Clipped (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Keep Smiling

[SHELLY] What does Oprah like to eat?
Oh, she loves fresh fruit all around.
She may even bring her own avocados.
- Oh!
- Now, this evening, Geffen.
Just coffee and tea.
He'll show up in Reeboks and jeans.
This slob look is a Hollywood thing.
Do not take it as disrespect.
And tomorrow, Magic.
Given his cameo in
Donald's whole tape mess.
Let's roll out lunch fit for a king.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
[DOC] Gotta be fast, DJ.
Gotta read my mind a little bit.
Look into the future. How you
gonna cover Kevin Durant if
Come on, man. Let me go.
- Let me do you.
- I go I go until I miss. That's the rule.
Taking advantage of a man while
he getting his ankle worked out.
- You need to win that bad, coach?
- [CHUCKLING] Oh-ho-ho.
I see somebody else want a piece.
We got Game One coming
up against Oklahoma City.
I'm gonna let you touch
these gorgeous hands?
I won't touch you if you're fast.
- You hear this shit, DeAndre?
- Mm-hmm.
The only man a more competitive
psychopath than you is me.
- So if you think I'm gonna kick off the semi finals
- Damn.
- Oh!
- Slap hand champ of the west.
The undefeated.
The fastest draw.
The man who took you through
the Sterling bullshit,
is the man who's gonna take
you to the Championship.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Are you ready to make history?
Shelly, meet Patrick Soon-Shiong.
The only man who can transplant a kidney
and sink a jump shot.
We have every sushi you can name
and five you've never heard of.
Will Mr. Sterling be joining us?
He has entrusted the search
for a buyer to Mrs. Sterling.
But Donald is ready to sell.
He understands in his way.
Does Shelly know about this?
Why are you bringing up
a painful subject now?
- I'm sorry
- Am I not coping with enough trauma?
- We're not speaking.
- Okay
Um, just press pause, and take a break.
Maybe this isn't the optimal time
for an apology to her.
Maybe after the season,
right? O-Oh! [SIGHS]
In the New Year, right?
A time of of renewal,
of resetting resolutions.
Um, may How about, um, repentance?
- Andy.
- Yeah.
People have a misapprehension
of who I am, don't you agree?
They Well
I should let them think I'm a bigot
and you're a bigot's little helper?
You're unemployed, Andy, and I
can't help you until I help myself.
- Right.
- Uh, move the furniture around as needed.
I'm not attached to the layout.
Thank you for letting
us do this at your home.
You've given me a forum to
prostrate myself an apology.
How can I repay you?
It's not necessary, Mr. Sterling. Here.
Ever sat courtside at a play-off game?
Not to watch Blake
Griffin and Chris Paul
beat the balls off
Oklahoma City, you haven't.
We have to fly back to New
York tonight, but thank you.
You're a distinguished
looking man, you know that?
Piercing eyes like the bald eagle.
Immediately, one trusts
you. I hope you trust me.
Andy, how long has this been here?
Can you get the man some fresh water?
[WHISPERING] Okay. Um, I don't
think we can offer them tickets.
[WHISPERING] I still own the team.
[ATTENDEE] Chris Paul, you suck!
Where's your State Farm sweater
vest, you corny little chump?
Why don't you throw your shirt
on the floor? Weak-ass bitch!
I thought "We were one."
White boys sound like
they ready to brawl.
I don't hear nothing.
you're tied 2-2 with Oklahoma City
and you've got a bruised hand.
Do you thrive under that pressure?
Every game I got the
same drive to win, man.
When people say I have
a Napoleon complex,
I just hear I'm a small
guy who does great things.
closely is the team following
Shelly Sterling's
search for new ownership?
The only thing the guys are
following is my lead on the court.
- Nice. All right, thanks, Chris.
- No, thank you.
- Going to the pool?
- Going to the finals, baby.
DeAndre? Hello?
Has your big ass
fallen and can't get up?
The hell you got going on, boy?
[DONALD] I am not a racist.
I have never been a racist.
I will never be a racist.
- I made a terrible, terrible mistake.
- And I am here to apologize
- Hey, Chris looking for me.
- Should I invite him?
- Yeah.
and to ask forgiveness
for all the people I hurt.
- What are you sorry about?
- I've hurt so many people.
So many innocent people
and I have hurt myself,
and I want to apologize to my partners.
They're really gonna let him apologize.
You know these motherfuckers
get second chances all the time.
You know, they have
backroom-rich-man deals though.
They gon' all circle up their little
golf carts at the country club
- and give him back the team on the DL.
Clothes and cars and houses
What the fuck is this, a slumber party?
Y'all for real? You're giving this
asshole a minute more of your time.
We got Game Five tomorrow,
dummies. Tighten up.
