Cobra Kai (2018) s03e08 Episode Script

The Good, The Bad, and The Badass

I know it's been a while since our last class.
After the fight at the school, I wasn't sure Miyagi-Do should stay open.
But things have gotten worse since we shut down.
That's why we're back.
The only way to stop Cobra Kai is if we all work together.
But always remember, the reason we learn karate is To show the world that you're not a bunch of pansy-ass nerds! We're gonna show 'em that you're tough! Because eagles don't get shit on.
- They're the ones that do the shitting.
Just don't forget, being a badass doesn't mean being an asshole.
The goal isn't to hurt other kids.
The goal is to [KREESE.]
Win at all costs.
Those we thought to be our allies have turned against us.
Now our enemies are attacking us from all sides.
There is no turning back.
Now is the time to show them Forgiveness.
Miyagi used to say if you're looking for revenge, you could start by digging two graves.
He was right.
If you have hate in your heart, then you've already lost.
I know it's not easy, but you have to do whatever you can - To beat the living crap out of 'em.
Don't let 'em push you around.
You gotta swoop down like an eagle, grab 'em with your claws, and sink your fangs into 'em.
But I don't ever want you to start the fight.
- I just want you to - Finish it.
For good.
Do I make myself clear? [ALL.]
Yes, Sensei.
It's locked.
They'll buzz it open when he's on his way out.
- You gotta be kidding, they called you? - I called them.
With Shannon still in rehab, I just wanted to make sure someone was here to pick him up.
Well, I'm here, aren't I? I'm not looking for any trouble.
I'm just here for Robby.
Robby doesn't need you.
You've done enough.
- Thank you.
- So, you got it all under control? Yeah, I do.
Just like you had Kreese under control, right? What did you think would happen when you summon that devil back to Earth? - Kreese is my problem.
- Not anymore.
He's made it crystal clear that he is everyone's problem.
As usual, I'm gonna have to be the one that's gonna clean up your mess.
I clean up my own messes.
And I'm dealing with it.
How exactly are you dealing with it? What're you gonna do? Barge in there and beat him up? That worked out really great at the chop shop.
Those guys deserved it.
That's your problem, Johnny.
Your whole life you've been striking first.
You never once considered that maybe you should think first.
- Know what I'm thinking now? - Yeah, I got a pretty good idea.
Seriously? - Robby.
- Hey, Robby.
I told you I don't want you here.
- You're my son.
I wanted to be here.
- And so did I.
Don't do me any favors.
It's your fault I was in here.
Listen, I know you're upset.
But, I was doing what was best for you.
Now that you're out, I just want you to know that I'm here.
You always have a home at Miyagi-Do.
Or with me.
Both of you stay out of my life.
- Oh, sorry, I - I'm sorry, Sam.
No, I'm sorry.
I should've been watching where I was going.
- Me too.
So, uh, congratulations on being back on your feet! [CHUCKLES.]
Anyway, I'll let you get back to your friends.
They're not my friends anymore.
Not after what they did to you guys.
I should probably get to study hall.
I'm actually headed that way too.
So, you think enough time has passed for us to be friends again? Or start over? Hi.
I'm Sam.
Nice to meet you.
It's a pleasure.
Yasmine? Hey.
Um We were just, uh - [EXHALES HEAVILY.]
- Doing study work.
So you two are What? [CHUCKLES.]
Ew! No.
Like I would ever date this freak.
Whatever, Cruella.
Why don't you go kill a bunch of dalmatians? I am 101% in love! - [DEMETRI SIGHS.]
I can't believe that just happened! Yeah, I guess, uh love conquers all.
I guess it does.
Okay, let's do it again from the top.
Keep going.
Let's go.
Come on, Chris.
You know these moves.
Sorry, Mr.
L, I'm just trying to keep up.
Did you like having your arm broken, Demetri? Because if you defend like that, you're gonna be right back in that cast before you know it.
Uh, okay, guys, let's, uh Let's take five.
Yeah? There's iced tea and lemonade inside.
- [STUDENT 1.]
Oh, man.
- [STUDENT 2.]
I'm just so tired.
That was brutal.
Take it easy, Sensei.
It's their first week back.
They should know this stuff by now.
You know, it's my fault they're in this position.
And one day, they may find themselves all alone out there and they're gonna need these techniques to survive.
Okay, so this is about Robby, right? Look, Daniel, you need to let him figure it out.
If he wants to come back, the door's always open, but if he doesn't, you're gonna have to let him go.
I can't just let him go.
He has no one! Wow! Would you look at this? [DANIEL.]
Hey, Ron.
Why are we holding our board meetings at the rec center when you have the Enchanted Tiki Room out here? Are those real koi? [DANIEL.]
What's up? The All Valley is still months away.
Is there a problem with the committee? There's a problem with the whole tournament.
Good, Bert.
Remind me not to piss you off.
Assface, you're next.
Does my nickname gotta carry over from the previous dojo? You wanna be Penis Breath? Assface is fine.
Good, Penis Breath! All right.
Diaz, you're up.
Imagine this is the guy I stole this Frisbee from, all right? Just picture his stupid white dreads.
