Cobra Kai (2018) s04e04 Episode Script


Is a lot larger than the middle school, and when you become a freshman next year, y-you'll have access to some amazing facilities.
Our science lab is state of the art.
Well, at least it was.
- Did it get destroyed in the fight? - Uh, no.
Uh, the district required us to remove anything that could potentially be used as a weapon in the event of another karate incident.
Okay, let's, uh… Okay, so, this way's the cafeteria.
There actually was a fight there, so it got ruined, but Hey, new kid.
What do you think? Me? What? The high school? I heard it's haunted.
Do you think that's true? Oh! Oh, definitely, yeah, yeah.
Uh, actually, I died five years ago.
Well, ghost boy, you got strawberry on your snake shirt.
You've been letting me walk around like this? At first I thought it was part of the evil-looking design.
Then I realized you're just a slob.
- Oh.
- Don't worry though.
Nobody else can see you, right? Yeah.
I'm telling you, we had a moment.
No way is Lexi DiMarco going out with you.
- She's a junior.
- I know.
She's a total J.
- What's that? - J.
Junior I'd Like To Whoa! Looks like someone's a little lost.
What makes you think you can wear a shirt like that here? It… It's from my dojo.
- Maybe they started a kindergarten class? - Or a nursery.
Look at him, running to mommy.
Bye, you little bitch.
Thinking about striking first, huh? - I - Yeah.
Word of advice, kid.
Get out of Cobra Kai while you still can.
'Cause they're about to go down.
And it's not gonna be pretty.
I think he's gonna cry! Hai.
-Attack! That's it.
Attack! - That's it.
- That's it.
Oh shit! Um, I'm not gonna get in any trouble, am I? All right, remember, one of the best ways to get a point is to aim for the torso.
All right, front kick, side kick.
Ready? - Huh? - Go! - -Very nice.
Nice kick, LaRusso! Remember, whip that foot through the target.
- Ready.
Go! - That's it.
Let all your aggression disappear.
Oh! - Oh shit.
I missed.
My bad, Meat.
- Very good.
Suck it up.
Tighten that core.
Good day.
You guys showed toughness.
You sure you're okay? Oh yeah.
No, they're starting to turn back to their normal color.
You hungry? I'll make your favorite.
Spicy Manwich, side of steak fries.
I'm actually going with Mr.
We're finishing my mom's car.
Oh, okay.
No problem.
Ready when you are.
Yo, guys.
My boy Rory, he got some free tickets to the drive-in tonight.
They're going old school, something called Bloodsport? I know that movie.
My dad left an old VHS at our place.
It was the only evidence I had that he existed.
I heard it's dope.
So, if you guys are in, let's do this.
Depends on how late I have to work tonight.
My new boss put me on the schedule for today.
Guy's a total creep.
You got a new job? Where? - It's none of your business.
- Okay.
Look who made it.
What's up? I was at the high school yesterday and these older kids started messing with me.
One guy told me I should quit Cobra Kai.
- Who was he? - I don't know.
He had this spiky red hair.
- We still owe that Judas some payback.
- Hell yeah.
Everyone fall in.
As you know, our enemies are working together.
They are combining their styles to beat us.
But they are destined to fail.
Because there is only one way.
And what is that way? The Way of the Fist, sir! Exactly.
However, that doesn't mean that we can't double down.
Class, meet Sensei Terry Silver.
Co-founder of Cobra Kai and one of the most ferocious fighters in the history of the sport.
Together, we built Cobra Kai from the ground up, and now he is here to help you prepare for the All Valley.
Thank you, Sensei Kreese.
It's an honor to be here.
With two senseis, you will receive twice the instruction.
That means twice the work.
And if you are not prepared to put in 200%, then you can leave right now.
But if you dig in and follow our lead, we're gonna take you to the next level.
Maybe you're just tired.
I swear, this has never, ever happened to me.
Of course not.
You know, working at the hospital, I do have access to certain… medications.
What? I don't need pills! I'm 100% all man.
Okay then.
What is it? I just can't get LaRusso and Miguel out of my head.
They spend all this time together working out, fixing your car.
Yes, but Miguel spending all that time over there has given us a chance to spend more time together.
Did you know LaRusso showed Miguel Top Gun? Oof, I love that movie.
Tom Cruise is so handsome.
Cruise is the worst in that.
Here you got the real deal, Iceman, best of the best, abs for days.
In comes this new guy, total dweeb, calls himself a maverick.
You can't call yourself a maverick.
Guy didn't even earn a spot at Miramar.
Got his wingman killed too.
Not cool.
