Club De Cuervos (2015) s03e06 Episode Script

Our Cuau

Salvador, you sound like a coyote.
Why are you listening to pothead music? You have to learn to relax, to have fun.
Stop being a douche.
I think you missed it.
Can you smell that, Luis? That's our future.
WELCOME RANCHO SANTA PÍA Weren't we in the perfume business? And we're into mines now? You either grow or you die, dude.
This will be a great legacy for our families.
What do we need to start? It's going along.
They have machetes, dude.
What's going on here? Well, I was going to ask you the same.
Who are you? These are communal lands.
Who gave you the right to dig here? Luis.
These are the documents, signed by the government.
But these lands were never government property.
Yes, but we paid for them.
Pity, but I don't remember receiving any payment.
So please get the fuck out of here.
What's your name, my friend? Crispin Moreno, at your service.
Salvador Iglesias, at your service.
Very good.
Excuse me.
What are we going to do, Salvador? We'll talk to the governor.
He got us into this, he can get us out.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Iglesias, but those are communal lands.
Didn't your lawyers review the documents? But you yourself sold us those lands.
I used all of my savings in that.
That was a bad idea.
But I can buy back those lands, if you want.
Thank you.
At 25 cents for each peso.
You should know not to trust a governor on his last term.
I bought these lands from the government not knowing they were yours.
Well, we want nothing to do with your business.
No, no, see, that's the thing.
It wouldn't be my business.
It would be our business.
You'll steal from us.
Just like everyone else.
No, no, I promise.
To show my good faith, I asked this lawyer to come with me.
-He specializes in communal land rights-- -No, no, no.
We want nothing to do with lawyers, sir.
-Gentlemen-- -We won't do it.
You won't be able to convince them with money.
You don't even speak our language.
I don't, but you do.
And I also speak yours.
Could you make them sign the permits? We'd have to figure out the right incentives.
-What the fuck are you doing? -What do you think? Giving him a cut.
-But that won't guarantee us anything.
-I know that.
But we have no choice.
If you do this, it won't end.
They'll ask for more.
And if we don't? Then what? We just lose everything? I'm not going to start all over again.
We could figure out other ways to make money.
I'm not giving up.
Do we have a deal? It's a deal.
I told you, Salvador.
I told you it would never end.
We've paid him four times and we haven't got a signature.
I know, dude.
Hey, Crispin's here.
With Manny.
-And your bodyguards? -Friends.
-How are you, dude? -Good.
And the signatures? These people don't want to sign.
-'Cause you haven't given them any money.
-Luis! I couldn't do anything.
My hands are tied.
Yes, but we fulfilled our part of the deal, Crispin.
I'm a man of my word.
I will deliver.
But I need more incentives.
Incentives? Incentives? What about this incentive? -Do you like it? -Why did you bring a gun? Okay, Manny, give it to him.
-Don't aim it at him.
-Shut up! You are going to write a letter, dude, you'll write all the money I gave you, when I gave it to you, and why I gave it to you.
Then your people will know what type of person you are.
I won't sign anything.
Manny, make him kneel.
Salvador! Stop playing around! Shut the fuck up, Luis! -Stop it, asshole! -Are you sure? Do you think you are the first one that's tried to dig up the treasure? I've seen lots of rich guys around here, like you, but they are all bluff, they have no balls.
-I have balls, dude.
You don't know me.
-Okay, let me see.
Kill me.
You think you have the balls? Kill me.
-You don't have the balls.
-I have the balls.
Kill me.
I dare you.
What the fuck? Salvador! What the fuck? You killed him! What did you do? A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES Let's go, Cuervos! Go, Cuervos, go, we love you! Nuevo Toledo has given you its heart At least don't go back to Second Division Give the effort, Cuervos, please This is the third game of the season, and the Cuervos are flying high, THIRD ROUND fresh after beating the Tiburones.
Right, Samuel.
Cuau has shown that he's an important part of the team this season, and perhaps he can become the man of the season.
You didn't run away from soccer like you told us you would.
This is my daughter's business, not mine.
