Club De Cuervos (2015) s03e10 Episode Script

The Heart of Nuevo Toledo

I fucked up.
Okay? I should've heard you, I was an idiot.
I fucked up.
Okay? I said it.
Happy? Great.
I'm also sorry.
For calling you a bastard.
-Okay? -Okay.
-Do you forgive me? -Yeah.
Okay, so we talked.
It's over.
So, what do we do now? -About what? -You abandoned your campaign, and we still have a month and a half to try to get back on track.
So, what are we going to do? Well We'll do what we have to do.
We'll try not to go back to Second Division and we are going to fuck over Cuau and Doña Beatriz.
That's what we'll do.
We will get our state back.
Excuse me.
You have a visitor.
Ask security to stay in there just in case.
-Oh, God.
-Yes, sir.
Come on, come on, let's see.
When I met you, I asked you not to play games with my daughter.
And today, she was admitted again to the hospital.
Thanks to you.
Cantú, I don't think that was because of me-- It's the second time someone's betrayed her.
Sorry, I'm going to interrupt for a second.
It isn't Chava's fault.
All he did was get away.
I'd hoped you'd understand-- We had an agreement.
You were going to teach her how to manage a soccer team.
And he was going to marry her.
And then, he backed out of it.
And now, you want to steal the only thing that gives her purpose.
No, no one is going to take her iPhone away.
-Your dad was a cheat.
And I can see the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
I want my money back.
We can pay you little by little-- -No, no.
Not little by little.
-I want it today.
-Excuse me.
Today will be a little hard, because we don't have it.
I mean, the money's invested-- Yes, yes.
But I don't give a shit.
I want it immediately.
Armando, ple-- No! Don't call me Armando! I'm sir to you.
And I need my money back today.
I understand that you are very upset, but we have a contract.
And, according to that contract, we still have a few months left to repay the loan.
You are nothing but a pair of losers.
Three months.
The loan's collateral is the team.
If you don't pay me, I'll keep it.
If you take one more day, only one more, I'll keep your team.
How do you like that? He'll give it to his daughter.
What the fuck are we going to do now? The League's bonus.
-The League's bonus, dude! -The League's bonus.
So, they may come through here, and we'll be over here-- -Okay.
-Boys! -One minute, please! -Fede! -Moi.
-Come over here, please! -Look, I know I've acted like an idiot.
-Bring them over.
I know I shouldn't have dragged you here if you wanted to stay in Greece.
Please don't take it out on your teammates.
-They look up to you.
-Chava -You are-- -Chava.
That's already over.
Yes, I had already spoken to your sister.
I'm 100 percent with the team.
And you are still a moron.
Okay, that's great.
Okay, boys.
Let's see.
I know we all ended up here by accident.
And that the national media thinks of us as the leftovers.
Let's get over it right now.
We need to concentrate to win the next four games.
If we don't, this team will stop being the Iglesias' team.
And will become Armando Cantú's team.
And I know that you may be thinking that's not your problem, right? But it is.
Because the first thing that Armando Cantú will do, is fire all of you.
And get more expensive players.
So, this is our offer, boys.
Win the next four games.
Make it to the League.
And we'll offer you a contract for three years.
With a 15 percent salary raise per year, and a pension, for when you guys get old.
But only so long as the team is still there.
-Yes! Yes! Great! -Boys, yes.
I mean -Great! -Good! If you boys help us get through this, you'll be Cuervos members for life! -Exactly.
Cuervos for life, damn it! -Yes! Yes! For the Cuervos! -For the Cuervos! -Yes! -That's right! -Great! -Let's go! -Get together! Let's go.
So, what's the plan? The plan is to win the games, make it to the League, and pay the loan with the League's bonus.
I don't feel good.
If we don't make it, what will we do? I don't know, Chava, get the money in another way.
For now, concentrate on winning the damn election, we can find the money in some other way.
Fuck it.
If I win, we'll finance the team with the state's money.
-We won't be the first or last.
-We don't give a rat's ass! -To win! CANDIDATES' CURRENT STATUS UNDECIDED 24% 4 WEEKS BEFORE THE ELECTION -You left us hanging for a month.
-I know.
