Cobra Kai (2018) s03e07 Episode Script


What are you doing here? Didn't think you could hide from me forever, did you? What're you gonna do? Break my arm too? You let that happen.
You wouldn't even fight back.
You just went home and cried to Mommy.
Well, Mommy's not here.
Don't worry, I'm not going to break your arm.
You deserve much worse than that! Robby, Miguel Look where they are now.
And it's all your fault! It's all your fault.
Miguel! You started this, now let's finish it.
Let's go, slowpoke! Move those gimp legs! Go, Diaz.
Okay, there.
Hold it, hold it, hold it.
Feel the burn.
Feel the burn.
Looking good.
All right.
Ten more! Go, Diaz.
Move it! We're almost there.
Let's go! All right, Sensei.
- I think I'm getting the hang of it.
- Oh, yeah? Think fast.
Oh! Lookin' good.
Lookin' real good.
Here it comes! What you waiting for? Keep going! Yeah! All right, what about "Johnny Lawrence Karate"? Or "Strike Hard Karate"? Come on, Sensei, I'm trying to help us think of names for our new dojo.
How long does it take for Facebook messages to get delivered? Ali lives in Colorado, so probably a while, right? It's instantaneous.
What about "All American Karate"? It's not good enough.
We need something that tells everyone we're the most badass dojo in the Valley.
It sucks that Cobra Kai's such a badass name.
What if we just keep that? But we spell cobra with a K.
They can call us triple K.
Like KKK? Yeah, it's probably a bad idea.
All right, whatever.
We'll figure it out.
First, we need some students.
It's my first day back at school today.
I could do some recruiting.
But where are we gonna train? You let me worry about that.
- Morning, honey.
- Why don't you have a seat? I brewed up some of that tea that I brought back from Okinawa.
You guys are being weird.
What's going on? Well, your mom and I have been talking about how to deal with Cobra Kai.
You have? I'm sorry I got so upset with you for training the other kids.
I didn't realize what you were dealing with.
Your dad and I are trying to handle it, but With everything you're going through at school with those bullies, we want to make sure you know how to defend yourself.
So, what are you saying? Your dad's gonna reopen Miyagi-Do.
And I'm 100% on board.
So, what do you say? Ready to get back into action? No.
Sam, wait.
What's going on? I'm not doing karate anymore, okay? What was that? Something's going on with her.
I don't think she's sleeping very well.
Well, I didn't know that.
You know, I've been so preoccupied with everything going on, I haven't been able to spend enough time with her lately.
Well, maybe you play hooky today.
You know? She can skip school.
I got the dealership.
You know? Go work your Miyagi magic.
- Here he is.
- No way! Yeah! Hey, good to see you.
He's back! - Yes, Miguel! - Good to see you.
El Serpiente! - What's up? - Welcome back, man.
Feels good to be back.
Did they give you bionic legs or some shit like that? No, same old boring human legs.
Oh, yeah? Can you throw down? Gotta defend that title.
Gotta get through me first.
Dude, Cobra Kai is crushing it right now.
I've actually been meaning to talk to you about that.
- I'll talk to you about it at lunch.
- Sure.
- What's up, Miguel? - Hey.
What's up? Hey, the Comeback Kid! Welcome back.
I hope to make a similar triumphant return to the land of the mobile appendage masses.
- What's up with the cast? - Proximal radius fracture.
It smells.
I put a lemon rind down there to mitigate that.
The invitation for you to sign it still stands.
Hard pass.
At least when you used to be a thorn in my tits, you were getting me an A in science.
Now you can't even do that because you're defective.
So, uh how'd you break your arm? We've got a lot to catch up on.
Place is turnkey.
Got locker rooms over there, adjoining steam rooms, private showers.
How you likin' that juice? It's the best orange juice I ever had.
In-house juice bar.
Your clients are gonna flip for it.
I got a few folks sniffing around, but you look like the kinda guy who knows a good deal when you see it.
Shall we start the paperwork? Who needs paperwork? I'll take it! Well, we still need a contract.
And I'll need to run your credit.
I'd prefer if you didn't.
What do you say we just skip all that crap and make a good old-fashioned handshake deal? Like men.
You said this was the fourth space you've seen today? Yeah.
Trying to work within a budget.
Well, this place is as cheap as they come.
Had to knock a couple hundred off because of the asbestos.
They think they got it all.
You know, few coats of paint, little elbow grease, I think I can make this work.
- So how much we talking? - Three grand.