Let it fuck you up now
or fuck you up later.
No. And give stupid-ass DeAndre
back his stupid-ass IceMan.
I'll go back to my room,
pray, and Skype my kids.
The comments caught on tape echo
charges made by Elgin Baylor.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
You're trying to connect them.
Well, he made a claim that
you had a plantation mentality.
[BLAKE] What the fuck is he saying?
I don't know what that
means to have a mentality.
- What?
- Motherfucker, not knowing is the problem.
To have a plantation mentality is
to feel like you own these guys.
I think you have more of a
plantation mentality than I do.
I think you're more
of a racist than I am.
Magic Johnson has said he
would never attend a game
while you were owner.
I'm hurt
but it doesn't matter. He acts so holy.
I don't think this
is an apology anymore.
Big Magic Johnson. What has he done?
- Well, he's a business person
- He's got AIDS.
- [CHRIS] What the fuck?
- [BLAKE] Are you fucking serious?
Did he do business? I'd like to know.
- I gotta watch this shit now.
- I think he has HIV.
I don't think he actually
has full-blown AIDS.
What kind of a guy goes to
every city Excuse me
He made love to every girl
in America and he had AIDS.
And when he had those
AIDS, I prayed for him.
I get it. I thought he was
one of the most successful
and beloved Black men in America,
but he's actually just a sex fiend.
Who doesn't do anything for anybody.
Who does nothing for nobody,
and his getting HIV is
supposed to be what he deserves.
Man, fuck out of here, man.
I mean, is this someone we wanna respect
and tell our kids about?
I think he should be ashamed of himself.
Well, what does he do
for the Black people?
Oh, God. Why won't he shut
up? It's awful, awful, awful.
[COOPER] The players on the
team don't wanna play for you.
[DONALD] Do you think they're
all gonna walk off the team?
They know I'm not a racist.
The players don't hate
me. I contend they love me.
- [COOPER] You think they still love you?
- [DONALD] I do.
- We hate you! We literally hate you!
- Fuck off!
Siri off. Siri off!
Push power on the big remote.
Oh, God. All those
bidders I had to the house.
I ordered their foods, I
listened to their life stories.
I played hardball.
And now they're all gonna
be running for the hills.
Sell to Magic. Stick that in
Donald's eye. Wouldn't that be poetic?
Well, I don't understand poetry, honey.
But I do know Donald will
never sign off on Magic.
You have to get Donald on board?
Team is owned by a family trust.
They both have to sign off.
- What if he refuses to sell?
- He can't refuse. He agreed.
He can't stop the sale, can he?
He can make it very difficult.
From a PR perspective,
the only way to
comfortably cover your ass
is to get Donald out of the
sale conversation altogether.
Which is exactly why I revised
the trust last Christmas.
What he got into with V, giving
her more and more and more.
At a certain point, one
becomes a danger to oneself.
Shelly, you had the trust revised?
What does it say?
if one of us becomes, you know,
incompetent to manage things,
we can be removed as co-trustee.
[JUSTINE] Well, that man is incompetent
to manage an electric toothbrush.
Ladies, if you'll excuse us,
Glenn and I need to use
the little boy's room.
[JUSTINE] Have fun.
[PIERCE] I think we need to prepare
I want to ask you sincerely.
Does Donald seem sick to you?
I think he's saying
exactly what he means,
but he is unaware that he's saying it
to all of America.
He does seem confused.
I know a neurologist.
[DONALD] This, I've seen
this guy. This is a zebra.
And this is a I know it's an H.
No, it's an R. Son of a bitch.
I saw this at the zoo
when I was 10 years old.
It's not a unicorn. I know that.
Fat unicorn.
Don't flunk me for leaving some blanks.
No, that's okay, Mr. Sterling.
Now, can you spell the word
"world" backwards out loud?
The word "world".
Now she wants to do tongue twisters.
The word "world". Sure.
- D
- Mm-hmm.
- W-L.
- Good.
Now, can you start at 100 and
count back to one by sevens?
- Like 100 minus seven?
- Yeah.
100 minus seven and continuing on.
100 minus seven is 93.
You know, I can afford
a calculator, okay?
I given you what you need? Two hours.
I think you got some good stuff.
Don, let her finish.
No, that's all right, Mrs. Sterling,
we're about concluded.
Now, would you prefer to
discuss my findings in private?
What, are you doing a research project?
Doctor, go ahead,
tell us what you found.
Between the scans you had
at Cedars, Mr. Sterling,
and this evaluation,
it's my opinion that
you have Alzheimer's.
Alzheimer's? Are you sure?
But couldn't it just be
mild cognitive impairment?
I always recommend a second opinion.
But it's never too late
to start making plans
for when the disease progresses.
