Cobra (2020) s03e04 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 4

Nate told me in the cave
there was one device.
- Where is Nate?
- Polly might know where he is.
- And where is she now?
- Hi, Dad.
The people responsible
for this must, and will,
be prosecuted to the fullest extent.
That does include my daughter.
Your place in history.
And what I was trying to do,
what Planet Resistance do,
is make sure there's a future.
But whatever happened at Godley Common,
it wasn't us, I swear.
I suggest the Commissioner
focuses resources on policing
the UK Defence Expo.
This is exactly what the
Civil Disturbance Bill is for.
Police the exhibition to the full
extent granted under the Bill.
- Are you OK?
- I'm OK.
But I'll tell you who's not OK.
My friend Polly, who got
beaten up by one of your cops.
I'm sure you were a good dad.
I wasn't. We have footage.
It seems to show the Princess coerced
against her wishes by three men.
They're employees of
Rhombus Strategic Services.
We analyse risks.
We don't take them.
Nate's escaped. He's missing.
Missing or exfiltrated.
Nathan let's get you home, shall we?
- You are a good man.
- So why are all the people I love
so angry with me?
I'm not angry with you.
What are you doing?
- I have to go home.
- It's the middle of the night.
Yeah and there's no-one about.
I can't go to work in
yesterday's clothes.
Do you think anyone's gonna notice?
That's flattering
Oh, I don't know.
Maybe a fresh shirt first thing.
don't go.
Do you wish this hadn't happened?
God, no.
I want this Anna.
So do I.
But we just have to be so careful
I know. I know.
And we will.
please don't go.
Thank you.
Strange, isn't it.
How un-strange this feels.
They're planning a vigil,
for Polly, tomorrow night.
We need to get ahead of it.
PC Gilbert seen here,
arresting protestors
using brute force on the alleged victim.
He looks pretty gung-ho there,
doesn't he? This PC Gilbert.
Let's see what Eleanor
has to say about it.
Polly Wright wanted to take
part in a peaceful protest
- actually, a protest FOR peace.
- Of course,
- But this government's determination
- Francine bloody Bridge has an opinion!
to crush any peaceful
protest, using Robert Sutherland's
draconian legislation
Are you saying this
young woman's tragic death
- is a result of
- I'm saying that forcing the police
to carry out their orders in
this heavy-handed manner
But not all the police
were heavy-handed.
This terrible tragedy cannot
be lain solely at the door
of a single officer, who was enforcing
Robert Sutherland's hard-line, anti-
democratic Civil Disturbance Bill
It's awful.
But you didn't kill her.
I know.
- Hello?
- Hello, Cal.
It's been a while, Dan.
Lost in good times.
I heard what happened
to Polly I'm sorry.
You still have friends in the desert?
What do you need?
A favour.
A fucking big one and fast.
Look, my favours aren't free, Dan
Don't worry
Everyone gets paid in full.
The campaign to suspend Matthew Gilbert
- has reached 100,000 signatures
- OK.
Funny sort of walk of shame.
Nothing shameful about it.
Polly Wright is dead,
and the man who killed her is
still out there living his life,
He's under siege by
both press and public,
since his identity got leaked.
But he's still showing
up to work as a policeman.
What kind of a message does that send?
He's been placed on restricted duties.
He should be suspended, today.
And if it turns out he
used excessive force,
it'll have to be a
Criminal Investigation.
Matthew Gilbert has won
multiple awards for bravery
and service to the
community, refused promotion
because he's happy on the
street, not behind a desk.
And the only reason his
face fits the thug narrative
is because he bears
the scars of rescuing
an 8 year-old boy, who was having
his scalp torn off by a pit-bull.
He does seem like one of the good guys.
There's not a single smear against him.
Well, Eleanor's looking into that.
If we throw him under the bus,
we'll incur the resentment
of the entire police force.
They'll think they're risking
prison by just doing their jobs.
A young woman is dead.
We need to make a clear statement
that someone will be held
to account, and soon.
I want Matthew Gilbert
suspended from duty immediately.
And I want an official
announcement about the investigation
into Polly Wright's death
by the end of the day
made by the Home Secretary.
How was it, for you?
Painful and frustrating.
Labour are in full attack
against the Disturbance Bill
and you personally, over the
government's lack of response
to Polly Wright's death.
Strange how she's transformed
overnight, from terrorist to martyr.
I'm making an announcement later.
What will you be saying?
I'll be lining up
their sacrificial lamb.
Is it you?
Ellie still won't pick up.
I'd leave her a few days
I thought you'd want to
know they're releasing
Henry Wicks on bail.
