Cobra (2020) s03e06 Episode Script

Season 3, Episode 6

The government has been threatened
with an act of extreme violence
targeted at 10 Downing Street.
Damocles was developed as
part of the Saladin programme.
We have to get what
Nate knows on record.
Listen to me. Ellie wants to help you.
You brought them here. They got
into your phone, you stupid bitch.
Death merchant!
We believe these are
the parties responsible.
- Special bloody Forces?
- And he is the father of Polly Wright.
- He was a bloody fool to make it public.
- But a new Prime Minister
could take a firm position that
Saladin is an imperative asset.
Against my explicit directive,
Condor Aerotech paid the fucking ransom.
A thumb drive was delivered
to our embassy in Shirasia.
For all Samir's promises, these
are plans for a fresh campaign.
I will not be forced to
choose between you or the job.
You cannot stare down
everything we're facing
and just say, "Fuck it, let's dance."
You told me your son was killed
in a live-fire training exercise.
- It was a Condor tank, wasn't it?
- Get out of my office.
Something's really filed
your teeth right down.
Hard to snarl with a gobful
of fucking stumps, isn't it?
Cry for help, try anything brave,
I shoot you in the head, understand?
Sit down.
- What do you want? What do you want?
- Sit.
You lost your boy. Dundrennan.
Is that why you aimed there?
- Salt in the wound?
- Salt in the wound?
Foreign Secretary approves arms sales.
Condor Aerotech arms sales.
Is that how you honour him?
Don't touch that.
How dare you talk to me about honour.
You steal, threaten, extort
I don't give a shit about the money.
Do you want it back? Huh?
Go on, take it.
We didn't pay you.
Never intended to.
It was Condor. Behind our back.
Who even runs this fucking country?
If it isn't the money
what do you want?
I tried to tell you, in your
gleaming chariot, by the memorial.
Your pamphlets?
Against weapon sales?
But you're a mercenary.
I took whatever work I could after
It isn't hard for a man to lose his way.
Out in the Peninsula, we were
hired to train the Shirasians.
Condor artillery.
I saw the war crimes your
government shrugs off.
For convenience.
But you're not stupid, Sergeant.
- You know how the wheels turn.
- Oh, I do.
See, when I was a boy, my old
man took me to the memorial.
Taught me what it stood for.
Honour. Sacrifice.
The price of freedom.
Have you asked yourself if he'd
be proud of what you're doing?
What I ask myself is what the fuck
that monument is doing in Whitehall
'cos the only sacrifice you're
willing to make is honour itself.
The only freedom that matters
to you lot is the free market.
All I did about it was
wave a few pamphlets.
You're right to sneer.
So was my daughter.
I'm sorry about what happened to her.
Sutherland happened to her.
Sutherland's government.
So you'll
blow up Downing Street?
Roddy and Finn were right. I
I just want somebody better in it.
I want Sutherland out.
His resignation tomorrow morning.
His admission of guilt, of hypocrisy
of venality
of dishonour.
Damocles comes home.
I appreciate everyone
attending at such short notice
and it goes without saying
everything that passes within
this room is strictly confidential.
I'd hate to send anyone
to the firing squad.
I've found myself
repeatedly in the Cobra room
contending with one
crisis after the other.
And it's become increasingly clear to me
that at the root of all these crises
is the leadership of
Robert Sutherland himself.
The Prime Minister's judgement
has been irrational and compromised
since his delinquent daughter stepped
off the plane to throw in her lot
with a group of eco-terrorists.
And who knows how long the PM's been
cavorting with his Chief of Staff.
Dysfunction at Downing
Street, upstairs and down.
On top of which, I'm informed
he's on the brink of trashing
our critical investment and
strategic relationship with Shirasia.
Abetted, I might interject,
by extremely poor
counsel from the Deputy PM
whose own judgement I
can no longer support.
