Cobra (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 2

The naval teams are down there now.
So, let's say the tremor
has shifted the wreck.
Let's say it does blow up
The damage would be enormous.
Lads, get down!
It was a hit.
They couldn't get close to Kostenko,
so they used a drone.
You don't get to kill an innocent
British citizen and then just waltz off.
Take the bastards in.
I will resolve matters back home.
I will sit under the fig trees
among the butterflies
and I will wait for you to come.
I am authorising you to return fire.
The Singer Inquiry into
the shooting will report soon.
I just hope it brings justice
for the photographer that was shot.
That's not a tremor.
Bring him up!
GCHQ are reporting
a massive cyberattack.
This is their bloody answer
to the arrests.
There's a message
embedded in the malware.
- What kind of message?
- 'Ruin Britannia'.
- Help!
- Hold on!
I can't see!
- Help me!
- Audrey! Audrey, hold on, I'm coming!
- Audrey!
- Help!
Come on! Hold on!
It's OK!
Come on Come on.
It's gonna be fine!
- Do we have an update from Fraser?
- Yes
He's all right,
and is overseeing
the strategic command centre.
One of his team is missing,
presumed dead,
as is the local MP Clive Turner,
who was assisting with the evacuation.
Yes, I heard about Clive
Must call his wife.
So, uh
- Current casualties stand at?
- Um
Over 300.
And it will go up.
Many are still missing in flood areas
or in buildings that have collapsed.
Things are absolutely chaotic.
The hack on our communication
systems have made things impossible.
Operations to deal with inland flooding
are messed up by the loss of ECON,
and triage is also
made far more difficult,
especially for the burns victims.
They've resorted to mobiles
in most cases,
but that's putting a huge strain
on the system.
Additional lives are certainly
being lost because of it.
OK, so the correlation
between the cyberattack
Is it correlation?
Well, the time of the attack
coinciding with our arrest
of the Kostenko suspects
suggests a concerted hostile nation
rather than some
script-kiddies in a basement.
So, you think the choice of the
emergency services was deliberate?
They found a Zero Day weakness in ECON,
which is a relatively new system.
Establishing authorship is complicated,
because there are a lot
of new obfuscators in the coding.
I know you lot
like everything bilingual
She means they exploited
an unknown weakness
in the new emergency
network communication system.
And there is also a lot of deliberate
rubbish written into the code
to act as chaff
so we can't tell who did it.
Thank you, home secretary.
That is an admirable summary.
We are working flat out for a patch
for the Ruin Britannia hack.
Well, let's hope that's the end of it.
If the cyberattack is linked to our
detention of the Kostenko suspects
and it is costing lives
So, we could just release them
and get it over with?
Summon the Russian ambassador
We don't know for certain
That journalist Hari Misra.
He claimed
on the Breakfast Show this morning
that two arrests had been made.
Get him to divulge his source
or he will be given a painful lesson
in the true meaning of cancel culture
in the basement under Thames House.
Get our communications fixed
and bring me proof
that the Russians are behind this,
so we can decide on
a proportionate response.
In short, Eleanor Do your job.
He's not in a particularly good mood.
Oh, don't worry, I'll be kicking
someone down the ladder a lot harder.
There's also the Singer Report into
the J23 shootings making him jumpy.
We're supposed to get
an advance view of it tomorrow.
- I hear it won't destroy him.
- I hear that too.
But until we see it
That's not what I want
to talk to you about.
It's about Edin Tosumbegovic.
Edin was waiting for his killers.
He knew it might not be quick,
what they had in mind
so he put a bullet
through his own head.
"I will go to my house
And I will sit under the fig trees
among the butterflies
and I will wait for you to come.
I love you
I have always loved you."
Do you think I was a bit harsh in there?
I've spoken to her.
- You OK?
- I'm fine.
Singer Report will be with us tomorrow,
it's confirmed now.
- You sure you're OK?
- Jesus Christ, yes, I'm fine!
Just back the fuck off!
Home secretary
- How are you?
- All right.
Thought I was going to drown
in that car.
Look, Fraser, you don't have to be here.
I'm staying here.
One of my teams
was out on the naval boat.
I heard that. I'm truly sorry.
She didn't want to go out, you know?
There was no point in her going.
There will have been a point,
or you wouldn't have sent her.
I really must try
and contact Audrey's family.
OK Are they fixing the comms?
We're fighting this battle
with our hands tied behind our back.
If they don't fix this hack,
we're going to lose hundreds of lives.
They're doing what they can,
but there's no fix in sight.