We've no evidence linking him
to the Godley Common explosion,
and under the present circumstances
What about the man who was with Ellie.
Nate Stevens.
I'm putting together a report.
But you still haven't found him?
The manhunt is ongoing.
No need to hurry.
We'll find him, Prime Minister.
No, this isn't about a job.
I was wondering if
you were free tomorrow?
Thought we could go for dinner.
Maybe talk a little shop.
I wasn't expecting you to be
on the welcome home committee.
Yeah sorry to barge in.
Are you alright?
I'm er
What's going on?
Different cause,
different woman, same guy.
And now he's disappeared
off the face of the earth
having appeared on Earth
five years ago, like an alien.
So who the fuck is he?
Henry Wicks, defacto leader
of the Planet Resistance movement
has been released on bail,
and the investigation continues
into the deadly catastrophe
at Godley Common.
Mr Wicks was swift to speak
out regarding the death
of his fellow activist, Polly Wright.
Polly Wright was a fearless young woman,
whose life was brutally cut short.
Police must be held fully to
account for her tragic loss.
What the fuck, Ray? I've
been trying to call you.
I know. 37 times. I've
been on assignment.
Well I'm on my own in the
middle of fucking nowhere
and I want out. You understand?
- You said you'd take care of it.
- We will, Nathan.
So why don't I feel taken care of?
Just getting some ducks
in a row. It won't be long.
It's already taking
too fucking long, Ray.
I'd hate to have to
consider my other options.
I'd hate to have to consider
my other options, too.
I just want out.
Trust me. I'll be
there tomorrow morning.
I'll even drive you
to the airfield myself.
Matthew Gilbert has been a serving
Police Officer for 17 years,
and during that time he has
maintained a spotless career.
Except one major blot on his copy-book,
a Common Assault charge
which should really have been
for Grievous Bodily Harm, and which
went away with unusual alacrity.
Covered up?
I can't find any
evidence to support that.
Nobody at Croydon is
prepared to break ranks.
he struck the victim
across the back of the head
with a wooden kendo stick.
Jesus Christ. The same kind
of injury that killed Polly.
The victim, Daniel Hayes, pressed
charges, it came to court
then all of a sudden
the charges were dropped.
Is it corruption?
As I said, there are no
clear conclusions to be drawn
until we get more answers.
We can't suggest corruption
until we know for sure.
Is he suspended yet?
I'll be announcing it later,
along with the investigation.
I want him off the police force.
If it comes out that this has
been hushed up, it turns toxic.
Because if he'd been
charged and found guilty,
he might not have been at that demo,
and Polly might still be alive now.
All of which is pure
speculation at this point.
But there's a vigil for Polly tonight,
fuelled by a massive public outcry,
which his force are
going to be in charge of.
Tell Commissioner Millar to
suspend this guy immediately.
And tell him you'll be announcing
it as a Criminal Investigation.
It's the right thing to do.
Thought I might go for a
15th rejected call to Ellie.
Nice round number.
Let her be, Rob. The dust will settle.
Stop calling me, or I'm
blocking your number.
- Ellie.
- Leave me alone.
Ellie, please.
You're angry. I understand that
you're grieving for your friend.
I know how much that must hurt you
Oh fuck off, Dad. Save
it for the cameras.
I-I-I mean it!
I don't know what else to say.
She's dead, Dad.
Darling, I know
And now you want to silence me,
like everyone else who gets in your way.
No, no, no, no. I wanna
hear it, I mean it.
I wanna know how you feel. Always.
I'm ashamed.
That's what I feel.
Sweetheart, you have
nothing to be ashamed of.
I have you.
Mr Sutherland, this is Yadira Al-Bilal,
I'm being held prisoner by my
brother, nobody here can help me.
I'm afraid they're going to kill me.
Please, please I have no-one to turn to.
Please, please help me to escape.
What are our options here?
Um nil?
You're not seriously
suggesting we try and intervene?
I want to know how we might
possibly help this young woman,
who's appealed personally to me,
and whose life is under threat.
I'm sorry, just to be clear Help how?
- Diplomatically, or ?
- I feel instinctively
that Prince Samir won't take
kindly to any recommendations
for family therapy, on your part.
Is there any way we
can help Yadira escape,
without her family
detecting our involvement?
No! No!
- It would be a diplomatic disaster
- Catastrophic
Well this much we know already
and the chances of avoiding
detection, are extremely slim.
OK, well let's find
out how slim, to within
a fraction of a millimetre.
I'd like to know what
these hypotheticals are.
What a clandestine extraction
would look like, who would do it,
and how we can avoid it
being traced back to us.