You may consider
moving back in together.
Shelly, I'm fine.
I'm just hungry. All this math.
You work up an appetite.
Hippo. That's what it's
called. Hippopotamus.
It's almost game time, DJ.
You skipping the shoot-around?
I'll be there in a second.
Where's Astro? You
didn't bring your dragon?
He got loose.
Man. I'm sorry.
DJ, why the long face?
Your free throws are
falling. You own the glass.
Like we talked about last year.
You're a star in your role.
All I can think about is Donald
talking about how we all love him.
[CHRIS] Some happy slave shit.
- Where did Donald say this?
- Anderson Cooper 360.
You watched the shit? Why?
- We all did.
- Are you kidding me?
Didn't we drill to
prepare for distractions?
We can't have DeAndre out there
wondering if this is a plantation!
It's not!
It's a basketball arena!
Man, Doc, that Donald
shit was everywhere.
- What were we supposed to do?
- Block it out!
You show everybody that you
can overcome anything to win.
Isn't that what we all doing here?
Isn't it?
Hey! What was that?
He never touched it.
That is not a foul!
That is not a foul.
That is not a foul!
Free hit.
Three shots.
[BALLMER] Hi. Is this Shelly Sterling?
It's after midnight. Who's calling?
Don't be alarmed by the
size of his legal team
or if they play it a bit aggressive.
This guy's worth 20 billion.
We host a titan today.
These arches! [CHUCKLES]
- Like the porticos of Tuscany.
How sweet of you to say.
Did your lawyers take a separate car?
Oh, no lawyers. It's
just me. Steve. [LAUGHS]
- How do you do?
[CHUCKLES] Uh, uh, Pierce. [LAUGHTER]
Come in, come in. Thank you.
Thank you.
Steve Ballmer.
Not Bomber.
I thought his name was
Bomber from the phone call.
As in bomber jet. It's a funny story.
Anyway, even though he's in Seattle,
he promises to keep the team here.
No, I wouldn't betray the fans.
No, the only change I wanna make
is haptic feedback under the seats.
Keep 'em on their feet.
[SHELLY] Well, as you can see,
he's bursting with positive energy.
Which will be good for the players.
[PIERCE] Tell him about the two.
[SHELLY] Steve says his
offer is 1.8 billion.
Already the highest bid
of the many high bidders
that Shelly has wrangled, I might add.
And three times as much as
anyone's paid for a team so far.
But But Shelly says to him,
"Geez, I'm thinking, I'd
like a two in front of it."
I almost choked on my crostini.
But then Ballmer says "Okay!"
To two billion dollars.
I know it's been hard for
you to give it up, honey.
But here I found a sole owner
who listens and who cares.
How fabulous is that?
Computers, right?
I was the CEO of Microsoft.
I know those guys.
You really have two billion dollars?
- [LAUGHS] I do.
What an idiot to keep that in cash.
He's not the guy.
I worked very hard to
put together this deal.
Ballmer met all my terms.
I thought you'd be happy.
Why? Because he's bursting with energy?
He's not the guy. I can
do better than this guy.
Who do you know that
has two billion dollars?
You don't know who I know.
Well, could you let me know by Tuesday?
Because that's when we have to
present our choice to the NBA.
We're not presenting a choice
because I don't wanna sell.
You said you would. You signed a paper.
I said you could receive bids.
It's not your fault you
don't know what you're doing.
Let the owners vote.
Like anyone's going to support you
after your display on CNN.
They won't dare vote me
out because they'll be next.
- The team stays with me.
- What team?
Doc will leave. The players won't play.
We won't have Red Bull,
or Kia, or Yokohama Tire.
It will be a death spiral.
You think I can be strong-armed
into selling to Zippy the Pinhead?
Of this fucking pointy-nosed
ambulance chaser.
I'll take him out. I
have dirt on Pierce.
I have dirt on the whole world!
Two billion big ones, he
didn't even flinch. He's nuts.
Not to mention he
threatened to take me out.
He doesn't know a hit man.
He doesn't know what he's saying.
He's got a disease. Remember?
Right. Right.
Shelly, the term sheet
that you signed with
Ballmer, it's binding.
If the NBA sells to someone
else, he can sue you.
I know that. I know he can sue me.
- I know that! I know that!
- Shelly.
It is time to go to plan B.
What are you talking about?
The revision you made
to the family trust.
It's time to use it.
It's time to let the world know
that Donald Sterling
is non compos mentis.
I can't do that to him.
He has become a danger to himself.
You said that.
Don't think of doing
it to him, but for him.
You wanna say he was okay
to sign the trust revision
I gave him on Christmas.
But four months later, he's
incompetent to do anything.
It's a tragic and progressive disease.
Do we have to call it "Plan B"?
