sting.
None of you would be
here if it wasn't for me.
I know you set this interview
up, but I have something to say.
I wanna talk about the hidden
ways people discriminate
Don't delude yourself.
You're a media whore.
Okay. Here, here.
Donald, she cannot accept a bribe
It's not for her. I'm very angry at her.
It's for her sons.
I helped you with your
adoption paperwork, didn't I?
I wrote that reference
for your boys, didn't I?
And you don't wanna help me?
You don't wanna help me?
Help me like I helped you?
Donald, I'm Barbara.
Thank you for allowing
And what? You're not a pantyhose model?
Come, come! Come meet my assistant, V.
Ms. Walters, it's a
pleasure to meet you.
A legend of the screen.
[BARBARA] Thank you, V.
I'm so looking forward
to our conversation.
And I'm sure you probably heard that
Magic Johnson will be unable to make it.
Yes, we had trouble confirming
with his representatives.
And I would love nothing
more than to be on your show,
but my lawyers have
expressly forbidden it.
What do we do, Marty?
We can do just the girl.
Miss Stiviano,
is that all right with you
if I talk with you alone?
I'm prepared for anything.
What is Donald Sterling's
state of mind right now?
I think he feels very alone.
Not truly supported.
emotionally traumatized.
You say that Donald Sterling
is emotionally traumatized.
- From what?
- [V] From the media.
From his peers.
I think he's highly more traumatized
by the things he've said himself.
Do you think that Donald
Sterling should apologize?
[V] Absolutely.
Will he apologize?
Only God knows.
Can you tell me what your
relationship with Donald Sterling is?
I'm Mr. Sterling's
right-hand "arm" man.
I'm Mr. Sterling's everything.
I'm his confidante. His best friend.
His silly rabbit.
- His what?
- His silly rabbit.
- His silly rabbit?
- [V] Yes.
[BARBARA] Is that what he calls you?
Are you in love with Donald Sterling?
I love him.
[BARBARA] You love him what?
Like a friend or romance?
I love him like a father figure.
Just like a father figure.
Do you and Donald Sterling
have a financial arrangement?
Yes. He, at first, started
paying me as an employee,
and then he started
paying me off the books.
Off the books.
Donald Sterling is in his eighties.
You're in your thirties.
I'm not sure I understand
the relationship.
Well, I'm Mr. Sterling's
personal assistant.
Like I said, I'm his right
hand, I'm his wingman.
What isn't there to understand?
[REPORTER 1] How did it go with Barbara?
[REPORTER 2] Come on out.
I follow all of the players,
but none of them follow me back.
[BIG BABY] Where'd all
this black merch come from?
Are we at a Metallica
concert or something?
Weren't y'all ready to burn
us at the stake 10 minutes ago?
[DEANDRE] Whose house?
[BOTH] Our house!
We are one, baby baby.
Tonight, they were just
happy there was a resolution
so they could focus on the game.
DJ had a career high after scoring
zero points in the last game.
That tells you everything right there.
- [REPORTER 3] Coach Rivers.
- Yeah, Jim?
Doc, some people are calling you
the perfect coach for this moment.
What do you think about that?
Uh, I'm the only coach they got at
this moment, so take it or leave it.
- [REPORTER 4] Doc!
I'm not the one who needs to
hear I was right all the time.
I'm glad 'cause you're not right much.
- But when I am, I am.
Big time. Like, you're
probably thinking,
"My God,
I am so glad Blake pushed us to play
Game Four because I, DeAndre Jordan,
just put up the game of my life."
[PLAYER LAUGHS] That's real.
Actually, I'm thinking
how such a pretty man
has such ugly ass feet.
- That boy got hammer time.
Boy, Donald Sterling got
banned like Styrofoam cups.
Ain't nobody banned
no damn Styrofoam cups.
- Google it. It was recent.
- I knew he had something up his sleeve,
but I didn't think he'd
go all Jean Valjean.
[JAMAL] For real?
"The NBA stands with
CarMax against racism."
You don't think it was hard for him
smacking down an owner like that?
Hard, but not revolution hard.
I'm just saying, the
sponsors dropped us first.
All of us was about to boycott.
Jesse fucking Jackson had everybody
about to march on city hall.
And Silver did what he had
to do. The popular thing.
[JJ] I got you. And he gets to come
on the scene as new commissioner
like Captain America.
Right, literally. What's
the downside for him?