Don't you find it risky to buy a team that just got to the First Division? No, my team is safe, I can assure you.
And I'm sure that with time, and patience, my team can reach its full potential.
We'll do great.
Is this our new mini-Armando? No, she's smarter, and prettier.
That's good, very good.
Hold on a second.
I'll show you my first project for a company.
Hi, Armando, how are you? I'm very happy.
I've never seen her like that before.
Oh, that's great.
I wanted to ask you if you can show her the ropes.
Oh, I see, of course.
-Would it be possible? -Yes, I'd give her lots of tips.
No, what I really want is for her to shadow you.
-Oh, I see.
-Understand? I'd like her to follow you everywhere, so she can learn everything about owning a team.
Oh, of course, shadowing, of course.
Do you mind? No.
Of course not.
Okay, I really appreciate it.
So, it's done, then? Of course, no problem at all.
Okay, I'll see you later.
Okay, see you later.
"My team can reach its full potential.
" So, now she's the owner of a fucking team, for fuck's sake.
Oh, hello.
-How are you, Isabel? -Very good.
Sorry for the wait.
-Sit down.
-How embarrassing.
-Don't worry about it, sit down.
These new players look tired, no? Yes? Is that right? Well, truthfully, you kept a lot of the leftovers, right? Yes, yes, yes.
But you still have two or three that are very good, they just need to get in better shape, and better rhythm, and I think they can be great team members.
-Yes, right? -Yes.
Oh, by the way, how's Fede? He's good.
I mean, he's fighting us a bit, 'cause we brought him by force, but Someone had to put him in his place, so he stops the theatrics.
Does that mean you'll accept the position of manager? I've been away from the game for so long that, yes, I'm getting a little nostalgic.
So, it would be good for me.
Very good.
The Cuervos are building a great front.
Cuau is advancing.
He's running like a gazelle, he's about to pass it.
And he scores! Deep in the net! Ladies and gentlemen! What a goal! Look at him celebrating! Hey, so, look Actually, I think that being away from the game isn't such a terrible thing after all.
But thank you for inviting me, okay? -Okay, good.
-See you around? -Great, yes.
As captain, you should know that these actions don't represent good sportsmanship.
These actions aren't allowed in modern soccer.
Fucking Cuau.
Nuevo Toledo is founded on three basic premises.
Hard work, family values, and solidarity.
But our lifestyle is threatened if Salvador Iglesias becomes the next governor of our state, we could lose it all.
That man has ruined everything he's touched, and he is not governor material.
I am Beatriz Díaz Gomez, the strength of our people.
For Beatriz, I will vote, I will vote CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR Okay, gentlemen, the campaign finally started.
Beatriz is attacking us, so, we have to be smart for the next two months.
-What? -Four months.
-Of course, the next four months.
-Another four months? -Yes, four more.
That's a long time.
Okay, the next four months before the election will be very intense.
So, we must get organized, and without a doubt, the first thing we must do is Reassure our base.
-Exactly, reassure our bases, right? -Yes.
That doesn't sound very sexy.
Of course not.
It really isn't.
But you aren't a traditional candidate.
-And it's a major part of a campaign.
-A very, very major part, right? Despite the The previous issues -No offense, Chava.
I still believe you can win, but only if you can show you've evolved to align with our Catholic and conservative values.
Angela Hernandez, I'm a political strategist from Cantú Industries.
Let's get to the point.
As we can see here, 40 percent of the electorate does not vote.
The other 40 percent of the vote is divided between you two, so, we really are fighting for this other 20 percent.
Fortunately for us, Ms.
Beatriz isn't very popular.
That's because her hairdresser and her wardrobe aren't doing her any favors.
She's never been elected for any political position.
And there's only been seven female governors.
And I bet they were all hotter than her, darling.
Her advantage is having PID by her side.
But Nuevo Toledo hates it because of her husband, and all of his corrupt establishments, so, Chava, -the punitive vote is yours.
In other words, if you don't fuck it up, you'll win.
Wow so inspiring.
So much to do.