As foreign secretary, I have to restate
I am absolutely against this,
even as an investigation.
And this, on the day we
launch Samir's multi-billion
carbon-capture site.
Fine, I grant you full
plausible deniability.
But I want you both working on this.
Respectfully Prime Minister, as
I am from a military background
And present the report
to me within 24 hours.
Understood, sir.
Since the horrific events that
shut the Defence Expo down early,
I've been helping to facilitate
some private viewings,
so that any exciting "new opportunities"
can remain behind closed doors.
How public-spirited of you, Archie.
It is, isn't it?
And since there are billions at
stake, I'd be extremely grateful
if you could avoid doing anything else
beyond the highly dangerous
game you're currently initiating,
that would blow them up too.
Noted, Archie.
So what do you think? Honestly.
Well I think you're all agreed
that rescuing Princess Yadira
is a very long shot,
but that doesn't mean you
shouldn't investigate it further.
Make an informed decision.
Very diplomatic.
But honest.
It wouldn't be an
entirely irrational move.
How was Ellie?
Angry. Hates me.
Didn't you hate your parents
sometimes, growing up?
Yeah, but I respected them.
The Police Officer in question has
already been suspended from duty.
Alright guys,
we're all gutted about this, but we
still need to answer the phones
I'm going home. I'm sick.
and after due
examination of the facts
the Independent Office for
Police Conduct will be launching
a Criminal Investigation
into Polly Wright's death.
You can see it's through gritted teeth.
Meanwhile, you get to announce our
wonderful new green initiative
Funded by kidnappers.
And by 2030, by the time
this new facility is complete,
that figure will rise to
80,000 tonnes of CO2 per year,
captured across the region.
Now that is a massive
milestone for both the climate,
and the environment.
This project has already created
over four thousand new jobs
for the region, and once
we reach peak capacity here,
that figure is likely to double.
Thank you very much I can
take one or two questions.
Prime Minister, as you're aware,
Yadira Al-Bilal has gone
missing from her London home,
and her family are
suspected of kidnap
Obviously I'm extremely concerned
for Princess Yadira's safety,
which through the UK's
close ties to her family,
we are already seeking to ascertain.
Prime Minister, what's
your response to reports
of an unofficial Police
strike in Croydon?
Well, I was hoping for some questions
about this wonderful new technology,
but my response to that is um,
any police strike, official or not,
is entirely illegal in this country.
It's apparently in response
to the Home Secretary's
announcement of a
Criminal Investigation,
into P.C. Matthew Gilbert
Obviously I cannot comment
on an ongoing investigation,
but what I will is say
that no-one with a history
of thug violence, has any place
on the British police force.
But this particular officer
was involved in the death
I'm sorry that's all
I have time for, thank you.
The man who claimed Matthew Gilbert
attacked him with a Kendo stick
It's his sister's boyfriend, who'd
been beating her up for years.
How did we miss this?
Because Gilbert's
sister just came forward
and explained that actually she
knocked the bloke unconscious,
with her brother's weapon.
Gilbert was prepared to take the rap
for his sister, but he hushed it up
to spare her further trauma.
And I've just called
him a violent thug on TV.
and it's already out there.
I need to stop thinking.
Just for an hour.
Casablanca, nice bottle of Malbec
The whole pipe-and-slippers, is it?
- Evening.
- Evening, sir.
I've wanted to do that all day.
I've waited 30 years.
They're calling it the "blue flu".
The unofficial police strike
started last night in Croydon,
with Matthew Gilbert's colleagues
calling in sick en masse
Officers from neighbouring
areas were drafted in
to cover the night shift
but word of the strike spread overnight
and now those areas have been left
short-staffed, with their officers
- calling in sick this morning
- All within London?
So far, yes. Sorry no,
it's now spread to Surrey
and Thames Valley Police.
Normally Police are keen to do overtime,
but in this case they care
prepared to forego the extra cash,
to stand by their
colleague, Matthew Gilbert.
Then how do we police
the striking areas?
Sorry, I've just mobilised
all Special Police units
transport, M.O.D. and
nuclear constabulary,
to cover the regional shortfalls.
But obviously that takes them,
and all officers not on strike,
away from any extra duties.
We need to make contingency plans
for cancelling major public events,
pop concerts, festivals,
football matches
I've made a list of all policed
events over the next two weeks,
it's in your inboxes.
And there's also the vigil
for Polly Wright tonight.
Well we can't cancel that.
No, but I'll be attending.
I can report back to Mr Obasi.
Thank you, Audrey.
The strike is mainly out on Socials,
but it's gaining news coverage.
We need to shut that down, avoid panic.
And riots, and looting,
and terrorist attacks
That's your house gone up in flames.