Are we Are we sinking?
The explosion damaged the raft.
We're taking on water and losing air,
we haven't got long!
How are we still alive?
Sheer good luck.
The blast pushed us away
and towards the wind farm.
What are we gonna do?
The wind is pushing
us towards the turbines.
So, you need to get some rest before
we head back out into the sea again.
About the third turbine along
is a maintenance vessel.
The raft has taken on too much water,
we'll need to swim.
I can't
If you don't, you'll die here.
No helicopters can fly
in these conditions,
and they won't be able to see us anyway.
I'll help you get there.
I'm not going
back in the fuckin' sea, OK?
I would rather die here.
Fair enough
I'll head out in about 20 minutes, then.
I'll come back for your body
if I find any help.
Were you born to a woman or did
they just carve you out of granite?
The swim will be fine
as long as you stay close.
Don't rub your eyes.
And don't make any
sarky comments, either.
I'm trying to help you.
Just focus on staying alive.
Oh, I never sweat the small stuff
So, it appears in the midst
of a terrible disaster
a serious cyberattack has been launched
on the United Kingdom's
emergency services.
I turn to you, Archie Glover-Morgan.
As a former home secretary,
who is behind this?
That's for the security services
to ascertain
If they're up to it.
There's a report out today,
a journalist claiming this is linked
to the Kostenko assassination.
It also says that two arrests
have already been made.
I can't speculate on that.
But the idea that whoever is behind this
could paralyse
our most critical communications
does suggest that somebody
has got things very wrong here.
I imagine a senior figure will have
to pay a price for this appalling lapse.
We're going to hear from your successor.
Let's go to Kent and join Mr Obasi.
Good morning.
Things look very bad there.
Good morning, Karen.
Yes, and I would like to pay tribute
to the incredible effort and heroism
- of the emergency services.
- Of course.
You are, it appears,
attempting a rescue mission
I think you should see this.
in what seems like an almost
complete communications blackout.
- Is that anyone's fault?
- Believe me, we will be carrying out
This is the Ruin Britannia code
that is crippling the
communications network.
The callback code is definitely
pointing towards a Russian source,
but that could just be a framing device.
- And what's it gonna do next?
- We're not sure
It doesn't appear to have
a kill switch built in.
This sequence here
is what's worrying us.
We think it could be lining up
to attack another part
of the communications system.
The mobile networks
are all they have left in Kent.
We can't lose them too.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to apologise.
Do you know now?
Have you made your mind up
about the prisoners?
I've been carrying out consultations.
- With whom?
- The archangel and the prole.
Wait moral philosophy?
Sometimes you can go with an
intuitive hunch on maximising utility.
Let a pair of criminals
go to save lives
Sometimes you have to apply
a higher form of reasoning.
the Russians have issued
strong denials to the press rumours
that their agents had anything
to do with the cyberattack.
I can't let them go, Anna.
And for what it's worth,
I think that's the right decision.
It would show fatal weakness.
You always were an archangel
even back in college,
when we were just a pair of Tory geeks.
Shut up, geek!
I was a high-fashion queen,
I had all the invites.
- Your 11 o'clock.
- Yeah
You ready?
We need to go now.
Come on I'll help you.
We're as close as we're gonna get.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, let's go!
Come on!
Come on!
I want you back in the shadow cabinet.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Just one small problem with that.
Well, actually, there are quite
a lot of large problems with that.
But not being an MP is
probably the biggest one, right?
There'll be a by-election soon enough.
Particularly if what I'm hearing
from Kent about
- Too soon, maybe?
- Maybe.
All right, let's just talk
in general terms
until the funeral has taken place.
What if the local party refuses
The NEC can impose a candidate
or have a limited shortlist.
They haven't all gone away, you know.
I don't want them all to go away.
I'm not the most popular person
in this party.
- You do remember the way I was treated?
- Yeah
They can piss right off.
Some of what went on
was an absolute disgrace.
In fairness, some on the right
of the party didn't help much.
I'm not on the right,
that's the whole bloody
Yeah, I get it.
The thing is, I don't really care
much about labels anymore.
What I care about
is having smart, competent people
who can deal with Joseph Obasi
across the despatch box.
- Wait, I hope
- No, of course it's not because of that.
Obasi is bloody sharp and will
make mincemeat of anybody who isn't.
You're smart and you're competent.
I like that.
Get them to sort my membership card
out first, though,
cos knowing this lot, it won't arrive
before the next general election.
I'll personally put it in the post,
you wait
- Are you OK?