It sounds very schemy.
Game Six for your boys tonight, Shelly.
Win or go home.
Pretty wobbly in Game Five.
Think they can pull it together?
Stay in it?
Amazing thing about basketball, honey,
your fortunes can change
in the last ten seconds.
It's over.
We had a lot working
against us in these playoffs.
Other teams would've
crumbled, but you got tougher.
And even though the result
of our season was what it was,
I want you to know this
is a championship team.
Come on.
Come on, guys. Please.
CP, we're waiting on you.
[DOC] Clips on three.
- One, two, three. Clips.
- [ALL] Clips.
It should be white roses.
They have to cut off the dead parts
so they won't bloom.
People arrive and it's just bushes.
- I'll tell them.
Oh, excuse me.
Dr. Platzer, how are you?
How should I be? You didn't tell
me you were using my examination
to have your husband removed
from the family trust?
I didn't know I was gonna do that.
Your husband thinks you did.
Listen to my message machine.
[DONALD] Meril Platzer, this
is Donald Sterling, attorney.
You sent medical records of my head
to Pierce without my permission?
I'm incompetent?
- I'm not incompetent
- [PLATZER] I'm a respected physician
[DONALD] You're incompetent,
you stupid fucking doctor.
[SCOFFS] Honey, he's just flailing.
Aren't you used to this
in your line of work?
[PLATZER] I'm not used to it.
- Hi, sweetheart.
- Honey, it's all talk.
I'll call you back.
Donald, what are you doing here?
I can't come see my darling dolly?
My better half.
I might have some buried motive,
like you had when you came to my house.
Faking concern for my
fucking mental health.
I am concerned, honey.
I'm trying to protect you.
By removing me from my organization?
Removing me? Me. What a joke.
It's our organization, and
you're not making good choices.
Your slice of heaven was
built on my choices, sweetie.
You have Gladys to
break her back for you
because of my choices.
Without my choices,
you'd be mopping your own floors
in some little shack in Pacoima,
buying dented cans at Ralph's.
Maybe that's where
you'll end up after this.
After what?
You're suing me? You're suing the NBA.
- Your whole cabal.
- I'm not with them, Donald.
Adam Silver gave me an ultimatum.
Play Barbie businesswoman all you want.
I'm the Lord almighty as
far as you're concerned.
[GASPS] Jesus.
Mr. Sterling, how long have
you and your wife been married?
- A hundred years?
[SAMINI] Would you say you're
partners in business as well?
[DONALD] I'm the lawyer. I
bought the team, the properties.
I run the companies.
I negotiate all the contracts.
Shelly, she throws parties,
she helps the tenant
with the broken stove.
She's good at it.
All the little details.
But management, no.
So why has she deputized herself
to handle the sale of your team?
She's scared of Adam Silver,
who's been NBA
commissioner all of 60 days.
He wants to show the world
he doesn't permit racism.
I'm the poster boy. And that's okay.
But why do you think he wants
my wife to sell the team?
Is there something unique about my wife?
Other than she's beautiful and nice,
and I love her very much.
The NBA doesn't wanna
get its hands dirty
because they actually
don't have the right
to force me out of business.
That's why they're asking her to do it.
They have mesmerized
and terrified her totally
into washing their dirty laundry.
I love her
but she doesn't have a clue.
[PIERCE] Are you and
your husband separated?
Sort of.
But you're still his primary caregiver?
I'm his only caregiver.
I take him to the doctor's.
I put all his medications
in little containers.
His feet swell up, I find
out what he should take.
And what have you noticed about
your husband's deterioration?
Oh, he's been getting more
forgetful, slurring words.
He gets mad for no reason.
When I was in New York to be
on the Barbara Walters show,
this person he was with, uh, V Stivino,
they got into an argument
and he really flared up.
And Barbara told me she didn't
even want him on the show
because she thought
he has dementia.
Your Honor, can I ask to strike?
Do that, counsel. Be a man. Stand up.
- He is standing.
- He wants to object, object.
Instead of going through a whole
dissertation of what he might do.
Donald, he's your lawyer.
He's trying to help you.
Mr. Samini, could you help your client
withhold from his running commentary?
And when did you decide to
have, uh, Mr. Sterling examined
for cognitive decline?
Well, he was getting distraught.
And when I saw him on
Anderson Cooper, I [SIGHS]
I just didn't know my own husband.
I felt so bad.
That's when I found Dr. Platzer.
You felt bad for me? You felt so bad,
you had your fraud of a doctor
call Pierce on the same day
- she examined me?
- Mr. Sterling
I don't know who Pierce talks to.
- Plan B.
- Mr. Sterling!
Why don't you tell
everybody about Plan B?
- Mr. Sterling!
