Club De Cuervos (2015) s03e09 Episode Script

Girl, Interrupted

-Don't you think this is a bit too much? -No, of course not, Carmelo.
They can't see us.
They'll think we are living together.
Perhaps they'll just think we are carpooling together.
No, Carmelo.
They hate each other.
They can't see us come to the office.
Then why are we arriving at the same time? That's why we are arriving so early, so they don't see us come together.
Seriously, I think I'm going to start taking an Uber, -'cause I can't-- -Stop saying stupid shit! I can't keep going on with this.
I can't keep lying anymore.
I've never lied to Mr.
Iglesias like that before.
-I have to tell him because I can't-- -Hugo Sánchez! No! Our relationship is forbidden.
No one can know about us.
What if they make me move out? I can't move out.
Because we are best friends, right? Yes, that, and the rent is only 30 dollars.
CANDIDATES' CURRENT STATUS 4 WEEKS TO THE ELECTION -What's Paniagua doing here? -I don't know.
Okay, okay, okay.
Paniagua, how are you? Welcome, how was the trip? Everything okay? Are you always so polite? Well, yes, I've been told, and every so often-- It's not a compliment, Hugo Sánchez.
Where's Chava? Mr.
Chava sometimes comes to the office, sometimes not-- It's been three weeks since we've seen him at headquarters.
Numbers of Doña Beatriz are going up, his are going down.
And now, Cuau's numbers are also going up.
-Cuau's numbers? -Yes.
Cuau has a solid speech.
And his commercials are better done than ours.
-And his skin tone helps him a lot.
-That sounds really complicated.
Tell your boss that a campaign for governor requires discipline.
He should act like a respectable person the whole time.
Or at least he should pretend he cares about his campaign issues.
If he did one of those things, I'd be happy.
Yes, sir.
There's no discipline.
How's the campaign? Well, you know, very tiring, because I've been touring constantly around the state during the campaign, and, between the team, and your daughter living in Puebla, I've only slept one night at home this month.
I understand you.
I'm also the type that likes being at home.
Thank you.
-I like the simple things in life.
After a while, one gets tired of luxury.
-Do you get me? -Yes, of course.
You are thinking about something, right? I'm not so sure about wanting to be governor.
Put an end to your campaign, then.
Would you think I'm a coward? If you aren't passionate about something, you should leave it.
Is there something you are passionate about? Excuse me.
Sorry, my purse.
I'll be right back.
Juani! My purse! You're taking a little too long, don't you think? Don't tell her I told you that.
What's going on, Carmelo? It's always so great to see you waiting for me at ten a.
I guess it's because there's no problem at all, right? What happened? Mr.
Paniagua was at the office.
And? He's upset because Chava hasn't been campaigning in a few weeks.
I thought he'd take a few days, he should've gone back to it by now.
Hugo Sánchez went to talk to him, but he thinks it would be a good idea if you talk to him.
I guess so.
I'll go.
What, do you want to see me take a shower? -I'll be at the office.
-Go ahead.
What? Wait, Hugo Sánchez, you are babbling again.
What? Mrs.
Isabel! What? What? It's just that Chava -just left the race.
-What? A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES What? Why are you so pissed off? No, don't tell me I'm pissed off.
You are the one with the problem! I just want to know what's going on with you, dude.
We are so close to get everything we want, and suddenly you abandon me? I'm not abandoning you, I'll be there.
What about living for our legacy? -For our name? To honor our birthplace? -It's done.
It's done, Isabel.
-What do you mean, "It's done?" -Why are you so obsessed, Isabel? Why do you want to stay at some place just because you were born there? Why can't you explore other possibilities? Why can't I have an amazing life with a father-in-law that supports me, that can help me grow nationally? Why can't I have an awesome, visionary wife like me? And what about my dreams? -They're there.
-And all the work I did? To fix our team? And you started making problems at work, crying like a baby, begging me, "I wanna be president, too, now that we are together, you're abandoning me and getting cold feet? Stop with your bitching, Isabel.
The team will still be there for both of us.
The only thing I'm taking from you is your stupid loyalty to some shitty town and to a father that's not there anymore.
When you get it, you'll thank me.
Now, I gotta go take a shower.
Make yourself at home.
No, thanks.
I have my own home.
Did he say father-in-law? -Don't you think he's going too fast? -Yes.
