Club De Cuervos (2015) s03e05 Episode Script

The Road Back

1 There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, the other is getting it.
You're kidding.
Is anybody home? No, no, no.
Look at this.
-It's the new one? -Yes.
-Is it three times higher? -Four times.
You're kidding.
You are about to go on a pleasure trip that I've been perfecting for years.
Oh, Chava! I'm about to caress your belly button from inside.
Do you like princesses? -Yes.
-Which one are you? -Jasmine.
-Then I'm Aladdin.
And I'm about to get my lamp inside you until my genie comes out.
Put it in.
Shit! What the fuck? What the fuck?! What's wrong with you, Dad? Give me a warning! A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES I Sir.
I don't know how long you were sitting there.
But I want you to know that I never intended to disrespect your family, or you, or your daughter or your dog.
I know my style can be aggressive and direct, also.
But I want you to know that all I have for you is nothing but respect.
And that my intentions with your daughter are the most noble and serious that you have ever seen Sir.
May I? Do you want something to eat? You know how to handle that knife.
My grandma taught me.
Do you enjoy cooking? I prefer to stay away from pointed -and sharp objects.
-Is that so? A chef can be an amazing killer.
And that has nothing to do with how good he is with knives.
No, no.
It's not that.
But he knows how to make a body disappear.
Although I'd rather compare a chef with a dad.
-Is that so? -Yes.
Because a dad, just like a chef, takes care of the ingredients for the recipe as if it was his child.
He cooks with passion, love, pours his heart into it.
You've given all of your time and love to it.
And then comes an idiot, who doesn't know the difference between hard and stale bread, or a freshly baked loaf of artisan bread.
So, he goes to the store the following day, and just pays for it.
Sir, I can assure you that I really do appreciate your cooking.
I do appreciate your cooking.
And I'm sure that your daughter is more than a simple bread.
Your daughter is She's like a cake.
A fancy French cake.
Don't you dare play games with her.
-I'd never do that.
-It was really hard to pull her away and get her back on track.
May I suggest ordering pizza instead? What's up? Hi, honey.
-Is everything okay? -Everything is perfect.
-Good morning.
-Yes? Remember how last night I told you I wanted to talk about something that could wait until morning? Yes.
It can wait until lunch.
What's wrong, Isabel? We don't have a deal with TV networks.
I fucked it up.
With Maxivision? With Televisol.
Well, then go talk to Maxivision, dude.
I also fucked it up with them.
So, you managed to fuck it up with both networks.
So, we don't have any deals with any TV network.
So, just to be clear.
What's the deal? We lost the stadium.
We lost the government subsidy.
All our fan base are now with the Tarantulas.
We haven't scored a single fan in Puebla.
You fired the sporting director.
We haven't found a new one.
Our only asset is a fucking snob who hates us and couldn't care less about being a Cuervo.
We don't have any sponsors.
And now I'm finding out that we don't have a network.
So, basically we can't even afford the fucking balls.
That's correct.
-What the fuck are we doing, Isabel?! -I don't know! Why would I run for fucking governor then, dude? -What team are we bringing back? -I don't know.
-What will we do? -I don't know.
I know.
I don't know.
-Call Uncle Luis.
-Uncle Luis.
Uncle Luis It's closed, dude.
If we keep asking Uncle Luis for money, we'll look like your Uncle Jaime.
We have to-- We have to find some kind of I don't know.
A way, you know? To get some money.
Are you listening? Give me Give me a second.
I have to take this.
So? Well, I think I'd prefer to see you without clothes, you know? -I'd rather have you take them off me.
-What is this, Chava? Okay.
But let's go to a hotel or my place.
Because I'm not going back to yours.
Chava! Focus! We're working, dude! -Chava! Focus! -Listen, I really have to go, because I'm fucked.
My team is basically going to hell.
We lost the financing.
We built our team with spares.
-Wow, you're a real businessman.
Give me that phone.
Why don't you ask my dad for help? -Give me that.
Are you serious? -Give it.
Wait a minute, Isabel! Fuck! Don't feel forced.
You don't have to say yes.
No! Not you.
The other Isabel.
The other Isabel, my sister.
Hold on.