The very fact that we're all
here, exiled from our offices,
is testimony to Robert Sutherland's
abdication of law and order.
The man's a busted flush.
And if we fail to act he's
going to cost all of us power.
So I am calling, without delay,
for a vote of no confidence.
We're reviewing and enhancing
all residential security.
Well, that is a comfort.
Obviously the threat from
Goddard and the Damocles weapon
remains at the highest level.
He gave no indication of target?
Only that it wouldn't be Downing Street.
And we can take this man at his word!
Well, strangely, I
think we probably can.
He seemed almost
pathological about honour.
Well, he's wounded and alone.
We have units continuing
to go door to door.
Then find him because I will not,
under any circumstances, be resigning.
Even with a gun to your head.
They had guns, Anna. I
told you he was a spook.
Eleanor James looked
into it and found nothing.
Then maybe ask why
she didn't look harder.
You have to bring him
in before it's too late.
He had two armed men after him.
- How do you know it isn't already too late?
- I think he got away.
- About an hour after I saw him, he texted Ellie.
- Saying what?
- "You lying bitch. You've fucked me. You'll pay for this."
- Charming.
And she will. Unless
you bring Nate Stevens in
and make him tell the truth about
what really happened at Godley Common.
Why am I discovering that
Nate Stevens was a hired spy
through the efforts of a demoted
shadow minister and my own daughter
instead of from my head of intelligence?
I had suspicions that
I was investigating
but, in the absence of
any tangible evidence
Suspicions you thought better than
to share with your Prime Minister?
I thought it necessary
to tread carefully,
given your personal involvement
with the matter in hand.
So you doubt I'm rational?
- I did not say that.
- Defence of the realm is your remit, correct?
- Yes.
- So who do you imagine you're defending it from?
Or are you defending
something else altogether?
- Prime Minister, I have been
- Send him in.
- Good morning, Ben.
- Good morning.
I'm pleased to announce your promotion.
Eleanor is stepping down.
Effective immediately.
She will brief you
on her way out.
Understood, Prime Minister.
Thank you, sir.
- Are you going to tell me I was wrong?
- I can't tell you it was right.
But it has to be someone
you trust and who trusts you.
We need to talk.
We will.
Ellie's on her way in.
it's all right.
It's Polly's dad, isn't it?
He's why everyone round
here's shitting it.
- He's a very dangerous man.
- Wouldn't you be if I'd been killed?
Of course I would.
Why didn't you come to me sooner?
Tell me about Nate?
I didn't think you'd help.
Because it's been so long
since you did what was right
instead of what seemed
politically advantageous.
You know, I'm
I'm better than you think I am.
I hope so, Dad.
This is Robert Sutherland.
Well, well, well.
Ellie's explained your situation:
what you need, what you know.
I'm prepared to provide
the former for the latter.
And I'm supposed to believe
you're any more trustworthy
than your daughter?
Well, I give you my word.
And, at this point, I don't believe
you've any option but to take it.
I'm listening.
Seems like my career in public service
may have come to an end after all.
Why don't I come in and um
we can talk it over.
I was employed by
Rhombus Strategic Services
to infiltrate and report
on the activities of the Planet
Resistance protest movement.
I'd done similar work for Rhombus
numerous times previously with
activist groups
both here and abroad.
Once I'd been amongst Planet
Resistance for some time,
I was instructed to provoke a desire
to escalate from non-violent tactics.
My attempts to this end failed.
During the occupation of Godley Common
I was provided with a
small incendiary device
that was meant to
damage the boring machine.
But nobody was meant to die.
They said it would
just wreck the machine.
Like an act of reckless ecotage
just enough to smear Planet
Resistance as criminals -
not activists but guerrillas.
- I didn't know about it.
- The client.
Who was the client?
Rhombus employed you, Nathan,
but who employed Rhombus?
I was never told.
But who had the most to lose
from Planet Resistance
obstructing Ultraline?