Okay, but does his
reasons matter though?
Like, did Angelina Jolie become
a humanitarian because she cared
or wanted to look good after
she stole Jennifer Aniston's man?
Either way, she's helping people.
Okay, Angelina Jolie went deep though.
Adopted 19 kids, she changed her life.
She committed.
Yeah. So, like, Adam Silver
ready to commit like that?
Or is he gonna keep on pretending
we got one bad apple in the NBA?
"We are one."
That's just some slogan to let
everybody go back to feeling good
about watching us hoop again
without thinking
about all this other shit.
You just want something
to complain about.
- That bitch is banned.
- [JAMAL] Shut up.
- It's more buttery than you like.
I'll drink turpentine
if it ends this day.
The prostate cancer article's up.
- Is it helping?
- Well
How can they say something
bad about his cancer?
"In an ironic twist,
Sterling refused to pay for
prostate cancer surgery a decade ago
for a Clippers assistant coach."
Oh, that guy.
"Four Clippers players chipped
in to cover the $70,000 cost."
You tried to get me to confront all
this years ago, and I pushed you away.
I pushed and pushed and pushed.
I'm still here.
You know,
Gandhi said,
"If I didn't laugh, I
would've committed suicide."
He also drank a pint of
his urine every morning.
Is the, um, interview on now?
You want me to watch it, hmm?
Maybe I haven't got any
feelings left to hurt.
Is Donald Sterling a racist?
I don't believe it in my heart.
Have you heard him say derogatory
things about Blacks in general?
[V] Yes.
I think Mr. Sterling comes
from a different generation.
Through his actions, he's
shown that he's not a racist.
Is that how I sound?
[V] If he was a real racist,
then why would he help
the world the way he has?
- [DANIEL] Okay.
- "Compare and contrast
two famous figures from
the civil rights movement."
Six to eight pages?
What if I say all I have to say
[DONALD] She's crazy. Even
she thinks she's crazy.
- She never knew her father.
[DONALD] Black, so she's very mixed up.
She tried so hard to make her skin
white. She put cream on every night.
She asked me do I like black skin?
[DONALD] She seduced me to
play with her. She's an animal.
No, no, no, no, no!
[DANIEL] What if I
double-space it? Um
[GLENN] All right.
Is your husband a racist?
[INHALES] What people think
is racial is always changing.
He never says bad words. I've never
heard him say anything racial
Words. Too many words.
[JUSTINE] Shell, whole
reason we picked Barbara
is because V fell face
first on every land mine.
Ambiguity, boom.
Excuses for Donald, boom.
Stick with sound bites.
[GLENN] Yeah.
I'm supposed to give them a sound bite
saying that Don is a racist?
Well, remember our audience of one.
Adam Silver,
he's made it clear he thinks
your husband is a racist.
- He's not gonna
- Do you have to eat all those nuts?
Oh, I'm sorry. Here, do you want one?
I just want to skip the racist one.
- All right, I will come back to it.
How would you describe your
relationship with your husband now?
How is that anybody's business?
Listen, I will give you
multiple choice here.
A: I love my husband,
but I don't like him.
B: My husband disgusts me.
We haven't made love in 40 years.
C: My husband and I were
high school sweethearts
and stayed married out of habit.
We were high school sweethearts.
Do you still have sex?
No, no, no. Neutral face, neutral face.
Maybe we should switch to print.
Take the pressure off
the performance, huh?
I'm not doing that bad, huh?
[SHELLY] They fly us
to New York on private,
and we're meeting in a slum?
I don't think so.
There we are.
Well, this is where our
confirmation says we're filming.
Are you sure it was the ABC
people? What if it was an impostor?
I wanna go back to the Ritz.
Ooh. An undisclosed location.
I think it's exciting.
Like when Dateline interviews
defectors from the Taliban.
- [PIERCE] Come on.
You'll be fine.
- Mrs. Sterling.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you for choosing me
for your first interview.
A little rough outside, I know.
[INHALES] This is my hideaway.
My competition would be all over
you if they knew we were meeting.
I guess you watched my interview with V.
I couldn't understand a word.
You said it, not me.
Oh, your jacket.
- [SHELLY] Oh.
- It's so many fabulous textures.
Who makes it?
I was gonna ask about your sports coat.
[BARBARA] Do you support the
NBA decision to ban your husband?
I can't comment on that.
