Cobra (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 3

My name is Ellie Sutherland.
By the time you see this,
I will be deep down a tunnel
beneath Godley Common village.
The sabotage consisted
of a basic device,
a timer and a handheld flare.
- I can't get hold of Nate.
- He went in the tunnel.
With Ellie.
Did Planet Resistance plant the bomb?
Bomb?! What are you talking about?
We didn't kill anybody. Henry did.
I'm not going down for him.
After I was drugged and
abducted from the United Kingdom
by my brother, Prince Samir,
I plead with the government of
the United Kingdom to help me.
- Ellie! They're gonna make sure you're all right.
- She'll be fine.
You're aware we're obligated
to place Ellie under arrest.
There cannot be any dispensation.
I can't do this any more, Rob.
You know that, don't you?
The explosion wasn't your fault.
It had nothing to do with me.
You must've known there was a bomb. No.
Come on, Ellie.
We know you didn't make the bomb
but you must have known about it.
I had no idea!
Otherwise I'd never
have gone down there.
Planet Resistance is an
entirely peaceful organisation.
Planet Resistance is a
terrorist organisation.
That's absurd.
Membership could get
you 14 years, Ellie.
That, in addition to whatever you get
for aggravated trespass
at Godley Common,
attempted murder.
Attempted murder?!
I went down there to
protest about the train line!
I've only got your word.
I didn't want to hurt anybody.
The explosive was made from a flare.
Exactly the same type of flare
that we found in your flat, Henry.
Do you believe in
coincidences like that?
We use flares for peaceful protests.
Is there any history of
cops tampering with evidence?
Nate told me in the cave
there was a device, yes.
One device. He said Henry
had wanted to "escalate things".
Nate said that to you?
Nate had no idea what
Henry was planning.
He tried to talk him
down from it, I'm sure.
He told me he felt he'd been
exploited by Henry.
I do too.
And where is Nate?
I don't know.
He's in the hospital. I saw him
He escaped from the
ambulance, while it was moving.
Do you have any idea where he'd be now?
He gave you no indication of his plans?
Where he'd go? What he'd do?
I I didn't even know if we'd survive.
Do you have any idea where he might be?
I don't know.
- He's your man.
- He's not my man. He's one of many volunteers.
Which one did you
tell to plant the bomb?
- We didn't
- 55 years.
That's my guess.
For murder, attempted murder,
and causing an explosion.
Bare cell, concrete bog.
What a dotage.
Um Polly might know where he is.
And where is she now?
I don't know.
Don't you know where Polly is?
Hi. This is Ellie. Don't
leave a message. Send a text.
Ellie. It's Polly. I need
to talk. It's really
I I just need to talk.
So call me if you can.
Look at these through your fingers.
The opposition's making hay, of course.
Of course.
The Shadow Home Secretary
was on Sky this morning,
at her most sanctimonious.
And using your name a lot.
Well, the thing is, she's right.
What happened at Godley
was a national disaster
by anyone's definition.
What are you going to do about Ellie?
What I said.
I can't be seen to do anything but
let the law take its course, can I?
Maybe this is the
wake-up call she needs.
I mean, what kind of person
is she going to become
if every time she makes
a mistake we bail her out?
She threw off her security. She's
involved with a violent group.
Yeah, but if she's prosecuted in
the limelight, it's so unforgiving.
Let's get Millar and
Obasi's take on this.
And the full range of
possibilities for her.
We'll sort this. She's going to be OK.
Not working today, Dan?
Not today, no.
Another one, please.
You know what I'm gonna say.
I quit Tony, and I meant it.
I don't want to do
private work any more.
I don't know yet. I'll
I'll find something.
Look, I appreciate the offers,
but please, stop calling me.
Hi, Dad. Surprise.
What's er
- Why are you here?
- Thought you'd be pleased to see me.
Well, I am. Course I am. Come 'ere.
Hey, come 'ere.
Let me take a good look at you.
- You've changed your hair.
- Mm.
- It's nice.
- Ta.
You look so grown up now.