Shouldn't he get to know her better first? Carmelo, you know what? If he won't take the time getting to know her, I'll do it for him.
What about this one? No.
And this one? No, they look too friendly.
We need someone who will spill the beans.
Wait, wait.
There he is again.
-Click here.
-Oh, yes.
That was her boyfriend.
-How do you know that? -Because I follow her.
It took me a long time, finding her.
Almost two days.
She used to have her regular name in Facebook, but she had issues, and had to change it.
It took me a long time finding her, but I did it, finally.
That's scary, Carmelo.
His name is Manuel Castro.
He has a new girlfriend now.
That's him at the stadium.
-At the box.
-That's his new girlfriend.
-Manuel's? -Yes.
They used to be friends when they were girls, but now she's not even her Facebook friend.
Maybe she stole her boyfriend.
That's probably what happened.
Contact that girl for me.
Follow her on MySpace or send her a chatgram.
Dolores? Yes, come in.
Thank you.
You have no balls.
-Salvador, don't be stupid.
-Kill me.
-Kill me already.
-Shut the fuck up! Are you kidding me, dude? Are you kidding me? Are you crazy? You killed a man! -I know, Luis.
-Police will come, -we'll end up in prison! -I already know, Luis! Get in the car! It's my problem.
Let's go! You are a good worker, Manny.
Thank you, sir.
Are you married? Yes, I got married last autumn.
-What's your wife's name? -Dolores, sir.
What a pretty name.
-Thank you.
I want to thank you, Manny.
Because I know you didn't ask to be here now.
And I want to thank you for not going to the police about this This accident.
Yes, sir.
And I just want to tell you that if you keep it to yourself I'll make sure that you and Dolores are taken care of for the rest of your lives.
-Okay, sir.
Thank you, sir.
-No problem.
A murder? Yes.
That always haunted Manuel.
He used to be a talker.
But after that, he stopped talking as much.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Salvador promised that he'd take care of Manuel and me.
And he did, for many years.
But then, after Manuel died, I stopped receiving the checks.
Why are we paying $5000 a month to Juan Manuel Pérez Garduño? Do you know who he is? That paycheck has been going on for years, before I started working here.
Know what? Let's stop those payments.
If someone cares about it, they can ask for it.
Unfortunately, I'm not surprised.
They've always been a cheap family, and very self-centered.
Yes, but what goes around comes around.
I know things.
Like, what type of things? Like where they buried the body.
So, I feel that there's some tension there, between you and Isabel.
Or am I wrong? No, it was just a fight between friends, but whatever.
-And for how long have you been friends? -Oh, since kindergarten.
Sometimes when I think that I was born in the '90s, I feel so old.
Right? Yes, of course.
So, what happened with that tension? Well, she didn't know I was going to be there, and she didn't like seeing us there.
I mean, we've fought before but there was also the huge incident.
You shouldn't drink coffee like that.
It gives me Coffee damages your enamel, and then your teeth end up all coffee-stained and horrendous.
It's better like this.
So, the incident, how did it happen? Because I don't remember.
What happened? -She thought I was sleeping with her man.
-Oh, I see, I see.
He was at my house because we were organizing her surprise birthday party.
So, she got drunk, started driving, slammed her truck against the door of my house.
-With the car? -Yes.
-Against the door? Drug addled? -Well, she destroyed it.
But the door was ugly.
So, she did us a favor.
Oh, my God, what a scandal.
But no one heard about it.
-Why? -Dude, everyone heard of it.
Oh, yes, I remember now.
Remember her dad paid the press so they wouldn't say anything? -And he asked their guy -Their guy.
-to say he was the one driving the truck.
-Her dad fixes everything for her.
-Yes, of course.
Well, and then she had to go to San Diego.
Poor girl.
What happened in San Diego? -Dude, the hospital.
-Yes, the hospital.
-Oh, but, a psychiatric hospital? -Yes.
It's like that movie with Angelina Jolie.
You know? That really strange one? Remember? I was like, -I can't believe it.
-She was insane.
So, then what happened? Well, both of us felt like shit.
And we needed each other for emotional support.
And then we fell in love, but obviously, he's the one that started it, -because she's like my sister.
-That's normal.
Can I get the check? Like Angelina Jolie, in that movie.
Exactly like that.
What movie? What do you mean? What movie? The movie Girl, Interrupted.
Exactly, that one.
-Angelina Jolie starred in that movie.