-A month, Chava! -I'm sorry! Cantú stopped financing our campaign.
No, no.
He stopped it because he's paying for Cuau's.
-What? -He's paying for his campaign to make sure I can't bring the Cuervos back to Nuevo Toledo, and he can keep them in Puebla.
Fucking businessmen! I don't know what to tell you, Chava.
Look at it yourself.
Doña Beatriz is winning by three points.
I mean, he won't win.
But he's helping her to win and helping you to be second place.
And with his anti-Iglesias speech, he's beating you.
Let me go campaigning again.
I can change that.
-No, no, no.
I'm not going out with him again.
-Why? Paniagua, listen.
-There's no discipline! I'll never do my own thing, from now on, Mr.
I'll just stick to the script, I'll do whatever you say.
I won't hit him again.
-Listen to me! -No discipline! I will kiss every single ugly-ass baby needed.
I need a second chance.
Let's go, good! Goal! Let's go, Cuervos! The Cuervos are taking every single shot! And with Zombie back on the team after a long hiatus, no one can stop them! -Goal! -Goal! But be careful, because Rodríguez is taking the ball to the area.
He shoots, and -Goal! For the Santos! -No! Fuck! A great play made by the Santos.
Don't forget, ladies and gentlemen, that the Cuervos don't have the luxury to either tie or lose the game, because if they do, it's over.
Remember that even a last-minute score could be lethal to their team.
It's the last few minutes of the game, and, watch out, because this is dangerous for the Cuervos.
-Martínez shoots and-- -He stopped it! -He got it again! -Stops it again! -And he goes another time! -No! -Yes! -I can't believe it! He stopped it three times! -He's such a good player! -He did it! Pepenador Torres! -Yes! -Yes! He became an impenetrable wall, and he alone stopped the Santos! -We did it! -Yes! Pepenador! Pepenador! What's that little dance? What's he doing now? Goalie, golie! We got 17 points, dude! 17 points, gentlemen! We are out of the danger zone! Out of the danger zone! Are we out of the danger zone? You don't understand this game at all, do you? -No.
-Fuck it, we're out of the danger zone.
-Out of the danger zone! -Out of the danger zone! The Cuervos really turned around this season.
They won another game, and went up in the score, now with 20 points.
Fede Barreta's team won its last game with a score by our dear Moisés.
And what about Pepe, the "Pepenador" Torres? That's right, like Samuel said, the work of Pepe as a goalie is great.
Why? Because the Cuervos' defense is very weak, they aren't holding up enough.
Pepenador has to stop every attack.
Besides, as you mentioned in the attack, Moisés is becoming an important figure.
He didn't do so well on the National Team, but now, he's coming back by scoring, and he's also helping the Cuervos' defense.
Regarding Zombie, I hope his heart doesn't give out again.
-No, Zombie, take care.
Pepe the Pepenador, without a doubt, the most valuable player this game.
It's crazy! People are calling it "La Pepenadora"! Pepenador! Pepenador! Pepenador! CANDIDATES' CURRENT STATUS UNDECIDED 23% 3 WEEKS BEFORE THE ELECTION Very good, Chava.
We matched Doña Beatriz now that the Cuervos are winning.
-Right? -It's going great.
Please, stick to the Cuervos.
Take pictures with them, selfies, your own social networks.
-We need to stick to that, okay? -Okay, Paniagua.
Very good, very good.
How are you? Pepe.
How are you? -Can I talk to you for a second? -Yes.
We want to let you know we are happy with you.
We are very proud, you are playing amazingly.
-Thank you.
So, do you have a Twitter account? -What? -Your Twitter? Can I see your phone? Well, I had one, but it won't turn on.
Hugo Sánchez, get him an iPhone 7.
And open a Twitter account, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, what else? Grindr? And Uber? Uber, yes, but deactivate Uber Black.
He can't go to the supermarket in a Benz.
-Of course, sir.
-Make an appointment with my tailor, and with the nutritionist.
Let's also do a laser hair removal here to clean up his stubble, -an appointment with the dentist.
-And with that -Is this your bag? -Yes.
I'm going to be direct, Pepe.
Would you like to save the people of Nuevo Toledo? -It'd be great to save Nuevo Toledo.