Three grand? Are you serious? This place sucks! Where's the juice bar? Where's the steam room? There was a vending machine down the hall.
But some homeless guy crapped in it.
I drove all the way down here thinking this place would be affordable.
This is LA, pal.
You want a roof and four walls, it's gonna cost ya.
So, you're telling me this place is free? - Yeah.
- Totally free, no strings attached? Yeah, it's free.
So I can do karate here? All the way from that trash can all the way to that tree? You can do whatever you want.
It's a public park.
Can I get back to my family now? Yeah, yeah.
This isn't so bad, is it? Guess it beats going to school.
Something about the quiet the sound of the water it always seems to just help.
I thought you and I could both use a little bit of that today.
Is that why we're out here? I also thought we could catch some dinner for tonight.
- It's a little rusty.
- Yeah.
Well, so am I.
The trick to fishing out here is to get the line into the deep water, away from the boat.
It's all in the cast.
All right, get your shoulder back.
Bend your elbows, let her fly.
There you go.
Do you remember the last time we were out here together? It was with Mr.
He caught that fish that was so big Mom was afraid to cook it for dinner.
Pretty sure we ended up ordering in a pizza.
That was the day we taught you how to balance on the bow of the boat.
Not that we needed to teach you, we couldn't knock you off to save our lives.
Wanna give it another shot for old times' sake? What do you say? I knew it.
You knew what? Is that why you brought me here? To trick me into doing karate? What? No, not at all.
This has nothing to do with that.
I just wanted to spend the day together.
I told you, Dad, I quit karate.
Please, just help me to understand why.
I wanna help.
It doesn't matter.
You can't help.
I can't if you don't tell me what's going on.
Be honest with me, Sam.
I froze, okay? I watched my friends get hurt.
I watched Demetri get his arm broken, and I couldn't do anything.
And now, I'm having all these panic attacks.
And I don't know if I'm ever gonna be able to defend myself again.
I'm so sorry, Sam.
Just take me home.
Oh, crap.
Oh, you thought I was gonna knock down your tray? Come on, man.
I'm better than that.
Hey, what else do you need help with? Oh, you want me to sign your cast? Say no more.
- Look at that sad face.
- Right? Sorry.
Party's full.
Where am I supposed to sit? The rejects' table.
Over there.
What a loser! Hey, man.
I heard about what happened with Demetri.
How could you do that? You should be thanking me for getting revenge on the Miyagi-Dos.
Besides they're the ones who started the fight.
We finished it.
That's not what our Sensei taught us.
He's not my sensei anymore.
After everything Sensei Lawrence did for you, you betray him? He betrayed us.
This isn't you talking.
It's Kreese, he's got in your head.
You can change that, if you leave Cobra Kai and join Sensei Lawrence's new dojo.
If you come, others will follow.
Okay? We can show everyone that we're not a bunch of bullies.
- It could be like before.
- He has a new dojo? Hey, guys.
Check this guy out.
Standing around with a dick in his hand.
So, these are your friends now? Look, you don't have to talk to me.
I just want you to know that I'm always here for you, all right? I told you, you can't help me.
Why don't you walk me through what happened? When the fight started, I I couldn't move.
I couldn't breathe.
Felt like Like my heart was gonna jump out of my chest.
I knew there was something wrong even before that, I just thought I could handle it.
Does this have anything to do with that girl, Tory? First time seeing her since.
And I felt like it would all happen again.
Like I would get hurt.
And Miguel would fall.
And Robby would run.
My brain could feel it starting, and so my body just stopped.
That must've been terrifying.
Demetri got hurt.
And I couldn't do anything to stop it.
Sam, that's not on you.
Cobra Kai is way out of control.
You know that.
That's the problem.
I'm scared, Dad.
I've never felt so alone.
You're not alone.
No matter what you're feeling right now, it's nothing to be ashamed of, you hear me? You up for a pit stop on the way home? - Hey, what's up, Moose? - What? Sensei? How'd you get through security? I went to school here.
You think I don't know all the secret ways in and out? Hey.
Got some good news.
Found us a pretty sweet spot for our new dojo.
- Yeah? - How's the recruiting coming? That bad? It's just everything's changed, Sensei.
Cobra Kai, they They all drank the Kool-Aid.
Kool-Aid? What's wrong with a Kool-Aid? It's just Sensei Kreese is turning them into an army of assholes.
There's no convincing them to leave.
Wait here.
Okay, listen up! I screwed up.