Ladies and gentlemen, thanks to us, pride and grace will return.
And you know how? With the Cuervos, obviously.
Exactly, we'll do it with the Cuervos.
And with traditional Catholic values.
Yes, that'll help, too.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are the PRL.
We represent many things, right? We represent values fundamental values, like We represent.
We represent We represent winning, gentlemen.
And we are going to win back our state, for fuck's sake.
We are going to get back Nuevo Toledo, and we will win, gentlemen.
Of course.
To win! -Yes! -To win! For fuck's sake! It's my understanding Chava Iglesias worked for you.
Chava Iglesias? You mean, DJ Churches.
Right, DJ Churches.
That DJ was my buddy.
More than anything he would play Cheap Way and hip-hop and some feature house combinations, he liked techno, but he really sucked.
Hey and do you remember if you ever sold any drugs to DJ Churches? Drugs? Come on, what's up with you? What are you talking about? I don't sell drugs.
What are you saying? Okay.
I think we are finished here.
Thank you for your time.
You're very kind.
Cuauhtémoc Cruz's protest has showcased the discontent that exists against the general Mexican Soccer regulations.
And of course it has.
If so If so much emphasis-- What's up, man? What do you think about the mess? Good, right? Dude, they're leaving us without any Mexican talent.
They used to accept five players, now it's ten foreign players per team.
Fuck, man.
Next thing we won't be allowed to play.
Look, man.
That's not going to make us win.
The best ones must play.
And not because of a quota of five or ten Mexican players.
Look at Europe.
You can play with 11 foreigner players, that's how Arsenal plays.
The French National doesn't complain because Paris has too many foreigner players or Chelsea or Real Madrid.
Well, yes.
But our league is televised in Mexico and in the United States.
It's for Mexicans.
More than the ten percent should be allowed to play.
Besides, the players that they're bringing are not better, they're just cheaper.
I don't know, man.
I don't think that's going help us get any better, but okay.
We can change Mexican Soccer history.
You want to make history? This is our legacy.
No shit, man.
Son of the devil.
Where are the clubs' agents -What happened to your car? -defending the players? -Nothing.
I don't like driving.
-Filling their pockets -with the transfers.
-You douche bag.
First of all, the good news.
We've already won two games.
I want you all to know that we're in first place in the ranking table.
But As you can all see, in comparison to other teams we don't have many games or many seasons from which to base off our descending ratio.
So, in short, if we lose we go way down.
And if we win, we go way up.
So, the principal guidelines for a team that just came back into first division are If we win another 25 points we are in, and we would have a great season.
But if we don't get at least 15 points, we are fucked, so, we wouldn't make it.
Fede and I, thought that we should aim for at least a minimum of 17 points.
So, we need to get at least 17 points? I will not reach that score.
-Pepe, no, no, no.
-I'm not going to make that.
We need up to 17 points total.
When we win, we get three points.
If it's a tie, we get one point.
So, you all knew about -those numbers, right? -Yes, of course.
-So, you all know? Okay.
-Yes? Okay.
Okay, so, we are going to build-- More or less, the Cuervos have to win every home game.
-So, that means -Yes, silence.
-Yes, but what are you doing here? -Isabel? Yes.
So I wanted to take the opportunity to film for Cuervy's Snapchat.
With the players, while they are training, and at the locker rooms, -so that the public will know them better.
-'Cause the Cuervy is the bomb! Hey, Cuervy! Cuervy, Cuervy, Cuervy! Look, Isabel I know you are in charge of social networks while Chava is campaigning, and we really appreciate it.
I am very grateful for everything you've done for us, including our live publicity here.
Thank you.
But I have to tell you something.
We have protocols.
Everything requires a written form, and you must fill it out.
And then send it in a sealed envelope, and give it to Carmelo, who will deliver it.
You heard the boss, let's go train.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
-And with-- -Let's go, Cuervos! I want at least 17 points and complete concentration! Let's go! Say hi to the Cuervy's Snapchat.
Can I talk to you, please? -Did you bring your knee pads? -Stop it, please.