-Right? But what would I have to do? It's very easy.
You'd have to support my campaign publicly, there's no additional pay, but we'd like to pamper you a little bit.
So, if you could have what you wanted, what would you want? Well I think I'd like to go to Orlando.
To Orlando? -That's great! That's really good.
-Orlando it is, then! Very good! To meet Mickey, and the rest! Could you take our picture? Make sure the locker room is in it.
I'll take it, I'll take it.
Let's do the campaign's symbol, with our arms like this, and the biggest smile.
Move a little bit over there.
-There we go, great.
-Yes, yes.
Pepe, thank you very much, -from all of Nuevo Toledo.
-Thank you for the opportunity.
-He also needs a manicure.
-Yes, sir.
And the potato sack? I mean, his luggage? -We'll send your things in a suitcase.
-Yes, your bag.
-In an actual suitcase.
-His bag.
But The country's oligarchy is the most dangerous cartel in Mexico.
Because it is high time that a woman becomes the governor of this city.
The way we manage at home, counting each and every peso, transparently.
Betty! Betty! My father made this town into a city.
And I assure you, when I become the governor, I will transform Nuevo Toledo into a national power.
Cuervos 7-50! Cuervos 7-50! SOCCER NATION After another victory, the Cuervos now have 23 points, and if they win the next game against the Tarantulas, they will enter the League, no doubt.
And today we have with us, "Pepenador" Pepe Torres.
The person that will save the Cuervos.
How are you doing today, Pepe? -Very good, thank you.
Very happy.
-So, tell us your story.
How do you deal with the fame, Pepe? It's been very exciting, and strange, I have friends talking to me that hadn't talked to me since first grade.
And we've heard lots of rumors about teams in Europe wanting you, other teams, and lots of money.
What's going on? Yes, there are lots of rumors, but I'm very happy with the Cuervos.
And the Cuervos with you.
Yes, and Salvador Iglesias, J.
, is a great leader, and he has amazing economic policies, and he's going to increase the potential of our state with better nutrition.
This Friday night, come with us to help the Cuervos in their fight to get back home.
At the Nido Negro.
It'll be a great game, because we are also going to fight against the corrupt government of Gómez Prieto, that banished us and replaced us with the Tarántulas.
Believing that you could substitute the true heart of a city with a fake team.
We are the true heart of Nuevo Toledo.
And this Friday, we will make history, when we get back our home.
Join us.
We need you.
Cuervos, Cuervos! I'm Salvador Iglesias, and I'll be joining Church and State.
I don't understand this business anymore.
Neither do I.
I don't know why I didn't change political parties before.
Do what I say.
I put it in.
How the hell is that snotty, dyslexic, little moron winning? They own the Cuervos, honey.
If the Cuervos start winning, so will he.
We can fix that easily.
The Tarántulas cannot lose.
You will help us with this, right? We've paid you a lot of money for that Pizarro guy.
I don't think that'll be a problem.
They had a winning streak, but all streaks eventually end.
So, tell me.
What's your strategy? Right now, I don't know.
Look, honey.
Don't even tell me.
That Cuauhtémoc Cruz is like having another ovarian cyst.
Who is that little bitch beside him? Wait, wait, wait.
I think that's his agent.
They just fired him from the League because he's not affiliated with FIFA.
Of course! I'd like to share the news with you: Chava is now ahead on the polls.
And it's thanks to you guys.
Because each and every one of you has been winning the games.
Bravo! A hand, please! Do it! And if we win the next game, Chava will win the election, and we'll be back in Nuevo Toledo.
Bravo! I want you to know that this is your chance to demonstrate to every other fucking owner of a team that a team of only Mexican players can beat a team of only foreign players! -Of course! -Of course! I am Cuervo, I'm made in Mexico, 7-50! 7-50! 7-50! 7-50! -What happened? -Pepenador won't be able to play.
-Why not, dude? -His agent is not affiliated with FIFA, -and the League just realized that.
-You're joking.
7-50! 7-50! 7-50! -For fuck's sake.
-7-50! 7-50! 7-50! This is the last game of the season, and the Cuervos are back at the stadium they're fighting for.
The home that they haven't touched in over a year and a half.