What have you been up to?
I'll I'll make us a drink, yeah?
How do you take your
You need to get rid of them for me, Dad.
The search and rescue operation
has shifted from rescue to recovery.
The official death toll at
Godley Common stands at 143,
with another 62 still in hospital.
Most stable, but six or seven critical.
The people responsible
for this must, and will,
be prosecuted to the fullest extent.
And before you all
ask the same question,
yes, that does include my daughter.
We seek justice without fear or favour.
That is very admirable, Robert.
I'm so glad you think so.
Investigation status?
Henry Wicks remains in custody,
along with 13 known members
of PR and your daughter.
Wicks remains our prime suspect,
though unsurprisingly he and the
others all deny any responsibility.
Nate Stevens alleged to
Ellie that Wicks was behind it
but he remains at large, as
does his partner, Polly Wright.
A manhunt is ongoing.
Points the finger and runs?
He's a suspect too, presumably?
Everyone's a suspect right now.
Even so, our evidence against
Wicks remains circumstantial,
and without further proof we'll be
forced to release him in due course.
You should be aware,
Planet Resistance might
be public enemy number one,
but we're anticipating
a swell of protests
from a number of other aligned groups.
You are going to be a
busy boy, Commissioner.
I suggest the Commissioner
focuses resources
on policing the UK Defence Expo.
The exhibition's always
proved a lightning rod.
And intelligence suggests there are
going to be some abnormally large
and highly aggressive demonstrations.
This is exactly what the
Civil Disturbance Bill is for.
We can pre-arrest on conspiracy
to cause public nuisance.
And if the police run out of tear-gas,
they can pop into the
Defence Expo for a top-up.
It's an international event. We
can't risk disorder, or worse.
Police the exhibition to the full
extent granted under the Bill.
And if you could see me in my office?
Do you know Polly Wright, sir?
She's my daughter.
Do you know where she is at present?
She's 24 and out in the world somewhere.
What's the issue, Sergeant?
No idea of her whereabouts?
We we don't have
the best relationship.
I was away a lot, serving my country.
She in some sort of trouble?
Any recent contact of any kind?
What's happened?
If I know more, maybe I can help.
You're aware of the recent
incident at Godley Common?
The involvement of the
Planet Resistance group?
What's that got to do with Polly?
Well, that's something we'd
like to discuss with her.
I haven't heard from Polly in years.
And if she is in trouble,
I'm afraid I'm the
last one she'd turn to.
If she does get in touch
Thank you.
What the fuck's going on?
If she pleads guilty, she
could avoid prison time.
Maybe a suspended
sentence, community service,
a fine for each offence.
Each offence?
Illegal protest, aggravated trespass
If she's charged with a
significant terror crime,
that's a much heavier sentence.
And how likely are these charges?
Well, how strongly do you want
to be seen to be pursuing justice
for the victims of Godley?
IF she's charged and
IF she's found guilty.
Look, there is no way that
Ellie knowingly caused harm
or was involved with explosives.
Everyone in this room knows that.
The leader, this Henry Wicks,
obviously manipulated her,
like some bastard Svengali.
Now, you said Nate Stevens
claimed HE planted the bomb.
So find him.
And the girl who dragged Ellie into
this, this this Polly Wright.
Wicks did this, not Ellie.
- Make it stick.
- Robert.
All due respect, Prime
Minister, without fear or favour.
I want to see her. My daughter.
At the police station?
Over a hundred people died at Godley.
I wasn't there.
- It's the only story on the news.
- I wasn't there!
Then tell them that.
It won't make any difference.
They're locking up everyone anyway.
What did you expect?
We're not fucking terrorists!
Polly, if you really weren't involved
Jesus, Dad. I'm involved, all right?
I got the Prime Minister's
daughter involved.
But whatever happened at Godley
Common, it wasn't us, I swear.
Well, you need to hand yourself in.
Look, the more you run and hide,
the worse this is gonna get.
If they want to, they will find you.
- I can't protect you, Polly.
- When have you ever protected me?