You're done, dude.
What happened? Can you please explain to me that little scene you caused? We just made you captain and you act like this? Yes, because as a captain, I have the duty and the responsibility to be the voice for the forgotten players of the league.
Which players are those? The Mexicans, Isabel.
In case you haven't noticed, we are a dying breed.
In case you haven't noticed, we are the only team in the league that only has Mexican players.
I don't understand your behavior.
Look, Cuau, let me tell you something.
The league will ask me to fire you.
And after that, no one will hire you.
So, I can try to defend you, but you know what? I won't.
Not until you promise me that you'll never do it again, and that you will behave from now on.
There will be no more problems.
Okay, very good, then.
We are ready.
Let's clear this area.
We are going to the first spot.
We're ready, Salvador.
He looks like a mural.
He looks like my Aunt Sandra.
She was -nutty.
-We should ask that they fix him again.
We have over 20 years of experience in this business, thank you very much.
-Chava, right? -Yes.
Okay, Chava, I need that you show confidence.
-Be confident, be calm, not arrogant.
-Be yourself.
-Yes, sir.
-Start video, start sound.
And action.
Wake up, Nuevo Toledo.
Wake up to your children.
Wake up to your possibilities.
Cut, cut.
I need you to act more confident, not as arrogant.
It looks like a St.
Jude commercial.
Let's do it again, please.
To first spot.
To first spot, everyone return to their original places.
Jude's? Asshole.
-Action! Wake up, Nuevo Toledo.
-Wake up to the possibilities.
-Chava, let's see.
-What? -Just do what I do.
-Wake up, Nuevo Toledo.
-Wake up-- -Wake up for the children.
-Wake up, Nuevo Toledo.
Wake up for your family.
Wake up to the possibilities.
Only the handsome win here, Chava.
Wake up to a better tomorrow.
For crying out loud! Chava! Can't you act normal? -Yes, I can.
-Did you ever take acting lessons? Yes, I'm taking some classes with my acting coach, the one from Mr.
And where the fuck is he? -He's right there.
-I'm here.
Talk to him, please.
You'll never be a governor like that, for crying out loud.
Take a five-minute break, please.
Motherfucker, asshole.
Who the fuck does he think he is? Who does that idiot think he is? Who the fuck does he think he is? How dare he talk to me like that? Doesn't he know who I am? I'm Salvador Iglesias, for fuck's sake! I was on 30 Under 30.
You got me the cover page, and you couldn't even defend me.
He told me I look like a St.
Jude's commercial, and you didn't say shit! You should say something! That's your job! You should've put him in his place! -For fuck's sake.
-Some people are just bitter, Chava.
-It's them, not you.
-Take a Valium.
Was I really that bad? -I thought you were amazing.
-Go fuck yourself.
I think that you have to calm down a little more, sir.
And you'll do fine.
Wait until the Valium takes effect and you'll feel a lot better.
I think he should wear less makeup.
The party trusts you.
Obviously, Mr.
Cantú does, too.
Otherwise, he wouldn't have hired all those consultants, -or the coach.
So, I need you to be honest with me.
Do you have the balls to do this, or not? -What? -Yes, I have them.
-What? -I have them.
-Are you sure? -Yes, I have the balls! I have the balls, I said I'll become governor.
I said I would do this campaign, and I will win it.
And I will return the Cuervos to Nuevo Toledo, and no one will stop me! Not even some shitty director of infomercials! Exactly.
That's the right attitude.
So, we are going out now, and we'll do the commercial.
-Right? -Yes.
-Let's go.
-Let's go.
Let's go.
How beautiful.
How long before it kicks in? Why are we here? They'll probably ask me to fire Cuau.
What will you do? I'll pretend I'm an idiot, what else could I do? That thing won't stop ringing? I just opened a Tinder account for Cuervy, and it has tons of matches.
What's Tinder? Are you serious? We are ready to receive you.
Thank you, great.
Please, put that away while we are inside.
Yes, Mom.
-Did you put it away? -Yes.
Thank you.