We've never had soccer and politics intertwined so dramatically as tonight.
The Cuervos will play against Tarántulas, three weeks before the election.
The polls are very tight, but Chava is still ahead, and whoever wins will enter the League, and we can assume, will also win the election.
The Cuervos have enjoyed a great season, but today they are here without their hero, Pepenador Torres.
Okay, Cuervos.
Here we go.
A month ago, we were about to go back to Second Division.
And today, we are one game from entering the League.
The only problem is that Pepenador won't be with us, so instead, we'll have Vázquez.
Give him a hand.
That's right! Here you go.
Let's do this.
Damn it.
Fede I used to be a goalie.
I can do this.
Then Axel will be the goalie.
Moisés, you have to be on the front a bit-- Okay, Fede.
No problem.
Zombie, you'll stay in central defense, firmly.
And, Julito, stay on the left, I don't want you to go forward, stay tight, defending.
Fede, Fede.
We can't just play defense, we have to attack.
Zombie, if they don't score, we'll win.
If we score just once, we can beat them.
If I play as forward again? -No! -Don't fuck with us! Zombie, please.
Last time you left in a gurney.
Besides, Zombie, I don't want you to die again.
Come on.
I've been living with this my whole life.
I've had heart attacks since I was 12.
The only place I feel alive is on a soccer field.
Besides, I know what it is to die on the field.
Right? Fede.
Give me the release papers, I'll sign them, and that's it.
I'll take the responsibility from the Cuervos.
-Well -Come on.
It'll be okay.
Okay, we'll have to play like that.
We'll see you on the field.
Give it your all.
Ready? Let's go.
Let's give a warm welcome back home to the Cuervos Negros Salvajes of Nuevo Toledo in Nuevo Toledo! The Cuervos are back on the field, and hear the crowd going crazy! Cuervos! Cuervos! The announcer is Hugo Sánchez's cousin.
-Bravo! -Let's go, Cuervos! Let's go! The amazing player Javier Pizarro face to face against Moisés.
They look as if they're about to start boxing, it's so exciting.
That's right, these two don't like each other at all.
And the Cuervos get to start.
And the game begins! Look at Pizarro, he's a formidable player from the Tarántulas.
Look at him running with the ball.
Moisés steals it, Julito shoots, but the Tarántulas stop it.
Look, he stopped it, he stopped it! Watch out, he kicks the ball and Almost a goal! Look at Chava and Isabel's faces, they say it all.
In Pepenador's absence, it's Axel.
This is the second half of the game, they are still 0 to 0.
Moisés passes the ball to Zombie, who is running on the side, he gives it to Julito who tries to score again.
Wow, my God! -They almost scored! -And watch out for the counterattack, because Pizarro is coming in fast, threatening through the middle.
Moisés running against him to stop him.
Good, good! -What? He's killing him.
-What was that? -What? What? -He killed him.
The red card.
He stopped the goal, but got a red card, of course.
-Martyr! -We're doing good! Martyr, dude! -One player less.
-It didn't stop it.
Fucking shit.
Sacrifice by expulsion.
Very brave.
Nothing else.
Last minutes of the game, while the Tarántulas are running in the middle, there's no defense, and Axel-- No, no, no! Axel comes out of the goal area, and he confronts them with his feet! -Like a wall! -What a way to keep the ball! The ball's in the middle field, he makes a pass he shoots, and Goal! What a goal! What a play! Goal for the Cuervos! The referee signals the end of the game, and the Cuervos are now in the preliminaries! The Cuervos are in the preliminaries! The Cuervos have shown everyone that they own the Nido Negro.
And the Cuervos are now declared winners with their own people, in their own stadium, and everyone loves them.
-How are you? Hello.
-How are you? Cuervos! Cuervos, Cuervos! Little one.
Where do we eat, dude? What happened, team? Ready to empty the coffers of Nuevo Toledo or what? What? LIVE At the entrance of Camino de los Girasoles, where I was informed the body of Crispin Moreno was buried here 30 years ago, after Salvador Iglesias murdered him.
Behind me is the investigating team of the PGR, that will help with completing this investigation.
Join us.
The governor is a jerk, for sure.
Everything, everything.
No, leave it, leave it.