This is not about Tom Cruise.
This is about Miguel.
- Maybe it's time we tell him about us.
- I don't know.
I feel guilty sneaking around.
It's not good to carry secrets like this.
They wear you down.
What if it just makes things worse? Miggy loves you.
How could it make things worse? Kids can be weird about that kind of stuff.
How about this? You can tell him, Johnny, when you're ready.
But I know it will make you feel better.
Never thought I'd know so much about alternators and power-steering pumps.
I'm sorry you had to give up a Saturday to work on a car.
Oh, uh, it's okay.
I mean, my mom will be happy.
She can go out on dates again.
- Maybe we shouldn't have fixed it.
- Ah, yeah, I can relate to that.
My mom used to call it "lunch with a friend.
" I hated that.
One time, I caught her on a date with Mr.
Harris, my history teacher.
-That was, um… Talk about awkward.
But he gave me an A, though, so there's an upside.
All right, this looks good.
Now, it's the moment of truth.
- Get in, give it a try.
- All right.
Let's see.
- Just start it up? - Start it up.
- Oh, success! - Look at that! You're a natural.
Now, we gotta get to a party and meet Amanda and Sam.
- I'm running late.
Let's go.
- What? I don't know how to drive a car.
Oh, well, then I suggest you back us out nice and slow.
All right.
- No, you're doing great.
- Okay.
Doing great.
-Oh, nope.
Did I really have to come? Uh, Sheila's worked for us for ten years.
She's practically family.
Anyway, you used to love to babysit Cindee.
Oh, hi! This is just about the last place I'd like to be spending my Saturday.
A lot of people have it worse than you.
Relax! Let's go, ladies.
Time is money.
They're not gonna wait all day.
By all means, take their tips, but be discreet about it.
Tammy, come on.
More red lip.
It's Tory.
Well, whatever.
Just hurry up.
Let's go, ladies! It's show time! Did I say the last place I want to spend my Saturday? I meant the first.
Are you guys gonna beat up this Hawk dude? Don't worry about it.
Focus on your combos.
Really use that speed.
Let's go.
Told you I've been practicing.
Got all the moves down.
Oh really? What? Come on.
Over at Miyagi-Do, I was taught you can learn all the moves, but none of that matters unless you have balance.
- Understood? - Yeah.
It's… It's a Cobra Kai lesson.
I was just using a Miyagi-Do It's okay.
Balance is crucial.
A man can't stand, he can't fight.
Give Mr.
Keene and me a moment alone.
Yes, sensei.
Sensei Kreese told me all about you.
You trained at Miyagi-Do, now Cobra Kai.
You'll have enough skills to kick all our asses.
- I'll do whatever it takes to win.
- Good.
Show me.
What's the matter? You afraid to hit an old man? Come on.
Show me.
Did I say take it easy? Come on.
No mercy.
Now it's my turn.
-Ha! Hands up.
Ais! Ais! Ais! Ais! Come on.
You've learned to channel your anger, but you're afraid.
- I'm not afraid of anything.
- You lying to me or yourself? If you wanna be a champion, you need to dig out that fear and face it, whatever it is.
Because if you don't, it's gonna hold you back forever.
Understood? Yes, sensei.
Yeah! Oh, yes! Click here to see videos of the hottest… - Oh shit.
What's that? - …doing everything.
"You'll never get past me.
" "Yes, I will.
I'm an American hero.
" Bang! "That's what you get.
" "The good guy always wins.
" Sweetie, what are you doing up? I called Mrs.
Wilson, she says she tucked you in.
I couldn't sleep.
Well… it's good you're up.
'Cause I got some big news.
Do you remember that man Sid we went out to dinner with? The fat, bald guy? Don't say that.
He's a very accomplished man.
Guess what? He proposed! Isn't it beautiful? - This means you're gonna have a new daddy.
- But I don't want a new daddy! Trust me, sweetie.
Things are gonna be better.
No! Johnny, please.
What do you have there? You saved his things? Johnny, you shouldn't hide this from me.
We have to move on.
I'm throwing it all away.
No! -Johnny! Enough! He left us! You have a new daddy now.
Now go to bed! Now! This is pretty smooth.
Who is this? Oh, that's Christopher Cross.
He was huge in the '80s.
Sensei didn't tell me about him.
Yeah, well, not everything from the '80s was hard rock.
There were some soft rock songs that were just perfect.
Michael McDonald, Billy Joel, Chicago… Who's Chicago? I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that.
It's a yellow light.
When you see a yellow light you're supposed to slow down.
Uh, sorry.
