Clique (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 3

Jack, where's Rayna? CLIQUE Season II, episode 3 Hello.
Hi, guys.
- Hiya.
- What? - I'm sorry, are you okay? - No, I'm fucking miserable.
You? I didn't know freshers week was gonna be so So shit! My housemates ditched me.
- What's your name? - Fraser.
Where is she, Jack? I haven't seen her I don't even know her and suddenly she's the most important girl in my whole fucking life.
- But her dress was at your house.
- By the bins Why was it there? I'm telling you, and I don't know how to swear this so you'll believe me, I don't know.
Someone sent me this.
Barney had one from this night too.
He deleted it.
Was worried about how it looks.
It looks like you knew her.
It was freshers.
I don't remember her at all.
You know what those freshers club nights are like.
Hundreds of people, all desperate to fit in, all fucked Barney remembered enough to delete the photo.
He knows I didn't do this.
Your mum seems to think that you're pretty fucked up.
- She probably hopes I did that.
- Why would she want that? Because then she'd have me back under her control.
I had blanks.
- What? - Blackouts.
When I was a teenager.
Hours that went missing.
Get out.
Holly, you don't understand.
It hasn't happened for years.
How do you expect me to believe any of this shit? I'm trying to explain to you about my mom, about why she says this shit about me.
Mums tend to know their sons pretty well, Jack.
Not her.
She wanted me to be ill.
How can you be so sure that you're not? I didn't do this Holly.
Rayna, are you there? Holly, please.
Don't Help me.
Holly! - The door's locked - Let's go downstairs.
- Ms Reid.
- Yes, hello.
The director wants you out there in ten, okay? Yes, that's fine.
You're nervous? I would've thought you'd be used to this by now.
I'm sure I'll be fine.
I guess there are a lot of people waiting to hear what you've got to say.
A bit different today, isn't it? I know the national press got a hold of it.
Sounds like you are in for a bit of a rough time.
Yeah, I usually vote for the woman.
You know, if there is one to vote for.
Well, that's good to know.
Yeah, I have three daughters, Ms Reid.
- Excuse me! - Hello, hello sir! Quick question just for research purposes.
Have you sexually assaulted anyone today? What?! No! What the Are you planning to? Uni administration thinks you might.
Quick poll for you.
Do you understand consent? - Uh Yeah? - Sounds like you're not sure.
I just want to check.
Do you know about consent? - Yeah, yeah.
- Yes? Good, good.
You've been linked to a series of incendiary videos, filmed in and around the campus, and circulated since.
You mean videos about the bomb scare, that I wasn't present at? Or the ones of my wrongly accused brother, Jack Yorke? I'm afraid I've had to take the difficult decision to suspend you.
Difficult decision? I am responsible for the safeguarding of several thousand young people on this campus.
Are you suggesting I threaten that safeguarding? You were seen, chum.
On CCTV, calling in the bomb threat.
I was seen doing what? Walking around the campus of which I am a student and using a phone? I am not going to involve myself in a sensitive police investigation.
Let me fill you in.
Jack was questioned and released.
He didn't do it.
Word of advice.
If you continue to involve yourself with that website, Twitcher You mean, if I continue to exercise my right of free speech.
Have you even spoken to Jack? Jack Yorke has multiple infringements of student conduct rules and is therefore expelled.
You are suspended.
- I think you know this is unethical.
- Don't you talk to me about ethics.
Is this how we're doing things now? You just act without any due process.
There was due process.
Don't get me wrong, I quite like it.
Does it make you nervous? You're free to leave, Barney.
It should, sir.
It should make you very nervous.
What's going on? Rayna's still missing.
We're gonna go look for her.
Everyone, this is my housemate, Holly.
- Hi! - Hey.
Can we So what, they're all here to go and look for Rayna? Some.
Some are just here because I told them it's a safe space to talk.
- About what? - They've all been assaulted.
Once I put out my article, they just started getting in touch.