- Why don't you tell how you hired quacks
to write reports for you
in case I didn't wanna sell
- to your Microsoft boy toy!
- Mr. Sterling!
- Mr. Sterling!
Mr. Samini, please.
Let's recess. Get some fresh air.
Listen to birdsong.
Come back in an hour.
Get away from me, you pig!
[JUDGE] Let the record reflect
that Mr. Sterling referred
to Mrs. Sterling as a pig.
- [REPORTER 1] Mrs. Sterling!
- [REPORTER 2] Shelly!
[REPORTER 1] Are you happy?
I just wanted to do the right thing
for our family, the players,
Doc Rivers and everyone else.
I think we can all agree
that Shelly Sterling is a hero
to the city of Los Angeles,
the Clippers organization,
and women all around the world.
- And to me. [CHUCKLES]
- [REPORTER 3] Mr. Sterling,
how do things stand with your
wife after today's decision?
I thought I knew her.
[SETH] I wanna capitalize
on Ballmer's invitation
to get spending, you know.
Really think creative with
fans swag for next season.
LED wristbands.
[DOC] I'm sorry.
I didn't know how bad it was.
I'm sorry I wasn't able
to insulate all the people.
[SETH] gives us
potential for new growth.
I'm sorry, I'm just having
having trouble turning
the page on last season.
Maybe next season we
will win the Championship
that brings everyone together.
Whatever happens next season,
it's the beginning of a new era.
[SETH] Not a new era, but, uh
Excuse me.
They think I'm a coward.
I'm not gonna buck you up, Andy.
Fair. That's
You're always fair.
Look Donald hired me out of college.
He got me young,
destroyed my confidence.
I just
I just found him so
I started saying yes to him,
and I never realized I could say no.
Yeah, you did.
Maybe I did.
He would've just fired me.
Well, Andy,
here you are with the last 30
years of your life in a Bankers Box,
and a fucking Clippers
commemorative ship in your hands.
Bon voyage. You got fired.
Does it occur to you that it
might've been better to get fired
trying to change shit around here
rather than protecting Donald?
Who does that?
Who sacrifices themselves like that?
I mean, Elgin tried to get
people to stick up for him
when Donald forced him out,
and you know what everybody said?
Everybody, even the ones who
privately agreed with his lawsuit.
"Mr. Sterling has
always been good to me."
Take care of yourself, Andy.
[CHRIS] We had that image in mind,
standing on that platform as champions,
giving a Black power
salute to the world.
Tommie Smith and John Carlos
got expelled from the Olympics
for doing that.
Got banned from future competitions.
Tracked by the FBI.
They risked everything.
We could've done that.
Adam would've banned
Sterling either way.
Yeah, but now him and Ballmer
and Shelly get to be the heroes
and everybody think the
league had one bad apple.
If we hadn't played,
if we had shut everything down
maybe we could've made
it more than about Donald.
We made the best possible decision
in impossible circumstances.
Doc, I wish you'd let us stay mad.
Ready to eat?
Don't watch me do this.
Now, I know why you live in a penthouse.
This new generation, Chris Paul.
They let their kids see everything.
I mean, even their mistakes,
I would need some MDMA
or something to do that.
Probably wouldn't kill you.
You really never even
cried in front of your kids?
Think on it.
I remember one time I was misty,
and a tear might have
accidentally leaked down.
You ain't right, Doc. [CHUCKLES]
No, seriously.
Well, it wasn't even Chris crying
that shocked me so much.
It was that he'd let his son
see him furious.
- Mmm.
- Mm-mmm.
You don't do that.
Summer, 15 years ago
my family and I, we were
living in a nice suburb, Texas.
Heritage oaks everywhere.
Kris, my wife, had taken the kids up
to the lakes in Wisconsin.
I was playing golf in Florida
with Sam Jackson. My man.
Car comes flying down the fairway.
"Where's Doc Rivers?
Where's Doc Rivers?"
- My home in Texas was on fire.
- No.
Yeah. I fly back to go see it.
It's just a charred mess. Arson.
We had two cats, three dogs,
they locked them in the closet,
had a party and then poured
lighter fluid on everything.
Cops had a pretty good idea who did it.
Skinheads, but they
couldn't prove anything.
I just wanted the wreckage
gone before my kids came back.
Same thing when Donald's
tape first came out.
I felt, like, "Let's
move on. Don't look back.
Don't get dragged down by
shit that you can't change."
I did not want us to stay angry.
When the fire broke out,
my neighbor, who knew
what was important to me,
pulled photo albums and those.
Ali's gloves.
You mean
you didn't want your kids to
see the remnants of the arson.
But anybody who comes to the condo
Welcome to my home. This is evidence
of a hate crime against
me and my family.
- You know the chains I wore in Roots?