- Yeah
It's no use. It's dead.
I tried to call out,
but all we got was some weird
error message about Britannia.
Is there anyone else on board?
Couple of lads were outside
and got blown away.
Have you done any damage assessment?
Port side took the full
force of the explosion.
And we're taking on water.
With this swell,
unless they get someone here soon
we're going down.
The emergency services
search and rescue operations in Kent
have been heavily impacted by
The Ruin Britannia virus is now
attacking the mobile networks.
The flooding is not relenting
and people are still being found
in collapsed buildings.
We won't be able to cope with no
emergency communications or mobiles.
At the moment,
our prime suspect is Sednit.
- The Russian cyberattack division?
- Yes
Although we need to be very careful.
There is a chance it's being made
to look like a Russian attack
to throw us off the scent.
We should have just let them
slip away in the first place.
Well, that's not helping
our current predicament, is it?
Have to admit, Robert,
I'm unsure what the archangel
would say about this one
- Russian ambassador here?
- Yeah, waiting in the terracotta room.
- Is it worth hundreds of other lives?
- Yes, I'm aware of the calculus.
Thank you
This is an absolute catastrophe.
Nobody can talk to anybody now.
We have people waiting for transfers
to burns units.
The entire triage system
is going to fall apart.
We're gonna need some little ships.
They're going to have to be able to
carry communications by hand
between the emergency services
and the hospitals.
It's the only option
now that the phone masts have gone.
Miserable bastards
Sutherland should let the Russians go.
It's tough
I would never have arrested them
in the first place.
Luckily, those aren't my choices.
He's authorised. Show him in.
- What's up?
- Audrey Hemmings' next of kin.
Her brother. I have to speak to him.
Go on
- Ambassador Voronin.
- Prime minister.
So, you are of course aware that
we have two of your citizens detained.
Only one of them
is actually a Russian citizen.
And are you aware of speculation
in the British press
linking them to the assassination
of Mikhailo Kostenko?
I am aware of yet another attempt
to blame my country
for every mishap
you bring on yourselves.
Shall we just cut to the chase?
If you are referring to
your current communications issues?
In the middle of a major rescue
operation which is costing extra lives.
You will be accusing us
of blowing up the ship next,
of staging an earthquake
I wonder what could have made us
so ridiculously paranoid!
Your game of blame the Russians
for all your problems will not work.
I would especially counsel against it
if you do not want to look very foolish.
So, all of this
is totally unrelated to the fact
that Klara Lechkova
is implicated in the crime
and is related to a senior
member of your security services?
I can assure you that the person you
have detained is not Klara Lechkova.
She is currently at her dacha
outside Moscow,
to the best of my knowledge.
Our intelligence services
tell me that the woman
you have detained is
actually Larissa Petrova.
A low-level criminal and fraudster
who is also involved in the commission
of teams of foreign criminals
to break into luxury houses.
Rodrigo Araya is simply a madman
who believes he is
the reincarnation of Che Guevara.
By all means prosecute them
for shoplifting and lock them up.
I can assure you that my government
will be delighted.
- All our information
- They've tricked us so that we look stupid.
- Oh, how can you say that, Anna?
- I don't feel stupid at all!
But the fact
that it might not be Lechkova
doesn't mean they weren't involved
in the assassination.
Exactly, if it was an attempt
Can I just be really clear
about something?
A significant part of the Kent
coastline is no longer there.
We are going to have to resort
to smoke signals soon
to organise hospital transfers.
I think we should
So, wasting precious
time having the Russians
make us look like fuckin' idiots
was really not part of
my to-do list this morning.
Wasn't top of any of our lists.
Go and find out who these clowns are
we've detained.
And find out
where the real culprits are.
Putting aside
whoever killed Mikhailo Kostenko
What if it's not connected
to this cyberattack?
What if it's something else completely?
There's loads of weird shit going on.
The killing,
then the boat
Then this cyberattack.
Who says they're connected?
What do you think caused the earth
tremors that made the ship go up?
I don't know, what normally causes
them Stuff moving underground.
Big North Sea drilling contract given
to the Chinese Jiayou Corporation.
The Yanks were pissed off
about that as well.
Watch and see if they try
and pin the blame on them for it.
OK, I got to tell you,
I'm not one for conspiracy theories.
I don't think mobile phone masts
can cause pandemics
or George Soros
can conjure up an earthquake.
OK, but something's going on,
cos I've got MI5 all over me.
Someone's leaking you explosive
stuff that affects national security.
That's their job.
