Cobra Kai (2018) s04e05 Episode Script

Match Point

- It's nice to see you again.
- Yeah, right.
Fair enough.
I'd probably react the same way if I were you.
My past behavior was… …inexcusable.
If I could go back and undo it all, I would.
All I can say now is I'm truly sorry.
And I assure you, I'm not that man anymore.
I don't know what padded room you crawled out of or what twisted game you two are playing, but if you don't get off my property right now, I swear - Your dad is pissed.
Who is that guy? - I have no idea.
- He looks like a Highlander.
- The Highlander.
There can be only one.
Okay, I tried.
We'll still hold our students to a moratorium on fighting before the tournament, for what it's worth.
Provided, of course, you do the same.
Just remember our deal.
If Cobra Kai wins the All Valley, you two are done teaching.
For good.
That's not gonna happen, 'cause you're not gonna win.
Now get the hell out of here.
Has it really come down to this? Johnny Lawrence playing second fiddle to little Danny LaRusso? No one's second fiddle.
This is my dojo as much as it is his.
Really? Sign out front says Miyagi-Do.
Unless you want it crammed up your ass sideways, you'd better take off after your bridge partner.
Who the hell was that? LaRusso can sure hold a grudge, can't he? So? What now? Now, we get to work.
So we can wipe the mat with that arrogant little prick.
They know you and I are the biggest threat.
They also know we can't risk violating probation.
We need to get them somewhere no one is around.
Listen up.
Gather round.
We just had a little powwow with the senseis at Miyagi-Do.
From here on out, there'll be no more fighting until the tournament.
Our enemies humiliate us, and we have to back down and take it? Of course not.
We should always show our enemies no mercy.
But there's a time to fight.
No need to waste a punch if it's not gonna score a point.
So if your enemies do something to mess with you or laugh in your face, good! Take all that anger and store it.
You're gonna need it when the time comes.
Is that understood? Yes, Sensei! So that's when Mr.
Miyagi agreed to take me back.
And after I beat Barnes, I never saw Silver again.
Until today.
So let me get this straight.
The year after our title fight, they put you straight through to the finals? That's bullshit.
That's not the point.
I'm telling you, Silver knows how to fight.
No, I'm serious.
I've seen his methods.
I know how his warped mind works.
The game has changed.
We need to change with it.
Which is why I need to take over our students' training from now on.
- Don't start this shit again.
- Miyagi-Do defeated Silver last time.
Doesn't mean it's gonna work this time.
If you're so worried about this son of a bitch, why don't we go kick his ass? Because that's exactly what he wants.
Why do you think he showed up at my dojo? Everything he does - Your dojo? - You know what I mean.
Silver's a psychopath, all right? You cannot strike first with this guy.
Trust me.
Look, I just want what's best for Miguel and all of your students.
Oh, so now you know what's best for Miguel, huh? - I'm just sayin'.
- You know what your problem is? You think one win by one point 30 years ago makes you better than me.
I mean One lucky kick doesn't make you the better fighter.
I was Cobra Kai's number one student.
If anybody knows how to beat 'em, it's me.
Yeah, and how are you gonna do that? They strike first, you strike firster? Well, I'm not gonna play defense all day.
- Worked against Silver and you, remember? - Barely.
We both know if we'd fought ten times, I'd have beat you nine.
We have fought ten times.
Gentlemen, I have to ask you to keep it down.
Shut the fuck up.
Beat it.
We never fought to the finish.
What? Is that what you want, Johnny? To finish the fight? Think you'd beat me again? Prove it.
You and me, tournament-style.
First to three points wins.
And takes over the kids' training.
- That's what I thought.
- You're on.
Sundown on the sparring deck.
- You'd better not back out.
- Oh, I'll be there.
Don't you worry! This is only three dollars.
Just… Just put his drinks on my tab and bring me another.
Vietnam vet turned businessman.
Had a few ups and downs, but still turned out pretty rich.
Not much dirt, other than some toxic waste scandal in Borneo back in the '80s.
Sounds like a Renaissance man.
How'd you find out his name? I took a picture at the dojo, found an old facial recognition beta test and tweaked the code to make it compatible with HEIC.
I love it when you talk nerdy.
You are both the first and my favorite person to say that.
I-I like the new hue.
Purple's the color of the crown chakra, you know? It symbolizes enlightenment.
Uh, yeah, that's what I was going for.
So… - Yeah.
- Listen.
Bad news.
I just found out my dad's wedding is gonna be in Sydney.
Sydney, Nova Scotia? - Australia.
- Oh.
Since it's in May, it means I won't be here for prom or the tournament.
- But I'll still root for you.
- Yeah.
Consider me an admirer from afar.
Hey, I will take whatever I can get.
- Save me a seat at lunch? - Yeah.
- Specifically this one.
- Oh! Later, guys.
All right, no offense, but I have no idea how you pulled that off.
Neither do I.
I guess I was just myself, and somehow that worked.
What about you and Moon? Did I detect a note of rapprochement in the air? We're getting used to being friends again.
She has a girlfriend, so… You mean Piper? Oh no.