I was shocked by what he said.
It was degrading.
It made me sick.
I guess whatever their decision is,
we have to live with it.
You and your husband were
high school sweethearts.
[SHELLY] Mm-hmm.
You've been married for 60 years.
Do you like your husband?
Do I like him or do
I love him? [STUTTERS]
I don't love him.
I pity him. I feel sorry for him.
[BARBARA] What is your
relationship today?
We're estranged.
Why not divorce?
For the last 20 years,
I've been seeing attorneys
about that, off and on.
In fact,
I signed a petition for divorce.
What was the last straw that made
you say, after all these years,
"I'm outta here"?
This last few weeks
was the worst.
I couldn't take anymore.
never made any racist statements.
She said, "I have no
fear. I'm not a racist."
And she wants to hang on to that team.
Take a look.
What do you think of V Stiviano?
I really don't want to go there.
I think you answered my question.
Is that one, that one's sister?
- [BARBARA] high school sweethearts
- Mm-mmm.
and have shared a
life together ever since.
But it hasn't always been easy.
How are you?
We talk about your husband. It's a mess.
How are you?
I'm fine.
I was weak in my marriage,
but I will be strong.
You'll be strong to do what?
I've been with the team for 33 years,
through good times and bad times.
It's my passion, and I love it.
I think half of it is mine,
and I will fight for it.
- It's not an option.
- [PIERCE] Of course it is.
She's a 50% owner of the team.
She has done nothing wrong.
[ADAM] The Clippers are owned
by the Sterling Family Trust.
- Shelly and Donald are one unit.
- Do we look like one unit?
California law considers you one unit.
Your marital status
suggests you're one unit.
Didn't you see me on Barbara
Walters with the divorce papers?
I did.
Well, how can divorced
people be one unit?
You divorce, and then you're two units.
Shelly, you really want me to
believe that you're getting a divorce?
Now, suddenly, after 60 years,
you can't live with the man?
Do you know what I've been
through in the past week?
The names I've been
called, the shunning.
Why wouldn't it crystallize my
feelings? It crystallized yours?
After 33 years, you decided you
couldn't live with him either.
[ADAM SIGHS] I've already scheduled
a date for the board of owners
to vote on forcing the sale of the team.
This is because I'm a woman.
If I made a racial remark on tape
You're accusing me of sexism?
you would let Donald keep the
team. You wouldn't care what I did.
This is ridiculous. I will
not engage in a hypothetical.
Adam. I am having an aha moment.
What if What if we arrange
for the sale of the team?
That's not an aha moment. You're
saying the same thing he is.
If you can do it in ten days.
Otherwise, we sell it at auction.
- Diane, can you get that papered?
- Mm-hmm.
All right, then.
[SHELLY] No, wait.
Tell them we're not done.
Do something. [SIGHS]
None of the owners will set
the precedent that you
can take a team away.
They're billionaires.
Do you know what perversions
they have in their closets?
They go to sex dungeons.
- They hunt baby elephants.
- Yeah, we can take that chance.
But if the owners force a sale,
the team becomes a distressed asset.
And Adam picks the buyer.
I don't think he likes you very much.
But the public does.
You could capitalize
on your good reputation
and control the whole process.
Law is broken, folks.
Your Los Angeles Clippers
defeat the Warriors.
Bringing this rocking and
rolling series to a 4-3 finish.
It's hella quiet in there.
Ain't that what they
say at Oakland? "Hella."
- Hello.
- Y'all having a funeral for y'all season?
- [PLAYER] Get outta here.
Damn. Good game, Steph.
[PLAYER 2] The fuck?
Nah, dog.
We having a funeral
for your self-respect.
Over there grinning and shit.
My self-respect feel pretty
good after whooping your ass.
- Yeah?
- [CHRIS] Yeah.
Even though y'all heard the tape,
y'all still went tap dancing
for your racist-ass owner?
- What?
- Hey, nigga, who's tap dancing?
- You, nigga.
- Hold up, man.
Shut your dumb-ass up. We was
gonna boycott with you. Remember?
[LAUGHS] Oh, yeah. That's what they
gonna write in the history books.
What you planned to do in your mind.
Don't waste your time on this
sore loser, man. He just depressed.
Sore loser about to catch a sore
jaw. Keep doing all that yapping
- Do it! Right here!
- You fight too, bitch!
- Get back, get back.
- I already beat yo ass.