You mean-- You mean to tell me that your dad may be interested -in investing in a soccer team? -Of course.
Dad loves sports.
What are you doing? Can you give me a second? I have another call.
Isabel Cantú, Armando Cantú's daughter.
Shut up.
Just a tiny detail.
Don't you think your dad wants to castrate me? Not at all.
He loves you.
He told me that you chatted in the kitchen.
Fucking A! Do you think you could get him to agree on seeing our project? Of course.
Leave it to me.
I just need one last favor.
Make sure he won't be armed when I go.
-Hell, yeah! Dude! Fucking A! -Hold on.
Hold on.
-Armando Cantú, dude! -I know.
Since when do you know him? Let's just say he caught me red-handed.
He found me fucking his daughter.
In his living room.
-He asked me to stay for dinner.
I thought that the food had poison, but-- -Here I am.
And now he loves me.
-Armando Cantú? Armando fucking Cantú.
He's on Forbes cover.
-I know.
-Isabel, dude.
He has connections.
He has the money.
I don't know if you noticed.
We're losing our wealthy friends, Isabel.
This fucker is a shark.
Can't we use a shark on our side, for a change? What if the shark turns around and eats us? Do we have another option? We'll go and listen.
-Only that.
Hugo Sánchez! Go.
Pass it to me.
To me! Fuck! What the fuck was that? You had to be there, bro.
It's what the teacher said.
-What's your name? -Benito.
Benito Gutiérrez, dude.
-But they call me Zombie.
-When your name is Robert, then you can tell me where to pass.
In the meantime, if I say here-- Here, asshole! Okay? Can you see it? Here! Dude, it's supposed to be a team.
Now go get me the fucking ball, asshole.
Easy, brother.
No need for violence.
Flow with the-- -Stop it.
-What the fuck, asshole? Stop it.
Stop it.
Go back to the line.
Come, Moisés, let's talk.
What do you want? Cool it, asshole.
I'm your coach, not your slave.
Come here.
They're old, right? Like him, dude.
I know that you're pissed at Chava and Isabel.
But take it out on them.
Don't fight your team.
The press is saying you're the spares.
The leftovers.
Do you understand? They don't need their captain to rub it in a few days before their first game of their first season.
That's all? That's all.
Fucking asshole.
What a mansion.
What's up, Carmelo? Hi, Isabel.
Adidas hasn't sent the uniforms yet.
Have you heard from them? Did you send them the players list? -Since we closed the draft.
-Let me see what I can do.
-What's wrong? -Adidas hasn't sent the new uniforms.
-Why not? -I have no idea.
What can we do? Let's add it to the list of things to do.
-So, a soccer team.
Soccer isn't profitable.
Daddy, think about it.
We'd have a suite.
We can invite people over.
You can use it for your businesses.
My dad used to do that quite successfully.
Everybody would take the team owner's calls.
Everybody always takes my calls.
I really think that this city could use another team.
We could market it as the nice people's team.
Do you really want to own a soccer team, princess? Of course.
Would you help her? -Yes, of course.
-Well, I-- Let's close the deal, then.
I'll give you the money, plus two percent that I'll recover later.
Deal? -Well, that's quite generous of you.
-Quite generous? -We're talking about family, right? -Right.
I can also get you a coach if you want to.
I can also get you on TV if you need a contract.
I can talk with ESTV.
I can do that quite fast.
I'm also thinking about the sponsors.
My company can get in and be a sponsor.
There won't be a problem.
-Great! -Everything seems great.
Can we just--? I'm also considering your political career.
I know that you want to run for governor, correct? I can give you the push.
Help is always welcome, sir.
Of course! I've always wanted my daughter to marry a successful man, so Am I right? Do you think-- Do you think I'll marry your daughter now? -I don't mean right now.
-But Chava already wants to be a dad.
He can't wait to change diapers, feed them, take them out for a walk-- Yeah.
Isabel was actually telling me that she can't wait to get an apprentice.
Someone to devote her time to, -to teach her all her knowledge.
To share it with.
Well, that settles it, then.
Deal? It's a pleasure making deals with you.
-Take care of her, asshole.
-We'll both take care of her.
-Can we-- Is it Cuervos? It's Cuervos, Cuervos! When she was little Thank you.