Good afternoon.
Oh, Isabel.
Hi, hi.
How are you? It's so nice to see you.
I saw your parents the other day at the Cardenas' wedding.
They already told me.
You are next.
Oh, no.
I go out with someone twice, and my parents want to marry me.
-Nice seeing you again, Roberto.
-How are you? -Isabel.
How are you? I can't believe it.
-It's been so long without seeing you.
-How are you? How are you, Javier? Can we speak later? -My therapist said I cannot talk to you.
-Oh, okay.
Okay, then let's start this right away, please.
-Right here.
Hi, hi.
We've had enough of Cuauhtémoc Cruz and his tweets against the league.
And I don't understand why you haven't fired him yet.
I know, I'm sorry, but he's the only veteran on my team.
Isn't he the one that organized a strike when you were still in Second Division? Yes, yes.
But that was resolved.
We solved it.
Yes, yes.
So, we'll ask you again, why didn't you fire him? Why didn't you report him? Well, because, at that time, we I couldn't take the luxury of firing a First Division player as a Second Division team.
And, as I said, we spoke about it, -and we solved the problem.
-No, you didn't solve the problem.
You've allowed weeds to grow in your garden and now they've spread to ours.
Well perhaps it's growing in your gardens as well 'cause our fertilizers are shit.
Well, actually, that's the literal definition of fertilizer.
Yes, that was a bad metaphor.
But what I would like to propose is that we look at things from their point of view.
'Cause they are also unhappy, you know? Right? We doubled the number of foreign players, we don't let them form unions, we exchange them without asking them, and there's teams that take a lifetime to pay them.
Like yours, for example.
But I really would like to point out that we should be a family, we should be understanding, and compromise, because we can only squeeze people to a certain level, right? Look, Isabel, do you know why so many foreigners want to play for our league? Because this is the best-paying league in the entire hemisphere.
Look at the Yankees.
Nothing is more American than a Yankee.
And their bench is full of Colombians, Dominicans, Cubans, of first level.
And no gringo feels offended 'cause all the players are foreigners.
Why should we put up with a bunch of Mexicans because of a nationalistic law? Well, because we love our national team, and we won't have enough players for it.
No, of course, we will keep hiring Mexican players, but when they play at a better level, at the international level.
The world is a global market, right? It's like Apple.
They hire engineers from India, China, Brazil.
It's wonderful, and speaking about soccer, what about the Premier League? What a league.
Right? And everyone is a foreigner.
Yes, but look at their national team.
And we have to put up with assholes that are lazy in eight out of 19 games.
And we still pay them much better than the best players of the Argentinean League.
That doesn't help us.
It isn't fair.
We're creating mediocre players.
Why do you think that the league wanted foreigners instead of Mexicans? 'Cause they're cheaper and better, and their executives made a bunch of money under the table, right? Oh, Isabel.
Look, we shouldn't be that aggressive.
No, no, no.
I didn't mean to-- Let's calm down.
No, no, I-- -What I would like is-- -Isabel.
Official notice.
Fire Cuau.
I can't.
I can't.
I'm sorry, very sorry, but I can't.
You all know how weak my lineup is.
I'm sorry.
Okay, you are within your rights.
And we have to accept it.
But do not forget that in this league, we need friends.
I know, and I understand it.
Honestly, give me a few days, just a few days, and I swear, he'll never cause problems again.
But don't take long.
No, I won't.
Thank you very much.
All is good, right? Great.
Let's go, please.
We'll keep in touch.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Why didn't you want to fire Cuau? 'Cause we can't fire him.
He keeps the team united.
Yes, he's the leader.
But what will happen if his goals aren't the same as yours? Who do you think the players will listen to? I can deal with him.
I can manage him.
Okay? -Okay.
But I'm just saying, if this happened in one of my father's companies it wouldn't fly.
Look, Coachella.
This isn't your father's company.
This is my team.
I am the owner of this team.
I know what's best for my team.
Okay? Actually, Walkman this is also my father's team.
So, I'm a little bit an owner.
Look, no, no.