Is there some kind of
conciliatory gesture we can make?
Not unless you're prepared to
either reinstate Matthew Gilbert,
or downgrade the investigation.
Which you announced in
person only yesterday.
Under extreme duress.
We scramble as many
officers as we can
And call in the army.
I'd be happy to facilitate
I'm not doing that.
We can't back down so
we have to stand firm.
This is an illegal strike by the
very people who are being paid,
by the public, to keep them safe.
You can let it be known
that any striking officer
will be duly suspended,
and will face being sacked.
And the Home Secretary
you can announce that to the public.
He's wheeling me out there like
a hate-figure for both police
and public
And don't forget the press.
Yeah, hiding behind me, while
I defend his braindead policies,
which I told him from the
start would spell disaster.
While he shows off his lovely
new green-washing project.
You're his decoy. The patsy.
You should really get the
police to move that lot on.
Must be hard to concentrate.
Most police stations are now
operating on a skeleton staff,
but some have had to
shut up shop completely.
Guildford are down to three
officers, reporting for duty.
Seems like an unlikely spot for a riot.
Except we've got raves
popping up in the vicinity,
And in other communities, we
have vigilante groups forming,
to protect businesses from being looted.
So the public are now fully
aware of the police strike.
The evening editions are
just hitting the newsstands,
but it's spreading like
wildfire online and on Socials.
Where's Obasi with his statement?
They're ready for you.
He'll be carrying out his
duties in a manner described
by the Government
I've been consulting with Mr Obasi
about the logistics of deploying
the army to uphold the law.
I'm here to offer my input.
I told you that's off the table.
It doesn't have to mean tanks
rolling in, we can be very discreet.
We did it for the Olympics, I suppose.
If the army were deployed,
you'd have to consider
giving them powers of arrest
Where the fuck's Obasi?
So we can end this chaos?
The Home Secretary, Obasi,
will no longer be joining us,
- as in the last few minutes
- Shit.
has issued a statement
announcing his resignation
from the cabinet, with immediate effect.
Nobody wants you here mate.
Go home. Go on, go home.
- Calm down.
- Go home, go home. Stay back!
What are you doing?
Why don't you just fuck off? Murderer!
Can you get a message
to Eleanor James, please?
We're going to need a
lot more police here.
Hey, come on. Stand back, stand back.
You need to put that
away. Just move back OK?
Can everyone please
start heading home now.
Shame on you. Shame
on you. Shame on you.
- I need Obasi's office
- Murderer.
Hey! Stop stop!
You see that thing
there that's his bodycam,
that is filming everything you
do. And if anything happens to him
then it's already uploaded. OK?
So can everybody please, calm
down and remember why we're here.
Please disperse from the area now!
Yadira Al-Bilal is here,
in her cousin's palace.
It's extremely remote, heavily defended.
Our only option would be to
use proxies to get her out.
Victoria's already spoken to a couple
who might be prepared to do it.
They'd need to get
Yadira through here
which is treacherous terrain, out to sea
and into international
waters, where a separate crew
could potentially pick her up.
Their chances of success?
Military, proxies and my highest
naval contacts have all said so.
And of doing it without detection?
Even smaller.
While the repercussions
if we are detected,
are vast and devastating,
financially and diplomatically
And more importantly, in
terms of counterterrorism
we'll get nothing from the
Al-Bilal dynasty, after this.
You've made your opinions quite clear.
What about you Anna?
I don't think you can.
Excuse me!
- Aren't you ?
- Francine Bridge.
We need to go! Come with me.
Excuse me!
I don't know about you,
but eyeing up lethal weapons
always leaves me ravenous.
That's your insatiable appetite
for compliant drones, Archie.
Preferably ones you can operate
with deadly precision.
That's why I keep you around, Mottie.
After you, your Highness.
Final guests leaving. Going
to check the perimeter now.
I've got some biscuits in my
bag. I nicked 'em from work.
And you're only telling me now?
Scuse fingers, I don't
want that lot to see.
I thought you were a Socialist.
Not when it comes to Rich Tea.
You must have gotten pretty
hungry, in the sink hole.
Or did you have supplies down there?
- I never want to see an energy bar again!
- Mmm.
What was he like, the bloke
you were down there with?
Why are you asking me that?
Because I'm pretty certain
he worked undercover,
infiltrating protest groups.
- Nate's a fucking spy?
- Yes.
And he was illegally
spying on your movement.
I'm trying to find out who
for. And where he is now.
D'you want to start another?
Are you trying to
seduce me, Mrs Robinson?
What if I am?
Honeytrap me
I'd forgotten how much fun we used
to have together. Our little games.