-You know what, doctor? Every time another woman enters our life, whether it's mine or my father's, Isabel has the need to investigate them.
Why is that? Why should that be? Have you forgotten your issue with Mary Luz? -Oh, come on.
-That's why.
Isabel, no one is perfect.
Chava, I think you should consider what your sister said seriously.
Isabel having a nervous breakdown is completely normal.
-Everyone has a past.
-Of course.
But what I find strange is you learned about it just now.
So, I suggest that you think it through before making any important decisions.
You know we both are paying for therapy, right? I'm not taking sides, Chava.
But what I've realized is that you've been using your relationship with the Cantús to escape the great responsibility you have in Nuevo Toledo.
And I think you are very wrong, sorry.
I know your father's death really affected you.
It was very sudden.
And I understand it.
Perhaps that is why you're so attracted to the image of Armando Cantú.
It's a way to replace your father.
It's time to grow up, Simba.
Fuck that.
You know what? I'm not replacing my father.
I'm a very capable entrepreneur that realizes what it means to get close to Armando Cantú.
And the opportunities that'll bring.
Opportunities that are much greater than the Cuervos of Nuevo Toledo.
And if you weren't so small-minded, you could see beyond a shitty stadium that won't bring our father back from the dead.
-Analyze that, doctor.
-You are a traitor.
-Fly, Isabel, fly.
-You are such a traitor.
You betray me whenever you want.
-Fly, leave the nest.
-Betray the town that supported you, -the people that helped you.
-Wean off the teat.
Worry about your life.
-You need to grow up.
-You are untrustworthy! Guys! We are having a conversation.
Let's make everything very clear now, 'cause I'm sick of this therapy.
I will marry Isabel Cantú.
And the Cuervos will be in Puebla permanently.
Oh, no, no.
That's not your decision to make.
-I think so.
-No, not really.
In case you forgot, you sold part of the team to someone else.
And that someone else is Isabel.
And, together, we are the majority.
-Stop saying your team.
-If we both decide that the Cuervos -go to Puebla, they'll go there.
-It's my team.
It's more my team than yours.
-We both decide.
-We'll go to Puebla.
-You won't take the team to Puebla.
-Deal with it.
You won't take my dad's team to Puebla! You are an ungrateful bastard! There you go again, with your bullshit of me being an illegitimate child.
-Why don't you figure out the timing? -I was born prematurely.
I have a lot to do.
I have to buy an engagement ring, I have to pick a house in Puebla, where the Cuervos are going to be.
Take some Tupperware for your balls.
And you know what else I'll do? I'll move on with my life.
Like my dad moved on with his.
Like your husband moved on with his life.
So, you should do the same, and when you do it, do it far away from me.
If you want anything else from me, talk to Hugo Sánchez.
You and I have no reason to talk anymore.
Oh, and one more thing: Go fuck yourself.
The Lion King? Is that why you mentioned the Simba quote? I need you to reserve the patio at La Purificadora tomorrow.
That's a little bit complicated, sir.
Oh, yeah? Why is it complicated? Because of the short notice, it'll be very expensive.
I don't give a shit about the money.
I'm going to ask her to marry me, something that one will experience only once or twice in life.
Yes, sir, but shouldn't we take more time to plan it out? -A couple of weeks? -No! No! I don't have time! If my sister learns of this, she'll spoil it.
But, sir, please, don't you think this is too soon? -I think you should go fuck yourself.
-Oh, yes.
Oh, and don't tell anyone about this.
Especially your boyfriend, Carmelo.
-It's not like that.
-I've seen you look at each other.
It's completely unnatural.
-But I respect it.
-Thank you, sir, but Carmelo and I-- But, please, always wear a condom, and that stuff.
I'll keep that in mind, sir.
You aren't thinking about getting some titties, right? No, sir, not at all.
Oh, and something else.
Make sure I never see my sister again at the office.
Yes, but how am I supposed to do that? Build a wall.
Like Trump's.
-What are you doing, Hugo Sánchez? -No, Carmelo.
No one can see us talking here.
Why not? Because Mr.
Chava said so.
I'll tell you later, when we're home.
Do you need help? No, no, no.
I don't think Mrs.
Isabel will like that.
Why? What are you doing? Well, Mr.
Chava asked me to build a wall, like Mr.
Trump's wall, between his desk and her desk.
He won't make her pay for it, though.
So, I'll keep at it.
Yes, yes, Mrs.