Obviously, after last night everyone's pretty angry.
Where were you? - I'm not fighting with you right now.
- It's like you don't care.
That's not fair.
Don't put that on me just 'cause I'm questioning what Rayna said happened.
Fraser said So neither of them are acting exactly how you want them to.
They're scared, Holly.
Don't you want to find out what actually happened? No! No, I wanna know how I can stop men doing this.
Sorry Louise, she's on.
Obviously this is a very critical time for you, the by-election approaching, and you now out on your own.
It is, yes.
I think this is the first time that I've ever been able to enact real change.
Which has obviously been threatened would you say? I think everybody understands that people have personal stuff.
I'm certainly not from a faultless homelife.
Dani's in the studio there, told us to watch.
You weren't Agnes' biggest fan yesterday.
I trust Dani.
She says Agnes wants to talk to me.
when it comes to safeguarding women in society.
The student organisation Women Rise has been working for months without anyone really listening.
These young women are future leaders and they are precisely the sort of person that I look to work alongside.
Many would have expected you to say nothing.
To retreat from your campaign.
That's not an option for me.
Despite your son being named as the catalyst for this situation? I am a mother.
We love our children unconditionally.
It must have been a very difficult accusation to hear.
We have to turn and face the problem that we all have with toxic masculinity.
So you believe the victim's account.
My feeling is that women don't lie about this sort of thing.
RAPIS GET OUT! He's not in.
Fraser I never had guy friends, you know? Even when I was little.
My birthday parties would just be twenty little girls.
What? They trusted me.
They used to tell me all their secrets.
And I used to look after them.
And then we all got older and the world got shitty, and I just wanted to keep them all safe.
- That's not your job though, Fraser.
- It's the only thing that I have.
It's who I am.
Or I thought it was.
Why are you torturing yourself? You haven't done anything Yes.
Yes, I have.
I lied.
I'm a liar.
I didn't step in.
I didn't try to save her.
I just ran.
I ran away and I left her there.
- Rayna said - No, that's not right.
No, she lied for me.
She'd say I was a hero and I wouldn't see what really happened.
She was just making a deal, so I would lie for her too.
- You didn't see Jack.
- No.
- Why is she doing this, Fraser? - I don't know.
I don't know what she's doing.
I hate her I hate her for testing me And I didn't It's okay.
Fraser Fraser ! Have you seen this girl? She's missing.
Thank you.
- Hey, hey! - Hey.
Are you okay? The police say they're making enquiries.
- What does that mean? - Exactly.
- Did you get hold of her mum? - Yeah, she's terrified.
She says Rayna used to run away from home.
- But this is different, Dani.
- I know, I know.
I don't know what to do.
There's this thing tonight with Agnes.
There'll be press and shit there.
I can probably get you in, it might be useful to get the word out a little bit further.
Yeah? Okay, yeah maybe that's a good idea.
Sorry, I'm so sorry.
This is so disproportionately intense, hasn't it? You're good.
We'll find her, don't worry.
When people don't answer the door, it usually means 'Go away.
' - He's not here.
- So why are you? - You know where he is? - Somewhere safe.
He's expelled and the target of a nationwide witch hunt.
- Mission accomplished.
- What for? He hasn't been charged.
Oh they just made up some student conduct bullshit.
They shit themselves.
Tell Louise thanks.
She's just trying to do the right thing.
And what is that exactly? What are you going to do? Help him.
He doesn't deserve this.
Okay, have we got everything ready to go? You forgot who you're talking to, mate.
Go through guys.
One sec, Holly.
Why are you here? Come on, Ben Are you here because you want to help him? Help us? Because if it's not that, I think it's probably best you stay away.
- When did you become his minder? - Since he asked for my help.
So you know where he is? Are you here to help? Gents! Show Holly.
Does everything have to have vaginas involved now? - You're here.
- Come on.
We may or may not have hacked the Dean's second phone.