Usually with Sensei Lawrence we kind of It doesn't matter what he does.
If you're driving with my daughter, you take the extra precautions.
Uh, yes.
You're right.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I was pretty shaky at first too.
Most of the kids my age had their dads teach them.
But for me, well, lucky I met Mr.
He made me realize that just because I didn't have a dad didn't mean there wasn't someone who could fill that role.
The sad part is I have a dad.
You ever see him? I don't know much about him.
He got caught up with something illegal.
My mom was pregnant and tried to get him to stop and he wouldn't.
That's why Mom and Yaya moved up here.
I looked him up.
It says he lives in Mexico now.
I haven't told my mom though.
She gets mad whenever I bring him up.
Miguel, I hated my mom for moving us to LA.
I thought she was only thinking for herself.
But, as I got older, I realized she was doing it all for me.
She wasn't just looking for a new career.
She was looking for a better life.
Sounds like that's what your mom did.
It may not seem brave, but sometimes avoiding conflict is one of the most heroic things a person can do.
The prince did everything to climb the mountain, but the dragon carried me there so he could eat me alive.
But then the valiant prince came to my rescue.
Is that the prince that you stole from another princess? The other princess wasn't dating that prince anymore.
Anyway, uh, the dragon breathed hot fire at the prince, melting his sword.
So now I had to save the prince.
Using what? A weapon like, I don't know, a spiked bracelet or nunchucks? No, by singing a magic song.
Oh, and how did the song go? Yeah, sing us the song! Yeah! Song! Wow.
And I thought you were bad at fighting.
But the story doesn't end there.
You see, the song didn't put the dragon to sleep.
Instead, it turned it into an evil witch.
And that witch has been spotted at kids' parties all over the Valley.
And the only way she can be destroyed is with a glitter bomb.
And look! There she is now, trying to blend in with the crowd! Die, evil witch! Not manly enough.
Hey, Robby.
What's going on? You wanna come in? Hawk and some of your students have been bullying this kid.
Tell them to stop or there'll be payback.
What the hell is Kreese putting you up to? He's not putting me up to anything.
I'm trying to help this kid.
If those assholes don't knock it off, I'll do what I have to.
Don't do anything stupid.
You already got kicked out of school.
Miguel attacked me.
I was trying to stop the fight.
He escalated it.
Look, I wasn't there.
All right? But I do know about Cobra Kai.
Kreese is brainwashing you, just like he brainwashed me.
See, that's the difference between you and me.
You put all your trust in Kreese.
I don't trust anyone anymore.
I'm just using Cobra Kai to get what I want.
Yeah, I'm sure you think that, but you're playing with poison.
- You don't know the whole story.
- I know enough.
And I know what's been holding me back.
For as long as I can remember, I've been afraid.
Afraid that I would end up like you.
But I'm not gonna have that fear again, because I'm better than you.
There's nothing left to talk about.
So unless there's something else, I have dinner to make.
You did a nice job behind the wheel.
I say after the party, we have a little cake, hit the DMV.
- Pick up your license.
- Okay.
- Hey, honey.
Sorry I'm late.
- Oh.
Interesting, uh, choice.
-You going for the, uh, disco ball look? Hey.
No breaks.
Tory, wait.
What do you want? I'm sorry about Sam.
Yeah, tell that to her.
I will.
But you can't fault her for having issues with you after what you did.
Look, I know the situation with your mom is tough No.
No, you don't know! So why don't you just stay out of it?! Okay.
Okay, I will.
Just… Just know that the world isn't out to get you.
There's gotta be someone in your family who can help.
No one I can trust.
But it doesn't matter, I can handle my own shit.
No one can help you if you don't let them.
If you ask, you might be surprised.
Hey, Miguel! Come over for a bite? Something I've been wanting to talk about.
Uh, yeah, sure.
I just had an early dinner with the LaRussos though.
We went to this place called Katsuya.
LaRusso's friends with the chef, so he brought out all this fresh fish.
It was so good.
Uh, but I'm stuffed.
I have to get ready.
I have this thing with Sam later, so… It seems you've been spending a lot of time with LaRusso lately.
Yeah, I guess.
I mean, he paid for my mom's car, showed me how to fix an engine.
- Today he taught me how to drive! - He did what? I drove down Ventura with him.
It was so great.
How come you haven't told me about Chicago? What happened in Chicago? No.
The band.
You know, uh, "You're the Inspiration," "Glory of Love.
" Peter Cetera's badass.
Peter Cetera is the opposite of badass.
What happened to Scorpions? Slaughter? Just out the window? No.