Look, you need to just confront this.
All we wanted to do was confront things.
But it takes more than
handing out fucking pamphlets
to make things happen.
Everyone can see what you made happen.
I shouldn't have come
back. I won't again.
Wait. Where are you going?
- There's a demo at the arms fair.
- Don't be stupid.
Want me to take some of your pamphlets?
I'm not stupid.
I don't just mouth
off about confronting.
You keep doing you, Dad,
like some fucking paperboy.
Because change takes action.
I don't give a shit if
they throw me in jail.
Polly, don't. Stay. Stay here!
I'm sorry.
You know, Ellie may be less
inclined to take the line
she's a silly little girl made
a plaything of Henry Wicks.
- It's true.
- But she knows her own mind, Robert.
Painting her so weak, naive, easily led.
Well, better she feels weak and
easily led than ends up in jail.
From your perspective.
You're not a headstrong
23-year-old woman.
You noticed.
Who's worried about the
future of the planet.
I am. I'm just also worried
about the future of my daughter.
Who I doubt will be prepared
to throw away her principles
in order to save her own skin.
If I have to persuade her.
Look, she's principled,
yes, but she's not stupid.
Rachel's finding her the
sharpest lawyer she can.
Let's hope she finds someone
less sharp for your divorce.
Wasn't sure you'd actually come.
I told your lawyer to piss off twice.
- Then?
- Thought I'd hear you out.
Then at least you could hear
it for yourself the third time.
You need to know, we didn't do this.
Planet Resistance is about
disruption, not destruction.
Don't give me your slogans, Henry.
A lot of people believed in you,
in Planet Resistance, including me.
And now 150 people are dead
and a village is rubble.
- Francine
- I put myself on the line for you.
And it cost me being shadow minister.
- What, they sacked you?!
- "Egregious lack of judgment".
I'm I'm sorry. I
Look, you have to believe me.
Your lawyer said that you
can prove it was a set-up,
that Planet Resistance was framed.
Yeah. The government
did this to smear us.
Where's the proof?
I haven't I haven't
actually got any
- Piss off, Henry.
- Please. Just hear us out.
How long have we been a thorn
in the government's side?
We're trying to change the
system. We're a danger to it
so why wouldn't the
system try and fuck us up?
It's all a smear.
And just think, Planet Resistance
has got people to listen.
It's got them to question those
in power. We're succeeding.
So why would I, or would we,
shit on everything that we've
achieved, we can achieve?
None of that's proof.
Somebody has done this to us.
Maybe the man who was down in the
tunnel with Ellie Sutherland, Nate.
He told her that I'd
pushed for escalation,
that I'd planned the explosion.
That's bullshit.
So what? You think Nate's police?
I don't know. I don't know.
I I thought he was my friend.
Nate's escaped.
He's missing.
Missing? Or exfiltrated?
How many people died, Ray? How many?!
Don't think about that, Nathan.
- Don't think about it?!
- Be calm.
The current situation
was somewhat unforeseen.
You've always proven
yourself an exceptional asset.
And we're going to take care of you.
We just need to know that you're
going to take care of us too.
And together we can
navigate these troubled waters.
We're making arrangements for you.
We have people, good people, in Zurich.
No, no. I don't want to go
to fucking Switzerland, Ray.
This isn't a negotiation.
You understand it's in all our
interests, don't you Nathan?
- When?
- Very soon.
All you have to do
now is just sit tight.
And let us take care.
If you could write
your name here please?
Thank you, Prime Minister.
Now if you'd like to
follow my colleague.
That's the advice from
both the Commissioner
and the Attorney General.
To pin it on Henry?
Not pin it on him.
Prove he's to blame,
which I think he is.
And I believe you think that now too.
If Nate or Polly can
help prove your innocence,
you stand a good chance of acquittal.
Provided you make a full
statement of contrition,
say publicly that you do not stand by
- Planet Resistance or their actions
- Wait.
What happened at Godley Common
It was horrendous.
And I feel stupid and
used by Henry Wicks.
