Clique (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

Haven't seen badass Holly in a while.
Where'd she come from? I read about you last year.
I think we might have something in common.
Want someone to walk you home? It's Jack by the way.
You came because you're turned on.
Why not just stop pretending? CLIQUE Season II episode 2 What's happened? We were attacked.
Two guys Their faces were covered.
- Did they - No.
They didn't touch me.
Not like that anyway.
They stripped me, they NO THANKS Fraser tried to protect me.
It was brave.
They were two of them But he still tried, didn't you? We can tell them, Fraser.
We have to tell them.
It's okay.
I already told the police.
We saw one of them.
We saw him.
Good morning.
- She needs to go.
- What? Sorry.
He means sorry, you need to go.
Whatever, I'm not lying here and expect some breakfast.
Jesus Okay, well We all need to go down, make a statement.
- But Jack's arrested? - Yeah.
Did you come back with him? No.
Did you? Does it matter? I'll say whatever he needs me to say.
The death of our good pal and Edinburgh MP John Evans has caused the usual feeding frenzy around the dreaded subject of by-election.
It's no secret that I want to get my hands on his seat.
But, I'm just going to come out and say this, I won't be standing as a member of the party that's been my family for 14 years.
I'm starting a new party.
It's called Forward because that's the direction we intend to travel, obviously.
And if being a single mother has taught me anything, it's that if you wait around hoping someone else will make things better, you'll be waiting a bloody long time.
New policies, new approaches, new dedication to equal representation.
Jack! Jack - I'm his mother.
Has he been charged? - I'm not a minor, they didn't call.
I sure as fuck didn't call.
And yet you're here.
- Jack, why don't you just come - You're pathetic.
It's okay you were with me.
Don't worry.
How did you get the phone, Rachel? What, you want a blow by blow? If you keep calling me, I'll tell your case worker.
No, you won't.
How else are we going to chat? Has it started yet? Rachel, I'm gonna go.
What's going on? What's his name? Give me the name, Holly.
You know I can help you.
Jack Yorke.
- Hello gorgeous.
- I need to speak to him.
Who? Lots of excellent men to speak to in this house.
Barney, just let her in.
What's up, Hol? Turn around.
Is this a casual call or have you got a question? Who the fuck are you? Looks like you've already decided.
Rayna seemed pretty clear of what she saw.
Well then you know it all.
- You invited her to that party.
- I don't even know her.
You want to talk about the interview I just did at the police station? Three hours being treated like a monster.
They bailed me Till they work out how to ruin my life.
Wanna know what they asked me? How about what I said, huh? Ask me Go on Ask me, did I do it? Jack.
Give us a minute.
Are you two done? I don't like sexual tension in the house if it's not directed at me.
Shut up, Aubrey.
How's your girlfriend, Hol? She send you round? Barney, not now.
- What this is? - Holly Get out, will you? Hey hey! Don't I know you? No.
Rayna asked me to step in.
I can help you, tell people what's happening.
Don't you think we should wait for the police before we start sending e-mails? What? No, Fraser.
We need to send it now.
They discharged you then? I discharged myself.
I'm fine.
You been at uni? Yeah.
Has the liaison officer been round? About as useful as a slap in the face.
There's no CCTV at that part of the prom.
So there's no real evidence.
Just what you and Rayna saw.
He's out on bail.
They can't even say if they've got a case.
This the reason why people don't come forward.
That's why Rayna is upstairs having basically been told she's on her own.
I think I'm going to lie down for a bit.
We've been dicks, Holly.
We should join Women Rise, we need to help her now.
Is she still sure it was Jack? Why wouldn't she be? Let me clarify for you.
We found the worst people in the world.
So let's not be as fucking stupid as we were last time.
He won't talk to me.
Rayna, you're sure it was him? Fraser's being so mean.
How d'you mean? He was attacked too.
He must have been terrified.
Rayna Rayna, wait Rayna! - Everyone's cross with me.
- No.
I promise you they're not.
You know what saved me last year? After everything went wrong The truth Just keep telling the truth.
Do you like me, Holly? You still like me right? How is Forward new? What was wrong with the old one? Well, representation, for a start.
Why should a bunch of old white men decide how much child benefit a single mother gets? Or what our kids are thaught in school? What about the young people? We feel ignored.
That's why at Forward we want to create new oppotunities for young people, make sure that their voices are heard, make them part of I Googled you.
You were a lecturer.
And then you were fired.
I don't like corruption.
And that's why you set up Twitcher? To speak out about corruption at university? This goes a little way past university, Holly Our news-media is entirely one-sided.
And Twitcher is the other side? It's a home for little lost boys.
What's going on with you and these boys? Young guys just come to me, Holly.
We've been alienating these men for decades.
Telling them they are nothing more than patriarchal oppressors, monsters in waiting I don't know what discrimination you think young men are facing They're going to ruin Jack's life, Holly.
You cannot come back from this sort of accusation.
It is a life destroyed in a few short words.
You think he didn't do it.
I think we live in a world where you need to follow up for yourself, rather than believing what you read or what you're told.
Holly, we need you.
Look, I'm having a thing at the office tonight.
I think the boys are coming.
You should too.
Do you know how powerful you are? How people will listen when you speak.
- You owe it to those boys to - I don't owe anyone a fucking thing.
Jack! I found it.
It was freshers, last year.
I don't remember.
We were fucked.
