Cobra (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 1

The capital has effectively
been encircled,
without fuel and supplies,
people in the worst affected areas
will die.
This is now a national emergency.
Cobra will remain active
until its conclusion.
As you know, I have the highest
admiration for you.
Get your hand off my arm,
and back the fuck off.
I'm not some little volunteer
you can get handy
with on the battle bus.
ELEANOR: Anyone who's
angry is out on the streets.
That is a hell of a lot of people.
Manchester, Birmingham.
No more velvet gloves.
PICKERING: We're losing control
of this situation.
I'm authorising you to return fire.
ROWNTREE: (ON TV) She was a young
woman who was just doing her job.
It is time to throw out this rotten
and incompetent government.
Mum, it's Georgia. We were taking stuff.
They can't bring her round, mum!
She's not breathing.
You need to keep it together, and
I don't want you to speak to anyone.
Rachel coached Ellie.
The PM knew it was going on.
Of course he knew.
Rachel Sutherland said posh
white girls shouldn't go to prison.
The law must take its course unimpeded.
I have never interfered with that,
and I would never instruct
any of my staff to do so.
After careful consideration,
I have resigned as Home Secretary.
I intend to call a general election.
I will not resign.
What's happening, Audrey?
What's the Naval Commander said?
Nothing, because I'm a girl,
and he doesn't see the point of me.
But I'm sensing they're really
worried the bad weather
might be moving the wreck about
even more.
- OK, keep me informed.
- Fraser?
I just want you to know
that I will never forgive you
- for sending me out here.
- Bring it up at your next appraisal.
(CHUCKLES) I'll be bringing up
my breakfast into the North Sea first.
(CHUCKLES) OK, take care.
MAN: (OVER PA) We are evacuating
this town as a precaution.
Please report to one
of our information points.
We are evacuating this
town as a precaution.
Please report to one
of our information points.
We are evacuating this
town as a precaution.
OK, so our problem remains the elderly,
who insist on staying in their homes
because the wreck hasn't blown up
for 50 years. Et cetera, et cetera.
Someone should remind them
Leicester City didn't win the league
until 2016.
The Prime Minister wishes me
to thank you for your efforts
in evacuating the town.
I'd like to think that everybody
but the most hardline refuseniks
will be out of here by the evening.
When we have received the proper
analysis from the naval team,
then we can plan the next steps.
Thank you.
MAN: (ON COMMS) clear.
Bailout tested and clear.
We've got 2-8-0 in the bailout,
requesting mains.
Copy that. 2-8-0 in the bailout.
Bailout check complete.
Ready for mains.
OK, standby's on mains, ready to go.
Hi, madam, good morning.
I'm not sure if you're aware,
but there's currently
an urgent evacuation taking place
at the moment, so I'm
going to have to ask you
to leave the property right now.
WOMAN: Mum, they're coming round again.
- WOMAN 2: Ridiculous.
What's that?
- No idea.
- I'm getting some
It might be another tremor.
Bring him up.
Command to Dive
Alpha, prepare to surface.
Bring him up. Bring him up!
Get him up now. Get him up, get him up!
to Dive Team Alpha, mission abort.
Surface now.
REPORTER: These are the scenes from Kent
after the significant earth tremor
that took place on Tuesday afternoon.
Following inspections of a sunken
World War Two munitions ship
lying just offshore,
the government is considering
the evacuation of towns along the coast.
- We understand the Prime Minister
has convened a full COBRA
to take place later in the day
to discuss the possibility
of a mandatory evacuation
of the areas most at risk.
That's fracking.
What's fracking?
Causing all the earthquakes.
Problem is, Greta,
they've stopped fracking.
Too little too late. Thanks, boomers.
Er Gen X and proud of it, actually.
What are you actually proud of?
Oh, I dunno. Better music
high-status reading habits,
and not having all my predictable
and socially conforming views
given to me by Twitter mobs.
You still murdered the planet.
Put the milk back in the fridge,
or there will be hate speech.
- SUTHERLAND: He's impressive.
- Who is?
Big change from Archie.
You have reservations?
I would have told you
if I had reservations.
As a person, then.
I don't really have an opinion
one way or another.
- That's what worries me.
He's fine.
We're different which is also fine.
The party base likes him.
Socially conservative
working class, self-made.
Which is why I agree
he's a good appointment,
because any more defections,
and we're fucked.
Archie's on manoeuvres, by the way.
Wants the whip back.
You wouldn't.
I most certainly would
if I deemed it necessary.
Look, none of these bastards
are my friends, Anna.