You aren't understanding something.
You aren't the owner of this team.
And your father isn't either.
Your father, very kindly, gave us money with the option to make the loan into an investment.
That's totally different.
Look I just want to say that the only leaders in that team should be both of us.
-Both of us.
-Both of us.
And I understand that you don't want to fire Cuau 'cause you're friends-- No, no, no.
We have different definitions of that word.
I'm just telling you things as they are.
And I'm just letting you know that, if you are afraid of firing Cuau, I can do it for you without a problem.
Thank you, that's very generous, very kind.
But please return to your mascot's Tinder and let me deal with the team.
Okay? -Nuevo Toledo for the win! -Beatriz! Beatriz! Thank you, thank you, really.
-Thank you, thank you.
Beatriz! Mrs.
Beatriz! Please! Mrs.
Beatriz, please, listen to me! Mrs.
Beatriz! Listen! It's about Salvador Iglesias.
If you could tell me something, I could help you.
I could help your campaign.
The Iglesiases have always been very discreet with their businesses.
Although Salvador made his fortune in the town of Santa Pía.
If they have any skeletons in the closet, that's where you will find them.
-In the town of Santa Pía.
Oh, my God.
That was great.
Who taught you to stick the finger up there, dude? My ex from San Diego.
God bless him, for crying out loud.
How did the league meeting go? Well, if you think that having the entire league against you is good, -then, yeah, it went great.
-What happened? They asked your sister to fire Cuau, and she didn't want to.
-Why? -I don't know, ask her.
The league said clearly that this can end up being a huge issue.
But, whatever, she didn't give a shit.
She'll go against the entire league.
That's strange.
Why did she make that decision? 'Cause she hates men? I don't know, whatever.
The point is that this is the type of thing that she can't just do on her own.
She should discuss it with us first.
So, I just need you to help me with an indent.
-Yes, you have to go to settings.
-Okay, I'm in.
Did you tell the league that you wouldn't fire Cuau? Hello.
I told them I needed time to figure it out.
That sounds to me like a no.
This should be decided by both of us.
-Exactly, and you weren't there.
-Because I was doing a fucking commercial.
Exactly, you weren't there, you weren't.
I had to deal with the league alone.
Besides, what would you have done? Fire Cuau? And then what? We keep a team full of scraps? And a star player who won't even talk to our trainer? I don't care, Isabel, you've pissed off the owners of the two biggest networks, who are also the owners of the best two teams of the league, and now you want to fight with everyone else.
This is not how gentlemen do business.
If you fuck it up, we are all fucked.
Chava, if we lose Cuau, we'll go back to Second Division.
They were the ones that sent us to Second Division and then allowed us to go back.
Do you know who you're dealing with, Isabel? These people don't just control the league, they rule the country.
Okay, please, I'm not an idiot.
I know exactly who I'm dealing with.
-It doesn't seem like it.
-I understand how serious this is.
That's why I went to the meeting, and asked for more time, and spoke with Cuau.
-Yes? -And he'll stop.
He told me.
-Our Cuau.
-Our Cuau.
He said he'd stop.
He's going to stop.
Look, you know what? We don't need this.
If he does one more thing, if you don't fire him, I'll fire him.
-And another little question.
-Yes, what happened? Who told you about the meeting? Two presidents are enough for a team, right? We don't need a third one filling your head with crap.
No one is filling my head with crap, it's completely empty.
I'm leaving.
To my campaign.
I hope you are right.
About Cuau.
The only thing I'm saying is that if Chava is running for governor, he shouldn't go to the office to demand things.
Carmelo, leave that there.
Those are her things, we have to honor her memory.
While we save to move somewhere else.
And the only thing I'm saying is that if Isabel asked Chava about it, we would've saved ourselves these problems.
But why, Hugo Sánchez? Isabel has been dealing with Cuau for the entire last season.
She knows very well what she's doing.
Of course, but Chava, too.
Like when he made the team go to Second Division? And what about when Isabel sent those pictures to the media? My boss was just having a good time calmly at a party-- -Calmly? -She didn't have to do that.