Just like everybody else who thought
he stood for something
better, something different.
But Planet Resistance
are not terrorists.
And I will not denounce them.
For God's sake Ellie
The world is on the edge of destruction.
And I'm not gonna vilify
all of Planet Resistance
just so you can get me off
the hook and save your career.
It's not about me.
It's ALL about you.
That's why I came back from Chile.
Didn't you realise that?
To take a stand against what YOUR
government's doing in YOUR name.
Because I knew my presence
would have an impact.
You never notice anything about
what your own family thinks or feels
because you are so
consumed in your own career
your party, your place in history.
- No, no. Everything I do is for
- Legacy.
Isn't that the truth of it?
Your righteous, honourable legacy.
Like every other fucking politician,
it's all about your place in history.
And what I was trying to do,
what Planet Resistance do,
is make sure there's a fucking future.
And you know what I learned from them?
The one true measure of what you believe
is how much you're prepared
to sacrifice for it.
That's my statement of contrition.
ANNA: Robert.
Well, she won't help herself.
Refuses to blame anyone else.
She was completely intractable.
- Do you want to say "I told you so"?
- Course not.
She'll go to prison.
You're a long way off that.
You know, a part of me thinks
she actually wants that.
What the hell did Rachel and I do wrong?
This is kids and their
parents, you know that.
It's a requirement that they
take the alternative position.
She is completely pig-headed.
Who does she get that from?
I'm sorry you've been so upset,
but self-pity doesn't suit you.
Give this a few days,
for the wheel to turn.
You're aware that the Kingdom
has issued a statement.
Our treasured Princess Yadira
has been suffering mental illness
for some time and requests privacy
while she continues to receive
the treatment she requires.
And of course, it behoves us to
take the word of our trusted ally.
Does it, now?
We're facing calls to demand
proof of life, of liberty
and it behoves us to
assuage public outrage.
Oh, come on.
Excuse me?
You heard. She's bonkers.
And this time tomorrow
the wokerati will be pissing
their panties over something else
and will have forgotten
all about a spoilt princess
who can't go shopping for handbags.
Princess Yadira is a
resident of this country.
This happened on British soil.
I want to know if it was criminal.
Of course we can make
noises about investigating,
but the Saladin deal is
the biggest defence contract
we've signed in 40 years, Robert.
The Shirasians need to be confident
they can do business with us,
extremely valuable business,
with good faith on both sides.
Saladin is security, energy, jobs.
Our partners need to know there'll
be no hiccups in moving forward.
Motty, be a dear and
dig out your spin cap,
assuming it isn't entirely moth-eaten.
The Kingdom of Shirasia is our
long-established strategic partner,
a relationship based on shared values
in which we'll always raise
the issue of human rights
wherever appropriate.
And as for Saladin, the
equipment and material in question
is of course purely for
agreed defensive purposes
and emphatically not belligerence.
No comment on the video,
D-notice on Saladin.
After all, an Open Export
Licence is a very closed book.
I'm well aware of the value
of arming the Shirasians.
It's the currency of good
faith I'm questioning.
I want to know if Princess
Yadira was kidnapped.
If so, what are we
going to do about that?
And I do not give a shit about
King Zyan or Prince Samir.
Do I have to make myself any clearer?
What's he doing?
His judgement's gone.
If we get on the tits of the Shirasians
at this late stage in the deal
they'll never do business with us again.
I've got breakfast with Samir
tomorrow. I'll calm any nerves.
And even if Robert pushes for some
sort of pantomime investigation,
we're not going to find anything.
Are we?
Peter, you got a minute?
You're his Spad. His Spad of Spads.
You silver-tongued devil, you.
- Are you sure Archie's pushing enough?
- Pushing?
Back against the PM's
more unruly inclinations.
Because it looks less like a push
and more like a fucking tickle.
(CHUCKLES) And you'd prefer a shove.
I'd prefer it if the PM's daughter
wasn't demonstrably queering his pitch.
And if anyone knows what a toxic
bloody liability she is, it's you.