It's purely strategic.
How's Ellie getting on in Santiago?
Well, the trial took a lot out of her.
She has a new boyfriend,
a Chilean anarchist
who sets fire to tube stations.
Take that, neoliberals.
Home Secretary.
Congratulations, Joseph.
If you were a drinking man,
I'd offer you a nip of something.
Thank you, Prime Minister.
For the time being,
I am enjoying reading people
online announcing
- that I am no longer a black man.
Well, real rebels join
the establishment, I guess.
Real rebels follow the truth
like Paul.
- Paul?
- Saint Paul.
- Oh, yes.
- Wasn't so great on women as I recall.
(CHUCKLES) Especially short-haired ones.
Yes, he did give the Corinthians
some grief on coiffure as I recall.
Paul's most important message was love.
Without love there is nothing,
and only his love can save us all.
Well, amen to that.
Now that you have been sworn in,
you can attend the COBRA
we have called on the earthquakes
in Kent, which starts in er
five minutes ago.
Well, it's briefing room J,
actually, but don't tell anyone.
It destroys the mystique.
Good morning, everyone.
Most of you know Joseph Obasi,
of course.
This is his first COBRA
as Home Secretary,
- so I'll let him take the chair.
- Thank you, Prime Minister.
I believe, Fraser, you will be
updating us on the situation in Kent
and the sunken munition ship.
The naval teams are down there now.
There was some concern that the hull
was damaged by these earth tremors.
Am I correct in thinking
that some reports suggest
the long immersion in water
will mean there's nothing
- to detonate the explosives?
- Yes, that is correct.
But there is also speculation that
copper azide could be produced,
which might be sufficient
to detonate the munitions.
- So, do we evacuate?
- Huge resistance to that.
- So we make it mandatory.
- I think that's the only option
given the reluctance of the elderly
to leave their homes.
OK, so let's say the tremor
has shifted the wreck
and damaged the hull significantly.
Let's say it does blow up
- The damage would be enormous.
- How enormous?
Reshaping the Kent coastline enormous.
I'd refer you to the Nova Scotia
incident in 1917,
where the Mont-Blanc explosion
took out Halifax
at the cost of 2,000 lives.
And as we saw in Beirut,
catastrophic damage to buildings
and infrastructure,
and terrible injuries.
We are also very concerned
about subsequent flooding.
But it's been so long
since the ship went down
I know you hate it when I say this.
Don't tell me,
we just don't really know?
It probably won't blow up.
Why haven't we dealt with
this wreck before?
Too hard. More danger
of setting it off by prodding it.
If the earthquake has damaged the hull,
then I would say we have to go
for mandatory evacuation.
Get things moving immediately.
GRAHAM: Right, lads at the back,
come on, move to the front.
Those tables are set up
for tonight. So
don't be messing about
on the coach to Chertsey.
Remember you gotta bring ID
with your age on it,
- or you won't be allowed to play.
- BOY: Oi, sir, what's happening?
Sorry did I say I had finished, lads?
But sir, it's the helicopter.
I don't care if it's the
International Space Station,
sit down and listen while I'm talking,
or I'll be using you to demonstrate
how to do a spear tackle. Come on.
That's it, sit down. We've all seen
a helicopter before, lads. Come on.
Down you get, come on. There we go.
- Sir!
- Lads, get down. Lads!
Mr Hadleigh!
Sir? Mr Hadleigh!
And speaking of dangerous old wrecks.
Ah, Peter, thanks for coming.
- What's this about?
- Oh, you know.
- How's tricks? What's the story?
Thought you might
want to congratulate me.
On what?
On holding my seat at the election
in spite of everything they threw at me.
- Seventeen votes.
- Made it all the sweeter.
Imagine his face
watching that second recount!
He still won, which after
everything they had been through
A majority of nine is a tricky thing,
especially now the opposition
has a grown-up in charge.
- Maybe.
- Anyway
I still haven't had the chance
to congratulate you
on somehow walking out of court
a free man.
I really don't have time
for the badinage, Archie.
Because you may be free,
but you are also unemployable.
- Always a pleasure to see you, Archie.
- OK, OK.
Let's cut to the chase.
First, they restore the whip.
Then I get a seat in Cabinet.
And I want you to help me.
I know what you're going to say to
me, this is just trolling Robert.
- This is just trolling Robert.
Of course, partly, yes,
and quite a big part, to be fair,
but also say what you like about him,
he has an eye for talent.
And what's the price, Mephistopheles?
I think you've just answered
your own question.