No one tells you anything if you-- He was going to be president of the team, -he had to behave.
-He was going to be the president.
-I'm not the president.
-As if you knew how.
-Oh, please, Hugo Sánchez.
-I can't, Carmelo.
I can't do this, Carmelo.
This is too much.
I don't know when we started to fight like this.
When did we become so aggressive in our home? When will we stop? You are right, Hugo Sánchez.
-I'm very sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have yelled.
But their fights affect me.
They hurt.
I know.
And it was going so great for them.
Until she showed up Isabel Cantú.
Okay, then.
Take these.
You want us to have these on when we go out to the field? Yes.
Yes, they are from the hashtag, the one we spoke about.
Remember? Yes, of course, August 10th.
My dog's birthday.
Yes, that one.
What's a hashtag? Look, if we get into trouble, they won't just fire you.
They'll fire all of us.
Dude, we've spoken plenty of times before.
They can't do anything to us if we are all united.
I don't know about you, but I'm very nervous talking about this.
Why? It's just that, a conversation.
No one has to know about it.
We are a team.
That's it.
I'm Salvador Iglesias, and I'll be joining Church and State.
SALVADOR IGLESIAS CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR Wow, when you first announced that you'd be the candidate for governor for the PRL, I thought it was a joke, but now Now I know it's for real.
Whoever thought this was a good idea for a political campaign should be banned from politics forever.
I think we've seen enough.
Well, let's see.
This guy is a political satirist.
You can't take him seriously, Chava.
Trust me, you did a good job.
You think this was a good job? -Yes.
Okay, what we'll do now is stay away a little more from TV ads, and we'll focus more on interactions in person.
What's that? TV interviews? Like morning shows, and that type of crap? No, we will campaign on the ground.
Are you for real, idiot? In Mexico? By car? Exactly.
I'm here.
I'm glad I found you before you left.
Yeah, I'm late.
What happened? I just heard something, and you won't like it one bit.
Selfish, abusive You said you had spoken with Cuau, right? You said he'd behave.
What? Yes, he won't do anything.
So, why is that Aztec delegate organizing the players so that they wear their hashtag "10/8" bands at the next game? Who told you that? My friend Cuervy.
-What? -I told you, one more and he's gone.
What? Would you like to try? No, really, he'll fire him.
Chava! Take it.
Can you tell Moisés to send the pass a little deeper, please? Moi.
Fede says if you can send the pass-- Cuau.
Tell your trainer that if he wants deeper passes, he should make them run faster.
For fuck's sake.
Moi says that if you want-- Please, Cuau, tell Moisés that I didn't ask him for his opinion.
Go, tell him.
-What? Thank you for everything.
I think we all know why you're here.
You don't have a clue what I'll tell you.
That I'm fired.
It was a matter of time, right? You wanted to be a martyr, right? Congratulations.
You're on the cross.
We'll see each other soon.
Wow, so classy.
Good luck with your bricklaying career until you're 70, idiot.
Very well.
Let's go, guys.
Cuau, what happened? What happened? What happened? We have to talk, please.
Cuau, please.
Chava! -What the fuck did you do?! -I have a political campaign to go to.
What did you do, asshole?! What will we do without Cuau?! What do you mean? We'll survive and have the league on our side.
You've just destroyed the team's unity! -Oh, please.
-You destroyed everything! I just took the rotten apple out of the basket, you're welcome.
-Damn you! -And the Cuervos, they just wasted another game.
FOURTH ROUND Now they know what it means to reach bottom.
Again? Are you happy now? What the fuck? Damn that fucking bird.
What the fuck? She broke it.
WELCOME RANCHO SANTA PÍA Hi, how are you? -How's everyone? Good? -Everything's okay.
Good? Well.
My friends, I'm writing an article.
Do you know something about a potash mine, or Salvador Iglesias? Salvador Iglesias, like the street? SALVADOR IGLESIAS AVENUE Oh, son of a bitch.
Yes, exactly, like the street.
Subtitle translation by Carolina Salazar