- We can fight too!
- Go on. Get back.
- Get in the locker room.
Yo, Chris, come on. Let it go.
Weren't y'all kumbaya?
We gonna picket together?
Chocolate marshmallows from Edelweiss.
The striped ones are s'mores.
We can't keep the team.
- I saw you on Barbara Walters.
She wanted to interview me too,
but I knew she was very biased.
Poor V.
Barbara made her into a fool.
You looked pretty though.
Even with your stupid divorce papers.
Is that what you want?
To get rid of me?
Maybe I'll file first.
Why should I stay married to
a woman who doesn't love me?
The NBA has given us ten days to
find a buyer. We have no choice.
This allows me to receive
offers for the team.
I've never sold anything,
and to be forced
You can't go to the games anyway.
What did I say?
What did I say?
I was just talking about
the way the world works.
Are we to pretend that
appearances don't matter,
that there isn't an ordering
that every schmuck on
earth has to observe?
An order, by the way,
that slammed doors on
me when I was Tokowitz.
Lest, they forget!
But now that I've made
something of myself,
they want me dragged
through the town square
to send the message about something
that nobody's gonna change.
Don't let that kid in
the White House fool you.
Hope? Change? Give me a break.
No one can change it.
But you're not supposed to say that.
Things have changed, Don.
The world is different now.
Whatever you want me to sign, I'll sign.
Selling the team will make it
easier to split our finances anyway.
You're not taking that.
Should we bring our stuff?
Quite the week, Ms. Stiviano.
To help you remember a
happy day. Congratulations.
[V LAUGHS] Now you really
have to do what I tell you.
- [V] You happy?
Yeah? I'm happy too.
- You hungry? What do you want to eat?
- Pizza.
They should have different
gifts for, like, older kids.
Oh, you don't want me to treat
you like my little baby boy, huh?
Come on. Let's get in the car.
Ah, there he is. The perfect coach.
[LAUGHS] Hey! Drink it in, drink it in.
- I know what you're thinking.
- Hmm?
I'm like that da Vinci
drawing of the ideal male form.
Vitruvian Man.
Except a Black dude who's
been eating too many chips.
Man, don't you know that popcorn
is so much less fattening for you,
and you can eat as much as you want?
- For real?
- Seriously, Doc.
It is good to see you
get your laurels, man.
Thank you, brother. But I
didn't really do anything.
Donald Sterling might as well have
gotten banned behind a computer glitch.
- You did your job.
- I didn't outwardly lose my mind.
- Inwardly?
- I don't know.
Chris went apeshit on them
Warrior guys after Game Seven.
It seemed like it came out
of nowhere, but I understood.
I just thank God I don't have to see
that motherfucker at games anymore.
- With the the thumbs up.
- Shit, yeah.
But I don't mean to complain.
I'm glad if I help people.
To be of service,
that's what life's about.
Yeah, also, I live
in a $6 million condo.
I mean, I could play
volleyball in there.
I could put four kids through
college without taking a loan.
When I check out of
a resort on vacation,
I don't even look at the bill.
We are two famous guys
with nothing to worry about,
by certain standards.
And people love us.
Yeah, they really love you.
- Everybody wants a piece of Doc.
And then, you know, sometimes
you look around, and
you're two Black men
sweating in a wooden box.
And you think [SIGHS]
The Middle Passage.
Runnin' naked, down
the state highway ♪
[TV PRESENTER] today mostly
cloudy with a high of 67
Runnin' naked in
the middle of the day ♪
[NEWS REPORTER] critical
playoff game Tuesday
Runnin' naked like
a tom cat's behind ♪
[VOICE MESSAGE] Hello. Please
leave a message after the
Runnin' naked but the
cat don't seem to mind ♪
Give me your heart ♪
I'll give you mine first ♪
[VOICE MESSAGE] Your call has
been forwarded to an automatic
Give me your time and
I'll give you my trust ♪
I will ♪
Buck naked now ♪
Like when we were born ♪
When will we find out? ♪
I wanna talk.
And why does it take so long? ♪
And we're buck naked now ♪
Yeah, we're buck naked now ♪
Yeah, we're buck naked now ♪
In the eyes of the Lord ♪
Runnin' naked like
the day when I was born ♪
We're all naked in the
land where I come from ♪
I'm long, long way
from New York City now ♪
We're all naked if
you turn us inside out ♪
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