- Mm-hmm
I keep them over the
hearth in my living room.
Right above my 12 Emmys.
- What is that about, huh?
- I don't know.
- What is it to you?
America first met me as Kunta Kinte,
a young African kid
who was kidnapped, tortured,
refused his slave name.
Then I read to their children.
And maintained the integrity
of their favorite spaceship.
- Yeah.
- Pretty soon,
people began to think of me as safe.
Oh, the safest.
Once I read Go The Fuck
To Sleep for charity.
- Yeah.
- One of my brand partners dropped me.
What? You can't even say "fuck"?
I can, but there are consequences.
- I said "fuck", I lost money.
- Shit.
If I showed how angry I really am
But I'm not gonna hide it.
So, I keep my chains on
the wall in the living room.
I want my guests to know
while I am unquestionably their friend,
I am also absolutely filled with rage.
What is this?
Hey. Lebron, no dunking
on my lawyer, please.
So, I haven't figured out
how to make the Barbara Walters
stuff part of my character arc,
but you only need one
chapter to get a book deal.
Why did you get braces?
Your teeth are fine.
[CHUCKLES] I have a gummy smile.
The DMs I get. It's all anyone
sees when they look at me.
Have some more rice pilaf.
I just made another box.
V, how much money do you have left?
Boys, could you go inside
and start the dishes, please?
Look, I'm not going to send
your bills to collection,
but I don't accept
payment in rice pilaf,
and I cannot wait for you
to slowly write a book.
Why are we even still going to court?
I thought you were going to
get Mrs. Sterling to back off.
I thought she might
after she sold the team.
To a billionaire, what is a duplex?
But with you, oh, my God,
she is like the shark in Jaws.
Mr. Sterling would never
let her do this to me.
She probably has him
knocked out on sedatives
in some sad old nursing home.
V, you need to make some money.
Famous people can't just
work at Target. I'm trying.
Don't you think I'd do
anything to stay in this house?
Look, worry less about
losing the house, okay?
I am handling that.
But I want you to worry about
how you're going to pay
your bills moving forward.
I want you to worry about how
you're going to feed your boys.
I got some troubles
but they won't last ♪
- My lawyer says I can keep the plates.
- I'm gonna lay right down here in the grass ♪
And pretty soon all
my troubles will pass ♪
'Cause I'm in shoo-shoo-shoo ♪
Shoo-shoo-shoo ♪
Shoo-shoo, shoo-shoo,
shoo-shoo Sugar Town ♪
Why did you wear the Chanel earrings?
Why not?
I can't buy things
with the money I earned?
I'm taking a stand for
the American worker.
I worked 50 hours a week.
It's probably just my braces.
No problem. If you just
stand over here for me, ma'am.
[SHELLY] Hi, Hugo. Beautiful day.
I promise, this is
my last time in court.
[PIERCE] Until someone rear-ends you.
- Shelly.
- Don't.
I know that Donald can't
be here to tell the truth,
but if he were here, he would
take my side and you know it.
- [PIERCE] Shelly
- [DONALD] My cash, do I put it in the thing?
[SECURITY] You just keep
it in your pocket, sir.
See you in there, sweetheart.
[SECURITY] Here you go, ma'am.
Ms. Stiviano, hi. We didn't get
a chance to meet in the hallway.
My name is Pierce O'Donnell.
- I like your tie.
- Thank you very much.
It's my lucky tie.
A gift from my daughter.
Now, going back to 2010,
you didn't have any income,
or any paying job. Is that correct?
I worked exclusively
for Donald Sterling.
I drove him everywhere.
To the doctor, to charities,
to properties he wanted to buy.
- Mm-hmm.
- I was his right-hand arm.
- And here in your employment verification
for the Department of
Children and Family Services,
it said that you got $3,000 a week
from the Donald T. Sterling Foundation.
He put that in my reference.
Some weeks I got nothing.
He compensated me in different ways.
Not like a normal employee.
Mr. Sterling didn't wanna pay the taxes.
All right, let's take
a look at exhibit 65.
Your Honor.
Now, this document is signed
by the custodian of records
for the LA Clippers and
Beverly Hills properties.
It says there,
"Unable to locate any employment
records regarding V Stiviano."
Well, like I said, I
wasn't a normal employee.
I guess that's a fake form
he gave you to discredit me.
He can be full of trickery.
He's a racist and a liar.
But you told Barbara
Walters that you loved him.
He was a friend.
He could be sweet to me.
He was my best friend.
A sweet best friend billionaire
who got you a house, right?
He bought me a lot of things
as part of my work for him.
And also because he
wanted to take care of me.
He wanted me to be family.
He had never been inside
of a Ross or a Target.
We did that together.
And he did things for me.
He bought me a Bentley.