And most to gain from making sure
they'd never be a problem again?
Dan Goddard is turning himself in.
Says he wants to return the weapon.
Assessment is his
injuries are likely fatal.
Armed units are responding
now to the given location.
Approaching target flat.
- Bathroom clear.
- Bedroom clear.
No sign of suspect. Weapon located.
Where is he? You said he
was turning himself in.
Get clear now!
There's been an
incident at Whitehall.
Disposal entering the target flat.
Get back!
The mortar has fired. Repeat. The
Damocles weapon has discharged.
Halt! Hands, now! On the ground!
Ground! Now!
On the ground!
Still no target lock on the mortar.
Suspect has locked
himself to the memorial.
What the fuck is he doing?
No weapons found.
What's the target?
- What is it?
- Mortar locked, sir. Travelling inbound.
Incoming. Repeat. Incoming.
Get the fuck out of there now!
Clear the area! Clear the area!
It's confirmed,
no fatalities: except Goddard.
The press are expecting a statement.
What do they want me to say?
This was the action of a deranged
individual, hellbent on destruction.
His circumstances cannot be seen
as any mitigation for this outrage.
Robert, this was an act of terror -
plain and simple.
And most importantly
we'll rebuild it.
I'm going to cancel Saladin.
I can't stop Samir
invading the Peninsula
but I can make bloody sure we
don't supply the ammunition for it.
You can take a stand of strength
but if it looks like you're giving
Dan Goddard what he wanted
It's not about what he wanted.
It's about what I want.
- Last night
- We don't have to do this
No, but you're right.
About everything.
We are facing a storm on all fronts
and I am going to
reap every whirlwind.
But I can only do what's
right if I'm in power.
We just cannot afford
I know.
I know.
I love you, Anna.
I love you with every beat of my heart.
But I still cannot fight
without you by my side.
You'll never have to.
But this has to come first.
Sir Richard, you're fully aware
that I've devoted my career
to the security and
prosperity of our great country
and the armed forces has no
more dedicated advocate than me.
But the situation we now face is
nothing short of a national emergency.
The Prime Minister's judgement
and authority are bankrupt.
The vile attack on the
remembrance monument
says everything about
his total loss of control.
And it's vital you're aware
Sutherland intends to abandon Saladin,
to burn down our strategic relationship
with King Samir's new regime.
And on his current trajectory, I
see no way Sutherland will approve
the defence budget increases
I've been pushing for.
There's no question these
are unprecedented times.
Any threats to national security
must, of course, be contained.
Our thinking precisely.
The point is, the party will dither
over launching a no-confidence -
unless they know categorically
the PM's lost confidence
where it counts the most.
Particularly in the light of
the outrage at the memorial,
I'm certain those rumours that
the Prime Minister is reconsidering
the UK's defence strategy and supply
of arms to the Shirasian regime
are baseless.
After all, it would be a
demonstration of VERY weak leadership.
Despite the classified
military files discovered online
suggesting an aggressive Shirasian
escalation in the Peninsula?
There's no shortage of
disinformation, is there?
We're looking into the possibility
the files are a fabrication
- of the Peninsula Resistance Front.
- But
This country stands
steadfast with its allies.
And I can assure you the
Prime Minister understands
that is the position of his
government and his party.
Minister, are you intimating the issue
has potential for significant rebellion?
You've interviewed me enough
to know I'm a straight talker.
I don't intimate.
Despite Nathan Scott's insinuation
there's no evidence of
engagement with Rhombus Strategic.
But the internal communications
from Ultraline make it clear.
The company knew about the risks
of drilling through Godley Common.
Knew about the risks but
wanted to maximise profit
and avoid losing money by re-routing.
So they decided to chance it.
They were already way over budget
and the next government
bailout was contingent on them
completing the link
through Godley on schedule.
So all of the protestors
against the construction -
Planet Resistance, the
people of Godley Common
all along they were right.
