Cobra (2020) s03e05 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 5

Why did this take us so long?
What was he like,
- the bloke you were down there with?
- Why are you asking me that?
'Cause I'm pretty certain
he worked undercover.
- Nate's a spy?
- I'm trying to find out who for.
And where he is now.
Mr Sutherland, this is Yadira Al-Bilal,
I'm being held prisoner by my brother.
Please, I have no-one
to turn to. Please
Please, help me to escape.
He's wheeling me out
there like hate-figure.
Home Secretary Obasi
has issued a statement
announcing his resignation
from the cabinet.
Gerald! Always a pleasure
to see our friends at Condor.
I have no doubt the
government will endeavour
to ensure we remain as such.
What else are governments for?
I'm looking for Polly Wright.
You're angry, I understand that.
She's dead, Dad.
- I need a favour.
- What's going on?
There's been an armed
robbery at the Defence Expo.
They've stolen a military
grade ballistic weapon.
And we've just received a ransom
demand, or else they start firing.
We need fuel.
So do I.
Stomach thinks my throat's been cut.
The controversial Civil Disturbance Bill
faces renewed scrutiny
following the shock resignation
of Home Secretary Joseph Obasi
and the resolution of the
unprecedented police strike.
Questions remain for Mr
Sutherland over the apparent U-turn
in pressing charges against
Officer Matthew Gilbert.
- Cash or card?
- He's alleged to have been involved
in the death of activist Polly Wright
How long's this gonna take?
They want that bloody thing back
and they're not gonna find us, so
we just hole up in the woods and wait.
Not exactly.
Just ask the government for
something, you don't get shit.
We're not here to wait.
What the fuck, then?
We need to change their perspective.
And change
takes action.
Received on an encrypted channel.
To mitigate fear within the
public, we are, obviously,
dealing with this matter
with strict secrecy.
So we have confirmed that
there was a minor disturbance
at the site of the Defence Expo,
but nothing more than a false alarm
to which security responded
immediately and without incident.
What could be less suspicious.
Given the circumstances,
Counter Terror will be taking command.
I'm sure most of you know
CT Director Ben Fanshawe.
We believe the weapon
was taken by three men.
The van they fled in was found
burnt out in a construction site,
we're examining all CCTV in the area,
- but at this stage
- You don't know who they are.
We have yet to identify suspects.
But from the sophisticated
skillset involved in the robbery,
it's likely they've received
some form of training:
military or paramilitary.
Isis, Nazis, Provos?
We're entertaining all possibilities.
They're threatening consequences.
What kind of consequences
can this weapon inflict?
The Damocles XR is a next-generation
precision-guided munition,
far exceeding anything currently
available in accuracy and range
I'm not asking for a sales pitch.
I want to know how many people
this bloody thing can kill
if we don't get it back.
In a populated area, a
single thermobaric round
hundreds of casualties.
We have footage from field-testing.
The 25km range of the
weapon means it can be fired,
dismantled, moved, fired again
before the first shell has even landed.
Field testing. Where?
Damocles was developed as
part of the Saladin programme.
Some prototypes have been deployed
by the Shirasian Land Forces
in suppressing the Peninsula rebellion.
But, let me be categorical, what
you've seen is only achievable
with bespoke shells.
Without them, Damocles is useless.
And there were no munitions
stored with the weapon.
Are you telling us we're treating
this as a three-alarm fire,
when what they've half-inched is
less lethal than a pea-shooter?
We can't be certain they don't
have access to munition rounds,
they seem to know what
they wanted to steal.
Or they might intend to market
the weapon to others who do.
Since we're of course contemplating
very worst case
consequences, just to venture,
I assume paying the demand
is out of the question?
I would simply urge you to consider
all options to recover the weapon.
Quite aside from its
destructive capacity,
Damocles is a highly
classified munition,
as the Saladin programme
is highly classified.
The weapon will be recovered
and those responsible brought
to justice. Isn't that correct?
We have all resources focussed
to that end, Prime Minister.
- Yeah?
- We are tracking the suspect
Comment? Comment on what?
A friend got me this.
Fuck's sake, Dan.
You didn't say nothing
about no fucking rounds.
I said we'd take action.
Jesus, Dan.
What the bloody hell are you thinking?
I felt unwell. Robert steadied me.
Oh, that's the line,
is it? Very convincing.
We've identified the
officer who sold the photo,
- and he's being reassigned.
- Well, that'll do wonders
for our relations with the constabulary.
When Ruin Britannia had us on
the brink and you walked out,
I trotted over like a
spaniel to fetch you back,
and I did it
for the sake of your
leadership of this country.