And I'm sorry.
I made it about me.
And that's not what a sensei does.
I took the easy way out.
I gave up.
What happened here at this school it rocked me to my core.
I couldn't look myself in the eye, let alone face all of you.
I guess it makes it easier to tell yourself that.
But the truth is, you bailed on us long before that fight happened.
You got soft.
And we paid the price.
You listen up.
When you came into my dojo, you were softer than a baby's ass.
I made you what you are, not Kreese.
He doesn't give a shit about you.
About any of you.
So, if you wanna keep whining about the past like a bunch of pussies, fine.
We can play that game.
Wanna stick with Kreese? Go ahead.
Don't say I didn't warn you when your life ends up in the shitter.
Or you could sack up and join my dojo.
Havenhurst and Magnolia, tomorrow at 4:00.
If you wanna save yourselves, train the right way you better be there.
And don't be late! Sorry, kid.
Old habit.
No matter how many times I come back here, I just can't help but feel a little rush of adrenaline.
That's great, Dad.
But you still haven't told me why we're here.
Come here.
Right here.
I know.
This is where you beat Johnny Lawrence.
This is where I almost lost to fear.
What do you mean? When? It was during my second tournament.
I didn't even need to fight in the preliminary rounds, so I was fresh.
I thought I was ready.
But in the final match my opponent was ruthless.
Before I knew it, I was on that mat and the fear had completely taken over.
I was paralyzed.
I couldn't move.
The thought of getting up again and facing that guy just scared the living daylights out of me.
I just wanted to run off and hide.
So, what did you do? Daniel-san! - Mr.
Miyagi, it's over! Forget about it! - No! I'm afraid! It's okay lose to opponent.
Must not lose to fear! - Yeah, well, I'm afraid! - Hey! You stay focused.
Daniel-san, your best karate is still inside you.
Now time, let out! Luckily, I had Mr.
Miyagi there to help me get my focus back.
I got up and finished the fight, and I won.
I guess Mr.
Miyagi always had a way of fixing things.
There's no question his advice was something I needed to hear.
But ultimately, I had to be the one to get up and do something.
I still live with the fear, Sam.
We all do on some level.
I just try to not let it ever win.
Sam, you're the only one who can get up when you're down.
No one else.
I promise, I will be there always to help you.
Just like Mr.
Miyagi was there for me.
Later, geek! Assholes.
You have a marker? Uh, um Yeah.
Much better.
That, uh That really That, uh It Uh Thank you.
After the whole, you know front wedgie thing I know what it's like.
Sucks to have everyone laughing at you.
If it means anything, I've experienced multiple back wedgies, and well, they're no picnic either.
- Let's not make this a thing.
- Understood.
I knew you'd be back.
Oh, really? Yeah.
Here, catch.
What's this for? Thought maybe we could do some training together.
I mean, you know, if you want to.
Show me cast the rod.
What? Nice block.
"Cast the rod".
So the fishing trip was karate training after all? More of a happy coincidence.
Come on.
This is day one.
We've been here before.
But things are different now.
They tried to tear us down.
It didn't work! They said we needed a roof and four walls.
Screw that! This park will be our new dojo.
'Cause you don't need a dojo to be a dojo! Is that understood? Yes, Sensei! I started Cobra Kai with one nerd.
This is a step up.
And if we're gonna be taken seriously, we need a name that commands respect.
A name that elicits power and dominance.
Cobras are strong.
They may be king of the jungle, but the world's more than just a jungle.
And there's only one animal that can kill a snake.
A mongoose? A real animal, Bert.
Welcome to Eagle Fang Karate.
Uh, eagles don't have fang Put 'em on! - Anyone else feeling a little snug? - Do some more sit-ups.
All right, everybody, fall in! Sensei, look.
Still got it.
All right, everybody.
Looks like our class just got a little bigger.
Make room.
I told you, Cobra Kai for life.
Don't worry, Johnny.
I'm not here for a fight.
Yeah? Then why the hell are you here? I'd like to make you another offer to come back to Cobra Kai where you belong.
You're crazy if you think I'm ever teaming up with you again.
The garbage you're feeding them, the shit they're pulling, it's messed up.
You're to blame for that.
I have to disagree with you there.
I care about my students.
They're strong and they're true fighters.
And they wouldn't make the mistake of showing mercy and ending up in a coma! This is it, Johnny.
There's not gonna be another chance.
You made your choice.
And you are gonna regret it.

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