That's over.
They broke up weeks ago.
Weeks? One week, five? How many weeks is "weeks.
" Yo.
You guys won't believe this.
Sensei got drunk and went on a Twitter rant.
I believe everything except for the part where he knows how to tweet.
Looks like he and Sensei LaRusso are gonna have a rematch.
They're really gonna fight? Apparently.
Should've seen this coming.
Who does he even think he's tweeting to? You're his only follower? I don't know.
H-He seems serious about it.
So this is real? Sensei and Sensei are gonna throw down? Mm-hm.
That's awesome! - Daniel! - Huh? Oh, hey, hon.
- Oh yeah.
- Oh man.
Our daughter just sent me this.
Anything you wanna tell me? I thought you and Johnny were finally past all this.
So did I.
Well, apparently not.
The two of you are about to have a showdown at the Okinawa Corral.
You're gonna fight that stronz.
I don't know what that means, but are you sure you wanna do this? This guy had me in an armbar like he was Royce Gracie, and I was… me.
I gotta agree with Anoush on this one.
Johnny's a bad man.
He took down two bikers, me, and I had a bat.
Okay, guys.
Guys, thank you.
All right? Thanks.
Appreciate it.
Let's go.
Come on.
What happened? Terry Silver happened.
He's this certified wack job from my past who's just come back to Cobra Kai.
Another one.
 Seriously, Daniel? Are any other Cobra Kais from your past gonna come and destroy our lives? No.
Well, I can't say that for sure.
Oh my God.
Don't worry, okay? I know I can prepare these kids for whatever Silver's up to.
I just need Johnny to step back and give me the reins.
Oh, let me guess.
You told him as much, he didn't like that, you didn't like that, and this is where you landed.
Yeah, more or less.
Okay, I know, I know.
But just so I'm clear, you're not actually going to fight him, right? Of course not.
We'll sort this out.
We just… The booze got the better of us both.
I'm sure he woke up as hungover as I did and realizes how stupid this all is.
Hi-yah! -I kicked his face.
Johnny Lawrence? He was the worst of them all.
You call yourself a sensei? You don't know what a sensei is.
"Hey, Johnny.
We both said some things we regret.
" "I, uh… I'm sorry if I offended you.
" No, no.
Don't apologize.
It shows weakness.
Let's just get this over with.
Why aren't you in school? Uh, I only had a study hall left, so I played the cramps card and came home.
You played the… So what, you're skipping class now? No, I'm not skipping.
I'm just setting my own schedule.
What about you? Why aren't you at work? I, uh, wasn't feeling well.
I had a bit of a rough night.
Makes sense.
Saw Johnny's tweets.
Everybody at school's talking about the fight.
- Oh, great.
- So what did you do to set him off? What did I do? Th-that guy gets set off by anything.
Okay? That's the problem here, Sam.
I've tried to make this work and Johnny's impossible.
No, he's not.
He's just… Has a different style.
It's not a different style.
It's the wrong style.
Now's not the time to be aggressive.
Trust me.
Does this have something to do with the guy at the dojo? Yeah.
Yes, he lured me into Cobra Kai when I was young.
It was only through Mr.
Miyagi's teachings that I was able to snap out of it.
So right now, we have to double-down on Miyagi-Do.
So, what, no more Eagle Fang? Johnny's never gonna go for that.
So he says.
That's how this whole thing started.
We were… But don't worry.
There's not gonna be any fight.
Of course not.
Miyagi-Do is all about avoiding fights whenever possible.
It is.
And since when do you have a problem with that? Since a psycho attacked me with nunchucks.
Johnny says if we keep taking shit, they'll keep coming at us.
That's what Johnny says? I'm sorry, Sam, uh, whose side are you on? I'm not on anybody's side.
I just wanna learn both styles so I have twice the techniques if I face Tory at the tournament.
You sure you can wait that long? Your mom told me about the party.
It seems you're doing the instigating.
Come on.
Compared to what Tory's done? - That was nothing.
- I get that.
But we don't believe in aggression.
That's not how we act.
Maybe that's not how you act, but I can make my own decisions.
Three things make a champion.
The three D's.
-And discipline.
-The first two, I can't give you.
The last one, I can, but you have to be willing to receive it.
- Are you? - Yes, Sensei! All right? Junbi stance.
Now, I understand you wanna defeat your enemies.
And you will when it matters.
Until then, just stay focused on your training.
Is that understood? Yes, Sensei.
With conviction.
Yes, Sensei! Good.
Arms out.
I think you and I need to have a little chat.
Second sensei's working us hard today.
Guy's going beast mode! Sucks we can't give a beat down before the tournament.
Just because we can't fight doesn't mean we can't get payback.
So what do you have in mind? Oh, hey.
Good timing.
Think I've got a counter to LaRusso's bread-and-butter.
Watch this.
I make like I'm gonna walk into it again.
At the last second, I slip under, shoulder check him in the balls, take him to the mat, elbow, elbow, elbow.
Lawrence, winner.
Got ya.
All right.
Here, you be him so I can try this at game speed.
Gonna help me win or what? Honestly, I wish you weren't fighting at all.