You look amazing wearing Chanel.
That's how you welcome me on my first day? I have to meet PRL's people.
We have to dress to impress.
-Good luck.
-Same to you.
With Isabel.
-I'm looking for Isabel's office.
Isabel Iglesias.
Am I in the right building? No? Yes.
It's there.
-The entrance is -Thank you.
-Good morning.
-Hello, my namesake, -how are you? -How are you? -You look amazing.
-Thank you very much.
So do you.
Where do you want me? Well, if you want to, we can-- Listen.
Your butler is -a little weird.
-What butler? Who? Carmelo? Carmelo is not a butler.
He's a helper.
You've never worked in an office? -No.
-I can tell.
Well -So -What do I do? Let's go shopping.
What are we buying? Some appropriate clothes for a work environment.
It's important that you understand that vote soliciting is your official campaign presentation.
-So, it has to be impressive.
It will set the tone for everything else.
We always do this in big areas, full of people.
So you can really feel how many followers you have.
-How many followers? I have around 760,000 on Twitter.
I have no idea how many are from Nuevo Toledo.
-I assume most of them are in Miami.
-And also in Milan, sir.
Do I have followers in Milan? We actually meant hired followers.
We hire them, and take them there, so they cheer for you.
-So, they support you.
Like Peña on Independence Day.
Fuck, no.
Does the media cover these events? Yes.
But they won't show you on TV unless your message is good enough.
That's why it's important for you to focus on the kind of speech you want to make.
-Like Nuevo Toledo's plaza, and stuff? -Exactly that kind of stuff.
Nuevo Toledo's outlet's parking lot? It's huge, and always full of people.
-It's huge.
-A few balloons would look amazing.
Let's make a toast.
Shouldn't we order some drinks? -Why don't you go get the car? Yeah.
-I'll go get the car.
Come over here.
This one looks amazing.
This one.
I love this design.
This one.
This long one.
Looks a bit tight, so no.
No, no, no.
Cover yourself more.
One more button.
Do it right.
That's it.
That's it.
Perfect! Next.
Oh, great! Neat.
Just remember to button up.
Button up.
My productivity just went up ten points with that button.
Next! Wow, great! I like it.
I like it.
It's great for a social engagement, but it shows too much knee.
But we're on the right track.
On the right track.
I love that one! This outfit makes you look professional, no fucking around.
I mean, I'm not saying your other outfit made you look ready to fuck around.
I love it! Take it! Hi.
-Yes? -Yes.
Looks perfect.
What do you want me to do? Did you bring your computer? Millennials.
Carmelo! Yes? Give Ms.
Cantú the password.
Set up a desk over there.
And open an e-mail account for her.
-Okay? Fine.
Close the door, please.
But what do you want me to do? Go inside the Facebook pages of the other teams, and do your research.
-I'll let you know.
-Dear namesake.
-What? -Nobody uses Facebook anymore.
Really? Then I don't know.
Give her something to do, Carmelo.
You can help with the files, and-- Do you have a mascot? Yes.
We have one who helps with the stadium signals.
I'll update it.
Do that.
19 DAYS BEFORE THE OPENING MATCH MEETING WITH ESTV EXECUTIVE -Great, Julito, great! -What a team you have here.
That's correct.
The Cuervos Negros Salvajes from Nuevo Toledo.
In Puebla, we'll be this season's champions.
So, you don't have important players.
We do.
We have Moisés.
-Except Moisés.
-He's with the national team.
-National team B.
-He's a national team veteran.
Amazing, phenomenal.
Amazing! Excellent.
The center is here, you idiot.
Not in the back! -Enough, dude.
Enough, Moisés.
-Rookie idiot.
That's enough, dude.
That's enough.
I know that you don't want to be here.
Don't take it out on your team.
-Look, Fede-- -Besides, if you came to Cuervos, enjoy it, dude.
I don't mean to be a jerk.
But this team is a joke.
That idiot doesn't know how to make a pass.
The other one trips while running.
They're not First Division material, but like kids playing soccer.
You're the captain, Moisés.
Show them.
Captain of what? Captain of this? Of this shit? This ship is sinking, dude.