I did not put myself on the
line to keep your pecker up.
How dare you!
I don't give a shit if
the pair of you are rutting
up and down the walls,
but the last thing we need is gossip.
More than ever we need to look
like a government in control.
The Police are almost broken,
there's a rocket-launcher on the loose,
and the PM's dear daughter
is still at risk of a very
- extended gap-year in chokey?
- Get the fuck out of my office!
Oh, what leadership!
Oh, for Christ's sake!
Eleanor's calling a COBRA.
I'm done.
It's me.
- I'm here.
- I know it was you.
- All those people you killed.
- I never meant to kill anyone.
I need out. You're gonna help me.
I'm not helping you,
you fucking murderer.
You are gonna help.
You're gonna help because
what I know, what I can prove,
it means you get off the hook.
You, Henry Wicks, Planet,
Resistance. Everything's a
commodity and this is a trade.
I need a new life. New name.
Then go to the police. Turn yourself in.
You're not that stupid.
I need to disappear like a
ghost. For that I need spooks.
You tell your dad to make it happen.
And you're off the hook,
just how you like it.
- I can't do that.
- You'll do it.
And if you screw me
if I go down, I'm taking you with me.
'Cos you were my co-conspirator.
D'you understand?
Jesus fucking Christ.
We received a communication
via the same channel,
a video-feed online at 10:00 hours.
We have not received
payment as requested.
You leave us no choice but
to demonstrate our will.
- It's loaded.
- They have ammunition.
- Where are they?!
- We don't know.
Bon appétit, fuckers.
What can we do?
We're getting reports of an explosion.
It's an unpopulated area,
it's remote.
Point of impact within a
secure military test range.
That's Dundrennan Range.
Do we now have your
Price has doubled. 60 million.
Or at 18:00 today,
we pull the trigger again.
And this time
you'll feel it.
That GPS, what is it?
It's 10 Downing Street.
What if they call your bluff?
We ain't blowing up Downing Street.
- That's on them, isn't it.
- Fucking hell, Dan.
This was meant to be an easy
deal. We jack it, we sell it.
Yeah and now you're getting double.
If they don't call bluff.
Look, they know what we
have and what we can do.
Do you really think they
want this to get out?
They'll deal with it quiet,
the shadows, the way they
do all their dirty work,
because they fucking NEED to.
And then we're out, we're gone.
Ghosts at dawn.
He's right, Roddy.
Remnants of the mortar
shell have been recovered
and with the help of
technicians from Condor Aerotech,
analysis of the targeting chip
has allowed us to obtain
the firing location.
We've examined all traffic
cameras and CCTV in the area,
and we believe these are
the parties responsible.
Rod and Finn McQuarrie; brothers.
Respectively, former Corporal
and Lance Corporal,
Royal Logistics Core.
Is this a sodding joke?
Three tours of Afghan each.
Discharged five years ago.
You're seriously claiming
our boys are behind this?
Their return to civilian
society proved a challenge.
Convictions for affray
and attempted robbery.
Finn's gambling addiction
left him homeless.
Rod spent 18 months
in a psychiatric ward.
And the third?
Daniel Goddard.
Until seven years ago. Then
a period of unemployment.
Until he took up with a
private military company
operating in the Shirasian Peninsula.
Returned to the UK April, 2021,
and he is the father of Polly Wright.
So that's what this is about? Revenge?
This isn't some moral
crusade. It's extortion.
We know who they are, we can find them.
- Do we warn the public?
- Do we fuck.
I'm not having three
batshit-broken-down squaddies
giving the woke-wank
brigade another excuse
to pillory the Forces.
If it gets out that
Goddard's the father of
We don't want him turned
into some kind of folk hero.
Politics not-withstanding,
from a security standpoint,
we'd urge maximum
secrecy to be maintained.
We're collaborating with
Audrey and Civil Contingency
to manage evacuation plans to that end.
I didn't know who else
I could ask for help.
At the risk of suggesting
the obvious your dad?
- Look, if Nate's prepared to come in
- That's the point.
Maybe Nate is ready to
speak up, give the truth.
Do you really believe for
a second my dad's prepared
to listen, to act on it?
He isn't interested in the truth,
or justice, only in covering his arse.
- I don't trust him.
- Ellie, I think you need
Did you know he was
fucking Anna Marshall?
No, I mean
I saw the picture this
morning, like everyone else.
For all we know, they
could've been at it long before
- my mum had the sense to walk out.
- No, Ellie, I don't think
We have to get what
Nate knows on record.
Not just for my sake, but for
the sake of Planet Resistance.
Please help me.