OK. The entire Metro
Ultraline cancelled.
Whatever's already been built,
we convert to local links
but the plug gets pulled today.
Hand these documents
over to the enquiry.
Archie thinks there might
be some French interest
in funding the Teesside project.
We divert the Ultraline
budget, fill in the gap.
We have to be prepared
for Ultraline to litigate.
Oh, do we?
Let them try.
Civilians, leave the
area. Move, move, move!
- Yeah.
- Gents, this way.
Form up!
This area is under military control.
What's the meaning of this?
Answer me.
I'm told they're holding a vigil.
I didn't clear this.
Why wasn't I informed?
None of us were.
What the hell do you think you're doing?
Everything you've
abjectly proven you can't.
Bringing back order, the
rule of law, authority.
You've lost the faith of the
police, of our intelligence
and, on account of your handwringing
over Shirasia, the military.
The time has come, Prime
Minister, for a reckoning.
You are making a galactic
mistake, Victoria.
You - all of you - have
made nothing but mistakes.
Those soldiers outside
aren't just on vigil
for a monument desecrated on your watch.
They're on guard for the restoration
of a leadership worth the name.
They won't be going
anywhere until that happens.
You are out of your fucking mind.
Oh, shut up, you
sanctimonious little puppet.
We all now know how much
you like his hand up you.
- I am the Prime Minister of this country.
- Prime Minister in name only.
I've had the numbers for
a no-confidence vote
and it's a fucking landslide.
Your legacy will be
wholesale humiliation.
Or, if you'd prefer
to cauterise the gash,
give this burnt-out old gasbag his
long overdue ticket to a care home -
make me your deputy.
Then resign and hand me the premiership.
There's no way back for you, Robert.
The only question is whether
you fall on your sword
with some illusion of dignity.
Or whether I pull the trigger
on the disgrace and
dishonour you deserve.
I've informed the aides you'll need
the podium outside No.10 tomorrow.
He's made a full deposition.
You shouldn't have
tried to kill him, Zelda.
Clear up the mess, you said.
I've drawn up a contract.
How do we firefight this?
How indeed.
You know, my job is
was - defence of the realm.
Yours too, once.
But I find myself questioning
whether Robert Sutherland's
recent decisions
have become a legitimate threat to it.
I knew we still saw eye to eye.
And he's the one staring down a P45.
You misunderstand, Zelda.
I'm not here 'cos I want a job with you.
I'm here 'cos I want my old
job - my real job - back.
So no more games.
You know what I need from you.
Who asked you to hire Nathan Scott?
Are you going to tear it all down?
This. Everything I've built.
It was meant to be a
smear not mass murder.
We don't have to do this.
I do.
And I'm doing it.
It's confirmed.
She's turned most of the party.
Got the gaggle riled.
She'd probably win a leadership vote.
I don't know how
What are the angles here?
- What can I do?
- I don't know.
If she's got the numbers, I don't know.
- We can't just surrender.
- It's checkmate.
The only question is whether you
take your piece off the board
- Or she snaps it in two.
- No.
She can force me out.
But I'm not handing over the keys.
- Eleanor James. Wait.
- Oh, Christ.
Come in. Now.
Two years ago, during
the solar-flare blackout,
four Planet Resistance activists
broke into a Condor Aerotech factory
and vandalised a fighter
jet in one of the hangars.
They waited to be arrested,
then plead in court they were acting
to prevent a greater
crime against humanity.
- And the jury acquitted them.
- Which stuck like a fish bone
in Gerald Kendrick's gullet.
Condor regarded the judgement as
an extremely dangerous precedent.
So, they enlisted
Rhombus Strategic Services
to destroy Planet Resistance.
Godley Common offered the opportunity.
We have Rhombus on the hook.
I didn't want to make further
moves without your instruction,
official or otherwise.
Victoria Dalton's going
to destroy this country.