This is a sham, dear Fede.
I don't need to be here.
I'm part of the national team.
-What's your problem, dude? -With what? You're playing in Puebla, instead of Nuevo Toledo.
It's as if we were refugees.
Right? Well, we're interested in Cuervos' legal rights.
But this isn't Cuervos.
This is something different.
So, we can't offer that much money.
Ricardo, we're as Cuervos as always.
Chava, when the fandom looks for the match, they'll find an empty stadium, without its fan base, or its stars.
I mean-- Armando Cantú is the channel's investor, but he's not an idiot.
We can't be seen as cable's smallest network.
Playing the unknown teams' matches.
You're saying that if I manage to fill the stadium up, you'll give us a better offer? Not exactly.
But that would be a start.
But you have to give a great image to the public.
-Of course.
Of course.
-You're absolutely right.
Is it okay? So people look for you.
-Of course.
-Okay? -Yes.
-And would you agree on using the opening team as a test? Okay? And if you do well, we'll give you a better offer.
-I feel confident, so-- -Yes? -Why not? -No.
I believe it's only fair if we sign a basic terms contract first.
Sounds perfect.
I'll speak with my people and we'll get you an offer.
-Is that okay? -Perfect.
I like that.
-Thank you.
-Sure! Yes.
Take care.
Where will we get 20,000 sandwiches for the opening match? It's more important that they play a good game.
We need to talk.
-It's about Moisés.
-What happened? He's messing with all my players.
What did he do? He's giving shit to everyone.
Telling them they're good for nothing.
The press is saying that they're the spares, nobody wants them.
But for the captain of the team, who's on the national team, to say that? No.
Chava, talk to Moisés.
-Are you crazy? He hates me.
-That's why, Chava.
You need to mend fences for this to work.
How are you, dude? What do you want? -Just to talk.
-There's nothing to talk about.
I'm stuck with a team that doesn't want me.
-And I don't want them.
-You're wrong, dude.
We do want you.
You're the Cuervo captain, Moisés.
Yeah, right.
From what I remember, you made Aitor captain, right? You said I was a nobody, without vision, shit like that.
Thanks to you we're Second Division.
And I lost the presidency.
So, I think we're even.
Look, asshole.
I went to your office that day.
And I told you I'd give it my all for the team, dude, for your dad, everything.
And what did you do? You ignored me.
You gave me shit.
You-- Are you going to repeat all the shit I said? Can't we just leave it in the past? We were friends, Moisés.
Together we became what we are.
We had the same goals.
I don't understand why the fuck we can't get along.
I also thought we were friends.
But you never called, dude, either to apologize, or to explain yourself.
Not even to invite me back.
And when I was doing great in Europe, when I was shining in Greece, I was chosen for the national team.
What did you do? You banned me, dude.
With that gentlemen's pact shit.
You know what? We don't have the same goals.
And we're not going in the same direction.
Is that clear? What a diva.
Come this Saturday to see your Cuervos! In Puebla! We'll have free bus rides leaving from this main square, -Cuervos are Mexican.
-one hour before the match! -Come to support -Only 40 minutes away.
-Cuervos 750! -your team! You're all invited -to cheer for your team! Cuervos.
-Cheer for them! Yes, hello.
We'll win We'll win -Cuervos 750! -Why? Buses will leave from this main square! -Everyone is invited! -Excuse me.
-Come over here! -What? Adidas just called.
They decided not to make our uniforms.
-Thanks for supporting Mexico.
-What? Why? They won't support teams that advanced without earning it.
No! No, Carmelo, no.
What-- Because they're a premium brand, they don't want the disgrace.
Fucking assholes, dude.
Take care of this.
No, no, no.
I have to see how to solve this! -And the league has to approve it.
-I know.
-And it takes at least two weeks to print.
-I know.
I know! Take care of this, Carmelo! I will take care of this.
Take over! -Seven-fifty.
-Cuervos! -Cuervos, 750.
-Let's go to Puebla! -It's only 40 minutes away! -Cuervos is all Mexican.
-It It's free! It's free! -It's free.
-We'll see you here after mass! -Carmelo, Carmelo.
Be more enthusiastic.