He bought me a Ferrari.
Really? Because in Mr.
Sterling's sworn deposition,
he says, and I quote,
"The cars are mine.
I put them in her name because
of her criminal record."
I quote, "She was an
indigent on welfare.
If she killed somebody,
I didn't want to be liable."
Where's your entourage?
Bram wanted me to do Playboy. [CHUCKLES]
Skin mags for old farts.
That is kind of your demographic.
Well, I turned it down.
And then everyone kind
of just forgot about me.
The witch took my house.
The judge didn't even
publish the verdict
so no one can use it for future cases.
Even he knew it was wrong.
Donald, he's just a vindictive, mean,
bad, bad man full of BS.
Where are you staying?
Airbnb out in Van Nuys.
I don't know how they can charge so much
for something with no charm or amenities.
My mom offered to put me and
the boys up in San Antonio.
My sister's out there already.
She says she can get me a
job at Cingular Wireless.
Hey, I'm sorry I was a dick.
Would you be sorry if you hit it big?
- No.
- Mm-hmm!
You are fucked up in
your own unique way.
But we all grew up under
billboards of Heidi Klum.
I didn't. Just kidding.
"I'm Mr. Sterling's right-hand
arm Man" Not really.
Sterling's right-hand job."
Hi. We're actually just
having a business meeting.
- So
- Oh, excuse me.
I didn't realize it
was a whore convention.
Very important whore business.
Go back to eating your Cobb salad.
- Little bitch.
- Are you serious?
- Did you just take my picture?
- You're in public.
You're a public figa, nigga.
- Wait.
- What?
No, you can't say that. Don't say that.
If you can say it, I can say it.
I hope men like you go fucking extinct,
you white piece of
shit. Fuck you, bitch!
- Girl, ignore him. He probably has rabies.
- Fuck you!
- You probably have crabs.
- Show us some fucking respect.
- Respect for what? Two gold-digger niggers.
- What?
- What? What the fuck?
- Okay, come on.
Fuck you, bitch! I'll fuck you up!
- To $2 billion!
- Shh!
[WHISPERING] To $2 billion.
[LAUGHING] How many zeros is that?
How much did you buy the
team for, way back when?
Oh, 12-and-a-half million?
- Oh, my God.
- That's nothing.
I was nuts
to let Donald talk me into it.
We didn't know anything
about basketball,
and the league was a mess.
But it's every man's
dream to own a team.
Who can say why?
Did you get yourself a closing
gift? A chalet in Biarritz?
No, I like being at home.
Yeah. Well, with your
view, why travel, right?
Ladies, I'm so sorry. Would you excuse
me, 'cause I really have to tinkle.
Me too. It's the tomatoes.
They're a diuretic. I'll wait for you.
- And what is a Clipper anyway?
- It's a bird.
You think they have a drug problem?
It's almost a 16,000%
return on your investment.
- That's an eyepopper.
- Oh, it's not two billion profit.
Not after the Obama tax. [CHUCKLES]
Right. But why did you
need to get the duplex back?
Why Why bother with V?
Well, it's the principle.
And I did a nice thing with it.
I gave it to my housekeeper.
- Gladys owns it now?
- No.
I own it. She lives there.
Does she want to?
What on earth do you mean?
All these years I've I've thought
that maybe you had Stockholm syndrome,
because you married Donald so young.
I thought maybe you were serious
when you were waving your
divorce papers at Barbara Walters.
I mean, no one would
possibly do that as a stunt.
I thought maybe you
were finally waking up,
but you were never asleep.
And you're not divorcing Donald?
You two were made for each other.
You both think you own everybody.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I worked through
my marital problems,
instead of joining you.
With your flowy shirts
and your consignment shops
and your long hugs.
I'm sorry I made money.
I never realized it was a
condition of your friendship
that I give it all up like you did.
Here you go.
Oh, it's been taken care of, sir.
[SHELLY QUIETLY] I can't believe
that you would talk to me like that.
- Hello, Shelly.
- [GASPS] Oh
This is my son, Austin.
He plays for the Pelicans.
We're thinking about maybe
bringing him out for the Clippers.
You know, make it more
our own a little bit.
Good for you.
This is my This is Justine.
Shelly, you didn't have to waste
your money buying our lunch.
I was gonna have my agent expense it.
Honey, it was my way of saying hello.
I miss you all.
It's been so hard giving up the team,
but I wanted to do the
best thing for the players.
Ubuntu, as you say: Be
great through others.
Yeah. Well, but you didn't
really give it up though.
- Well, what do you mean?
- Well, I was looking at our financials.
You still have 12 tickets
for every game, VIP passes,
free food, free parking.
If we win a title,
you get three Championship rings.
Why three? I have no fucking idea.