What's left of what it stands
for, what it should stand for.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe she has already won.
But if I'm going
I'm pulling down some fucking pillars.
But I can assure you,
I have every confidence
and, indeed, assurance
that this recent era of
turbulent and erratic government
will imminently be shifting towards
a stronger and more stable executive.
One which will ensure
the Saladin contract
with our friends in Shirasia
can proceed swiftly and unencumbered.
Which will support, unwaveringly,
the role of Condor Aerotech
at the global forefront
of the defence industry.
Prime Minister. This is
Yes, I imagine it is.
Apologies for the interruption,
I have some pressing business
with your chief executive.
If you could give us the room, please.
- With respect, Prime Minister
- Let's not pretend
there's anything even
resembling respect here, Gerald.
Take a seat.
this isn't what it
It is.
No need to explain what it'll do to you.
The company may recover.
Companies like Condor are
like cockroaches, after all.
But you'll be hearing
about it from a prison cell.
Do you actually believe
you'll be in power long enough
to do anything about this?
- You're already finished.
- You're all back to front, Gerald.
You don't need to worry about
what I'll do if I'm in power.
It's what I WON'T do.
If I'm dragged out of the
door of Downing Street today
I might just mislay that
on the desk of every major
news outlet in the country.
You think Victoria Dalton
could shield you from that?
And who do you think would shield you?
Oh, Gerald.
What do you imagine I have left to lose?
You said if you're in power
what you wouldn't do.
so long as I'm Prime Minister
I could make sure that
never sees the light of day.
You stay comfortably behind
your desk, I behind mine.
Your support, your sponsorship,
of Victoria Dalton ends now.
Victoria Dalton ends now.
If you have any interest
whatsoever in self-preservation,
you will do your absolute utmost
to ensure I continue
to lead this country.
Because so long as I remain in power
you, Condor Aerotech,
the Saladin deal
all remain untouchable.
I didn't think you had it in you.
Well, Robert.
I assume you've come to the
right decision for the country.
I have.
You've put me in a position
where I have no choice.
I've spoken with Archie.
He's agreed to relinquish his
role as deputy prime minister
and I have written a
letter of resignation.
"Owing to recent pressures,
I hereby inform you
that I shall be resigning
both from my post
and from politics permanently
to devote my time to my family.
Sincerely, Victoria Dalton"?
- Do you think this is funny?
- I assure you I'm taking it very seriously.
And accepting it with immediate effect.
The fact is the party will dither
over launching a no-confidence,
unless they know categorically
the PM's lost confidence
where it counts the most.
What the fuck is this?
I have the whole conversation.
All the conversations.
I had a very informative
chat with Gerald Kendrick,
a bastard, but a clever enough
bastard to keep insurance.
And he's come to the view he's
backed the wrong horse, Victoria.
And you remember what it's
like when a horse takes a fall.
What does that even prove?
Just idle chatter.
Private chatter, recorded illegally.
Ah! I'm pleased you
brought up illegality.
Because you might recognise these.
Eleanor followed the money.
The slush funds, the
kickbacks, the off-shores.
Quite the retirement fund you were
getting for pushing through Saladin.
And for the web of
other Condor contracts
you were so very eager to champion.
The military are
withdrawing from Whitehall.
The Defence Chief of Staff
has tendered his resignation.
He thought that was preferable
to court-martial or prosecution.
Now tell me, what's your
preference, prosecution-wise?
Look, Robert
- I know I've been
- Corrupt?
You're finished.
Out of Westminster for good.
And if I ever hear one negative comment
coming from your poisonous
mouth about my administration,
I will see to it that your venality
is broadcast in sky-high writing.
And when you clear out your desk
I suggest you find
some fucking Sellotape.
Hey there, my pass isn't working.
Oh, that is awkward.
I might've known.
Fuck you, old man.
Arrivederci, Mottie.
Do you think this is over?
By no means.