We got a little bit of time on our hands since we got suspended.
- Oh my god - Oh yeah.
The man's been attempting to fuck his research assistants for quite some time now.
Blackmailing the ones who tell, too.
Did you get to the bit about his throbbing cock? Not the most imaginative, is it? Turns out your white knight Dean is more of a Dick pest? Neckbeard pervert? I'm going with pathetic cunt.
It's much cleaner, you know? And Jack's the danger? Recognise her? Our very own Chancellor, Glyn.
Glyn is building a gorgeous political science building called, I fuck you not, The Pankhurst Building.
A lovely monument to hypocrisy.
Something tells me Jack won't be allowed to visit.
What do you know? Looks like Glyn did her mate the Dean a favour a year ago, when a another research assistant told the truth about the Dean.
And just like that, that research assistant no longer works at the uni.
Chancellor Glyn, what a bitch! - Is everyone a fucking - Corrupt twat? Yeah, and they all love a party.
And we'll be there to celebrate, too.
- And what, you're going to war? - Yeah, and we've got a secret weapon.
Boom! Check it out.
Oh Jesus! Do you want it? Oh my god! Do you want my hard cock? What are you gonna do with it? Oh Jesus! Fuck! I think it's time to drain the swamp, don't you? Holly? You said you wanted to help Jack.
MISSING RAYNA MARSH You're ready to go.
I can see it in your face.
Why don't you stop pretending? I can do it.
So, this is it.
Self importance convention, tragic isn't it? Louise, I've been meaning to ask you.
Any news on our friend? No.
I was kind of hoping there'd be some sort of press here, someone to help to get her face out there.
- That's very clever of you.
- Well no one wants to help.
I think they think she's just a bratty girl, unreliable, hiding at her boyfriend's or something.
Most women have a magnificent survival instinct.
We've been looking for her everywhere.
She'll be with someone she feels safe with.
The Dean Chancellor Glyn And my foster mom, Agnes Reid.
They all know each other? Yeah, the rich liberal bullshit club is relatively exclusive.
Okay, so this shouldn't take me too long.
- You got what you need, Barnabus? - We're good, chill.
I'm gonna go get a drink.
It's not one for the public humiliation of the corrupt then? I've had my moments.
Ben mentioned.
I think that's why he likes you so much.
How old were you when you moved in with Agnes and Jack? Our mums were best friends And when my mum died, Agnes didn't want me to go into care so Yeah He told me about the blanks he had when you guys were teenagers.
We don't normally talk about it.
The guys don't know.
What happened? I mean, Agnes seems almost scared of him It's really fucking complicated.
Okay? Is he ill, Calum? - Calum, if you're worried about him - Look, I love him, Holly.
That's it.
- You protect him.
- He'd do the same for me.
and it's just been so wonderful to know how many of you were ready to support this amazing new facility.
Here we go.
As you all know, we've worked for years to deliver a safe, respectful How are you getting on? Come on, baby Come on, come on.
to every single young person that comes through our doors.
It should, sir.
It should make you very nervous.
open arms, and that they know they are respected.
If you're gonna do it, do it now.
Dean of Students, Paul Wentworth for his tireless work to give our students the very best.
So without further ado, the Pankhurst Building.
Come on, Paul.
Paul Wentworth.
Now it would be good, Aubrey.
I got it.
Oh Jesusý Do you want it? You want it? You want my cock? You want my cock? What are you gonna do with it? People in glass houses.
I'm gonna finish, you like that You're ready? FALSELY ACCUSED Nice! Great work.
These are not the good guys, now you know.
And those boys are the righteous revolution? They were right about this one, okay? Holly, you're totally sidetracked.
Rayna is still missing Just give it up, will you? She fucking lied about Jack, okay? And she made Fraser lie too.
- What? - Fraser told me.
- No, that doesn't make any sense.
- I know.
I'm working on it.
- Alright, so let me help.