You are officially the
team's number-one fan,
and that's codified in your deal.
And you and Donald still
own our practice space,
which means you'll probably
just keep taking our rent money.
Looks like you did pretty good.
And that absolutely fills me with rage.
I know that Donald likes
to eat other people's food.
Maybe you do too.
After all, you paid for it.
Nice to meet you, Justine.
Come on, Son.
You don't own him.
[MAC ON PHONE] There's another
thing that came in for you.
Looks like they want to
interview you for a podcast.
It does not pay. But it's for ESPN,
and a well-respected journalist.
- Say no.
- V, look.
This could help you get a book deal.
You have all those other recordings.
There could be opportunities to
cash in on some of those things.
Thanks, but I agreed not
to talk about it anymore.
- V, this could help you
- I gotta go.
- Mr. Sterling home?
- He's supposed to be.
I can sign for it, I'm his assistant.
Don't fall asleep out here.
We just had the melanoma scare.
Don't worry. I won't fall asleep.
And don't forget,
we have dinner tonight
with the LaSordas.
Thank you for reminding me.
So sad.
If you don't want to walk
into a basketball game
with a certain person,
is that racist?
- [V] Honey, I'm sorry.
- [DONALD] I'm sorry too.
[V] I wish I could change
the color of my skin.
[DONALD] No That's not the issue.
The issue is we don't have
to broadcast everything.
[V] I'm not broadcasting anything.
[DONALD] Then why are you taking
pictures with minorities? Why?
[V] What's wrong with minorities?
What's wrong with Black people?
You associate with Black people.
[DONALD] I'm not you, and you're not me.
Optimism. It's a force multiplier.
And we are going to be hard-core.
And then nothing will get in our way.
And if something knocks us down,
we're gonna get back up.
And we're gonna keep coming and coming.
And coming. And coming. Hard-core.
[DEANDRE] Hey. Hey, l-look at Chris.
He all, "Lord, shut
this loud white man up,
and get me off this stage."
[CHRIS] Wait till they show Doc.
I ain't seen nothing that cringe
since I was watching your ass on Conan.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, like,
your agent sending you out
to do these comedy gigs
about the Sterling shit?
- Make it a joke?
- Laughter unites, I guess.
Yeah, you going to unite the people
around roasting your corny ass.
Yeah, I know they can't
stick a happy ending
on this shit fast enough.
I heard a theory that the NBA
actually wanted us to lose.
That's why the refs
boned us in Game Five.
Wanted the story to be over.
They own the teams,
but we own the league.
- Hey.
- Talk that talk.
- Hey. Hey. Hey.
- True.
Power to the people, all that.
But I agreed to come to
Seattle for a bachelor party,
'cause I never had wings
or titties in my face
in the Pacific Northwest.
So, Jamal, where is the strip club at?
Man, where we being where we going?
Where the titties, nigga?
This don't look like a strip club to me.
Is this a high school?
What are all these hoopers doing here?
Man, you want us to play drunk?
Hey, it's a midnight game.
Sober up for the young,
impressionable children, fellas.
- You blockin' the kid.
- You messed up the picture.
Hey, Blake, can you sign this?
My older brother and I made them.
- Y'all made this?
- Yeah.
Yo! Hey, check it out.
These children are gonna wear us out.
Robbed. He was robbed.
Kareem just got a statue on
the Plaza. Might be you next.
You wanna look at my
face at every home game?
Why not? [LAUGHS]
Thought you were trying to
leave that cursed history behind?
That's why I want you to be honored.
I can't make 'em do a statue,
but I can put you on the Jumbotron,
- and I can make everybody clap.
I mean, don't you
care about your legacy?
If I cared about my
legacy like you mean,
I probably wouldn't have
sued the NBA for being racist.
Yeah, I guess not.
What do you think people
are going to say about you?
Inspiring speaker, good leader,
not a X's and O's coach.
Some people say that
shit to my face already.
Single-mindedly focused on
winning to the point where
I overlook a lot of obvious shit, like,
my wife just filed for divorce.
And I thought we was doing okay.
How fucked up is that?
Well, I guess you
don't talk to your wife,
you don't make love to her,
you invest all your energy in the quest
for a fucking second title.
That'll fill the hole, right?
Nah. There's repercussions.
I'm sorry.
You think you're over
it, wanting another title?
I want one bad.
But some days,
I wish I'd have been
like you through this.
Look, I wanted to win
in spite of Donald.
But we couldn't.
Maybe we should've boycotted.
Maybe we should have shown
people that we were
hit too hard to play.
But I'm I'm looking
beyond all this now, Elgin.
- I'm looking.
- Well, this world will hit you again.
And you still young enough to hit back.
You showing off now.
I need to shoot till it sounds right.
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