Well, too bad, 'cause it's go time.
You'll thank me when we're done with the kata crap and I can prepare you for an actual fight.
So if you win, we train Eagle Fang.
There's no Miyagi-Do? You got it, Pontiac.
But what if I… don't want to stop learning Miyagi-Do? What the hell are you saying? You want him to win? No.
I… Well, I guess the way I see it, no matter who wins, nobody wins.
Somebody always wins.
That's how fights work.
All right? No matter what ancient philosophical bullshit LaRusso's been feeding you.
Okay, Sensei.
Well, good luck.
I didn't want it to come to this.
I've tried to do the right thing.
I thought if we taught together, we could make the kids stronger.
I tried to put aside the past.
You oughta watch where you're sitting, pal.
You wanna go now? Come on! It's a matter of time before somebody gets hurt.
His ideas are dangerous.
For my students, for my daughter, fighting him is the only way to move forward.
And if I'm wrong, I just hope that you'll forgive me.
Can I get you started with something from the bar? Yeah, Cutty and water.
Scratch that.
Bring us whatever bottle of scotch your boss has stashed for special occasions.
- You don't have to do that.
- I know.
So, what did you want to talk about? I want you to know I'm glad you came on board, but I wanna make sure that we're both on the same page.
These things that you're teaching my students, well, they're a little confusing.
Cobra Kai never backs down from a fight.
Tournament or no tournament.
We always strike first.
But you already did.
- What are you talking about? - I'm talking about Robby Keene.
You never told me his father was Johnny Lawrence.
- Well, what's it matter? - What's it matter? You stole the man's son.
If that's not a direct attack, I don't know what is.
Now you've got him and the kids wrapped up in all your old drama.
If you're not careful, it's gonna take Cobra Kai down all over again.
I've got everything under control.
Including Robby.
No offense, John, but that's not how it looks from where I'm sitting.
It wasn't long ago where you were sitting was at a vegan tofu brunch.
You were right about me, John.
I was living a lie.
I lost who I was along the way.
But now? Now there's nothing I want more than a second chance at finishing what we started.
I just wanna make sure this time we win.
And the only way to do that is to forget about the past.
Focus on our students.
We do that, everything else will fall into place.
LaRusso will have to shut down Miyagi-Do.
And Johnny Lawrence will rue the day he ever left Cobra Kai.
So, what do you say? I say… we've got a victory in our future.
-Hey, Rico, you good? Tattoo shop's closed for the day.
-Where'd you think you're going? You weren't that hard to find, you little bitch.
You assholes just ignoring the no-fighting rules? -Oh, we're not here to fight.
He's here! He's here, he's here! Anything you wanna say to the camera, Sensei Lawrence? Anything you wanna say before the fight? Sensei Lawrence, anything you wanna say? What are all the kids doing here? That's what happens when you broadcast your life all over social media.
Maybe there's a better way.
There is.
You just won't admit it.
Don't you ever think you might be wrong about anything? What are we doing here? Wanna rehash your baseless argument from last night in front of these kids? No.
I want what's best for them.
What's best for them is Miyagi-Do.
If fighting you is the only way I can get there, let's just get this done.
All right, LaRusso.
Let's finish this.
Face us.
Face each other.
Ready! -Fight! Point, Lawrence.
Sensei Lawrence strikes first! True to the motto painted on his former dojo wall, and carved into his very being.
What? I'm trying to capture the spirit of th-the thing.
Score, 1-0 Lawrence.
Ready! Fight! Point, LaRusso! Score is 1-1.
Ready! Fight! Hell yeah! Two-to-one.
LaRusso takes the lead.
All he has to do is score one more point and LaRusso is the winner.
Score is 2-1 LaRusso.
Ready! Fight! What the hell, man? Point, Lawrence! Got any more dirty tricks up your sleeve? I'm not the one who fights dirty.
Score is 2-2.
Next point wins.
Ready! Fight! -Ooh! Ooh! - Point, Lawrence! - Point, LaRusso! - Are you sure? - Are you sure? Check the replay! Go to another angle.
There is no other angle.
Don't you guys have another phone? Hawk? Shit.
Eli, what happened? Who did this? Cobra Kai.
Kreese and Silver did this.
They need to pay.
Jesus, Johnny.
Kreese tried to kill you.
You wanna fight them both? Damn right.
Look what they did.
Dousing the fire with gasoline, that's your answer? - Why am I not surprised? - Sensei, stop.
You still think your way is the only way.
You were so proud when they pulled their little sprinkler prank.
If they kicked ass like I taught them, this never would've happened.
If they fight every time they're provoked, where does that lead? Back to the hospital? Or to jail? - Just 'cause you spent time in both - Enough, Dad.
- What? - Johnny's right.
It doesn't matter how many times we stand up to Cobra Kai, if we don't strike back, they're gonna keep coming at us.
And you were worried about my influence on your kids? Is this what you want, Johnny? To have my daughter and the rest of my students acting like you? You don't have to worry about it anymore.
'Cause we're done.
Works for me.
Eagle Fangs, let's go.

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