But she was there, Jack.
You know her.
Where were you last night? I don't know.
You don't know? Okay.
It's gone.
Talk to Ben.
He gets it.
He can help.
Why are you napping? We haven't slept for 36 hours.
Fine, go to sleep.
Your passive aggression is a little hard to drift off to.
Jack's mum is Agnes Reid.
The politician.
- I saw her.
- Dani works with her.
Women Rise was supposed to meet her next week to talk about her work in rape crisis policy.
Looks like she didn't do a great job explaining those policies to her son.
- She wasn't raped, Lou.
- Why are you hesitating? Explain to me why that's not rape.
Rayna's obviously not telling us everything.
Fraser is definitely not saying something In what universe is it your place to question her? - We need to find out what happened.
- We know what happened.
Were you hoping to fuck him? No! I'm going to find out who they are.
I'll find out what they've done.
Wonder Woman to the rescue.
You came.
What can I say? I love parties.
- The guys are in the back.
- Right there? Well well.
It's the stalker.
No one is ever going to stalk you Barney, trust me.
- So funny - That's nice.
It's a bit Google for my taste but you know, it'll do.
Table tennis is round the corner.
So do you guys all work for Ben now or what? We came for a party, sweetheart.
Then why are you all hiding and whispering back here? Did Ben invite you? Yeah, he thought I might write a few articles, maybe post a video.
Isn't that the kind of thing you guys do here? Or maybe I'm here to ruin your night.
Well, I'm done talking to you.
- It's alright.
- Yeah.
Monsieur One for you And one for you.
Bye, little spy.
What was wrong with the old? Well representation for a start.
Why should a bunch of old white men decide how much child benefit a single mother gets, or what our kids are taught FUCK THE SINGLE DAD THEN? Jack.
You need to come, now.
- Get our shit.
Hello? What the fuck, Rayna? Where's Fraser? He's being difficult right now.
Difficult how? Why is he being difficult? - Rayna, you can talk to me - Fuck! I'm sick of this.
I'm sick of all of you.
Fuck you! Rayna Wait! - Fraser, open the fucking door! - Rayna - Open the door! - Rayna, stop! Fuck off! I'm sorry.
I just It's okay.
Tell me what happened, Fraser.
There's something else.
I ran.
- She laughed.
- What? Hello? Wait Fraser what Fraser! Stop! Where are you going? Fraser! What was that? Busy night for you then.
Made yourself judging jury.
- I made a decision, Hol.
- Yeah, you did.
- I think it was the right one.
- Could be.
We'll probably never know now.
We're gonna march tomorrow and we're gonna fight.
Well done, you.
Holly Are you lying? Sometimes lies and the truth are the same thing.
You need to give me warning if you're going to call.
Who's the girl? Louise has started a full blown manhunt.
Rayna I live with her.
What do you want, Holly? You need to actually say it.
If you're so sure you that can help me, then prove it.
His name's Jack Yorke.
Fuck, that's terrifying.
There's this thing tonight, I think we should go.
They're the ones who wrote the article? Jack hasn't been expelled yet! We need to speak to the dean now! I don't have time for that.
What, Lou? - Is Rayna with you? - No.
I'm leading the march tonight.
She's supposed to come with me I said I don't know where she is, what do you want me to do? You should be marching with us.
You should unmess your head and start doing the right thing.
Holly REID'S SON IN SEXUAL ASSAULT SCANDAL Agnes This is I know who she is.
Come in Holly.
Knew I recognised you.
I followed the McDermid case.
And now it appears you're involved with my son, so sit down.
How long have you and Jack been friends? Not long.
So what, you thought you'd come and see if mummy could shed some light, is that it? I guess.
Well I'm afraid you've come to the wrong person.
He doesn't like me.
Why doesn't he like you? Look, Holly, I don't know what you're after.
But I don't involve myself in Jack's love life.
That's not why I'm here and you know that.
I kept that boy safe for years.
And I can't do it any more.
- Kept him safe from what? - From himself, Holly, alright? Oh Jesus.
Do you think he could have done this? - I'm her foster son - Dani, it's alright.
Look, I can't find Jack.
He was angry.
I don't know where he is, I don't know what to do - What the fuck is she doing here? - Where's Jack? This has got nothing to do with you.
Calum, where was he going? What did he say? - I don't know.
- Just get in here.
Come! - Calum, what is it? - We need to find him! This is Jack Rayna didn't turn up at the demonstration.
What? They're both gone.
Say it once and say it again! No excuse for violent men! Say it once and say it again! No excuse for violent men! You have one new message.
Holly, Rayna's still not picking up her phone.
I don't know what to do.
For fuck's sake! - Hi, it's Rayna.
Sending you love - Pick up the fucking phone.
Rayna, it's Holly.
Call me back.
Show me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like! Say it once say it again! No excuse for violent men! - Ben? - Are you there? Seems like they met before We deserve to feel safe! We deserve to feel safe on our own campus! If they're not going to act, then we will.
We can keep each other safe! We can make sure that something changes INTIMIDATION? Now, let's see.
Alright! Alright! Yes! Tell me what democracy looks like! This is what democracy looks like! Attention.
Please leave the area immediately.
Stay calm.
Please leave the area immediately.
- Guys, it's a bomb! - There's a bomb! Come on! Come on! MICRO-AGGRESSION? LIAR TRIGGERED Jack, where's Rayna?