- Am I late?
- No, I was early.
- Tube was quick today.
- That barely seems credible.
- Hello, Archie.
I thought you'd be heading
over to the Defence Expo.
Don't worry, you haven't missed a thing.
Except hearing Victoria's
summer holiday plans.
Order some breakfast.
I'm having eggs Royale.
What could be more appropriate?
Although I must say the noises
I'm hearing from Number 10
regarding my little sister are
causing me to lose my appetite.
But you must understand we have
to conjure up an aura of concern
for certain parts of the electorate.
The Princess's mad accusations
aren't worthy of comment.
And I'm rather offended by
the suggestion of bad faith.
Your aura of concern
is looking like a matter
of grave reputational damage
to my family and the Kingdom. Snuff it.
After all, the French
were most disappointed
when we chose the Saladin
deal over their offering.
And their door remains very much ajar.
I assure you, there is no
remote jeopardy to Saladin
or any other investment programme.
This is a minor ripple that can
be smoothed out very swiftly.
How IS your sister?
She is happy and well, thank you.
- Back at home.
- Oh, well, that's wonderful.
If you could demonstrate that,
it would help contradict
some of the ignorant comments
being made about her. Isn't that right?
Erm Certainly.
Here are some pictures of her
shopping yesterday in Ararat.
Hermes. Lovely!
If you could release a few
of these to the world
You don't need to do that.
Or a happy video of her on TikTok,
that would help smooth the waters.
Very well.
I'm flying home tonight.
I'd like an update once I land
confirming that there will be no
further ripples of distrust.
Of course.
Bravo, Archie.
Don't ever fucking
gatecrash my meetings again.
Conventional mortars have
always been crude instruments
anti-personnel mine
system features a
next generation precision-guided
mortar munition, Damocles XR.
GPS co-ordinates of the
shooter and the target
calibrate the elevation and azimuth
of the tube and the
mortar round itself
Peaceful protest is welcome, of course,
but we've made it very clear that
any violent or illegal protest today
will be met with a strong
and swift police response.
I spoke with her friend
she worked with at the shop.
Guess how Polly met Nate.
I dunno. At a protest?
Nah, that'd be too obvious.
Tinder, was it?
He walked in front of
her bike, took a tumble.
They had to exchange numbers.
An accident, Fran.
Oh, it's straight out
of the spook playbook.
Little bit of trauma
for them to bond over.
He gets to look vulnerable, magnanimous.
And now he's vanished.
It's not easy to vanish.
It takes skill, training.
And we know that the police
have infiltrated protest
groups for decades.
I need to know if Nate's a part of that
and if anyone was undercover
at Planet Resistance.
Isn't it much more likely
this is Henry trying to deflect
from the very considerable
amount of shit he's in?
You certainly picked
your moment to come back.
Are you sure your poor
charred head can handle it?
I'm needed.
You never could resist saving
him from himself, could you?
Someone has to.
Poor Robert. Down to one wife.
I'm just saying, you
were always very close.
Rachel's side of the bed's still warm!
Hm. I bet his is warmer.
If anything was going to
happen between Robert and me
it would've happened a long time ago.
Gerald! Always a pleasure to
see our dear friends at Condor.
I have no doubt the
government will endeavour
to ensure we remain as such.
What else are governments for?
Ah, here she is.
Have you been making
chums with policemen?
I see you've been keeping
the Whitehall end up.
But which end?
- A pure delight, as ever, Victoria.
- Hello, Gerald.
Have you two had a chance to
discuss the Shirasian deal?
Only briefly.
So, where did you get to? On Saladin.
I understand Robert's
scaring the Shirasian horses.
I'd really rather he didn't
upset a major customer for good.
Why's he so keen on biting the hand
that feeds the hand that feeds him?
I assure you, Gerald, Robert
is surrounded by people
who won't let him derail things.
- All will be
Murderers! All of you!
Stop the arms trade!
Here's your blood money!
Oi! Come here!
He's not police. Nate Stevens.
- Sure?
- I asked at the top.