HARI: We're gonna start as we always
do on the Morbid Symptoms podcast
and jump straight in,
so Francine Bridge
- why did you do it?
- FRANCINE: Why did I do what?
Join the Tories.
After so many 'comrades'
ordering me to fuck off
nd do precisely that, you mean?
And I didn't join the Tories,
- of course, I took a job.
- And resigned from it.
So we know that Sutherland
has that difficult majority of nine.
But what about his other problems?
The Singer Inquiry
into the shootings on junction 23
during the solar storm will report soon.
That's right.
I just hope that it brings justice,
and some closure for the innocent
photographer that was shot.
What's your view of the Rachel
Sutherland trial collapse?
Well, the jury heard the evidence.
They couldn't reach a verdict.
Because posh white mums
don't belong in prison.
Well, that depends
if they've committed a crime.
How about their drug-dealing daughters?
I think the sentence
for Ellie Sutherland
was appropriate under the circumstances.
I don't know enough about the case
to have an opinion on it.
Francine Bridge, demonstrating
that whatever her other virtues,
she has absolutely no understanding
of the zeitgeist.
OK. Ask me another one.
Ever kissed a Tory?
- (CHUCKLES) Oh, please.
- So that's where you draw the line?
SUTHERLAND: Oligarch plus helicopter
crash normally equals
Investigations are underway.
What about the teacher?
A rugby coach whose
name was Graham Hadleigh.
Wife and two kids.
He was killed instantly
by shrapnel from the crash.
His poor children.
Mikael Kostenko had just
attended the varsity match.
Our Ukrainian sources
say he was en route to Brazil
to sort out a land contract
in the Amazon.
Pretty sure Archie's been on his yacht.
Along with politicians
of many different stripes,
- from Tony Blair to Bill Clinton.
- That's just one stripe actually.
If it was sabotage,
or something like that,
I'm guessing
it's not down to the Norwegians.
Well, it would be easier to list those
who didn't have a grudge against him.
He pissed off both the Ukrainian
and Russian governments
and had several powerful rivals.
He is heavily implicated
in recent corruption cases
involving the Israeli Prime Minister
and the Brazilian President,
with whom he is good friends.
Why was a helicopter taking off
The school next door
lets VIP helicopters
use the land during rugby games,
to raise funds.
There had, apparently,
been some complaints
from parents worried about safety.
You can expect blowback on that.
School forced to rent out playing
fields for oligarch's helicopter
equals blood on our hands.
I will keep you informed.
MAN: (OVER PA) We are evacuating
this town as a precaution.
The hull is very corroded.
Any movement is problematic.
- Is it gonna blow up?
- It's very hard to say.
You're evacuating the
town, which is sensible.
Leave the ship to us.
(CHUCKLES) Thank you. Cheers.
I've booked us a B&B outisde of
the evacuation area, down in Margate.
Oh, great, I can pay a visit
to Olby's Studio One.
- What's that?
- The old Dugout. Mod weekenders.
Ah, I didn't know you were a Mod.
I'm not gonna come to work
dressed in a parka, am I?
What's your thing, then?
Outside of planning for
national emergencies.
I don't really have any interests.
Just work, work, work.
Weren't you seeing that Francine Bridge?
- Sort of. It didn't It didn't really
- It didn't
I'm not really good with relationships.
My ex-wife called me a slow puncture.
- That's not very nice.
- She might have a point, though.
Well, never mind, not everybody
can say that they're top dog
when it comes to civil
contingencies planning.
I mean, I dunno. My default position
is usually to support the woman.
Rightly so, probably.
It's usually the man's fault.
Yeah. Not always, though.
My dad was one of the softest people
you could have ever met.
All he wanted to do was go down
the boozer with his mates,
listen to The Faces,
and watch the 'wall.
- The what?
- No-one likes us?
- Millwall Football Club.
- Oh.
He was a school caretaker.
Wore the same hat every year at
Christmas that lit up, for the kids.
But he was also fat and unhealthy, so
he died alone in hospital.
We couldn't go and see him, say goodbye.
- That's pretty fucked up.
- Yeah.
MAN: Good evening, ladies
and gentlemen. We are Tiny Flaws,
and our first tune tonight
is Wrong Kind Of Blue.
Yeah? Never underestimate a Mod.
ANNA: Expel a few diplomats, right?
That's usually the format.
That man was a volunteer, Anna.
He gave up his free time
to coach disadvantaged kids.
I know.
But can we really afford a major
diplomatic incident right now
with all this shit going on around us?