Don't move it.
Leave it.
Careful, we have to remove the rest.
Help him, please.
Ready, let's go.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have absolute proof that Crispin Moreno was buried and executed right here.
Just like the wife of Juan Manuel Orduño said.
Manny's family? Manny was our bodyguard, since forever, he had an accident one year ago, and he died, after taking me to Mexico City.
His family must be pissed at us and are trying to ruin us, but this is obviously a lie.
It's stupid.
We have to deny it.
What do you think? Yes, of course.
-Is that it, guys? -Yes.
-What the fuck's going on? -They are really pissed.
We want justice for Crispin Moreno! We want justice for Crispin Moreno! We want justice for Crispin Moreno! We want justice for Crispin Moreno! What the fuck is going on? Doña Beatriz is probably doing this.
She's causing all this shit.
Excuse me! That's right.
Get out of the way! Yes, sir.
I'm sure it was Doña Beatriz.
Robert, no, no, no.
Who said that? Who said that? But who the fuck said you should stop paying them? Fuck.
How bad is it? Bad.
-Did you know about this? -No, I didn't.
I just heard from the office that JP stopped their payments.
Why didn't they talk with us first? Why are they against us? They said they tried, and I ignored them.
Iglesias! Mrs.
Iglesias! Mrs.
Iglesias, I'm Manuel Orduño's son! Mrs.
Iglesias, I'm Manuel Orduño's son! Mrs.
We are going to win! Isabel! Isabel! Please! I have no idea.
We have to talk to them, apologize, and put them back on our payroll.
Yes, I know.
Fucking Jose Luis Lavalle, got his way.
What did the party say? That we are too close to the election and we can't turn it around.
Fucking media, they can lie as much as they want, and we can't do anything.
Don't worry about it, they all die fat, bald, and shitting blood.
You need to see this.
-What? -You need to see this.
-What? -I am stunned with the news.
Knowing, hearing, finding out that Mr.
Salvador Iglesias was capable of murdering someone.
You, the people who will vote soon, wouldn't want the children of that man, with his ways, educated by a murderer-- Because these idiots are just like their father.
They are thieves, oligarchs, corrupt, liars, that live off of their father's dirty money.
This is a battle between the classes, comrades, and we can be the ones that change history.
Vote for me, and we will recover our land, and make it-- What are we going to do? I have to clear things up.
We want justice! -We want justice! -Please, open the door.
-We want justice! -Okay, okay.
Okay, stop.
I won't say anything that we don't already know.
José Luis Lavalle is a smart reporter.
But he's also a liar.
He's fabricating this whole story to delegitimize my candidacy.
I also have to say that this attack is not directed against my father.
It's directed against me.
This attack isn't thinking about the best interests of Nuevo Toledo.
This attack is only about a personal vendetta.
It's very easy to say that a body discovered today is because my father committed a murder.
But I would like to ask José Luis Lavalle and everyone else accusing us: Where's the proof? Where is the proof that my father is the murderer? While there is no proof, I will remain firm and proud, with my sister, as the candidate that will take this state to better times, and to return the Cuervos to Nuevo Toledo.
I am Salvador Iglesias, and I will continue my candidacy, to join Church and State.
Good afternoon.
Chava Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Salvador Iglesias wanted to exploit the potassium mine in the lands of Santa Pía, without consulting with the town.
When Crispin Moreno found out, he refused, of course.
Salvador Iglesias started to harass him, and when he saw that it wasn't working, he decided to order his execution.
And are you 100 percent sure that it was Salvador Iglesias? Absolutely.
Actually, the family of his bodyguard was the one who told me the exact location of the body.
Well, without a doubt, this information is absolutely shocking, but, please, stay with us, we'll come back after a short break.
Body? Murder? This is a talk show, not the news! This interview is over, thanks.
Start the puppy fashion show immediately! CANDIDATES' CURRENT STATUS UNDECIDED 27% 1 WEEK BEFORE THE ELECTION While we discover more details about the murder of Crispin Moreno Díaz, all we really know is that members of his family have searched for him for many years, never knowing what happened to him, after he tried to stop Salvador Iglesias from mining in their town, to preserve their natural heritage.
Natural heritage? It was a deserted land with 30 houses.