Isabel won't like it.
You're right.
But you know I would help you, right, Hugo Sánchez? Yes, Carmelo.
Hey, Hugo Sánchez.
Are we going back home together? I can't.
I'm going to Puebla.
-Puebla? -Yes.
Why? Mr.
Iglesias-- It's a secret, Carmelo, sorry.
-Are you serious, Hugo Sánchez? -Sorry.
Sorry, Carmelo.
How are you, Javier? Good.
Want to have dinner together? Oh, my God, I needed that so bad.
What did you want to talk about? Oh, nothing.
I just wanted to say I just wanted to apologize for hurting you, and all that.
-No problem.
You're forgiven.
-So, it's done.
Completely forgiven.
-I'm hungry.
-But we just ate.
Something fast.
"Honey, I'll see you in 20 minutes to put the kids in bed.
I'm in the office finishing up.
I love you.
" -What the fuck? -About what? You said you were separated.
-Yes, I was.
-But, what? But we got back together.
And you didn't think you should've told me about that little detail? No.
That's incredible! Isabel, please, that's not a reason to stop seeing each other.
You are an asshole.
You sent me the text again, idiot! Oh, look, I have one here.
It's clean.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
You still wear your ring? You, too? Yes.
-What? During this time, I've realized that That I was very worried about me and the team, and perhaps I neglected you, and your needs.
So, I wanted to ask you to forgive me.
Thank you, but in any case, I should be the one asking for forgiveness, I'm the one who cheated.
You wanted to be a dad, Chivo, and I disregarded that, just so that I could save a soccer team.
Yes, but in the end you were right, Isabel.
Perhaps you weren't ready to be a mother.
Maybe, but I should've been more sensitive about that.
I should have put myself in your shoes.
Yes? So, what's going to happen with us, Chivo? I don't know.
You don't know what? You don't know how long you'll be here? Or if you'll be back in a week? Or when you'll come back? I don't know, I don't know, I don't know.
-So -Look, this has been very hard on me.
I've felt terrible about what I did, and the way you found out, but it's also helped me figure things out.
I realized things about our marriage, my role in our marriage What do you mean? Look it wasn't just about the way you treated me.
But also, about how I allowed you to treat me in our marriage, and how I saw myself.
But I realize that, even though you only hired me because I was your husband No, Chivo.
I didn't hire you because you were my husband.
-No, Isabel, yes, you did.
Yes, I realized it at Johan Cruyff's.
I made a weak lineup.
And that's why we lost against Zacatepec.
-No, wait, Chivo.
-It's why you fired me.
I get it, but that's not the issue.
It's not the issue.
The thing is I don't know.
Even though no one takes me seriously something changed.
I feel amazing.
I feel good.
So, you feel great because of her? Because you are with her or what? I don't know.
I don't know.
So, what does that mean? Is it over, then? I don't know.
No, no, please, Isabel.
If you cry, I'll come back to you so you don't feel bad.
I gave everything for that team, and now I'm going to lose it.
I'm about to lose my brother.
And I lost you.
And I lost my dad.
And I have no friends, I won't have a family.
I'm completely alone, Chivo.
Come here.
You won't lose that team just because it's in Puebla.
It'll always be your team.
You love that team.
Yes, but that team doesn't love me back.
Yes, but sometimes we have to love without getting anything in return.
-Hey, Chivo.
-Yes? We didn't lose that game 'cause your lineup was weak.
We lost because Chava gave our strategy to the Zacatepec team.
You did a great job.
Believe it.
Why is Armando Cantú e-mailing me? "Don't worry, honey.
I think we have Chava secured.
To isolate Isabel, we'll keep funding Cuau's campaign, and Chava won't have any option but to stay in Puebla.
So, keep it up with your relationship.
" You sent it to the wrong Isabel, idiot.
I still can't stop thinking about the day we met, and how we fought for the VIP section, and none of us wanted to give in.
And then you kissed me.
Yes, and you slapped me.
Son of a bitch, answer! And between all the bottles flying, and the guys fighting, I saw you yelling, and I thought Damn it.
Hugo Sánchez, can you change this to vibrate, please? Or in airplane mode? -Of course, sir.
-Thank you.
Don't worry about it.
Excuse me.
How's Periscope going? Wonderful, wonderful.
There's a lot of people watching from Puebla, and Nuevo Toledo.
Say hi! Everyone's texting about it.