You'd better be very careful.
- What was she doing on the boat?
- Observing the naval operation.
Why aren't you out there
looking for her?!
You've seen what it's like out there.
Visibility is terrible.
We almost lost a chopper today.
I told my mum she's missing
but they'll probably find her.
Now I get here and
My mum won't be able to cope with this.
Audrey's the baby,
the one with the brains,
me and Fred always looked out for her
I just feel
there's something I should be doing,
some way of finding her.
I'm sorry
If conditions improve,
we'll send rescue helicopters
in the morning.
- I'll tell my brother.
- There's no phone coverage.
How come?
The virus has spread from the emergency
services to the mobile networks.
- Bloody hell
- That must make it impossible.
Yeah, it's pretty hard.
I've got to try and assemble
a team of couriers
who can scuttle between all the
emergency sites with hard data.
I might be able to help with that,
as it goes
- There you go.
- Thank you.
So, why haven't they come for us?
Helicopters can't fly out
with all the debris in the air.
Things must be bad onshore.
They're really bad.
She's taking on a lot of water now!
We can't stay here
Where do you suggest we go?!
We have to climb up to the platform!
You go first
Just focus on getting to the top!
Oh, great, yeah!
I'll be right behind you, OK?
Don't look down!
Do not look down!
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, yeah, good
Put it on the screen.
The ambassador was correct.
This is not Klara Lechkova.
This is an impersonator
who used her documentation,
and Araya is just a piece of work.
So, Kostenko gets hit
The Russians frame themselves for it.
Which implies they knew about it,
at the very least.
But then in punishment
for arresting the people
they actually wanted us to arrest
So we would look stupid.
they launch a cyberattack.
Look into retaliatory
cyber operations for this disgrace.
Division 45 are already on it.
I'll bring you a target list later.
- Are we sure
- No, I'm not letting this go.
It's one thing to whack oligarchs
on our shores,
quite another to rub our noses in it
during a disaster.
OK, on that
GCHQ are also picking up
some other noise.
What noise?
That the drilling operation
in the North Sea
might have contributed to the explosion.
- Is there any hard evidence for that?
- No, not yet.
But it is a rumour that will grow legs
and be running pretty soon.
We've been under a lot of pressure not
to move forward with the Jiayou contract.
Well, you might want to
announce a pause on that.
Just to evaluate things
This will really
piss a lot of people off.
- Audrey Hepburn!
- Yeah
And my brothers are Fred for Astaire
and Cary for Grant.
- His real name was Archibald Leach.
- I know, yeah.
Oh, yeah
I like those old
black-and-white films as well.
- Where you from, love?
- Originally from Bermondsey.
But then we moved out to Rochester.
Bet your old man's proper 'Wall, right?
He died but yeah, he was.
More Millwall in Rochester
than Bermondsey now.
Game's gone, though, hasn't it?
Moneymen killed it.
No, get yourself down
to a lower league game.
They're still a good laugh.
Sometimes me and my brother
go to Fisher FC.
It's lovely at night if you look out
Will you stop talking!
It wouldn't hurt to be polite
now and again, mate.
Look, I'm trying to think
and you're distracting me!
I'm going to swim to shore.
You'll never make it!
Not in the dark and in these conditions!
We have no food or water,
but more importantly shelter.
Exposure will set in
with the wind-chill,
and the temperature
could drop even further.
You'll probably die first because
you're older and out of shape.
Thimble of laughs, this one.
Yeah, he's a one-man comedy channel.
- I'm gonna go for it.
- You're mad
You can't leave us!
He's gonna die out there!
Mister Glover-Morgan, prime minister.
Return the whip
to my little band of brothers
and you increase your majority by eight.
You will see me talking to you
as a sign of weakness.
Not at all.
And it is
But I want you to understand
something very important
My parliamentary situation is weak,
but I am not.
That's not a mistake
I've ever made about you, Robert.
If you were weak,
you wouldn't be talking to me now.
The Singer Report will exonerate you.
We'll see.
In a way,
that's convenient for both of us.
- You never resigned on principle.
- I certainly did.
It just depends which principle
you're talking about.
There's a mark, Archie.
Don't overstep it,
or things will get
very nasty very quickly.
Well, as we are being candid,
please take this in a similar spirit.
I care about my country,
and when it's in peril I wish to
be in the frontline, defending it.
I believe that too.
I don't think you are the best man
to lead either the party or the country,
but I will work with you
to keep both in one piece.
I'd like to give you
one piece of advice.
- Go on
- Sack Eleanor James.