Chava's numbers are dropping fast.
And even though no one reads the news, no one reads the newspapers, Doña Beatriz and Cuauhtémoc are making sure that everyone knows about it.
But my father wasn't a fucking murderer.
It doesn't matter, Isabel.
It's politics.
-Fonda Fina? -Fonda Fina? That man was exploiting the whole town, you need to understand that.
And he kept extorting your father, payment after payment.
Without ever giving him the papers of the common lands.
He never cared about the people in the town, or about your father.
The only thing he cared about was to keep the money from everyone for himself.
Was it wrong? Of course.
But thanks to that, your father was able to develop this town, and this city, and all of its industry.
-And our legacy.
-That's not true.
That isn't true.
-Chava! -It isn't true, you're pissed.
You hate my dad because he left you.
And you are taking this chance to ruin his name.
I won't allow you to ruin my father's legacy.
You've always had a hatred against him-- -Chava! -What? What? It's true.
It isn't true.
It isn't true, Mom.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
Look I think it was probably an accident.
An accident.
The gun probably just went off.
He didn't know how to use it.
-You don't know how to -Sweetie.
Your dad was very scared.
But he was the one that took out the gun.
Do you understand? Since then, he never stopped having nightmares.
Oh, the nightmares.
-And you knew about this? -Yes.
But why did you never say it before? Because we didn't want to ruin your father's name.
You loved him.
He was an extraordinary man.
Most of the time.
I mean everyone has their faults, right? Everyone.
No one is perfect.
-And Salvador even less.
-Of course.
Is that why you two separated? -What? You never told him? -Tell me what? He wasn't old enough.
-Didn't tell me what? -He's 31 years old, right? -What didn't you tell me? -You weren't born prematurely.
But I saw the pictures.
I was in the incubator, I saw them.
Because you were born small.
You told me I was born at seven months, that's why I ran weird and that's why I kept falling and was bad at swimming.
You were born weak.
Honestly, you were overcooked.
What do you mean? You were born at 42 weeks.
So, you still were You still were Married.
Of course.
That's why you've always hated me so much.
-I don't hate you, Chava.
Chava! Hey, Chabela.
THIEF Justice! Bad night? Oh, shit.
Not as bad as yours.
Hi, Rafa.
What's up? -Thank you for being here.
-You're welcome.
Whatever you need.
If you need anything, call me.
What's up? Is everyone sick? I don't think everyone had a bad meal and got sick.
What the fuck? Hi, uncle.
Why are you here? What's up? I told you that Chava shouldn't run for governor.
But you two didn't want to listen.
And for the last six months, while you two were fooling around and antagonizing the governor, I've had my balls up my throat.
All this time while they kept taking away our permits, our money, and giving us fines up to our ears.
But I never thought you two would make it that far.
And now, this news about your father comes up.
And this is my limit.
It's over for me.
-What do you mean? It's over? -Where are you going? To Dubai.
I was there that night with your father, when he did what he did.
I saw everything, with my own eyes.
Sooner or later, someone will know that I was an accomplice.
And when they do, they'll come for me.
But why Dubai? You don't even like Arabian food.
Because there's no extradition from there.
Your father and I had an agreement with the governor and Doña Beatriz.
We wouldn't mess with them, and they wouldn't mess with us.
But that agreement has been broken now for quite some time.
I can assure you and guarantee you that if they win the election, they will destroy everything we have left.
So, what can we do? We need to hit them right back.
This book has every single company they've used to take their money out of this country, illegally.
For many years.
But how do you know about all this? Who do you think organized it for them? When I told you that you two weren't like your father I meant it in a positive way.
I hope someday you both can find your way.
Come visit me sometime.
For fuck's sake.
Are you sure that Cuau said he'd be here at this parking lot? Where you get raped? Not the next one, where you get cut to pieces? Chava, he promised he'd come.
Let's give him another five minutes.
Yes, Moi.
Thank you for setting this up.
I'm sure that Cuau will be fascinated about seeing us.
Don't worry, Isabel.
The Cuervos are first.
-That's the most important thing.
-Thank you.
He's coming.
I was told that you had something-- No, wait.
Wait, go in reverse.
In reverse.