The hunt is ongoing,
but I'm afraid we've
not yet located them.
I have every confidence that we will.
But in the interest of mitigating risk,
we need to take measures
to secure the area.
We've modified pre-existing plans
with a view of maximising discretion.
Evacuation across the
potential target zone
and sealing off the surrounding streets.
How exactly is this discreet?
We will use the cover
of a suspected gas leak.
Which gives us how long
before the public realise
it's not gas they smell, but bullshit?
There may come a point
where we have to issue a security alert,
should our efforts to
apprehend the men
If I may
I've had some further
discussion with Gerald Kendrick,
and Condor Aerotech want to offer
every possible means of assistance.
Naturally they understand, in principle,
the government will never
negotiate with terrorists.
But given such extreme
and urgent circumstances.
Condor itself would be prepared
to meet the financial demand
for return of the Damocles weapon.
Quite simply, they want to help.
Or they've calculated
that 60 million is nothing
compared to what they stand to lose
if their weapon and all of Saladin
gets the wrong kind of attention.
Aren't we are the party of enterprise?
I think we can dismiss this out of hand.
- Eleanor?
- As I said,
I am certain that we will find these men
and bring them to justice.
However, hypothetically,
were we to find ourselves in a situation
in which national
security was at stake
well, it would hardly be the first time,
in extremis, that we'd engaged proxies.
As I'm sure the Foreign Office
could neither confirm nor deny.
Except these aren't the palms
Condor is used to greasing.
The men who stole Damocles
are just as likely to see
caving into their demands
as a sign of weakness, and demand more.
And even if paying them worked
foreign backchannels are one thing,
but we don't shit where we eat.
You can't dip your fingers
in the dirt, Robert,
and expect them to keep them clean.
To sanction that payment could
be unsurvivably compromising
if Condor chose to exploit it.
- And why would they?
- Enterprise?
Or maybe they're just
prepared to do what it takes
to protect this country before the
fucking wheels come off entirely.
And at the very least
It might buy us some time.
Is this really on the table?
It's an option we won't need to take.
Given the nature of the situation
it could remain an option.
Begin the evacuation.
Quickly, please. Quickly.
Keep moving. Thank you very much.
Did you get the folder?
What the hell am I supposed to pack?
Fresh shirt? Hard hat?
I don't know. Anything precious,
I suppose, just in case.
Robert, we need to go.
This building's stood for 340 years.
Good innings. Deserves a toast.
- Should we pay them?
- No.
Archie's right.
God, I hate saying that.
What am I leaving behind?
- Well, the scotch for starters.
- No, I'm not talking about that.
When I passed the Civil Disturbance Bill
I thought I was protecting people.
The country.
After Firestorm, I wanted
stability, security.
Authority, not authoritarianism.
You've hardly turned the
country into a police state.
I've turned it into something.
And it deserves better, Anna.
I mean, all a Prime Minister has to do
is leave the place
better than they found it.
Not in literal-fucking-rubble.
We cannot pay them.
I can't just sit here
hoping against hope
that we find these
men in time. I-I can't.
If this place falls
if it's razed to the ground on my watch,
I need to know I did
everything possible to stop it.
Good afternoon.
Some of you may be
aware of a disturbance
currently affecting the Whitehall area.
Inevitably, there is
speculation as to the situation.
And I wish to clarify the matter.
The government has been threatened
with an act of extreme violence
targeted at 10 Downing Street,
unless we meet the terrorists' demands.
We will not do this.
We will never bend
to the will of terrorists.
Now, I am making this announcement
both to protect the public
and also to ask for your help.
These men are armed and dangerous.
If you see them, please
call 999 immediately.
He's got some balls.
But I don't need to tell you that.
To the terrorists
themselves, I say this:
We know who you are,
and the net is closing.
Turn yourselves in now.
You were once men of honour,
of valour.
But you have taken a path to shame,
ignominy, disgrace.
And if you refuse to
step off that path
you will face not only
the most absolute justice,
but the harshest judgement
of your country,
and of history.
Oh, no. Fuck no!
Change your mind about that burger?
- Turn around. Hide your face.
- What?
Get back in the car.
We're fucking blown.
Vis-à-vis your little
intervention earlier
I'm quite sure it says in your
contract, right at the top:
If I want your opinion,
I'll fucking ask for it.
I'm not sure, as far as
Condor Aerotech is concerned,
you're being entirely objective.
I beg your pardon?
I don't want to scratch
the wound, old boy,
but Well, Steven.
You told me your son was killed
in a live-fire training exercise.
I was curious, and I
It was a Condor
Aerotech tank, wasn't it?