-Let's get back to you guys.
-Thank you.
I saw you and thought I had found ISABEL CALLING Because For fuck's sake! -I was already yours.
-What? What do you want? -Sorry, sir, it's just that your sister called again, and-- Hugo Sánchez, stop being such a moron and just hang up! Yes, ma'am.
-Hello? Carmelo? -Yes, ma'am? Are you with Hugo Sánchez? -They're in Puebla, ma'am.
-Why to Puebla? To the stadium? I don't know.
Hold on, I'll place you on speaker.
I'm going to use Friend Finder to find Hugo Sánchez.
They are at La Purificadora, in Puebla.
Why at La Purificadora? Oh, no.
He's going to propose to that fucking nut job.
What do we do? Is there a way to figure out? Look in your Chat Zone, or Friend Zone, to see if something's going on.
We need to figure it out right away.
Let me go to Instagram, he probably posted something.
What a waste of ass in that bitch.
-What? -No, nothing.
She hasn't posted anything.
Let me look at Chava's.
" Yes, Chava just updated something on Twitter.
To watch a video on Periscope.
On "Peri" what? Carmelo, on "Peri" what? Let's see.
Let's see.
Fucking Steve Jobs.
He ruined my life.
You know, I'm a person that goes by instinct, and I go with my feelings.
Periscope? There we go.
But how the fuck do I open an account? Twitter, Twitter.
That I have.
DJCHURCHES There we go, there we go.
Periscope, here we go.
There we go! What the fuck? -And I wanted to do this -Chava.
No! Would you like to be Isabel Iglesias? I mean Would you like to be Mrs.
Isabel Cantú Iglesias? Yes.
Motherfucker! Red button! Red button! Red button! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Red button! How are you? So proud! That was incredible, honey.
So great! Let's go.
-So wonderful! Did you like the party? -Yes, of course.
Thank you.
Armando! Hey.
Comments! "fucking e-mail!" There we go, yes.
Welcome to the family.
CHECK YOUR FUCKING E-MAIL Congratulations! What the fuck? Why did it turn off? E-MAIL FROM ISABEL.
Thank you so much.
That was so great.
Thank you so much.
-Hey, Hugo.
Keep rolling.
-Yes, sir.
Thank you for coming, I knew you were very busy, but it was important for me that you came, 'cause I really wanted you here.
-Give me a second, please.
Thank you for coming.
Grandma! -Come here! -Thank you so much.
-Hey, what? I'm in the middle of something.
If there's a problem, fix it! -I'm greeting her family-- -Sir, shut up! If you haven't realized yet that it's something very important, then you still don't know me.
Read it.
Hey, Chava, what's going on? Honey? You have a lot to explain.
And you, you, too, Armando.
Are you financing Cuau's campaign? Yes.
So what? What do you mean "So what"? Are you paying someone so I lose? You yourself said you were tired of the campaign.
That you wanted to stay in Puebla to be part of our family.
But why manipulate me like that? Couldn't you just talk to me first? I'm not a fucking chess piece for you to play with me like that.
Did you write this? "We have Chava secured, we just need to isolate Isabel now.
" -It was just a saying.
-Oh, yes? Yes, honey.
I didn't mean that.
What did you mean, then? I meant that you and I are a team.
-Oh, yeah? -Yes.
And your sister keeps putting roadblocks on our plans, remember? Daddy.
Daddy, explain it to him.
No, no, Chava.
-Please, don't go.
-Look, look.
I think it's best if we take different paths.
Both professionally and personally.
-No, Chava.
-Hey, wait.
Wait, wait.
You just proposed to me in front of my entire family.
I won't let you do this to me again.
Again? What do you mean, "again"? This is difficult enough for me, and humiliating enough.
We don't need more scandals, okay? No, no, Chava, no! -Hey, stop, please! -Daddy, no! What's your problem? Hey! -Let me go, now.
-Help me here! Let me go, please! -What's your problem? -Get the fuck out of here, idiot! Chava! Chava! What a crazy bitch! Let me go! Let me go! -No, no, no! -Hey, help me, help me! Please, no! I swear, just let me explain! Please don't go! I don't want to go back there.
No, honey, you need to understand.
-I don't want to go back there! -Isabel, you won't.
Help me! No! I don't need anyone! Let me go! No, I can't go back to that place! Let me go! Come on, let's go, now.
Subtitle translation by Daniel Marchildon