I was told that-- No, wait, move forward.
-What's up, Carmelo? What's up? -Sorry, I thought he was gonna talk to me.
-Okay, stop, stop now.
-Stop now.
-He's also moving forward.
-Okay, don't move.
Put on the brakes, please.
I was told you had something to tell me.
So, here I am.
Although, I'm sure you know no one should see us together, right? Yes, look, Wisin, we want to help you win the candidacy.
Just when your campaign goes to shit, you want to get close to me, right? Cuau, please, don't be an idiot.
You and I both know you have no chance.
Doña Beatriz will win.
So, how are you supposed to help me? Well, we have information on Doña Beatriz that will eliminate her from the campaign.
And what do you want? That you return the Cuervos to Nuevo Toledo.
I've based my campaign on fighting the corruption of your family.
Yes, that's very clear, asshole.
Go fuck yourself, dude.
-No, you go fuck yourself.
-No, you go fuck yourself.
-Go fuck yourself! -Okay, stop.
Stop being an idiot.
Do you want to be the governor? Accept the fucking deal.
Very well.
I will return the Cuervos to Nuevo Toledo.
But I will not give you any cash, or government help, or anything.
No, no, no.
We'll have help from the government, and return the Cuervos.
That's the deal.
We can figure out all the terms later.
Everything you need to ruin the Gómez Prieto is here.
We're in the 21st century, you can't give me a USB? -We didn't know if you had a computer.
-Let's go.
Let's go.
-Come on, dude.
Come on, dude! So, what you're telling me is that Luis Alfredo Iglesias, the brother of Salvador Iglesias, did the money laundering for the governor Gómez Prieto Tell Armando to prepare the jet.
for the last ten years? That's correct.
You are correct, Andrés.
And there you go, my friends.
That's the Iglesias family.
If you look at the relationship between Mr.
Iglesias and the governor Gómez Prieto you'll realize that they worked together in all of their businesses.
In fact, Mr.
Iglesias helped Gómez Prieto become governor after being a mayor.
Jesús, pack all of the governor's suits, and my jewelry, quickly.
Yes, ma'am.
In the meantime, I'll tell David to get the jet ready.
CANDIDATES' CURRENT STATUS UNDECIDED 37% ELECTION DAY And now, finally, it's election day.
And the only twist that may still occur in this soap opera-like campaign, will be your vote.
The people have been lining up all day to vote today, in this battle for the hearts and minds of Nuevo Toledo.
The only thing left is to wait.
-A lot.
Yes, right? -Look at this.
But this, for example After 2,853,021 votes registered out of the 56 districts of Nuevo Toledo, with 60 percent of the votes, we confirm the new winner.
The candidate of the PCI Yes! Cuauhtémoc Cruz Díaz.
Let's go.
-There was no discipline.
-No? We did what we could.
And we moved forward.
Let's go.
Another very special night for the Cuervos of Nuevo Toledo, who will battle today in the semifinals against León.
No one thought at the beginning of the season that the Cuervos would go so far.
How's everyone? Hello.
Hello, good evening.
We are back.
Hey, guys.
-How are you? -Great, and you? I'm sorry about your campaign.
Please, don't worry.
I learned from it, and it's really not important.
But, what is important is-- -Oh, yes.
We wanted to ask you-- -It was great to see you! But it's good to see you.
I wanted to ask you, when will we get our bonus? I thought it was Friday.
Oh, yes.
It'll be a little bit late.
-Why late? -Why late? Just for three months.
-No! We need the money! -No, no, it's in our contract! Look, if it was my decision, I'd pay you now.
I'm following instructions from above.
-What's "above"? -Above whom? Excuse me.
I'll be back, honey.
I'll see you at our seats.
Excuse me.
I got you the contract with them.
I'm on their board of directors.
So, I can retain payments.
That's illegal.
We have a contract.
So, sue me.
That'll take more than a month and a half.
And by then, I'll be the owner of the team.
So, you won't even be able to cash it, because I will be the owner.
What's the Cuervos' cheer? Cuervos! Cuervos! Or something like that? Well, I'll go watch the game.
What an asshole.
What an asshole.
What an asshole.
Subtitle translation by Carolina Salazar