She should never have allowed us
to get into this mess.
She's not the person
to get us out of it.
Always wanting me to sack someone.
Oh, Anna?
No, imagining you telling her
you're returning the whip to us
will be karma enough.
I should perhaps tell you I have
asked Peter Mott to be my adviser.
You absolute child, Archie
I want to be back in the COBRA room
during this crisis.
You could always
make me foreign secretary.
Oh, you're not joking, are you?
I have a certain manner, Robert.
You know that.
It has served me well enough
over time and kept me amused.
But at the moment,
you simply don't have the quality
to fill the big offices of state.
You need somebody with fighting spirit,
who can handle a tough interview
and has blood rather than sawdust
in their veins.
Stewart! Stewart!
Stay awake!
You all right? Come on!
You're all right
I'm I'm not going to make it.
Course you Course you are, mate!
Come on!
Tell Tell Jeanie
- Tell
- Who's Jeanie?
Is she your wife?
I'm so I'm so cold
Come on, mate! Come on, Stewart!
Come on!
We're at your disposal.
Just send us where you want us to go.
- Who are these people, Fraser?
- Mods.
That's Audrey Hemmings' brother.
I think the press
might be interested in this one.
- Yeah?
- We're in the clear.
Leak it. Right now.
In one of the more unexpected
moments in this tragedy,
the communications gap is being
plugged with an army of volunteers.
In this case, it's not so much
little ships as little scooters.
A group organised by the brother
of one of the victims of the blast
have offered their services
in the struggle to keep data moving
between the different emergency sites.
News from London.
Cyber unit have got a patch
for the emergency network.
- Still no phones?
- No.
They're playing whack-a-mole
with it right now.
God knows where it's heading next.
Thanks, Fraser.
I am truly sorry about Audrey.
Thank you, home secretary.
At least now, with some communication,
the rescue teams
are getting back in the air.
He was such a good man
At Christmas,
he wore this hat that lit up
just to entertain the kids.
Everybody loved him.
He would've done a favour for anyone.
He was kind
He was a kind man.
He He was
Couldn't fix my roller-skates, though!
Stewart, it's here!
Stewart, it's here!
He's done it! He's made it!
We're safe, OK?
We're going home! You're not
gonna You're not gonna die!
Hey, we're here!
We're here!
Hey, over here! Over here!
OK, first
Welcome back, Fraser,
and thank you for all your efforts.
We were delighted to hear that
Audrey Hemmings has been found alive.
Thank you, Prime Minister.
So, the, um, emergency services
are working normally again in Kent?
They are.
It's a basic clean-up operation now,
although there is still
a hell of a lot to clean up.
We estimate we've lost
a third of the town's buildings,
and the casualty rate
will continue to climb,
especially because of the triage delays.
So, the cyberattack has abated.
The patch to ECON has worked
and we are able
to access the system again.
Good to hear.
Retaliatory measures against
selected targets have been initiated.
I have spoken to both the DTI
and director of communications.
We are putting the Jiayou contract
on hold
until we have had a full
investigation into the explosion.
We need to dampen press speculation
and not link the two elements publicly.
Right now they are more
interested in the Singer Report,
which unfortunately has been leaked.
That is unfortunate
Who could possibly have
a reason for doing that?
This has not been
a tribute to our preparation.
Cyberattacks are constantly
I'm not talking just about cyberattacks.
We have been made to look
completely ridiculous.
Hopefully these counter-measures
will put an end to this nonsense
and we can go back to
the painful job of cleaning up.
I cannot promise to deliver
something outside my control.
I can only work to that objective.
- Don't sack Eleanor.
- It's nothing personal.
Don't sack her.
I know people want a head.
Don't give it to them.
- We've stabilised the situation.
- For now
Look, now that this Singer Report
is out of the way,
there's something
I really need to discuss with you.
And why am I getting the feeling
I'm really not gonna like it?
Because you're not.
- Hari Misra? What do you make of him?
- Ah, he's a cocky fuck.
And he always seems to be
one step ahead of the press.
We can't ever be seen to be weak
on national security again.
Yeah, that's what I said.
Useful to know, though,
so you know, keep him in earshot.
Another scoop coming your way.
Destroy the drive when you're done.
This arrived
Still trying to see if Paul
Mason's available for next week.
Jessica, could you
shut the door, please?
"There's loads of weird shit going on.
The killing, then the boat
then the cyberattack."
- "Who says they're connected?"
- What's their little game?
"What do you think caused the earth
tremors that made the ship go up?"
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