- No, not yet, okay, I need to - What? What do you need? - This is how I help, Louise.
This is how I figured out what was actually going on.
By hanging out with those fucking dickheads? They're starting to trust me.
Holly? JACK: Room 8, Mulberry Apartments, E12 8XD.
I want to see you.
What are you up to? Ask me.
Ask me, did I do it? University Chancellor Glyn Michaels has responded to calls for her resignation this morning, after reports of a cover-up of sexual harassment by the Dean of Students Paul Wentworth.
Good work, ladies! The website 'Twitcher' broke the story, after it gained access to a party's hosted by the Chancellor last night.
Agnes Reid, the leader of new party Forward, was also unavailable for comment, despite her attendance at the event.
Ms Reid has been under pressure to comment after her son Jack Yorke was accused in an unconnected sexual assault allegation carried out week.
Guys Guys, just Jack, please, I need to talk to you! Jack! You need to leave us the fuck alone.
I just wanted to apologize.
I want to make it up to him.
How are you going to do that? Calum! On you go.
I'll chat to our friend here.
You okay? You want to go for a drink? Come on.
How many times were you mentioned in the reports of this attack, Fraser? They didn't mention me at all.
It was all on Rayna, on what happened to her.
Even though you were the victim.
You didn't realise that you were one of us.
Did you? You've been attacked and the world doesn't care.
Yeah, that's what it feels like.
We look after each other.
We fight against this painting of men as either dangerous or worthless.
Okay? Thank you.
Thank you.
The only problem being that I'm not sure you are like us.
Sorry? We're a family of men who know what is right and are willing to fight for it.
To protect each other.
And you aren't like that, are you Fraser? - You are weak and you are self serving.
- No, I'm a good You have always been weak, haven't you? Defending yourself first, no matter who it hurts.
I'm feel so sad for you.
There are times in life that show who a man is.
And now you know.
Now you've seen.
And we can't protect a man like that.
No one can.
Because they can't be trusted.
You understand, don't you son? I would say go home to your mother, but I don't know.
Maybe leave it a while, huh? It's hard to disappoint your mum.
Isn't Agnes great? And they call me a psychopath.
Jack says that she probably hopes he did it.
For her "Save the women" campaign bit? No.
He says she wants him to be ill so she can keep him close.
Have him under her control.
Well, he's screwed either way.
Didn't take me long to find that photo.
Jack says he's got no memory of Rayna from freshers.
What kind of girl is Rayna? Come on.
- Stop.
- She's an attention seeker.
What kind of girls seek attention? Girls that need attention.
- She set him up.
- Why? You think she pulled the whole thing off herself? Of course she didn't.
- Come on, Holly.
Work harder - Stop it! No, you came because you were freaked out about fucking him and you wanted some girl talk.
Well I'm not that kind of best friend, am I? - Where did you get that video from? - I'm not doing it all for you.
Look where I am.
And I'm already ahead of you.
What kind of weird race you think we're in, Rachel? Move faster, babe.
Rayna? Rayna? Fraser What are you doing in Rayna's room? - I just - Fraser She writes everything down, secrets - Fraser - Just fuck off! Just let me.
- What can I do? - Nothing.
Just go.
If I can find it, maybe I can Hi! It's Rayna, sending you love wherever you are! Rayna, please just give me a call, okay? Just tell me where you are.
I really hope you're doing okay and that you're with someone you feel safe with.
Jack! HARD DRIVE IS EMPTY HISTORY Holly? You're right.
We need to help each other.
I know.
Something seriously fucked up is going on here.
- I know.
- What do you need? If someone got rid of stuff from their laptop, how would I Okay, wait.
Back up, start from the beginning.
What kind of operating system? What kind of laptop? I'm gonna send you a link to the software you need to install.
What are you doing? Calum, wait, I was just - So you're spying on him now? - No, you don't understand.
- Oh I don't understand? - What's on there, Calum? Jack's got enough enemies.
I thought you were different.