You remember my favourite?
But always the passive role.
Hmm. Well you were so good at the other.
D'you wanna play now?
What? Here?
What's this about, Len?
I asked you a question about
Nate Stevens, aka Nathan Scott.
- And I answered.
- You gave an answer.
It turns out that Nathan
Scott's been a member
of all sorts of activist groups,
different identity every time.
He was involved with anti-coal
protestors in Copenhagen
till he suddenly disappeared.
And the young woman that he
was involved with ended up
with what sounds to me
like a chunk of hush money
from a Dutch subsidiary,
via several shell companies,
from Rhombus Strategic Services.
Correlation is not causation.
You know that, Len.
Listen to me, Zelda.
I do not want to discover
that Nathan Scott is your man.
That what happened at Godley
Common was in your book.
And you won't.
Because this is a fucking mess.
And if your broom can't
sweep this clean
then mine will have to.
Thank you.
Four MOD Cops at the front,
two at the rear entrance,
and five Condor Security
spaced around the perimeter.
Ten more Condor guys inside, eight
of which should be leaving now.
Two on the inside, ten on the
outside, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
And that's as good as it gets.
Of course I understand their grievances,
but this illegal strike has to end,
or they will face disciplinary action.
Yes, I've passed that
message down the ranks,
but to be honest, it feels
like more of the same.
You've just made their jobs
harder with this Disturbance Bill,
you're prosecuting their
colleague for enforcing it,
and now you're threatening to
sack them for standing by him.
You mean they need more
carrot, less stick
I mean this is a situation
entirely of your own creation,
and they're extremely unhappy that
they're being made the scapegoats.
The Civil Disturbance Bill
did not include clubbing
a young woman to death.
They were under attack themselves!
93 of my officers have been
assaulted in the last 24 hours
that's the ones who are
still showing up to work,
to maintain public safety.
And while most of those assaults
were no doubt by bad elements
acting opportunistically,
I said from the start this
bill would set a large section
- of the public against us.
- Well, we are where we are.
- How do we fix this?
- You need to get us back onside.
You need to demonstrate control.
We cannot withdraw the
Criminal Investigation
too drastic a U-turn.
But, we can look for a way
to downgrade it, later on.
But that would obviously have
to remain entirely unofficial,
and police trust in the
government is at rock bottom.
They won't believe you.
What if we reinstate P.C.
Gilbert to Restricted Duties?
That won't be enough.
With an assurance there'll
be no punitive measures
taken against the strikers.
So long as they return to work today.
I think I can probably swing that
IF I can rely on your assurance.
You can.
And we can claim Obasi broke legal
protocol, in suspending Gilbert.
He jumped the gun.
But now it's over.
Come in.
- Do sit down.
- Cheers.
- I just ran into
- Me, sorry.
Victoria had some salient thoughts
on Robert's recent policy making.
I didn't call it making.
Imploding, maybe.
I felt we all shared some
common ground, on that score
What's your actual point?
That's a genuine question.
Well. Mottie and I were just discussing
Sutherland's latest U-turn.
To what end?
To sow further discord
within Robert's government,
just because that's your whole schtick?
He's weak.
While we welcome the news
of a Criminal investigation
into the death of Polly Wright,
we demand the same level of transparency
for the victims of Godley
Common. We demand the truth.
Regarding the asset
Change of plan.
The lights are on but nobody's home
Where the fuck are you?
Trust me, you said. Take me
to the airfield, you said
Don't fuck with me, Nathan.
You've fucked with me, you prick.
I'm gonna take care of myself.
Hey! Bet you're glad to see us! Hey!
What the fuck lads?
What the f
Oi! What's going on?
The Police are returning
to their duties en masse.
And the story is that Obasi
screwed up, and he's gone?
- Yeah!
- Well, he may have borne the brunt
But we're damaged.
You've survived worse.
I'm afraid we've picked up
chatter that Princess Yadira
tried to escape, and was captured.
There's no further intel.
Whereabouts unknown.
No proof of life.
There's nothing you could have done.
Well I keep saying that in my head,
but it's Ellie I'm saying it to.
And she's calling me a spineless coward.
Ellie may think she hates you
right now, but it won't last.
Whatever needs fixing, however
long it takes, she isn't lost.
I promise.
we're down a Home Secretary.
Any contenders?
Round up the usual suspects.
Why did this take us so long?
Real life, got in the way.
This is real.
Eleanor, can it wait?
I doubt it.
There's been an armed
robbery at the Defence Expo.
They've stolen a military
grade ballistic weapon.
And we've just received
a ransom demand
or else they start firing.
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