Let's sleep on it, discuss tomorrow.
Sleep. What's that again?
- Are you still having trouble with that?
- Yes.
And please, don't tell me
As soon as my head
hits the pillow, I'm gone.
What's happening with Sam?
He's still shacked up
with his 16-year-old.
- 16?!
- Oh, OK, 36. Same difference, though.
Worse, possibly. (EXHALES)
Do you think you might be
a little bit depressed?
- No.
- Good.
I think I'm tired, stressed,
and a bit down in the dumps
for reasons I don't really need
a shrink to explain.
I just had to ask.
- Mental health is
- No laughing matter?
It's important.
I mean, I don't want you thinking
it's all about me
- and my needs the whole time.
Duty done.
HARI: You were really close
to Anna Marshall, though.
I was. I still think she's brilliant.
But Elite schools,
elite university, elite values.
What's wrong with that?
You'll be telling me punctuality
and the written word are all part
of white privilege next.
I'll tell you what I'll be
telling you, thank you very much.
Which is you have to
contemplate the idea
that yours isn't the only angle of view.
Sure, but you have to think
it's the best one,
or you would, presumably, change it.
Anyway, I didn't belong there.
You don't believe in white privilege?
- Just look at a COBRA meeting.
- I never said I didn't believe in it.
Confirmation that I'm on
the Breakfast Show tomorrow
discussing the Kostenko case.
- You think it was a hit?
- Oligarch plus helicopter crash?
Nah, nothing suspicious there.
You better get an early night, then.
Oh, I'm not an 'early night'
kind of person, really.
I am.
- Have you got my mobile?
- Don't think so.
Hold on, I've got yours,
so I'll just ping it over.
- Why?
- In case you ever want to use it.
Got it.
- Bye.
- Bye.
So working.
I didn't know if I'd be able
to do my job again.
Yeah, I know.
- Still, work is good.
But I've also been thinking
about holidays.
- Oh, right. Holidays
- You hate them, I know.
But I've been looking at places
in the Atacama,
and I I thought
maybe we could go and see Ellie,
we'll head up there together.
The stars are meant
to be amazing, apparently.
No, no. It would be good
- to be together as a family.
- Eleanor
- ELEANOR: (OVER PHONE) It was a hit.
We're almost certain
they used an armoured drone
to shoot down the helicopter.
But it's a complicated situation.
It might be a boat
we don't want to rock.
I'll be right down.
Who's this, then?
This has just come in
from our investigation.
Klara Lechkova is a Russian citizen.
She's picked up a couple of times
on CCTV walking the towpath
which adjoins the school where
the helicopter was due to take off.
Where was the drone controlled from?
She also purchased a scooter,
which we believe
may have been used
to leave the scene afterwards.
And she's vanished
off the face of the Earth.
Klara is the niece of a member
of the Duma
with links to the President.
Her uncle is a decorated GRU member
and also has close links
to separatists operating out
of the Donetsk People's Republic.
Who's the sidekick?
Rodrigo Lenin Araya, Colombian.
His father was a senior comandante
of the FARC guerrilla movement,
murdered by right-wing paramilitaries.
Araya studied at the People's
Friendship University in Moscow.
We believe he is an SVR asset.
Well, this is all an enormous relief.
I thought things might get complicated.
Bottom line, it was a Russian hit.
They couldn't get close to Kostenko,
so they used a drone.
And killed an innocent man.
I don't think that was part of the plan.
So I assume they're out of the country?
Well, you assume wrong.
They sprayed out a bunch of decoys first
to see if we tried to pick them up.
- They are at a safe house still.
- We can arrest them?
Oh, we can. Question is
do we want to?
A nice dilemma for a new Home Secretary.
OK, perfect. It is about
two hours' wait I'm afraid.
But you will be on the next bus.
Have you had breakfast?
No? Help yourself to breakfast, OK?
Sit wherever you like.
Can you make sure that first bus
is gone by 12:00pm? Thank you.
Good morning. Now, look, I wasn't
expecting Egyptian cotton
or anything, but those sheets
were like sandpaper.
Some nice tinned tomatoes
and bacon fat for breakfast, though.
Are you sure you want
to come out with us?
- It's pretty choppy out there.
- It's me coming out.
- I know.
- Well, why are you looking at him, then?
OK, if you insist.
I'll see you down there.
He reminds me of an Action Man
I used to have.
- You had an Action Man?
- I had about six.
You don't have to go out
if you don't want to, you know?
- I don't want to.
- OK.
But I do have to.