- All right.
Good hustle.
Who's next? - No, I can do it, Sensei.
- Miguel, it's fine.
I got it.
All right.
Get in a side stance.
Use the balls of your feet.
- Miguel! - [STUDENT.]
You good? - I'm fine.
I'm fine! All right, everybody.
Take five, go get some water.
But not from the fountain, I saw some meth head wipe his ass in it.
It's okay if you can't do the things you could before.
Nobody's expecting you to be your oldself all right? - [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
- Gotta be shitting me! - What? What happened? - They canceled the All Valley.
- They did what? - [RON.]
They canceled it.
City council just up and pulled the permit.
Something about not wanting to foster a culture of violence after the whole fracas at the school.
It's an over-correction, if you ask me.
We even had State Farm on board as a sponsor.
Now I gotta call my agent Taylor and break the bad news.
So, that's it then? I mean, they cast karate as the villain without any context whatsoever, and we can't do anything about it? There's a community hearing.
It's pretty much a formality, but the way the All Valley Committee feels, if there's one person that can convince the city to overturn their decision, it's the two-time champ.
All right.
Well, I gotta go talk to the rest of the board.
Mmm! That was good.
Did you grow your own lemons or It's Crystal Light.
- Delightful.
- Look what you did there.
- So what are you gonna do? - I dunno.
Maybe on some level, this was for the best.
At least Cobra Kai doesn't have a free stage to put their violence on display, right.
You're not actually going to let them cancel the All Valley tournament, are you, Dad? I don't know, Sam.
Miyagi-Do got blamed for what happened to Miguel.
If the tournament gets canceled, that sends a message to the whole Valley that we're the bad guys.
You can't let that happen.
You need to tell them what karate means to you.
How you started Cobra Kai to help kids like me, you know, taught us how to stand up for ourselves.
Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.
What's that supposed to mean? It's not like you were even gonna fight anyway.
Of course I was.
Training with no contact is one thing, I can't risk you getting hurt again.
It's not fair.
I'm working hard, getting better.
- It's for your own safety.
- I thought safety was for pussies? - This is different.
- You don't think I can do it! You almost hurt yourself with one kick! One kick! What do you think is gonna happen in a real fight? [MELANCHOLIC MUSIC PLAYS.]
Look, you already proved you could win.
And I need to prove it again! You said you'd always be on my side.
Miguel Hey.
I'm Robby Keene.
Fill out this form.
We'll call your name when a probation officer's ready to see you.
Yeah, go ahead.
They'll send you straight back to juvie.
Looks like we're in the same boat.
- Thank to you for starting the fight.
- And you for finishing it.
It's not fair, you know.
Everyone else got to go back to normal, but here we're eating shit while your girlfri - Don't talk about Sam.
- She cheated on you.
She made a mistake.
Sam is a good person.
She sure acts like it.
Just wait, she'll turn on you.
- Just like Miguel.
- You don't know what you're talkin' about.
Then why are we both here? At least I know who I am.
You're still pretending to be something you're not.
On the section about home life, just check off "stable".
They don't care.
They never come to check.
Hope the juice is all right.
I don't think it's expired yet.
It's good.
Thank you.
You got it.
I wanna let you know I appreciate you putting Miguel's safety first.
Lot of good it did.
Now the kid hates me.
He's a teenager.
If he's happy with you all the time, you're doing something wrong.
You know as well as I do that being a parent means making the hard choices for their own good.
I just don't want to screw things up with Miguel like I screwed things up with Robby.
You've done so much for Miguel.
You got him out of bed, out of the wheelchair.
You made him smile again.
And he won't forget that.
And neither will I.
I heard about the tournament.
Yeah, who needs it anyway? You do.
Believe me, a few months ago, I never wanted to hear the word "karate" again.
I thought that was the reason Miguel got hurt.
And I blamed you.
I was so angry.
You had a right to be.
But it wasn't your fault.
I see how much you care for Miguel, and I realize now you were just as hurt as I was.
I may not want him to compete, but I know he won't get hurt again.
Because you're his sensei.
It's what you were meant to be.
It's your strength, your calling.
And there are other Miguels out there who need you in their corner.
I know I'm the last person you'd expect to be telling you this, but you have to save the tournament.
I don't know how I'm going to do that.
By doing what you do best.
Carter, please, we need to move on.
And now I'm hearing the city wants to rename manholes "maintenance covers".
Do you know what we called a manhole back in my day? A manhole.
And that's just the start.
Don't worry, Dad.
You got this.
- What are you doing here? - Fighting for the All Valley.
What about you? You gonna read from your diary? There's nothing wrong with being prepared.
Yeah, and I don't need notes.
I'll shoot from the hip.
This is gonna be a disaster.
Okay, next we will hear appeals for the cancellation of the All Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament.
Who would like to speak first? [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS.]
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm retired Army Captain John Kreese.
Thank you for your service.
It was an honor to serve.
And I continue to serve right here in our community, by teaching our children strength and discipline through karate.
I was devastated to hear about the cancellation of the tournament because of the fight at the high school.