Turret malfunction. Design
flaw. Bloody tragedy, of course.
But something that
might incline a fellow
to, you know, bear a grudge.
Get out of my office.
Or I'll show you what a
fucking grudge looks like.
Y'know, it's funny
When I first came to work
for you, in your office,
it was all about your grudge
against Robert Sutherland.
Yours and mine.
But something's really filed your
teeth right down, hasn't it Archie?
Hard to snarl with a gobful
of fucking stumps, isn't it?
You sad old fossil.
Ah fuck. Our faces are everywhere.
We can't go to the house.
We'll never make it
there without being seen.
It's alright. I know
another place we can use.
For what?!
Cup of tea, sarnie, wait to get paid.
You heard Sutherland. He isn't
paying shit. We're fucked!
This whole thing is fucked!
I'm done.
Roddy? Roddy, wait, just
- You're done, yeah?
- Yeah. I'm fucking done.
- How?
- Wait, just
No, hang on. Where you gonna go? Huh?
You have nothing.
We have nothing.
- We ARE nothing.
- Shut the fuck up, Dan!
Listen, Dan's always
looked out for us, Roddy.
All those years. No matter what.
He's NEVER let us down.
So if he thinks we can still do this
We can. Sutherland'll pay.
He thinks he can stare us down.
And what do we never do?
The entire potential blast-zone
has been cleared and sealed.
The Situation Room's
prepared and secured.
So we scurry underground.
It's a command centre, not a hideout.
They're waiting to brief you.
Prime Minister, final preparations
for the 18:00 deadline are in progress.
It's time.
- Dan
- No.
We're not doing it.
They haven't paid. We're doing it.
Deal's a deal.
It's gone too far, Dan. We can't
Who do you think you're protecting?
A fucking government that
chewed you up and spat you out?
Took away your life, your pride
Not all of it.
And I'll keep hold of what's left.
We're not fucking doing it.
Then don't. Fuck off.
I needed you to help me steal it.
I don't need you to help me fire it.
How you gonna get away? Huh?
Given that any fucking thought?
Our boat out of here's doubled
in price 'cause of all the heat.
How you gonna pay for that? Huh?
Passports? Or anything?
We'll turn ourselves in.
We'll give back the weapon.
You go, go. The weapon stays.
- Dan
- Don't make this awkward.
Oh, for fuck's sake, Dan.
Confirm, all designated zones
sealed, all units deployed.
Copy that, thank you.
Airspace over London has been cleared.
We're out of time.
There's no sign of discharge.
Nothing on the drones,
nothing on radar.
Did they back down?
We've received a message.
Funds? What funds?
It's all there. 60 million.
Now go.
- What are you talking about?
- Boat's waiting. Go!
No, no, no, no. Come on!
We got what we came
for. We leave the weapon,
- we get the boat. We're fucking done.
- No.
You've got what you wanted. You're done.
I'm just getting started.
With what?!
Let's see.
Total ban on arms sales to
those bastards in Shirasia.
War crimes investigation
in the Peninsula.
Sutherland's resignation
as a nice little cherry.
That's not just money. It's fear.
We made 'em weak, made 'em bleed.
Dan, it's over.
D'you think Polly would want this?
- Don't say her name.
- It's not gonna bring her back!
This is not about what I can bring back.
- It's about what I can bring down.
- I thought I was a fuck-up,
but you're all gone.
- Rod!
- You can fucking swim for it.
Put it down, Dan.
Put it down!
Please. Just put it down.
Tell your brother. Or
I'm gonna shoot him.
- Finn!
- Fucking pop him!
Dan, please don't make
me fucking do this.
I told you not to make it awkward.
I just
I just wanted to make you stop.
I can't stop.
Against my explicit directive,
Condor Aerotech paid the fucking ransom.
Did anyone at this table know
in advance of their intention
to utterly disregard my authority?
Why would I?
Your argued for it very keenly.
Because it seemed a
viable course of action.
I had no idea Condor would
decide to pay unilaterally.
But it does rather seem
to have worked, doesn't it?
Police responded to gunfire
at a warehouse near the Isle of Dogs.
They found Rod and Finn
McQuarrie, both shot dead.
And there's blood suggesting Dan Goddard
may be seriously wounded.
There was no sign of him
or the Damocles weapon.
Tell us again how well
it worked, why don't you?
Well it's still fucking
standing, isn't it?
Given Goddard and the
weapon are still at large,
we have to assume a threat remains.
Christ, I thought it
couldn't get any worse!
Let me out of this pit!
Prime Minister, a
house is being prepared,
till it's safe for you to
return to Downing Street.