Otherwise, I'll sit around thinking
I should have gone, and
- I'll just drive myself mad.
- You might even enjoy it.
MAN: OK, targets are on the move.
Leaving early morning
with little traffic.
Easier to spot a trail.
- What's happening?
- They're moving.
We think it's Stansted, though.
So what are we going to do?
If we let them go,
everything will be a lot easier.
Impunity often is.
There could be consequences
that go beyond diplomatic exchanges.
I know that.
But if we just let them go
they will know that too.
That will also have consequences
down the line.
OK, then. It's your call.
Yes, it is.
OK. And over.
So there was another tremor last night.
Any idea of the impact?
That's what we're
going out to take a look at.
- OK, but
- Sorry, and no offence,
but I'm not entirely sure
what the point of you is.
- What the point of me is?
- I meant being here.
Why don't you guys just do your job
and let me do mine, yeah?
No, fair play.
It's a question I do
ask myself from time to time.
OK, well, the point of me, right now,
is that I am the eyes and ears of
the Civil Contingencies Secretariat.
Now, that may not mean much to you,
Captain Pugwash,
but it makes me the eyes and ears of
Number 10 Downing Street, and hence,
the British Prime Minister.
So if you've got a problem,
I suggest you take it up
directly with him.
MAN: (ON COMMS) Suspects are
through security at Terminal 1.
OK. Keep eyes on.
Do you want to put
Lightfingers into play?
What's Lightfingers?
Well, a world of pain
for very little reward.
- What?
- There's still time to abort the mission.
And it won't bring Graham Hadleigh back.
No. No, no.
You don't get to kill
an innocent British citizen,
then just waltz off home
with a new handbag
and a bottle of Johnnie Walker.
Take the bastards in.
Do what the man says.
- Again, what's Lightfingers?
- Watch.
MAN: (ON MONITOR) Excuse me, madam.
Would you mind stepping back into
the store for a moment, please?
Yes, I would mind. They've called
my flight, I haven't done anything.
If you could just show me the
receipt for the item in your bag.
- There is no item in my bag.
- What's going on?
MAN: (ON COMMS) Target on the move,
southeast escalators.
Oi, you! Stop!
- Out the way! Move. Move to the side!
Stop! Stop, armed police!
Show me your hands!
- Get down on the floor!
- I am Rodrigo Araya!
I am a Colombian human rights activist.
They are trying to make me disappear.
I am a human rights activist!
- A human rights activist.
- MAN: (ON COMMS) Target in custody.
All officers stand down.
- Pull their files for me.
- OK.
- ANNA: So what now?
- Now we charge her with shoplifting
- and him with resisting arrest.
- But those are minor
We remand them in custody
on the basis that they are suspected
of other unspecified crimes,
and/or the possible commission
of future crimes.
- And we What, we just wait now?
- Yeah.
Well, we've chosen to prod the snake.
Now let's see if it bites,
or just rattles a bit.
Update me in an hour.
MAN: (OVER PA) Please report to one
of our information points.
We are evacuating this town.
You all need to make your way
to the buses now.
The evacuation is mandatory.
MAN: What's that?
- No idea.
- I'm getting some
It might be another tremor.
What the hell is going on down there?
That's not a tremor.
Bring him up.
Command to Dive
Alpha, prepare to surface.
Bring him up. Bring him up!
Run now!
Get to higher ground!
First reports suggest heavy
casualties among emergency teams.
- Have you heard from Fraser?
- ANNA: No, we can't reach him.
He was down there with his entire team.
There are mass casualties
on the seafront, glass,
- scalding water, collapsed masonry.
- Have we got a live link yet?
There have been problems
connecting to the feed.
We need to get that link up.
Will someone please tell me what's
going on with our communication system?
MAN: (ON COMMS) SRT to Control, we seem
to be experiencing comms malfunction.
SRT to Control, are you receiving?
This is SRT, come in, Control.
GCHQ are reporting
a massive cyber attack.
It's taken out ECON, the new
emergency services comms network.
It means they can't talk to each
other or send us live links.
You know what this is, don't you?
This is their bloody
answer to the arrests.
No, we can't have this.
Not now. Not in the middle
of a natural disaster.
There's a message
embedded in the malware
they've used to crash the system.
What kind of message?
Ruin Brittania.
National Cyber Defence
have seen nothing like this before.
- Is it Russian?
- We have no idea.
The signature coding is like
nothing we've seen before.
Is it connected to the assassination?
Who's behind this?
Honestly, we don't have any information.
Then, find out,
and bring me some fucking answers!
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