Uh, they're cool too.
It's just different, is all.
Yeah, very different.
Look, what did you want to talk about? Oh, nothing.
Do your thing.
But, hey, look, let's do dinner tomorrow.
You can make those Manwiches? Oh, yeah, sure.
-Hi-yah! Hey, I'm feeling this movie, man.
This Jean-Claude Van… Damn! Right in the nuts! Ha! Oh, man! Not into the movie? Oh, it's fine.
I just had a shitty day.
I'd ask, but it's none of my business.
- Here's your stuff.
- Hey, yo, bitch boy.
- What about mine? - You said you didn't want anything.
I want some now.
Get me two buckets of popcorn with butter, four large Cokes, two hot dogs with mustard, no ketchup, and a pretzel.
But I can't carry And some nachos with extra cheese and jalapeño poppers, all right? Hurry up, man.
Don't worry about him.
Hazing the new guy.
It's a good thing.
It is? Yes.
Trust me, it's a lot less dangerous than what I had to do.
Just keep your head up, you'll earn respect.
Got it? And, um, get me a Butterfinger.
So Lexi wants me to send pictures now.
- Dude, I think you're being catfished.
- That's a risk I'm willing to take.
Not these guys again.
- Damn.
- I'm sorry! That sucks! That piece of shit.
You should watch where you're going, kid.
Yeah, same goes for you.
Look who it is.
You betrayed Miyagi-Do.
Oh, there's a traitor here for sure.
He's gonna get what he deserves.
I don't think so.
Not if I have anything to say about it, Princess.
Hey, guys.
Can you believe that they have Mr.
Pibb and Dr.
Pepper? Oh shit.
Not another rumble.
Careful, LaRusso.
Your mommy isn't here to play peacemaker.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Stop.
We can't do this.
- We'll beat 'em on the mat.
- Oh really? You remember what happened the last time we fought, right? Okay.
Meet us at the baseball diamond in 30 minutes.
And no weapons.
Yeah, we won't need 'em.
Let's go.
- You guys see anything? - They'll be here.
They'd better be.
Whoa! Dude, genius move! We didn't even have to throw a punch! My favorite kind of victory.
We can't let them get away with this! We won't.
We gotta hit 'em back with a home invasion.
- They hit us with a sprinkler? - This is total bullshit.
- Just shut up and let - Now you see what we're dealing with.
As long as LaRusso and Lawrence are together, our students have a target on their backs.
We have to strike back.
I agreed to come back to do what we originally set out to do.
To turn kids into winners.
To bring Cobra Kai back to its former glory.
But if we're gonna do that, we have to learn from our mistakes.
What mistakes? You had the entire Valley in the palm of your hand and you blew it.
All because of the rivalry you had with Miyagi.
He attacked my students.
You weren't there.
I'll never forget that morning when Johnny Lawrence, my champion, he came into the dojo with a black eye.
And his confidence? Shattered.
I wasn't gonna let that old man get away with that.
I understand.
But now, we're the old men.
And we should use the wisdom we've learned.
Cobra Kai, it was never about revenge.
It was about building strength by taking your fears and turning them into a weapon.
That's what we should be focused on.
If we're just gonna rehash the past, history will just repeat itself all over again.
So you're saying, after they humiliated our students, we just stand down and do… nothing? I didn't say we'd do nothing.
Henceforth, Miguel Diaz shall be known as The Rainmaker.
El Diablo de la Lluvia! If they hadn't fallen for it, we would've beaten them.
Maybe, but it could've gone bad.
What could've gone bad? We were about to get in a gnarly fight at the drive-in, but Miguel saved the day.
Oh yeah? How'd you do that? Told the Cobra Kais to come to the baseball diamond.
Just in time for the grass to get watered.
So you picked a fight, you didn't show up, and then you doused them with a hose? Oh, it was sprinklers.
I'll go back to saying nothing.
You just poked the bear.
What do you think's gonna happen? They're just gonna leave well enough alone? From everything I heard, it sounds to me like Miguel practiced restraint.
Found a way to get out of a bad situation without anyone getting hurt.
What did you want him to do, get in a drive-in switchblade fight? I'm proud of you.
You've taken Miyagi-Do teachings to heart.
Okay, LaRusso, we need to have a talk.
What the… Wake up and smell the coffee, Mr.
You're getting in that ring.
This guy wants to break you! - Ow! - Humiliate you! - Hi-yah! - Stomp you into the ground! From now on, when people say karate around here, what they'll mean is Cobra Kai karate! John Kreese's karate! Gentlemen.
It seems we have a few things to discuss.

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