I'll be making my
position extremely clear
to Gerald Kendrick in due course.
But the arrogance and
insubordination of his company?
Well, it makes me think
the cosy relationship
between my government
and Condor Aerotech
might be long overdue reappraisal.
It's a pathetic attempt
to discredit and smear.
No, of course it isn't bloody true!
The officer who sold the photo
He's claimed he was demoted in revenge,
gone on record saying he saw
me go up to the flat at night
and come down again in the morning.
We can rebuff it.
Say we were working late, I
slept in Ellie's room, but
This isn't helping us right now.
So rebuff it.
- Fuck are you doing here?
- Ellie sent me to help.
- Where are the spooks?
- I came alone.
I told her not to fuck me over.
Wait, wait, wait. Listen to me.
Ellie wants to help you. So do I.
You can give us leverage.
If you tell me what you know,
I can use parliamentary
privilege, we can go public.
You think I give a shit
about what's right?
About exposing evil-doers?
I told Ellie what I would tra
You brought them here.
They've got into your
phone, you stupid bitch!
Close your eyes.
I am exceptionally keen to
complete my orderly evacuation
and go home to a snifter of Armagnac.
So this better be bloody important.
I'd say it qualifies.
A thumb-drive was delivered
to our embassy in Shirasia,
marked for the PM's urgent attention.
Highly classified military files.
And this
Military files pertaining to ?
A massive escalation of
hostilities in the Peninsula.
For all Samir's promises
to abandon his father's war
and pursue peace,
these are plans for a fresh campaign.
Full deployment of the artillery
acquired through the Saladin deal,
with the goal of annexing
the entire region.
And they're authentic?
- You're certain?
- We are.
And as such, I think it's best
to discuss how to advise
the Prime Minister.
- In what sense, precisely?
- Well, how to proceed.
We cannot jeopardise Saladin,
much less our future
relationship with the Shirasians.
Are you suggesting we bury it?
How do you rate our prospects of
ongoing intelligence co-operation
if it gets out that Robert and
Princess-bloody-Yadira are pen-pals?
Losing Saladin, and Shirasian investment
would create a black hole,
yes, but holes can be filled.
But if we end up
facilitating war-crimes
it could put us in a very different,
much deeper hole.
It's Robert's decision.
And how would you rate the prowess
of Robert's decisions lately?
I don't think I've ever
seen Robert so angry.
He was a bloody fool to make it public.
There's no stability there, Gerald.
Will we have to pay more?
- We cannot allow that weapon
- Two of the thieves are dead,
the other badly
wounded, they think shot.
They'll probably find him bled
out in the gutter any minute now.
You might even get your money back.
Even so, Robert may be about
to cause you a lot of trouble.
We've had some intelligence.
Shirasian military plans.
Of course we're not supposed to have it,
and this conversation never took place.
But Robert won't like it.
And there could be ramifications.
For Saladin.
How would you suggest we manage it?
Well, we have to play
the hand we're dealt.
That said
I want to make it very clear
that a new Prime Minister,
one with genuine fresh
vision for this country,
at the forefront of the world stage,
could take a firm position that Saladin,
and our ongoing strategic
and commercial relationship
with Shirasia, is an imperative asset.
But how reliably could we
believe such a fresh vision
might take office
sooner rather than later?
Well that depends on the
degree and nature of support
she could count on.
Very subtle, Robert.
That should throw the hacks right off.
I just couldn't stay in that house.
And I kept thinking
- Why are we denying this?
- You know why.
It just isn't viable.
I mean, politically.
Isn't it?
How much can it truly hurt?
Have you been drinking?
Well, let's start.
I won't scurry in the shadows, Anna.
And I will not be forced to
choose between you and the job.
Oh, Robert, it's
When were you going to tell
me you were job-seeking?
After our first night
together, I had to at least know
what my options would be in case of
in case of exactly
what's bloody happened.
And might I ask you,
how you're currently
weighing those options?
- Robert, I don't want
- I've already told you,
I will not be forced
to choose between you
or the job.
It's already cost me my family.
I will not allow it to cost me you.
And just to remind you, I saw the
country through Ruin Britannia.
I stood on the cliff-edge of Armageddon.
I saw it through the solar flare,
I stared down the fucking sun.
And I'm still here.
This you and me
- this won't hurt me, hurt us.
- Oh, for God's sake!
Will you please think clearly
for one fucking second?!
You know how they'll play this.
And I will not be the
one that brings you down.
You cannot be so reckless to
think we can just go on like this.
You cannot stare down
everything we're facing
and just say, "Fuck it, let's dance."
Prime Minister!
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