Be more enthus--! I said-- To the top! Let's go, Cuervos! Too dumb.
Remember that crows don't have teeth.
Birds don't have teeth.
Yes or no to the smile? What's that? That doesn't look like a crow, it looks like a toothless dolphin.
We have a family team.
We don't want to scare the kids.
That one looks like a zombie crow.
You need to design more.
My chair, please.
We're at the office.
I don't give a shit.
-Are you happy? -Very.
-How's your first work day going? -Super.
I love the book that you gave me, it's very useful.
It's one of the best things this dude has written.
Wanna go for a bite? Nuevo Toledo's Chinese food is third-best in the area.
How's the mascot project going? I wanted to surprise you.
But Hugo Sánchez is on top of everything.
It's going fine.
A bit slow, but we're getting there.
-I'm glad.
-What's this? That's the No.
That's the Treaty of Versailles.
It's a A peace accord between Isabel and I.
What? Isabel and you don't always get along? That's odd, isn't it? Isabel is adorable.
She's delightful.
Easy going.
Why did you suddenly decide to get a soccer team? What do you mean? I love soccer.
I love Burbujas, but that doesn't mean that I'll go get a Mimoso Ratón's costume, dude.
Who's Mimoso Ratón? Burbujas, dude.
What's Burbujas, dude? Mafafa Musguito? VHS? Damn.
You are from another generation.
-I missed it.
Why did you decide to invest in us? Well, I think it's time I create my own brand.
So you want to get your own perfume and clothes like JLo? -Asshole.
-I can help you.
You know exactly what I mean.
It isn't easy to get away from the shadows of dads like ours.
I wanted something to call my own.
Can you give me a private tour -of your city, tonight? -No.
-I'm working.
-Don't give me that shit.
It's a very important project.
I won't interfere with your activities.
If you have to stay to work, you can stay in the office.
-Do you mean it? -Yeah.
Use my desk.
-Use Isabel's.
-Thank you.
How are you? Tell me, how are things with Chava? It's been amazing.
It isn't easy to manage that many people, but I think I'm liking it.
-I'll be right back.
-Hey! Hold on.
Did you take your medicine? Dad, would you please relax? I'm all grown-up.
I can take care of myself.
Pass it.
That's it.
Mess with him.
Mess with him, Culito.
Julito, sir.
-Is there anything else, dude? -Yes, sir.
The petition for -The vote petition.
-The vote, sir.
We need to send Roberto Conde an e-mail.
Telling him that we decided to make the vote petition at the main square.
Tell him that we'll place a podium in front of the city hall, and show all the injustice and atrocities that have been happening inside that building.
-Isabel! -Oh, no.
Isabel! What? Isabel! What's wrong, dude? What happened? Why the long face? What happened, dude? Don't scare me! What happened, dude? Adidas won't send us the uniforms.
What? Fuck me.
Why not, dude? Because we bought our advancement, and they say that it discredits their brand.
I can't believe this.
But we have a signed contract, dude.
With Cuervos FC, not with Cuervos Negros Salvajes of Nuevo Toledo.
It doesn't matter.
It still fits in the T-shirts.
Good morning.
What's up, Carmelo? -The back.
-To the left.
Pass it.
Behind you! Behind you! Let me go! What's your fucking problem, asshole? Did Greece make you a fag? What the fuck? If you won't play, just go home! This is supposed to be a team! What are you talking about? I don't see a team here.
-Can't get worse.
-We can play without you.
You're nothing without me, you faggot! Can we just not go to the first match and lose by default? Fucking motherfucker! I'm on the national team, you idiot! Go back to Second Division, so you can train better, you imbecile! -How are you, Moisés? Okay.
-Go fuck yourselves! And there goes our TV spot.
Good morning.
Isa! I want your opinion, I have Cuervy's final design.
Conde says that he can't give you the main square that day.
-It's booked.
-Why, dude? Because there's an OV7 and Kabah concert.
Shit, dude.
-What? -Isabel! I know how to fill up the stadium, dude.
Chava, that's the dumbest idea that I've heard in my whole life.
But what can we do? Right? Do it, then.
We have nothing to lose.
I think I know how to solve the uniforms issue.
You deal with the fans.
I'll deal with the uniforms.