Why are my students being penalized because of the violence perpetrated by dojos like Miyagi-Do? Now, wait just one minute.
LaRusso, please.
It's not your turn to speak.
I apologize, Councilwoman Roberts.
But this man "Councilperson" Roberts.
Thank you, Captain Kreese.
Please, continue.
I think my colleagues here would agree that all we want is the best for our students and our community.
Cobra Kai's goal is to prepare the Valley's youth for the unfortunate realities of the real world.
It's hard out there.
I'm simply just preparing them to defend themselves.
Councilperson Roberts, I'm sorry, but this guy is selling you a bad bill of goods.
Just a few weeks ago, my students were injured by a bunch of his Cobra Kais in an abandoned recreation facility.
And who started that fight? If memory serves, your out-of-control daughter.
Hey! You leave my daughter out of this, you piece of shit! Mom! Ma'am, please restrain yourself.
It's funny that you say that, because I've had to file a restraining order against her for physically assaulting me.
Assault? Are you kidding me? Maybe I should make the call to the authorities? That won't be necessary.
- Ma'am.
- Hey, do not Do not touch me! Okay? I'm leaving.
I'm leaving! Okay? But that man is a lunatic! Councilperson Roberts, I assure you that I am a positive influence to my students, and the hundreds of students before them.
Horseshit! Your Honor, John Lawrence, Eagle Fang Karate.
This man has poisoned the minds of his students.
And I should know, I was one of them.
Were we competitive? Sure.
But it was all for good sport.
This man is a thief and a liar! - And he put a live cobra in my dealership! - [GAVEL BANGS.]
Enough! Sit down.
All of you.
It is clear this karate tournament is causing division and rivalry in our community.
You gentlemen have made an excellent case today as to why this tournament should not continue.
Who's that? My name is Miguel Diaz.
I was in the school fight.
I was the one kicked off the second floor.
You know, uh I thought I was gonna be paralyzed.
I relearned how to stand.
I relearned how to walk.
And I want the tournament to continue.
We are very happy for your recovery, young man.
- But I'm afraid you don't understand - Yes, he does.
We're the ones getting hurt.
We're the ones fighting.
Our voices should matter the most.
And we want a place where we can compete, fairly and safely.
When I first moved here, I was bullied.
I realized there's no escaping it.
There's always gonna be a kid who wants to steal your lunch money, or give you a wedgie, or give you a swirlie.
A swirlie? When you dunk someone's head in the toilet and flush it.
- Pretty funny, actually.
Instead of burying your heads in the sand, pretending that bullying doesn't exist, or that you could get rid of it, what you need to do is teach kids how to defend themselves.
Physically and mentally.
Because sometimes the scars you can't see are the ones that hurt the most.
Karate is about discipline.
It's about inner strength.
It's about confidence.
Lessons that you can use for the rest of your life.
Look, I don't know where I would be today, or who I would be today, if it wasn't for my sensei.
We don't need this tournament to do cool kicks or sell tickets, we need it to show the bullies of the world that we're not afraid.
It's called the "All Valley" because it's for everyone, to give everyone the chance to show what they can do, to fight, to become a champion.
And we deserve that chance.
To be honest, I don't get the Valley's fascination with karate.
But if it means that much to all of you, and you're willing to sign waivers stating that the city is not liable, then the All Valley Under-18 Tournament is officially back on.
I guess we all got what we wanted.
But be careful what you wish for.
Come here, kid.
- To the All Valley tournament.
- Right, yeah.
This place is crazy.
What's the rock say? I don't know.
My dad won't tell me.
Or maybe he doesn't know.
Well, it's a cool rock.
All we have is vandalized park benches and regular boring rocks.
You know, you're welcome to train here any time.
I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a cool yard, but do you guys actually do karate here? It looks like breathing exercises! Oh, it's not badass enough for you? We train in junkyards and cement trucks! - And I've trained in that pond over there.
- Oh, a pond.
Not everything in Miyagi-Do is what it seems.
Yeah, well, okay.
Okay! All right, you lookin' to take on the champ? I seem to remember flipping you on the ground with surprisingly little effort.
Okay, well, let's see you do it again.
Don't hold back.
I wouldn't worry about it.
- Okay.
Got you.
- Got you.
Should've known.
Robby! It It's not what you think.
You two get together the second I was gone or wait a week to make it look good? It's not like that.
Now I know why you stopped writing.
I stopped writing because you never answered! Yeah, well, it's kinda hard to write back in between getting my face busted in! I didn't know.
Oh, you wouldn't have cared even if you did know.
- It's not her fault.
- Stay out of this! I don't think I will.
I was hoping you'd say that.
Robby, don't! You two deserve each other.
- Oh, hey.
- Hey, Johnny.
Is it too late? No.
No, come in.
It's all right.
- Can I get you some juice or something? - Mm-mmm.
I heard what happened at the meeting.
Ah, you should've seen him.
Heart on his sleeve, saying what needed to be said.
He was a true champion.
But don't worry, I didn't tell him he can compete again.
I mean, I didn't even know he was gonna be at the meeting.
Believe me, I had nothing to do with that.
Yes, you did.
You had everything to do with that.

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