This is a full classified
list of officers.
You look disappointed.
No. Of course not.
If I may, perhaps you should
give a little less credence
to your friend Francine Bridge.
I don't feel well.
My head really hurts.
What a view.
You could've had it too, Len.
Millbank suits me just fine.
Hm. Who wouldn't crave that
perfect aspect on Thames?
We still see the same river.
Don't worry. I won't ask again.
I got the message the last time.
I just hope those
public service principles
are keeping you warm at night.
I have an electric blanket.
You didn't get in touch after seven
years to compliment my feng shui.
What can I do for you?
You'll be aware that
Princess Yadira Al-Bilal
is accusing her own
family of abducting her.
Sounds like a very mixed-up young woman.
Rhombus provided her
security, I believe.
Provide security for the
whole family across Europe.
You know I'm not at liberty
to discuss our client list.
Yeah, the issue is her liberty.
We have footage.
It seems to show the Princess
coerced against her wishes
by three men after attending the races.
We ran facial rec.
They're employees of
Rhombus Strategic Services.
You always were so fastidious.
She's a resident, Zelda.
Off the record, so to speak.
Yes, we provide security and
protection for the family.
Bread and butter work,
entirely above board.
My internal reports state that
she drank too much at the ponies,
took a turn on the way out.
She's an observant Muslim.
Well, we all need a day off sometimes.
She was escorted, in due
course, to the airport
where she boarded a
flight of her own volition.
To allege otherwise would be
Well, as I said, mixed up.
I appreciate the clarification.
You'll understand,
the Prime Minister wants to be
categorical there was no illegality.
Lest he be compelled
to a robust response.
Well, he can sleep soundly.
Unless his wife took the bed.
Will that be all?
Much as I'd love to catch up,
I'm afraid I have an appointment.
One more thing, since I'm here,
regarding a person of interest.
Only his current identity is based upon
the birth certificate
of a deceased infant.
- Classic tradecraft.
- Quite.
And given that he isn't police,
I can't help wondering whether
this individual is private sector.
If only YOU were.
Whoever he is, he doesn't
work for us, and never has.
The corporate intel we provide is -
Entirely above board.
I've spent 15 years building Rhombus
into a reliable and trusted
provider of solutions.
We analyse risks. We don't take them.
Well, I hope not. For your sake, Zelda.
We need to discuss Nathan Scott.
Rachel and her lawyers have got
Ellie released under investigation.
- What does that mean?
- She can go home.
But she remains under investigation
and charges will almost certainly
follow, to some degree or other.
- Hello?
- Ellie. I just heard the good news.
I'm under house arrest? Great news.
It isn't house arrest,
it's Are you going to Mum's?
No, I'm going to the hospital.
What? Are you OK?
Yeah, I'm OK but I'll
tell you who's not OK.
My friend Polly, who got fucking
beaten up by one of your cops.
I need to see her.
You can't go in so stop asking.
What about doctors? Have
they got to stay out too?
Nathan. What's going on, buddy?
150 fucking people.
And I told you not to think about it.
Are you gonna be a
problem for me, Nathan?
Let's get you home, shall we?
Hi, I think you have my
daughter in here, Polly Wright.
In ICU. She has a police escort.
Hello. I'm looking for Polly Wright.
I'm sure you were a good dad to her.
I wasn't.
And? Will she recover?
I'm afraid she was pronounced
dead around eight o'clock.
Understood. Thanks.
Are you going to be all right?
Of course. I'll
I'll be fine.
See you tomorrow.
She thinks I have blood on my hands.
Despises everything I stand for.
What she THINKS you stand for.
But she's wrong.
Maybe a better question is
what I think I stand for.
Same as you always have.
Always will.
We'll get a handle on the situation.
The situations.
Polly Wright's death is tragic
but it doesn't make you
a tyrant or a murderer.
There is no blood on your hands.
Leadership is compromise,
damage limitation. You know that.
But you are a good man.
So why are all the people
I love so angry with me?
I'm not angry with you.
I should go home.
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