Okay? Bye, bye, bye.
Get Roberto Conde on the line.
Yes, sir.
-You'll get OV7, and Kabah, right? -Yeah, right.
What's up, Chava? You want to do what? -Hi.
-Can you please tell Mr.
Charly that Isabel Iglesias is here to see him? -I beg your pardon? Who? -Mr.
I'm here to see Mr.
Or whoever Charly's owner is.
Charly's CEO.
Do you understand? Yes.
One second, please.
CHARLY SOCCER A new T-shirt in a week? -Yes.
-Look, Charly.
-My name is Gonzalo.
Other than Chivas, we're the only team whose players are all Mexican.
Don't you want to be part of it? You and I are proud Mexicans! We're 750! -All against Trump.
-I closed my budget for the year.
Plus I can't pay you a fee.
But-- Okay.
That's okay, no biggie.
We can agree on something next year.
Won't change the design.
Okay, okay.
That's perfect.
We won't change it.
I love it.
Oh, thank you, Charly.
I love it.
-Great! What? Okay.
-THANKS!! KISSES!! Where's Isabel? I don't know.
-Why? She has a call.
From? -From ESTV.
-I'll take it.
Yes? Hi, Isabel.
-Yes? -How are you? We're talking about what we'll offer you, depending on the circumstances.
But we want the package to include our advertisement at the stadium.
I have no idea what are you talking about.
With the offers that we sent you, we want you to include the ads at the stadium.
So, you want something that usually costs money, for free.
I think you can give us a special package if we're going to sponsor-- No.
There are no packages.
Advertisement is separate! Actually, advertisement tends to be part of a package-- I don't care! You won't come here to tell me who can advertise or not in my stadium! If you want an ad, you'll pay! Okay? Very well.
Let me talk to the board - Awesome.
- and we'll stay in touch.
Have a nice evening.
Talk to you-- DAY OF THE OPENING MATCH Chava! Chava! Chava! EXI Chava! Chava! Chava! Is that an amulet? Looks great.
Why the long faces? Guys! Here are your uniforms! -Cuenca! -Here.
There you go! Zombie! Cuau! This one's for our captain.
Moisés "El Hierro" Suárez! Bravo! I don't think he'll play.
He won't.
Did you become the new Aitor, or what? I won't talk to you.
May I? Moisés.
No, Isabel.
You only care about yourself, right? Awesome.
Why don't you do your best on this team so the national team gives you a permanent position? I'm only talking to you.
Wish him good luck.
She says good luck.
No? Well.
And the captain will be you.
Any player without a T-shirt, come get yours.
Good luck.
-Let's go.
-Good luck! Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Cuervos of Nuevo Toledo's owner, Salvador Iglesias.
Thank you! Thank you very much! People from Nuevo Toledo.
I called you here outside our State, in a foreign land, so you'll understand that we're in exile.
On this important day, on this very special day, when we start the championship, I want to assure you, on my behalf, as well as my sister's, that with your vote, and your support, we'll get Cuervos back to Nuevo Toledo! Let's hear you roar, all the way to Nuevo Toledo, so Tarantulas know we're coming for them! Cuervos! Cuervos! Ladies and gentlemen, please help me give a warm welcome to the new Cuervos Negros Salvajes from Nuevo Toledo in Puebla.
Let's go, Cuervos! Remember.
I'm Salvador Iglesias! And I'll be joining Church and State! What's up? -Cheers.
So, what do you say? Do we have a deal? Well, Moisés is there.
The stadium is full.
The uniforms look amazing.
Well, we have a deal.
-Right? -Of course, man.
-It was a pleasure making deals with you.
-Thank you.
-Take care.
-Feel free to call us anytime.
Look at this.
Who knew, right? I can't believe that in two months we scored this stadium, a new city I mean, we put together a new team.
New players.
New uniforms.
A new fan base, outside of Nuevo Toledo.
Cash flow.
And my mascot? Which one? Cuervy.
Who approved that? It wasn't me.
Who approved it? Chava.
-But I didn't say yes.
-Kids love it.
We have to make everyone happy, Isabel.
Look what we accomplished.
What the three of us accomplished.
Subtitle translation by Laura Victoria