"Sad fossil" I think you said.
"Gobful of stumps", wasn't it?
I am the full-fanged fucking megalodon
of these black waters.
And wherever you go, whatever
you try to be, little minnow
best you skitter from my jaws
till the end of all time.
If you please, Officer,
toss this one back.
I can always find him if I'm peckish.
Robert, are you sure that
this is the right thing?
I have no choice.
I gave Kendrick my word.
So long as I'm Prime Minister
all of this stays buried.
And my word is my word.
You know what to do with this.
And, Anna whatever comes
I was only ever strong enough
for any of it
because of you.
Well, let's not get all sentimental.
Good afternoon.
It will have escaped no-one that
this has been a challenging time -
for the country and also for my family.
It has been the greatest
privilege of my life
to meet such challenges during
my time as Prime Minister
of this great nation.
But I believe the time is
right for me to stand down
from leadership of the
country and from my party.
I spoke to the King earlier and
informed him of my resignation.
Every departing Prime Minister
must leave with regrets
of work left undone
of promises unfulfilled.
He's fucked me.
But the promise most
imperative to me right now
is to be the best father
I can be to my daughter,
a young woman of whom
I am immensely proud
and who has faced her
own share of challenges.
Archie Glover-Morgan will
lead in a caretaker capacity
until a new Prime Minister is selected.
Now I wish to give my thanks
to you, the British people.
It has been my honour to serve you
and I have sought to do
so, no less at this moment,
with honour.
Thank you.
In the aftermath of what
can only be described
as incendiary allegations,
I'm joined by Francine Bridge.
Allegations? Try revelations.
That an arms conglomerate and
a corporate intelligence firm
conspired to destroy a
peaceful protest movement,
orchestrating the catastrophe
at the village of Godley Common.
Planet Resistance have, of
course, been fully exonerated.
From what very nearly stood as a
monstrous miscarriage of justice.
I welcome the government's
decision to place under review,
and hopefully rescind,
the Civil Disturbance Bill,
which represents a naked
affront to democracy.
Speaking of democracy, will you
comment on the growing rumours
you now have your eyes firmly on
the leadership of the opposition?
My focus has always been the same:
on making this country
a better, fairer place.
Prime Minister, you're
due in the Cobra room
Instruct the Home Secretary
to chair, would you?
Certainly, sir.
- You did cauliflower cheese!
- Of course.
Mum said you'd bring out the big guns.
How is your mum?
Good. Yeah, she's um
she's joined a new chambers, so
- Rebuilding and all that.
- That's great. I'm really pleased for her.
Would you like a glass, Ellie?
They said in the shop this was
a particularly good Chilean.
Yes, please. I'd love some.
Good afternoon, sir. Go in, won't you.
Thank you.
This is unexpected, Prime Minister.
I do apologise for the intrusion,
but this won't wait.
Take a seat.
- Glass of wine?
- I don't drink on the job.
Any more.
an Apalta Carmenere
maybe just a finger.
Thank you.
I'll keep this brief.
The odds are we're going to be facing
Francine Bridge across the floor.
She's fresh, hungry
No offence.
And the party needs a
leader with the proven stones
to take her on and
keep her out of power.
I don't want the job, Robert.
I'm too long in the tooth.
And the fact is there is nobody
better equipped for it than you.
- I retired.
- That doesn't mean it's over.
Let's just say there's been
some corrective briefing
over the whole VD business
and a very substantial
number of colleagues
now realise the error
of their judgement.
If you toss your hat back in
the ring, you'd have the numbers.
And whatever your other
reasons for refusing may be
this shouldn't be one.
If you go in together, openly
you've nothing to hide any more.
Think about it.
Whatever your decision, I'll respect it.
I'll show myself out.
Let's have lunch.
did you have any inkling
that this might ?
For what it's worth
and I can't quite
believe I'm saying this
I'd vote for you.
Fuck it.
Let's dance.
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